The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 12, 1944
Page 3
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)DT Will Moke ew Plea To Limit summer Travel By ANN STKVICK NEA Staff CoiTcstiomlfiit WASHINGTON.- The Office of Defense Transportation would like put the Indian sign ou resort " '" (!lc coining vacation sea- Bon. Signs lo be seen so far, how- fcver, Indicate that unless people tail be awakened to the crillcftl transportation problem, a gigantic Imcl chaotic resort-travel boom Is |omlng. Legitimate vacations are cncour- igcd as a means of keeping up the noralc of war-workers. ODT di.s- fcourages week-end travel and asks Iho American people to hold Ihe •me against- shows conventions, and Inch gatherings Involving travel fa- fcilUirs and accommodations in Crowded areas.. DOPE DELUSIONS Hurried wartime motorists can- poi solve their Baseline problems y Inking to "dope," according to |hc Department of Commerce Bureau of Standards. With gas ra - lloulng there has been a great In- treasc In the activities of peddlers Jof fuel "dopes" reputed to increase knilcaec and otherwise impi'ovc the Operation of automobiles. I Tlie Department of Standards reports tests on hundreds of such mixtures. Their main conclusions- ire that none of [tie fuel dopes in small amounts—such as an [ounce or so per gallon of gasoline I—have any measurable effect, good tor bad, on the working of the au- Komobilc or the miles per gallon of fuel. (ODDS AND ENDS New pricing methods on cut-up poultry are expected to reduce the price you pay to retailers who buy poultry and cut It up for sale . . . •Mother's Day and Memorial Day •will come miller "Spccijil Occa- Islons" when florists are allowed e.x- Itra deliveries , .'•. Some of the 'Night-Buster' Bombs Aid Aerial Cameramen >t^»jmtattr^i^^x»jj^^: J ^i.v.v.>.,>,. 0 , J .,.^..^.^^,^ .j.^.^...-. JILYTHBVILLB (ARK.) COUIUBK NEWS "" - • ~_-. Marine Captain l : Punch Champ; Flynn Is Victim Ifenly nmt Mfo ixiredn Josephine unvls, both ot -U'lieJivllle, Ark. 1 tv- cll Kvcrell Russell of St. Louis, nnd Miss Lottlse Ellen Ktinnicriniin i>f I'eorla, III.: Terry T. Templetun and Miss Wlnnlfied Louise Shores, boih of si. Louis. Thoirms 0. Wentherlnglon nnd Miss Nellie Hay Hughes, both of Blythevllle: Edwiml Uiwrenci! Willy of Walbrldge, Ohio, and Miss Ocittm Dale of Oinnhii, Nob.: Chnrles Williamson Wood Jr. «t I.eltmd, Miss., and Miss Helen lower-priced brands' of margarine „. " "~" ~—* i ' 1 1 ~ i ^- i - ! -~—-*»>•» •'•*-^'.':«.-l.—_~-j ,-,.!.»V ;.MK:.j:r:i»V \jjjH be allowed price rises. The D " 1 B>' a '« and Photos above show how Army aerial rcecnnutannce photographers on night missions noil iF th 5 ^™?, 11011 lnc ' ea f s "'"' ^ nc - " l)oml) " the "' l> h °'°-t'»-Sets with a "night-blister" flashlight bomb, pictured nt top richl f'L." e C01 . !ulncr b - v kee P ] "S "'ese Weighing 52 pounds, it conlains 25 ,,nmul s nf n^i , ,,,„ JL.... ......;. ,;.. 