The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 12, 1944
Page 5
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[.WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12, j^^^^^^™^^^™^»^^^^__l_^^j_-i •• -• - .. J ,, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION •minimum Charge ., i 'ttojfc per line... ............. l times per line pe r da; ........ i For 5a/e Westlngtiditse Elcciric Range &)•. feet condition, $85.00 casli, Joe Au- plcbaum, Osceola. • l2-pK-l5 Baby articles, good condition, Car seat, car bi!~d, Teeter-Bnbe Jiiiniicr chair, excellent folding piny pen with floor. All metal locking 'chair 9<j8. , l2-pk-15 Cotton jilantliig seed. Stonevllle 2 and DPL 12, At Blythevllle <3in Co - . •l-ck-18 _ Athens ?££'„ ^ rly " cw - J '»"le-drawn ineniatronal mowing machine, new guarantee. W. E, Genliv j-ujcorti, Route l. 12-pk 15 Is ft. lot facing south, MOO block 1 Hearn. Three blocks Central bcliool, two blocks grocery store Price $1,800, terms. Write P o' 1 J3QXJ87, Blythevllle. JZ-pk-l'ii •roinato plants now ready A K •^Carter, 607 w. 5th St. U-pkl4 IlOME. KITCHEN CAFE, Luxora" Arkansas. Weal location. Plenty ol points. Good business. Make offer, C-pk-20 -able model Electric Radios at The Radio Hospital, 204 W. Ash. 27-pk-27 hree wave 11-tube Grunow cabl- ^ net radio {75. Phone 2525. 25pk22 ; ovefloolt.our clearance value's JIV 4 piece .bedroom suites with Twin beds. Now 49.50—were 79.60. T^rni Little Hardware Co. 3-16-ck-tf watering .trougTis, any size— Bteel Pressure Tanks— Eteel Culvert, Any Size— pood Used Small Steam Boilers— Keel Oil Drums & Garbage Cans— pood Used Lawn Mowers— few Electric Motors, Any Size— |BI,YTHEVILL MACHINE SHOP -• 207 S. Second •X : . . 3-15-ck-tf 1 Ann Arbor pick-up hay baler. Arksoy beans. D.P.L, No. 12 Cotton seed. D, R. Garner, a<& miles northeast of Armorel. lO-pkl? CertlflM cjibDtige plohlA, free from yellows, tomatoes, poppers hot and sweet. All kinds of flower plants and seeds. Heatoh's Home of Flowers. Davis Avenue at Fr'ank- "n- 3-2-ek-tf Wanted to Utty 1 Power lift for F-30 Faimnll and 2 sets of cultivators for P-20 Farm- all. l*e Wilson Co., Armorel. Pho 2088. 10-ck-tf One Model A,John pccre Tractov Cultivator. M. C. Qreehwny, Dell. ... 7-pk-H Half-torn or 3-4 ton pick-up truck; Must have good rubber and springs. M. P. Dnimmonds. 1600 W. Ash. St. 12-pk-lD Wanted at once! 10,000 pounds large grain popcorn. Write of wire collect. Phil ZER7.LLA, New Daisy Theatre, Memphis, Tenn. l-ck-15 EGGS WANTED for custom hutching. While eges are cheap bring them to us,and have them hatched. Baby Chicks on hand now nt $10 per hundred.' Blaylock Hatchery. Phone 3172 1 Corn arffl hay, top prices paid. Blythevllle Grain & Elevator Co ...... 8-ck-tf "Will pay. cash for 110,000 worth of good used furniture. Wade Furniture Co. 1-20-ck-tf Will pay 206 per dqz. for wire coat hangers. Hudson Cleaners. ; ck-tf Wanted To Merit 'orn, hog, dairy and poultry feeds. Mill to crush your corn and hay. BIytheville Grain & Elevator Co _. • -ck-tf Ifable and Console RADIOS^ Electric and battery. 