The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 7, 1934
Page 2
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IWO WflTHBVILIJS, (AKK.) COUB1KB NEWS ~ Social Calendar THURSDAY'S EVENTS " **. B. Joyntr bavins Thurs- club. yui|U»t;b uiuu. . - •••" WUJMH.M tx.-xiivii ut \vmuil 1^ MRS lursday Luncheon club incel- dccldixl lo purchase more backs for wltW Mrfi .1 A Tjlivll CilC HhrarV Him l\nll. IllnlllU/lv llur- .vltri Mrs. J. A. Leech. •Mrs. W. L, Horner having Mid"*"" Bridge club. ,„ M, S. First Methodist church hwrfng prayei- service, 2:30 p. in. (JJie Rev. and Mrs. J. T. Renfro fftUrUinlng young people of Sec- oM- Baptist church, 7:30 p. in. JJf. D. C. meeting with Mrs. J. 2JU1 Brooks, 2:30 P. M. JT FRIDAY'S LVENTS JJ?. M. S. First Mclhodlsl church having prayer service. JJ3 SATURDAY'S EVENTS 3Jassoii-Dunham wedding lo bo 'sed nt. Hanson home, 1 i^..,^ Lloyd Sllckmon, Murray Swart unrt Jesse Taylor having party at country cluh, 2:30 C'ompiimcnUil "tfes. Charles CroWder, who was before her recent marriage, Miss Jtargarct Gray, was gurst of honor tfr a surprise shower parly given Ust evening at the home of the Hcv. and Mrs. Stuart H. Balinoii, IJy the Woman's auxiliary mid ypans people's group of Die First Presbyterian church. Mrs. Growdcr ii active In these groups. i Because she Is making her home In the country, the "fiinn" molll 85 uniquely.- carried , out tliioueh- ut the parly. Corn stalks,' stalks «t cotton and pumpkins were banked against Hie walls of the flircc entertaining rooms, bundles qf onions, lurnl|)s and enrs of (jorn were suspended from the doorwaj's, find (lie centerpiece of tile dining table was a rcrt chcck- ^d gingham cover and candles In potatoes for holders. A knock at Ihc door announced Oara Grace Joyncr and Clmrlcs fcggcU, dressed as "Miss Fanner{Uc and Master Former" who were drawing a miniature load"of i}8 qu were.drawing a miniature load ol ;"r" i"" ^"i me "old I'canody Cotton. Underneath the cotton '" Memphis on Wednesday, Nov- •Werc found the assorlctl cltls. ember 21st. •fere found the assorted gifts. J Ginger bread, toped with whip ijed cream, liot chocolate nnd cof- ""• •-"•"'B'"" itoom in one o'clock fee were rervcd the 25 present, who !" ld tllc " cards will be played In *r»-n+« In I tin tii-irln'i- l. nA l. »_ nr .~..l I llUr Till If (I l> T? n/Uli ill 4 ...„ !'..!_ _1_ »'))« jiiel nt the hotnc of Mrs. (jcu. W. Barham Monday afternoon, Mrs. Ollle Foster wns assistant hostess. Mrs. Etlllh McCoo), president, led the business ihe library. One new member, Mrs. Flay Beck, -was enrolled. Mrs. linr- ham was elected vice president (o fill the vacancy made by lli c removal of Mrs. K. K. Lalhner. For Ihe devotional Mrs. I,. \, Wnrd used "Moments with Ihc Master" for the theme with Psulm 107 us Uic scripture. Mrs. W. T. Darnctt, presented the program In which Mrs. James Cecil Lowe played 1111 oriental piano selection, n playlet, "Wllhiti Uic Gates," wns given by Mines. K. M. Tony, M. FilzslmmoMs, Jolm C. McHancy, V. E. HnUcrwortli, M. I. MOOD Jinil uwc und Alls Mildred Smith, who wore appropriate costumes, Mrs. .1. c. Ellis spoke on "When we Shared," and Mr*. A. M. Washbum on "Sharing wilh Orlcjitals." A display of oriental articles II- luslraled Uic customs of tlicie pco- ple. The hostesses used u Thanksglv- ng motif In (he serving of refreshments. c « • Wcdnrsiluy Club Mrinlicrs Alltml 1'iirly in Memphis. Mrs.