1 ''. "" U HOLIA'WOOI), April 13 (UP) — Marine Cuplnln Dun Topping hus landed n firm grip on (lie oiie- punch chiunplomhlp of the world. CmTe.spmKlcnts say he won u o,uk'k mill iilmosl iiiicontcsleil victory WIT Krrol Plynn. Toppings trlunu'li climaxed n blnlidny pally fur Ills wife, skut- <l<lcon Soujn Ilcluo. The pre- vviir s|i()rlsiinui shot a quick Jiib (o -....ill's check, liltiijildt'i's said Kr- 10! lilt the dock. 1'lymi snid he Just iwlrd 11 bit. Topping wns awarded n Icduilciii knockout, lust Hollywood appear PAGE THREE ~'r, Dell Society—Personal \Voincir.s Hevvlce of Society nf tins Hell C'lnhllnn Methodist «y ndcrnoon at president, Mrs. given by u wns »l ndy Weighing; 52 pounds, it contains 25 pounds of flashlight powder, provides about flash. It is fused to explode at a point behind (lie plane, • brands on the market at prices low- •cr than the nearest substitute . . . , - - - , , |In three or four months new stain-j target, area and also actuates photo-electric cell which ns shown on dingiam. Expln-s land table knives will be more dur- lablc products than the substiUiles I which have been • cutlery limitation • 1942. initfle .since the releases camera shutter. Bottom photo shows >t appears from photographing plane 10,000 feet high. Rendc of Knoxvllie. Tcnn.: j. c. iiurgess of nel! mid Mrs. Ciinmlclii Slmrp lilcd.soe of 1 Blythevllle: decree \V. Culvert nnd Miss Ilurllne Fold, both, of lllylhcvlllc: James N, Uummon'of Ciniith- crsville, Mo., and Mrs. Lomsc Bcotl ot Portngovlllc Mo.: I5lbert IX IIIB mill Mli-s Bessie Under both of Oy- crsburg. Tcnn.: Raymond Chiui- man and Miss Alma Svkes. both of St. Louis. Christopher John Alton and Mrs, OIii nmdslunv, both of Hlytlu'vllle: Chnrles noberts and Miss Kulli 1'lerson. both ol Marlon, III.: wll- llnni llnrll Nmthern nnd Miss Agnes O'Neill, bolh of llollnnil, Mo.: Ixionard Dnrrnw and Mrs Krnnccs Dnrrow bold of liullann|i- olis: Perry j. Austin and Miss Gladys I,. Morris, both of llarrls- „. HI.: Jmnes Wllmiir Jones mid Mtss Plosslc Until Cobb, both of Uyersburg, Tcnn.: Willis .inmes l)c- Wllt niKl Miss Arlcnc yesko boll) of Muskegon, WIs,: llennle V. llnl- loy nntl Miss O'cralcllno Uuoley, both of niythevlllc. Ernest Reynolds and Miss Jewell Uene Holt, both of Greenfield, lenn.: Gilbert W. Trcvcrbaiigli and Miss Mnry F cnl white, both ot .. „ .. Fall-field, ill.; j. a wilson until billion candlenower , ' Lcla I'^'sythc .both of Tyler, I .v.,i«,.i... ,,..,.._ ..-.. ?'°- : "oiner Horn and Miss Anna Mne-.Crlpiien, both ol Mounds 111 : unri' us n boxer wus In Ihe sH-unk church met ves'tei Olnver Club. Then he wus pitted [|,e lmini< ,,r Vh, •iKuliist. [>at. 1)1 elect), Ihe huslxind j u n , ol Cilorlu Viinilerbllt. TopplDK not 'riio i"' n n spill decision on Unit uccnslon. i ,....„ ,.\ , .,,?'" l-'lynn nmdc tils greatest bid for ,.«„;, , ,' • ,. 1I " ! ,, , the mie-puni'h crown In ilolly.', ,, llle ' ''""lem of auui'i- wond's Moeiuubo Olnb two vcitrs um ' W " s co " (IIK -t«l !'>' Mrs, Ltillicr ii«o when lie mill columnist Jlminv i ,, ?," ',""' Mrs - ''" ll1 ScUlnnlrc. 1'liller huuieil n blow each, l-'ldle'r'...'!.