'HARD AW AY APPLIANCE CO. i'hohe 2071. 7- c k-7 §5thte Certllied, Ceresan-trcatcd Dcltaplhe 12 coUoriscea, $5.03—100 Ibs. $90.00 Tori. Ralsoy soybeans I Certified 43.25 bu.. Not, Cert. i$2.7f>, 1 bu. Terinfancl Dortch hybrid corn. Will trade 2 bu. our treated for 3 bu. your untreated cottonseed. Biirdclle Plantation, Burdelte. IO-ck-10 3 or 4 nicely furnished rooms or 0 or 7 rooms unfurnished house. Musi be in good neighborhood. Phone . , 2744. 12-pk-19 Unfurnished-house. Phone 2009 bc- for'e 6 p.m.- 6-pk-iij Registered Diiroc Pall Boars. Sired by champions out of t r top sows. Priced reas- ablc. J. C. Buchanan, /arm located 21 miles : west oii'Hwy. 187 Phone ;578 or 3835. 6-ck-6 PLUMBING and Heating Service JESSE PROVINCE 127 E. Vine Phone 2719 U yo» wmnt t» »nj tnort Wiu flondl.SEIi DS THE FTJRNTTDTIB POt ,ARE NOT USING for owbl Also liberal trtde-ln «Uoi?»nc« for nld famlt(7re*ttn new, . - Alyin Hardy Pore. Co. Ml E. Walti Phon« tIM For Rent Bedroom, connecting ImtU. Private entrance. Hot «-ater dally, im pougan. ll-pk-H Two furnished rooms wllli bath No •children or pets. Write Box 07, Bedroom tmd kllchen, furnished Call 3904. Lost lioy Grocery. 10-pk-13 Bedraotn. Phone 2303 after G. J3LYTHEVILLE,; (ARK.)' COUKIBIt NEWS _/\nvufr *(<> I'rcvloui 'I'tiVrtiV-'' •PUBLIC OFFICIAL j IIOUIZONTAI, '• -Norlh ~ i JPiclm-cd • 'i Carolina j , Chalrmim of > VERTICAL • ii Mouse \vay s • -,,,,, , '\t and Mc-ms ] Br '« h t col °v jg Commillcc, 7 3'^'° pocm JSParadis •1 Concludes 5 Point ocrrv Sg GRABlt 111 Xf. v I » £SI lalefe Bedroom luljolnlrig lath, or will _ stare home. Phone 2180. 8-i>k-15 Ofllcfc In Ingram Building. Inquire at (lie PnrWiurst Co. ll-30-ck-(f Bedrooms for rent with kltclien privileges and rimld service. Phone tXyW^X-NXxO^^^-._—^ ,- -u^jg^j 1J.*CK"II Help Wanted Experienced saleslady for dry goods store. Permanent'position, good pay lo right pnrly. Present employees know of this ad. Your answers will be treated as confi- dentln). 13o.\ TS c of Courier News 12-ck-l5 Two experienced grocery derksTAp- ply W. B. McMuilin, Kroger Sloi'e Blythevillc, Ark. 12-pk-lS Womnn to do washing for one person only. Mrs. S. I,. Hurst, Hold NoWc. ll-pk-14 Bookkeeper. Must \ vr i( e ft gocK i \ mnd nnd he good with figures. General office work. Apply to Jesse Welib. Phone 20-10 or 1S7. 10-311 Seiutistresses anil checkers. Apply Hudson Tailor Shop. 28-ck-tf Experienced cooks and waitresses. Apply Hotel Noble. 16-ck-tf ^vw^^v, Lost Dobcrman PInscher Female. Pliimi 955. Ask for "Fred." 11-pkH Services RETTER DRY 'CLEANINO hocauso it's done by expert workmen w i I h modern eriuipmenl. <1S H 0 U H SERVICE ON MOST GARMENTS. Dye work nnd alterations. Call 2C12 for service. HUDSON CLEAN- ER-HATTEU-CLOTIHER. 