The Miami News from Miami, Florida on July 19, 1977 · 1
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The Miami News from Miami, Florida · 1

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 19, 1977
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dt 1' 'Partly cloudy Scattered thundershowers. , Highs. upper 80s: lows. 70s. Winds 10-15 knots; seas 2-4 feet; bays. moderate chop. Complete weather, 2A Etcetera Jack the Ripper strikes again Another Jack the Ripper, the knifewielding fiend who carried out vendettas against London's prostitutes toward the end of the last century, has surfaced in Britain. Again, six ladies of easy virtue, as the newspapers identified them, have been found slashed to death in the north of England in the last year, the same toll the Ripper exacted. Police have formed a mental picture of the killer tall, with thick eyebrows, and noticeably large hands. And psychiatrists say his motive is exactly like that of his notorious predecessor. He has a pathological hatred of prostitutes. Snap, crackle, pop Sirimavo Banadaranaike, the world's only incumbent woman head of government, had better come up with a telling gimmick in elections being held soon. Junius Jayewadene, her chief rival in Sri Lanka, which used to be called Ceylon, has promised each citizen eight pounds of free cereal a week. , Shoot them! American historian Bradley Smith is sure to start controversy with his claim that Sir Winston Churchill wanted to have the Nazi leaders executed immediately on capture. In a just-published book, "Reaching Judgment at Nuremberg," Smith says Churchill and the British War Cabinet wanted Hitler, Goering and company dealt with 'politically' shot rather than judicially when World War Two ended, but dropped the Idea when they learned of Russian resistance to it. Smoked out In,Springfield, Mass., Mayor William Sullivan and Rep. Arthur McKenna, who helped inaugurate a new program to test auto emissions in the interest of the environment, sent their cars to be tested.' Both flunked. Stand-up comics Scientists at Britain's Poultry Research Center, trying to determine why some newly-laid eggs are cracked, finally discovered after dozens of experiments that some hens prefer to stand up, rather than sit while laying. Honest Harry cleared By forging city notes, "Honest Harry" Meiggs, speculator, patron of the arts and all-out rogue finagled $365,000 from the San Francisco treasury, slipped out of town by packet ship, and ended up in Peru and Chile, where he became a national hero by building railroads. Later, he repaid his debt to San Francisco, but when he died in 1877, his indictment was still on the books. Yesterday, in that city, the Court of Historical Review and Appeals, commenting that Honest Harry has gone before "a higher court than here,' bowed to supporters who have tried for years to clear his name, and said, "So be it. Doing it his way Michael Block insists he is not weird; indeed, he is a romantic just trying to find the right lady. Which is why he has spent $2,600 to put his picture, with addresss, on the illuminated advertisement clocks in eight locations on New York's Lexington Avenue subway. "I believe in marriage and Children," says Block, 35, who has unquenchable faith that No. 1 is going to walk Out of the subway and into his life. Men A May the good news You were wondering perhaps whatever happened to 54-year-old New York TV weather broadcaster Tex Antoine, who, commenting on a news story involving an attack on a small girl, said on the air, "With rape so predominant in the news lately, Confucius say, if is inevitable, relax and enjoy." The picketing by outraged women and a barrage of phone calls forced Antoine out of his job. That was last November, and such is the force of public opinion that he hasn't found work since. Loser's corner welcomes Con Ed' again. On the off chance New Yorkers had forgotten the folks who brought them the Big Apple Blackout of '77, the utility provided an encore scattered power failures on Manhattan's Upper East Side last night. -Ian Glass A class action suit has been filed on behalf of more than 6,000 elderly residents whose Social Security benefits have been Cut Story; SA , Classified 4D Lottery 4k