The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 5, 1937
Page 2
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9 ±>i S V , f k PAGEJTWO; , x BLYtMEVlLLE, (ARK.) CotmM FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5,' 193? ^Calendar' : H' _ A Y'S 1 'EVENTS :} confederacy' having fcting, MS'SO o'clock, i, liulr 'I and Molly duard^home. Thow-ins Force Doublet to Make Unfavorable Leac iMarjofV MtUiinhl Weds iio'uls Ha\cn Jr. AntjQuVfanmt has been made ol the insft^se J>t Miss Marjoiie Mc- Danlcljif; forrest 'city, who has frequeatly;\islted here, and Louis Havehjjr;, of Forrest City The red- ding -'ttoXlplaq} Thanksgiving Day at Brlhkley, Ark Tre'ibrlde,'. -ho Is the daughter of Mr! and Mrs. Louis McDanlcl is u|dely. known ymmgh the til- stales' and has been the guest of MI«5sSs Pollyarm Buck and . Betty Lee McCutchen on several occasions- She, was "Mbs Mid-South" in the .fair at Memphis several yeais,ago She is a senloi In the city hi?h school at Forrest City. Mr jto\ea was educated fit tin; University'of Arkansas where he was a member of the Steim Al'ihn Kpslloii ffXermiy He Is now associated \\H\\ Jns father in the theater business. < * • * Dnnslttcr Horn. News was received here b-Iav of the birth of. a daughter to-Mr. and Mrs John A. Broderick ol Boston The biby was born last night and Weighed sK poinHs Sfe has besn limned Vndi Mrs Broderick was lormcrly 'Miss Kalhiyn Buckley of Blytlieville. ' * ,' * Has Clvlj Mrs C C I-angston was hostess to the Town and Count; v Bridge club Thuisday for « bridge lunrh"on nt the Rusllc Inn Bridge followed luneli with the l»o *ess substituting for an absent member Mrs I nngston and Mrs. James B Clark won BY WM. K. McKKNNKY Scctctaiy, American Bridge League West, on today's hand, thought ho could defeat the contract of three no trump. Because he felt quite sure of Ills position, he doubled. He still felt pretty good about the matter when the dummy,went down, but as the play developed tie found his wealth of honors a 'lurden, rather than a blessing, •jccause he was in for a : siicces- V Q .110 0 4 »'•' * 7 5 ^ A AQ V A762 « K05 iT. A J ,1 -1 N W E S Dealer V 85 * 15863?. AOG3 Today's Contract Problem South has the eontr.ncl at three no trump. What c;ird should he play In the opening spade lead, East having pbyccl the jackV AK. Bits* ol News Mostly Personal * A Q J *KQ102 Rubber—N. nnd S. vul. South West N'ortli Fast 1 A Pnss 2 V Pas-, I N, T. Pass 3 A Pass 1N.T. Double Pass Pass ' is-. Opening lead— t? 4 I ton cf 'throw-In plays, and wn: orccd to continue making un avoratle leads. This Is not ai nircqudiil situation at the brldgi able. ' Eolith's bidding was too strong nd Ncrth Is to be commnided 'cr leaving him In. three no .trump, ather than bidding four spades, s many pltiycr's would have done. The opening lead was the four *AQ2 VQJ6 » 54 A AC) 1005 None vul. Opener—A <J- Solution in ne.xt issue. Steele-Gooteiv Society —• Personal he king of hearts, which held the trick. The second heart tile! was won with the queen >i dummy. The jack of hearts played, ani West Won with the ace, " Sontl discarding llic ten of spades. Was returned another club, whtc Sciilh won with the queen. De clarer laid down the king upadcs anil West won with th ace. The ace of clubs whs playe then another club, which So'ut won. The jack ol spades was led, an West won. The remaining trick.' were won by declarer, as dunnnj was high, with the exception ol o'n'6 diamond, and South held th. ace of that suit. Mrs. Minnie Taylor and daughters, Misses Opal and LeVerne, and randson. JOB Miller, returned this loinlnii from Jackson, Tcnn. •hero they have liecn visiting the ast week. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hodgos and on are visiting in Memphis. Mrs. T. B. Cooper who has beei n Cooler for two months, has re- olncd her husband at Ft. Myers Ha., to spend the rest of the wln- er, Mrs. Jerry Holly is visiting he mother at Little Rock, Ark., this Mrs. A. T. AshcVafl and chil drcn left yesterday to spend sev oral weeks with relatives at casa Ark. Arthur Wagner has rcturne rorn a visit with relatives In Casa Mrs. Rubyc Burnett, who under went an operation at Dlylhevill tospital Iftst, week, is roc.upeifttln it the home of her mother, Mr Linnlc ferooks. Mrs. Tom Hopper has return's r rom a visit with her sister.'i tackson, Tenii. ; ',",-•. • Mrs. Frank Jordan and eons,'"Joe. \n<\ Bobbie, are. visiting in Mehi- ihis. FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia Court Orders Sheriff Sales On Solar Time DALLAS, Tc.x. (UP) —Sheriff . — , and District At- bad penny Fatten of Dallas pm'ce-Josluia Sm'oot Schmid torney Andrew bounty have taken up the study of astronomy as a result of Btatc supreme court decisions, The decisions hold that sales o'f property on mortgage foreclosures for delinquent taxes must be held at 10 A.M.—solar time. .That phrase "solar time" causes the difficulty. Standard lime in Dallas is about 21 minutes .off of solar time, so that a foreclosure sale which starts at 10 A.M., according to the clocks in the courthouse, really starts at .0:33 A.M., according to the sun. in certain case's the supreme court has held that sales were invalid because the solar time was not verified before the sales began. To get around the difficulty, the district attorney said he was considering asking the county to buy hint a sextant or a sundial, "or some other gadget that will tell what time it is." Bad Penny Returns With Double Vengeance Ind. (UP)—That a returns—with n ven- "™- Mishler will af- ckcd up a penny ' with a hole drilled through it, tossed It toward the ledge of his henhouse, i Tho penny bounced back from the ledge, striking him in the eyeball. Peeved, Mlsiiler caled the penny into space. This time, the coin struck, an icy tree trunk, and boomcranged Into Mlshlcr's mouth, chipping oft a piece of tooth. I Oar/ Everything For Yonr Entertainment and Comfort 1 v"0li, look;l'aTiiiy, ill the ere;,! on liis car'." _,'Yeah; lie liaj that puioh'whtndwpjiijcrss'tarte'j callin 'nomic royalist.*.'.. . .. .. .' . ; . ...•_•' Will Recondition Phone Lines in Pemiscot Co; Molland's Population Tripled by Refugees Mrs. A. J Wicker, uho is at the fcoma of M r and Mrs C. T Wicker with a bin Injury, is resting •\ery well She was hurt \\hen she fell -donn the back steps of her home on the Plat Lake road Sun- ack Sample?is In Memphis Mr iSample who Is at the Vet- hosgltal -wheie he underwcrit - ' if clubs, he ten. which South won Declarer then laid down HOLLAND, Mo.—With a popula- Mon of less than 300. Holland has "won caring for COO lloo;l refugees, •vho were rescued from inundated 'anus in southwest Pcnnscol cotm- Couki West have put his part- y nml ..extending ™'-"" STEELE," Mo.—J. b. Ameiit of Holden, Mo.',(lias come here to as- slit j. P. Fisk in completely reworking all .telephone lines -at Stccle, Co6ter and Holland, whlc-h cere, badly "darrtaged ill recent sieot storms. .All old 'lines will .be re- itaced with .ne\v lines, a large lumber of he'w'iwles erected and other improvements will be natic. ner in the lead only once, n vcr different result would have been recorded. •s. T, G 'seal'and children visiting ..ilrs. Seal's, motlici, J A DeCoir at Richmond •until the li!"h water recedes Mr* and Mrs chtrles Wyllc and oaby have returned from Green •Rood,, Miss where they \lsiter relatives. .. Mr.'arid'Mrs. Ed;B. Cook arc-vis- Hin in Ad\ance Mo ' E B Ljinan is in vith infliien?! Hams Dralighn of Blkcston Mo attended to business here today Baker \VH=on is improung after several days illne-s v.ith Innuenzi Mrs C M Buck and daughter Pollvann v,ere hi M°mphis jester day Mrs n M McCall and daughter Becky ivho are ill \\ilh n; enza, arc how slightly, improved but ire yet confined to their b:ds 'Philip Williams has returned to Cnpe alrardonu, Mo.