The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 30, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 30, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NGRTHEA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL, XXVIII—XO. 10 Blythevllle Courier, BljthcvllTe Dally News, Blythevllie Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. HI;YTimVlLI.K, ARKANSAS, 'MONDAY, MAUCH 30, 11)31 «« There's a Hot Time in the Big Town When Hollywood Folk Visit H road way SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS" G-K&7AGARBO USES A FICTITIOUS V.'HEN TRMEUU& K WIFE FOR volp Week P,-p r p,]i n( , I JuU vole \veeK 1 1 cceaing . 1JOllc? courl Easter to Coonerative , Jab $ 15 for c '" ( '= Finds Booze So Bad [t Musi Have • Been for Sale The whisky found under a doorstep at the home of Jab Taylor, ne- | gro bootblack, must have been "tor [sale because It wasn't lit. to drink," j Judge W. L). Gravette declared In Little Damage in State From Recent Cold Wave LITTLE ROCK, March SO (U!>) — 1 The cold wave, wlilcli sweiit down ! uix)n Arkansas. over the wevk-eml Heft few evil ellccts on the vree- taliie and fruit crops accordlns to D{ili'iiUurnl ofliclals here today. I>!5plto low tem^perHluies fruit growers in nurlhwesl Atkunws de- rrt Ltlort. vigorous campaign for pie- i intoxicating liquor. The fine. J25 r week was launched licrc more tliau usual for the ofTciise, morning in fining (legal possession. sampled tile liquor when the odor failed to give positive Identification of thc fluid as A Eastei ..^ - . Sunday with the beginning of a co- | was heavy because of the obvious operative evangelistic mcetins-i "lying" of the defendant, the coiirl among three churches. The FhstlsaUl- The negro appealed. Baptist, the First Methodist and ! D - N - Norwood, negro, was fined Ihc Pirsi Presbyterian churches will | * 10 for. petit larceny.' A $10 deposit have morning services at 10 o'clock I by W. L. Boyd, negro, on a similar and evening services at 1:45 o'clock i charge was ordered forfeited when ! throughout the week. j»e '""cd to appear. Lige Wilson ! This revival Is endorsed by Ihc was fined S10 for- petit larceny. .A Ministers' Alliance and the first | charge of petit larceny against Au- plan was for six churches to co- j brc >" Hoo <i was docketed and the operate, but illness of pastors of: casc ordered continued until TUGS* the olher churches made It tmpos- : dw- ; slble ; Two were fined on charges ol In addition to the cottage pray- P" bllc drunkenness. clared U apples. and (.lllLLU mill ll)l]JJL'^, HILItHS IUH1 »1 T . »-,. i .-, slim-berries would be little injured. New Ilinst rnuls LoilUCSt- : A 'i' A ' A\Vaitlll« Ac- Trirr! 1 1 U.C1 . A lilyh wind prevented s:r!ous frost, (hey said. Growers In central and souiliern portions of the stale n le- Screen Notables Spend Fortunes In New York BV GENE C01EN- NBA Service Writer NEW YORK. — Hollywood's an- jiuarcroi) of celebrated vacationers has heeded home again. The few weeks allotted the film stars for play and relaxation In New York has been another hectic round of. shopping, thcater-goln". • .dancing, -dining nnd party-tossing. ^Y s us'.ml, th?y return to the routine of the cinema lots with ?. high I Icr services lield last week in line jwlth "the revival there will also be daily broadcasts over KLCN. Al noon today the Rev. Alfred S. Harj ivcll. pastor of the First Baptist church, gave the devotional. The i I'.f v. Marsh M. Callawoy of the i First Presbyterian church, will speak tomorrow and on Wednesday the Ilev..P. Q. Rorle. of the First Methodist church, will broadcast.' Will Preach on "Ideal Church" In the First Presbyterian church the pastor will use for the • them:? in his night sermons the activities of Jesus in the Passion week. His Tlic court, docket was one of tli. heaviest in many weeks. towns en route. A daughter of Oklahoma, she routes via the old slate and drops off at. New Orleans, where she has relatives ' Estrlle Taylor always vis'U her Doming sermons will be on the 72 year-old 'flapper grandmother. < Ellb J ect . " 1[lE!l1 Church. 