The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1932
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Served bv the United Press HEW THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST IERNEWS THE AST MISSOURI ^^ VOL. XXIX—NO. 1G7 Blytheville Daily News, Blytheviltc Herald. Mississippi Valley Leader. Hlyllicvllle Courier. HOME EDITION iiI,YT1110VIU,l', ARKANSAS, THUHSDAV. 29, ]<m I SINGLE WPIES FWE YANKS WIN SECOND STRAIGHT GAME TONIGHT (IT SIX CITY Finds Little Generosity in Slot Machine's Make Up KILLED US FAST Enters Farm Strike Area Committed to Progressive Principles. EN ROUTE TO OMAHA. S?pt. 20. (OP)-.Definitely committed to a policy of political liberalism Oov. Franklin D. Roosevelt movM into the (aim strike area today for the ] fast major address of his transcontinental tour. Roosevelt, who subscribed to the prcgressivism of Senator GeDrg? Norris 'of Nebraska, ind'pandent Republican leader, in an appeal for the supjwrl ot progressive factions. . was expected to outline tonight at Sioux City, la., liis general policies for economic rchabtlitaticn. Observers looked for tlie governor to sum up the various proposals he has made to date, placing emphasis on the agricultural situation and plans for farm price stabilization. Stands With Norris The long heralded progressive pronouncement of Roosevelt was delivered at McCook, Neb., liome town or Norris. More thnn 10,000 persons crowded the fairgrounds there to hear the Democratic presidential nominee praise the record of Norris in his fight for tin "forgotten man." and to climax with the pledge, "I go along with yon." In his appeal for progressive sup- port Roosevelt declared: "I have stressed the fact that my quarrel Is not with the 'millions of splendid men and women who to the past have- called themselves Republicans, but that my battle is against certain forces now in the control of the leadership of the Re.- •u A i T i VltiO. Ala., loday. GREENVILLE, Alu., Sept. K, (UP)—Tlie Crescent Limited, crack Louisville and Nashville passenger train, collided head on with a freight (rain edging out from a skiing nenv here loday, killing four persons and Injuring others seriously; The dead arc: Tom Crawley, Montgomery, engineer of the passenger train; Malcolm Hodges of Ocean Springs, Miss., mall ilcrk; D. W. Weathers, negro. New Orleans, mail clerk; Meek Ball, negro. Mobile, fireman on the freight. The seriously Injured, brought to Wilson of the Crescent Umltei. Montgomery, badly scalded; J. M. Phillips, Montgomery, 'engineer cf the freight train, fuce mangled. Three other trainmen were Injured less seriously. Four pa.™n- gers suffered sli&hl cuts. They were filven nrst aiil anil transferred lo!around S554.000.000, but another trali; to continue Iheli from about 05 county assessors In- jourriey. You can't beat a slot machine—or this particular contrivance, anyway -because its intricate mechanism is so arranged that the percentage is all against you. Dr. C. C. Clark, an assistant of Dr. E. E. Free, ot Ness York University, here is shown pointing to the perforated discs which spell bad news for nickel gamblers. PiFtuSOR GIVES ---- ~..~ .,a»c u^uuint; rep rwentallves of a selflsl, few who Put personal Interests above national good." Would I-norc Party tines .J? i; ltro = u cln? Governor Roos=««, Senator .Vorris delivered nn appeal to citizens So ignore party "ncs. ami patriotically to ••„„[ our " ' •"riierc is nothing sacred about a Parly." saw the senator, and hfe "l* if ca a rri"rto SJ>lr!t ° f partisan destroy the very fimdamcntarprin- ciples of democratic government." AtUf, Mayor Orifains Milk Strike Settlement ATT.ANTA, Sept. 29 (UP) — Farmers delivered Atlanta's 30 000 ga Ion, daily milk supnly today without the protests and' threats of dumping that featured Georgia's milk holiday during the past week. The strike was settled late yesterday under thc stern supervision of Mayor Jamjs Key who ordered conferences to get dou-n to business and stay at the job until the controversy was settled. Last Rites Said for John Sharp Williams YAZOO CITY, Miss.. Sept. 29. (UP)—Last rites for Jolin Sharp Williams. 