-, where, he-,is » senior ; at Southeast Missouri Teachers college, nfter having come home to be'here during the high •vater scare to operate his amataur radio station. He assisted the Red .Cross In this'work. Mrs Earl Buckles and daughter, 'Inibelh, have retmne.l from :emp>iis •>> '••• "~ w)"Hhwkms, who has been Boy-Earl to Take Part in Crowning V/ill Hold Yarbro Circuit Conferenc Hlcally III, is much Improied Mrs. Louise Stracke and ilaugh- r, MUs An|ta, returned today oin Springfield, Mo., where they sited relatives Mrs Stracke's ather. who .has been ill, is now etter :he Rev.'J. L. Newsom and Mis.' irgle Diinkln arc Iir Memphis to- ny on business. Mrs. B. .A. Lynch will arrive ionic today or tomorrow-from St. where she has been with her laughter, Miss Martha Ann, who las enrolled at Washington Uril- •erslly. into Duhklin The Kev. E. AV. Potter of 'Jonca boro, presiding elder of the Melh odist churches In the Johesboro dis tricl, will preach at the Yarbr: church Sunday morning, 11 o'clock The quarterly conference will also be held ; for the Yarbro : clrciiit which includes chinches at Yarnro FromisedyLand^aijd Dumber fiine School at Luxora Will Reopen Monday Morning LUXOHA. 'Ark.—The •; Luxdro cliopl,' wirfch hhs been.closed for \vo weeks on account of flood co'n- <iitlon's and the lise of the building br, housing of refugees, will Monday morning, Feb. 7. and 'iinty. This excess witer caused iy the overflow of drainage ditch- was 1G feet deep in places and -omplctely covered several homes. School has been,discontinue! for 'v.'o weeks to provide spice for the •cfugees. The Hnrleni rtij,hl club i sheltering 150 01 more negioe 1 ; •nd a cotton hous" it Mlnjaids ~>in is quartering a number A centralized kitchen for the vhitc people is established near Tonper's pharmacy Formerly a hotel a large two •lory frame building hns been cori- ••brled into nn einsrgencj liospita i:here jDr.'D. ,0! McLean Is offer- 1 'ng hjS-.Hervlccsj.rree with lhe s iid M a:}mirse 'furnished by {he Red Oross. ''Inhere are now 28 intrants} Clothing and food is bein? pro •Ided generously by the Red Cross nd Holland citizens are coopeiat ing wholeheartedly ' t ate:/, a tier . he • joined the - police force.'!' : ' ' - Hlxon, put away the money for. his ichlldren's'education. birds Like Danish Custom CLEVEL A N D (UP)—Chas. Johnson following an old Danish custom, erected a platform in his yard on Vhich he fastecnd a sheaf of wheat. Hundreds of birds use the wheat all winter long as a feeding ground. They, include many varieties rarely seen here in. winter. Faithful Service Wins $15>000 For Patrolman BOSTON (UP)—Because Ihcir father w'ls faithful in his \\ork fri J9 jeirs James and Carolyn Elivon -\ie assured a college education. Patiolmnn James R Hlxon was! bequeathed $15000 by Miss Carrie W Smith 89 The bequest v,as 'to show appieciation of Hie faith and «ervic(- Hixon had given t6 Miss Smith Smith when he was 14 years old He woiked for her for 2n years and continued to help" oh the es- Attend Funeral Mrs, W. C. Lsggctt and daiigh- ers, Mrs. Bob Bums and Miss Louise Leggett, were in Oxford, \Jiss., yesterday' for the funerarof Mrs. Lcjgett's brother. Aloireo "irks, 37, who was killed when a ravel pit caved in on him at Her- Tndo, Miss., Wednesday morning Mr. Pavks, 'who was' hauling ravel for the Mississippi state I^liway department when the ac- ideht occurred, resided at Myrtle Temple Services Sunday There will be services at the Temple Israel Sunday afternoon for 'he first time in several weeks. The ervices will begin at 1:30 o'clock ind will be followed by a reading Bontze Schvig," by Rnbbi Mau rice Lyons. Rend Courier Hews Want Ads Opens Shoe Shop M. Nelson has opened a shoe repair shop in Ills place of business on West Main street. The shop wll be operated by Simon p. LCC, whos< experience in this work covers i period of many years. Equipment has been installed for all types of repair work. ' Mqt'b'er Sues Son HUNT1NGTON,. Ind (UP) —A judgment of $6,500'dainagcs was upheld by . the . Indiana AppeUat? Court in ah auto accident suit brought by Mrs. Carrie Hcttmnns- nerger against her son. The plain- tin" testified that she had'warned her son against driving rapidly in fog nnd rain such as existed the night of the accident. BERVAT KNITTING YARNS FREE INSTRUCTIONS Ne<\ spring and summer yarns Latest Stjles Chsses Friday 2 30 P M unn MRS LE SUL HOOPfeR 1109 Cinckasawba Phone 792 TERRY ABSTRACT &' REALTY CO. Abstracts, Lands & Loans E. M. Terry, iTes. and Mgr. ' Bly1hevmi;,Arlf, FEET FIRST in the new RICE O'NEIL Styles for Spring, 'rccher Service - Gas & Oil OPEN ALL NIGHT Phillips Service Center