The Miami News from Miami, Florida on December 29, 1970 · 16
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The Miami News from Miami, Florida · 16

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 29, 1970
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4-B THE MIAMI NEWS Tufs., Pec 29.J970 1 CARL DILLON'S GRADED DOG ENTRIES Winners Tonight's Miami Beach program U1LLUIV5 JU.CUKU 329-1282 Quinielas 331-1282 HRST-eecti: C P Oo Comment 1 )) Lady ' lest food J Cy Rates ties 4 Cri Inyvry tumvM t Harrey Carey Contender i Crony Dor Oeneerout 1 Lefty Schemer Tired 1 Kenelou Won 7 Caravan Xock Fair SECOND Surf: O t Fldaeted slowly I Polly Coplnter NiMtMil 4 Missile Flash Good form 3 Prince Oewitf Oroooln down Oella Flint Oenaerou 5 C Ma Win Chance 4 Lifhtenine Lou Tired .. 7 Miu In Land Won THIRD -each: t Lard Lou 7 Forsyte AMI 1 Burnt Cinder 4 Monelee Wizard 1 Whose 4 Som Flesh 5 Matt Taptoe 1 Sandv Wine FOUTW-eoen: d 4 Tumblln Tear Draeplna down 4-1 AAeioen winner Kale clou ! fontender 4-1 Oangerous 4-1 Cropping down 4-1 Dropping down 4-1 Form poor 10-1 Needs beat 4-1 Bumped Rato close, 1-1 Contender 4-1 Dangerous t-l Fair 4-1 Early speed t-1 Form bad 10-1 Dropping down H Likes evtside 4-1 Oropping dawn 1H Contender 4-1 Oeneerous 5-1 Chance 5-1 One 12-1 Fair a-1 t SEVENTH-gch: i Pin speed Troubled Dropping daw Contender Dangerous Money chene Early speed rair 1 Little Price 1 Norman's Jo I Venture Forth 3 ftusty Mail 5 Mac's Juliana 4 RjR. Silver Cup 7 Big Match FIFTH Seechi E 1 Bobertetto 1 Patty Pedro Caravan Sena 7 Tall F-opo 1 Maiden Mam SKenE.Eckert 4 Sausy Sissy 4 Heather Taptoe SIXTH Beach: I 4 Johnny Rocket ( Quote Me 1 Cosmic Riri 7 Psychedelic J Chimney Swift 3 Honey Hop 5 Kited 4 Madison Usef Odds 1 4 Keble i-ll 1 Endeomo S Crete C. lexers 1 Lady Chic ( Meyll Res 4 Guy Junior 3 Patch Pocket Re 7 Ample Doll EIG-HTH Surf: C 1 Crystal Rasa 1 Negative 5 Leaked LIU 3 tnergico 4 Keeping 4 W.w.'s Helen Sizzling Mm 7 Everton. . ninth Beach: I 1 Nimble Nuisance 7 Paused i Forecast Sal 4 Flame Red ( Proper Control 3 Lots of Talk 4 O'Artagnan 1 Champlou TENTH Beach: A 1 Groovv Thin 4 Hanky otxi I Pop's Prloe 1 Darkle 4 Big Toyota 2 Slashed 7 Margie Nix i Reaction J-1 4-1 3- 1 t-1 4- 1 t-1 10-1 4- 1 t-1 t-1 5- 1 t-1 4-1 t-1 t-1 4-1 4-1 t-1 4-1 t-1 10-1 4-1 Ml lumped In good term eaten tavern Contender Dengeroul Chance Speedy Lit speed ' won easily Lata spees Rites (lea Won Oeneerous Early spaed Fair Form bad 1 Pine effort Troubled Needs best Good form Dinger ous Eirly speed Won Off poorly la good seat Won Speedy Beaten favorltl Dangerous Won Good form won fvfnTM Atlantic: & 7 Humpy Bishop Should repeat I f.'s Don 1 Melot 2 Rabbit Nappy 4 Junior's Boy 4 Spanish Lac 3 6's Whltey 5 Lincoln Tip TWE L FTH JBch: 2 Bronz Pilot 1 Money Hustler 4 Snow Sled t P.A.'s Duchess S Kin cotton 3 Prairie Woman 7 Delicate Doris 4 Remoiin Bud Tired late Cropping dews) Contender Dangerous Chance Off slowly Last 2 pool' Dropping down Good speed Bumped Early speed Dangerous Late spaed Won Outrun IS WHEEL t-t-7. Ninth Race 4-1 t-1 4-1 t-1 41 10-1 51 10-1 t-2 t-1 t-1 1-1 10-1 t-1 10-1 t-1 t-1 4-1 4-1 5-1 4-1 10-1 10-1 2-1 t-1 . t-1 ' 4-1 10-1 1-1 4-1 31 4-1 1-1 5-1 2-1 10-1 t-1 10-1 10-1 S-J 4-1 4-1 t-1 t-1 4-1 t-1 t-1 