18, famous old Mississippi statesman, were held today at his Cedar Grove plantation home near here. Thj R av . E. R. Jones, rector of the Episcopal church here, officiated "I tlie sen-ice and thc body was laid to rest in the family burying ground a short distance from th2 ncme where Williams spMil the declining years of his life. Device Gives Player One Chance in Thousand to Win Jack Pot. BY PAUL HARRISON NEW YORK—Are you one of the millions, of gambling Americans who like to watch the wheels go around in slot machines? Da Ship. Reported Pounding to Pieces on Island 'ST. PAUL ISLAND. Sept. 29 i (CP.)—The States line steamer Ne- vadt was pounding to pieces in a heavy sea after grouncing yesterday on the eastern point ot an island in the middle Aleutians. ' The Japanese freighter Oregon Maru reported to the navy radio here that she was standing by. Sea Level Is Rising in Earthquake Area beat those inmlly colored wheels? If you do, a New. York University professor has given you something to think about. His name Is Dr. E. E. Free, bat he has proved that there is nothing gratis about slot 'matching. Per (lie ciiliglitenmsnt, cr perhaps the disillusionment, of his science classes, lie has taken apart one of (ho ubiquitous jilney jugger- Susnect Arrested in McLeod Store Robbery Homer Bratton has been arrested in connection with Ihe robbery Sunday of JvfcLcods grocery store at Main and Twenty-First streets. Approximately M25 In cash was ™ m ° ved 'rom a hiding place In the store whore Damon McLeod. pro- prlelor of (he store, savs he v- oreted the money Sl , nday5 m j ning . ora i ton was arrested by police Wj^^'cSStt in a n^ n't'Pal court this nUernoon. Northern Manchuria Reported i n R evo h WASHINGTON, Sept. 29. (TJP>- A formidable revolt against Japanese authority In northern Man- Pilot and Passenge. Lost in Alaska Forest ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Sept. 29. (UP)—Pilot Art Wcodiey and Attorney Harry Morton, missing since Sunday, were believed to bs wan— — ^ j.... VJ j"e>&^. - i dering lost today in thc sno;v-clad nauls to see what makes it clicu. foresls bordering the Chulitnu riv- Thls \vns n nickel slot machine cr. v.ith a bettcr-than-averAgc rcputa- I The Diescl-po-,vered airplane ol lion tor generosily. It was essen- i U;e Catholic mission, which Wood- tially like the hundreds of thou-1 Icy was flying lo Fairbanks, was sands that arc scattered through j found undamaged on a sand bar. cigar, candy and drug stores In i It was discovered by two trappers. scores of American cities. But it I was so arranged that a player's I _ _ chances «oiik- lw slightly better I Get Official RfDOrls lhan on some. II has been estimated this year thnt there arc about 25,000 slot, machines in New York City alone, many of them located where school children can operate them. Thc same estimate places tlie total revenue of thc machines at more than il.CBO.GOO a week. Numerous legal bailies in this ;late finally have resulted in a, -™..u B iu». me must cons-mmv--- high couil decision that the ma-1 estimate was 200 dead and perhaps chines are ivltliln the Ian- as long" " FHFIGHTPHIIIIIF : ~ lwck rnUbnl bULLIUL;--- Would Be Bombers i Killed by Explosion SCRANTON, Ri.. Sept. 29. cui 1 ) —'IVo ' men were killed mid torn other pel-tons wore Injured loday n package In nn luuonioblloj - (ire Alfred Salnrl nml I Ani;clo Briiecnll. i Police believe they were en roiila to dynamite : r. /> i M~ "~~ .vicinity ami that tlie explosive* Un Lrash Near Green-i TC <»- «n prciimim-i-iv, windows wcic shattered for several blocks ! around. Crescent Limited in Head!