1 Upon her last visit she took grandma home with her and the old lady complained that things'were too tame out In Beverly Hills. ,He!.;n Twelvetrees ' Is ' another New Yorker who is • seen PBTTEETHIB 'S score for covering an amazing am- I about with old cronies, Clara Bow ihtroductlon ai ount of territory. Many of of them j Brooklyn, her home town I Sect Is "No Oil, win nave-put-m n 16-hour day. at^ a nd f iisua'tly" denies fier'self ID'the! standing t'houi Ir-^mt—hilt rlinv vet h-)rl n cwall tlmn _ . t n. . . . i Osceola Association Fix?s Procedure for Action On Unetbic?! Practices; OSCEOLA. Ark.—Rules of proce- Sunriay morning he preached on d ure designed, according to local "Three Times in a Nation's His-1 attorneys, to "put teeth" In a code tory" and "Lessons From a Dead | o{ elhics pre vi 0 ,jsiy adopted by ttie Tree" was last niglit's subject. I osceola Bar association/ were adopt- Paul's letter, to the Epheslans | ed Saturday by members of the aj- was taken up this morninf for an soctn tlon at a meeting presided. Ic-ast—but they've had a swell time.' [.rtropolltan r.'oorters Prccincers for years have encour- tnb; morning lor an soc tatlon at a meeting presided nd tonUht the j'.ib- over by c. E. Sullenger, newly.clecE- "No.Oil, No Light." The out- cd president. .... ...'£ ng thought in last nisht'ss The-rules'iverc formulated-by r""a that a perabn. who; committee composed of J. T, Cos- message was irsakc Their-Evil Way.,'and Ssci !\csVisaUn'k" : Mmmitlee r 'rjf lhr«. well—tr.c pretty maidens of the the cold was Insiilliclcnt to dainnse •Jiachi'i and vegetable ^ FLE CIVIL SUIT . C i' mn . """ ' Faced with ihn heaviest docket of; any court within his Jurisdiction, ! Judge Nclll Klllough of Wynne j mounted the bench this mnniin? ', to preside over his first term of • criminal couvt here. 1 Judge Klllotinh. who succeeds W. W. Dandy of Pnrtigoulcl. limiuxllalely mion iirrlvlnt; al IM" court room began an Insuicllou of the congested docket which awaited him. He found more than 100 itf>- i . p. , . ; ed him. He found more than 100 Wirlnw nnd Daughter Ask : cases appealed from lower courts. 4Tr. [)f\f\ n _ t which have not been disposed nt. 3^.>,UUU Damages ioi'., [m 0 ,i the docket m addition to Dcalh of M. L. Crawford.' tcl ° n >' C | l5es ' , • Tlie charge of lie Wins Riches the court, to the Claylon C. Woods, nbove. has bcsn nred from his job In n DutfiUo nut? lit WISH FtlBf! "God For«ivc Me" • Mer--' : chant- Prays Following'.':'' Tragic Ar.cicisnf. '."...:•';i| MEMPHIS, March ?.0. (UP)—Tha ! ca[(crncss <jf J. L. Pratt; -IS, .stora •! owner of WC'E! Memphis,' Ark., to ' protect his property fifi.iinst huvj- •'• lars today bad led to.(he dojt'n of • his wife. - - .. . , '... •(.-v-: 1 . Pratl, a light, sleeper, was av.-aX- .! encd cr.rly lodrw by scaisoi)-? com-;', : Inn Inln'lhe sleeping'cjinrtw.}-W ", the roar of iVie store, II", ~4lrai,.;; hlinself on ouo clbor,- fciidl'VSv';V. : 1 Imcv tin"; at tils'Intruder bctoro'' : he rcnllrel I'e hr>. v l shot Ills wife EdlC'i. Sh; died before Pn nml—'. nnlvcd. A son, Cla.udo W. 1 . factory—but he doesn't care no'-;: PrV.l. 21. Is i\ dental"student Wllli Ills wife and three relative:. OSGEOi A A k F 1 i • w r members of the grand Jury was -:ll- wrlilit. Osceola hardware merchant. i^Lro^^ran^had 0 been' 1 con?