The Miami News from Miami, Florida on December 14, 1961 · 27
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The Miami News from Miami, Florida · 27

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1961
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r' WTHS Q (Community) 1(11 NE 2nd Ave. WTVJ Q (CBS) 111 North MJanU Ave. WCKT Q (NBC) 1401 Nt Bay Causewsy WLBW Q (ABC) 113J NW 11th Ave. m wits fr mi IR 1-4721 SB IHK MIVM1 .NEWS. 1hur.!sy, rc. 14. 11 7B RADIO "1 This Aflornoou 4 O A VYiwr World HoMcm, Barbara Millard; , special guest, Connie Gee, o! The Miami News; panelists, Flo Burnett, Gloria Calhoun and Maggie Mac-Donald. O rrtrr Cunn With Craig Stevens and Lola AlbriRht. Q Movie (To 5:30) "Love Craiy" (1940) - Wit-liam Powell, Myrna Icy, Gall Tatrick, Jack Carson. Myrna finds innocent Bill In a "friendly lituation" with Gale; the sues for di-( vorce and Bill fights to keep her, in this zany com-, edy. I 4:30 O Gateway To Reading O KHfie Of Night 5 Q What's New? "Mr. Fixit" shows how to , paint various ohjacts without painting yourself as well. O Pnpeye Playhouse (To 5:45) Banjo Billy 5:30 O Time For School With Cecilia Hack. Movie (To 7:05) "Little Caesar" (1930) -Kdward G. Robinson, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. One of the all-time great gangster movies. By modern standards, it's ordinary in many respects; but Robinson's portrayal of a merciless killer is a masterpiece which has withstood 31 years of . mimicry.,Vi SMS Q Improve Your Speech Q Wyatt Karp This Evening 6 Q Touch And Type 4: IS O Sport And Weather 6 1 30 Q Living Hebrew s Q News Renick Q News, Weather With Wayne Fariss and Bill Ross. IMS O News Doug. Edwards Q Huntley-Rrinkley 7 Q English For New Americans O Ripeord McKecver and Buckley try to save a "top secret" gadget and insure its inventor's safety in "Ransom Drop." With. Larry Tennell and Ken Curtis. Q Huckleberry Hound 7:05 Qj) News-Weather-Sports by Tommy Devine. 7:30 Q Eastern Wisdom And ? Modern Life - Alan Watts examines the Buddhist idea of the value of death as a great rcno- , vater. 0 Leonard Bernstein (To 1:30) 1 special "A Joyful ; Noise." A rhapsodic hour of Christmas music with Mr. r Bernstein in a joyful yet reverent mood, bringing you "exhilarating" music written in "praise of God." Moderns like Poulenc, Foss and Britten are represented with hymns that are literally songs of joy. Handel's f ' t W- is CYNTHIA P E P P K II plays Margie at 0:30 p.m., Channel 10. i .- music, too, is offered as written in "praise" instead of "praycd,"and the greatest composer of religious music of all time, Johann Sebastian Bach, whose npir-it soars beyond them all, is represented by a section of the "Magnificat." Tune in. QThe Outlaws (To 1:30) "The Outlaw Marshals" Hounded murder suspect's unusual plea for help prompts Will to side with him against pursuing lawmen. CD The Nelson Family Ricky takes over the milk route for a friend for a few days in "Ricky, The Milkman." 3 O Taint Tarty Connie Gordon demonstrates, step by step, an advisable method for painting tropical birds. Donna Reed A change in plans for her daughter Mary, causes "amusing complications" for Donna. 