The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 7, 1934
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1034 Driver for Immediate Pay- men I lo Soldiers, Inflation with "Safeguards" By Ti:n H. .MAl.OV Dulled I'ress Stair {,'orrexiiomlcnl LITTLE HOCK. Ark.. N'ov 1 (UP)—Arkansas remained solidly behind Hie Ncnv Deal today with ihe election of seven sympathetic congressmen and a governor. Gov. J. M. Futrell, returned to nfllee on n landslide vote, has retained his faith in the Hoosovcit administration, he told the Unii«[| Press, although there are snmc points of ihe New Deal which district congressman from Malvern, fnvors the New Deal but docs not necessarily endorse all legislation passed by the iidmiiilsti'iition. lie is "doubtful refinrdlng tlie advisability of iniiallon," bul is "Inclined to favor K mollified livtlu- tlon." He |s opposed, however, "to starting the printing presses." He Is for inmu-ilinte payment, of the bonus but jf this is Impossible he would suspend interest ui-milng on tilt' 50 per H'JH iiliviid)' p.ii:|. Record votes. In Hit- last congress IndiciUe Congri-ssiiiuii Tilman li. j Parks of Catmlon, seventh district. j favors Dm New Deal. Inllutlmi nnd [payment of the Ixiiius. The two United Stairs senators from Arkansas an- rounled i:i the administration columns although Senator Halite Caraway of Joiios- bom broke from the k>iuleishj]> several times in the last confiress. She turni'il tlumib.s down on Ijeei', the Agriculture Adjustment Admlnls- trallon, continuance of the civil Works Administration,' ralcii lo override the president's volo und for the veterans 1 compeiis-ilion hill. She voted in line on the other ma- JLYTOEV1LLR, (AKE,) COURFER NEWS iil l,racl«rs of Ark- isiis to Gather al l.o :anlo Tomorrow ^ l.KPANTO, Aik.—Mayor M. I', Smith of U'panto, has issue;! n limjclamiitlun 'raking all biitilmviS liuuses i» u-nanto to close lor four hours Thursday ni honor of Ciov. J. M. Piitrc-ll anil tin- HDD oilier distinguished giii'sis who. will allind a luncheon for llurvi 1 Thome, of H«r- rlsmifii, at I lie American 1 .1-3 Ion Hut, given by l.ui'ii'ii Coleinan, Iti- Ciil attorney. Mr. Thome is prominently mentioned as tlr.- next .snMk- er of the Arkansas iiouse ot iep- ' -•••-••, in.- £M ujilt.'(l, bin he believes this »| s na time to change horses." Tile six congressmen re-elected and the one new number of the Arkansas delegation nre for the Ncr .' Deal, indicate they favor some form of monetary and cash payment of the soldiers' bonus. Driver for Inflation William J.-Driver of Osccola, first district congressman, is emnhati- cally for the Ncw Dpa] a|)(| |n)me _ "late payment of Ihe bonus he saM n answering n United Press questionnaire, lunation with "safeguards and careful control" would receive his approval. Congressman John E. Miller of Scarey, second district, favors ''reasonable and controlled inlliition" ills New Deal stand is firm, and he is Tor ."immediate payment of ihe balance due on adjusted compensation certificates." Tndlcations taken from the voting record in the last congress are that Congressman Claude A Fuller of,Enreka Springs is "pro" New Deal, inflation and bonus payin-nl lie voted for (lie veterans 1 compensation hill and Ihe cold and sti- ver bills backed by Ihe ndminh- tration. Similar Indications are interpreted from the vole of Congressman Hen Cravens of- PI. Smith, fourth "'strict, in the last session. David D. Terry of Little Rock, fifth district, likes m meet i.ssuss as they arise without beim* committed previously. However.'he endorsed the New Deal and said.