Last night's Miami Beach results w It PPOS P PIRST-AC Tim JI.24 Ouln. $44J B'tRoso 7.60 400 J. 4111.. LldoMlk , J tO J 0 3 I 2 2-1 Maestro Jack 3.40 2 33 3-5 SECOND BC Time 34.41 Ouln. 134.40 ui...n I M A in A no 4 111 Jack Bast 5.00 5.30 1 5 3 2-2V Reliable 3.00 1UWi DAILY DOUBLE (44) PAIP-ttt. LavelftH FIFTH-BC Bockdeed Mag's Duk putt out SIXTH AC Blue Riser B s Henry Southern Agent THIRD BC Tlm34.4t Ouln. tlMO Wedged 1.00 4.00 3.40 I 3 1 1. . . M.L.'s Sure Record 4.40 4.00 3 3 2 2-1 Monro Van ,4.40 5 6 5 M2 FOURTH BC Tlm4.s7 Ovtn.S27.4l T.B.'s Emm 10.40 40 i. jljl-. An M.rb 4 0o i so 4(2 1.5V Z.4U IU Tim 24.M Ouln. SitJJO J4J0 t.JO 3.49 5 3 2 1 . 440 2 4 2 1 MVi 5.40 3 4 3 3-4'i Tim 23.12 Ouln. 43440 10.4A 7.40 4.40 4 1 1 1. a.ou o.w aii a-vs 3.80 4 4 3 3-4 SIVINTH-BC Time 14.41 Ouln. M'd. Friend ll.M 7.00 3.40 15 11 Red Caneio f .40 3.40 7 4 2 1-2 Volley Ball 240 1113-5 Oulnlela selected fev Dillon. EIGHTH BC Tim 43.7S Ouln.154.10 Fool's Hill 7M 5.20 2.R 13 21.. Becky Flint 11.40 5.40 111 3-1 Little Coma 3.40 2 3 1 3-3 NINTH AC Tim 23:22 Ouln. 144.21 Miami Minnie 10.40 1.40 l.D 4 3 11 MarcleTapto 4.40 4.60 3 1 2 2-1 Hyde Park 4.60 7 4 3 3 5 TENTH BC Tim 34:19 Ouln. Tango sort y.eo i n z to a i l i Flrenz 4.40 2.40 4 4 3 3-J") Dapper Dean 2.60 4 12 WVj Winner selected by Dillon. ELEVENTH BC T. 94:71 Ouln. SN.40 pnaseo .oo i 1211 Big Ventur t.X 5.00 4 3 2 2- hd Blast Out 4.20 2 4 7 3-JVt Winner selected fcv Dillon. TWELFTH 4C flme,41. Ouln.trt.Ml Person Grata j.lo S.20 2.M 5 1 1 1 Madison Slim 11.01 4.40 1 5 1 JSVi Babeover 2.20 1 2 2 3-4'i piv r is--s) pib siOJSJ.41 ATTENDANCE J 442 HANDLi - 1t,240 Tonight's Hollywood program DILLON'S RECORD Winners PIRST-JHHlywood: B 178-652 Quinielas 165-652 7 Call Mik t Own Plash I .Running Rabat 1 Southern Flam 5 B't Treeey 4 Be Charmer 2 Xustom Keep 4 Step Out SECOND4th: D I III Baron 4 Medley Purty , 1 Gun Broker 7 So Sharp 2 Susie Oak Droeeln down Beaten favorlt Troubled Cropping down Oangerous Dropping down Fair Early speed est en form Just missed Last ood Contender Oangerous Lata speed elen Coussv Early speed t Win Drop Form bad THIRD Hollywood: D 3 Cherry Mist 4 R.S. Ha Melden Winner Dropping down Pine speed Just missed Oangerous Chance Form bad Bad 1 Black Diamond I pretty Talk 4 Bellyktvin Lady 4 Miramar Maid 7 K.C.'s Wausau 3 Shadow Moss I Cozy Chef i Berklywlilbegon FOURTH-JHollywOod: M ' 4 R.R. Irish Eyas Schooled well 1 Humbuggua Rates close 7 Tide Daily last good 1 Tell Tufly Chance 2 Peppertre Dangerous 4 Medley Wen Fair 5 Rate's Favorlt Last bad 1 Enuffee Form bad FIFTM-ulritrm: B 4 G.M.'t Tapper Like distant 7 Jama McMullen Last good 1 Garbled I Ridley , 4 -Tod 05 Lit 1 Rulla 2 Controversial i Apricot Andy Dropping down Won Dangerous Early speed Poor Tired biSiy SIXTH Hnllwmod: C 1 Pride's Lady In toad spot 7 Fortran Dropping down t Charles Cot Rates well 1 Green Feather Bumped 4 Sargent Lou Dangerous 5 Notre Dame Pat Chance 4 Ide Murphy Feir I Tudor Quean Form bad 1-2 4-1 t-1 1-1 10-1 10-1 7-2 13-1 2-1 4-1 t-1 2 4-1 4-1 10-1 1M 1-1 4-1 2-1 2 10-1 4-1 U-l 12-1 4-1 1-2 1-1 4-1 t-1 10-1 10-1 1 10-1 1-2 71 4-1 7-2 4- 1 ill 10-1; a 7-2 t-1 10-1 10-1 5- 1 t-1 8EVPNTH itti: I R.I. B. Camay 3 Cimmerian 1 O.M.'s Close Call 4 Oakerfield Boy 2 Sue Fancy 