^^" 1 ^"-"^ 11 '" 1 " 11 '' 11 """ 1 " Reductions Will Further Decrease Assessm e n t Total In County. UTTLE ROCK, Ark.—Alllionnc- , - -— • = ling a reduction of $10.l(;aOS4 In thc a hospital here, are: Conductoi j^,,, mlm u on of Arkansas' live Wllcnn nf Mtn r"r/irf nti + rti.^llr.^ , , ••»•«..• r*, trunk line r.illioads, members ol ., the Arkansas tnx commission said yeslerclny (lint (lie tolnl lusesscn* valuation ot nil property In tile slate will be approximately $53.000.000 below t!:c 1931 valuation. Totnl valuation Inst year was Rov Is Near Death; Two Negroes Shot for Shool- mg and Assault. MKMP111S, Sept. M. (UP)-Sliol 111 flic abdomen by one of two ne- groes who attacked Ills 17-year-old Sirl companion. Hollls Archibald, ID, route msnatrer Tor u Memphis newspaper, wns in a critical condition nl a lios|>ltn) lien: lud.iy. Thr girl, Miss Mnry l/mlso Johnson, high school .student, was In n hysterical condition at her Iramc. Miss Johiuon told |iollcc llml one of the ncjioe.5 shot Archibald us lie resisted their attempts to pull ler from a parked automobile near icre last nlglit. Tnc negroes (hen assaulted her. n said. Alter the attack one u! e negroes Jerked an expensive llamond ring (rom Miss Johnson's finger. Jimmy Walker May Defend Libby Holman NEW YORK, Kept. 1(9. (UP) — !-V>rmer Mayor James J. Walker at New York miiy be asked (o defend L-lbby Holman when slic goes on trial in Wliistoii-Salcm, N, C., charged wllli murdering her rnnlthy young husband. Smltli Hoy- lolds. A close friend of Walker told tlic United Press today that he had uggestcd the name of Walker w n« ol the defense counsel and thnt Walker would be asked la consider lie case upon his return from Eu- next neck. The crash occurred at Wald, a small station six miles Irom here The fast passenger train, north bound, had cleared, a block signal just before it turned red as the freight pulled Into the-main Uric from a siding where It had stopped dlcale. that the valuation on real and personal property by rraMsors in all the 75 counties this year will be approximately J44.0DO.OOO less. The tax commission assessed public utilities only and it was Slid (lint the $10,000,000 decrease In railroad valuations will b» partially offset by nn Increase of about $1, to let another passenger train go ° flEct b >' nn Increase of about »!,by In front of the Crescent Limited - 000 ''" othcr l >uWIc lllmt >' as The two locomotives were tele- s ^ ssraen| s. leaving thD not decrens= The two locomotives scoped. Blytheviile Canning Factory r Crop. by the commission at approximately $3,000,000, which added to the decrease in general assessments, would make a'total reduction of 553,000,000. \ '•'Of '(he siO.Oo4.dob'•• rSfifttlon In railroad assessments approximately $2,000.600 was In valuations of Frisco properties and about Sl.SOO.OOfi In valuation of Cotton Belt properties. B . „ Tr >c Friscq railroad has heavy in- P-.