The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1932
Page 3
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-•••.• i'-sxasa ' ggURSDAY, SEPTEMBER '29. 1932 mm LOSES PITCH! DUEL IB LEF1K (Continued rrom Pace One) •No runs, one lilt, no errors, one left on base. Yankees—Gehrfg singled off Herman's glove. Lazcrrl was out, Herman to Grimm. Gehrig went to second. Dickey singled lo left scoring Oehrig. Chapman struck out and Dickey was thrown oul, Harlnitt to Herman. One run, two hits, no or- rors. SKth Inning Cubs—Demarec filed out lc Chapman. Grimm was out. lo Geh- rlg, unassisted. Harlnetl was oul. Crosetti to Getirlg. No runs, no hits. no errors and none lefl on bnse. Yankees—Crosetti flicil out lo D^- maree, who mafic a fine running '•• catch. Gomez struck out. Ccmbs «.- was out, Herman to Grimm. No i runs, no hits, no errors, none l:ft on hase. Seienth Inning Cubs—jurges filed out to Ruth. Worneke fanned. Herman filed tc Combs back of second. No runs, no hits, no errors, none left on base. Yankees—Bewel! wirs out, Her man to Grimm. Ruth singled tc right. Gehrig hit into a double play Herman to Jurges to Grimm. N runs, one hit, no errors, one lef on base. ElfMh Inning Cubs—English singled to right Cuyl'cr flted lo Combs ar.d English held first. Stephenson singled lo left, English going to second. Dc- maree forced Stephenson at second, Gomez to Crosetli lo Lazerri. No runs, two hits, no errors, two left on base. Yankees—Lazerri singled by third. Dick«y lilt into a double u'.ay, Herman to Jurges to Grimm. Chapman fanned on a wide curve. No runs one iilt, no errors, none left 01 base. riinlh Inning Cubs—Hartnett singled lo lef and when he tried ta strolch it Intc a double he was put out at -second Chapman to Croselti. Jurges fliec' to Crosetti, who ran back of short left, "to make the "catch. Hemsley. batting for Warneke. was struc) out. No runs, one hit, no errors, none left on base. BLYTHRVILLE, (ARK.1 COUR1KU NEWS a Uses Washington's Trowel Read courier News Want Ads. N'lco Kill) 1 ! tins lives, nlwnys lienrlns of some NEW YOllK.—•1'okor guine "Jjll-, 1 ili.ii)i;p vximli'Di^ lliai bt'tWI n tys"- have been pm lo many usr.s. • cent who nirlve;l on His inornliiB Sometimes tliey lave been used Louis Cook, former newspaper man and tnx lo pay for (he cards: or lo buy beer for tlie- crowd; or to caver the cigars and chips usrd In the course of an all-night session. liul Irom me oftlcos of Crosby Galge. UroucKvay producer, comes tl:o sliange talc of a piny which virtually was hunched lliruuuh kitty money. The piny is tll'edi "1 bovcd You I Wednesday" and is the /joiiibliir-d ! work of William Dullau »i«l Mol- 1 he nk-ardcll. lc comes into New I York witi:ln a couple of weeks. I Bui. so goes the yum. a corialn : ihealTical fieure ollcn sf.l at n |»k- I Qr table with LI number of big bus! Iness men who play for Inige sliiki'S i There were bankers ami brokers i and Industrial ligurcs. And accord- j Ing to an old poker custom, they I would "kilty oul" a certain uniounl . each game. Within n shorl lime the klily fund had reached almost $8000. The theatrical friend 'told Galgc : about It— and ' Ihc "pot" was t!ic Mn3 ,hc »„* ,ro,,, »h,ch President W^ta.ion once used lu „ imilnr ctremony, President Hoover laid Ihe cornerstone of Ihc new, | nc story, and they stick to It! 