7 Ross Tray I Social Ooll 4 Miss Manor EIGHTH Hollywood: C A Wan easily Lalt speed Troubled Contender Dangerous Feir Won Won 4 R.R. Irish Rose 1 Rusnaeiri 1 Seton 2 RodC. t Runyon's Texas 4 speed in 7 Joey's Raa flea 5 C.Ws Gary Allan NINTH Hollywood 4 Lectured 5 Loud 4 Rayrena 1 Carrigeen Muriel I Marble Bear 7 K.C.'s Grumpy 1 R.R. Refferty z s.r.s uony TENT H Hollywood: A Oood form Beaten favoril Rates close Contender Canaerous Orooplng down Lata speed Trailed : A Stands eut Neil best For iet last Last good Danger out Won Outrun Form bad M 4-1 1-1 -2 4-1 4-1 12-1 10-1 4-1 7-1 1-1 4-1 1-1 101 t Top Speed 1 undented 4 Curette 1 Jimmy Tovot 4 Ceesar Ring 7 Silver Tre 2 Fahbie S Woodward excellent form One I beat Fine form Chance Dangerous Won Good farm Leie speed ELEVENTH Hollywood: B 4 Terrv Tarn Fine form 7 A.L. Sunklst Second last 1 1 Hello Friday t Handy Vote 5 Fast Felix 3 Pardallo 2 iRunvon's Boron 6 Wavsld Scooter TWELFTH Hth 1 Cool Cut 1 Broken son 4 Betty Mo 3 Leton 4 RemesaMtndv 5 Fleet tray 7 waysida Tornado B cartid Needs btst Chance Dangerous Fair Poor Poor C Pine farm Good (arm Won Contender Dangerous Chance Form bad won BIO WHEEL 1-4-7, Fifth Rac VI 10-t t-s 4-1 4-1 1-1 1-1 4-1 10-1 10-1 I J-l 1-1 t-1 6- 1 1 w 4-1 7- 2 1-1 -2 10-1 4-1 t-1 10-1 4-1 4-1 4-1 3-1 10-1 1-1 7-2 10-1 W P S PPOS P PIRST-HC Tim 31.33 Ouln. S20.40 Betty Dart 14.00 4.20 4.00 3 7 3 1 . . Torchv Trav 4.00 3.40 4 1 t-1 K.C.'s Prancer 3.40 1 1 4 1-2V cuinteia seteciegj ay union. SECOND MM Tim 17.14 Ouln. S1S.4I Pert. S70.M Beerlch 1.10 4.40 3.00 3 5 1 1... HI Coppr 3.20 2.60 2 1 1 1-4 Durnava Prarla 3.40 7 4 3 3-4 DAILY DOUBLE (3-3) PAID S7S.40 Last night's Hollywood results SEVCNTH-4 TimN.ff QUItt. t 47.2 Pert. 1)11.41 Fr'de'i Flyer 24.40 7.40 4.60 7111 B's Sue Lou f .40 4.20 1 3 3 2-2 R.R. Chocomlnt 4.60 4 2 3 3-6 EIOHTH-HC Tim. 31.01 Ouln. I UM Part. 1144.26 weoiey vn 41.40 .o 7111 Babe-re I.M 3.20 1 2 2 2-2 Escaped 4.49 4 5 3 VPS Nl NTH HC Tim 31.11 Ouln. 110.40 Pert. S14.M nnoysey wn e.zo 3.20 7.60 2 3 11 Mllzia 7.40 5.40 4 J 25-2 Cecil 3.40 1I4 3-! TENTH-HC Tim 30.75 Ouln. 111.00 ' " Eowin Bonn .n 1.20 I 14 2 1 Pacified 4.40 4.00 4 1 1 2-1 Troy King 5.M 111 3-5V4 Oulnlela selected by Dillon. ELEVENTH HC T: 30.fl Ouln. 441.1 oreai nop 11. eo 4.20 3.40 1 3 4 1 Rollo 4.40 4.20 2 7 3 2- ns K.C.'s West 1.60 4 1 1 3- hd TWELFTH H Tim,lf.03 Ouln. 115.00 Pert. oioger tray 10 jo i.n 3.40 sill Madam Phaedra 3.10 2.40 3 3 Mfj fenny Lass s.20 7 14 MVS wuinieia selected sry pnion. BIO "O" (l-t-2-tl PAID 1242.41 ATTENDANCE - 4441 HANDLC 1414,103 THIRD HC Tim 11.51 Ouln.S67.20 Part. S172.44 P.W.'t K'pr 23.40 10.00 4.40 7 1 1 1 Lucky You 1.60 3.10 t 4 4 J- Vi fay Col 2.60 4 2 3 3-1 FOURTH HC Tim 31 .36 Ouln.tt1.M Pert. 1114.40 VanFeldt 12.I0 10.40 t.00 2 5 21 . Taml McDowell 11.00 5. SO 4 112-4 Franchettl 5.00 1 4 3 3-4 FIFTH GC Tlm, Ouln. S121.40 Pert. S452.10 Runyon Annl 22.00 T.70 3.40 1311 Rar Honey 1.10 5.80 5 2 2 2-P4 Viva Goldia 4.10 1 4 5 3-fVi SIXTH HC Tim, 11.17 Ouln. 127.40 Pert. 141.00 Red Frl Dog 10.40 4.40 4.00 1 3 1 1 Leaped 4.00 1.60 4 5 2 l-l's Run Don Run 4.20 7 1 1 3-314 Oulnlela selected by Olllen- Wrestling card lists 8 matches Eight wrestling matches have been scheduled for tomorrow night's program at Miami