The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, February 8, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NORTKBAST Antriuaia .«^ -^.......... f\f VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 277. BlythevUle Courier Blytheville Herald BlythevUl* D«lly Newi Uiasbsippl v»lley OP NORTmAST AUKANSAfl AND aOOTTOAflT inBSODRl BhYTHEVILLR, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1938 SINGLE OOPDB8 FIVE 1 CENT! HIT-RUN DRIVER OF DEATH Marl in Says "Gag" Rule Irisn'l to Congressmen's Intelligence WASHINGTON, Feb. 8 (UP)— 'Hie house- today began consideration of the conference report on Ilin new farm bill with Representative ; Joseph W. Martin (Rep., Mass, i attacking a rule which prevented members from making points of order against the bill. He said it was an "insult to the intelligence .of the members" to require them to make n final decision In four hours on a compli- futed bill extending the soil conservation act. and carrying market- Ing quotas. Six Weeks To Agree He pointed out that the conferees of senate ana house had taken six weeks to agree on the measure. "Speaker William a. Bankhead -said lie would not attempt to keep (he house in session until the re- ixirt. was adopted but was very wnxious" to complete action before nightfall, if possible. Centrals over production of, nm-~ jor crops are provided In the bill They would Le carried out through " system of benefit payments and loans on stored crops. When supplies reached abnormally high lev- fls, (he marketing of crops would be controlled, if two-thirds of the farmers voting in referenda, approved. Modify Amendment The conferees retained senate proposals for a two-cent additional payment, to cotton growers who borrowed nine (cents-a pound from the commodity Credit Corporation nnd for n moderate start on crop' Insurance^They.also modified the 7«frtfary-Bb'ileau ameridmerit ih-- ipitdecl - to prevent lind withdrawn from soil depleting crops from being- used (or production of dairy herds 01- dairy products. It was oh this last point that most of the controversy in the House centered. "fd ral!:er see the whole farm bill- defeated tomorrow than accept this modified amendment," J-'iid. Representative Boileau (Prog W|S:). Chairman Jones (Dem., Tex.) of the House Agricultural Committee Miid Hie new bill was intended primarily to stabilize prices. Obviously, he added, "some farm prices are too low." .He said (he bill : houki be adopted quickly -because !he planting- season i n part of the raulli will start soon. Charleston Shoe Factory Payroll Is Around $3,700 CHARLESTON, Mo,, Feb. 7.— According to T. R. Volenetz, manager of the Brown Shoe company here, the shoe factory is now making between isoo nnd 2000 pairs daily. . . The plant, when it 'reaches capacity, will )»ave a maximum output of between 5000 and 6000 pairs chilly. The plant now lias a weekly payroll of about $3,700. McDermott Infant Dies Dorothy McDcrnioH, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mayo McDermott. cited yesterday afternoon, several days after birth, at the family residence in the Pride subdivision. Burlul was made this morning nt Sandy Hidge cemetery with Cobb Funeral Home in charge of funeral arrangements. ill T€LL I don't believe any class of people have chiriged so much as the traveling salesmen. Today he Is a lilgh class business expert and not only sells the merchant the stock he should have but he also aids in giving sound merchandising Ideas. Not,long ago a Jeweler from a pinall town opened up a store here in Flollywood and ordered :.Bve wedding rings. ,. :.. . The .wlesman says,' "Well now, . you'll Jiave'ta have 150.engagement rings to work off: them five wed, ding rints," Capone Goes Berserk, Newspaper .SAN FRANCfSCO. Calif., Feb. 8 lUPi—Al Capone. former Chicago gangster, sufteied a mental colln>)s<! al Alcalra/ penitentiary and will be transferred to u federal Institution in the east fur treatment., the San Fru»clsc6 News said today In u copyrighted story. "Capone .suddenly went berserk, kicking several convicts and spitting In the faces of others" the News .raid. "He spends hours laboriously making his bed uiul taking it apart again. "Most of the time he sits dejectedly in his hospital cell, an expression of bewilderment