The Daily Times from Davenport, Iowa on April 4, 1921 · 11
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The Daily Times from Davenport, Iowa · 11

Davenport, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1921
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-A THE DAILY TIMES, MONDAY, APRIL 4, 1921. U 1 SPORTS 1 Plows'' and Islanders Get Fair' Treatment in Three-I Chart I sports HOLINE OPENS HOME SEASON MONDAY, MAY 16 OFFICIAL I. I. I. LEAGUE SCHEDULE FOR 1921 ISLANDERS TO OPEN MAY 16 WITH TOT CLUB A CLUBS. AT ROCKFORD AT MOLIXE June 9, 10, 11 July 29.J30, t31. Aug. 1 Aug. t21, 22, 23 ROCKFORD. Fans IJV JIMMIE STAPI The Moline Tbree-I league team opens its home season at Browning Field on Monday, May 16, with Evansville, after having opened the season with a fourteen day trip around the southern part of the circuit, starting with Iiloomington on the opening day of league play, Tuesday. May 3, and ending with Terre Haute. Moline opens the Reason at Uloomington, May 3. 4 and 5; takes on Peoria at Peoria on May 6, 7 and 8; goes to F.vansville on May J, 10 and 11 and finishes the first road trip at Terre Haute, May 12, 13. 14 and 15. Plow Hoy fans will have a chance to see Mack and his crew in eighteen consecutive games starting wlih the- home opening cn May 16. Afier the series with Kvansville, Peoria, Terre Haute, Ploomlngton and Cedar Rapids visit Moline. while the first home series 1s closed with a three game set with Rock Island at Browning Fi-ld, May 31, June 1 and 2. A nix game trip to Rockford and Cedar Rapid will follow, June 3-8. The Plows then come back for three days, June 9, 10 and 11, with Rockford and then leave for a big trip around the circuit that will last until July 5 when the wanderers return with the Torre Haute dub. Moline has been fairly well treated in the distribution of holiday, and Sunday dates. This is Ftrikingly true in regard to the Labor Day date which brings Rock Island to'Moline on that day. Decoration Day is also observed here with Cedar Rapids. Moline gets seven Saturday dateB and ten Sunday dates at home, while ten Saturday and ten Sunday games are played on the road, with July 4 being scheduled at Cedar Rapids. This Is murh better treatment than the plow Hoys received last rear and should aid materially in the size of the pile in the bottom of the old strong box. Bicycle Season To Open Heret April 19 The "Firs Annual Spring Vacation Bicycle Run" will be held on Friday, April 9, at 2:30 o'clock p. m. The Btarting place will be the A. II. Gottschlich bicycle etore at Fifth and Prar'.y streets. The destination will be kept secret until after the city limits are passed. A fruessing contest with three valuable prizes will be the feature of the run. The course from Fifth and P.rady to the city limits will be carefully planned and kept sec ret till after the run is started. Every boy has a chance to win one of the three prizes by guessing the course which will tie followed in reaching the city limits. Every block guessed wrong count one point against the contestant. Contestants must start and finish the run and make their entry at the store before S p. m. Thursday, April 8. where they may see the prizes, and receive detail of the contest and run. Ray Mitten will have personal charge of the run which will not be a race but a pleasure spin to ome point about 5 miles from town. Every boy who has a bicycle is urged to get in on this. It is planned to make 1921 a banner year in cycling by big road races and cycling tours. A nulla. Tubs pptrolt ArtiHik-Hns 3 q j IhI)hh, IVxit- li-mni 7 3 liattpries Leonard, .Southland and There's no fun being rich these days, because a man with a dollar can get as good shaves as a millionaire. At off dealer SAFETY RAZOR $1QO June 3, ii, t3 Aug. 5, J6. 