Beach Auditorium. Highlighting the card is a match between Rene Goulet and Tarzan Tyler. Leo Garibaldi will referee the best-of- three falls event. The Infernos, managed by J. C. Dykes, will meet Jack Brisco and Thunderbolt Patterson. If the Infernos lose, Dykes must spend 10 minutes in the ring with Louie Tillet 12-ring tennis circus just a beginning for Dale Lewis By RICK ABRAMS Miami Newt Reporter Dale Lewis' "12 ring circus" pulls up its stakes today but not before the main attraction takes place, the championship match between top seeded 18-year olf Harold Solomon and third seeded Brian Gottfried. Lewis, in charge of the Orange Bowl International Junior Tennis Tournament for Sullivan tips off his score One look at Dennis Sullivan as he teed off in the third round of yesterday's Orange Bowl International Junior Golf Tournament should've Indicated that the 17-year-old from Grant Park, 111., would finish the day with the tournament lead. The tlpoff that Sullivan would take the lead in the competition for the Gary Player Trophy, awarded to the tourney winner, wasn't in his driving or putting, although his putting game included successful 15 and 25-footers. The tlpoff was In his style his tlressing style, particularly his choice of color. Dressed entirely in black, the standard golfing attire of Player, the South African champion, Sullivan shot a rwo-under-par 69 for a 54-hole total of 213 and a five-stroke lead in the tournament at the Biltmore Course. Sullivan, playing in his fifth Orange Bowl tournament, passed second-round leader Craig Stadler of La Jolla, Calif., who shot a 76, and fell to second place with a 218 total. Tied for third at 220 were Kenneth Dye of Fayettville, N.C., who shot a 76 and Howard Wills of Columbia, S.C., who shot a 75. In a three-way tie for fifth place at 222 were Hunt Gilliland of Chattanooga, Bobby Brow, Coronado, Calif., and Jim Adams, Fayetteville, N.C. Sullivan's 69 was only the third sub-par round of the seventh annual tournament, which concludes today. On Saturday, the first day of, competition, Rick Hmielew-ski of Plantation shot a 69 for the first-round lead and Jay Brooks of Fort Monmouth. N.J. shot a 70. Brooks was in ninth after yesterday's round and Hmie-lewski was in a tie for 19th. In last year's Orange Bowl tournament Sullivan scored a four-round 314, which tied for 40th place. Yesterday's round was the first time in five years the Kankakee Country (111.) junior champion has led the tournament In addition to the Player Trophy, the winner will receive an amateur exemption in the National Airlines PGA Open, March 25-28 at the Country Club of Miami. Dermis Sullivan Craig Stadler Howard Will Kennetti Dye Jim Adams Hunt Gilliland Bobby Brow David Du Pre Dave De Rosa Jay Brooks David Oourna Donald Kalode John Duggen Robert Raymond Jan AAcClain Jimmy targem Scott Rovenger Peter Gibbons Rick Hmlelewskl Denlel Talbot Robert Fields Jeckle Debbs 73-71-44-113 71-71-76 SH 71-74-75220 73- 71-74-250 71.74- 77222 74- 75-73-522 73.75- 74-522 77-74-70-223 75- 76-74224 70- 74-74 224 74-74-75-255 71- 77.77-225 73-74-71225 . 