The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 28, 1932
Page 4
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PAGE SIX LOSS OF WEIGHT T Southern California Leave: Off;Power Attack for .Speed and Passes. BY ERSKINE JOHNSON NEA Service Writer LOS ANGELES-EI Trojan 0 1932 V likes his football player young, a "pony backfieW" wlilcS will go in heavily lor speed am forward passing attacks, and heavy, brilliant line. And wliat El Trojan likes sc like Southern California fooibal fans,' who already arc wagcrini (hat the University of Souihen California' will repeat and ngnli win the nallonal grid title (hi! year.' 1 . Coach 'Howard Harding Jones always conservative "headman" at tire far-western university In mutters of football, doesn't, say his team will or won't win the coveted title. So his boys are (he ones to watch. Glancing over the Trojan gild Tester we find that Orv Moblcr, speedy veteran quarterback, Is the greybeard of the squad and he Is only 23. There are three regulars aged 22 nnd the rest ore infants. Captain "Tay" Brown and several others arc only 20, three other boys wlio are destined to see plenty of tough action are jusl 19, and at (lie tender age ol 18 we find Cal Clemens, one of the halfbacks. The Southern California team this .season will, lack much or the pile driving power of lost year's eleven, but, will make it up in speed, versatility of attack and surprise plays. Compared with last year's championship starting combination, the 1932 Trojan first, string backfleld, averaging 170 pounds, Is 12 pounds to the man lighter and will shrink during the season. . Coach .Jones admits that while the Trojans will not hnve any line smashing Jim Xfuslcks at fullback, they will have a fleet-looted Dick B»rb«r at this position, and while they will lack the dash and drive of Ous Shaver, they will have Eome good pass receivers and throwers. Barber, a made-over track man and Intercollegiate and national broad, jump . champion, Is holding down the fullback position In practice jn fine f«shlon ana is expected-to play a big part this fall. With no great punters returning, the Trojnns wilt rely upon deceptive quick kicks. And with no, line plungers, their plays will probably .feature quick openers 'to spring;a fast man Into the open. -The: Southern- California line Is the best In the Pacific Coast Conference «nd lines win grid games more than backflelds. Five 9 { . the.linesmen.are veterans' and all are tough and .brilliant. "I- would rather take Goliath out of a play than Ernie Smith," Ernie Pinckert, thai famous Trojan- All-American, once said "He con Inngle you up In elbows better than any tackle I'have ever As the nation's foremost exponent ol the full team shlll, Jones has concentrated on line deception rather than the "button -but'"" - v "- -°t the ball" tvw or : ——- I ,__, II _. _.-.._ Trojan Speed Merchants Orv Mohl«....sp«d3r cmarterback from last year. Dick Barber.... pltnty fullback. for a Sing Sing Grid Games Cut Down Prison Rule Violations Indications from the first ses- f.°f ° f !*««<* at U. a C., are hfA 1 dece P tlon . ^Ined by a shift and sometimes by a scries of shj/k that enable the Trojan forwards to van- their'positions, will b^ emphasized more than ever this year by Coach Jones. •nn cf Silk cloth TOKYO, Japan (UP)-Manufacture of silk cloth bank notes as a means of reducing silk stocks, has U T',? d '° lhe R«* Silk of the Agriculture office HOME THEATRE Wwbesday ud Thnnday Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 25c See Youll stand up and cheer • V_/f TJ BOVN CULVER BY HENRY MATTEO Pr«5 slaff Correspondent . N. Y. <UP)-!