The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, November 7, 1934
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Serperf 6z United Press VOL XXX!—NO..200 BLTTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS -r—— ™^^^!!^ 111-J TT O •lythevillo DUt, Newi Blythevllle Ocurtei Valley leader BlytheylUa Herald HOME EDITION IPP^ 0111 1 A^JProsfi Divided 9 For Death, 3 for Life Imprisonment Of Youthful- Slayer T/iree men stood '.'between Bill Barnes, a youth not \ ; ct old enough lo vole, and the electric chair today. The same jury that last night assessed punishment nt death by electrocution lor Frank Barnes, 50, falher of Bill, reported hopelessly divided, 9 to 3, as to punishment for Bill at 12 o'clock loday and was discharged. Bill, us well as his father, was enilty of first degree murder in thc slaying of c. A. Martin, youthful - local taxi driver, the jurors decided but could not agree on thc penalty to be exacted. Nine were for electrocution nnd three for life imprisonment. Selection of a jury to determine the degree of homicide of which Frank Barnes and his son were Kuilty and assess punishment was begun around noon Monday, the pair having entered pleas of guilty Presentation^ of evidence and closing- arguments were concluded about -5 o'clock Tuesday afternoon and • Ihe jury deliberated an hour 'bc- fnrc recessing until 7:30 o'clock. 'Hie mistrial means that only through the impaneling of another jury nnd a second trial can Bill Barnes' life again be put at stake, what course of action will ue followed is doublful although state attorneys insisted-that- the youth .. would again be forced-to triad, prob- • file ..spring; (.erm ,ot-circuit court. Archie" Barhc.V;'"(h'e other member of the-Barnes trio, is slated to face trial at this term. Prospects of a compromise appeared scant today as both Roy Nelson and Sam Manatt, young counsel appointed by the court to represent the trio, Insisted that facts revealed in the Wai of the father - and other son snowed that little .blame, if any conld^be placed on Archie for the It was the first time since Frank- Bethel and Mike Wallace were «iv- cn the death sentence in April, 1928 that a verdict calling for the su- Five States Vote But Kansas Stays Dry NEW YORK. Nov. 7. (UP)—Repeal forces shuttered prohibition in five slates today bill appeared lo have lost their most coveted prize -54-ypnr-6ld dry Kansas. Wcls, rcachlng'nmjorlties of three to ons in some Instances, added Florida. Nsbraska. West Virginia, South Dakota and Wyoming lo the column of states permitting hard ll(]uor. Amuiilnu-iil lu Amemlmpnl '> ippi County Voted e preme penally was read in the courthouse here. Bethel and Wallace were sentenced to elcctrocii- 'arty Ticket Sweeps lo I wo to One Victory in Election Yesterday . OAKUTIIEItSVHXK. Jlo.—The Holland precinct, where disorders marked yesterday's election, went Democratic by about 218 voles to HI!. Oilier iirechicls late in reporting. Oregon and '.idle Prairie No. 4, also con. tribuled to Ihe majority by which Die county mail [Jcmo- enttle. CAROTHERSVILLE, Mo.. Nov. 'I —Overwhelming Democratic majorities were given by Pcmiscot county voters yesterday in an election marked by violence at two widely separated ]»ints which resulted in two deaths and injury of a num- Inquest Reports Killers Unknown; Utley's Nighl Club Fired Upon CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo, Nov. 1.