*"'*> «. s| iort business ses- WUH tin- decision on tin nsslsl from Mrs. Fldlfr. Silo itLsi-overrd tluil «)inehu\v Flynn's cui- had ijpconic entniiKled In ,t fork lu her hum!. In the tradition ot the one-punch nmlclK's, conteslnnls In Sunday's ''Jill jirofi'ss die of friendship. "II \vt\.s Just oiiu of Ihtisc silly thliiKS," Topping stiys. "We're fitlil the best, of friends." The best o[ puls," echoes I'lynn. Return Army's f \, Lost Articles , Through M. P/s •?/ It you find an article of noldlcr clothing or other military material or cqtilpmcnt, please report it t£ n i member of the Military Police, The request wns ma<le today by l.lciil r*i-\l r~\ r\ ii»«i-».„.,_ , i mcelliiR was adjourned. llefreshmenls were Beiveil iltir- IIIK the social hour. Mrs. KitMcll fireenwny will nt the next, niectlng. Church Grotip To Meet be of lie !(ev. nntrs sturdv Hie Like street Methodist i ..*: IA-.-.I in |M», ecnoes nynn, "' '"" IMXK Htrcel Methotllst "He's «of to hit me Imrdcr nnd Church today nimouneetl plnns for oltener than thai lo make me > "WH'S mcelliis t, m | wduek MI|I" C .L '° ,'"' llL ' l(1 lO'lWH'I'OW HlBlit, :.IO o'clock, at (lie church. Bluest' fipenkor for Ihe tiffnh' jlll be the Itev. I.lndley Vilwell, "•' Unit Moon ehnrcbes. Our finuons Spen-y Kimslnht cal- culutes (lie tunoiml of "lead" on n Imnel, the elleet uf (jrnvlty nnd :ho wind, points Ihe i;tms. and lulls Ihe Ijitnimr the precise moment to open tip Giu-rett of Blytheville. Mac Rodman of Sharon, Tcnn.: Dcwey P. Owens of Spar- I Ridge, Mo.-. Cecil Marriage Licenses , With 91 marriage licenses sold [through the local Mississippi Coun- |ty Court clerK's office since March 3, April may become a record lonth, according to court, house of- Ificlnis. Marriage licenses issued from -_tfarch 29 through April 9 included, pranklin Douglas Robblns of Leach- ^'ille, and Miss Gloria Fay Page of •Manila: William E. Jones of Pacif- •ic, Mo., and Miss Frances J. Boyd •of McLeansboro, 111,: R. u Jones •of Quincy, Mass., and Miss/La Nelle ISmait of Blytheville: ri^jitinld" C. • Augustine of Decatur, 111,' and' Miss •Sarah Prothero of Walerlown, |Mass.: Andrew J. Beard and Miss of |paragould, Ark., and Miss Bonnie '(GATED Soof!l0 '<<* °l stmplo Inrn w-nn ra3ll «l>ys|>rinktinBOii filEH FOR Mrasana.tliooonthinE, IICC ^^'^^t 0 '! po^vder. Ilc- Uot licvca dinpor rash. •Doris Ellen Hammonds, both ISieele, Mo.: Lois E. Shatley , .. . Halls, Tcnn., and -Miss Aniilc Sue *^, %£ tanli,^ s/c.. P. Freeman of Pierce of :ind Mo. Vta oi». Ford of Friendship, Tcnn.: L, Young of Fayettcvllle, Ark., Miss Loretia Caglc of Leacln Ark.: Earl Baker and Miss Co Coburn, both of Blytheville: Robert Flo.vrl Gregory of Homeland, Ark., and Miss Dorothy Mannings „. „ „„, itl of Manila, Ark.: Floyd Leonard | Donald, both of myuicvine- war Ruhland and Miss Laura Louise: ren D. Thomiwou of Manila Ark Sansoucie, bom or St. Louis: Thorn- and Miss Mary Lee Woods o as W. Thaxton of Bernlce, Ln.,1 Lcachville, Ark.: John H Hollani and Miss Dixie Fayc Jackson of|of Grand Haven, Mich., and Mis Moll A rk- • \\T T' TVurlrt,, li- „r O..L:I . v ... - . ' «"«•>»•>" S. Brown and Mrs. Ardic Ferrell, both of Carutlicrsvillc Mo.: W. C. Reid nnd Miss Dorothy c. Collins, both of Slkeslon, Mo. Theodore Lmisford and Miss Wanda Lee Booth, both