75-75-75223 7J-77-74-224 77-72-77 226 10-72-75-257 7440-73-527 4MO-79 221 1 77.76-75221 77-74-75221 74-77-75-224 The offense at LSU is like co-star in John Wayne movie Continued from Page IB jealous of the defense, because they deserve the publicity they get. But it does cause a competitive feeling. "For example, sometimes the defense will walk off the field and they'll come over and say, We got you the ball, now you go take it in for a score.' Often they did. And with a balanced attack. With dropback passers Lee and sophomore Bert Jones sharing the quarterback job, LSU threw for 300 more yards than it ran. But the heart of the attack is the running game, witfr the big pass-catchers being the defensive backs, who stole 25 passes in 1970, tying a school record. Tommy Casanova, the All-America, . Intercepted three passes, returned 14 punts for an average of 164 yards, including two for totichdowns against Mis siMippi, and then, when the offense r lowed down. It averaged over four yards per carry as Uiltack. "We're not Texas, but we run pretty , well," Lee said. Lee, who ran the LSU offense 60 percent of the time this season, knows well the value of a defensive unit that turns the ball over to you. "Everyone's always talkin' defense, defense, defense; well, this year that's the way it should be. They did the Job." , The man most responsible for turning the LSU offense into gravy, is head coach Charlie McGendon. He stresses defense. And it has worked. The last two years, LSU has led the nation in rushing defense, while compiling an 18-2 record. Shorey explained it best: "we appreciate our defense. They're to good, we feel it's our duty to score for them." And they'll probably have to. Nebraska has averaged 37 points per game this year, 22 more than the Tigers. Lee. the quarterback, said, "If we score three or four times, we win. It's that simple. That's how much our defense means to us. "But we do have to score." the tenth straight year and University of Miami tennis coach, was saying yesterday, "Sometimes I get to feeling like I'm ringmaster at Bar-num and Bailey. Only here (Flamingo Park) there's 12 courts instead of three rings." Like today, the center of attraction was defending Orange Bowl champ Solomon. More than 1.000 people gathered to watch Solomon beat fourth seeded Leif Johansson of Sweden, 6-1, 6-2. Johansson's serve was easily one of the fastest in the tournament Johansson had won most of his matches from players who couldn't return his speeding cannon-ball. "But Solomon's a pusher," r 1 O "! 4 I ag V k tf ' Miami News Photo by JOE RIMKUS Ten-foot putt drops a golfer HOWARD WILLS of La Jolla, Calif, waits hopefully (above) for a 10-foot putt to drop on the first green In yesterday's third round in the Orange Bowl International Junior Golf Tournament. The putt didn't fall but Willis did (below), one of the reasons for his 75 his highest round thus far, leaving him In a third-place tie after three rounds, seven strokes behind the leader. film- t JT-' ' - 2 Lauterbur leaves Toledo a winner Th Associated Press ORLANDO, Fla. Ex-Ma-rine Frank Lauterbur has quit after 23 straight victories at the University of Toledo and today became head football coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes. Word of the Big Ten job leaked out yesterday and Lauterbur confessed the plans to his players lest night before the Rockets thrashed William and Mary 