on his face. Occasionally he bursts Into arias from Italian operas." Dr. Edward Twitchell. San Francisco psychiatrist, disclosed he hail studied Capone's condition but declined further comment. "Capone." the • News continued, "i-s suffering from paresis, which affects the mind. First indication Oapone was cracking under the Akatraz strain came several weeks ago when he began acting queerly. He suffers spells of melancholia" Mills West Point's New Chief TO BE SUBJECTED TO | New Minister of Economics Will-Be Dictator, News-' paper Warns ' • j BERLIN. Feb. 8. (UP) — strict' regimentation of German industry will bo undertaken by Walter Punk new minister of economics the newspaper National Zeltune of Fs- sen, indicated today, declaring that he would assume lhe role of an economic dictator. The newspaper, which is close to Field Marshal Hermann Goerlng, director of Germany's four year economic plan, indicated that Funk was prepared to lake "stern measures" against recalcitrant Industrial leaders. Minister Funk will not shrink from ruthless intervention whenever necessary, the National Zeitung said. "He will solve questions which cannot otherwise be settled by issuing commands, "Tills clear and uncompromising national socialist attitude can • be interpreted only as strengthening of authority, of the nation's first economic leader. "The new minister claims unqualified leadership in economic matters. The minister of economics Take Gems Valued at $90,000 From Palm Beach, Fla. Residence PALM BEACH. Fla., Feb. 8. (UP) —Mrs. Philip Ernest Hill wife of one of England's wealthiest investment bankers, today reported the theft of a case carrying J90.000 in (ewel^ from her home in the center of the Palm Beach winter colony. The 'robbery'.' largest here' since thieves took $1.000.000 in precious gems from a jewelry store In 1932, starlet! an intensive htlht along the fringes of the smart winter colony for a gan^ .of daring thieves. Mrs. Hill,'who reported the theft to Joseph B. Oman, chief of police here, said the robbery was executed while she and her friends were on a • nearby golf course. The small case, no larger than a candy box. was removed from the home without knowledge of her extensive staff of servants, she said. Mrs. Johnson to Hunt Tiny Hippo in Africa PHILADELPHIA (UP)-The pigmy hippopotamus and the giraffe- necked, zebra-striped okapl will be the next objects of an African safari, according to Mrs. Osa Johnson, explorer and widow of Martin Johnson. "Among the as yet' unphoto- graphed animals In Africa are the tiny hippo and the okapi, and when I go back to Africa next year on another movie trip. I'm going to get them—oti celluloid," said Mrs. Johnson when she came here for a lecture recently. Stock Prices NEW YORK. Feb. 8 (UP)—Stocks made new February highs loday in a listless market. Bonds advanced irregularly. Wheat gained more than a cent and cotton futures were bid up as much as $1 a bale. A. T. & T 135 Anaconda Cop 32 Assoc. D. G 6 7-3 Belli. Steel 55 5- Boeing Air .'. 29 Chrysler 55 Cities Serv i 5- Coca' Cola 118 Gen. Elec. 40 Gen. Mot 34 3-3 Int. Harvest 63 I-? Montgomery Ward : 37 5-8 N Y Central 171-4 Packard 4 3-4 Phillips Pet 36 5-8 Radio 6 Schenly Dist 23 3-4 Simmons 20 3-8 Socony Vac 15 5- Slci. Oil N. J 20 Texas Corp 40 5-8 0. S. Smell. 69 U. S. Steel 54 putes about authority." Churchman's Trial Continues BERLIN, Feb. 8. (UP)—Nazi au- agalnst the Rev. Martin Niemoeller, militant' Evangelical church leader u - s - Military Academy nt West Point. Gen! Benedict, 55, Is a graduate of the class of 1904, anU the yoimsest cdm- •—---- officer u, e corps has had In 18 vears the state authority — it was announced today as the second session of His trial was held. JfJlemoeller was examined further today regarding. details of Viis past. Then-the roll call of witnesses was* held. The German public as a whole did not even know that the trial wns being held as newspapers ignored it but Nlemoeller's own parlshoners took deep interest In the trial and in some evangelical circles services were held dally, attended mostly by women. • Secret police kept close watch on all persons in the court building. Everyone who left the courtroom was followed and extraordinary precautions were taken to prevent any contact between them an<i newspaper men. Disbarment Defendant Wants Judge Disqualified JOPLIN. Mo,. Feb. 7.