The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 20, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1950
Page 15
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YHUM8DAY, JULY OUT OUR WAY By J.R.Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople PAGE PLI liBH . PILOT.' V(DO ^f r 3U6T GA\ie UP ' CHARTER SLEEPING TOGETHER: TO GO FISH1W '^i^&^M K ) jteto . DO WE PASSEM&CRS GET PARACHUTES? YOUR BOSS' SWEET urne DAUGHTER HAS DCWE rr AGAIN, BWJNEY.' YOU GOlfJA BAN. ~ : SUCKER our? ^o^^T'/AROijflS/ m looking for a boy who calls my daughter long distance and reverses the charges!" Political Announcement The Couriei Ntws his Been Huthor- zfd to announce tlie lolloping c»n- »t*s. uibject to the Democratic primaries. July 25 and August 8 jgrok covftty JUDGE W Roland Green >* STATE REPRESENTATIVE L. H Autfj Re-election post No, J . John .1, Cowan Kenneth S. Sulcer Post No 2 Albert A. Bankj Post No. 2 I. C. ''Gene" Fleeman (for re-election Post No. «) W. P. Wells Foe state Senator W R. Nicholson J. Le« Bearden SHF.Hlf F ANI> COLLBCTO* Osee Nunnally ' William Berryman For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of cejei investigated in MV«ral hospital! and clln>i, »ubnormal Kidney function wo. Improved, Bladder pain and diKomfort reduced after fhe use of untain Valley Water. , ' your doctor fm» diagnosed your condition « functional Kidney Impairment- Hiii natural,. un- reated mineral water may be very >enefkiaL Try H for q few weeki. t if delicioui, pure-tort/ng, and may be eoniumed freely. Crotstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division in Valley THE STOHV, Srmt I. >rr»> W. G. Mr(;rrRor. brad nf a brmlc- r«pi iMMirpKvr (TIM. tlr« Curlu'11, mprclal fnrr*li.ff»ror *f Ikr ailor- • «•* Kenrral'M •ffifr, t«arHM Ikal McKrrirnr ha«- bren ktndinK bl« • nnnyinouB ftHlft •! four SIIMM* bllu, Corhrlt •nttpeci. • *<»U11ral plot t« fraMtr bi* rbl*-f, AtlnrMi-7 O*n*r»L Krcvcr, «vbn rxpret* to rnp lor Knvrrwor. CorWtl *«c» la Colnnc-l WlMCOM. InHurnne* • re If«int>liil fnrl. • ff Ki nwi r lawyer, In Hr-r- vn x COLONEL WINTON explained that Sammy Berend represented a large block of claims, $300,000 worth, to be exact, against Mc- .Gregor's company. Now, when a damage suit claim a Sled In our stale with (he liquidator of an insurance company, a commission is appointed to investigate its merits. This is a formality, because the commission invariably accepts recommendations of the liquidator, r asked Winton if the commission had acted. "Yes," answered Colonel Winton. "Mr. Bercnd's claims—I should say the claims of his clients, were allowed in lull!" Sammy Berend had never in his life filed a damage suit for any- Ihing but its nuisance value. If Sammy sued for 10 grand, that meant he would take $50<1 in settlement- And he always sued (or at least 10 grand. To allow his claims in full was preposterous. When I got my breath, I said: "Well, at that rate, the claims against McGregor's company won't be paid off at more than 10 cents on the dollar, will they?" Colonel Winton made a long face, "Young man, thanks to my effort* in collecting deficiency assessments trom the policy holders, all claims will be paid oft at the rafe of 90 cents on the dollar!" Again 1 was floored. Sammy's clients would collect $297,000 from the assets of McGregor's company. Rather, the clients would collect hall of that, and Sammy would collect the other halt, for he took all claims on a 50-50 basis. I stared hard at Colonel Wfnlon. who maintained an air o! proud achjovement. 1 turned to Sammy Berend and smirked. "No more questions," [ said. 1 spoke to Sammy Berond. "You'll be glad to know thai you've also put McGregor in jail! In about an hour and a halt I'm arresting him for a technical violation of (he insurance code! 1 hope you're satisfied, you stinking little rat!" Sammy Berend paled slightly, but marie no move from his chair. I could have called him anything and failed to get a rise out ot him. He never cxerlcd himself unless lie saw a fee in it. I turned on my heel and led the office. J WALKED rapidly out of the Roland Building, then froze as I beheld the occupant in Sammy Bercnd's red convertible. Her hair was as fiery as the color of the car, and that was fiery indeed. I had never seen the girl before and I'd never have missed her i( she had been a native of Capital Cily. 1 had to admire Sammy