17. 8 Aug. 30. 31, Sep. MOLINE. May J28. t29, 30 Aug. 2, 3, 4 Sep. 2, 1, t4 ROCK ISLAND May 31. June 1. July 21, 22, J23, Sep. 5-5, 6 CEDAR RAPIDS May 16, 17, IS July 13, 14. 13, Sep. til, 12, 13 PEORIA May 122, 23, 24 July 5, 6, 7, 8 Sep. :n, tlH BLOOMINGTOX. May 19, 20, J21 July 17, 18, 19, Sep. 8, 9, $10 TERRE HAUTE. June 25, 26, 27 July :9, tl0, 11, Sep. 14. 15, 16 EVANSVILLE. PIRATES BEST IN NATIONAL, CLAIMS HOWE (NOTK Thi W th rnnd of a r-I f artlrlr lijr l r Howr, ha Inn official UalMlrian fur mtt.lnr an1 minor I iron for jrn. This artirlf ruirr ID atfiHdrr III the National Irayr. A pmlout artlclr toorhrd oil In American Iranir vardrnrm. The third article will totfr the American Iragnt Jndelderv) BY IRVI M. HOWE Second Article atinnal League Outfielders First place among the National league outfielders may be awarded the Pittsburgh siuad without argu ment. Whittfd, in left, Carey, cen ter, ana i;i:!ee, ngni, constitute an almott ideal trio of pickets. Manager Gibson likewise has three recruits who have shown so well that he will knp two and probably all of them. Rohwer, a California collegian, who bats and throws left handed', is hailed as a wonder by his mates. Mokan, a minor leaguer who hits right handed, and Summa, from the Virginia league, another sldewheeler, are the substitutes. B. T. Hits. Fields Carev R-L R .289 .9ti7 Hiebee L R .2S0 .971 Whitted R R .261 .977 Rohwer Mokan Summa Of the three regulars, Whitted hits right handed. Carey e'ther right or left handed, and Bigbee hits left handed. All of them bat normally close to .300. They are by far the best trio on the sacks of any outfielding set in the league. In the field Carey may be said to excel slightly such ball hawks as Myers of Brooklyn and Roush ot Cincinnati. No other center gardeners afford competition. Bigbee has only Max Flack as a competitor ia right, while Whitted's strongest rivals are Burns, New York: South worth, Boston, and ; Duncan, Cincinnati. Cincinnati Second B. T. Hits. Fields Roush L L .339 .975 See L R .303 1.000 Duncan R R .293 .964 The next three squad3 figure very close together. All of them are two man outfields and the position of each is largely determined by the rating ot the third gardener. Eddie Roush and Pat Duncan, assisted by Charlie See, who batted .303 last season on the demoralized Reds and accepted his few chances in the field without an error, is given the call over the champion Brooklyn duo. Then the Podpers B. T. Hits. Fields Wheat L Myers H Griffith L Neis R Griffith hit .260 R .32S ' .971 R .3n4 .97S R .260 .972 R .253 .957 last year and Neis .233. Wheat is a remarkable player still, despite his years of long service, but in these days he does not quite class with Roush, the all around outfield star of the league. Myers and Duncan may be considered even, and are both players of high quality. Wheat and Roush bat left handed and Duncan and Myers right handed. Giants Handicapped B. T. Hits. Fields Burns R R .287 .983 Young L R .351 .925 Brown If George Burns in Ipft and Tloss Young in riptit of the (Jianta had a nmre experienced man between them rather than a Ttxas league recruit they would liav taken second place among the leatnie outfielders. For seven years Burns has been considered the. all round star in left hut last year his hitting fell off about 10 Co and his ba.e runniiid record mpre than lhat. Youni? u always battling for the luttirir leadership of the leacue; be is not. however, so fast . Burns non-yo pood a fielder. In center. New York will try Brown, a hard hitting, richt handed recruit from the Texa-s leaeue. It is not expected that KaufT will he with the team acain and Spencer and King latk the necessary class. Cards Hare Trouble B T Hits Fields Heathcote I ! .