-John F. Finlcy, who recently returned to Memphis for an extended stay, entertained members of the Wednesday Bridge club, ol svWcli slic Is it member, with a luncheon at the Holcl Pcnbody todnv Mines. W. H. Mlnyiird, Harry Kb-by, w. J. Wimdcrlleh. Clarence Vollmcr, FnnimoTlh lilucJ: and W J. Pollard went. down. Following llic luncheon, served In the iniihi dlnlns room, bridge was plnyed. Kciiclii rarly I'littincd By I). ,V. K. Chapter The Wlllltim Strong Chapter, D A.'.ll. of which Mrs. D. M. Biggs oj.:l'roctor, Ark., is Regent, will ., entertain wllh luncheon nnd Holcl I'cabody The luncheon will be held (n the Georgian rioom at, one o'clock y*;«ui«*(.-» oiriiiuilj -...»vu i.n M UIL 1 Master Ciiarlcs Lcgsett, son of cll »Plci- takes Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Lcggcll, had Tllc 1"'^° is $5 of liis friends as his Biiesls {estcrday afternoon because H »'as his fifth blrtliday. • Alter several games tlic dren were served sandwiches and tjol chocolate. :ii)]lus. ... ,.._ in' three counties, clollur pei- IKT- on. Rcsci-VHlioiis for (lie hridgc uiicluxm can be nnitic wilh Mrs clill- Clauilc Davis, of Vincent, Ark t flub Jlects | Mrs. Max B. Held won the prize iti the bridge game Tuesday after- soon when Mrs. Dixie Crawford entertained the Young Matrons eiuenaincci me Young Matrons «""»• ruoiicuy—Mrs. P. P. Jacobs Bridge club. It was a perfume bol- ™'nplits: Miss Corn L CC Colcranni Oc and powder box on n mirrored n'S'lf'Cvillc; Miss Mn'rjorlc Ranibo h-ay. Wlilener, Ark. Candy—Mrs. C. M. 'A saiad, .Individual nuinpkin Ha) ' ll ' e "> Osceola: Mrs. Harolrl t .1 autau, illulVluuul IJUIlLp^lll Vies, and coffee were served the '— lables of playcre wlilcli )n- Harwell, Osceofa; Mrs. Harold Vcaver. Proctor; Mra. Alfred Mud- »v*u luuiL-d ui i>]ayere wnici) In- ^ ox - CiiiwfordsviUo. Prixes — Mrs; eluded one guest, Mrs. W. L). Me- D - M - '"BBS. Proctor, Mrs. John ftl1irl ' i " Ecninglon. Osccolu; Mis. Hugh ,'iaig, Osceoh\; Mrs. Jolin Uzffill Venn Point. Cards—Mrs. W. J. Jrivcr, Qscpohi; Mrs. L. K ftter Marlon. , , .Chrysanthemum's and roses were osed for decorations. ',«':• ~i " * * {'lob Has Guests Mlrs. Everett B. Oen and Mrs. H. HighfiU were guests of Mrs. W. {.ton Smith when she also had Uie Tuesday Bridge • club members for lunch and a bridge game. I The dining room of her siib- Viban home was arranged with a centerpiece ot roses, azeralum and tiny yellow chrysanthemums for Vie table. A two course menu was served. • The prize, a chromium fcnt to Mrs. M. A, Isaacs. »': * ' ' • l*aders Announced For Prayer Week i Mrs. A. B. Fan-field will tray, k-ader of the progrnm TliurEtiay afternoon arranged as a pan ot Qie observance of the week of »rajer by the woman's missionary **Iety of ihe Fii-st Methodist fliurch from November < to 10. The closing service, Friday afternoon, will be led by Mrs. B A . Bynch. t Home and foreign missions 'nre » te stressed in these two programs. »• ' *. * •-«-;H»v« AH Day Mtelinj J Members of the Woman's missionary society ot Promised Land neld an all day meeting at the cjiurch Monday. After lunch a program was held In which Mmes Grovcr Sutherland, ' J N ' Hill 4 W. White, Wilbur Wahl, Houston Skelton, J.. c. O*Bannon and Alton Hardy participated. To Have Kngo Party. ; The bingo parly, planned for this e.vening al Ihc social hall or the . Immaculate Conception church will begin at 8 o'clock. Admission will op 35 cents. v • • • Ohrhtl»n church Women lUvS ittttlinf. >A devotional, business session program • oil "Oriental Americans' and a social hour entertained mem bers of the woman's missionary society .or the first Christian churc; . 'I'lic Guild ul Hie First Ciuisliiin cliureh met at T:3l) Tuesdiiy evening nt the home of Mrs. Novclle Hiimphrcy. 'j'|,c wibjcct of the devotional, led -by Mlts Minnie Mnt- tlicws. was "Moments with tlic Muster." Mrs. Clifford Joyncr led the program, "Oriental America," and wns nsslslcd by Mrs. M , n . Cameron, Miss jess,, Si .