The Courier News from ,  on July 21, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from , · Page 3

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Friday, July 21, 1950
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JULY «, 1990 Bf.TTHKVH.I.K fARK.) CfHmTK* NKW» PAGE THREE U.S. Plans Report to S/iow Pub/ic Food Is Plentiful jj. WASHINGTON, July 21. (AP)—Disturbed by increases in prices and evidence o£ con- •Jfcer hoarding, the government is working on a report to convince the public that it ne«<i not fear food shortages. The report, being drafted by th« Agriculture Department, will be made public Saturday night. R*pe»ted assurances by President* Truman »nd Secretary of Agrl- Belgians Ready For Riot Duty Trouble I* Expected On Eve of Leopold's Return 'to Throne culture Brannan that food supplies are plentiful were said by officials to have slowed down, but not stopped, the heavy consumer buying of sugar, canned goods and other nonperishable foods that started with the Korean war. Officials hoped that » detailed report, giving statistical information on supplies and production prospects of various major food items, would serve as a clincher their argument that there is Justification for hoarding or for price Increases. War's Market Effects The report is being prepared by the department's Bureau of Agricultural Economics and will take into account the possible effects o! the war and Increased mllitarj spending on the market for (ooc and farm products. It Is expected to say that, on Ihe basis of present conditions, there Is no valM reason for « icr Krnrrll level ot food prices nj Ihe next six months. ces of some foods, It will say should go down in the fall—par ticularly meats. Slaughter supplie of meat animals will Increase from the normal low levels of the summe to put a much larger supply. o meats in butcher shops. Tlie report Is expected to stal that large farm production, plus bi cold-storage stocks, should maintai supplies of eggs and 'poultry high levels, with prices advancin only slightly from summer quota tions. Wheat Supply Gooil ' I* »'lll point out that suppli of wheat for flour and bake products are 30 to 40 per cent i bove anticipated market demarv for the grain. It also will sta that feed grain supplies are amp to maintain production of mca' milk and poultry products at higher level than at present. It to expected to report that milk production is at near record levels, with a part of the supply being diverted into government surplus stocks in the form of butter, cheese and dried mine. Supplies of fresh, canned and frown fruits »re expected to be about 11 per cent less than last year and about 4 per cent below aver;e, reflecting spring freeze dam- f. The peach supply is likely to do^rn a fourth from last year. VraH Pilila May Rise A* a consequence, somewhat high •r prices ar« anticipated for fruits • ProspecU point toward abundant aupplies of fresh »nd processed veg- etabtas, Including potatoes, sweel potatoes, dry beans »nd pens. Record-large stocks have been depressing farm prices of dry beans. Tht report undoubtedly will paini a favorable picture of supplies of food fats and oils. Pall and winter production of lard is -expected to b« larger than a year ago. Vegetable oil supplies, on the other hand, may be a Uttle smaller, reflecting atnaUer acreages of cotton, peanuts Vew Rocket r est Slated "or Monday LONG R A N O B PROVING ,ROUND, COCOA, Pla., July 21. AP)-~A giant V-2 rocket scheduled o zoom through the air next Wed- e.sday may be fired Monday in- tead.' The two-stage Rocket No. 2 re- pliiccs the Identical 25,000-pound nl-sle which fizzled out on the iir- ng platform two days ago. Experts said a faulty fuel pumt' ireraited rocket No. 1 from aich- ng through the air at about 1,500 miles an hour. Rocket No. 2 was n reserve. The giant rocket putted some smoke and popped like a pistol bu did not leave the launching, pl form. Experts said the value to t main tanks holding 5,000 galloas iquid oxygen and ulcohol