-he voted "fairly consistently" | n answer to th; questions regardm? inflation and soldiers' bonus. ills'" vote in the last, congress indicated he favored some form of inflation and payment, of the bonus. •John L. McCMIan, (Ire new .sixth and was used us a "wheel' horse" m Ihe ramiialgn before Ilic f;<-n?rul elveliun yesterday. Harry Bailey to Hold Forma! Opening Thursday Harry Ihifley's Hestaiinim iit tlie Bailfy Service Sliulon on ill. 1 Arkansas-Missouri |jji Ci r IVK ln jie.v ncirlh of here, will lie formally opened for business Thur.sdav evening. Smith Brothers, clghl-plsce or- cliestra and . (1 blm-s .singer from Memphis, will entertain the diners from (i until 9 o'clock and Inter they will play for a dnnce.iit the 1 Silver Moon Night club. George Wrlghi, veteran local restaurant man, is. head chef of tho new re.staiiranl which is lo feature fish of nil kinds in addition lo rcaiilav restaurant, menus. Mr. Dalley's new business was recently started with a series of -special ash .suppers un Fridtiv nights. The restaurant hns been remodeled into !i modern cafe, docoral.'d ( " fircon and Ivory, China's unused resources, despite the age of ihe country, ure K>id to be similar to of (he United States 400 years ago. Widows in Korea do not remarry, no matter how young they may be. Even though they have only been married a month, they may not lake a second husband. The largest bell in tin: world is that, known as the Great Boll rjt Moscow, which weighs 220 tons. Courier Tiews Want Ails. I Among those who have :le(inl|ply accepted Invitations lo attend the luncheon lire; I!. K. Toney. prcsoiu speaker of the house; Representatives Carlton Harris, Jefferson county; 1. i,. phikerton. Hcmpstead; LTD E. Nyberg, Phillips; II. A. Nmlhcult; .). U'. Wilkes, 1'hilllp.s; •lame.s K. CamnlHI. Ciarlaml; lle:i- drix Powell. Jefferson; Joiin G live. Pope; H. |i. McCall. .Saline; Itupert Coi-.drey. Sebastian; S;>n- alor Sam Lt-vltn-, J2ll'crso>i; l)?n- •nls w. Ilurton, St. Francis; Carn«il WnrlU-Id. chit-nt; O. B. Kl«in, Cralijheatl; A. M. LedUslter jr. journal cli-r!i; Dr. ,1. A. Christian. Veil; if. p. Smith, chief clerk; j. C. Dawsoii. Faulkner; v^. O. 'i'iu- [b.'cr, Evening Shade; O. 1'. Cter- tf!Ct. Conway; Charles E. Watson, Greene county; Charles !!. Killlan, Drew; Henry M. Rector, Puluski; 1 Lee Comhs; o. n. colvln, Perry; Karl wiscmnn, commissioner of revenue; earl Bailey, attorney Ren- ^•lal-elecl; Charley Parker, state .auditor-elect; Ed p. McDonald, ste- o-etary of stale; Enrl pnue, Irra-iiir- cr-elecl; l/je CMorl, lieutenant i>ov- eruor; Orillin Smith, comptroller; ff. O. McCall, secretary to governor; John E. Buxton. stale xiipi-r- .vi.soj-of mainteiinncc; H. W. Spencc, jsi'crctnry highway commLssion: F.\Ilis f'Misan. spnnlor-elect. Little Rock; William A. Wilson, representative Arkansas Cinzette; Doiiqlns ilolchkfes. secretary Hot Springs chamber ot commeice; Ralph Un- '.icrhitl. White rounty; Judgi; Neil Kiiloiigh, of Wynne; Basil Bater, associate snjirsms court jiui^e; w. E. Bradford. Poinsett county tfeos- urer; Congressman W. J. Driver, of Oiceola; T. c. nristaiite. secretary Drainage Distcirt 7; James A. Smith, comity court clerk; s. E. Hamilton, member state highway department; Chester Holland, Sebastian county; j. o. Childcrs, Wal- nui Ridge; Judge A. Gooch, Cross county; O. G. Richardson Magnolia: EL. McHaney Jr Pulaskl county; UtiRcne llnmplon, Lee; Ilnr- vey O. Combs, seci'clury Democratio slule eommllliv; j. l, shaver, sen- jator, of Wynne; Eli \v. Collins, of (LlUle liock. Receipts at Compresses Continue Sharp Decline Hi'i'elpts of cotton at Arkunssi.s romprpssi\s conilmn'd their .sharp di'ellm- lust week, ac'cordlni- to ihe report of i he Arkansas Colton Trade associulion. Only •1H,1;H bales weri' recelvcil ill Arknnsiis |)resses ilniins i lip week, compared lo 112,5111 the sinne week a year :igo. Ke- i'1'lpl.s jor Uns .season to date totnl . r )'J7.:iiia. compared lo (i38,l!10 to the •same dale a year uuo, / SlUpmi-nts cimtinucd light und stocks on Imnd mounled lo a new jhlijh for the .st'a.son. There are no^ h (ijfj,(jiy bule.s In compress- ji'.s. i)f ivliich S)2,un; ure In the Bly- llu'ville plants of the l-Ydcral Compress and Warehouse company. A year ago (here wi'rc fiBO.S'Jl bales i hi Arkmtsus com( ! Ki'celpl.s last week und for Ihe [season ut the ten loinlliig Arkansas j compress points anil the three MIs- .sauvi couipressos were'. l''or I Ill- Rock I McOehee [Pine iilulf .... I West Memphis Port Smith ... Hope Wiilnut Huigo Forrest Cllv .. (Helena ...'