'J. S. Postofficc Department building, on which the government, Is I * * • ;oing to spend $10,500.000. That's Postmaster-General Walter Brown [ Welcome to Our City a t. ] e [( i Visitors somehow always get the ____ ___ ' _____ | breaks when It comes to overnight .Voinan Waitress Revealed to Be a Man TOKIO. t'UP)—Yosiil Sugiyama. 10 and pretly, was the reigning favorite of all waitresses at In: Shor- yu Cafe, unlil police spoiled "her" illusions. For Yoshi, brought up from infancy as a girl, is no girl at all, but a young man, police said. It all came to light when "Miss" Sugiyama came here from Atago- shlta, Shiba, and went bathing in the Hashimoto public bath — tit }I p.m. Women patrons objected and when police sought to rejnov-? him Yoshi learned of the hoax committed against him. He told police he had been trained as a street singer in Osaka and thai his parents had educated him as a girl. He slwwed police adventure in New York. The resl dozens of love letters -r.v.d photo- . of us seem to go around our 1011- graphs given him by men patron';] - — • - -of the cafe. Wise collectors are checking back on the writings of one JIIIHM Utiw- son. To date, Ihcre Is no complete llsl of these efforts. A few articles In ii Catholic iiiasiiT.lne have been run down. lii of n hnll dozen Uls of fiction In JPAGE THREE= - . i'; „. , spectacular replacement ot Jimmy"^ ills importance as ti collector's Walker, magazines have Wen item coniei from tlie f.ict tluc houndlnjj him sicking more "James ; James Uawson wus the p?n name Dttwson" stories. Young Minister Has No Trouble With Sermons 100 Tons of Bronze to Be Added to American Autos, Molues commissioner at the moment, nr- rlml the oilier evening with cnsc tilled will! nmhuscrlpts lor the New York murkel. In tlie n.vortiucnt \vcre ssvt' nml n couple or nrttetes turned wi by his wife. So Cook hopped n tnxlc.iU and starleil fov n plibllshliijj olllcc 111 tower scrllon o[ Now York, ll'j hi«l ridden but n few blocks when n iwllrcimui rim out from tlio curb and coinninndeercd Hie cnb. "Follow those fellows riinnlni;; down street," Ihc cop vrdered ai' hi' drew Ills gun nnd buj,in lo i;et tlie mugc. CJook ducked low In the c:ib nnd i^l us lie popped up his head tc »fc what II was nil nbout, the cop- \xi oiXMied five. 'Hie (wo fugitive!, nroiiiul mid blnxecl nivny nt tlie Uixi nnd (nc oIKccr. l!ii!!?ls shattered the window. Bin of Rl.iss fell nbout the visiting ues Mclnes l»!i(lclnn-wrl(er. At the cud of lialf n dozen b!o:ks the two men gave up tiiul siirienrt- cred. The cop then remembered that there was a passenger In Hie cab. "Thanks for .sHllng tight," the W[i said. "What's your nani3— wl:ere do you live?" "I'm just In from the West," .said tl'.c visitor. "Oh, well, then tills Is nil oli of brcn?.? BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (UP)— An 11-year-o.d boy, Honicr Hall. sMd| ^"^y""m'^ to be the world's youngest orda.n- ] around wiu , t hem i cd minister, has no trouble withj cam , , ans mnlcrii , lzo as ltl , His sermons. . \A\cnM now. "When I go before a religious 5 The avalanche of mctnl. slated to audience," he tells .you in a child-1 Join other automobile "accessories," ijh voice. "I fee) like preaching. I i Is in tile lorm of a million broivzj have no notes. Never write out my I medallions picturing Governor sermons. God just /Ills mj- mouth i fVankltn n. -Rcosevclt. with words." 