The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 22, 1948
Page 7
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS MONDAY, MARCH 22, 1D48 Educator Urges Arms Training Scnott Committee Heart of Serious Thwat of New War WASHINGTON, Mar. M. (UP) — A noted educator warned senators today that "time is running out." and urged that Congress approve universal military training this year. Karl T- Compton, president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee, He headed President Truman's commission on universal training. As the committee lieard Ills testimony Republican congressional leaders hinted that the world situation may keep Congress in session through the election year Summer. "It is because we believe that ft strong military posture at this lime 1> one of the best safeguards against • war that we urge such a nollcy" (of universal training), Comptom testified. "...Time if running out." he said. "There are two inescapable fads. One is that the technological character of modern warfare and Its all-out character call for more training and careful planning. The other fact is that these same technological advances in the art of war permit any nation which is planning for war to act and move with devastating swiftness." He testified that In case Finns Arrive In Moscow to Discuss Pact MOSCOW, March 22. (UP) — A Finnish treaty delegation headed by Foreign Minister CKI! Enckcll arrived in Moscow this morning and met at the snow-swept station Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Y. Visliinsky. Diplomatic sources said Die Finnish delegation had been instructed In Helsinki to sign R treaty similar to if not identical with those Kus- sla recently concluded willi Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria. The delegation hns been instructed lo seek only clarification and Interpretation of certain clauses before signing, the observers understood, and they believed this was not a serious stumbling block. These observers, some with close connections with Finnish government sources, predicted thai tlio Finns would be here just a little 527,200 Idled By Strikes in U.S. Packers Scheduled To Confer Today With Fact Finders (By United 1'ress) Magazine, ,boo!c, and job-shop printers failed to report for work in some New York printing shops today adding a new walkout to ,, „. B „,,,„ uil „„, he strikc.s which have Idled more carried out In Iraq Street of tiie Truck Method Used by Jews To Blast Arabs JERUSALEM, Mar. 22. (UP) — A Jewish-owned truck loaded with explosives blew up today in the Arab quarter of Haifa, nnd early reports said many casualties and severe damage resulted. The now familiar technique of carting explosives Into enemy territory nnd touching them olf longer than other treaty delegations I given. than a half'million American workers. The New York pi-Inters' walkout, which did not affect newspapers, came after members of International Typographical Union (APL) Local No. 6 and the New York Employing Printers Association failed to reach agreement on wngc and other contract demands Union officials indicated that about half of 4;><m employes involved In the various shops would be idle today. Exact figures were not Jrom the Balkans. All of these stayed four days. The general feeling is that Finns will be here one week. the Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Mar. 22. (UP)—Livestock: Hogs: 12,000; snlnblc 11.500; compared with 5,000 last mondiiy. P.iir- ly active; barrows nnd gilts, strong to 25c higher than Friday. Sows. 25 to 50c higher, no to 230 Ibs $23 50- "Buck Rogers' dreams of carrying 1 on a war at. great distance from bases within'our own country are at present utterly unrealistic," he Mid. V ;• Congressional'.leaders were speculating that world tension ana Mr. Truman's request for selective service, along with universal training, might keep Congress in session all Summer, Most Senate and House members don't like the Idea a bit. One-third of the Senate and the entire house membership face re-election. They want some time out this Summer to hit the campaign trail Secretary of -State. George C. Marshall and Defense Secretary James Forrestal were called before the Senate Armed . Services Committee today to discuss Mr. Truman's request for the draft and universal military training. Marshall returned to the capital list night from a brief West Coast •peaking tour In which he said the European situation now was dnn- •fctrously similar to that Just before World War II. Minneapolis school teachers, meanwhile, ended a strike which had lasted for 2V dnys. Tlie settlement still left 527,200 workers on strike, Including those