.... tCaruthcrsvilk' . jHaytl Week . 8 ;U 7 . 5.521 . 3.ft(il . 2,251 . 2.007 . 1,782 . 1,002 . 1.594 . 4,754 . am For the Season 50,025 89.2811 ao.fiSS 50,140 T3.7liB 13.095 24,;i40J 17.054 23.57B 24,719 45.U08 21,227. IIS/llO Arbnsas-lMissouri Power Coiiip;ifiy Will Furnish Anollicr Year I>OK '<«! Iliiman Burial SincitSHINNY. Pa. (UP)—Except for the words of a minister's pnijw, the pet dog of Mrs.-John Campbell was given a "hmmin" burial here. Mrs. Campbell, who was attached lo the dog—an Airedale—hired an undertaker to bury the doR tn n casket. Monday nlijhi voted the i iiMis-Mlssouri Power company -. "ni'.yrur ronlnict for jirovidliiu l '"y ll«hl and currenl. The power "mipiiny. uppfarlnti Ix-roiv t),,- •oiiiicil two weeks ago al n siwelul <'onl"!d 1 ""' " Sk< ''' f °'' " I1V( '-- V< ' IU ' 'li'r the new cimuact. whleli IX' formnlly sitjili'd ivllhlji (he 'lay or so. the p, Wl ,,. „„„. «B"'(-es to furnish 15 uddltlon- ":,,;:' rn ' t !W"- S 'n Ihe resldeiilinl wi'lious of the cfly. u w m lllsu rcplate Ihe pn-.s^nt (IB-ivutt glofcei '» me 58 whtteway || u iu>i with MO«:il[ fiiobes. making the whllewav iimeU luiKlite,'. The company's new '•i». placed in oii'otl sevi-rul wet-ks ««". will provide the city will, more 'WH ut approximately $400 less, cost l ): 'i yi'iir Hum heretofore. saloon owners of tlie town nii- IX'im'd before the council and made ''""-" npology for an Infraction of >y ordinances B ovemln B i|, c ,, |M ,. "8 Hours or saloons. Sct'eral of tnc •Mlcoiis remained O pt-ii Sunday re|;n y. In dlsobedieuw of city i,ml *'•'•<.• statutes. The proprietors ure warned against a second nf. i"!*;.^, 11 ?^"^'-*^'•"'" E<|iuilorl:,| )<HKilimiii.s •"ii-n niiiture. Africa's plumy in,,. 1,-s.s than r'fll) Good Taste / Children's Coughs Need Creomulsion Always get the best, fastest and surest treatment for your child's cough or cold. Prudent mothers more and more arc turning to Creomnlsion for nny cough or cold that stiirts. Creomulsion emulsifies creosote with six other important medicinal elements—it is truly mi elegant, i prescription. U is not n cheap remedy, but contains no narcotics and yonr own druggist is author- tort to refund your money on the i spot if your coiiuli or cold is not i relieved by Creomulsion. —Adv. 10 i Don't Fail To Read Kirhy's Ad in Tomorrow's Paper The Crop t/fm "It's toasted" liie clean center leaves are the mildest leaves—they cost more — they taste better—so of course, Luckies use only the clean center leaves—the choicest Turkish and Domestic tobaccos. Replicas of Famous Diamonds on Display !U'l>llcns of live wcirlil's (unions diamonds nn> on illsplny In Din Ifoblnson Drug sloro window on Mnln (iliTOl. plocra of ore mined In U-alOBtis, Mcxli-o. from 'wlilch llicy ivn- tnmti', und various sl/.i-.s nf Mp.vloin illninoiKls un> nlsa l>e- Ins shown by Sid Sldralwri!. own- i-r nnd rpmvspiiliillw of Ilio Mcs- k"in dlnmond coiiipiiny. In (Ills display Is n ivplkii of the (Ural MUJUI], nupixxscil to be In liasso.sslon of ihi' Itusslnn Boveui- mriil, mill the Inrni'.st dliimoiul known. Tin? true stone weighs 2711 enrnts. "Hsm-lslor," one nl Ihe Rfsl stones evor found wi-litlied 'J7I und llm-i' iiunrli'rs cnrnls. tjnl u Witck stone lu (ho rim made, lU'cc.ssiuy lu cut It down und the welijhl is jiow 'J.'li) nirul.s. This uliml ln'long.s lo u syndleiile