- n " (1 '" lllc °™ Kl Nntlon!l1 Steeple- \ i::;plnlnln'; tils s!:or,i'.iv, "We haw Woods lield a S2.50 ticket on Circr;- nlach. the liorse Hint finished sw- University, St. Ixmli.; She had apparently -rxvr.-v.binnri. rsci-.o into th? st'.rc." P:itt fiftid" at liberty under S^.^O bond ,«ud-| ^^'Kn, £, I X™^^<T^.\^» M ™ n " d ^"^ th ' lias been namexl. defendant in a suit for $25.000 .damages filed the widow tand daughter of man Cartwrlght killed. iicJ his ,nd ordered thc Jury to rcUrc and be?ln Its deliberations. -1 He cautioned Ihc Jury against the ^ \ return of numerous . indictments growing out of one cause of action. of the Jonesboro firm of Lamb Jt Adams, for Mrs. Eulalla . French Crawford and Miss Laverne Craw- Cj Eight was named foreman of the (grand Jury by Ihc court. j -Eigr|, members of the original I petit Jury panel and four members W^^^r*'^*^^^ here two weeks ago. and continuance of Ills trial until the fall term of court. , The. damage suit filed as a'result were filled by jurors selected by the sheriff. Members of the petit jury panels and attorneys -xere addressed by Judge Klllough \h his tnstruc- chase In England, nml now llie.y h-ul prowlers nrountl lately. She tif'J ' are due lo collect about S3CO.OD"j rL<irnlii;'<iiicl just nbi;it to s=vlt<;;i en (he lljht when I fired. Old lor'- Ulve me for beiiv; re,' e.ulck." . ; thercoii. His winnings created much excitement mound the place thai his boss tired him. Pjieumonia. Following In- iury in Fall, Fatal to Old Resident of City. FunernV services are being hold this afternoon at tlje First Baptist church for Mrs. 1 Mii^y. J. fiecny, 17, mftibjr o('a will Vr.i'jn.loVal, tun=. ' ., . no 'oii^ respoiisible fpr tills condl- llyind for many years'. h resident ' Th; smart shops of Fifth Ave-. ts Sf , ekin? to bring the nue and Fiftysevcnth street esti- W ccders into contact with the met- lli4t the president''of the associa- mate a quarter of a million as ij roqomsll e venU of the- moment,: u^'r- ^/^.M^J rth members, to hear : evidence and nrodcst figure for the sartorial bli. lllos |)rovidillg a complclc chang< ; ' a "L ?„ - ^"'^ °. f . ^ ?Pf«- onerate; censure, ' expel : from • , • -..-.._... ..^ ,. <,^,.. l(]au un . ijit^iuciu -ui lire associa- Know I Am a Christian? ; Howl tlon-shall call 1 "a "meeting o? the .May Others Know I Am a Chris-1 members-to hear Evidence and w- Tile figures. I'.cwever, vary. Several Ep:nd around S5000 [o $10.000 on a of ™±i "^'^ ChangC ^ser^O.S.^^^ of sconery and mode cf life. ' While many of them are seen . . Bapttst church. This mornin? he i association, or take sWps'for- sus- few new fur coats alone. A ward-! D ho'ut"t'he"cit'yVnig'ht"iife',"both by'^' "" " U .V ofTer f! dn<i Unanswer-. rcr, ? costlns around $10,000 is not. v> - ly of pub n cil j. gestures and for !?.Z" ye ."^"l. I s . ""':. ln ! 1 ™ ln ' 5 divr : rsiou. Hi'.rlem has been a Did'- Not Ask preedom for Bethel, and. Wallace Sa'y Sfie'f'iff'and Prosecutor. . .lion. However, he said, attorneys befo'nj'thc'-Bar should consider it their dijky'to assist in clearing.iio ; the' docket' as much as iiosslblf 1 . |-'''The, c6Urt,"'.Judge .klllou'gh'said, I j ".would be incilticd to look with fa- yor upon settlements reached between', counsel" In clearing the' docket of appeal . . , jfembers. of the peilt Jury wero iiraed.' by" iiidge ' Killough not, to folio?' the -line, of IcasVreslsJance ,.. _. ... which followM a tendency, toward (the First Baptist cliurch, (ho Rev. acquittal of de'fendanls but. to'give - - - - - ..._.. Denials, that six-months furloughs of this community',' Ttho died at tin home of her son, Pleas Secoy, 605 South Lake street, .At. 0:30 h. m. Sunday. Mrs. Secoy's death was attributed directly to pneumonia. However, she Hoover- Will Net '. •n Farm Br>3V(Vs Affairs': WASHINGTON. M?rrh 33. (UP) ; —President ilMver.wlll 1st. (hofant)' . .board work cut its <v.