of Lciieh- WlHIamson and i of Parma, ford Leon Daniel and"Miss"Droll- Mi ss Dessie Lois "smith, Steelc, cila Diinkln, both of Manila, Ark • t>1 "' : Prank LcRoy \Vorden Jr., of Damond Hay and Miss Leona Me- Dclloit . Mich., aiul Miss Carolyn :n«m of Pierce of Holland Mo. bolh of Slkeslon, Mo. nilc Sue Harry Paul Curtis of Slceie, Mo, Theodore Lmisford .: L. E. and Miss Georgia Brnggllnc 0f Ca- Wanda Lee Booth, botl 'k., nnd rnlhersvilic, Mo.: Raymond T. Horn ville . Ark -: Pnul Will ;acliville, j of Caruthcrsvillc, Mo., and Miss AIrs - '"o" 1 ' 1 Nenl, both ; Connie Mildred Ellison of Stcele Mo.: Bn- JI ?- : Dlllc Harrtins Ci Dell Ark.: Memphis, W. C. and Miss Jr., of Nettie Faye , Pratt of Parsons, Tcnn, _ Gerald E. Murray and Miss Vcl- iria 'Rmgeiseh, both of 'St. Louis: Charles Gray Jr., and Miss Stella Louise Scott, of Blytheville. Sybil Aline Woods of Leachvillc Ark.: Omar n. Magic of Uadfori Va., and Miss Nora Douglas of Ma nila, Ark.: Bernard E". Yocum o West Lawn, Pa., and Miss 1 France Inez Southard, both of Blylhevillc: Ode! Armstrong and -Miss Paltvc Atkinson, both of Holland: John Lewis E. Daniels of Coliiiiibiit Ohio, and Miss Mary E. Lockhtir of Marcrigo, III.: James Knigh , _„»,. „. ^*vii.. HM, V u<lkii Ui llllJltJIJ^U, 111 JfltllCS 1* Hogue of Memphis and Miss Elsie Bourlami and Miss Carolvn Ma Perry of New Madrid, Mo.: Joseph j Smith, both of Cairo III • FJ ,i W Edwards and Miss Marlnn' Foulkcs and Miss Audrey Ma Colin botli of Cape Girardeau. Mo.: Adcox, both of Union Citv Tcnn Homer R. Messier of Whillicr, S. f Cuba M. Higdon and Mre loj^ Lc' O., and Mis., Lillian Mae Greet of; Keller, both of CooUr ^io Ch^ Biythevlllc: Horace C. Thompson' ler L: Ingram and Miss Opnl Me cld, Tcnn., and MissElroy, botli of Blytheville: George War- Louise Lyon of New Orleans, La.: Joseph Willlnm Knox and Miss Louelia Leonard, both of Halls, Teim.: William B, Ganloner of BlythcvilU' and Miss Clara. Elizabeth Tisdale of Vincennes, Ind.: Lee H. Miller of Billings, Mont,, and Mrs. Florence .Bryant, of Charleston, Mo. Louis I?., Blum nnd Mrs. Juanlln BUtni, both'of St. Louis Mo.: Earl Burke Ryan and Miss Lillie Mac Young, both of Farmlngton, Mo.; Lehman Hudlcy Klob nnd -Miss 1*01)11 L. 1'nrtle, iioth of Farmington, Mo.: Fred Jioirman and Mrs Cora Olnsscock, botii of Cape Glr- ardcau, Mo.: Olnnrtle Spencer RHEUMATIC PAIN K«id n.l Iioll vo«i Oiy-D.t ,ti, r M N>l Don t put off BOttliijr C-zvx lo relieve pain of miisculni- rhciunntism nnd other rheunitillc pnln.s. Cmitloii: Use only, as directed. Mrst Ijottle , . rs jotte purchase price baclt if not satisfied ° War Production Board calls for big drive to save WASTE PAPER This is what Chairman Donald M. Nelson tayt ooou* the poptr «Wfog*i /i , - •,.,*• ifioci, miiiiiv"*""— W contfliiii jl & *M. ' c nre being nndathousiindotheriw sent overseas toour^B .» t cvcr y «'f k - uV I nnas ^ r f a is from which actual weapons of war . ...w bl-tin. r everybody. 