-R4 McHenry K H .:2 Mann R Tt .FT .!'! Srhultz 11 R .263 .815 Mueller The rebellious Jack Fmith linvirie: failed 1o report to St. Ixuis Austin McHenrv will play left field; CMifton Heatheote, center, and Mueller, a voiuiffster. assisted by Ilie Mann and joe Suhulti. will cover right for the Cardinals. McHenry, A rifrht handed batter, and Heatheote. left handed, are two clever men whom ability, compared with those named above Is fair-Ik' indicated by the records herewith. 1 Boost - 30 May 31. June 1. 2 July 21, 22, $23, t24 Sep. V,-5, 6 2 J24 May J28, t29, "30-30 Aug. 2, 3, 4 Aug. $27, t28, 29 $16 May 19. 20, $21 July U7, 18, 19, 20 Sep. 8, 9, $10 Mav 25, 26, 27 July $9, U0, 11. 12 Sep. It, 15, 16 20 May t22, 23, 24 July 5, 6, 7, 8 Sep. 11, 12, 13 12 May 16, 17, IS July 13, 14, 13. $16 Sep. 117, 18-18 'Holidays I Here Are Moline's Games At Home The 100 per cent baseball fan in Moline should clip this article, paste it by the family clock and see how many ot the dates he can check off to show his attendance at Browning field this season. The following list shows all of the home dates for Moline with the rival clubs: .May 16-17.1S FTansdlle May 19.20.21-Peoria. .May 22.23.2l Terre JIante. May 2.5-26.27 Bloominerton. May 2V2!J.;0 (edar Rapids' May 31-Jnne 1-2 Kock Island. Jnne 9-10.11 Rockford. July 5-6.".S Terre llante. July 9-10.11.12 Blnomimrton. July Kvanstille. July I7.!.10.20-Ieoria. July l-K(Hk Mand. J July 29.30.31. A oir. 1 Rockford. Aug. 2.3-4 Cedar Rapids. Autr. 21-22.23 Bockford. Aug. 27.2S-20 Cedar Rapid!. Sept, fi.9.10 IVorlsi. Sept. 11.12.13 Terre naule. Sept. 14.13.lti Bloominjrton. Sept. lT-lV-ETansTille.' Mann and Sehultr are two riijht handed vets who are nearly through with t.iET league service.. Mueller is a prom-it. ug fielder. itt Jlrare harden B T Hits Fields Nicholson K I'. ,90 Kavrs I. I, .3: .;.r,o Sullivan . . . K H .2! .t" Southworth 1 P. -.I'M .V'l f'ruise 1. i .;7S ,'sh'i Powell L Jt .22o Si! Nixon Bill Southwnrth is the star of the Erave.i outflpld though he does not cra.h the hall as hard as his colleaprue in right, Nicholson, who with South-worth came to the Braves from rittn-burtli in exrhanga for Maranville. John I.,. .Sullivan, a ripht handed younirster who hit hiirh last year, and Hay Powell, lvft hander, a weak hitter, will compete for the center field position. Powell makes up for bin light hitting by his peed and fcure fielding. Walton Cruise and Ldwin Viayrs, left banders, who can both hit and fieJd fairly well, and Albert Nixon, an atrcd risrht handed recruit from Texas, are all candidates for positions. The Phillies B T Hits Fields Williams 1 1. .323 .97 Mensel U K Mti'i .H2S Stentrel I. U .'2K .?.",4 Lebourveau h 11 .:'.".7 .Di'J If the Phiiries have nothing else, they at leatit have a quartet of outfielders who can hit. Kred Williams, left handed hitter, and "Irish" Ateusel, right hander. are both fast on the bases and were among the good run getters of the league. Stengel, veteran, and nearly through, and Lebourveau will probably divide the right field job. Stengel is the better hitter and no worse fielder than his youthful rival. Meusel is a norry object in left field, but hia upeed on baoes and that .3W batting record keep him in the lineup. Williams fields ground balls bauly. He can, however, go far for a fly ball, and throws fairly well. I'lace fobs Last B T Hits Fields Flack I. 1 .32 .V7 Barber li P. 