The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1937
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Illliat^reat • THURSDAY; FEBRUARY v 1037 of the Trailerites ; >Vitli .winter;.'urging them, southward, thousands, of the growing army of Iraileritrs follow the sun ".One;of a:dc««i trailer'parks nl St. Petersburg, Fla., is shown at top, while below, the Ei G. Grosses orst: Paiil,.Minn., take tlic'lr ease on the "porch" of their .rolling home, complete witli shell-bordered ..•.''••'. : '• ,' paths'., embryo landscaping,'and pel police dog. The trallerlte just plugs In on the city current, as 'Miss Dorothy Hill of Hcrklmer, N. Y., Is doing in this picture. ' Social events are readily organized In the colony, and, like Miss Jane E. Piper of Tyrone. Pa,, the trail- crila "dresses up." Alter the party a midnight .snack is nice. So, like Miss Anna Louise Walters of Columbus, O., back yoti go to your trailer-home to raid the icebox, as you vised to do In the old home. Then, when bedtime comes, the couch becomes a bed, Mrs. J. J. Locke or Peloskey, Mich., tucks her little daughter Peggy into the sheets for a pleasant and untroubled night's rest. What n life! LOT BE1[ Arrangement Should Be Carefully Thought Out to Fit Location Extreme Simplicity] .A.subject that should be given the greatest consideration In planning a house, but one that Is frequently completely Ignored, Is .that of orientation. Too often a plan Is taken which in itself may be 1 an excellent plan but; which may be : entirely unsuited for the lot on" which It'.Is' desired to 'place the house. The plan .may have,been designed for- a .lot that faces south, so to put the house on a lot that faces north may place all the looms In their wrong places: The living loom, instead of being on the southwest coiner, finds itself on the noitheast, where it gels only a little morning sun; the dining room, instead of being on the southeast, is on the northwest, where It gets no morning sun; the kitchen, which should be on the ' northeast, Is - on the southwest, and, .since the prevailing vind Is fiom that direction, all the cooking odors flow through the house instead of out of the windows. And so the house Is nil wrong, although on the lot for which it was designed it would ha\e been ideal. Do'not select a plan until the lot has been bought, nnd then, if possible, have a house especially designed for it; or, if you feel that you can get along without an architect, select n plnn that was designed for n lot with the same, orientation as_ the one you have bought. Remember that a \\ell-dEsiBiied house that fits the lot and the surroundings and that has the rooms in their propel relalion both to the lot and to the points of the comp.iss has a higher sales value than one not possessing these characteristics. Money spent on thorough preparation of plans is money well invested. Protects Against Leakage and Decay Caused by Moisture : . Dining Alcove Set Apart By Novel Method The modern trend toward combined living-dining rooms adds another problem to the matter of interior decorating. Some housewives are not content merely to set up a bridge table for the evening meal. One room had a chair rail around the wall. Book cases, the same 'height, were built out Into the room, setting off one portion as a dinlnj alcove. This arrangement can lake the place of the dining alcove, popular in present- day construction. The Federal Housing Administration insures mortgages for the construction of new homes or pur- ichase or refinancing of homes already built. Rooms may be redecorated or architectural changes made under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Hous Ing. Administration. FHA.Does Not Lend The Federal Housing Adminls tratlon lends no money. It Insure. loans made by private financla , Institutions operating under pro visions of the National Housing ' This extremely simple homo has bvcii iilauneil-lp accinnniu- (laic two people. 'It lins nu extra large 'living room and a gboil-sijcd Ijcilronni wilh bath" .anil' dressing room altaclied. A vdl-ycnlilalcd kitchen ami a . heater room ;iud torruco complete the layout. Tliia luime obviously will not nccom- niotlalc more ll:au t\\'o people comfortably, but n couple will find It well bid out ami adc- ijuatc. The drop in Hie henter- rooai floor is to allow bolter circulation for tlie heating system, . The architectural firm ot Miller, Mattiu N; Lewis designed the bouse, lo lie bailt in Tuscaloosa, Ala. The lio;ise cost $2,GOO and Hie lot an ailiii- tional S500. Tlie Federal 'Housing Administration insured a $2,GOU mortgage on tho properly, on wliicli monthly payments araoant to 529.70. •Housing Question Box FIRST FLOOR. " .'Flushing is used in so many places in a house and Is so vitally important lo Its weather-tightness that It must not be passed over lightly- and left to the whim of he builder. Cheap flashing, like nost other cheap things, is hot of nuch