^L.'r, 17 11 l vcstmcilt s 111 this county and a con- TdCKing I ail siderable portion of Its taxes Is payable on assessments against »ron- erlles in this county. The Cotton Belt also has some properly In Mis- Approximately 150 ATHENS, Greece, Sept. 23. (UP) been given temporary employment Last year utilities assessments to about two wt«ks. during which lime road trnfflc and resulted in th» capture of a high Japanese official" was reported loday by a rcliiblp 1 M'fce in the far easl. on Puerto Rico Storm SAN JUAN. Puerto Rico, Sspt 20 (UP)— Official reports arriving slowly today from the northeast coast of Puerto Rico, devastated by n hurricane, listed 124 persons dead and 1,364 injured. Officials feared Ihe death list Tvould grow. Trie most cons"rvativ^ as they vend candy or gum, and as Ions as they occasionally re- lurn slugs which arc stamped as being "Of No Value." Machines Widely Distributed III most cases, however, it is known that these tokens are returnable for cash. Also, there arc very few of the devices which even pretend to give thc customer n small package of cheap candy for his money. So the police now and then seize a few hundred of the ten times as niar.;- injured. Property damage ran ;nto millions. Entire - villages were flattened. K, of C. Symphonic Band to Hold Premiere NEW YORK, (UP)— Tee American Premiere ot the Knights of Cojumbus Symphonic Band, sponsored by an Honorary , ,„ •-•• ••'••••"^ ui uiu sureti oy an Honorary Commute proved gamblng devices and glee-i of th e Knights of Columns "ill e ors wlfh o H C °7 " t<Xl ln -! teh( > !d »«««• O* distinguished tenors ^ith sledge hammers, patronage of His Emlnerce Pat- Much the same conditions wist rick Cardinal Hayes at "carnee'e In many other cities and towns. Hall, Columbus Day, Octob" ™fh Gambling pecs on, and the "slot- Outstanding musicians from ali tcry' industry I S so lucrative that, parts of lh» United states an" machines which are destroyed are Europe will comprise th' musical toon replaced by new ones. I unit of 75 pieces It will be unde Lotteries pools, punchboardsjtr.e direction of Roeco Magri S and Ihe like all are enjoying | resulting from this Initial appear a prosperity which reHccls some- ance will revert to the Knlshte of thing of desperation on the part Columbus and will enable ha o> it might be necessary for the plant to run day and night shifts. The beans being packed arc bought from farmers of this section who had contracted with thi local company for Its fall supply. As soon as Ihe present benn crop has teen exhausted, Mr. Greb said, thc plant TOuW commence packing the fall crop of spinach. This crop unlike beans, is able to withstand frosts and will assure activity at Ihe plant until probably DJcsmbcr I. Fine of $150 Imposed for Carrying Blackjack A blackjack Is a weapon In the real sense of Ihe word in the Judgment of ^fu^lclp.1l Judge C. A. Cunningham. The judge meted out a $150 fine to George Duncan when he entered a plea of euilty to a charge ot carrying ri concealed weapon. On?, hundred dollars of the fine was ordered held up pending goad behavior. George, who is no stranger to thc courts. .idm!t(«j police found a small, well-made, business-like blackjack in his pockat when they arrested him at the Blythcvllle hospital. He claimed he had loaned a friend sonv money on the weapon. Holding that a blackjack Is a particularly dangerous and vicious type of weapon, the court ordered the small lead weighted leather club held by police. Melvln Dawning, hunchbacked man from west of Big Lake, was fined S50, the minimum, tor illegal possession ot intoxicating llo uor. of the general reduction over the state. of needy persons. But few o! those schemes offer (Continued on paje seven) .-—. ...w., ,_, ^1.^ **IJIX(Jli Ol Columbus and will enable that order to continue and extend the welfare work for which it has become famous since its -,, -- [ji.av.Vi i* i ill <nj suspended pending good behavior. Jobless Return <o School „_„.,...,__,_ ROCHtSTER, (UP) _ The Masons of District Meet at Jonesboro OSCEOLA, Ark., Sept, 25.