|i ( ,_ llll( , Mlss Lela Beck. Mrs; V. K. Butterawth n new member, gave a tuik on the work done mnong Hie Japanese an-l I'Vllplnos tn tlieir sclllciiient i:i El Centra, cill, 1-toliOH-Ing [|| C . prognnn rcfrcsli- mcnts were served to Ihc twelve Biicsts present. W. M. U. lias A illitslon Study Tile 52 members of the woman's inlisiomiry union of (he Fil . sl Baptist churcli who -ullcnncil the , . rs. Margin-on Barbleis of Oscc- a.-Mrs. J. p. Clark of lilythe- 'illc or at the Peabcdy Hotel with Miss Perry, (lie social secretary A list of Committees follows- Ickets-Mi-s. Claude Davis, Mrs Margaret BnrWora, Mrs 'j „ •>lark Publicity-Mrs, p. p. Jacobs] cs Issued Ihe imirriugc II- < >Iarri;ige I. Included B ^ censes recently issued from tii'u Blythcville office of the county court arc: Miss Cora Bell Silencer (inci Jtvmcs C. Hrtivcy, bolh ot Mamiailukc, Ark., nuuVlcrt by the lev. w. V. Womack. pastor ol Ihc First Melhodist church; Miss Er- icstine Barjililll of llnrrisbui);, Ark., and Zeiius Vcrnon of Mn- illa. by Justice John \V. Ncrd- iam; Mlis Edith Mildred Rey- lolds and Herbert Kssary, both of Bootlis I'oint, Tcnn.. by (he Hev. W. K. Hcrrort: Miss I.ucile Vclliirs nnri Jack Moody, boln of here, by he Rev. J. ri. Shcplierd; Mi'ss lx>renn Cornice and Emery L. ""' ' Ihu Etoil Wright. Ijotli ol Manila, by Ftcv. j. \v. Muorc; Miss " „ Adams and j. L. Joiner, bolh of ;ierc. by Ihe Rev. j. BHifford Ciildwcil; Miss Georgia ihiii ,II K | For REAL I'rolccllon Phone 101 CLAHK-WILSON AGKNCY General Insurance 'We Pay All Losses With a Smile'- James B. Clark - Baker Wilson K. K, SU'pliens, lioth of hero, by Justice Oscar Alexander; Miss Loulw; ['aimer cl Tomuto :ni<l Kil- ivlii i'lckens of Armorel, by the Hcv. .1. llluffoix! Cnldweli; Mtss Opal l>rooks and Churlr.s HolJings- worth, both of here, by Iho Hcv. II. J. lUeindicnsl, pastor of the Pilerlm Lullicran church; Mlts Bcrllia Sapp and Louis Perdue, both of iiere, by (lie Rev. J. R. Hhcphcrd; Miss Eva Scott mid Arlln linker, bolh of here, by the Hcv. J. 15. iioiilli; " Miss Birdie Frame nnd llcnry C. Oxford, both of Rosclund, by Justice C. c Marrs; Miss Min-ic l>ilce and Johnnie Culllns, toth of M:uiil;i by the Hcv. W. H. Horn; Miss Beatrice f'lranun and Talmaduc Nimmo, both of Manila, by Justice John w. Nccdliiim; Miss Irene iiiliigitaiii mid Willlmn Kirk- rltk, ljuth of Ashport, Tcnn. Ihc licv. J. lilufforil Ciiliiwcll; Miss Jc.slnl Sornthy Sprenkle niul Jesse W. llodgers. both of Mimtla, by Justice K. f. Alston; Miss Helen Tomllnson and Clco Wvcnn, Iralli of Manila, by Hie Rev. w. J. (,<•'toy, pastor of the Liikc St Mctliodist church; Miss Jc.s.slc Glenn and Vclmon Murtin, both nl Dell, by the Ite\". Guy Murphy; Miss Miiijiion C'ni-tcr uiiil Cturcncc Thorpe, both of Manila, by Justice John W. Nrrdlmm; Miss ISIIiel Pankcy and Samuel Harrcll. both of Animrel. by the licv J IJItiiford Caldwell; M| ss ixjiiisi- Enson and F. L. Cioiich. both of Mnnllii, by JiisUce Jolui w. Nccd- liam. Jiii'ding iit ll,c oiiurel, Monday altcrnoon heard it mission pro yrain given, Mrs. Otis Shepherd led tile dc- vnlional and the mission lesson on "Wlicrc Is He?" WHS given by W. M. Williams. This was u me. lude for HID special iveek of prayer for December. Amoiig those present WHS Mrs Hollis and Mrs. Williamson of ParaeotiLd. Mrs. Wlinamson is the wife of the pastor of tlic First iJitpllst L-lnirch there. In the tociiil hour plncaimlu cake ;md coffee were served by Mines, rtlvln Huffman, U. w Mullliis, Otis Siicpherd, J w Bishop and John Biilncr. Bits oj Nttis Mostly Personal 