1:30 Q Student Tress Conference Bill Baggs, editor of The Miami News, answers ques- tions of three U-M students about the operation of the daily newspaper. Q F.Y.I. i special I "The Senate Looks At Miami's Cubans" Highlights of a Senate investigation in which Ralph Renick and Manolo Reyes participated. Q Dr. Kildare (To f:30) Grief-crazed father threatens murder if a court-approved operation Is performed on his stricken son. With Dick , Chamberlain, Raymond Mas spy and Richard Kiley. The Real McCoys "The Trailer Camp." Luke, left in charge of the farm, decides to show Cramps he can make out on his own. He rents space to a trailer for 2a bricks a week and walks into a lot of trouble. 9 Q U-M Roumltable To Be Announced. All movies are rated by TV Key. Toor Fair Good Excellent. O The Inventlgnturs (To 10) With James Franciscus and James Thilbrook. A series of arson cases brings Maggie and Andrews to a New England town in "The Mind's Own Fire." My Three Sons "Bub Goes to School." It's Bill Frawley'i show tonight and he's always delightful. He signs up for a night school course In history because he notices that the boys never ask him to help them with their homework. Once in school, he falls or an "over 21" schoolmate and behaves like an aging adolescent. 9:30 Q Family Doctor j Dr. Martin Cherasky explains the meaning and methods of immunization against many diseases. Q Hazel Hazel tries to overhaul her personality, with results that aren't completely expected. With Shirley Booth and Don DeFore. Margie Rejected by the. Army, a friend of Margie's pretends he has enlisted and is given a going-away party. Cynthia Tepper. 10 0 U.N. Review Q CBS Reports (To 11) "Can We Disarm?" There's a tremendous asset in this brilliantly documented show on disarmament. It poses, head on, all the questions, criticisms, fears and hopes the viewer might be plagued by on the subject. The really fascinating portion of the show highlights questions like: can inspection really be foolproof; can cheating be eliminated; can we ever believe in Soviet sincerity; can we have disarmament without considering China. A formidable list of experts make a brave attempt at answering these imponderables, including disarmament architect John J. Mc-Cloy, James J. Wadsworth, Dr. Jerome B. Weisner, the new disarmament agency chief William C. Foster, American scientists and Russian scientists, too, as well as President Kennedy. Q Sing Along With, Mitch (to 11) I color! Gloria Lambert joins the singers. The Untouchables (To 11) Ness is in the middle of a three-way bid for power as underworld elements battle for control of the city. With Robert Stack. 10:15 Q British Calendar 10:30 Q Montage Dan Duckworth and JoAnne Pflug give U-M news and sports. The Mike Zager Trio plays jazz. 1 1 Q News, Weather, Sports Q News, Sports, Weather News, Weather, Sports 11:20 Florida Outdoors "Metropolitan Fishing Tour nament Story," with commentator Jim Martinhoff. 11:21 Q Movie (Te 1) "Old Acquaintance" (19431 - Betle Davis, Miriam Hopkins, Gig Young. Occasionally moving story of a woman who Is "taken" by a girlhood friend. A bit talky and hard to believe, but still good entertainment. 