failed open. The racket consisted of a cap Uired German V-2 with a smalle projectile known as a Wac corpor al riding on its nose. The Wac cor poral, a scientific missile rathe than a military weapon, is launche automatically In flight. The missile will swoosh eastwp.r over the Atlantic at. about a *5 degree angle and may travel as fa as 250 miles. It will be the fits horizontal firing of a rocket in th country. All previous firings, at 11 White Sands, N. M., proving groua have been vertical. Soviet Troops >oid on Move TEHRAN, Iran, July 21 W>—Re >rta ot "minor Soviet, troop move- icnts" north of Astra on the Russo ranian border have been .receive! tlie Iranian general staff, rell- j!e Informants said today. Astra is In northeast Azerbaijan rovince. The general staff is understood i look on Hie moveinent-s as a ormul shift ol border garrisons. There have been no verified re- iQrLs of any major Russian troop novemcnts along Ihe Iran border ately. 'No Strike Pledge Russians Display 'Good Behavior' at Meeting Of High-Ranking Communists in East Berlin Worses Again Put Justice in Hospital PORTLAND. Ore.. July 21. A'illiam o. Douglas, associate jus- ice of the u. S. Supreme Court who \vas seriously injured by lorse hist year, is in a hospital icre. Horses again. Tills time a horse kicked him on the shin at his Wallowa Mountain cabin. The injury did not responc to home treatment. Last year the horse-loving-, nioun tain-climbing justice was in a hospital for weeks after a horse rollec on him. BRUSSELS. Belgium, July 21 —Strong security forces were mobilized fn Brussels and other Belgian cities today ngnlnst possible nntt- Leoj>old demonstrations on the eve of the exiled monarch's return With Belblum celebrating her national lndei>endence today, patriotic fervor may run high among both the king's supporters and opponents, Alfc'iough (he government announced last night tlml Leopoli presumably will not return unti tomorrow. Interior Minister AlUcri e Vleeschauwcr—himself an arden .eouold supporter—was taking IK •nances. I'ollce Are Reinforced Brussel's 11,000-man police fore vas reinforced by squads of black iclmeted national gendarmes fron outside tlie city. These slrong-nrm men of the Belgian Internal security forces are irmed and trained lor riot duty. Their d.irk blue trucks carry col- .apsible barbed-wire harriers which can be set up speedily across the streets in the event of trouble. Cathedral Ceremonies As the day's ceremonies began with a tc diim in the cnlliedral, Socialist leaders met to discuss widespread strikes to protest the Belgian monarch's return. Their plan to stage n countrywide work stoppage will be ham- president w. R. Blaisdell, was sent yesterday. It said the union represents several thousand west coast oil workers. Rr THOMAS A. RKKDV HF.KUN. July 21 W)—Tile Rlis- lans apj)eared todny to be putting HI a "good behnvior" front In Ber- In for this week's Communist rally, wing attended by high Comlnform neniljers from far and wiiie. Allied and West German officials lotcd: 1. Autobahn traffic at Helmslcdt .s being let through to Berlin and toward the west nl a sVcppcd-up !).Tce. Slow-down tiictfc-s Imposed st ucck have been stopped. 2. East German officials ngrpcd totiny on ft ''ijrtsts for discussion" with West Berlin on resumption of electvtc power, cut oft July I. Air Center Nullflfil 3. The Ru.sians notified the air safety center in advance of fighter pinup flights between Oallgov. 1 awi Brandenburg, over the western edges of Berlin last night. Lately some tlights have brcn observed that were not posted In the four- power center. Meanwhile tlie Socialist Unity (Communist) Party rally entered Its second day without (Uay clue lo the purpose behind the visit of tiie highest-ranking Communists ever to visit Berlin. Party Caucus Attend Tlie delegates from the Comln- form countries ftltcnrJcrJ the p.irtj 1 caucus this morning oniy us observers. The Rust Berlin controlled press concentniled Its jiltention on tlie German Party activities without hinting at any mnjor conclave on International questions such as the Kovenu wai" or the thoruy Yugo- pered, however, as the coining weekend Is a national holiday. A military pniade of 5.000 troops was scheduled for this afternoon (nv T/(o problem. The Comlnform members are vlr- nninlst Chin liially inaccessible, guarded by Ensl Nationalist."