40-12 in the Tangerine Bowl. "It was supposed to be re leased Tuesday In Iowa City," the 45-year-old coach said. "I have nothing more to say about it except that somebody jumped the gun on the release. I don't know who." The former West Point and Baltimore Colts assistant coach replaced Clive Rush as Toledo's football chief in 1963 and, after a building period, produced an 11-0 season in 1969 and a 12-0 record this year. Johansson was saying after the match. "He pushed the ball all over the court" As in previous games, Solomon used a side-to-side barrage strategy. N "He kept me moving,' Johansson said. "f just couldn't keep up with him." Gottfried beat second seeded Byron Bertram in a relatively easy match yesterday, 6-3,6-3. Meanwhile, Lewis was walking back and forth, checking with players, scheduling matches and generally trying to make things go smoothly. "Twelve hours a day I'm out here. And I'll be out here next year too," Lewis said, grinning. "Realistically," Lewis was saying, "I really enjoy it" And he still has a lot left to enjoy. Wednesday, Lewis coaches the United States team in the Sunshine Cub Tournament, also at Flamingo Park. " He's coached the winning team seven times out of ten years. Lewis stands another good chance of winning, because Solomon and Gottfried are on his team. The . action doesn't stop there, either. "After the Sunshine Cup," Lewis said, "I report back to the University of Miami as a basket case, ready for action. In other championship matches today, ' unseeded Janet Haas faces top seeded Chris Evert in girls' 18 and under competition. Miss Haas upset second seeded Susan Stap 5-7, 6-3, 6-0. Miss Evert beat third seeded Laurie Fleming, 6-4, 6-0. In boys' 16 and under competition, Billy Martin, third seed, faces tenth seeded Mark Joffey. Martin beat second seeded Belus Prajoux, 6- 1, 4-6, 7-5. Joffey defeated unseeded Patrick Dupre, 7-5, 7- 5. In the girls' 16 and under competition. Donna . Ganz meets Sandy Stap. , Miss Ganz, second seed beat third seeded Sue Pritula 1-6, 6-3, 6-2. Miss Stap ousted unseeded Betsy Nagelson 6-0, 6-1. 4-3: Md., d. . ,., . OYS II SINOLIS u.,-"'K!,J.i0,":,e1i P'.. Lauderdale, d. ul.I j ,1,1 . " W'" 'riee a-3, i . T . o"omon, Oliver soring, Laif Johansson, Sweden, 4-1, - Semlf njls! Mark Joffey, Miami Beach, 7tPJmCk SuP' lnlmhm, AlaW-5 7-5; Billy Martin, River Forest, III., d Selu Preloux, Chile, 4-1, 4-4, 7-s. Y II DOUBLES Jurtr-finls: Byron Bertram, South Afrlca-Ruan Kruoer, South Africa, d. Alex Brazil, 4-4, 2-6, 4-3; Jean Caulolle France-Erlc Debllcker, Prance, d. Corra-?, B'I"u'n' '"V-fabrlo Matteoll, Italy, 4-2, 4-6, 4-3) Raul Ramirez, Mexico-Chlco Haoev, La Jolla, Calif., d. Allan i Boss Austr.lla.Adl Keurlm Austr.ll. "7, Vil tSXU?rM'i F,'- L"l4rd4le-Harold Solomon, Silver Spring, Md., d. Lelf Johansson, Sweden-Rolf Norben, Sweden, 4- ' ' , 0Y$ II DOUBLES SemlllMls: Gottfried-Solomon d. Rami- YI 1 DOUBLES . 9u,r?,"n4l! Billy Mirtln, River For- iijiii, Evvaoer-uonzeio Nunez, EC. uador, 7-5, 2-4, 7-5; Vitas Gerulaltls, How. ard.. BMCh, N.Y.-Ted Haoav. La Jinl calif., d. Benito Schoen, Mexko-Cerlos Hernandez, Mexico, 7-5, 4-2; Gerv Reiner! Hyde Perk, N.Y.