11:30 Q Jark Taar (Te 1) 1c616H Jack has a new-comer on his show who's hardly a newcomer to his audience. Jayne Mansfield is the special guest of the evening, joining old-timer and man-about-town Alex King on the ad-libbing panel. 11:50 Am The Law Beautiful secretary in a model agency overhears too much and her safety Is threatened. With George Raft (who, it hardly need be added, does not play the "beautiful secretary"). 12:20 News-Weather 1 O News En Espanol Friday WMBM To Go 24 Hours ny KRISTINK IH'NN TrlMMK MMur ! ItM Mliml S, WMBM, Miami'i Nc gro radio station, will go 24 hours early in the new year when it takea over the facilities and fre-quency of WMET, the Spanish language sta tion here. WMBM Vice President Allan B. Margolis told The Miami News his station has contracted to buy WMET and that the FCC I n Washington has approved the sale. B u t before the purchase becomes official, and be-before WMBM can move its call letters to 1490 on the dial, WMBM must sell its present station at 1230 since FCC regulations forbid ownership of w A KRISTINE two stations in the same locale. WMET Stays On WMBM President Alexander Klein Jr. is negotiating the sale of the station. Indications are but no of-' ficial word that the purcha-erwill take WMET. staff, shows and calf letters, and .mm e the entire operation to WMBM at 1220 on the dial just as WMBM plans to move as an entity to WMET. WMBM also will acquire the FM facilities of WMET. Describing the Miami radio picture to a New Yorker recently, we mentioned that WMBM was the Negro station here. "You mean you even segregate radio listening In the South!" he exclaimed. Of course that's not the situation, exactly. WMBM caters to the Negro population in the area with programs of special interest. The station also participates in Negro community affairs. Sponsored by the station is the WMBM Community Service Foundation under the direction of Blanche Calloway. College Scholarships The Foundation is sending two girls to college on loan scholarships and is-planning to distribute "hundreds of dollars" of toys to needy children this Christmas, says Miss Calloway. First beneficiaries of the new scholarship lund are Yvonne Spolford, freshman at. Warren Wilson College at Swannanoa, N. C. and Nao-ml Johnson, a freshman at (he University of Miami. Miss Calloway explained that, the foundation is made of "people a!l over the city." The. scholarships are awarded on the basis of need and ability. CHEZ LEO RESTAURANT 128 N.E. 17th Street Authrntic Frenrh Cuisine Silt afintif SllMliM "Mrtt iom Ooiir lcpt Mv) Ttl.ahana II 4-IS3S "' 'rkl"f 1 9 for WQAM-560 NBC-WCKR-610 WGBS-710 WFUN-790 W1NZ-HO WVCG-1070 WMIE-1140 WMBM-1220 WAME 1260 ABC WKAT1360 CBS WSKP-1454 WMET 1490 THURSDAY AFTERNOON -1:00-tVUAM: O. Murrtwk W( KRi Feature Rat- WtiHH: Slant Donr (To 1) W FI N'S Faalure Raca WINZ.t Bill Cilrter ( (.: Humutiia WMBM Butttrball (ts a) WAME: Ken Collier (to t) UMIF: Cracker Jim UKATi Newt Feature W-.KP: Oajlldht Preview HMKTi Radio Clock (to a) HnrSj Cnm-ert -$:-Mai km WhAT: Al Martiner. wrKH: Rare Renulta -ill- WtM!: Newt - Dirk Doty FI Ni Final Race Result -5:40-MIN.i Clure Mosher -MS-llUdi IntermeHO (To a) EVe.MNG -4:00- Q 4 M : Jim Howell Vll.l Johnny Gilbert itn i W KR: New WhP: f!aliM Review WIN.: Jerrv Wichner WMHYI: Rev. Ira McCall WHAT: Nea Martinet HWI'PI: Pinner Concart rtWFT: Martumt Yoianrfe KMT.l P. Harvey-L. Kant, fUCGi Pinner Concert (To 11 -t:l -RT! Hvh Rau WC KR: Racine Anal)tn -t.l$-W MIr.l Florida Bullderi - n- WAMF: "Klna Thing" -t:I$- tAVCO: Perilt Of Commu- num - -WMIR:.Nntiriet Naetonal Rttlitta M.: Iiner-awayia --UR: Nenn -a s- HKU: NeaFeatur MF! pirtt-Nw WMIf: Netr liiaa - H-HIM: Fulton twi Jr. .K: I ndiennt tlo lf) Vt KH: Kirk iihaw iTo 1 2 WVlfi: Cimmand Put W MIr.: Radio Hiepant -M-UKATl Burnett Ha)l -III- WI.M: Jerrv Wniutar (to 111 -:-tMIEl Radio Hupana ir.nml -f:4S-MMIF.: Artale o I -AVer.: Muticar Hentace Haft: F. Renew WMtTl WDat't Htppn.r tfi Cuna a.AT: CBS Sewa WMIfc: Hora Latin Amem-tnt - l-WSAT: R. ' )1 -I 11 TAMtT: "iririooi ,'-x ka" t J mrH: Ot't HilhiiSti'i V-Mlft FUfi - ta III: B. Iwaaa (T lH Jliglilighls Orchestral Fantasies (5 p.m., WKAT-FM "The Carmen Suite" and two Hungarian Rhapsodies by Franz Liszt. Command Performance (7 p.m., WVCG) - Strauss "Fledcrmaus Suite" and Respighi's "The Fountains of Rome." Baskfiball (8:10 p.m., WKATi - University of Miami vs. Florida Southern College. Opera Highlights 8;30 p.m., WWrB-FMt Selections from Tuccini's "La Boh-cme," with Victoria de Ios Angeles and Robert Merrill. TOMORROW Flair (2 p.m., WAME) -Galton comments on acne and satirizes "the tough guy." Lawrence Al Capp W MIF: Prnaramma Antlliano HMF.Ts Radio Clock "to 10 Ml WHI'Bi Symphony Hall MiMM: Cuurtnev (To II Wt.HM Rttmint (to 11:301 hl': Mmir i To II in i WMIRi La Vol Dei PuaDio WMI'B: Chamher Mutie -ll:l-WKATi Pan Chandler (to 1 1 -10 H-Wr: fttardent gerenadt HHIF: La Norh T Tu M Hi t: Norman Plat HVLCl Famnue Anal -ll:-MVfO: Nnrttirne WMIF: Charlaa A Lai One KIM: Late pat -H:ll-WMIF: rmiM It Lit fcetriit -II J-W(.rll Bpan:n KtWl -11:45-WMF.T! -1J M-M Ml: 1. Midnit T i WHIt: ftamaa Vuit (loll tFlNl Mitrn Pnoa (t -II J-MfKl Itomanr (IS l l I at 04M: Bud Luna t S S5 WkATi Ja McDmotl to Mi WMItl Vof 01 AinerirA (to S FRIDAY PATTIME I - RglH: PurwiroB HM: R. Ira M-Clll Rlk: Budde H'x.dar ati.Hk: Overture ' ttriSt Br Bartiay to IMi wa Rirny Broeki ' I0 Wtrr.: Pjim Toart HAMCi elUrJ Kx( WKT: CBS Newt WMl.T: Radio -ir)ck -:-WKP: Muate (to 101 WMIr.! Revue Miatton WMIK: Mornmt Thought WHAT! Al Lethert I U W VCT.s Kinaa of Bnacd -I I-WMIF: Hehrew-Chritttan -I 45-WMIE: G oi pel Hour at WMM: C. Murdork W( KR: Bohby Lyont to J) Wt.MS: Brrenad tlo ll UKITi Newa Leinert HUM Dav ODontwil t to I2i WW PR: Concert WMl.Ti Latin Muale - (to 1 Ki WMRM: Ed C (To 10 Ml -t:l$-WMIF.J Chlna-ii - -WMIFi Allen I'evival -!:-WUM: Johnny Pnnr ito Hi WIMl Nawa Harpcr In 3 1 Arfit Concwrt Hall Mwtf: .Newa-Buatilio HHITj Oodtrev (to III MMItt 7'h Av. Church of CrtrtM WAMFi Brethfart Cluk ' WhP; Caro"l -10:11-WMIE: Life I r -10 -WMRM: Buttarftall WUlti Chr''t Craaad -10 -WMlt: "Hear O tanti' -II -IMIEi r Century Ref. H-iur flAwFl Kn iM To J) Wfcili HmiA Party -II It miGs wt of Ifuii -II 30-WMIt: Riviva. Of Tb AW WKATi Garry Moora -11:40-WKATi Crohy-Clooney -11:00-W( KR: Newt - Today At Rarea WOAM: Purnnton (to 1) WOHNt Sound Track WKATi Newa Featura Wr l.Ni GranK Warren (to 2 30 W'V'Tii Noon Concert WMlEi World Tomorrow -1MS-W'KATt Warren - limit h Wf hR: Tom Looney (to Jl -11:30-WMRM; Fred Hanna-Bluet HMKT: "Kl Principe Leonardo" -1 :00-WQAM: J. Pnnc (to 3) W(.Ht: Uatinet (to S) WMlEi Kl Perlodico Eel Alra WKATi Newa Featute W(i: ivmphonv Hour WMht'i Nadie M gutero" -1:15-WKATi' Warren . Smith -1:10-WMlF.t Dehata Mutlral WMRMi Ed Cook (to J:30) -1 :$i- HVCGi Peril Of Commu-num -1:00- WMIEj El Not. Americano i WVtr.i Concert ! WKATi Newa -Featur l.! Nawa-Blll Cilder tto 5. 30 i W AMEi Flair (To 55 WKPi Oamieht Preview ! W MET! "Hletori D Uh Mujer" WWPBi Concert -1:11- l WmIEi Miry Morand.vra WkATi Warren - Smith I -130- WMlEi La Hon Del Hogar WFI.Ni Pail Oouhl I Reault ! -1.00- j WtMMt Murdock ft 01 "I kit Riant Nevtna WKATi New . atur ! HKflt Concort ! WMrTi Ntwa-ointies WMIEt Mianlth Muate ! WAMEl Ken Collier t 0 -1:11-WKATi Al M unmet -3 10- WMRM: Buttemall (to 0 151 WMIe.i Jack WMlTi nmn Mime WIINi Jid lth Raca Reauiti - 00-WMi C Muraork ( ) WKATi Ne . ietturt W(,i puburh' Wwlfj Bappv Harold WMt.Tl Radio Cmck (t 1) -4 lj- ! AWFT: Bill c-artwrtfht ! WKATi Al Martlmi -4:30- Jr-Ht Featur j 4 45 W(K1: Featur Rar FM TATH)M WlfcRt f7. j, II m. WKATi til mt. It SlaMI 11 Mm(.iM ut n ..., ' Wfe mius it. i ( M m. II pm. WWTB: 101 S wwt f t MltM -rwnw A cre . FM ' I Broadcatt. A O Continental Classroom I tolik ) Modern Math "Planes." Repeat. ;30 Q Colloge Of The Air O Continental Classroom j cdtos. American Government "The Constitution Permanence And Change. Ambiguity And Power." 7 ' O News En Espanol R Today (To ?) 7:15 Q Cartoons 03 Give Us This Pay 7:30 CD News-rani Frank . . 7:35 Q) .Spanish News 7:40 CD Rt Not Forgotten 8 Q Captain Kangaroo (To ?) CD Del Russo 1:15 CD Focus 1:30 CD News Paul Frank 1:45 CD Playhouse 15 9 O Jack La Lanne Health and exercises. Q I Married Joan CD Banjo Billy (To 10) Musical variety show children. 9:30 Q December Bride With Spring Byington. Q News-Weather 9:45 O Laurel And Hardy 10 O Calendar O In Your Hands CD Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal 10:30 Q Movie (To 12) "Passion" (1354) Yvonne DeCarlo, Cornel Wilde, Raymond Burr. Man goes after a land baron when latter kills his wife and friend. Melodrama hasn't enough movement to compensate values. Miss DeCarlo plays a unique dual role. Q Play Your Hunch CD From Hollywood 1 J Q Price Is Right I color ) Contest show. CD The Texan With Rory Calhoun. 11:30 Q Concentration CD Yours For A Song Host is Bert Parks 12 O News Warren O Truth, Consequences CD Camouflage 12:15 O Secret Storm Serial 12:30 Q Search For Tomorrow Q Could Be You I color I CD News-Weather-Sports 12:45 Q Guiding Light 1 Q Love Of Life Q Local News-Weather CD Day In Court 1:30 CI World Turns Q You Asked For It (D Make A Face 2 O Password Q Jan Murray I color 1 CD Number, Please 2:30 O House rarty-Linkletter Q Loretta Young CD Seven Keys 3 O Hig Picture 13 Millionaire fj Young Dr. Malone CD Queen For Day TV MAILBA6 Can you please tell me what band Merv Griffin of ' "Play Your Hunch" was formerly