—Louis N. WolCJoplln attorney, against whom disbarment proceedings have been filed by the state bar advisory committee. Has filed a motion .seeking disqualification of Judge Ray E. Watson In the trial of the case. Wolf asked that a special judge be named for his trial, stating that Judge Watson is "biased and prejudiced" and that he could not get a fair trial. No action was taken on the motion today. Last week Judge Wilbur J. Owen of Division No. 2 voluntarily disqualified hlmseU In Ihe Wolf case, sending it to Judge Watson's division. flew York Cotton NEW YORK. Feb. 8. <UP>Cotton closed steady. open high low close Mar May July Oct. Dec. Jan. 844 868 844 864 ..854 879 854 875 .. 882 888 862 »»« 874 898 873 874 898 873 892 877 900 877 897 881 901 881 901 Spots closed steady at 874, up 13. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 8. (UP)— Cotton futures closed steady today, up ten to 14 points The gains came with renewal or optimism that the farm bill soon will pass congress. open high low close Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. Feb 8 (UP) —Hogs: receipts, 9,500 Top, 8.75-8.50, Heavy weights, 8.50-8.75. LIgght weights, 7.00-785 Bulk sows, 6.85-7,15. Cattle: receipts. 3000 Steers, 6.40-7.90. , Slaughter steers, 5.75-875 Mixed ; -yearlings..-and heifers ..Slaughter, heifers, '5fid-8 00 .Beef, cows, 4.75-5.50. Cutters and low .'Cjittersi. 3.75' Mar May July Oct. Doc. Jan. 859 874 885 890 892 B82 893 898 907 911 907 868 874 885 890 892 877 887 893 904 907 907 ""' OHi 3Uf Spots closed steady at 887. up Chicago Wheat * ' ow close May 94 3-4 95 3-4: 94 5.0 oe e.o July 90 3-4 91 3-4 903-8 915-8 Chicago Corn M.V ^s'S^-'w^ctose May ^o 7*8 60 58"? ft 59 7 July 59 7-B 603-4 59 l4 : 60 3- the single star of his rank newly glistening on his 'shoulder- straps, Brig. General Jay L. Benedict is pictured above right ns escorted by acting superintendent col. J. L. Dcvcrs left he're- Will Make Special Election Same Date As Primary, Reports Say LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 8 (UP)Gov. Carl E. Bailey will call a special election lo fill the vacant congressional seal ;> In the second district for Die same day on which the state's primary election will be held In August, reliable sources revealed today. The constitution provides for primaries to be held the second Tuesday of August on even years making August 9 election day nr this year. The same sources .said hat under the governor's plan the candidate elected in the special election will serve until January ' 1, J939 r wllen the nominated in the primary and elected In the November election would succeed lo lhe place Friends or lhe governor said lie had decided upon this course because persons paying poll tflxes by June 5, 1933, thus would He ab.e to vote In the special election whereas If a vote were taken before that time only the second district's voters holding receipls for an on year could cast Ilieir ballots. It also wns pointed out that the slate would make a saving In the election expense by conducting Ihe special election at the same time the primary is held. Answers Questions Propounded In Resolution Offer By Johnson '* WASHINGTON,' Feb. 8. <V\'I~ Pw-iary of Slate Cordcll Hull. In a letter read to the senate today ilfnlcd thai ihn United States !ms any allliince w |(ii u foreign power or uiiy agreement concerning n of Ilic American naval forces Chnlminn Key FHtmim (Uem Nev.i of the senate foreign relu lions committee, riml to (he senate a letter from the secretary In which -he answered "No" to three questions raised In n resolution Introduced yeslerduy by Senator Hlnini \v. Johnson (Rep.. Cnllf I Johnson Propounds Questions The resolution, which Johnson snld was designed to clarify in- mors that there was an understanding" or agreement with dreat Britain, has. asked whether, there wns miy nlllan6e with niiy power, whether there wos any agreement for (lie use of the navy or whether there wns any agreement for the U. S. nnvy lo palrol certain waters In u certain contingency Johnson's Inquiry wax intended lo cover all possibilities of a foreign entanglement on the nail ol the united states. ^ C , a ," SW!r i" Hull