\VhUe Sing- bin* prison's "steamroller" ootball team tolled in prepara- lon for Us second season, Corrections Commissioner Walter N Thayer . explained today- he up-' >rov,:s the spovt because it hns created a higher morale among he Inmates. Football was inlroduced pro- vlslonally in the prison at Ossln- last year. The experiment, which aroused nation-wide Inlcr- proved highly popular so varden Lewis E. Lawes decided to xfcnd It. As an example,' Thnyer cited "Infractions of rules at the prison wero ; the fewest In the Institution's history for..weeks prior to the games last fall. They knew that «!';eri a minor infraction would bar them from witnessing the games." Thayer admitted that when'the finnic was-first tried out h c questioned the feasibility of such a privilege. Now, however, he has no misgivings.. Warden Lawes'has proven-Its practicability, he snjd. Diversion,: Thayer declared' Is essential to- correct 'supervision of a :prison. TJvj Inmate, however, must "e am -It. '• < .. should bb as normal to. regular existence' as'possible, he 'said; pointing •out" llirit "to "de- CQOLEST SPOT IN TOWN RITZ THEATER Last Time Todny—"Big City Blues" with Joan Blondcll and Eric Linden. Thursday and Friday Adm.—Matinee—10 and 25c Night—10 and 30c ,-with Tom Brown New* and Comedy Johnny Mack Brown, Foot ball Star of Alabama University in 1926 plnys in his first football story. Cartoon and Comedy—"Hollywood Luck". prlve prisoners of ehls would result In them returning to soclHy with the same attitude 'which characterized their prison entry. "Thai Is wliy group activities In the prison recreational program rc helpful In preparing the prl- - „„.,„,, aoners for their return to lli e out- j game." dcmlnlscenlly. 'That was our slogan. We said to ourselves, 'We'll take those guysl' and we meant H. That's tlie Important thing. We did mean It. We had faith and confidence. "You know—you used to laugh Dan Howley says he Is going out of the UK leagues this year. He Ims done time for three years as manager of the Cincinnati lieds, and he figures that Is enough. Uan Is ready to go back lo tljc minors. More than enough] But 1 our memories of Howling Dan will IT- ,. r0 m,, main fresh and fragrant. Of all „.„ 'v, ns ',,. L cnl ", ? 0S -. '*?"". , ss E? ^rr ^rir' Drn ?\-- « % 'te'nanr """""' "" ™* "'" , HH?{?Hs '£' Dan has been In the majors! that vent."It was'thc 'g'oods D ™' since )927. He came up from the - ' . . '' International League, with way ] K«ds a Oood T«m "Wr> had a good ball club at Cincinnati (his year, even If we did finish In the cellar. Hafey was out a tot. We lost a million games by one run. If \ve had had Just enough punch to put over two runs In those games, we would Beat Texas L c a g u c | Champs 7 to 3 andi Fake Dixie Series. Hendrix and State College Clash at JONESBORO, Sept. 2 60 to 0 victory CHATTANOOGA, - ,.„, Miss in seasons opening game last ay, Coaches' Jack Dale and .-".• Darr of Arkansas state Col- Ten,-Tl,eic^ fi r ( C[r g s«rSu sI S jo'clock. Adults will I* admitted : for 75 cents while a special ad- i mission price of 25 cents tor all ! students, both grade, high school, i and college has been made. I Tlw Hendrix team has been rat- I cd as one of Arkansas' outstand- • Ing collegiate elevens for the past .— Fresh 20 years and Coaches Ivan H. over the Grove and E. T. Rcnfro will bring iin.- r '" t I anolher strong el.?ven !o Kays j Field Friday nig'hf. Hcndrix played ! the University of Arkansas to a scoreless lie Jast week. Detroit, Toronto and Montreal These just seem like a lot of names, bul when you figure each town Is a yeur In a man's life- ami a baseball ycnr—lliey take on more Those Browns n.-m navcr did have a major league team lo manage, though lie 1ms been a major league manager for six years. In 1G28 he was easily the outstanding manager of tlw year. He took a team that be knocking at the door. "And w c didn't finish In (lie cellar because we didn't play ball. We did ulay—and plenty. Every guy I've got went out and hustled jusl lik.? we were In (he pennant race. Of course, we didn't have the punch. - There Is no use deny- and wrlt- fbfrd place, coming very close to winning the first pennant the swas ever had attained. HOT many of the Browns of 1928 can J'ou remember? It's the same way H'Hli us. The only men on that team who come to mind now ore Lou Blue and