777 ' At F*r Q*kfc uM DrpemUM* Wrecker Senrke Motor Co. Don't Fail To Read Kirby's Ad in Tomorrow's Paper John I^ovc is jii Memphis today lor the meeting ol Ihu McKesson company ut the Hotel Oayoso this ovenlni! where he will be present cd several pmcs won in recent contests. He will also receive Kci- gar Borum's prices, won in similar coulc-sus. Mrs. Denver Dudley mid son Uobevl, of Jonesboro, were In tin cily today as guests of Mr, ant Mis. W. Leon Smith and Mr Diifllcy ivho l.s in-osccnllng uttor- ncy. /I'hcy accompanied Mrs. W C. Craig who spent the day witli her daughter, Mrs, Bruce Holt. Mr. and Mrs. G, G. Cuudill and fmitlly ha™ relumed from a motor Irlp lo Oklahoma city, where they visited relatives and saw the Missouri-Oklahoma game, and then to Columbia. Mo., ncconv- panying John Cauilill, a Missouri University, who met them In Oklahoma City. They left Thursday. Mr. and Mr.s. T. A. Reid nnd Iwn children and Mrs. c. G. flirts s[K>nt yesterday In Memphis n-licre the Held buby is un- dcrBOtng treatment* at Campbell's Clinic for n leg.' ' : Leslie Hooper, who went lo Hot SprhiBs two weeks ago because .of ill health, is resting.very well,Mrs. Hooper is wild him. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Waterman, of I Memphis, tire guests of Mr, and Mrs. J. p. Lent]. :' Mrs. j. T. Hall returned to her home in Dyei-, Tcnn., Tuesday al- ler having been the guest of licr lister, Mrs. G, J. Walker, and Mr Walk?!, Mr, aim ;,ii's. G. J, Walker, Mr. nrt Mrs. f. A. Walker and family ivili go to Alei-Jdlai), Miss., tomorrow lor several days ility with relatives. J. Walter Coljl) Jr., O f Memphis, wns tin- (ju°st of Miss Miirgiierilc Wilson Sunday. He resided here a number ofycars ago. Mrs. II. A. Lynch went to Mom- pins this afternoon for Mr. Lynch who has been receiving irealmcnl at the Methodist hospital for several days. Miss Bobbie [/>c King, who un- erwMil an operation lor a stiffened knee Monday a i the Blytlieville hospital, is vesting very well. Mrs. J. It, Klvhy of I'avngould who has been visiting her diiugh. ler In Bp|i!0]ii, Miss., arrived yestcr- iJaj- lo spend the rest of tin. week with Mr. and Mrs. Elton W. Kirby and Mrs, Harry Kirby. The two Mrs. Kirbys motored to Mr>mphls for her yesterday. Mrs. Allan pickard has returned from a two weeks stay in Memphis Brownsville and Covlngtoii, Tenn. Ur. and Mrs. Lloyd i<in c , o( Cruwfurdsvillc,' Hid., were giicsts of Hrs. Call and Udna Nics last night. Mr.s. John c. Mcllancy and Mrs. T. li, Tatc liavc gone | 0 f'ort Smith for the slate Parent-Teacher association meeting. Mrs. Mclliincy is representing the city groups and Mrs. Tate | S president of the tilth district. J-'ejii.ile l)fpr Had Anlltm QUEBEC (UP) — Female itccr wilh antlers are wandering around Quebec's forests, one of Ihcm was killed by two Quebec hunters, J. A. Chiilifemr and T. E. Giraux, in fiimouski County. They siiol the deer thinking it was a buck. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBKIt 7, HUM Osceola Society — Personal S. L. Glaiiisli spent llm d:iv ill uiUGOuld on business. Mr. and Mrs. |,. s. Mitchell 'have returned lo their home after a month's stay in SI. Louis. Uwight Blackwood was ati Osce otu visitor yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. John Blackwood of utlle nock have moved to Osceola lo inakc their home. Mr. Blackwood. Is in the automobile buslncis here. LAMAU, Col.' (UP) — Trench [cups. mouth amoiiB ERA workers In Prbwcrs County lias bceoiii? w ' alarniine (hat an order has been Issued for workers to bring to work and use their own drinkinc Now I.Qcaied at Southeast Curner Walnul and Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER . SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor ilf iiiakwufrebulHTypewriters, Adding M«li!oe»»ndCa!i:iiUlsrp Repairing;—Parts—Ribbons VilODi 51 phest Colds \^A .... Best treated wilhout "dosing" STAINLESS now, if you prefer FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE HEVT. ROME SLUMBERON The Mattress Luxurious New Exclusive Features**— 1—Home Inner Spring' construction— Hour glass coils— completely knotted and anchored in .units, of four—assures perl'ect vertical action. 