'fifi Twombly I. H .'J.i5 .S7i Krieberg II It .11 ,ti8 Maisel Th position of the Cubs is a parallel of their South Side rivals in the American league as far as the outfield is concerned. One player of high das. Max Flack, will work in right field, and a clara A A player, George Maisel. highly recommended, will fill left, while the center field job will he the subject of a contest between Twombly. Frit berg and Barber. There is much to be desired from all three, but under the tutelage of Manager Kvers thev will develop rapidly. Flack. Barber and Twombly bat left handed and Friberg right handed . Sox Leave Texas After Losing Game FORT WORTH. Texas. April 4 Defeat trailed the White Sox in their exit from the Lone Star state Sunday night One dizzy inning at the expense of Douglas McWeeney spelled the downfalfof Kid Glea-son's charges in the final spring practice contest in these parts, 4 to 1J Four of the six hits compiled by tie Fort Worth Panthers were assembled in that period the fourth and each drive netted a run. The assault featured two doubles, a single and a triple and some woozy fielding was mixed with the proceedings. Last night the pale hose steamed away towards Shreveport, La., where they are booked for their initial halt today on the journey back north. At Chattanooga, Turn. Washington Americans I 5 ft 5 Chattanooga, SouiWrn 3 4 1 Batteries Holdridge. Acnita and Brottem; Boone, Noel and Nciderkorli Graham. At w Orleans l a. New York Americans 0 2 2 Brooklyn Nationals 3 11 l Batteries Hiiyt, Tierey and Hoffman ; Smith, ilamaiii and Miller. AT AT AT AT AT AT ROCK ISLAND CEDAR RAPIDS PEORIA BLOOMINGTOX TERRE HAUTE EVANSVILLE June 6, 7. 8 JunelS. 13, 14 May 9. 10, 11 May 12, 13, $14. tl3 May 3, 4, 5 , May 6. $7, 8 July $2 3, 4-4 July 23 26 27 2S June 19. 20, 21, 22 June 16, 17, $1S June 23, 24, $23, nA June 27, 28, 29. 30 Aug. $27, t28, 29 Aug. 24', 23, 26' Aug. 9, 10, 11 Aug. 12. $13, t!4 Aug. 15, 16, 17 Aug. 18, 19, $20 June 12, 13, 14 June 6, 7. 8 May 6. $7. tS May 3. 4, 5 May 12. 13. $14, 15 May 9. 10. 11 July 23, 26, 27, 2S July $2, 3, 4-4 June 27, 28, 29, 30 June 23, 24, $23, 26 June lti, 17. $18 June tl9. 20. 21. 22 Aug. 24, 23, 26 Sep. 2, $3. t4 Aug. 18, 19. $20 Aug. 15, 16, 17 Aug. 12, $13, 14 Aug. 9, 10, 11 ' June S. 10. $11 May 3. 4. 5 May 6, $7. 8 May i. 10, 11 May 12, 13. $14. 13 T-nrnl Julv 29, $30. 31, Aug.l June 23, 24, $25. 26 June 27, 28, 29, 30 June tl9. 20. 21, 22 June 16, 17. $18 Aug. 21. 22, 23 Aug. 15. 16. 17 Aug. IS, 19. $20 Aug. 9. 10. 11 Aug. 12, $13, 14 June 3 14 3 May 12. 13, $14, 13 May 9. 10. 11 May 6, $7. 8 May 3. 4, 5 Autr 5 16't7 8 Thrno-T June 16, 17, $18 June.19. 20. 21. 22 June 27, 28. 29, 30 June 23, 24, $23. 26 Aug.' 30, 31, Sep. 1 Hint I Aug. 12, $13, 14. Aug. 9, 10, 11 Aug. 18. 19, $20 Aug. 15, 16, 17 Mav 5 6 "7 Mav 2"' 23 4 June 6, 7. 8 . May 31, June 1, 2 June 3, $4, 5 July $9 1011 12 July 5 6 7 V LeaffUe July $2. 3. 4-4 July 29, $30. 31. Aug. 1 Aug. 2, 3, 4, 5 Zu 14, 15, 16 Sep $17,' 18-18 league Aug. $27. 