-Mlcheel Fishbaih, G?ea Neck. N.Y.. Sam Unlll. c, ..... burs-Mlk Borllft, Orlndo, M, 4-4; Gull-lermo Aubone, Argentlna-Vlrtor Pled, L -T., " Z' y,t nneTyeiTlK, waco, Texas-Ward Snyder, Ft. Lauderdale, 44), BOYS 14 bouri ste Semifinals; AuhnnA-Dlrl M B.tMA.ri.k wVitk.r2-.r4'-4T2ui,,,,,-"M,y a-M,r,in' GIRLI 14 SINOLES semifinals: Sandy Stap, Dearfield, III.. 0. eetsy Nagiesen, St. Petersburg, 4-0, 4-1; Donna Ganz. Miami Beach, d. Sua Pri- me, wairoii, mien., l-e, e-j, e-z. . , GIRLS II SINOLES , Semifinals: Chris Evert, Ft. Lauder. dale, d. Laurie Fleming, Ft. Lauderdale 6-4, 6-0; Janet Haas, Miami Beach, d. Sue aisp, vcvrrieia, im., 3-, O-J, 0-0. GIRLS II DOUBLES Quarter-finals: Susan Epstein, Miami-Chris Evert, Ft. Lauderdale, d. Carlisle Talbot, Miaml-Llnde Llndsev, Miami, 4-0, Mi Laurie Fleming, Mlaml-Jenet Haas, Miami, d. Pattl Jarksl, Bloomfield Hills, Mlch.-Debble Stanlon, Wantagh, N.Y., 4-1, 4-0; Sua Stap, Dearfield, Ill.-Sendy Stap, Deerfield, III., d. Cerol Jones, Kolamazoo-Becky Bergman, Kalamazoo, Mich., 4-0, 4-1; Karin Benson, Miami Beach-Laurie Tenney, Miami, d. Beatrice Chrystman, orazii-oeny weer, nniemi, o-o, e-4, e-l. GIRLS II DOUBLES Semifinals: Stao-Slao d. Bensoit-Tannav. 6-4, 4-4. GIRLS 14 DOUBLES Quartcr-finajs: Andrea Menezes, Brarll- Kegma joaquim, tsrazn, a. oetsy Nagies en, St. Petersburg-Jenan Trimble, Little Rock, Ark., 6-2, Ml Donna Ganz, Miami Beach-Kathy Kuykendell, Miami, d. Una Keyes, Westwood, Mass.-Sue Pritula, De troit, Mien., a-z, e-o; Tracy Tempest, Den ver, coio.-cisa biscow, Bedford, N.Y., d Esther Stahl, Miami Beach-Sue Stedel man. Coral Gables, 4-1, 6-4; Plums Bart. kowlcz. Midland, Mlch.-Mery Hamm, Mt. Pulaski, III., d. Kyungml Choi, Korea- sang boon oonn, Korea, e-4, e-4. Gray 38 First downs Rushing yardage Passing yardage Return yardage Passes . Punts Fumbles lest ' Yards penalized 1 Blue 7 Blue . Gray 10 - ' 21 147 . ' ' 73 2 254 0 15 4-20-3 1740-0 432 4-38 2 4S 25 Blue Grey 0 7 0-7 7 3 14-31 Gray Abercrombi 4 eass from Suao, (OimceeK kick; Grey Pederson 50 pas from Suggs (Slmcsak kick) way Anderson 3 run (Slmcsak kick) Blue Harrison 6 run (Jacob kick) Gray FG Simcsak 23 Grev Konorea 7 Infereeetlan nrium (Simcsak kick) Gray Anderson 3 run (Slmcsak kick) A-20,000. Toledo 40 Wm-Mary 12 First downs Rushing yardao Passing yardage Return yardage Passes Punts Fumbles lost Yerds penalized Toledo 26 324 121 76 12-22-0 2-31 ' 3 100 WtM 15 13 127 0 13-22-2 7-38 0 44 William and Marv Toledo P i.fTiWii;f'-iJ'i..., h I: a' W - - m W .ui.Mitjiijji N W4M Bushnell 10 run (kick foiled) Tel Cole I run (Duncan kick) To Harris IS run (Duncan klekl T ol Schwartz run (kick blocked) Tol Fair 4 pass from Ealey (Duncan rick; Tol Eahw J run (Duncan kick) Tel Nlezgod 32 Interception (kick oiccKea; - . -, - - W4.M Reoen 2 run (eass tailed) A 15,444. r IM affTTTsr'aiTri mZT mVTTTT(T .. Vst i irv r oT-tirtt wm I mumi- . , ftorfng Editor Ezra Birdwhistle, Wliatta name! The most intriguingly-named horse to run at Tropical Park this winter showed up yesterday in the first race none other than Ezra Birdwhistle, a 2-year-old gelding trained by Charles Patrick and owned Mary Sue Lemay and Margaret Patrick. None was responsible for the name. "We didn't have the horse originally," Patrick said. "An exercise boy named Herb Reed owned him first and he's the one who named him. First