10-ck-lO MONEY TO LOAN' Loans of tilt kinds, large or small, long or short term. Attractive r of interest. SCP— - CLAUDE P. COOPER 124 N. Second St. 6-ck-lG Motors rebuilt, armatures re-wound VVe:buy and sell re-built motors Electric. Ranges, 'Refrigerators & Pans. Call us when you want tc buy or sell. Eowcn Electric Co. 210 E. Main. Phone'3921. , . : i ., . • 16 T ck-l-mo Defoe Furniture Co. 128 E. Main Dial 3221 Wanted: CMS Fnmltnre. Abo yon can trade yaai old Fornl- tnrt In on new. All Auto Owners 'Spring Check-Up' Maintain j-oiir car for Hie iiuration with our thoroujfli "Protective Service" ana avoid damage ana destruction of vital parls khard to replace. CLEAN RADIATOR AND COOLING SYSTEM CHANGE ENGINE AND GEAR OILS TIGHTEN AL1 BOLTS AND BRACES * TUNE CARBURETOR AND DISTRIBUTOR Come in NOW Tor our SPECIAL SPUING CHECKUP. Minor repairs and adjustments TODAY will prevent expensive over- ls tomorrow. PHILLIPS MOTOR GO. Tet «SJ Actborbed Ford Dealer Itb ft W»rnnt DON EDWARDS Typewriter MM" ROYAL, BMTTH, COHONA, AND REMINQTOM POHTABL1 TiPIWHiTkHJ 118 If. 2ni] BTREFT pwom n» (Ererj TrinacUoiB Must B« - «-=un- »*v D.P.L14Cottbhseea 1 3/32toT/ 8 Inch Staple ALSO ARKSOY SOYBEANS 2913 See EARL MAGERS Del), Ark. Phone 635 WANTED , 1942 and 1943 GOVT. LOAN Get Our Prices Before You Sell H.N.SWEARENGEN&CO. Swearenaen Bldg. ilyldevilla, Atk. Ix?t us sharpen and. repair your lawn mower now and- avoid the rush. Blythevtlle Machine Shop. ^^^^^^^^^^^^JS-ck-t Politico! Announcements The. Courier News-has been authorized .to announce the following candidacies, subject to the Demo crallc primary In August: STATE REPRESENTATIVE ALENB WORD (for re-election, Dist. No. 2) W. J. WUNDERLTCH (for re-election, Dist. No. 1) J. LEE BEABDEN (for re-elcclion, Dist. No. 3) LUCIEN E. COLEMAN (Dist. No. 4) SHERIFF AND COU,ECTO» HALE JACKSON (for re-election) W...W, (BUDDY) WAT3ON . COUNTY TREASUitER R. B. (SKEET) STCJDT E. R.. (RABBIT) JACKSON ' MISS DELL A PURTLB COVKTY JUDGE ROLAND.'GKEEN . . (for re-election) CIRCUIT COURT CLERK HARVEY MORRIS (For re-elcctton) COUNTY CLERK T. W. PO'ITER (for re-election) COUNTY ASSESSOE BOB GREENE OSCAR ALEXANDER The followWg will be candidates for office in the municipal elec- flon to be held April 4: CITY CLERK SIDNEY O. CRAIO FRANK WHITWORTH -..(for re-election) ALDERMAN, WARD 3 RUPERT CRAFTON (for re-election) AltPEHlttAN, WARD 1 • S. C. OWENS . (For Re-election) JOE ALEXANDER PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock GoarBiileed Beat Ptivtt Kirby Drag Stores 24 Exclamnllon id Mount (abbr > 2J Tellurium # 43 Handful (symbol) ' •18Projectile -liHinlC (prefix) 50 Spoil 51 Bcvornijc 52 Possesses | H Charged GPorTal' 1 f ' *? loms 7 Solely ; JBGriat Lnkc. ,) 8 Employ iJGpcceaseit A 0 Perceive 17 Stnmlartl "*-{?' sound 2flFis!i Cijgs 18 Old (Scol.) 10 Holiest 31 Insect 19 Mnnuscri|)ts M Lubricant ; 32 Also (iibbr.) ,,,/;' )2 nby's iwinfe 35 Tliorefofo 21 Hallway tt§ ZOMaleolVsprlug 3b Transpose »•> PossVs'sci (abbr.) i$0.22Mnhea , Mlj . (abbr.) fi3 Dine 22 Before ' •>. . mislake '\i -37 Slidlcrcd sitle 55 Hevei-end 230.i account 23 Old Teslsu '' 30 Ocean ' (abbr.) (nobr.) t .,,,^'-..mciit ('.) , 39Snn KOd ' OGIncUvld 25 Toward W F'lit k 14 I 'U il 'II u" |'"u i ' i. •n Oli'i''^r ^'(O ftirtt ^7 Sticlcer ' • .'iO Sc.ilcs of pay 33 International language .H Negative '"' 35 Imnbrlanl . in'elal 38 Hurricane •11 Either 42 Nenr ^3 Misery (symbol) 07 Donkey . r>0 Scrvini; Girl 52 Kmploy 57 Too"""' ^' 58 Opernlic solo 59 Sign , , CO He IS n i congressional '.'