—J. B Bunn. of Osccola, deputy grand high priest of the Fourth District, Royal Arch Masons, spoke at a district meeting of the Royal Arch chapters in Jonesboro last night on behalf of thc district. More than 175 Royni Arch f.fn- sons from Rlythcvlllc, Osceola Harrkburg, Piggott, rtcctor, Paragould and Jonesboro attended the meeting where 30 degrees were conferred on as many candidates. Thc meeting was presided over by grand high priest Chas. J Oregon' of iMjirtanna who spoke on behalf of tte Council Masons of Arkansas. Amillln Ijine of Jonesboro scokc for the command- cry, E. R. Bognn of Luxorn. grand sentinel of Scottish Rite Masons spoke for that order, and Fred Stuckey of Lcpanto. district deputy grnnd master of the Masonic Lodee. made a report of the work of Blue Lodge Masons In this district. Mississippi -County Output More Than Double Any Other County. Mississippi cunly's total of 31.343 .'unnlng bales of lint cotton glnnad prior to September 10 Is more than double the figure for any other Arkansas county, It Is rewaled by trie census bureau report,of glnnlnji by .counties. . . y • '• ; v Only three other Ark anus coup- tic. 1 , ginned over 10.009 biles before September 18. These were Crittcn- dch. with 12,899 bales, Jefferson 12,460, and-Lonoke, 10,110. . ' Ghmliigs In all counties ran substantially ahead of those to the same date last year the total for the stale being 257,813 compared to 30,488 lo September 16 last year, Cotton ginned prior' to September 16 this year and last In leading cotton counties of the state follows: Chlcot .. Clay Columbia Con way . Cratgfcead 0,733 034 Crltlcnden 12,809 034 Dcsha 4,458 196 Faulkner 5,300 940 Greene 2,095 88 Hempslcad 7.182 2.011 Jackson 2.460 12 JcfTcKon 12,469 731 Lafayclte 1,663 1,294 Lee 4.040 30 Lincoln 5.620 441 lanoke 10.170 1,744 Miller 5,019 592 Mississippi 31,343 1,412 1S32 1931 6,307 1.099 4,633 93 7.MB 2.590 5,704 610 Nevada Phillips Po!nsclt 6,457 1,651 7,313 .......... 9.369 Pulask! ........... 3,834 St. Francis ....... 8.084 Yell ............... 4,117 41 582 809 129 793 16,637 Bales Ginned in Pemiscot to September H -- — ~«....-., ......n,,,;, CARTJTHERSVILLE, Mo.—A re of Arkansas. ^ Amillln Ijine of port of thc ginning* of cotton In T™,,I . ,.. ,.- ... . p cm ] E( . ol county up to September 16 shows that 10,367 Bales have been ginned, as compared with 1,614 to September 16 last year, according to L. L. Crocker, locnl statistician. An even greater Increase Is shown in thc report, of New Madrid county glnnlngs, this year's slum-In* being 7.066 bales as to T to September la last year, a rati Of nearly 100 to 1. on Alabama Coal Rate Is Refused WASHINGTON, D. C.—Blythe- vllle and other points In northeast Arkansas must content themselves v ith existing freight rates on bituminous coal from Alabama mines by reason of a decision Just mado pubi.'c by the Interstate Commerce commission In a complaint brought by the Blyihcvlllc Cotton Oil com Tom Carter was fined $23 (or pany ' Istnrbance of thc iy>ace rl'h *H Other Arkansas cities affected are itnonA-H ™»v4i n .. _-.j' i"..__._ Batcsvllle. Forrest Citv. Msrlnn_ Batcsvllle, Forre.5t City, ,%58«on, Marlannn, Newport, Osceola. Paragould. Swifton, Tuckerrrun. Wilson. Walnut R!d«e and Wynne. hns decided that The reasonable. , . s r . has Increased the school | Intervening In the uraceedlnas here cnrollrnent here. Superinlcndrnt of M..OOIS A. L. Whltmer announced Miat !