Columns 9A Money 6A Comics I5D Movies 4B Deaths 4A Sports IC Editorials 8A Travel ID Lifestyle IC TV 6B Washiniton Par A Cox Newspaper West Bank provides stumbling block to Mideast solution egin unfolds peace plan to Carter An interview with Begin, 89 WASHINGTON President Carter and Israeli Prime Minister Menahem Begin today began sorting out their conflicting views on the shape of a peaceful Israel. Begin was bringing what he calls a "complete Mideast peace plan" to the White House. At the same time, reports from Tel Aviv indicate that examination of the closely held plan will reveal it to be a collection of proposals already rejected by Arab nations. Begin's schedule today called for a session with Carter at the White House, a "working luncheon" with Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, and afternoon meetings with Defense Secretary Harold Brown and Treasury Secretary Michael Blumenthal. In addition to a second meeting with the President tomorrow, Begin was scheduled for separate sessions with Zbigniew Brzezinski, the President's national security adviser, members of the House and Senate and a press conference. After a weekend of meetings with leaders of the American Jewish community, Begin arrived at An 161aAgogok,go..,,,..o.4..,;.4. Aw,z,44-k Graham cleans the Versailles lunch counter during his stint as bus boy Graham serves up a little politicking by being a bus boy for a day in Miami BILL DOUTHAT and JIM SMITH Miami Hews State Sen. Robert Graham learned two things about his new job as a bus boy at the Versailles. Don't exit through the kitchen entrance and fill the water glasses over the floor, not the table. Otherwise, the candidate for governor who has pledged to work one day at each of 100 jobs during his Good pickings awaiting amateur lobstermen BILL DOUTHAT Miami News Roporifir Thousands of amateur fishermen begin their annual pilgrimage to shallow coastal waters tomorrow in search of a precious and delicious sea treasure the spiny lobster. A special twoday season for lobster begins at midnight tonight and every reef, wreck and rock in south Biscayne Bay is likely to be inspected by a glove-handed diver bearing a net. "They will have good pickings," said Col. Cliff Willis, head of the Florida Marine Patrol. "A number of competent divers tell me there is an abundance of lobster down there." The Marine Patrol will also be out in abundance, using unmarked boats and binoculars to spot violators, Tuesday Afternoon, July 19, 1977 40 Pages I Columnist Larry King and Miami Dolphin head coach Don Shula relaxed in his comfortable office at Biscayne College. It was the first time in Shula's distinguished professional career that he had come off a losing season. First in a series. The Larry King interview Shulä looks back on a losing season: 'It should make us strong in future' campaign managed to survive the first hours of the 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. shift at the Cuban restaurant, 3555 SW 8th St. "Do you serve on the right or the left'?" Graham asked another bus boy as he prepared to serve coffee to a customer. "It doesn't make any difference." said the bus boy, Ramon Perez, 15. who accompanied Graham on his rounds because he was the only other bus boy who spoke English. King CL- The obvious first question You have never had a losing season. How did that affect this off-season as you reflect on It? Well, looking back, everything happened to us last year that I've never had happen to me in my coaching career. We lost some games that we'd never lost before, with errors that we'd never made before. We had a lot of injuries. We felt the effect of losing ( drews Aft Force Base yesterday expressing the hope that talks with Carter would help move the Middle East "to real peace." While such hopeful expressions came from both sides, it was unclear where the room for agreement would come in the two leaders' respective positions on territory captured by Israel in the 1967 war. Carter has called for Israel to relinquish nearly all the captured lands in the Sinai. the Golan Heights and the West Bank of the Jordan River. it is the West Bank that provides the stumbling block. Begin refers to this as liberated territory, as the historical, Biblical