-;n. p'roblpxs<'-.' nrlsini fivm !^c wl'.Mt: nnd dihsr : difficult cltinllnpii. It was-!?anic-: tcday nt (he While Hcii^?. .- i M ; Mr; Hoover forls too liMrd is en'--. : tlrely ablo to define.and rMjnri i'.r.' own policies, it v.'ar, tp.H. Thrsiai ment was mads unofifclnll" \h '. soonse to inquiries on to v.-fet'M-f/V Hoover would do in i . . , ic^ .-.i,{- rs - the newly nnnounc.rl jj rafroln : f ov of ;.ihd • -'J year's ins the executive i^r. In? concenilni; ,tlie bcj.r.i's noV.rle-, rejardlnrt wteat or'iuiv b!h?r cf:n- modlty. The briArl v.-ar/ p'yeri' complete responsibility bv conifis-i.' !f was pointed out. It has . , ., , had .never fully recovered from „.! '"Impendent status vs t',13 .-.h Jail several, weeks aijo and had b=en grief-stricken -since, .the recent tartl ° r lno , death of her. daughter, Mrs. A. G. . .. The Rev.. A. S./Harwell, pastor of to B mel nd a " d wn«c who , wereservinir 18 cldc Ca S t«,« ;ln fair consideration' .of .the evidence effort to de- it C5rnr.'.ac5 News«.'. .m P. Q. :Rorle. pastor-of the First' Methodist cliurch, nnd the R?v. j E. Z. Newsom. jr.. r:«U knvvn • - March M. Callaway, pnstor of the:lot and f rcnl ,^ n t visitor"tr. thh c!!v ises.' A '.'hung Jury" resulting j Presbyterian church, are officiating escaped uninjured when 'tte "Llitl" by pmmendatlpns n the slale orl«on ; ln m -^ Ma} .' 5 one . o( . th « worst al the services, Interment will bi Rocket.'; gracsfu! rachif pl»n~ irees were cranted'*-" 1 ' 11 ' 5 t ' 1R ' could happen to block | made at Maple Grove cemetery. Fu- which he was pilo'Hns." c:.ick".1 "nr> rnell on their rec i court oroceedure, Judge Killough neral plans are in charge of Ihcjln n forced 'lahdini'tieir Frirrc-t City. Ark., Saturday" =ft:rnc;n. who wr.n ra:lnj JifMri Intcrrmtional air .Aow in Constance Bennett' for years has had the tepiitation of being one . service, attended by W members. vorite spot. Lilyan Aaslvman. who! has manv s&cletv fronds in of the b:st customers of the ss-; y ork V i 5 it e d practically all of the ] riupive places. O'i one o:casion she wns rep\rted lo have laid in some-Hon lit' SIOO.OM worth of 'rills ^nicd as n ratl-.rr unreasonable Mnrbn navk also has a high' record. neero cafes upon her last trip. The Harlem trips arc neither a ".h r n Kins Vidor made "Hallelujah lie tcok a number cf taient- cd negroes to Hollywood and they .? acquainted with members s'-mpme record. • nf thc co i onv . vidcr. who is moroil inU Rr,r-l- • Ina Claire, herself a New York- !hnri a passing social influence in i U C ^ CK or is another of th- "l:-t ?lrpsswl" (]„. film center. let the boys and i Formed to SppJc Rpfpr u-^mon nf fho ni, llc r-_T/,ri., Cn-nn-....,_ _ .. ., _ . , .... . i ui Ulv.u u; OCCK IVclCT- Ckibb Undertaking for olcmency..vrere j The following senrc - as pallbenr- made today by S. L, Gladlsh, prose- fcndant. called to trial before the ers: Tom Little. Hamilton Little, culms attorney, and -Sheriff W. W. ; i court. Dodd, alter the 'trial opened Tom Secoy, Clay pension or disbarment of the ac- suddenly changed his plea of no: East and Joe Terror. ] Rcc'-tet" was piloting the Dispatchrs from Little Rock yes- t cuse datldmey, as the circumstanc- Expert Called to Stand lorney. sheriff and rcspo: j 7ens had recommended that clcm- jency b« ci-antfd! Reed, deputy prosecutor. and;Claurt ! s on, Pleas, jr. She is alio survive! ; In a £ofc fi"!rt. Tho plan? (>:xr.c-1 cooper, defense' altornev, wern j bv three other sons. Bvers Se:ov 'Over but ffewsom mansard'to clcsed lust; befcrc. rioon: Ttie jury ! wcmen of the films. Oltiria Swan-1 drls out there know that''one of I Ecn. although absent- fhws far (his • 1^ Harlem friends was a certain! season, :s another of thc "avenue's" "Hot shot." whose caf,? bears his 1 br;t ciri!"