The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1954 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 14, 1954
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER, 14, 1S54 Bamboo Curtain Report Shanghai Has New'Red' Look EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the second of three exclusive eyewitness dispatches by an "Old China Hand" who went back to Bed China for an up-to-date look behind the Bamboo Curtain. M* real name—and how he got in and out—must remain a secret. ***** By JOHN SMITH (Written for NBA Service) HONG KONG — (NEA) — The tremendous job the Chinese Reds have done in cleaning up and modernizing Shanghai surprised me on my recent return to that city. The Whangpoo was once undoubtedly the world's dirtiest river. Garbage, trash and refuse bobbed about in it and the stench was unbearable. Today, in comparison to "the old days, it is like a mountain freshet. Wharves, buildings and docks »re in good condition. At the former Shell Oil Co. property, big tanks have all had recent coats of bright aluminum paint and a new cracking plant is being installed. There is not as much shipping t£ formerly, but considering the so-called embargoes, there is a surprisingly heavy amount of traffic in the port. British gun boats will escort any ship desiring protection through the Chinese Nationalists' feeble blockade. » W * Radio contact is made from Shanghai to approaching ships the afternoon before they are to dock, that the captain of the vessel will •be responsible for seeing that all cameras, binoculars, fountain pens and pencils are collected and locked up. A list of all monies, checks i and jewelry is requested for inspec- i tion. f Twenty miles from Woosung at. 'Port Buoy No. 1 (entrance to the Whangpoo or Shanghai River), we collected a pilot and four Army guards. The guards first locked and sealed the radio room in which all cameras, binoculars and such had been placed. They checked through the staterooms, but did not search private luggage. The pilot was green, indicating that the old experienced pilots have been replaced. It took us from 6 a. m. until 4 p. m. to make the wharf, twice as long as in the old days. This dock had recently been taken over from a British trading company "and the stevedores were all new at their jobs. It is Communist policy, I learned, when taking over private enterprise to replace all personnel, whether it is a factory, office, bank or dock. * * * They do not simply fire workers. They shuffle them. Our crew of- dock workers were fax too pale for outdoor workmen, and it developed that many of them had recently been working in a bank. The loading officer and i speculated that no. doubt the First People's Bank of China now had a cashier .who had lately been a crane operator on this wharf. In this job-switch plan, I also learned, a worker's salary is never summarily cut. Instead, if the Red governors desire to reduce a man's pay, he is asked to take a reduction voluntarily in accord with the standard of the new job to which he has been unwillingly assigned. This is to prevent any chance of organized opposition. While we stood on deck, a stem- faced Red Army guard with a torn- mygim stood at the gangplank, inspecting us and apparently watch- Ing for any infractions. I learned that Dutch and British ships make regular runs to this port, but the most frequent customers these days are vessels of Scandinavian registry. Crates of U.S. machine tools were on the dock, unloaded from a previous ship. They had been sold via England to Czechoslovakia and then to Red China. Egg powder and liquid egg yolks consigned to Marseilles and Hamburg made up the cargo of the ship I saw loaded. At this point and throughout my entire visit, I observed generally that the Reds are far more efficient at most things than the old government was. This, I believe, is simply an achievement of mass submission as reaction to mass regimentation and mass discipline. I could well remember the other side of the picture when I left Red ihina nearly two years ago . . . the hysteria of mass trials and mass executions. * * * It certainly has seemed to be an efficient road to success for those cynical enough to consider blind submission and mass discipline as the epitome of good government. That, indeed, the Reds have achiev- AT SHANGHAI DOCK, armed Reds like this one kept watch over author and others on ship. ed. Another ever-present component of present day Red China is the blaring of radio and public address systems 24 hours a day. The people of China eat, sleep, live, work and j even love to the* accompaniment of j a constant chorus of Communist party objectives for the good earth. Even in small country towns and villages, the loudspeaker dins cease- Building Permits and Real Estate Transfers Only two building permits were issued by the city last week, one for a residence and one for an office building. Blytheville Federal Loan and Saving Co. received a permit to build offices at an estimated $45,000 at 120 West Walnut while Max Logan obtained a permit to build a five-room frame resident valued at $8,000 at 817 East Walnut. Real estate transferrs recorded in the circuit clerk's office last week were: Bussell and Ruth Baugh to