of cii|iltnll.M.s, tngfllu-r with llu- mine owiu-rs of JnBi-rsfonlulii, where Hie slom- WHS found. A dup- llcnlo of this stoiu- cull )«> M-CII n (lie window. Pie Supper at Gosnell Tilery will be n pie SU^KII- nl cios- ni'li scluiut iioii.ii> I'-rklny evenlnn, 0 o'clock, when music will bi> a cial atlriu'tlon. The ultntr is for the hcnelll of the ramiltitc kllclicn, PAGE TORE*,':! "•' '' - ' — —_ nralnnlmnls to be domesticated. Harry Bailey A minium's ihe Fiirmiil Opening of His New RESTAURANT Al (he- Hurry Hiiiley Service Slulion On (lie Arlt-.Missouri 8I»(<> [,| lu , Thursday Evening Kvndirhijr (N)mpiele (,'nfe Menu and Sea Foods of All Kinds, The pnlilit- is cordially Invited l<> dine here nnd enjoy the music. ICvery- lliiiiH; new and modern. GEO. WRIGHT, Chei n lo i) l>. Al. liy Smith. Hrothcrs' , S-i'iei'c Memphis Orche.stra and Blues Hinder KIRBY'S Announce the installation of two Modern Luncheonettes, these Lucheonetlcs to he opened Thursday, November the Eighth ulonir with a Sdtre-lVWe Sale, all tlcpartinriKs nf the Klrby Drue (,'om- pui^' mid Klrby llrus, Drtlf (,'nni|lany, In be thrown njien 111 one \\\'f llarniiln Kvirril in run Friday, SalunMy, Similny mill Alundiiy. Our slnsrau of "l.uucli With Us— Shop With IK" shall Im v nll-aiiin>nllHK. Never In mir opi-rntlaii lit Drui; Stores Imvi; we n'.siirU'd to slicli clforts arrt lo sui-li fxpi'iirit In bringing- lo the people of Itlvlheville Ibis incri'liiuidtship i-venl. Our Mucks arc lurcc. In order In urciprrly illnplity lh<' lari;« .-issorlmenl of llnllcliiv ,Mfri'tminli\i' ivhteh \\'K have ussembkil from (he chnli'i'st 'i-li'dlous nf (;|I|C:IKH. si. Louis and Mempliis- i.imiili'.-nium'i, we llnl II ncccss-.irv to illS|M>.si! ijf u Kn'al- {]uallllty of iiifrfliamllsr, imu- hi dlir |iossfsvlrtii. (.'omiih-tc dflalls In timiurrnw'N jiaper. Otir Uiiiclicow'.Ues, npcn«d unilur the. inniitincninut of Mr. Wirulmcli, • n l^iiDclinojintlc Kxporl, will .sui'vc you wild the C)ioice.sL of Fno<l:4 nl licn.sontihli; Prices mid iindei: eniiditlnns Wholly Sanitnry mid Im- niiicij);ii(.'ly Olt-.-in. . Below is given tli« Monti for Ihe rhangwl follnwiny thu opunini? dny Hiilimittfld in the future. and dny. Tin's Menu will bo Mninis will tie ..MENU Kirbn's Blue Plate Lunch No. I Hremlcil Veal iMashcd i'olntoes , Burly .him-. Sliced Broils (inby Limn Roans 1'arkov Hoiisc Rolls - - Corn Slicks Coffer; or Blillf It-n Ci'onm 35 Ceil la No. 2 Hoiifit Loin of Pork Cnntlied Yams Apple Ssiueu (.'filftry Hearts - - Coniljination Saltul 1'ai'ker llmiso Uolls Coit'ee or iMilk Ire Cremu 35 Cents Vegetable Plate Lunch Kaby l,ima Bonus Karly Jnnn IVtis Apple Ssuic-e Sliced 'I'miiatocti rarkor ([( Kolls - -.Corn SUoks l.'olVoi! or Milk Ice Cream 25 Cents Other Specialties Our Kiimous 01<t Southern Style // ot Chicken Pot Pic. 20c Large Baked Hot Virginia Ham Sandwich With Gravy.... 15c Hoi Roast Beef Sandwich with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy ____ 20c EXTRA FOUNTAIN SPECIALS FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY .Ininlm Hananii Split, with Crushed Krnils, Whipped Croam and Nttls l.'i Cents— 2' for 25c \'.'e. are Famous fnr onr nonliU- Rich Malted Milks - Served with Wafers --- ir.c Out- Milk Shake* arc DOURl.K RICH - Served with Wafers - - - It),- Something New— A Homemade Sumhic-Sei-vcd in a glass-Some.! .liinjr Delicious— Plenty of lee Croam, Chicolate Syrup and Nuts - - - HK- li-e Cream Sodas— All of our 1CK CRKAM SODAS are made real I'Vuils and Whipped Cream. For Thursday, Friday and Saturday— Chocolate, Pineapple and Riitterscolch - - - lOe \ A Very .Special Delicacy— It makes a dainty lunch— Bostonian Spiced take by \\irebach-Topped with a rich pouring of heavy Butterscotch, Ice. Cream nnd Jlarischino Cherry --- lOc

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