Thoncs 771 - 810 1014 Chick. Avc. PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone C7S WK DEL1VKK Compare this Quality, Which Is the Best,'and these Trices, Which i\re llic Cheapest. SWIFT'S 1'UEM. BBKF Slcak OftC Round Lb. Short Culs Llj. .: Loin Slcak Lb '.. •T-Bonc Lh. Hoast, ;mv cut Lb '. Rib Steak Lb. 30' 35 C 35 C 25° 25T SwiM's Fresh lirooklicld Egjs. All great lilfr clean ces». "<«• 35c SWIFT'S LAMB FRYS. I.b Swift I'rem. HA»I Vi or Whole. Lb. KREY'S BACON The Bcsl. Hind-oiT 32 C BUTTER Always Frcsli, Golden Grain or Sugar Creek. Lb.39c HEHS Young Jt Tender Live Dressed 1Bc 25c Genuine Spring lJninb t \vhcle, leg. Lb. 27c Celery • LeUuco - Green I'cpp'crs-- 'Carrols - Vrtiits HISTORY OF WATER Modernize Your Home You may install city water In your home willi the aid ot an F. H. A. Loan...consult your plumber for full details. Steps In Purification SEDIMENTATION is perhaps.- the oldest known method of Water purification. Simply, il means ihe clearing of. water by allowing it to slaud or settle—be it in a jar, tank, or reservoir. Tful the Romans had a good idea ol the value of this purification process is shown by the construction.of their aque- . ducts,, which at intervals had small tanks evidently used for this -purpose.-. In modern ws'lervyorks pvactice,' sedi'rhen- tabcn goes hand ilnd 'hand with coagulation. It is in the sedimentation basiiis that the mud, silt, and other foreign matter are gathered together by the chemical properties of the coagulant and swelled to the bottom, whence to be periodically <removed. Thus the modern Waterworks provide one more step in the purification of your most vital daily need. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Courteous, Personal Attention to Every Customer Phine 80 US S. Broadway \ 'All Day Friday, Saturday & Sunday CARMEL-NDI LAYER Each Iced Cake DONUTS fl ('Asaorted). EACH CREAM PUFFS Each OATMEAL COOKIES Doi .. Ciistard CREAM ROLL Each :. Specials for Butereg Hour - 5 to 6 P. M. Fnday-Saturday-Suiiday Emart Russia Tan with gBi'ardtne underlay and quarter. S8.50 .• - DONUTS Doz. • • PINEAPPLE WAFERS I)oz . Carttiel Cinnamon ROLLS. Doz PARKERHOUSE ROLLS. Do? PLAIN ROLLS Do? We Specialize in Speoiil Orders - - Phone 110 BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. Gabardine, trim,'in Russian Calf 1-Slrap-in grej- or brown. •'§8.50 All-over Bine Kid, also Black Kid with patent quarter, • . SS.50 All-over Brown. Gabardine with' stitching on quarter and heel, shown in Blue also . SS.50 Gabardine quajtcr patent heel. SS.50 Tonight Is Pal Nite 2 Adulls Admitted for Price ol I Humphrey Bogart in "The Black Legion" With Dick Foran, Erin O'Brien-Moore,: Ahn .Sheridan and Robert Barfat 50.COO murderers Exposed in this nqost daring expose ever oC'ercd on any screen! Also Cartoon—"I'orky, the .Wrest. Icr" and' Comedy—"Granma's 'Buoys" —Admission— Matinee—10 & 2Gc 'Night—IG & 36o Saturday Only Man the lifeboats...a, Imrricano's Lrewinj! ;Cause "Ginger" Jane is>,,in the Navy now!!! In "The Holy Terror" With Anthony Martin, Lcahf. Ray, Joan Davis,.El iirendel and Joe Lewis Also Cartoon am! -Serial—"Ace ' Drummcnl"—Final Er-isode! . , —Continuous Showing— —Admission— , , Till 5 P. M.—10 & 2fic >> After 5 P. M.—16 & 31c' Kay Francis in , "Stolen Holiday" With Claude Rains, Ian Hun-,, tcr, Allison Skipvrorth. and Alexander D'Arcy She slocd alone before n moll liowling for-iier husband's lilooil before a world which scorned liei;' undying love for a mail she could^ never marry. , Also Paramount News, Technicolor Cartoon and Musical —Admission— Scnday—All Day—16 & 3Gc Monday Matinee—10 & 2Ge Monday N'igbt—IB. & .16c TUESDAY. FEB. 9— $125.00 BANK NIGHT! ' • i ROXY Adm— Always 10 * 25c—in Tax Show Kvcry Night :', Matinees Friday, Saturday, Sunday -4 Friday .t Sunday Matinees—2; 15 Saturday Matinee — Continuous*- Showin- — 1:00 Till 11:00 r. M Friday - Saturday STARRETT 1 Also Carloon and Scrial- Vighlin^ Marines" "The Sunday -Monday "ItaoHhe People" With Joseph Calleia, K| or . '^\ encc Uice, Thomas MiU'hclH ; aod Ted Healy U Also Fox MovlclMU! Xcivs anil Comcily

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