connected with and what instrument he played? C. R. R., Opa-Locka. Merv was with the Freddy Martin troupe in the early part of his carepr. The only instrument he ' used was his vocal chords. As a singer with the band, he recorded a million records seller, "I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Cocoanuts." In addition to his daily chores on "Hunch," Merv just completed an album titled, "Merv Griffin's Dance Party." How old was James Dean, the star of "East of Eden," when he died and how did he die? A. W., Miami Shores. With the release of "East of Eden" and "Rebel Without A Cause" to TV, the Dean legend is enjoying a new popularity. The remarkable young actor at ft) J)', 1 :,,.t6v was 24 years old when he died in a fatal car crash six years ago. In addition to the two movies released to TV, his only other film was "Giant," which he completed a lew days before his death. BOHEMIAN CLASS BLOWERS FREE ADMISSION 2 PM -10 PM Daily 12731 Biscayne Blvd. Hut tl till Ntw Etilml Riw Sir 8:30 TONIGHT RALPH RENICK NARRATES "THE SENATE LOOKS AT MIAMI'S CUBANS'; For Your Information A Miami's Cubans - what has been their effect on their adopted city and countiy? What can be done about their problems relocation, education, welfare? See this revealing presentation as reviewed by the U.S. Senate. Presented for your information as a public service by CHASE i i ' i cm s. , 3 ? , ri lTX JTi Jl 11 --. W ST '1. 'irflLfT-T -I'A 1 IB mam mm i , wsfafr, We v' appearing ntey Vii The Dee Notes f vcaeK a,v;i ' ' m SOUTH MIAMI HEIGHTS CABANA CLUB U.S. 1 And Caribbtan Blvd., Ptrnnt 1(J NIGHTLY aictot Sunday AUTHENTIC POLYNESIAN REVUE ELANA AND HER! POLYNESIANS Featuring TEVA & HANITUA Stmaffanaf Knit and Hrt Dane IN THI BEAUTIFUL BLOODY MARY I Ot GE w DINNER SHOW 9 P.M. . SUPPER SHOW 11 P.M. ' Oancina Under The Stars ua tiiuitinii kin ftnura -iT-, f'Jf, "iini"iii"i nu iULn di.Vir- i V m Fsmm 1 vssi m mm iiiucsaIL. mam m w-a a. m i HUKILAU $3 50,ti FRIDAY maw dinnsr F E D E R A YOU'RE RIGHT ON L1 WTVJ. MIAMI Charcoal Broiled U.S. Choice STEAK DINNER INCLUDES; Home Made Soup or Juice, Hash Brown Potatoes, Hot Garlic Bread, Assorted Table Relishe-, Choice of Beverage, Choice of Desserts INCLUDING OUR FAMOUS KEY LIME PIE Served All Day Every Day! LlLyiiiJLLdlJL J D RESTAURANT 13001 N.W. 7h Ave. MU 8-8812 FRIED CHICKEN or JUMBO FRIED SHRIMP . OTHER COMPLETE DINNERS... 99s I COMPLETE CARRY OUT SERVICE SPECIAL CHILDREN'S DINNERS Open 9 e.m. 10 p.m. 7 Day a Week jpiflSMfl "M Mart Ftad ft.r" BBBOBBOSStJBl ALL tOU ONlf 1 f)Mt f9f Ht , CwMd M and DI Dim! Ml) ii I ii i i j 1 1 1 1 ii LMllVLV Liil 1U' GOURMET ROOM fine cocktails and dining, with continental service and atmosphere... featuring a wide range of gourmet dishes such as shishkabob, chicken in burgundy, seafood smorgasbord. ROOM OF THE GOLDEN LIONS charbroiled specialties include sizzling steaks, chops, hot open sandwiches, and many more... expertly mixed drinks and smooth service in a handsome setting . . . a la carte meals from $1.45. Mikt your ittxt luncheon daft tt th new EVERGLADES HOTEL BISCAYNE BOULEVARD AT THIRD

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