W. L. and Lula Clark, for $10 and other consideration, Lot 2, Jackson Second Addition. Blytheville Chamber of Com- lessly and repetitiously -"'The Old Red Refrain." (Tomorrow: The hope of a third force.) merce to Blyheville Co., for $1, 9.3 acres in Sec. 15-T15N-R11E (SE corner of Mathis and Elm Street). E. R. and Eilen Shannon to Roy and Bertha Thomas, for $1 and other consideration, Lots l and 2, Block 3, Original survey of Leachville. Brad and Clara Daniel to J. F. and Mildred Johnson, for $10 and other consideration, south 100 ft. Lot 8, Block l, Dougan Addition. J. F. and Mildred Johnson to Brad and Clara Daniel, for $1 and other consideration. Lot 4, Block H, Barron-Lilly Addition. Ray ana Ann Worthington to May Sledge, for $300, Lot & Block 4, Elliott Addition. Betty Hall to Harry and Grace Snow, for $10 and other consideration, east 200 ft. of Lot 1, Block 1, Country Club Drive Addition. Bayard and Katherine Smith to Clyde Sexton, for $10 and assumption of indebtedness, Lot 13, Block 4, Davis Third Addition. Clyde and Helen Sexton to Sam and Frances Lewers. for $10 and other consideration, Lot 13, Block 4, Davis Third Addition. Betty Hall to Clarence and Edna Redman, for $10, west 100 ft. of Lot l, Block 1, Country Club Drive Addition. Susan Moore to Andrew and Ethel Clark, for $250, Lot 29, Block 3, W. W. Hollipeter Second Addition. Harold and Marie Wright to [Lucius and Lucille Allen, for $10 ' and other consideration. Lot 18, Block E, John B. Walker Second Subdivision. Johnnie and Vivian Mick to J. W. and Addie Rayder, for $10 and other consideration, Lot 4, Replat of O. S. Rollison Subdivision. Chicago Mills and Lumber Corporation to Mary Stovall, for $400, 4.3 acres in SW quarter, Sec. 9- T15N-R11E. Julius and Charity Frazier to Judge and Charity Parker, for $10 and other consideration, 'Lot 21, Larry's First Addition. Birthday Secret DURBAN, South Africa (#) — Charles Francis Fleming apparently believes a' man is only as old u he feels. He went around telling people he was only 96. The truth came out when ht had an accident and was hospitalized. His daughter, who knew it all along, registered him as 100. It turned out that Fleming didn't mind. There was a small birthdaf celebration and he confessed "it* quite nice being 100 you know." DO YOU KNOW- —What is the first name and middle initial of Mr. Guard, owner of GUARDS' JEWELRY STORE located on Main Street? ... Who are the sales people? The more folks with whom you "get acquainted"—the more enjoyment of life will be yours. In business and in social contacts "knowing the persons BI THEIR NAMES" is most important. "LET'S GET ACQUAINTED" ... will feature PEOPLE, those friends of yours at our places of business who serve your daily needs ! 1 1 , Featured at SAFEWAY SHANGHAI UNDER RED RULE is shown in over. Returning "Old China Hand" found city this photp of the city's embankment section, is- modernized. »ued by Sovie$ sources after Communists took COTTON BALL 15th National Cotton Picking Contest Sponsored by Blytheville Junior Chamber of Commerce October 1,1954-9:00 P.M. Main Exhibit Building-Fair Grounds rr - '&*'""' '"- ^^^^^^^^f'^^'^^^^^^^^ In fine-car feature after feature, Ford's far out front in its field. Only Ford gives you styling that will stay in style . . . new Ball-Joint ride and handling. . . high-spirited V-8 "Go" It's no wonder so many people are swinging over to Ford! Ford offers more fine-car features than any other low-priced car. You can see Ford's the leader in "looks.** With its long, low, clean-cut lines, Ford's the acknowledged trend-setter in the industry. And Ford has interior luxury to matchj with the latest in modern fabrics ... the handsomest in trim. And Ford acts the leader, too. Riding and handling are always smoother, easier because of Ford's revolutionary Ball-Joint Front Suspension (exclusive to Ford in its field) that cushions the bumpe of even the Reservations with Purchase of Advance Tickets Now on Sale At Kelley's Shoe Store—$4.50 per Couple. This Advertisement Sponsored By BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO "Water /i Yoi/f C/icaptst Commodity" More people are trying Ford. .. More people are buying roughest roads and helps keep that new- car "feel" far longer. Ford is the only car in its field with a V-8 engine, the 130-h.p. Y-block V-8. And Ford offers this V-8 "Go" today! You may choose from three great transmissions: Fordomatic Drive, Overdrive, or Conventional Drive. For still greater driving ease and pleasure, you may make your Ford as Automatic as you like with power assists . . . Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Windows (botk front and back), and a 4-Way Power Front Seat. And with Ford's many, many other fine- car, features such as suspended clutch and brake pedals, Center-Fill Fueling and the new Astra-Dial Control Panel, Ford ii worth more when you sell. It's a proven fact that Ford returns more of its original cost, at resale, than any other car in the low-price field! Come in ... Test Drive a Ford today, and see why. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Broadway & Chickasawba Phont 3-4453 GREAT TV, FORD THEATRE, WMCT, THURSDAY, 7:30 PM *—

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