!. German "pco|)les police" as they move from hotel to party meetings uvitl back.. Ttie east government imule fan-1 fare out of tlie official opening ul! the first postwar steel furnace in Brandenburg nt the Seimens-Martln plnnl. Officials reported to the party rally the furnace, would pour out steel "for pence." Ttie cuiwcHy \vas not disclosed. Three more furnaces arc lo be l«ilU, minister for Industry, Fritz Selbmnnn said, with Ihe last one lieing , nclivnlcd December 21, Stalin's birthday. The ComLnform bosses yesterday heard East Germany's Communist President (ell n party rally that his people would light beside Russia In any new world war. A pnrli-alt of Norlh Korea's Pre-i inier Kim Ir Sen—nlung with thosn o! Premier Slnlin and China's red chief MHO Tye-Tung—hung over the mslMin as President Pleck nmde his pledge to 1,000 Communist faitMttl. munist China would replace the (in Moscow British Ambassador Sir David Kelly delivered the British answer to the Russian proposal to Soviet IJeputy Foreign Minister . Emphasizing that Anglo-Soviet lalks on Korea, which begun June JO. were stalemated but not ended, Attlce veailirineil that a Korenn peace depended on the North Koreans returning north of the 38th p»rnllcl. With the Courts Chancery: P. B. Tillrnan vs. JiuniU Ttlhnin, lull for divorce. James Hradte vs. Dorothy Brodla, suit for divorce, Gertrude Morris Barnett, •* al, vs. Evji Morris Alexander, «t al, partition. Minnie Wilson vs. Je*ste Wilton, suit for divorce. C. E. Frank's n. Ruby Pranfei, suit for divorce. Isabel FinntjjBn vj. Edward /, Finnlgan, suit, for divorce. Edwlna Cunningham ti. John P. Cunningham, suit for dlvorc*. Don't forget to July 25th. VOTE Tuesdiy. anti-Leopold Socialists had been urged to demonstrate at the parade. The Communists also to tuni out. told their British Firm On 38th Issue LONDON, July 21. I/I') — Great. Brilnin stood firm lust night behind the United Nations Security Council demand for n withdrawal of North Koreans to tiieir own territory as a first step toward peace in Korea. Prime Minister Attlce [old commons his government tins rejected u. Riissinn proposal (hnt the North Korean withdrawal lie discusser) In Security Council on which Com- ASSEMBLY CHURCH BlythcvilU Air BOM Service Each Night 8 o'clock EVERYBODY WELCOME Com* on« and all Kcv. A. E. Gardner He Got Stomach Distress Made by Oil Men When He Ate At Pete's! LOS ANGLES, July 21. OD— "In tecogniUoa of out duty to our brothers abroad," The Independent Union of Petroleum Workers has wired President Truman It pledges for no strikes for the duration-of the emergency. The telegram, signed by union and flaxseed. But butter production Is running far ahead of consumer demand. As consequence -surplus stocks of more than 185,000.000 pounds have been accumulated by the government under farm price support programs. The report may place particular emphasis upon the sugar situation, World production is setting a record this year and much ol the extra supply Is In areas close to this country, particularly in Cvtba. It has been necessary to Impose restrictions on imports lo prevent lore supplies from depressing prices low levels essential to keep domestic producers in business. Ttofcod iscookfd apod—loo good. Too rich and too spicy. So lots u( people end •p with * burning, K*SSV sromacfi. But not our friend, lie's heara about Tnrnj— carriei * roll all the lime. Turn 5 quick If tralize ticess stomach aridity—JIITC «fttc burning and gas almost in- stlmdy. Get* roll of Turns today- E*t 1 or 2 TMHI afcrr meals or whenever cxicari. They work Usu Ewncrobcr ;*«p Turn* handy >•! 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