Berend's taste, but the idea of a lovely creature like that sitting there in his car wailing [or him was nauseating. "Hello, Miss. Satntny told me to tell you he'd be down in a minute," I said. She stared at me, her eyes narrowing with suspicion. She said nothing. I had to make her ulk. "I'm riding with you. Mind if I climb in in front?" She hesitated, then said: "Not at all. Sammy didn't mention your name." I froze, then moved on swiftly around the tront at the car and climbed in on the driver's side She was tlie girl all right, the one "'ho hiid phoned Keever that lorning and told nim about the tnoo bills. I'd listened to enough canned phone j -convcrsations never to be fooled by the changes recording and a telephone can make. "Say. what's Hie idea? What ar* you doing?" "I forgot. Sammy's to meet us at a spot down the street." Her voice had become so loud Hiat passers-by stared. I drowned out lit-r voice as I started tile motor and made it roar. I snot the car away from the curb. The redhead was eying me as if I were * maniac. 1 grinned as I gunned the convertible through trafllc "Take it easy, sister. I'm th« Buy you tried to frame when you called Keever this morning, the guy who got four grand through the mail from the anonymous donor! Remember?" CUE remembered., She .paled "^ slightly beneath her sun tan She looked at me as if I were i member o! the old Five Points Gang. But she didn't utter a peep lhat sui ed me. 1 wanted her to think I was a very tough guy. 1 was an auto thief and a kidnaper —that ought to hold her! "Where are you taking me?" Her voice sounded shaky, „,'' Wilere you're going to talk! Where you can explain why you phoned Keever and who put you up to it!" I reached my apartment house in about 10 minules. Jusl lor effect 1 got out the automatic Irom Its shoulder holster. She got out and made no sound She was -evidently too badly frightened to remember her handbag, and I caught It up and carried it. I would be interested in the identification that handbag would contain. I let her into my apartment. Miss Croft, sitting demurely at her' desk out front and listening to * soap opera, would not have approved. Keever would not have approved. The police would not nave approved. "Sit down and take it easy," 1 told her. 1 dumped the handbag on * stand. I won't add to the cracks already made about contents of ladies' handbags, but 1 found what I wai looking lor. An Ohio driver's license. The girl was Wendy Hillyer, from Cleveland, and I knew enough about Ihe town to know that she had m good address. (T» Be Continued) The Hard Ttulli :f' AL VERMBER We're Proud of Our Work t work - « Woodwork tcturing « Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. • Machine work • Manufacturing ^^^•^"^•••• Speedometer Repair All Makes & Models — Cars and Trucks One Day Service — Factory Warranty T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO 131 East Main phone 2[22 A BETTER LAUNDRY For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Coll 4474 NU-WA WATERMELONS! 'ce Cold 4c Lb. Worm 3c Lb. Cantaloupe* 20e Blytheville Curb Market 130 East Main HOMEMADE PIES We Take Vour Ordei N. J. Humphrey Call 2359 For your old 8 Ft. G-E Refrierator Hubbard & Hoke Here's One Way To Save Money SAVE NEW CAPS DETAILS AT DEALERS Expert Serric* H-flLT€RS jQUflLITY SMOG SHO 21 W M a I M S NOW Trade for a Betfer- Driving Used Car SPECIAL 13SO Dodjte H-Ton P)ckvp. I'ou can't tell It fn,m brand ntw . . . only 7,10« actma] miles. $1195 « Slndebaker Chinpkm ,-oow —fully equipped . . . overdrive, radio »nd heater JUM •46 Kord z-dwr—a very clean car *' a tremendous sarlnfs.. .$795 SKE THESE TRUCKS Chevrolet 14-Ton rick.p— good healer anil a clean tmck '43 Slndebaker Ji-Ton Pick., " ry . J°* ""'««, ha* famn. Mudebakcr CI1mal!«r Heater. J1W5 AND AJANY MORE! Ctiamblin Sales Co. R.R. & Ash Pttont 6898 PIUSCIl.LA'S !'O1 ; raking No Chances CI, 0'MAI,I.EYlnd HALI'H COME BACK, MR5.KYIC YOU CAN'T «T AWAY COmE BACK SO YOU CAN HAVE fVIEPtlTIN JAIL? MR. HINT, StDU AK»l/ C A IT/UN KASY I'll. LEVEL IE HOLE OFF SMOOTH. AMD HY LESLIE TURNER BUGS BUNNY A Good Itcnson TMERJVS SOAAETMIN BASEBALLS SACK T1-1AN WWAT'S SCN KNOCKED OVER: TH FENCE I A Cinch for Oop V. T. HAMLIN °?2&&™ )sme SWIM; yiSIONS /HOW FAR BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES I!Y EDGAR MARTIN

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