Informed ln an, "In regard to all three questions' is "no." • As 11 result of the secretary's Jetter consideration of Johnson's resolution was postponed indefinitely by the senate, an action tantamount to killing It, J. N. Barnes, 71 , of PortagevUJe Dies 8-J Prosecutor Admits Inability To Obtain Conviction .In Kentucky Case SHELBY VILLE, Ky., Ftb fl (UP)-Murder charges ,against Dr.' E. S. Oarr. veterinarian, who was charged in the death ol Brigadier General Henry H. ttenhardt. Inst September 20, were ilhniteed Joday. • Motion for dismissal was made uy Attorney General Hubert u Meredith, who said that in his opinion It would be Impossible lo convict Dr. Clarr. General Denhnrdt, n widely known figure In Kentucky military circles and politics, was sliot down on a Shelbyvllle street, on the eve of hl.s second trial on charges of killing Nfrs. Verna Garr Tavlo:- his nance, nnd sister of the Qirr boys. Country Club Members To Discuss Future Plans There will be an important meeting of members of the Blytheville country club tonight. 7:30 o'clock, it has been announced by Cecil Sliane, president. At this time it wilt be decided whether or not an attempt will be made to continue the club. The meeting will be held at the chamber or commerce office in the city lull Osceola Corporation In Notice of Dissolution LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 7.—The C. B. Wood Motor company. Inc., of Osceola has filed notice of dissolution and surrendered It.? state charter. Stockholders are c. B. Wood, and C. B. Wood Jr. of Luxora and S. E. Segraves of Osceola. "Flashlight Baby" Botn MARTINEZ, Cal. (UP) - ThU city now has a "flashlight baby." When a main power electric line blew out, plunging the city In darkness, doctors ' at the county hospital were. In the . midst of a maternity case. They finished It \vllh a flashlight held by the mirse. • -.- ,. , , Sky To Be Photographed; Job Will Require 50 Years SAN JOSE. cnl. <UP)_A photographic mapping of the entire sky which will (akc 50 years lo complete, soon will be uncierlakcn at the LJck Observatory on Mount Wilson, Dr. Joseph n. Moore, assistant director, has revealed. The project has been made possible by the donation or $65,000, which will be used in (he rnmtniRtlon or the largest star camera in the world. The instrument will have a 20-inch lens. i The carrying out of the 50-year program will make possible the measurement of Urn rotation of the entire stellar universe. > -STBEL& MO.,:.. -J N Barnes of Porlagevllle, Mo., father of Mrs. J. H. Workman 'of this city died at the Memphis Melli- odlst hospital late yesterday niter having bee,, J|| f or fout / ^g from euremlc poisoning. He was ; 7! years of. age. . .•-.-. An early settler or Portageville, .Mr. Barne.- was a retired mer- uft! M^u!*') 1 much '"'"« )'*« with Airs. \Vorknmn and family A number from Steelc will iii- tend I • llle.w ryjces. to b? held Wed- ije/idtty afternoon, 2:30 o'clock -it the Portageville Methodist church 'tJn '/! ^ 1so ,? urvl vw by- his wife] two other daughters, Mrs H V M < rr r vr° r M S ' m Benlt0 ' Catlf - '<"»" Miss Myrlle Barnes, of Porta B en, ?'° ne ; J»thcr. Pleas Barnes, <!»< tu-o sisters, ^5. NP|| |".«l Mrs. Jcnillc Nolp „ Mayor To Report "Gas And Oil^Expense Cuts Jjlflybr Marlon Williams was ex£n£ht ?hT rt '° lhe cit >' council tonight that persona) supervision of all city expenditures by the mayor had resulted In substantial rediic- lon of operating expenses, particularly on consumption of gas and oil by city owned or operated vehicles The council will meet at T30 o clock with only routine business lo come before the body. It was staled. Leisurely Home Burglar Dines, Smokes and Reads PHILADELPHIA (UP>— A thief that look a new overcoat nnd a suit of clothes from the home of Maurice Morman, attorney, wasn't In a great hurry to leave with his loot. Before leaving, evidence disclosed, the burglar: read a magazine "» the kitchen, smoked several cigarettes, ate bananas and oranges from n fruit bowl, und consumed several sandwiches he found In the refrigerator. File Divorce Suits Indignities are charged as grounds for divorce actions brought m chancery court here by John McCann against Mrs. Thelma McCann and Mrs. Ada Ophelia Todd against Noll Todd, Ouy -Walls, : Manila