2—Units hinge-tied to each other assures proper sleep tor light or heavy people-no rolling center. 3—The side wall is supported by six strong cords—backed with heavy-Duck to prevent stretching and breaking down of side wall. • j '1-Substantiai and tailored handles —' convenient for turning. 5—Frequent turning recommended to prolong life of mattress. And many other equally valuable--features, '' : CHAS. S. LEMONS Good Furniture Moderately Priced Chas. S. Lemons FURNITURE Fast Selling Specials Prices Are Always RIGHT at This Stere BEDS, BEDDING, SPRINGS 'j. \"\y™ [ ' !k ' sl (;rmlc ' ln >» »e<l Sa.'J5 50-lJi. Cotton Mattress Cm! .SjM-injr, Jk'st Grade ... 52.95 5D-U, I'hlurf P VHHrpV« Double EUnnkcts ______ 1 S1 . 25 Comiorls „__._!„„ _ '" See ttihvr Ueds, Spriiiffs nnd flhittresscs BED ROOM SUITES — _ $5.95 S7.t)j .._ 51.95 New Designs S29.75 3 IV. Walnut Veneer, unusaal value 5J9.50 p" 'CL"J 'j"n"" rf U "«— ?59 ' r>tl :i ''''' Al!1|)le Ambcr Finish ? 5i '-5» « Fc. Miadcd Brown Elm, New and Beautiful $59.50 And others. See them. \ LIVING ROOM SUITES 5 o C ' If, P ^ Stry ' neW design $29 ' 75 2 Pc - Ta P«try, new design $34.75 ^ ^c, Al! Over Mohairs, Best Grade-Assorted Colors $49.75 And others. See them. FELT BASE FLOOR COVERINGS 2 Yds. Wills, New Goods, Specially Priced, at 39c per Sq. Yd. Other grades. See them. 0 x !) Uti KS $275 ,, x L - 2 Kugs ^ 7g . .' ' : ;- !) x 12 Ru«a, lixli-u Quality'-; $5.91) 11-J x 12 and 11-3 x 15 Armstrong Rugs. Get Prices. KITCHEN and BREAKFAST ROOM GOODS Kitchen Cabinet, Ivory & Green, Glassware, Bargain $19.95' Kitchen Cabinets, Ivory & Green ._ $1575 Breakfast Room Suites, 5 pcs., Green and Natural Oak, drop leaf $1350^ Break ast Roo m Suites, 5 pcs., Green Oak, extension $16*75 Breakfast Room Suites, 5 pcs., unfinished, drop leaf, and nice chairs $ 8J5 Utility Cabinets, metal, large size, $6.90—medium size $ 5.60 Porcelain Top Tables, Special § 4.55 QUICK MEAL OIL RANGES Specially Priced with asbestos lighting rings $34 en Specially Priced with Famous Lorain Burners ." . . $4950 Wicks for all makes Oil Sloves We & 3«c Lighting |,i ng5 f,, r Oil Stoves lOc (o 20c COOK STOVES and RANGES Atlantic Ranges, 18 in. Oven— Few more at Many other types — See them, HEATERS, CIRCULATORS $29.75 CHAIITBK OAK J'ARLOK rURNACBS , Kxd, ls iv e Keatt.res, Price 'begins a) You should see them before you buy. CHAIRS and ROCKERS Cane Chairs, best grade .................... .. $ 90 Natural Rockers, Cane Seats, Assortment to Select from ""'"'$ ""l 95 up' Upholstered Rockers, Tapestry— Walnut Finish, Real value at $ 395 ; Occasional Chairs— Good values— Attractive Assortment— See & Get Prices LAMPS, MIRRORS Table— Pottery base, assorted— nice Parchment Shades, low at $ 1.19 Moor and Bndge— Specially priced as low as .. $ 1.29 Mirrors, assorted in Gold burnished and mottled, special at .................... $ I- 2 * Mirrors, Heavy Plate, Unusual Values ...... ................................. $ 1.45 Every Day a Sales Day at This Store CH AS. S. LEMONS Good Furniture Moderately Priced

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