28, 29 Aug. 30,31, Sep. 1 Sep. 2, $3, 4 May 19 20 $21 May 16 17 18 May $2S, 29, 30-3O , . June 3, $4, 5 May 31, June 1, 2 July 17, 18, 19, 20 July 13, 14, 15. $16 Aug. $6, 7, 8 Games AuS- 3- 5 Julv 29- 3(' t31, Aug. 1 Sep. 8, 9, $10 Sep. 11, 12, 13 Sep. 5-5, 6 Sep. 2, $3, 4 Aug. SO, 31, Sep. 1 May 16. 17, 18 May 25, 26-26 June 9, 10, $11 June 12, 13. 14 June 6, 7, 8 July 13. 14. 15. $16 July $9, 10, 11, 12 July 21, 22. $23, 24 July 25. 26. 27. 28 ThlS t. Sep. $17. 1S-18 Sep. 14, 13, 16 Aug. 24, 25, 26 Aug. 21, 22, 23 Aug. $27, 28. 29 Mav 22, 23, 24 May 19, 20. $21 June 12. 13. 14 June 9. 1 $11 May $28, 29, 30-30 July 5, 6, 7, 8 y July 17. 18, 19, 20 July 23. 26, 27, 28 July 21. 22. $23, 24 Aug. $6. 7, 8 Season Sep. 11, 12, 13 Sep. 8, 9. $10 Aug. 21. 22. 23 Aug. 24, 25, 26 Sep. 5-5. 6 Sundays ISLANDERS IN PRACTICE GAME Over 400 fans passed a free gate at Douglas park yesterday afternoon and watched George McQuillan trot his Islander candidates through their paces. George split his squad into two team3 and held a practice game that meant nothing in the win and lose column but a whole lot to the fans and the manager and playerc. Twenty-one men were on hand for the drill. They were placed as nearly es possible in the positions that they will battle for. Two practices a day are on the schedule from now until the cut comes. Ten o'clock each morning, weather permitting, will see thet boys out at the lot and they must also leave the table at noon and hike to the park for an afternoon session. Those in action at the park yesterday were Manager McQuillan, Youngblood, Eddie Lenahan, Frank Murphy, Ray Smith, Bredberg, Kuenn, Cummings, Wick, Denman, Kreisinger, Walt Miller, Westphal, Thornton, Dennis, Brooks, Cross, McCaffrey, Schenck, Ed Franci3 and Frank Emmer. TIE IN SHOOT; PRO GUNS HIGH BY "TRAP SPRINGER" George Nicolai of Clinton. Great Lakes Handicap champion last year and Walter Kunkel of Daven- port divided honors in the Davenport Gun club's shoot held yesterday at the Levee traps. They broke 90 birds out of a 100 string release invthe face of a fitful wind that proved extremely puzzling. Two professional shots were present and recorded scores that are excellent when conditions are considered. John R. Jahn broke 97 out of a 100 and Edwards got 93. Nicolai and Kunkel were two bird.s ahead of the field, Crook and Emil Buck placing second with 88. Fifteen other shots were strung out down the line. The scores follow: (Possible 100) George Nicolai 5 AV. Kunkel ! Crook SS Kmil Euck Paul 87 1j. Martens M5 Fredericks 8 W. K. Morgan M Palmer 84 Paddoi Xi A. I.. Taylor 82 C. A. Hagemann fcrt fiardner 77 (lavlord ' M 11. Yoss B C. D. Wynian 0 (Possible 80) A. Federson 61 (Possible 40t Dunn 26 Ament 24 Professional (Possible 10U) John Jahn P7 KdwJrds S3 Plow Squad Is Given Joyous Mit By Fans BY J1MMIE ST.4PP Oh boy, they are looking fine. Some of the Plow Boys- arrived yesterday and were given the glad hand. If ever men were well received in a town those Plow Boys were when they landed in Moline. Duefel, Schollenberger "and Beck were the first arrivals. As an example of the way they were greeted, one of the fans saw-Jake Duefel yesterday morning for the first time. "Gosh. Jake, you are sure looking fine. You are certainly a Fight for sore eyes'," is the greeting he gave the acting man-! nger. ! Duefel started them to wrork at 10 o'clock this morning and judging from the pep that was shown at the park they sure are a fast bunch. Jake is holding them down till rhcy get into condition but with this sort of weather it is some job. Schollenberger is the only wan who is not a pitcher or catcher