>. number of scholars who dropped out a few years ago to work had tost their Jobs and are back in school. was the Wilson Milling company of Wilson, Ark. There were 11 other similar complaints. Tlie existing rale for Blythcvllle Is J3.04 a ton. A rate of $233 was Destitute Family Needs Clothes Badly Clothes, underwear and ttioes arc badly needed for s destituti family which Mrs. Harmon PC ford, executive secretary of the Red Cross, is assisting for the Rec Cross. -v-i- There arc boys, 16. 12 and 10 years of ogc. Rirls, nine, two five and another two years of aee anc a sev*n months o'J baby who are fill 111 /rom malaria fever and lack of food. Even the .'alber and a cousin, who makes her home with them, are unable to nick cotton because they arc p.lso ill. Wlien Mrs. Seford visited o family none of them were wearing shoe.; and trie baby had on no rlothln?. Anyone having anything to glw may take them to the Red office at th« Court COTTON ffTKLIEF Seed Loan Moratorium Given Wheat Producers May Be Extended. WASHINGTON, Sent. 29. (UP) — aye thai constructive action would favclop from tlic conference now ;olng on In Chicago regarding the 'arm mortgage situation was cx- prcwed in a message. from. President Hoover today. At the sanw lime Ihe White House murto known Hut the 75 tier cent partial moratorium on seed loans for wheat aisles might be followed by similar arrangements for cotton, tobacco, and other crops, where dlslrcaj was shown. This explanation was made in reply to criticisms from Democratic' sources that the wheat loan moratorium displayed favoritism! The announcement concerning wheat loans was made at tlio v/nltc House with th* N explanation that "present low price* make It prn tlcally Jmposjl&ie for wheat farmers to repay thai* crop production £^ l "^*=*^.«?« PITCHING TO LEFTY C! Yankee Southpaw Holds;/ Cub Hitters; Gives New , York Commanding Lead- 'Htm Yankem R. H. E. , t *;,->. . S 'M'->'l YANKEE STADIUM, New Scpl. 2» (UP)—The New -York' Yankees defeated the Chicago Cuba lo '2 today In the second gaflie.l the world's writs. . '. vv'Jj'v The American League champlonr iave Jffty Gomez, ace soutjirjiw,' Drllllant support In turning., b»pk : their National League rivals. A- crowd of 46,000 saw the Yankees make it two In a row orer .CJjJr , cago and gain a big lead in th« annual classic. .' .''•• Lonnlo Wune'eke, youthful riiihfc- hand pitcher for the Cubs, falt^" crcd Jutt as Quy Bush did ; in the opening contest, as the Yah^ kces, leA by Lou dehrig, made their hits count. The -youthful, Arkansas hurler si ruck "out *ev*fe~' oiikcc batters. ' .'_<•"?; Tlie matter, was snappy bot clear. - •* '"::-, The diamond h»d dried aft«:twd; daya of rain and the Infield wi» llghlnlng fast. There .was ii .'brilliant sun overhead and a iilgfit northwest wind. The. jemperatureV however, wis'no higher than 85 In. the sun and 10 degrees tower In the : .., . - Th)i.announcement W ai followed by a statement from Sonitar Smith, Democrat, 8outh C«roluia, de- nouncuig what he called "glaring attack was bawd upon the ------ of any like postponement 'oj'JIp'lon »nd tobacco growers. ""*" " J 'tlon of th« colton pro— desperate as the wheat growers. The coridlUori of-the tobacco growers is equally distressing. "Unfortunately, these ?wo products are grown almost exclusively In the south and the south Is almost exclusively Democratic." Jews Will Observe Rosh Hoshonah Friday Nighf and Saturday. Jewish people of this city will hold two special services Frld.iy night and Saturday morning In observing the Jewish New Year which begins Friday at sundown anti continues until Saturday sundosui. This holiday, called Rosh Hosho- nah. Is for the Jewish year 5693. The services Friday evening, at a o'clock, will consist of a sermon by Bennle BerfleM, reading of