1 Democratic county chairmen nre I canvassing their territories. to LIBERTY. Mo. (UP) — Liberty, I cure members ot the Roosevelt Mo- with less than 4,000 inhabitants, has a combined church enrollment of almost 3.000 persons. tor Club, who, upon signino up. tire awarded the medallion for llulr cars. sliill to you," commenle;! iho ns lie shook hands and away. fop Side Quit Hurting, Got Stronger, Well; CARDUI Helped Her Mrs. il. L. West, ot Hunbvlllo. Ala., writes: "1 wnn weak and .run-donTi. I had n pain Jn my slJc, ! wid I Itept losing weight. I grew nervous over coiultllon—this wis ^iiiusunl for jn<?, for I nm very chrcr- IiH whf.n I uin \\tll nnd «lori p t r-.islly K*-l norvoiiB. I knew i ouylit (n IA'KO >=un)cll]ln^. 2[y mint InM uiu I ought Iv try Curilul, vvhlcli 1 dirt. I .'K-OTII to fi-cl Wlter. ] kept 11 im until I .l:uil tnkcu three or IQiir bottles. My lite .itiLl bllillMn nml I waj soon n-Hi\tr strong ami \VfII." C:irdul la uolil at Urut; Btoros licre. THE RAID ON THE SABINE WOMEN "Naiurc in the Kaw"—at portrayed by Saul Tipper ... inspired by the stor/ of the Roman tccimors* rulh- lea capture ol the Sabinc ullage for the express pur~ pcse of carrying off itt uwmcn (290 B. C.}. . —and raw tobaccos have no place in cigarettes They are not present in Luckies ...the mildest cigarette you ever smoked W E buy the finest, the very finest tobaccos in all the world—but. that does not explain why folks everywhere regard Lucky Strike as the mildest cigarette. The fact is, we never overlook the truth that "Nature in the Raw is Seldom Mild"—so these fine tobaccos, after proper aging and mellowing, arc then given the benefit of that Lucky Strike purifying process, described by the words — "It's toasted". That's why folks in every city, town and hamlet say that Luckies are such mild cigarettes. "It's toasted" That package of mild Luckic» "If a mm wrist a ttllir Ixk, frtarb a btlttr sirmsm, ir makt a kilter meut-lraf than his neigl&nr, the it hiiUtishtua in tht u<xds, the waMwill makt a kealtnfaib ta hh door. "—RALPH WALDO EMERSON. DMS not this explain the world-wide acceptance and approval of Lucky Strike? Archer Prints a Sensationally New Dull Twist Sheer Chiffon Hose Offered for the first time in the low price field Very Shm- and t;kur —Dusk Thrown —l''awu Jirown —Tauiwrnist —Dark (iunmctal $ 1 Three New Styles in Suede Pumps and Ties vnt I'umps, H1 ;i c k Kid and [>a(vnt 85 Other Suede Styles, lilack ay Drown $£85 Good Shoes and Hosiery RED Si WHITE STORES FOOD BLEM I'riccs Gnntl for Friday and Suturday, Sept. !!0 and Oct. 1 SARDINES California Tall Can 3 for 25c SPAGHEH'1 "* .Uv-r ir FLOUR Sr ?,S,"5, $1,05 SHRIMP R - & w -£r S W MINCE MEAT 'i^ W COFFEE R Urv'iTS, 34 Q CLEANSER ™?^\ L 15 C MACARONI M^^ir Try T5ns for llemovinjr Grease Made From 1'iire Durham Semolina Red & White CANDY Grocers Mix Per Lb. lOc Tnll .Milk 5c Coffee He Reffiihir Trice - - - 'Ific Special - - - 41c PEACHES Evaporated. Choice California Per Lb. lOc HOMINY °"" c. 5 C FLOUR **'$$?»*&* BRAN FLAK1S R & ,S. 10 C SOAP POWDER , ^ 10 C CORN u - l*^r c r ( ^- IT BON AMI POWDER cJl c SOAP Yellow or White Laundry 7 Bars 25c piMu mm.' * white -ire MATriiirc I Ij/lO Splendid Value. 2 Cans tW lfl/VlLIl£i3 SYRUP Slalpy ' s POWDERED su Tu, , r 10 C TURNIP OREE 1£, , 2 to 15 C BEANS Great Northern 1C Pounds 35c BANANAS Ycllmv> fft, IV STEAK ,,W GRAPES ^™-vi0 c PORK STEAK ,,15° ORANGES . Mcn 3f NECK BONES Ib 5° TURNIP GREENS ,^W FRANKS uJO 6 Goliicn 00<: jlfllt'' lied & White TC •2 Callon 1)6 lUILll One Tall or 2 Small 3

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