that has come as yet, the rest ofi the squad not being due till Friday. It is a mistake to say that Schollie is not a catcher for if he is always on the job as he was today he will come in mighty handy beVmd the bat some time. After playing catch lor an hour Jake ran them around Saturday HIS NAME IS CHANGED. BUT NOT HIS SWAT Now we have a fighter wanting to change the spelling of his name by the addition of a letter. Changing Van Ryn to Van Ryan makes a Hollander into a 50-50 Dutch and Irishman and produces quite a combination. Can't quite see his idea unless its to let Davenport's Celtic populace know that he is one of 'em. He wants it known that he remains the same fighter under bis new monicker. Al Van Ryan, to use his new-cognomen was blessed with an Irish mother and a Dutch father and so sends in the above request. From now on Van Ryan goes. He will arrive in Davenport Wednesday morning early, for his bout with Frankie Welch before the Davenport legion on Thursday night at the armory. Welch will arrive tomorrow afternoon at 2:26 from Chicago. He will be accompanied by his manager, Lou Goldman and "Whitey" Ross, who meets Emmett Sheehan of Rock Island in the prelims. The remainder ot the card is complete with George Melichar and Young Shugg in the semi-windup and Donald Dickson and Kceler in the curtain rai.ser. last Call for Seats Legion promoters state frankly that the word to get your seats now or go without is a promise and not a threat. The advance sale for once in the history of the local fight game is such that tho fight could be held tonight anddraw a capacity house. The slumber of Fred Waterman, "Sky" Lohmiller and Patrick Joseph DIotz is like that of the just untroubled. Welsh will probably be present around the armory late tomorrow afternoon but it is not likely that he will step through hi3 paces. He will rest up and then hit a bit of training on Wednesday morning and afternoon. Just light stuff but enough to let local bugs get a look at him. Van Ryan will also step around Wednesday afternoon. the track twice before he would let them take their showers. They went out again at 2:00 o'clock this afternoon for another session which was a bit stiffer. Tomorrow they will start batting practice but it will be very light. Following is the men who have reported and were out today: Duefel, Condon, Gestner, Kennedy, Beck, Kraus, Mackey, Bowersox, Beahl, Dahlin and Schollenberger. Woodhead will not be here till Friday night. LOCAL PAIR CERTAIN OF BUFFALO MONEY Art Salzman and Bill Asmus, local bowlers who shot a 1212 total in the doubles at Buffalo In the A. B. C. tournament this year, are awaiting notification as to where they placed on the list. It is safe to say that they will be inside the first twenty teams in the doubles with this count. Dealers Rights Available No Experience Necessary For this territory, on a well known, nationally advertised, popular priced, high grade six cylinder automobile. Liberal discounts, bis opportunity for the right party, enormous possibilities. F. L. Beck 2233 S. Michigan A to, Giicatro, Illinois Islander Home Dates At Glance Here are the Three-I league dates on which games will be played at Douglas park in Rock Ieland. Clip this, paste it up in your office and try and bat 1.000 in attendance at the park this summer. The dates: May 1C, 17, Is Terre Hante. May 19, 20, 21 Bioominirtoiv. May 22, 23, 24 tvansilllc. May 2.5, 211, 27 Peoria. June 3, 4, Otlar Rapids. Jnne 0, 7, S Bockford. June 12, 18, ll-Moline. Jnly 2, 3, 4 Rockford. July .', B, 7, fc K.ransiille. July 9. 