use. H is difficult and (expensive to replace', and therefore a-little exlra cost for this - item vhen the house is being built is yell worth It and will be a saving 1 In! the long run. The heads of all door and window frames should be flashed; flashing should extend through'the wall under all masonry sills and Uirii up back of them;, all junctions where roofs butt, 'iip .against walls should be flashed, carrying the metal well up back of the wall covering if it is of wood or well into the wall if it is of masonry. All 'chimneys should be flashed and counter-flashed where they ixiss through roofs; all valleys, even closed valleys, should have flashing at the angle whore surfaces meet; and Hashing 'should be carried under the base of all venccved walls and turned part way up Ihe back of the veneering to protect the wood members against possible rot from moisture collecting at the bottom of the wall. Flashing should b"e of noncor- rodlble metal, or it should be carefully painted with good metallic paint on both sides before it Is placed, and again on the oul- ide after placing, to protect it. It should be painted from time to time during j| s life to forestall corrosion. , A North African variety of mushroom stands two feet high Some other mushrooms are so large, that one of them would be more than a meal for a man. Q. Arc these various insulation; boards that are being advertised I for' sheathing in place of wood serviceable? A. Yes; they serve both as sheathing and as insulation. When they are used, it would be well to have the irame braced afc all corners, so as not to make the wallboard responsible for all Ihe stiffening of the structure. Q. Where can I gel nice plans for a five- or six-room house, and how much will they cost? A. There are several sources of plans, and the/costs,run from a dollar lo 10 per cent o'f the cost'of the house. There are sonic magazines that "sell plans, and there are books of stock plans that can be obtained from most building-material "dealers. The next step is a plan-service concern that fusnishes fuller plans for a few dollars more. Then "come the architects. And these vary according to, their ability and tlie amount of service they give. While Ihe services of a competent architect cost what may seem a lot of money, they are worth it,-for not only will you have a house planned for your special needs but it will be planned for the particular location on which it is to set and will be so designed as. to take.advantage of prevailing'winds, sunlight, etc. A well-designed house has a higher sales value than just a house. And bear in mind also that part of the services which the architect renders is Inspection of the construction while it Is in proa ress. Tills Is one of his most important functions, for ;tbere arc problems coming up constantly thai must be solved, and since the contractor Is not a trained architect if the decision Is left to him, it i: hardly probable that he will get th< proper answer from an architectural point of view. Q. I am building a house o concrete blocks and would appre Entertaining. Must Be Considered in Planning of Home The amount of entertaining to be done by a family Is of prime importance when the purchase or building of a new home is under consideration. -'The relative use to which living, dining and bedrooms are to be put must be thought over by the prospective purchaser The current trend In small houses Is to do away with tlie dining room. In some instances junior dinettes arc substituted, while In others a corner of the living room is devoted lo a table anil chairs suitable for dining purposes. The hostess who entertains frequently, however, will want a carpet, Tlie draperies had a neu- trul background, with accents of mulberry and Chinese blue. A divan was upholstered In mulberry, one chair in blue, and a love scat was done In gold. Other furnishings followed these key pieces. Mortgages for^'thc" construction or new homes, the purchase of existing ones, or the refinancing of hoines arc insured by the Federal Housing Administration. Private financial Institutions, approved as mortgagees, extend the funds. Monthly rent-like payments include amortization of the principal and a portion of taxes, interest and service charge. Unusual Color Scheme Offered ch ments but should not be over-! crowded with furniture. Conversational groups should be considered when grouping the furniture. A living room planned for en- locMcd on i the north side of the hoirc has nre to ; \vhite-painled cabincls, walls of cur- and a w, , - , ssembled^ frequently -should yellow, floor of gray. Gray T 1 ' e ,,f atlng am "'e'- "ins ariorn the windows, a but shou i . , ... deepe ciecper suagrtllon of black and coral is used in kitchen accessories. Funds for the Interior and exterior painting of homes arc advanced by private financial insti- and a .'"' tulton » lnsirC<1 cigei Housing Administration. best method of waterproofing