region to which the Jews are heir. Begin did indicate in New York, however, that Israel might offer the Arabs there autonomy and eco nomic programs to improve their standard of living. Begin also said Carter should abandon proposals for return of virtually all land captured in 1967. The next step after the Washington sessions will probably be a trip by Vance to Israel for more detailed talks with the government in preparation for a Gene. va peace conference with the Arabs. The Israeli government is said to be seeking a delay in Vance's trip, which was to take place in late July or early August. The purpose of the delay would be to gain time for the Israelis to sort out the effects of the Washington meeting. and even officers outfitted with scuba gear to make underwater arrests. Thirty-five divers were arrested during last year's two-day season. mostly for taking undersized lobster or more than the six-per-person-per-day limit. The 48-hour season allows amateurs a shot at the lobster before the regular season opens next Tuesday. More than 1,229 commercial fishertven, most in the Florida Keys, have applied for $50 licenses to take lobster by traps. The commercial fishermen will begin setting the traps Thursday, during the second day of the sports fishing season, but cannot remove lobster until Tuesday. Amateurs can also get lobster during the regular season, which runs through March, hut the limit changes to 24 per boat. Rules for amateurs are as follows, according to Lt. Leland Poole of the Miami office of the Marine Patrol: people without getting anything in return I'm talking about Csonka Mick and War field. Some of our younger players who were counted on to do the job as replacements for the first time didn't come through. And I think, although it was a losing season, if we can get the majority of the injured people back rehabilitated and some of the positive things that I've found Out about younger ball players, it should make us strong in the future. a: Do you learn more when you lose? A. When I look back on a negative situation, I've always tried to pick out the positive things and not spend a lot of time dwelling on what's happened that I can't control. Graham said he speaks "poquito (little)" Spanish and even carried on a brief conversation in Spanish with Jose Ortega. a car salesman. about the usefulness of Spain's king. "Es la era de jovenes (It's the era of the young)," Graham told Ortega. Graham, wearing a green waistcoat. and black bow tie, nervously juggled a See GRAHAM, 4A MILT SOSIN Special le The Miami News , FINAL Home Edition sloommoing -:, . P'p Beirut paper links Carter:': to secret talks with PLO !"' Associated Pres -. f - BEIRUT The Carter administration and the Palestinian guerrilla leadership are involved.. in secret highlevel contacts, the Beirut neWSpa' per Al Anwar reported today. The contacts included a meeting In LondOC June 24 between former Pennsylvania Gov. Wilt.... ham Scranton, chosen by President Carter to,' represent the administration. and Basil AkL ,4- member of the Palestine Liberation Organiza tion's (PLO) United Nations delegation, the re., . port said. . According to Al Anwar, the exchange begat( two months ago with a note to President Carter from PLO chief Yasir Arafat. The message outlined Arafat's vision of tfit7:,:' PLO role in resumed ArahIsraell peace negotis,..... tions in Geneva and his concept of a Palestiniatr- .state and peace treaties with Israel, the repoy,i;:.. said. Scranton reportedly sought 'explanation; and clarifications on some issues contained 1st,: the Arafat note that interested the Americla.::.. president," Al Anwar said. Ex-official ws; of Mexico accused here , in theft . A former high official of Mexico I was arrested by the FBI at a Collins 1 Avenue motel last night and held on ' preliminary bond of $I million. The arrest was made at the Fequest of the Mexican government, which accused 1, him of stealing $7.5 million from Mex- 1 ico's national treasury. Julius Mattson. , I 'i special-agentin- I ,c,,f I charge of the Miami ! e ".,.. ) FBI office, identified the official as Alfredo Rios Camarena, 39, tt ryomsili 10 ,:", who was general- it4.1r.4: . 1 t trustee of the Tree- ..,?1Z . 