—So fur as could be learned here no warrants have been issued antl apparently no prosecution Is in prospecl as the result of election Disorders lii Pemiscot county yesterday that cost two lives and'rc-l suited In the more or less serious I injury of three white men nnd a number of negroes. At the cilices of both the sheritf mid the prosecuting attorney it was staled that unless warrants had been Issued without tiieir knowledge by a justice' of the pence In the southern part of the county there wns none outstanding An inquest in the death of llor- ice Pen-ell, slain near Holland yesterday morning, was held nt Steele this morning. Three witnesses to the killing were unable to name the men vvho fired upon Pcrrell and n coroner's verdict of death at the ""ids of persons unknown was returned. A possible connection with ves- •erdays disturbances near Holland Keiscr Noilenn l.ii.vora nurcteilc WiUon Ktowah Victoria Joiner Osceola Armorel New IjilKii'ty Yarbro . Whitton Auto Salrs iBly) City Hull (Illy) Half Moon Dell Promised Land Lcachville Forty & Eight Huffman Hatcher Totals near Holland, growing ,o«t of efforts to prevent ne- grot-A from voting there.. At Peacl Orchard, in the northwest -cornei of the county, a mB n named White was killed by John Byr<! deputy constable, after he had attacked Byfd with a '"" critically injured him Approximately 8,500 cost in (he county. votes were Democratic " freed. As Elliott Sartain, deputy clerk, aros- to read the fateful words a tense silence fell over Ihe courtroom D»spite the lateness of the hour when the jury returned the verdict 10 o'clock -last night, an almost packed courtroom had patiently awaited ihc moment. , There was no noticeable change of expression on the face of thc olil- .Kf Barnes as the clerk intoned the words -death by electrocution." He was removed immediately to th» county jail to be returned to the courtroom later this week for sentence and be sent to the death house at Tucker Farm. Bill remained in the courtroom 45 minutes longer b-- fore the jury came in again°to re- Port a deadlock. All persons in (lie courtroom were required to remain while officers hurried Bill from the third door room to the county jail. Prank Barnes' daughters and relatives grouped about him when the aeatn verdict was rendered took the "•icful words stoically at first but aiJL ,' g !!! cr ' wl '° aPP^ed to be OE age, began iveep- and I . * --.. 'ii-iiun:^ JJ4ltr tllld so officer™ 1 " <h ° courlroonl - Barnes, Wlf to the d a cath h «iUc C ncl"lm 1 J 1 !5!5- forc the actual verdict was rendered but was placed in the "bull pen" and cell block with other prisoners for the first time last night ns a precaution against anv possible attempt at suicide. Hearing for W. I. Denton majorities ran nboiu two to one Returns from 29 of the 32 voting precincts in the county, including all but the Little Prairie No. 4, Holland and Oregon boxes show the following results: For u. S. senator: Truman (D) S,lo7; Patterson tR), 2,558. For state superintendent •yt schools: King (D), 5,121- Matthews (R), 2,598. For supreme court, division one: Pitzsimmons (D), 5,128; Highbce For supreme court, division two- Lccdy (D), 5,100; Hyde (li) 2536 For represenlative in congress' Zimmerman (D), 6 ,187; McAnally <K), 2,54fi. Judge of circuit court: Reeves (D), .1,451; Duncan IR). 3.544. Slate representative: Sharon j ?R>? 2,™ 5 '° K; C ' a Lm " )a "S' ; Presiding judge of county court' J. H. McFarland (D), 5,042; John Henderson (R), 2,781. County court, first district: Mor- isoii Roland (D), 2,038; Harrv Gaithcr (R), 1,795. County court, second district • 3 • Robinson (D), 2,459; Lkc Southern (R). 1 10 | court: B. B. in time to identify the cn r «*'F»J. »« shot wL nrcd , r from " W. .