of 380,000 United Mine Workers (Inrt.) and 100,000 United Packinghouse Workers (CIO). The country's two big strikes appeared no nearer solution hut government agencies were hastening efforts to end them. Packers to Confer About 1,100 Minneapolis teachers struck Feb. 24 for higher pay. The strike left 75,000 students out of !)2 schools and forced another 1,100 non-union teachers Into Idleness. Under terms of the agreement, the teachers will receive a S-10-a- inonth increase for the remainder of the school year. The nation's nmjor meat puckers am! 40 Independent firms were scheduled to present President Truman's fact-finding board with their arguments on why the striking CIO port city. Hundreds of persons, both Arabs and Jews, have been killed In this manner. The Haifa blast set off on Arab mortar attack on Jewish quarters. One morlar shell fell near police headquarters, killing one British constable and wounding another. The new casualties came atop the nearly 100 in a weekend of bitter fighting. In one of the latest clashes, Jewish defenders bent off an attack b v the Arabs on the col- j ony of Hartuv, 10 miles Southwest of Jerusalem. Theft of Soybeans Causes Two Arrests in Moneffe '. Stale Policemen A. E. Chronister and T. E. Smalley of Biytheville, assisted by Revenue Department District Supervisor Billy B. Steed of Leachvillc and City Marshal Sam Thompson of Monnic, Saturday night arrested two men for thefts of soybcnns near Monette. The men, J. R. Taylor and Bud- Blasingnmc, both of Monette, were Hi-rested In Monette shortly after two men were seen taking soybeans from the fnrm of Bruce Spencer. State Policeman Chronlstcr said Mr. Spencer returned a day early from a relative's funeral In St. Louis and tootled the men sacking soybeans and loading them onto a small truck. They fled on Mr. Spencer's arrival but he notified the officers. Taylor was free under $500 bond today and Blnslngaine was being held in the Jonesboro Jail. House and Senate Seek Accord on Rent Control WASHINGTON, March 22. (UP) —House and Senate conferees were confident today they could agree on a new rent control bill before the present law expires nine dnys hence. They began efforts to compromise differences In the House nnd Senate Jills with the sharpest dispute cer- :ain over the House plan for ''home rule" on rent control. The bill approved by the House would give local rent boards the final word over raising or removing ceilings in their areas. Senate conferees, it was understood, were armed with legal opinions holding such procedure to be unconstitutional. Informed sources predicted the senators would insist on retaining Lheir provision under which recommendations of local boards would be subject to veto by the federal housing expediter. Call for Draft May Influence Many Voters By John I,. Sli'elc (Ililltcil I'ross St;ilV Currrsptimlciii} WASHINGTON, March 22. CUP) —The administration's c:ill for Russia Tries New Bluti in German Zone :s showing uneven Improvement workers should not receive the 29- 120 Ibs., SI5.75-SI9.50 sows, 450-lbs down, $19.25-510.75; few, $20; over 450 Ibs., S18.75-SJ9.25. Sings, $14$16.50. Cnttlc:, 4,800; salable 4.000; cnlves. 1,400, nil salable. General market active with steers and butcher vcnr- Hnj ' in price. Some deals 25c' or more j ccnt-an-nour'pay"]ncrclilic''they do- above last week's ciose. Cows active tnand and strong. Bulls. 5Cc higher. Good The' union has already presented and choice vcalers. SI to $3 lower; lts cnse . Tne board will wind up common and medium grades, stca- u s hearings Wednesday and report dy to $2 owcr. Severn! loads good I | ]nc k to President Trumnn by April and low choice steers S20.25-$28.50: ; i. A ft e ,. that, the government may medium steers, S24.25-S25.50; merf- \ obtnln an injunction forcing the him to good heifers nnd mixed year- work ers to call their strike off for lings, $22-$26.60; good cows, S22- B0 dnys S23.50; common nnd medium beef Soft ' conl produccrs mc ct at Washington today to decide whether to accept government mediation In their dispute over miners' pensions with John L, Lewis nnd his (JMW. Railroads, 'meanwhile, began curtailing service under n government order to conserve coal In the face BERLIN, Mar. 22. (UP) — The United States has no intention whnicviT of getting out. of Berlin, Gen. Lucius D. Clny said today, despite a sudden chilling of relations between Russia and the Western powers here. Tiie Soviets boycotted seven scheduled four-power meetings here to- military draft, and its about-face ' tlav ' n1 "' n - shc ' 1 for a Postponement on Palestine partition, could prove, of tommrows meeting of the co- to be