attorney, represents McCann and Claude F. Cooper is counsel for Mrs. -Todd. Recover Potatoes Dumped In Slough % Federal Agency . . POPLAR BLUFF. Mo., Feb. 7 — Scores of persons dragged Palmer Slough In east Poplar Bluff over the week-end for Irish potatoes 'dumped" there by the Surplus Commodities organization here. Arthur Ramsay, one of those who recovered many of the sacks of potatoes, said one man succeeded in getting about 35 sacks before others learned the potatoes had been dumped in tlie slough. "They said the potatoes were culls but I never seen finer ones In my life," Ramsey said. W. G. Eckhardl, district super- vbor of >surplus commodities, said the shipment of potatoes from Idaho for distribution in stoddard and Pemlscot counties had failed to pass Inspection. C. R. Dyck, stale supervisor, according to EcXhardt, came here and ordered the potatoes thrown into the slough. Somebody saw them being dumped and word soon got around, it was estimated (hat about 7,500 pounds of potatoes were dumped Into the slough. The msny persons who recovered the potatoes from the slough used boats and mussel shell grab hooks while Others waded, wearing lUgh boots,,, , Delay Appointment Of Lafollette's Successor Ll'ITLK HOCK, Kb. 8 (UP)— A|)]M)lnlii)ei)t of « sura'.Vior to Itouort T. Uirolletto, ousted stale police nNiktnnt superintendent, wns dplnyrd further today when Oov. .Curl K. foflllay stated that ho Inul no irfommi'mlaHon for a new iixeciitlvt 1 . Oov. Bailey's move Indicated Ihat 11 now usslstiiiil superintendent would noL be named for u week >r )u diiy.s, Jack. Porti'r, Forrest ally, ehalr- miin of the stule police commission, today liml "nothing to say" iboul lhe .situation LOMISISlRt Nationalists Continue Advance On Teruel Front In Eastern Spain H E N D A Y E, Franco - Spanish Frontier, Feb. 8 (UP) - Spanish nationalists, continuing. a powerful offensive 011 the Teruel front In eastern Spain, asserted today Hiiil they had captured eight bnt- allons of loyalists and estimate! Hint llspyjind nddcd 3,000 men to Ihclr total of prisoners. Nationalists talked Increasingly of the advisability O t a thnist toward IheVcoast to cut communication between Valencia- and Barcelona. At present the nationalists arc about 75 miles from the coast, Loyalists admitted that the nationalists had taken the Important town of Alfambra, on the Alfambra river, north of Teruel nnd that their metv'had, been forced to fall back extensively. However th« loyalists countered with (he assertion that-i directly west of Teruel city they,-had -Jcap- tured- a hill, the, possession . of which,-along wltli another, taken previously}, gave ' them - command °f. Ui«.Wff.-Muela Ue Teruel hill, which dominates the'city-from tho west. City Firemen Kept During Monday : TWO small fires late yesterday rounded o«t:n full day's work for local firemen :.who answered an alarm at the residence of n, M Beck, 701 West Ash, to extinguish a; blaze in an outbuilding. Damage was slight, 'according to Fire Chief Roy Head, who said the fire apparently started as result of children Playing with matches where some hay was .stored. A spark from n flue Ignlled the roof of the house at 523 West Ash occupied by Zeph O'Brien, causing slight damage. These brought the number of alarms yesterday to four as firemen responded to calls from the Pastime Billiard Parlor and the residence of C, II. Bright. 719 West Ash earlier In the day. Playmate's Stick Pierces Little Steele Child's Eye Pour-year-old Lewis Dec Nlmon had two laughing blue eyes yesterday. Today he has but one. The blonde haired, little chap, who Is at the Blytheville hospital, is hurt- Ing too bad to talk about it but he keeps struggling to put his hand up to feel' his left eye—only the eye Isn't there. A stick was the cmise of It all. It was yesterday afternoon that Lewis snd a little girl neighbor were Playing In his yard when tho little girl threw a stick. The end of the stick penetrated his eyeball anil, besides destroying the sight, made It necessary to remove the eye. The accident occurred at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dee Nimon, who live on the Fred Hall farm, route One, near Steele. Educational Adviser Visits Schools Here Henry Harap, of Pcnbody college at Nashville, Tenn,, who