10, 11. 12-Peorla. Jnly 13, II, 15, 1ft Terre HanU. July 17, IN 19, 20 Bloomlngtou, July 2.'., 2C, 27, 2S-MoUne. Aue. 5. (h "t Cedar Rapids. Aug. 24, 2. 2ft Moline. Aug. 27, 2S -A Rockier. Ang, 30, ai-Sept. 1 ledar Rap-Ids. Sept. 8, 9, 10 Bloominaion. Sept. 11, 12, 13 KvansTllle. Sept. 14, li, 1ft PeorliU Sept. 17, IV-Terre Haute. League Bowling Banquet April 19 The annual banquet of the Davenport Bowling league will he held at the Hotel Blackhawk on the evening of Tuesday, April 19. The disribution of prize money and trophies will be a part of the program. '' Miller Team Leads The Miller Hotel team, needing only one game out of a series of three to win first place in the Davenport league, is confident that it will be 1921 champions. The games are with the Mueller Lumber team and are postponed from the regular playing season. The Stark team is in second place and the Kohrs team in third. To Cedar Rapids. Local bowlers will string out over the road to Cedar Rapids noxt Saturday night and early Sunday morning to take part in ths city bowling tournament on Sunday. Local men are entered in all events. The Blackbawk team. Vinall, Salzman, Asmus, Krabbenhoeft and Holms will also shoot the fifth and deciding match game with the picked Cedar Rapids team. Each live has won two games to date. 0 Peoria on List, Peoria's annual tournament will also be visited by a local delegation. Several bowlers have stated that they will attend. Are You a Judge of Good CHILI CON CARNI? Does your tade yearn for that indefinable flavor 1hat smacking- goodness fonnd only In the 111. XL .11 ex Iran II I Ml I We Have It Yon will rwoimlze It instantly the delicious and rare Mexican Chili. Sot a tub. stltiite, but the genuine as made in the country of its origin. lVe import the in-gn-dients. An experienced chef does the rest. COME IN AM) TRT A 1501YL Cigars, Lunch and Tobacco Lily ofi Draught OASTER & V1URRAY 227 rtRRT (STREET TRAP MEN IN VICINITY GOOD BY "TRAP SPRINGER" Illinois trapshooters, residing in close proximity to the quad-cities, are also well represented in the of ficial averages of tho American Trapshooting Association. Some of the smaller towns in this vicinity boast of clay bird artists that are widely known. i Quad-city tran men are well ac quainted with all ot the gunners named below and have a healthv respect for their ability. Kevrnee, Sheffield and Annawan ha?e a Rood share of the men named below, although four other towns enter men in the list of sixteen shooters, whose averages are listed in the official records. Special attention is brought to the erun nrowess of V. S Winhirler il Alexis. He' shot at 2,400 birds in registered meets and broke 2180, for a per cent of .90 and over. lie records, with tha shooters listed alphabetically, follows: :snou lirokft. ret. r. Anderson, Alexis... 100 7:t R. K Arter, Kewanee. 1 50 i:S'J J. J. Ashley, Kewanee 150 lili! f. Kartlu'lman. An'wan ". l F, Bills, Sheffield 12 O. V. ilood, HillHd.ile. .ltr.rt l:t I.. 51. Hay, Annawan. 300 '2r'2 ('. Henrtorsoti. (ialva., Jf.0 n H. Jacohs. Annawan.. 410 3ii) H. Knowlton. .Sheff... ir.i) JIU K. Newall. Sheffield.. ISO HI J. Ptapleton. Sheffield. lri). 1.17 A. H. Taylor, Milan.. 00 4!M ,1. Thompson, Kewanee 150 114 K. Wlnbijrler, Alexis.. 2400 Iiso T. Wyld, Kewanee ... -SO lH'i 7 It .;i .81 .It.") .US .st .Ml !! :m .K'J .7!' .70 CUBS BEAT OAKLAND sax francisco! Cai., April 4. The Cubs journeyed over to Oakland yesterday morning and took a fall out of the Oaklands. 