decisive factors in this year's I elections. j There are signs aplenty that some i Republicans expect them to work to their advantage. The draft Is far I from eagerly-sought by the public, He Mule Good SHOPIERE, Wls. (UP)—The Congregational Church here decided that 84-year-old Frank J. Doyle has completed his apprenticeship as church clerk. Doyle ran for the post for the 63rd time In the annual church election. The congregation decided to elect him for lite cows, $18.5Q-$21; ters, »15-$18. cnnners and cut- At The Hospitals Biytheville Hospital Dismissed: Mrs. M. L. Wooci. city, Rlckie Crawford, city. Mrs. Pete W. Welch, Stcclc, Mo. Mrs. Louis Berry, city. Mrs. R. H. P. Burks, city. ' Walls Hospital Dismissed: ,Mrs. J. J. Moore, Rtc. 1, city. L. P. GInss, Charleston. Mo. Ronald David Key, Luxora. Mrs. Ernest Austin, city. Mrs. Gilbert Hazel nnd baby. Ca- ruthcrsvillc, Mo. Mrs. Iva ,'Omiham, Tomato, Ark. of the mine strike. Tl« government had ordered a 25 per cent cut in service. The strike also' has forced three steel companies to reduce operations. OKLAHOMA CITY (UP)— Nine pieces of fire-figthlng equipment stopped at Mrs. D.M.Evans' home but the firemen were too late to save her beef roast that hart burned to n crisp. Neighbors who saw smoke from the Evnn^ kitchen sounded the alarm. COME IN AND SEF THE NEW AHD REVOLUTIONARY GROUND GRIP TIRE OUT CLEANS OUT PULLS OUT LASTS Any Other Tractor Tire Ever Built Hundreds of Held tests prove the new Firestone Champion Ground Grip Tractor Tire cleans up (a 100% more effectively, pulls up to 62% more, lasts up •o Sl% longer and gives a smoother ride than any ether tractor tire. No broken center tire can dupll- eat* thla performancel Tht greatest advancement in power farming tinct Firestone put the farm on rubber! new, rec- i-irestonc Ctumpioo GTOMK! Grip tr»ctor tire, en^irwend ami bw*t lor maximum efficiency And «err- io« on all wrfaom. ranging from concrete to »fl m«. The j*«wnt*<i cnrr»»l,Tririlc-Br)ic««l tmction har? and > hei|?ht«n«<l trend rirsifrn •n»V« tiie tire unftquxlleH 'm tnvc »>rv, cVe«nin([ MM! Voo« Uf«. and many young men who would be subject to It also have votes. j The implications of the reversal on Palestine partition arc clear. Most j Jewish groups in this country were 1 nil out for pnrlition nnd thcii 1 dis- nppolntment now may be translated into ballot box protests ae^'nst President Truman. The Jewish vote is important In such key slates as New York and Peimsylvnniu. Sen. Robert A. Tnft of Ohio, a leading Republican presidential ns- liirant, denounced the Palestine decision us one that promised only worse confusion" for the Holy Land. And he got In a lick at the draft proposal over the weekend by charging the Truman administration with trying to create "war fervor." Other Republicans have termed the Palestine reversal variously ns a "betrayal" nnd "shocking." ordinalini; committee, the second liighen administrative body in Ger- j Coming on lop of tiie abrupt 1 walkout by the Soviet f ->m the Allied Control Council | Enturdny, the boycott crippled four- j power rule of Germany and cast a | cloud of uncertainty over the fu- j lure stilt INS of the Western representations here. Clay, the American military gov- Conviction of Romney For Fraud Is Upheld WASHINGTON, Mar. 22. (UP) — The U. S. Court of Appeals today unanimously upheld the conviction of Kenneth Romney, former House scrgcant-at-arms, for bank fraud. 1 Romnny was convicted )p/t Mny In District. Court and sentenced to one to three years In Jail. He was : lous'-d responsible for a $143,863 shortage at. the House bank. Romney Is free on $5,000 bond. Read Courier New? Want Ads. -WEAK NERVOUS cranky'ewi-y month'? Arc you troubled by distress of female functional periodic dlsiurb- M ice i s i P£ CS thl8 lnako >' ou Iecl fi ° l™A^ t ? 0 'VYJ3Jirs l p'!^ . h 5S s i/S!!S!!r.F 0 Kia uh !li¥'SSl* P. 0 "",! 13 K""" «P""««V Mr teamen. LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S ernor, told newsmen that despite the Russian blows to four- power operations, the United States ' was staying \\\ Berlin, "I don't know hou- many times It is necessary to repeno it," he said "I have suid it before, and r s Ifc attain. We have no intention of leaving '•Berlin." Whether the Soviets planned to pull out completely from the governmental structure agreed on at Yalta and Potsdam was the Ui(T question. One school of thought held that the Russians were bluffing, that they no desire to get all the Garbage Dump Safe ATLANTA, Ga. IUP)—The City Health Department dares any hostile force to pull an air raid on its garbage dump here. 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