is advisor on Uie Arkansas curriculum revision program being sponsored by the slate department of education, visited In the elementary schools here Monday. \ 1« connection with his observation of the schools, Mr. Harap held a conference with the elementary teachers or the city in the afternoon. W. F. Hall and Ed McCuiston of the state department were present for the conference, which was held In the hlgli school library. Mr. Harap, who Is In jonesboro today, spians to visit other schools throughout the state and to attend the Arkansas Slate, progressive association Conway Saturday, ^ ;.:•; : Molorisl Speeds -, A \v a y After Accident On Division Street , Bobble Lee Esplnozav two year old son of Mr, and Mf». Joe Es- plnoya, died at the, BlyUievffle hos- Pllal at (wo o'clock this morning after he wus struck, by a "hit ana inn" motortol's car last night in the street near his home, 318 'B. Division street. The accident occurred about 6:30 o'clock. The child's body was crushed by the machine, and his condition was critical until, tig .''died. The only, eye witness was a ne- gro boy who told outers that the car looked like n Chevrolet, und appealed to be a 1938 or 1937 model. With this slight due, officers worked all night on tho case but this afternoon, no trace had been, found of the driver. Funeral services Wore held this afternoon at Cobb Funeral home' nt which the Rev. N. H. Rhodes pastoi of the Full Gospel church officiated. Burial was made nt Elmwood cemetery. Besides his parenls, the child Is survived by two brothers, Joe Jr and Billy, nnd two sister.!, Msrv and Marth. Marion Bank Closed 'After Caihier Suicides LITTLE ROCK, Ark, Feb. 8- Tlic board of directors of the Bank H M ? r '?H <Mnrlon - A*) ordered tilts Institution closed yesterday pending an audit investigation by the st^te bank department, state Bank commissioner Greyer s. Jer- nlgan has been notified. ' , -The ordei"-wto-lss\ied following- filncrnl services }m,\t: B,'Rhodes, 63, cashier of the' bank, who was round dead Saturday night In the bedroom of his home. His death was termed a suicide and came at a time when federal examiners were inspecting the bank's records, it is understood, ...•-. A Little Rock [Inn of public nc- coimtants has been ordered 'to"start an audit of the bank's books. ' Roy W. Harper Heads Caruthersville Jaycees OAHUTHERSVILLE, \fo, F 8.—Roy W. Harper, local attorney^ was elected president of the Ca- ruthersvnie junior chamber of commerce last night after a vote on two candidates named by a nominating committee had resulted in a deadlock. Harper was nominated from the floor, along with three other candidates', after the tic \olc on Clayton Schuitz and , Fred Herilev nominated by the committee Another tie/vote occurred In the contest for treasurer but Byron Ward was elected on' u second ballot. : Other officials ejected Included- Walter Robertson, -vice president; Al Zander, recording secretary; Joe B. Henley," ! 'finance secretary nurt L. Rogers and DIc!< Necley, members of the board of directors. Boy Scouts Eriteft&r Lions Club With Play "Boy Meets Man" in Scouting" wns the play presented by members of Boy scout troop 38 at the weekly luncheon meeting of the Lions Club at the Hotel ijbWe today when *5 mcmbefe/'with' oqe new member, Charles -Ray New- :omb, and one visitor, R. D. Michie of Memphis t were present. The scouts, who are now observing their annual scibut week demonstrated 'in the: first scene of their play tfie right and .wrong- way to climb a fence while'bunt- Ing, and the cooperation »bf man and boy was illustrated; in the second scene. , ' : . ' ' ' Lloyd Ward. Hunter^Slms,. William •' Guierin, Melvlh'-EMsell/ Bryant- Stewart, Russell "<'Farr, Jack McCiikton, « n d - Bill'"- chamblln participated in the play. "•'{ ^ WEAT||R Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday, warmer except In northwest' portion tonight, .colder in northwest and extreme north portions. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and warmer tonight, lowest temperature' & to 56;-Wednesday parti? -'Oticty to ctoitfjv-." • : The maximum, temperature )i*re yesterday. .*&s 58, minimum «, dear, accordlri£ to Samuel F. NorrU, official .^either observer: - .

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