25 WAR PLANTS CLOSED! As we go to press, about 25 mills making war products out of paper have had to close down. Are we going to let them stay closed? Or shall we open them again with a community drive to save waste paper ... and keep right on saving it? You know iha answer! We MUST swing those 25 doors wide with tha biggest ava- lanche of old boxes, corrugated paper, cartons, bags, newspapers and magazines, ttiat this city has ever seen I We MUST organize our friends ... our children.., everybody who has a loved one in the Armed Forces . . . everyono who wants this war to end soon ... in victory! Get going right away on that paper trail! A BUNDLE A WEEK SOME BOY'S LIFE SAVE Newspapers; Fold them flat (ihc way the paper boy sell, them) and tio [hem in bundle] about U iochcj high. Magazfnas and Kookt< Tte them in buadlel iboui 18 iucbu high. Corrujited and Card. boardBonoandCirtonn Flatten them out and tla them In bundle) about 12 Incbeihlgh. Wa«lobasliet Paper ll^fPPers. Envelopes, sic.)! Flatten «nd pack down 1m bo i or bundle. » that it can ba clfricd. U.S. Victory WASTE PAPER Campaign lIIS SPACE CONTRIBUTED TO THE SCUAV TAPER CAMPAIGN BY THE COURIER NEWS Amazing way to be Mentally ALERJ -.PhyskallyFIT! Kliin- VULCANIZING Tiro & Tube Repair Cntton Hdl It.R. « 8. ||»,. «] (Formerly will, r.njhr *«. IHi.) Malonc Peterson and Miss Mabel Wilson both of IJlytliovlllc: Ciuy Hewlett Horn-land mui Miss Mnry Jane Brady ijolli oi Manila, Art:. E. 13. Asliabriimier of llornem'Ulc, Mo., and -Miss Rollene . Ilcrrcll of Mount Vernoii, Mo. «0c-and ATTENTION SERVICE MEN: Plciiso bn'iifif |ii-o|)cr iiloiiUriciiUnn pnpci'H from your coiiiinitiiding officer when buying InidKOH, t-ib- bons mid medals. \Vo liuvc coinplclo .stocks. ^Foi- KI1AKI mill TROl'l- CAI, sliirts and troiiscra, .SCO IIS. HUDSON Cleaner-— Tuilor— Clotbier 'THESE two Importan't steps may J- help you to overcome the discomforts or embarrassment of sour stomach jerky nerves, loss of appetite, underweight, digestive complaints, weakness, poor complexion! ' 0 ™" ^' h f ls *P CT »"ns on onlr « to 75% healthy blood volume or « itoraach digestive capacity or only 50 to G0% normal Is severely handicapped. Sowlthnmplo stomach dlgcsHv(! , ulcc TLUS niCH. RED-BLOOD you sliollW enjoy that scnso ol well-being which ctc- notcs physical fitness . . . mental alertness! , I( you arc subject to poor digestion or suspect deficient rcrt-blood as the cause or your trouble, yet have no organic complication or focal Infection. SS3 Tonic may be just what you need as It Iscjpcclaiis'rtMlemxl (II to promote tho How of VITAL DIGESTIVE JUICES In :ne stomach and (2) to bmld-up BLOOD STHENOTH when deficient. olj " u " Build Sturdy Health xmi Help America Win rhoitsnnds and thousands of uscts have .estmccl to the benefits SSS Tonic haj brought to them and scientific research shows that it gets results—that's why sa rwny say "SSSTonic builds sturdy health, -mnkcs you feel like yourself again." At drus stores In lOand 20 02. slzcs.CS.S.S.Co. helps liuild STURDY HEAITH FOR YOUR FARM TRACTOR, TOO The U. S. Army uses Sinclair Greases in mnny of its tanks. So, you can be sure Sinclair Grcnscs will stand up and save wear in your tractor nnd other farm equipment. They'll help make your machinery last longer