Heinle Nfanush The prospect Howley faced at St. Louis In 1928 was not to te envied, stars Imci been traded or sold because of the lackadaisical showing the club had made In the tag end of the 1927 season. Howley took what he had—and made the most of It. We just mod? up our minds we were tough to bent," says Dan side. The attitude of the criminal toward society Is essentially the attitude of a poor sport., He hasn't played • the rules o! Utte "My Browns—they had it. When I looked at (he club that April, I felt discouraged. But they fought They were never out. At the last minute, wlin two out, they would come through with what they needed to win. It wasn't a great ball team, but the boys were a fine bunch of fighters. "It sounds a little bit 'Y M. C. A.' to say that the Reds this year could hnve gone the same route— with the breaks. This team Jast didn't have them. Why? Well, go and nsk some smart manager. Maybe he can tell you. "1 know the Reds, with Hafey and Herman, were a ball club that should have finished in the first division. But, how are you going (o prove It?" nead Courier Ness Want Ads .— series 1 beatlntr the Beaumont "Terns ' Friday nl«ht Sent"' 30 * league champions, 7 to 3. ; drlx College of Conway inrv ?'"' A! 1 ' i 0 ""' 1 SlralBlU vlc -' Ti!e collt « t «'i» be '[he first £* the rfir ~ SenT"" ! "" „""' '" " le """"«•« ™'™ « last TueW. 1 lo D on a' home | prcd" .Whe "ouEct 'of ' , ; Iatc;r ianics on the Jonesboro ine vcltory yesterday was the schedule with such teams as inird for rtai McColl. Lockout Ounchlta, Monticcllo A and M righthander. House! Hulvey was and College of the Ozarks the other winning pitcher. i Th? game will start at eight DAMAGED RAZORS • When you use the Gillette BLUE BLADE, bent razor comers (frequently caused when you drop the razor) can't destroy shaving com- fort. The blade's patented cut-out comers assure perfect alignment of the shaving edges — prevent warping or uneven edge exposure. Courier News Want Ads Cardinal Stars Including Jimmie Wilson Jerome "Dizzy" Dean 1'cpper Martin Vs. ias Sunday, October 2 Grime 2:30 O'clock Cardinal Park Charleston, Mo. This may bo your only opportunity to see the most famous of the St. Louis Cardinals in action in Southeast Missouri. Admission—7Sc Including.Tax Free Harking Free Grandstand SCIENCE THE ON STAR OIL New invention mates only oil with all 5 qualities of perfect lubricant. HYDROFINED... no extra cost A «rcat Nobel Prize invention made possible the hydro- fining process—and F.ssolubc, the only 5-slar motor oil. Essolubc contains lhe five lubricating qualities youhavo never been able to get before in one motor oil— long life, low consumpltoii, niiniinuin cnrbon, winter fluidity, ability (o keep body. Unless you have already changed to Cssoliibe, you have cither Naplithcnie oil or Paraflinic oil in your crankcasc; neither has all 5-star qualities—one Incks two, one lacks three—both nre inadequate for (lie job of properly lubricating your modem high-speed, high-compression motor. * Why short-change your motor with ail old-fashioned 2-star or 3-star oil, no longer capable of doing a complete job? 5-stur quality Essolubc is easy to get, everywhere from Maine to Louisiana, at stations and dealers of: Standard Oil Company of Louisiana, Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, Standard Oil Company of Pennsylvania, Standard Oil Company, Incorporated in Kentucky, Colonial Beacon Oil Company, Inc. It sells at no extra cost. * When Essolube is so easy to get, and has the full 5 qualities necessary, at no extra cost, ~" >vliy not try it toUay? You'll be pleased with the results. * FREE *OOKLET-"£'j,o/ M 6 f , A Five-Star Motor Oil," gives you the story of the great hrfrofiniHt invention which makes Essolvbe tostiblt, Atk /or it at yo»r "Steward" station. COUNT the STARS Klin IODT WINIHRIUWTT 10W CAIICN IOW CONSUMPTION LONG LIU HWHTMNK (MS Sssolube 'flSSO" MOTOR Bf "STANDARD **~ Y A

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