.'..— — .from.! • » - UMj and FEED Corriplerc Line bif Field Sfeeas. "SPEAR BRAND" fdttltfy; Hog, and Dairy Feed. SOYBEAN MEAL Blyfheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main St. Phone 8§6 or 857 PAGE FIVE Macbupin Seed Soybeans Germinntion Avenifje 88'5% R. b. HUiGHES GIN C6. b^;in. M. , ' 4 ^ ^"^ ^^ * iwav-nlylhevllle Soiilh Genuine Oliver PARTS & EQUIPMENT Combines - Disc Burrows • Hay Hnkcs •• Walkine i'lows • I'lunlcra - etc. HARRKflN AUT P 1>AHrs nHnniavn & GAR AGE : «w w; . Import Auto Repair Work 517W V Ash Phone 2552 THE6HLY COLD WELDING FQL'/PMENT /K BLYTHEVILLEt Cold welding is roicdmhiondod by gbvcrhrnehf engineers as the most satisfactory tnoahs of rd^ pairing cracked heads dhd biocks—many heads and blocks cannot bo welded by acetylenb or electric process. Bring your trucks, tractors or other welding jobs to us I Delta Jmpiemferitsjne. ttAblMNISTS - WEMJKR8 -BLACKSMITHS : MKCIlANrcS. Fhono 2(H5^-Blythevlll« NOTICE TO PROPERTY Termites may lie riilnliiR yoilr liroperty. Cn!l me for check-up without cost or obligation. R:\TS, MICK AND UOACH K. KciUncky RKD WORK H. C. BLAMkENsHlP Phone 2354 Sate 50% On TRUSSES ,Slccl and Elastic S T E W A R f' S Drug Store Main & Lake Phone 282.2 Try our "Own Marie" ICECREAM Ole Hickory Inn from High School . T- HAMLIN xi m \L'i'M .NowLaxr ,. . >. fc-^i-i if-vurs, ITAINT \PRIVATELY/ FlfCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By -MERRILL GOSH, 1 WONDER WHAT IT FEELS LIKE To SAV, MOM- MAYBE you TMEpES fJOTHIMG To IT—AMD VeAH---BUT How GIVE A PINT OP BLOOD ' SHOULD 1 OR. SHOULDN'T 19 ' WOULDN'T GIVE VOUR WRITTEW OONSEKJT TO MY /~T BEIMS A [1 CeKTAINLY . DOU6MNUTS?, RED RYDER By FRED HARMAN WIFE INSISTS ON WE I'LL SNUU V.\f-\ UP RIGHT • iMiGHtA KILLED •• UEFORE ,, W/£/5 UP-' j c-J- WASHTUBBS Iiilo Iho Dawn «y LESLIE fURNKB V«J KAVE.TO CARRX FUf |T55E, FOR THE WUKP TRIP, 818? / SOME fKOM OUR OWM W THE TEA IW THE T«ft RIVER FAU AW CWBS RAPIDLY WTO THE EAST BOOTS ANi> EER BUDDtES Ry.BDG.AR. .M.A RTIN COMPANY Phone 578 'Carefully Selected USED CARS are t or VALUI! Gobil rubber. IHechahlcally '(J. $495 1930 CI1KVROLET 2 lioof. Nice New I'nljit ,Tob. Seal t'o llcatltr ahd fexc>llent fulibtr. $795 1039 nbnCB 2 ito»r, Ortcii, Wig. llrcs. Lots of exlrai. A real bleah car. im PLYMOUTH < dijor sedan F.\lra iinort rubbtr. 10H Hct phittT. A re.ll buy. $695 Don't Let Dirty Sparkplugs fib a 5th Column Arc you losing'olit oil b'fcl- Ibr dtiginc pdl'formanc'c just bccituse you spark plugs ni'c coated with ear lion? Are you inirnihg more- gas llinn you should? if you ale, it's Unio yb\i did sdmclhihg about it. The best wny to detour arouilt troUblo like this is to tej our expert Mechanics take over the job. It's thorougl —it's iriexpohsis'c. Fst/rriafe Comb In Any Time for Free S[iiirkhlug Service Estimate ROAD and WRECKER SERVICE Cull 578 LQY £/CH CHfVROLft CO M f> AHY OPEN DAY and Nltl

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