he sent in Herb's hope and Herb's Dream to the Jockey Club but both names were rejected. "Then Herb threw a 'Find A Name For The Horse' party in Lexington (Ky.) and I guess the bourbon started to flow pretty good. Someone says 'I got a cousin named Ezra Bird-whistle.' "Herb thought it was a great name and submitted it." There wasn't no way, no how, that there could be another horse in this country named Ezra Birdwhistle. The name was accepted by the Jockey Club. Yesterday Ezra went off at 35-1 and finished fourth, beaten orriy 1314 lengths. He earned $180 to boost his lifetime bankroll to $4,425. Ezra has won two of 11 starts and is not a crow. He beat Fun Man, good winner here earlier in the meeting, at Keeneland last October. It would be a real groove if Ezra could make the Kentucky Derby. Ezra, and the 2 year old filly running at Tropical with the name of Turkey Nu Nu. Picou puts one over The winner of yesterday's first race was No Tron, trained by the old rider, Clarence Picou. It was the first horse Picou had started at the meeting and he came in with no works showing in the 'Form' or 'Telegraph. But Picou had him fit and he ran a big race, paying $61. If you believe in reverse tips, No Tron was led into the walking ring the wrong way, as the number one horse leaving the paddock, before the race. But he sure knew which way to go when the bell rang. Sand must wait Forty-five minutes before yesterday's first race a man drove a dump truck filled with sand into the grandstand parking lot. Unless the man busted out early, someone in South Dade County had a long, long wait for an expected delivery. r Alike'.' Hole nearly ready Mike Hole, the fine English-born rider, was at Tropical yesterday with his exceedingly pretty wife, Yvonne. Hole has recovered from injuries which have sidelined for two months and will be back soon. "I'm not looking forward to it, especially," Hole said, "but I'll probably start riding again the last couple days here (Tropical) and get ready for Hialeah." Persian War winner Th Associated Press FAIRYHOUSE. Ireland Persian War, the 5-4 favorite, easily won the second running of the Irish Sweepstakes hurdle yesterday by eight lengths over Lockyersleigh. Ridden by John Uttley, the 7-year -old gelding won $26,356 for owner A. J. Pitt of England, with lucky ticket holders collecting $120,000. Tickets on the sweeps were sold in more than 100 countries. Inishman finished another six lengths back while L'Es-cargot, second choice at 4-1, finished fourth for owner Raymond Guest, former, U.S. ambassador to Ireland. L'Es-cargot, the only American hope, faded over the last three hurdles after running second. , Lockyersleigh went off at 28-1 and Inishman 7-1 in the two-miles race. Only 11 horses started when Avondhu, the second favorite, was withdrawn because snow prevented his horse truck from leaving for the course, 15 miles from Dublin. The turf track was pelted by rain and hail before the race. TONIGHT DOG RACING SCHOOLING 6:30 pm Bring the entire family featuring exciting Dog Races featuring HO! HO! and his magic clowns Free balloons Free hot dogs Free cokes mm DOG TRACK JUSTOfTTHE NOtmMOWH EXPIW(K5)EXjTM3CBtZSSt lit; 13 j ? ! C i eS

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