* v-, y had been named by C. Posey, Hormondale 'fanner. ____ ......... ^ one of n niiinber'of . , , tl ul " tacked and beat him men who at- yeslerday inn,- • . ...iji .vcAuraav morning when he was carrying ,, e ; tS3T/,™^ tilling of A.*C White near Peach Kl, in the northwest part of the comity. Officer: '""' that While i,, ~ '" .r"'H'"^' B i' r< l is reported ?uff C pplrw a K" 0 "ntt«\S White's knife ijiien anrf sev- h fli, inflicted by ered his intestines Sheriff Judell nas promu . ed inorougli investigation of (lie dii K i 1 . 1 '* <**>»* of'Holland. Hei predicted Ui e eventual identification of the slayers of Ferrell. and declared Horace all the 1 ' to punish the Hillty persons. Says Shooting Scene -.Not Near Night Club The scene of the shooting at loiiand. yesterday resulting in the •nr „ ni n' T ° f a wnitc nm » °c: iirrcd about a block and a hair rom the white public school or .'ilhin four blocks of the voting I ENTERED FOR mm CONTEST Aol 78 l-'nr Ai •II 50 as 5 :i • 50 12 2 0 187 42 51 IXI IG'.l (ill 53 33 33 21 87 715 •10 101 2D 8 4 74 30 I 37 41 110 131 72 52 33 21! 4 87 1122 Winner Will Less American, More foreign Cotton Reported WASHINGTON, Nov. 7, (Ul'l- A reduction of 2,yiO,COO bales In the » orlds supply of cotton this scn !*"" compared to last was eslimnied Represent | nomfc- - lr - au ° f " Brlcullm ' nl <-' c °- ylheville m American , s " m>ly 0( lot '^" BIO™ «n- tou was reported at 1.COO 000 bales more than last season mid ol Amerl lean cotton 4.550.000 bales loss Legion Co'mpelition Fifteen girls have been entered hi the contest sponsored by the American Legion Thursday evening at Ihe, Hit* theater when th c mast beautiful girl will be chosen to rep- i'csent . Blylhei'ille at- the annual beauty contest Monday held in connection with th e annual, Arjiilstlc" Day celebration. Misses Bstty Coulter, Mary Virginia Cutler, Doris Hay Dabyns, ' Pollyann Btfck Lyslra • Bracklii, to,,| sc - -Hourldildi Nina -Barnes. Evelyn Smart, Jessalyn Blomeyer. Maxine BrWiam c «rmen r^wis, Katherine WiTlnolc! Mnybplie Snyrisi- and Martha Lyn Norris have been entered. The winner of the "Miss Aiueri- " Lc * lon " compete - . .. ,,. VWVIIJ/tTtL beautiful girls from other northeast Arkansas and southeast Missouri towns for the title of "Miss Northeast Arkansas-Southeast MIs- win-l." These girls will be guests at .Interesting affairs Paroles Free Eleven Mississippi Countians Eleven * " men sentenced county to from t 0 scvcn < US Tucker (arm prisoners paroles were lumomiccd ,...» u ay by S. . L. Todlmntw ^licrinlendenl,.of the .Cc pen|J tcnl.ary. on aulhoi izaiitin of tlic ( state penal board. The Mississippi county men granted freedom were- Eramlett, serving one false pretense; JJ, N , M P. P. year for GlOVC]-, „_ . , ,' "• ""ilil.^ VJIOVC]', grand Inrceny, one year; Pat nu,,- tcr. bui^lnry nnd larceny, °-—- •••"• e"um Inrecny, Wo years; Thomas Holmes, bure- Jflrv -tinrl ,,_„.. i i. "•& Inry larceny. three years; Fred Smith, grand larceny one yem-; Ray Oswald, voluntary niimstoiigMcr. two years; Jnm cs Coleman. ncoro. assmni win, ... New York, Cotton NESV YORK. Nov. 7. (UPl- -otton closed very steadv. looth. was stated " "«1>» .•>!)! !(,'(] Hubert Utley. operato ./udge of probate . uult . 0 . n Sanders -ID), 4.922; Charles D Travis (R), 2,817. Clerk of circuit court: Ernest • Long ID), 5,012; G. W. Ward *>, 2.C52. Clerk of county court: Edwin i> Huffman ID). 5,l8i; J. w McCloskey IR), 2.492. Robert Hawkins, for nrosecutlng attorney, D. Ben Holly, for collec- ° r ' Jo ? ln W- Green, for register f deeds, and H. E. Doerncr for "one administrator, all Democrats, were elected wllhoiil opuosi- club totlay of by M, »«"<• 1 -: , Utlc y ™ M some press writ- h Will Be Held Friday] CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.