!"<M-5. A:ul there are i rame . A nd a large fraction of the' many others. Kcc All the Shmvs There is .in unwritten law that epdum on > OCCK Iteler-lnrrd the shot that killed Alfred, ^ alter a sec id aDD-il failed , DclnR 1>D " enle<1 from the court c .VV • v » "Reno" Law i j ' Lln * le5 ' c!llcas ° Trlbune ' re ' : ^• "^ «™S^Slis tan!^^"^™,^"^- H • Suit Against Yankees iveiiu Ldw. | pol .i cr . !summer for CO o-90 davs : prossed a charge of ( c-n.-^.nT i*ii«>i«>s^ «___»«_ C-.I.-.K> ;" ' • . rCCPlVlIK? Stnl^n nr*fttvirl(« innlnrl T~» I -nt-n* r-»*nrr.i^ >i *. -• . the vacationers must attend all the new piays. This is particularly true of directors, who keep an eye on every production with n view toward fulnre piclurc making. Some sre the same show half a dozen tinv;s All of Ihp Hollvwooders av- ri^e from 14 lo 20 different shows. On thr- oilier hand, there are many movie folk, actnrs and directors, who spend a sreat deal of their tim» studying the city in all its aspects. Ramon Navarro. for Instance, pees to thc quieter hotels and reg- ij.tcrs under his true name, which i j^"^ , Several hundred persons fought: i .. ...... . -- --, LITTLE ROCK, March 30. (UP) lo get in the courtr oom wherein ,V t T t ; vacationers visit the place sooner -Arkansas' "Reno" law was looked ! Brothers" was being trfcd as Calvin' Petition for Transfer or Ialcr ' - i "P™ unfavorably here yesterday by j Goddard. ballislics expert of North-! 5ome snun Straight I ministers and laymen gathered to western university, went on the The suoper clubs' and night j form, the "Home Protective Asso- i stand. scats, whether ultra-swank or i elation of Arkansas" for the pur- Tsrcll V Krum defense attor- merr-ly popular, arc Invariably tak-' pose of circulating a petition to i ncy. anno'jne:d that Brothers will M i m Fail frcvii Pony receiving stolen property'aga'hisf D. i BIRMMGHAM^la M<uch V> ' OSCF:OLA ' Ari.-Car.:!\ii G'.vsH- i" In !^' h i?»«»«" ^ins!,u™^t^tt«h™"Tst- ^^:r } ',^*^^-£.^ slnr-e 1928. this aftemnan. 235 mis to te served on Ih? hiri- and Mrs. Jam.-; G. Gn->;t:itv rn in. And. of course, the Holly-j refer the divorce act to the people testify in his own defense after i P an y'"is "ied.n petition, with thai for a change of venue! Thc two'i Tlic suit wns filed here cirlv (3- tt-ffvlnrc nt-a rt.l Ararr n^r n ^7 n „.*.) n* H.^ «^«* « n . n 1 -l_At! I . . . ... ... . <lrlr n nr nn Dnll.—„ J o :__! -. ilTnlf \r .... ... 1 * ' "* (u'.'l ULIL *..Ul> IJ wcoders are on dress parade and .at the next general election the state nre spot-liehted by the masters of' The law was adopted by the 48th I n uly will ceremony Harold Lloyd invariably, general assembly and apnroved byi pleads with th? entertainment i Governor Parnell. It will become P . ,, . „ chief to leave him r-.lone nnd pre-iefTective June 12. runera! a^FVlCC Held fcrs not !o be pointed out. So does; "Sucli a law is degrading to the Charlie Chaplin , slate as it mates Arkansas a have-i As all the paragraphers will In-1 for divorce hunters who dsslrc to ... ..... ui... u^. v..^^ II. r»l! J f* -I . '«Tt»*» •-.--.»...,. illl.-alIJ,«UJ (LJf.'xi IJLl L ^.11 IV I J- Jte resb Its case, which prob-! Arkansas Railroad Commission ass- ; Half Moon men. alleged to have; day by E N "Pop" Shaw Palrfl-!'i rill be tcmorrow. i lr "? lhat a Passenger bus franchise.! robbed two Tennessee trucksters In I alderman arid scout for 'the Ya^acquired recently by that company: February. 