01 1 sury of Mexico from I 1971 until last lanu- . L.,... ... 1 ary. , Cameroon e. Mattson said the iarrest was requested by the Mexican government and authorized by U.S. .1 . Attorney General Griffin Bell. ,...! ' Mattson said that Rios Camarena was arrested by Miami FBI agents at a 1 motel on Collins Avenue, north of Miami Beach, where he was registered under the name "Alfredo Rios." : , Officials said the FBI had been looking for him since June. He had been traced to the Miami Beach area earlier this month. Rios did not meet the preliminary bond of $I million and was lodged in the Dade County jail overnight. He was taken from the jail to the U.S. Magistrate's Court this morning, ma- nacled to another prisoner for arraign- ment before U.S. Magistrate Peter Pal- . ermo. Assistant U.S. Attorney Jerome San- ford, who was assigned to present the preliminary case, said he would as that a new bond of $S million be set. Mattson said that Rios Camerena had been booked under a U.S. statute involving interstate transportation of stolen property, adding, 1The wherea- bouts of the money is still under investigation." . The lobster's carapace, or midsection, must be over 3 inches in width or the tail, measured from the carapace to the end, must be at least 51 inches. Female , lobsters bearing eggs cannot be taken. ' I The limit "means capable persons," Poole said. "A I : 4-year-old child is not considered capable of taking I : lobster." : Lobsters can he taken by hand or net hut not by spears or gigs. "If a lobster has a hole in it we can use that as prima facie evidence that he was speared,", said Poole. Also, fishermen cannot remove the tails from the lobster until they are brought to shore. Lobsters are usually found along reefs, rocky shorelines and under anything a rock or disc4rdpcil See LOBSTER, 4A The Miami News JOE RIMIWS See SHWA, SA Shute: One foot in the parking lot syndrome 1 t 1 '',44,,,., ,,,,' , ,,,,-,'"'"'-- ',,.- ' : , ,,,,- . . 4, - , . , ...,. , itos. . I r '''''';''''''' '' ?..1-, ,k,04, , I,: ,... , ' kSt' Is 4 0 i :' )Y 4 ,. L.) , i ' W 41z,,,, , 41; ' t. ' ,-,' , , ''' , t' ,o,""""''Avavom,,''' - j , ,r-..p.-fi. , thoJt . , .., . , 4 --, ,. ,,c,,.."- , ---1 .'-' 3 ,- , , ," ;', r"."1"7Cri(i,.' ,1,4 7 ' ''''' ' , ' ',;) . ,', ,. ' , ',,,,' ,' ''''' 4 MK 3 , e,, , ' , t , ; -,, 1 , , - - . 4. ,, ,, ,,. , ,,, . A -7'1 47" ' . - . ,; :' f i w- 't: . ' ''' -.ft': -'1' ' ',, 1 i' '11, ! ' , t .,i ,4.........,,4,-. - :, , , - ,,,,,,-,. :' ,,,,, t ;1 ,,., t 1 i, . , 1 .;;,... ?? .:, , ,,,,,,,, ,... rg, v ; 1 , :i -, loop.....toorK;: , ,,,'''.. ' ,,' t i' ' ' . , i,' ' ,1 :'' '',, . , -:,. 1 'ki .1 :,,,, ' ft ,--impir--- .., , ,., ,, i.,,,,I,' , .- , - , ! , ,,, ',,,.. ' i 4'- . , t j,i: 1 , ''''4''' i " .. t -7 11 ..... t ', , ' ,,,,' '..: 2 W 1 ,-.' ' A ' ' . - ' ,,. ik .1-,1 . I ,' ,,,,,,,,:..7 ....,....- ---..s, ' 7, ' --, ' ,. . ' ; ; 'A, t ! , - '.''''' ' 'rer!' t ,.,,P.--- -- -. ' lip , ....... , : ". , 1 1.4 'P 4 V , ,,t . t,';' ' ' . , ..- ' ' ' ', Ilibp,a. " i' ' ' . . ' , ' ' - ' 1 .i t , : ' , 2 - el .1 t l''' , , , .. .' ...: . 2, 44 S , , ' ' 7 L 11' i '.'' - ' ', -- ' . ,- . I -v., p t i ) ,;P''Z' ,,,' . ", ' . ' t 4.00,401,4444 I ,4) 0 t - 1.. ot . ,g,?, , i 4-..'-'4,,,,,,..r - - , . ', -:' ' 1 '" .4-1,N, ' , ' '' ' , 1 l';P! 1 r-- ' : z! '3, -- - l 4 ' ' ' , , - , c "11 ',1,, , ''', ' '.1 : . , , l., .. , .... ,, . , . , , , '', , N 1 .. ,,,:,..,i,',,A;,..Z,4,,A,,A4,kw.a.,,,..e..ow w.,.,,,v.,44,,,.;.,, 4,A-44.5...i...4:4,0 ,;,.',..; ,4,,,..e,,, -,..,,,. - 4 - -': ...', .6,..,,,,,,Y...", , - , , , ,..,,,,...,ii The Miami News JOE RIMKUS cican : . U.S. trena at a h of tered look- been trlier Inary Dd in He U.S. ma- aign- ' Pali San- 1 t t the ask et. ?rena atute In of erea, ayes- . mom , .. , ,'', 1 er 3 , ara- I, nate I ' ,1 . "A I rting i ! t by use ed,": , thf ' 1 )eky rOpoll i ,--' 4A ,.,,,...,.:. , k ' , , , ' - :' '': ,- .. ,,,,s -,,, , i ,. - , ' . ,,.. ,, . , ., ,,' kit 0 0..; .1 ii 1 r....f , VIP tAP 1") v jr '''''t ' , tiP49 ' ItPN, '?1: 01 II I i 1 Camarena , i , " ( , , ' , , ) ", ,'' ; , . "'i , .0)4" q4.c44.2,.,?, , The Miami News JOE RIMKVS g , Set t v'::ffi Jv2u r- . " '', : , : - k- I ,,, . , 1 1 , ro,

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