it. A. If you have not started construction, sec that a good block is elected that is made by a relia- ile and experienced manufacturer, and be sure that all joints, both mrizontal and vertical, are completely filled with a good quality of mortar. On any wall built of masonry units the workmanship is the inost important thing. No matter how good thij units may be, if they are not Jaid in full, !lat beds of mortar with the vertical joints completely filled, there will be voids — and voids ; mean leaks.. Probably, the most saljisfac- tory treatment ist coating'the inside of the wall with a waterproof material, such as one of the petroleum derivatives; or parging the wall with a rich cement mixture using a metallic waterproofing. The plaster may be placed directly on this surface, or the wall may be furred off and lath and plaster placed over the furring. This latter method will have the additional advantage of stopping , condensation on the room surfaces. Additional protection may^bc had by painting the exterior with o paint of a cement base and low. lime content, or by using one of the many waterproofing preparations that are applied to the exterior surface. Good workmanship in erecting the wall, however, is the first essential. Q. In laying a flagstone terrace, can it be placed right on 'the ground? A. It can, but if heavy frosts arc to be expected, it may heave and possibly crack. A foundation wall around the edge and a bee of coarse cinders or, gravel at least 8 Inches thick under the terrace will help keep it intact. Of course a concrete base for the flagstones will add greatly to its strength. The bill of the modern bird Is lightly constructed. Even those o i* -t t'suny luliatl LIUktna. CjVCIl UIUSL 1 L it if you can tell me thehornbills and toucans are surpris- Blinds May Be Easily Operated Tlie renewed popularity of Venetian blinds brings up the question! of why ordinary window blhids or shutters have fallen, from their useful beginnings to the pointless role ot decorations. It is probable that the difficulties presented by the universal use of screens account for their lapse Into disuse, 1 Blind operators worked from the inside obviate this objection, Painted Floors Regain Some of Old Popularity In rcflnlshlng old houses, a return to the old type of painted floor Is being noticed. 'In many; cases the owner doesn't wish to go to the'expense of, laying a ncwi floor, nnd the old one can be sat-j Isfactorily scraped, cracks filled, and painted with a good quality- paint. Dark red, black, or yellow arc once again the favorites for this type of finish. Old houses may be' modernized with funds extended j by a bank or other private financial institution and insured by the Federal Housing Administration. COAL "We can't sell all the Coal, so we just sell the best" Clean, Dustless, OiL- Treated anil all loaded with forks lo prevent slack. Perl 000 Lbs. Kentucky §3.25 Black Diamond .. 3.50 Sahara 4.00 Acton 5.00 Blue Blaze, (hard coal) .. 5.00 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Phone 100 BUILD NOW Before Prices Go Higher Building materials have made recent advances in price and will probably go higher. If you contemplate building this year, our advise is "Do It Now." You will save money. Phone 40 KIMI5 YIELD TO Since all kitchens cannot be lew, remodeling is being resorted o as never before, and the carpenter, painter, electrician, and other workmen who are well equipped to promote the beauty and convenience of kitchens find :heir services In great demand. Careful planning concentrates effort and minimizes necessary labor. Modern equipment and 1 time-saving devices are expected in the up-to-date housekeeper's workshop. Adequate ; lighting.- natural and artificial,!must be there also, for iight makes for cleanliness as well as cheerfulness. Ample built-in shelving and cabinets are required. The correct floor or floor covering for comfort utility, and health should be selected. And as a successful finish just the right color combination must be used in decoration and kitchen, accessories to make the room as attractive, pleasant, and lovely as any other in the house. Credit for modernization purposes is advanced by private financial institutions insured by Hie Federal' Housing Administration. No Locks In houses where there are little children, the thumb bolts on bathroom doors should be of the type that can be opened from the outside with a key. Read Courier News Want Ada THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. We may not have a flood under out- feet but it will still come down on our heads unless the roof is good. Certainteed Universal Shingles make the best roof to Put on right over the old roof, The saving in insurance and insulation goes a long way toward paying the cost of the new roof. F. II. A. financing if desired. Phone 100 for Estimate E, C. Robinson Lumber Co.

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