1930, under the protec-: kees. who) alleses he k du- t>il- from the Atlantic and Pacific bus i tlon of officers' badges, have al- ; SU m for servic^ p-rfo-mrd in t!r be transferred lo-the-Smith .ready fcesn granted two contlnu- : signing or Ben Chanrnan "r.^- Ellis: M T^ r Ooach com P an y of Memphh. | ances In The legal sparring over the tional young ball pi aver'who wen I i>fiT^,J r n"?«: e .™l"L r £ d ..^.}, ! i C! ™- ( , J if? 6 . , sec ?" (J .. continuance direct from the PMlllbs hi«rh ?c!m! for Mrs. Pacific company authorlz- YsiTif Cc'or'vDpn K^lo--He?3 to J--h] Tuesday D^WITT. Art:.. M?rch 30 (U?) —Mrs. H,-l.;:i Sr,-:T' '".iton. !7. K t j" 0 ? , contlnuAnco . direct from the PMlllos hi«rh FC!IT>! who Miraa- on Arkansas courtrocm oy judge W. w. Bandy, \vas to the big league club. Chapman Into terror last Janurry "-f»n ch-> urday afternoon for Mrs. Ethel El-iHarahan bridge over Highway il.lReed. depu'tyTosecu^' "' ™ U <™ ""' l ° lrrlv ' e hcr ° ^ "* "" : - Ond ^^ WCISld " rt ^ lis. wife of J..R. Eilis. who died »t; through Bis'thcvillc, to the Missouri! the family home four miles south of i state line. I Former Zie?field Follies form you sooner or later, you can i evade their own state laws," mln-J Last rites were conducted Sat-|es the holder to operate from the j over the never tell for sure what particular'isters said. ' " .--_..._ personalily you're likely to encoun-j If a petition of the new organl- club tcdayl j The case was set for hearing! I April 15th. Greta Garbo was at n loading hotel frr (wo weeks on her last visit before anyone kn?w she was Ir. town. She register fic'itlo;is name. Richard rcatiy to step into th.? limelight. Slops Off al Home Kay Francis Is one of tile fev: lo spend a few days in thc old home Girl Drivfis Over Cliff ! Joliet Prisoners Howl Wcrb. 22, as he was b£in^ tv!cd for mi:rd?rln; h:r f2t;:s:. prctibly will f.o on tr!p.! tcmcrrcr-:. Miss Saltie M. Crowe . MCE. France, M»r. 30 (UP)—! !The death of Mrs. Mary Townsend.l Protest at Parole Board Goes to Jackson County *£•£ JS^-jr.^!« ?W' - JOLIET, 111., March 30 (UP) — WEATHER ARKANSAS—Rain. f»=hUy colder In r.crth-.vjst, 'rrerir.-: 'in ,17- BABE GIVEN AS PRESENT . , i Miss Sallie M. Crowe, for two and crt, four daughters, Mrs. Clara Mae | a nslf years ,„ ^^ of the nurs . WALLA WALLA, Wash. (UP)— Daniels. Pearldine, Geraldme and; Mbislsslppl i . — — ...... _ — - Chlef of Police J. M. Kirkiey. who ed she^ and cattle of considerable gave the squaw a bed at the city : . forage. The animals will be sold to Jail at her own request, succeed- . a packing house In La Grande for ed In locating the child. canning. . the power and amount of tvater In Miss Ruth Taylor. Little Rock, is an automobile battery a device has | being sent by the state health de- been invented that can be attached to a steering column or dashboard. partment to fill the pMttlon. She will arrive Tuesday, . . nu^ntiwnii oa l'C'!B> UaVliS Wnvn i r Ml has been | S hc appeared In the ziedflcM fol- f 'he cause of the recent ilots, Acccr( i mE to .;.,, c ,f: cM ...,„, Jacksm county Mies of 1923. was found crushed!'"'«'« »«d Statev-ille prisons; obj£ivcr - Varies Ph'ri-,- 3 tip headquarters at and broken in the deep ravine. A n > et to consider-parole »PP»c»-j minmurn Ump^lvr" Ve-ri t ,^ note was clutched in her lifeless, tlons -. i day was « decrees ail-' t 1 "' ir'r<- hand. It said, "I don't want to go| The uproar broke loose as (our.inn<m. 5(5 fcrvr,, c~a\:;\\: On't:i- back on the stage. I am tired of members of the board opened their]same day a'ycar a^o trViv.livrn'"-'" living and prefer to die. Look after, two day session. Guards managed'temperature'v/as Sf^lcsrcJs "end finally to silence the prisoners, the maximum, G4 di§«es, clear.

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