— Preliminary hearing for W. I. Denton, Blythevllle, Ark., charged with felonious assault in connection with tlie shootihg of A. G. Hankins, Probation Officer For County Believed Assured Mississippi county is lo have a '"11 time probation officer by J an . tinry i, it was announced bv Mrs John w. Bdrington ol Osceola. prc™' Went of Ihe District Federation ol Women s clubs, at a meeting of the Juvenile Protection association at noon lV ° We TUOSdris ' afte "- "s hda apparentiy mistaken the scene of the shooting in leaving the impression that it was near 'is night club. The beating -of a did occiTiVar"?- ^'"^ ' 10S ™ CS not Ihe shooting, uticy staled. Blytheville "Bur Will Hold Annual Election The Blythcvillc bar association will hold a dinner at the Hotel No- ib!e Thursday night, starting at 6-30 I o'clock. Election of officers for the year will b= made. A calling for closer unity of the stale bar to be submitted to the next legislature will IK discussed as will prospects for securing revision ol Arkansas statutes in a ne , v ( | igcst lo replace the digest now in use Issued in 1921. Dcc Jan Oct open .. 1208 .. 1212 .. 1218 .. 1210 .. 1218 1191 | 0 , lV c | osi , 1225 120,i 1222 1229 1211 1236 1237 1235 1207 I21G 1217 1215 1229 1234. 1230 1235 1205 p 20. —B farmer, last week, will be ™$°i^»\f^^.\zss?£ B -rr v W bond. i u ,., 8 _ e ? al "?• "on-lson who told ; The announcement was „,„„„ ,„,. 'Wing a conference with County '• D±^ U ,V^ rse «"» fi ^ ^''''"e'prSion'omccr 0 aegey ire Denton following n dispute over ' Denton serious. IIankills ' His condition is not A group of women have been working for some time attempting 'ran",.'"" 0 in officer for Nflsstelppi who is paid no salary. $500 Raised in Annual Campaign for Library The Blylheville Library association obtained $500 in its recent annual membership drive, it was announced at a meeting of thc board last evening. This money, which ts more than was obtained a year ago, will pav the debts, including four years lax- es - It was also voted (a purchase > worth of children's books. -•• ..^i *t,ui jj o(J J Spots closed steady, 1250. ur. New Orleans Uolton NEW ORLEANS, Nov 7 <UP> — Cotton closed steady. open hijh low close ° cc 1212 1228 1209 1223 ^ a " 1210 1232 1212 1227 Mar 1220 1237 1219 1234 7 a V 1221 1230 1220 123! •^''y 1219 1233 1218 1231 Ocl 1193 1209 1189 1205 Spots closed steady at 1251, up !«. Stock A T - & T HI 3-1 Anaconda Copper . II 1-4 Doth, steel ' 27 1-4 en years; lienry Parncll, 'ifcgi'O murder in the second degree five >'0ars; Lloyd Spates, negro ' rob- Jcry. one year; Pcaslcy Watkins negro, assault, five years. Blames Accidental Shot for Death of His Father if°fear OI ' A ' A ^'' lkc E « l °». «. nig ^preliminary hearing In connection with the death of his ft» ' i.V, C - Eflt0n ' 50 ' fil ™«. who was killed by a shotgun clmr-e late Sunday afternoon. ! According to the slory told by fc"'°" ",'f k 'l»"S "M «c- GJUflTE Cotinly Electors Favor Proposals But Reject Referred Acts Mississippi county voters, pnrtliU returns today indicated, gave blj, majorities to nil three constitutional amendments submitted at yesterday's general election, but're- jected the two referred acts. Democratic candidates for county offices were unopposed and Republican and Socialist opponents of ,Oov. J. M. .Putrell received but a few scattered votes in this county Fate of the three-mill raid tas, wns uncccthiii today, Election olli- clals at most.boxes