and they'll cost you less over a season because they last so long. For safe, low-cost lubrication, use Sinclair Greases. Vm WEAK WITH SINCLAIR Let me deliver to your farm B. J. ALLEN We Still Hove A Few Bags of PEDIGREED COTTONSEED 3918 FERTILIZER CERTIFIED ROYAL SOYBEANS NITRATE OF SODA JUS. Broadway J. L. TERRELL Phone 263? DRS. NIES & NIES OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER; OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5;00 Clinic 614 Main Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2921 Hio iniDllc Is n,vlt,!(i to nlleiul, »o Rev. Me. Stiiiilny wild. VOU CAN'T 1I11Y ninro In ni-iiiiiii Hum (tin ns.ui '"rniid]iutily I'liiirnnk Lfii.-intiii Artt'ltlij vn , col. O. c. Welshons/ quartermaster officer of the Biythevlllc Army Air Field. Colonel Welshons cald that the articles mislaid by soldleib add up lo .MJlMtfiiillnl tlsurti and that an effort Is being <nmdo to salvage the lost items. Mislaid pieces of soldier equipment aro found especially In such places as railroad stations, hotels, restaurants and places of nmusemeiil. Any M. I'., upon l" 1 !"" notified,' will see that Hie lost article Is turned In to iho Quartermaster. Lemon Juice Recipe ' Checks Rheumatic > Pain Quickly It Jim Milfrr ' Ironi rlicumnllc, «r- Jlirllln or ni'iirlll! imin, |ry Hill ilmplo 1iii'Xi>oiiilvi! linnie rtcl|ic lhal Ihoii- «iml« ant atlng. tltl n |>aclin(;B ol Ku.fis I'lliniiniiiiiJ, n Iwo'M'OCk «U|IJ||», tOllny. MX (I »l,l, „ ,,,,» r , of w.iir/Hid Ihe Jiilfo ill I Ittiion,. if, Cll! y. j/ 0 In j 0bli nl oil mui iiltanal. Von nodi O nl>- tt nlicilMiiiiilul, Iwu'lliiiM • J»y. Ollon wlililii ,m IHHIM—nouwlliiiM oicrnlrhl— M. ...1.11,1 n.,ull, „,„ n l,|,| nc ,]. ,[ , h , l«ln» ilu n,)l ijulckl). him «h.l If you ilu lint f,,i<l ljml cr roluin ll.q empty l>«rkii|!. M»l lt,,.'K« ,,'|jr«,l roJ, nulling lei Irj nH U III wM'tiy /our 'Ir.iKBlsl iiinlor mi nl)5i)l.:lo mnan-itctt «u«riin|fc. H».K« Ciiiii|><ninil l< lor »!a .mil ti'nil,iiii,.i,,],,l l, y Klrllf l)w« mid R ovoryivhcrc Have Your CAR and TRUCK MOTOR and CHASSIS STEAM Motor Only . . . $3,50 Motor and Chassis $5 loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Phone 578 PLEASE RETURN EMPTY BEVERAGE BOTTLES TO YOUR DEALER lo be jil)lu lo serve you belter, your dealer needs' empty bevM-iiKo' hollies. There iirc plcnly of boltlea II' they tire Itept moving. Won't you please return empty bolllo.s lo your dealer at once for your deposit or, belter still, for credit on full bottles of your favorite beveriiBc. Itoynl Crown Hollling Co. Dr. I'cjipcr DullliiiK Co. I'cpsl-Cala Homing Co. Mitlucst Dairy I'roitucls Co. Coca-Cola Bottling Co. MR. FARMER: — For a better stand! — —For quicker germination/— —For healthier plants'. — —For more $ per acre!— ' HAVE YOUR OWN PLANTING SEED GRADED, DE-UNTED AND TREATED AT Russell Barham's RED TOP GIN Phone 2142 For Complete Details! We hare a limited supply of Dtst year from pedigreed BlflH«TiU» 2-B, 4-B and DPL 14 cotton setd. All graded, deHnled »nd treated. In 100 "X.b»t», Will trade for your seed. ' ,

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