9 to 4. Tho Cubs didn't win the game the Oaks gave it away. . The major leaguers collected only seven hits, but made them count. Two of them in the ninth Inning assisted in scoring five runs after the hostile fiingers had gone w-Ud. All told the Cubs collected eignt bases on balls and had two members socked in the slats. DOUBLE 1 mm muniimiv ' e0m "T V'i' ' V'"""" r jf F F 1 V c - J V v.' TUST A SONG Oh man you jut can't resist telling about the com plete comfort and active service of these double-grip, double-duty-doing Paris. Wearing 'era sort of brings a melody to your heart at the end of a busy day-And all to the rune of 50f. Double Grip SOP and up ASTEIN&COMPINY BLiiers Children! HiCKCRY Cirters CHICAGO Taken tip-buy Parit todayrcmcmber they've been ' . f-w ' w 1.V . j r , Roc k Island opens the Three-I league season at Peoria on May 2 and 6Ting3 back home on May li with Terre Haute for the opening game on the home lot. Blooming-ton, Evansville and Peoria follow and then the Islanders leave homi on the second road trip, a short, one however ot six days to Rockford and Cedar Rapids. v t Returning for six games with. Cedar Rapids and Rockford, June 3 to 8, the club makes a flying trip to Cedar Rapids again, playing three daya to return for the series with Moline at Rock Island, June 12, 13 and 14. The club then leaves these parts until July 2, when with, Rockford, it plays a four game series as a holiday attraction. Rockford, Evansville, Peoria, Terre Haute and Bloomington follow iu a home series of 19 games. Rock Island is given one holiday at home, Rockford on July 4 and ateo nine Saturdays and ten Sunday dates. On the road the Islanders play two holiday dates, Mo line on Labor day and Rockford at- Rockford oa Decoration day. Eleven Saturdays will be spent in foreign, parts and ten Sundays likewise. Kair F.uougli' Every schedule has something objectionable about it. but Rock Island considers Tearney's choice, as this one is, as being much better than Hie 1920 chart and should make a bigger showing at the gate ' with its well placed holiday games that was thought of last year. Sunday A, M. Club In First Contest Years add grey hairs and stiffness to joints, facts that interfere with the pursuits of youth. At" least this is claimed by members of the Sunday Morning Baseball club, who are bemoaning the fact that "Doc" McCormack was absent from the opening session of the club yesterday morning at the Marquette street grounds. The Lawton team copped a brilliant game by a 4-2 score from the opposition. The winners had an infield just a trifle short of the $100.-000 class, with Tom Walsh at first, "Red" Wolters at second. "Old War Horse" Kieffert at third and Dutch Edwards at short The winning Battery was Lawton and Packy Phelan while Ruths and Ike Edwards worked for the losers. There were no casualties except for a few injured feelings. ; E. M. TIGERS WIN, 4-3 IN FIRST (10 OF YEAR The East Moline Tigers defeated the East Moline Cubs in a ten in ning ball game yesterday afternoon by a score of 4 to 3. The batteries, were: For the Tigers, Blade, Mur phy and Cresswell; for the Cul, Rosenberger and Fry. LEWIS MEETS PESEK IN MAT BOUT TONIGHT NEW YORK. April 4. EI (Strangler) Lewis, world's cham pion wrestler, will defend his title here tonight against John Pesek of Nebraska. Lewis said today he will retire if defeated. H AT TWILIGHt - Single Grip 35 P end uji KTW TOM m w k v - . . t - - .

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