neglected to make any notation of thc vole on this question and definite'Informa- tion ns to (he result, will apparently luivc lo await canvass of the returns by the county board of rtec- Uon commissioners Friday R-. porls from u few boxes, however, indicated support of the las uox- cs reporting on this question were- Promised I^iid, for, '28, ngnlnsl 2 : Leachvllle. lo r S7, against 19- Forty and Eight, f 0r 30i n5 .,,;, 5t ,. Hiilfnuin. for none, against 'i'\ The vole at Blythevllle was not reported but cleclion officers said (hat the road tax carried by a substantial majority. p ai-lia) Returns .Indicate Defeat of Referred Acts in Voting Yesterday UTTl.K ROCK. Gov. ,1. M. Nov. 7 <UI>> w|l!t hl)) , "*-" IMI.T iijimjy i(j- 'lay In the realization of n r'ccovd Democratic majority ,m,| „ landside vlclory for his two comtilu llonal amendments. "f never was hajipli-i- hi mv life Governor Pntrell told the United ress over long distance telephom Irani lib: home nt l'nrii KO uld, "than when those amendments wore nns- ml. They were the uollllcn! am inllton or my life." ) The amendiufiils, Numbers ID mid 20. nptmrenlly carried by mii- orltlra. of three to one as returns from Ihc stnte'.s 2,100 ,, lc . duels rolled slowly In. Partial returns, however, .tndlcul'cd ilefciH for Amendment 21. the ••„„,),.. "' mid for Ihc two ii lliited nets. 78 niul nor Futrell's Clover '• , ' r Wood, who • arrested him, Singing Convention Will Meet at Well's Chapel The Mississippi County Singln H convention will convene ! nt Well's jClui])tl. one and one-half miles north of Red Line school house and one mile east of Etownh. th>third Sunday in November it is nntiouncrd by Soton ftuLscy, president, and A. V. Nnramorc, secretary. All lovers of good music arc especially Invited to attend. An Interesting program is being prepared, with some of the best - --, -. ,.v ,,, t ,.,,11,1) I 111 I drunk and was threatenln musical talent of the county. him it wi slory. | t is understood. Is confirmed by other members of Ihc fmn- «. «rW It is not thousht likely he ] '*nl be prosecuted Funeral services for j. c. FMon , Chrysler Coca Cola Gen. Am. Tank- .. Gen. Electric .... Gen. Motors Jnt. Harvester Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central .... Packard . Phillips Pet Radio Simmons Beds Standard of N j Texas Co. ...'...'. u - S. Steel ...'.'.'. U. S. Smelting ... McKcsson-Robblns 149 1-4 Mayor Breaks in Fall from Tree OSCEOLA. Ark.—A. S. Rogers mayor of Osceola. suffered a broken arm and two broken ribs in a fall from a pecan tree. The may- did not report and Indications ...... approval was given only (o Amendments lo and ''0 He steadfastly had refused ment on any oilier of the stilts before the electorate, Congressman Claud A. Fuller ol Eureka Springs rode to rc-elccCIOi on the crest of the Democratic A«vc, defeating Put Murphy, Republican, by „ W |,| C ,„„!,', Many counties their vote todny „.,„,., were Hint no reports from" 'them would bo expeclcd before tomorrow or Friday. H United Press tabulations from 770 precincts Indicated i the Democrat!" vote would reach at>oiil= iKO.doo ami the Republican vote would lie 'approximately 11,000. The UnJicd Press count: Pntrell, 52/Hli; l,cdb»ttcr 4,931. Amendment 1»: For Against, 14,224. Amendment 20: For Against, 13,210. Amendment 21: , Far, Against, •15,721!. 