the service by Richard Jledel and special 'music by the choir, directed by Mrs. Walter Rosenthal. There arc a number of out o! town gujwtt planning to attend. Simple services will also be h»l: Saturday morning, 10:30 o'clock. Manila Town Marshal Charted With Assault A. Rlttenberry, Manila town marshal, will face trial in municipal court here this afternoon on a charge of aggravated assault and battery. Rlttenbeny was arrested on information filed by Prosecuting Attorney Nelll Reed on the complaint of C. E. Nlckens. Nlckens, it is understood, accuses Rlttenberry of striking htm over the head with f cue stick which the marshal uses for a walking stick. The Manila marshal is a former Blythevllle officer and haa served In a similar capacity for other towns. New Forfr Cnftnn Oct Dec Jan Open High Low close 718 713 683 6*3 726 727 S»t 688 730 731 691 S91 Mar. .,.,,738 TM 7M 700 ' Flnt Cul»—Herman doubled to left.. EnglUh filed to Combs and Hetman wu htld on . Keand'.. iCiiykr (Tpmtted' to CrOMtU.wt'.o jugjle*! the fc|l,..Tl^e. : bitter n«j »«te..'.«t|- flTtti Hcnuix rt^rhlnt tbird oix'^ tA' tmr.tor CroMtU.' SttphaUcc.iUed °«£ ~.tif Cjwbt.iina Hermaa iefnd^ affer the'catch.' CXiyler'nSil nijrS? Demnrce filed out to Huth. One run, one hit,'one e.rror-. •-• - y.-i••:•'• :--Jj- walked. Huth • fanned and th« crowd applauded Warntke. betrt««;. singled to rifht, 'Combs scoring! and Sewell stopping at 'second. 'Laser!'. fouled lo Hartnett. Dickey slngi^l lo right, scoring Sewell, and G< rig went to third. Chapman '•! out on strikes. Two runs, twpili no errors. •'..''. Cubs—Grimm . singled to center^. Hartnett walked. Jurges sacriacedy-' Qomez. to.Lazerrl. -Warneke striek-' out. Herman was called out^on strikes No runs, one hit, no errors. Yankees—Crosettl • poppe&^out. Gomez struck out. Combs flied Jo Cuyler. No runs, no hits, no;>m»s. -. Cubs—English nied out to Ruth. J Cuyler w« out, Liierrl to O;shrl» Stepheruon doubled to right.:The' ball took a bod hop away, from • Ruth as he raced over to It.' De^ - maree singled .to right, scorlng'St*;. • phenson from second. Dema«« «t-' tempted to steal second arid • was thrown out, Gomez to Gehr^f. 'One :-v run, two hits, no errors. -,.-'; Yankees—Sewell was out, Heffnrn- lo Grimm. Ruth walked. Gihtig singled off Herman's glove!' Ruth jumping over thc ball as he"iin safely to second. Lazerri was out, Jurges to Grimm. Ruth and o«h- rig advanced. Dickey w»lked. 'cfta£- man singled, scoring Ruth-.and. Gehrig, Dickey moving to second. Crosettl was out on strikes.'Two' ru:u. two hits, no errors. Cuts—Grimm singled off Sewell's Rlove. Hartnett struck out Jurgea forced Grimm at second, Cro«ttf to L^r.srri. Warneks was called out on strikes. No runs, one hit, no'sr- ; rors, 0112 left on bass. Yankees—Gomez wo.s out, 'War- ;ke to Orlmm. Combs singled piit Jurges. Sewell slngied to left, Comb* going to third. Ruth grounded'to Warneke who threw to Hartnett, catching Oombs on a run down off third bajt, and when Sew*ll pcswd second base he was thrown out, Kartnett '..•> Jurges. U was a double P'»y, Warneke to Hartnett to Jurges. No runs, two hits, no erron, one left on Due. Ftftk Imtiuf Cubs—Herman fanned. En?U»h ras caUed out oh strlkw. CUyltr tripled to rifht, th« ball just falllnt' to cleat the rtjht Held fence. Ste- pnenaon was out, Semll to G«hrtf. (ContUiued on page thr-e) 7 WEATHER ARKANSAS-Falr tonight. Friday fair, warmer. The temperature wss 51 here tii~ ly this morning with a "••"i-rma te.npeinUrre yesterday of 77 dt- rrtci, dear. Today a year ago tbt minimum temperature was 4t -degrees and the maximum T3 r clear,

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