38.322. For, 25,178; (li) 52,118; •I'fl.BIB; L'0,400; Against 7H: For, is,»20; Against, 45,- In the Iliird congressional district !)2 out of 281 prcdncls gave iilli-r 5,702 and Murphy 2,503. County salary acts met a varied reception yesterday in th" lo counties reporting today. Foiir ai>- pnrenlly met defeat Republicans Lose Senatois in Pennsylvania and Oilier Stiongholds ' ' "y United Vrrv, v Republican retre/it became a rout loday as iniprecedentcd Democratic victories In the off-j ear election spread from Die Atlantic seaboard lo (lie west. > nisorgniilzed Republicans so far We suvcrt from the flood tide of democracy only tlnet or foiu United Stales semitois flic governors and a weak ihtnoiltv in thc house The national goicinnicnt Is in- contcslably Democratic Actual Ne» Dcnl coii[;Tcsslonal mnjorltlet can be asrerlnlncd only when party loy- nllles are put (o thc lest of bitterly controvc-rsiiil Icjtslntlon this winter. lint President Rooseiclt has huu n record making \ 0 tc of confidence The Democratic party li, in powci today n s it has nc\ci been before T'lie Republican jiiitj i s weaker than nt any time since (he OUil wnr. Democrats Hin Pcnnsylunla Republicans in Ponmyhanla sur- rcndcrcd Scnatoi David A Reed to the enemy. Joseph p Guirey Democrat and New Dealer is Pennsylvania's sejintoi-elect, thc first Democrat named to the senate by hut stale since 1875. Democrats picked off Senator Frederic C. Walcolt (Rep Conn) »nd his place rrancls T Maloney. Senator Simeon ress (Rep o) became prohibition <i lost leader when former Governor Vic Dona- "ey, Democrat and semi-New Dealer, won the scat ress hns occupied since 1923. ' Senator Hamilton p Kean (Rep, N. J,), mustaehcd million-lire uent .down before Oov A Hany MooVe, imllniin Voted Senator "Arthur Robinson, Rc])ubiican. a bitter foo of New Deal policies, to private Jife and gave Slicitnan Minton Democratic New Dealer, his place .Missouri N'amcs Truman Senator Roscoc C Patterson Republican, foundcicd in jhe first rush of Missouri ballots Harry S I'ruman.of Tom Pendergnsts Kansas City machine, \\ili succeed him Senator Felix Hcbcrt (Rep R I) osl lo Pcler G Otny servces or J. c. Eaton i pcca " l ' cc - 'e niay- v 'ere held Monday. In charge or| or ' lllra5lll "B pecans at a height >>• G. Mora, niythevlllc under- of al>m "- ln fcct ' iosl his ''«>W n«rt "ikcr. and burial was made 'it fe "' Mrs - R °Z" K - who was vlslt- sandy Ridge cemetery Besides his '" s in I!cl( ™ «t the time of Ihc : > - - **- *-v<ni;n.l ) , JiU.'liaC.'i IlLS 3fi 1-2 j£'fc. Urstc. and his son, Jake. Mr I"™ 1 *"' 185-8 i£ ato » is survived by a daughter. hlm ' , u ., u i • «•' OVN vivcd [;y 30 1-2 .Clara, and two other :14 3-8 | vi '> and Dave. 28 7-3 • ._ 21 7-8 soi«. home to be with IS 3-3 6 9 1-4 42 3-4 21 5-8 33 7-8 119 7 Wheat "pen high low c io, w 9« 3-« 101 98 100 7-8 !17 3-8 100 96 7-8 99 7-8 HO 3-4 94 1-4 SO 1-4 94 1-8 S. Helped in Fight Mnr - [Frank Doss Goes to Trial ] for Robbing B. G. Rich on Tax Relief Measure . rk. (UPl-The ' government helped pay Ihe bill in (he flelil of educators against ir ?*?," ct 2fl0 ' Iw'B'W*' as relict legislate, fo r properly owners • i>nI>C! " fr "' n lllc "Sriciilturai rs office in the college of agriculture tit ll, 0 university of Arkan- of the »ct was Trial of Frank Doss, charged with robbery o( B. G. Rich. Promised Land farmer, opened court liere today. in circuit is alleged to have taken one dollar from Rich when he appeared at thc Hitter's home and terrorized his family but lo have missed $125 Rich had received -for Ihe sale of his car and left In Blythevllle before goijig lo his home. Ralph Noble entered pleas of BUilty to three charges of forgery lencc was not passed. Claude p. counsel for Noble as well ii't Epic Leader Polls Largest Vole Ever Casl for Democrat SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 7. (UP) -California, on the face of returns from over three-fourths of thc states voting precincts, 'rejected upton Sinclair and his EPIC plan by naming Prank Finley Merriam Republican, as Its governor But at thc same time the electorate rolled „„ for the former Socialist and author such a mountain of votes as to constitute plain cvl- rtcncc that powerful forces are dissatisfied and demanding change No Democratic candidate for slate office ever received a vot= approach- J£io lh pV nnqlvcn lhc riU " er of tllc In 8.261 of the state's 10.721 pre- 30; Sinclair. G42.728;' Italghl' 207'000. Mcrriani's pluralijy, 170,802. ' LOS ANGELES, Nov. 7 (UP)_ ". Lola Dominguez, was report- in n serious condition today after drinking poison because of despondency over the defeat of Upton Sinclair. Democratic nom- noc for governor, sheriffs depn- Chicago Corn Dec .open high 77 7-8 79 1-4 79 80 7-8 low close 77 1-2 78 7-8 18 7-fi 81) 1-S cd the number of districts in the *iate and warned more could be expected if the net providing jfent- ont penallles for delinquent taxpayers should be adopted RALEIGH, N. C. <UP)—"PctC" rattlesnake on exhibit at thc Stale Afttscum here, fasted for a year. He broke his long fast with an enormous rat, ft RT>S fatal. ^frs. les said. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair, somewhat or tonight. Memphis Ui'rnocrnU, Swicp House NEW YORK, Nov 1 (UP)-Lafe returns from the 132 hoiuc elec- lons today assured the adririhV- ratlon of at least MO members " a resounding DcnipciiiUc vie- ory which reached unc\pcctect limenslons. * A total of 265 Democrats were elected and pi others were leid- !ng In house races, compared with 83 Republicans assured of seats >et H lending their' oponcnts. Culling Takes Lcid ALBUQUERQUE, N. M Nov. 7 (UP)—Senator Tironson Cuttin* Progressive Rcjiubllcan, leaped 'iii-' lo thc lead in his close lace with Representative Dennis Chavez Democrat, for (he election to the" for Ihc regular •iK-y'ear senate term. Tabulations at noon today from ISO of the,; slales's' 788 precincts showed Cutting leading by 1 37B voles, the lirat time he has held a lead since tubulated. early repoid were Health Unit Will Have Two Additional Workers Mississippi county Is to again mve a complete staff for - its icalth milt following the ' receipt of Aditlonnl funds from the United Slates Public Health Srevice' o be used In 17 Arkansas cotm- les. This means that n sanltarv nspcctor and clerk will be added o the staff of a director and iiirse who ^liave been operating he unit for some time with headquarters In tills city. , ' '• Dr. A. M. Washburn, dlrecor, Plans to increase his activities as oon as Ihe new members are added. For several months Pulaski ""a Gnrland counties have been he only ones with four persons' ---,, ^....u "ti/ii ^tuui tTCISUlU) n thc health unit since Uie Pubic Health Service withdrew ! lts icliviiles from this state. New [members of thc Mississippi county .unit have not been i—r-.tu, somewhat warm-; "• ' mv - "<n- ocen announced. Thursday generally fair.! Counties lo have more workers »u.-iii>uii.s> and vicinity—F\ilr lo-^ nrc ' Saline, Crittendeu. Conway, nght and Thursday, cooler Thurs-1 ^P*' Sebastian, Ashley, -Little 3ft V. • RllTir -tarfftrfm* nU«lir^_ ir .The maximum temperature here yesterday was 74, minimum 37 clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- ns, official weather observer. River, Jefferson, Phillips, Monroe Cross. Clark, Jackson, Woodruff, Veil, Otiachita and Aflsslsslppi. White-tailed deer often develop n liking for fish.

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