The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 6, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT —I—' ~-- consiimrr), nnd to nllot this mim- l>i>r of bales of cotton lo i)ie re- spfdlvc coltoti producing slnles on tlie basis of thi> tolal production basis which has been r.slnhllshed for each state under the promt ure ontlljirtl in !hp [[receding para graph. Any fnrnwj- v.'lii) tins so .,..„„„,, his farming 0|n>rnUnm (hat his customary prnduc-lion ol cotton Is not more than ISOO pounds of lint pur {Continued From Paw One) s ' onr slm " >mve tllls established as .lion base. The Secretary shall also ,'j ls IMSC ftl "' recorded as In In which ihe jiroductlon [niilremcms which"mly'bcMnnde tm-~ shall be used In determining the dor this Act so long as he docs not Wr adv. v\p\t\ nn nnMi fiMtuMiin Itlnnr nmi'A flinn n.~ .„., ...L.I.A. acre yield on each Indlvldua farni, allowing Hie rainier hlmse) lo clioose eltlier one of tlicsp tlirei «ajjs. Tn .' arrlvhu; nl the coflon Wofluqtiori; >bnse of each Individual [farm, tflcJiebmmllloe should not on>.'>' pije into consideration the Vpjnouutof Jand whlrlr would •)»! necessary under ft projKrly balanced agricultural system lo jmxlncs thr food and food requirements on this form, hut should carefully comlcl- .or tils previous practices' on Ihls farm in the- production of different crops Jor sale nnd .should ;iot, ;i s n» Illustration, establish n lull cot- ion production Imls where a-pcnri iwrtton of the land In ilic° past has been used for or other crops. But, where n dinner Ims voluntarily reduced his cotton production below that or similar lands similarly located. n eoinmltU>« should have the discretion of ex- inbllshlng his base In line with said lands. When the committee and the fanner have agreed nn What the annum cotton production should he on this farm, then this should be 'established nfi ihe production basis nnd li should he recorded In Die county a^m's of- floe In the coimly where the farmer k locnled. In i.lie office of Hie Director of Extension Fanes In th« slate where the farmer mid with tlie I>oorlnn>i Vulture In Washington. is located or Acri-' In case a farmer refuses lo' establish i,,,., base ,^ or fails to agree with the local committee on such base, a raun- iy committee should have ihe power to establish this production Into as llie average o[ that established on similar lands slmilarlv located, nnd their findings should )«> fclnd- SECOND. 'Hie Secretary ol Agrl- rallnrc should be given the .power to from year to year on or before the first day ol January of said year proclaim llic number of files which would sell at a price low enough not to unduly stimulate foreign production but still at n Price high 'enough to give the American producer n tnlr prom, (which in our judgment should !» at a Price level or almuC twelve and one- half cents per pound, which fr i f . K we do not think will ever brim; tlie cotton former: to a parity level but »e feel Hint the balance of the parity tevel should be reached by reduction In tarllis oil those commodities or a>hM, !,„ I, ., ),^ nlrv MopChiils and Fever! KiJYoarSyttcm of Malaria! Sliivr-rtng ivllli rbltls mm moment and binning with lever UIB next— that's one of the effects of Mnl- nrla. Unless chocked, the disease wltldo serious harm to yoyr health. Mnlarln. n blood Infection, culls for two things, Fi r£ i, destroying the Infection In the blood. Second, biilld- Ing up the blood to overcome the effects of the disease and 10 for, Iffy agiltisl furili(.r nltack. Groye's Tasteless Chill Tonic supplies both these effects. It contains tasteless quinine, which kills the .Infection in the blood, and iron which enriches and builds up the blood. Chills and fever soon-stop nnd you are restored to health ond comfoit. For hall n century Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic has been sure relief for Malaria. It, is JIISL as Useful, too, a.s a general tonic for old and young. Pleasant to take and absolutely harmless. Sate to give children, act a bottle nt any drug store. Now two sizes—50c and $|. The sjl size contains limes as much as ilio 50c size and plant more than the ncres which, flmned iigahisl his |K'r acre yield used In establishing his base, would product; this amount of cotton, otherwise, he should be handled Just ns any o<hor cotton grower Is hun'- dled under this Act. Any farmer who hns voluntarily so balanced the 'operations ol his farm to where he does not plant, in cotton over M per cent, of 111 actually cultivated land'may if h so desires request that Ills produc lion base be. not, raised to a lew ivllli his neighbor..; mid If this re liinst is made of the .local commit ee U.shall be granted but, his pro ludlon base should be establishes on the 25 per cent of his acreage and 'lie should be exempted from .ny reduction figures so long ns he !oes not. plant, In excess of his base until .such time, If the .same should cvor occur, when nil other producers had been reduced to hi? level, Should any farmer now growing colloii on 25 per cent or less of his cultivated acres Increase said acres In establishing his ua .se he shall . subJecL to nil res-iila'tory then IK rules Tllllil). When UK .Secretary of Agriculture .shall have allotted the inmilHY of teles of cotton, which can lie produced by any given state, a stale allotment board appointed by llir: Secretary or Agriculture shall then allot the same number or bales of cotton lo ihe dtlTercnt counties within the .state on the same basis Hint Die .stale allotment was made, except, thnt five per cent of cud) county's allotment slmll be icld and set aside to bc used; First, to allui to new lands brought/into eiilllvnllon .for the first time an (Ulottnesit cqunl to similar lands similarly located which bad previously been in cultivation, and, second, when this new ground allotment Iras been mndc wlml is lett, If any, to b c redistributed among all producers within said county, each grower receiving his equitable proportion of same. On or before the first day of Do- her of ncrcs in cotton which he should liace planted, and, in the event he has, his tags aboye referred lo should be withdrawn unless he to Ihe satisfaction of the committee Immediately doslroys the excess acreage of growing cotton KIFTH. Ill caw only the proper acreage computed agnlmt a production basis above referred lo Is harvested nnd from this acreage the American, farmers produce more cotton than the tales allotted to Diem, the .Secretary of Agriculture should be required to mirr-hnse this excess balcnjjc at Ihe price determined as the price lo be maintained, furnishing through Hie gins proper Uigs for this 'collon, ing- ?lng If In the name ol Ihe Department or Agriculture, and ullawlttg he glmwr lo settle \vilh the fnrm- "-e for same, and this cotton lo bc retired with ihe understanding thai the Secretory of Agriculture will luring the next .season regulate the iroducllon downward a sufficient nnoiint to where the cotton jillol- tc'il to be produced and this cotlon purchased by the Department will not exceed the'./ntlon which In the secretary's Judgment will •!» noc'ci- sary to •/iinlntaln an established price level. And. If In tills case a .short, crop 'should 'result, thereby haying .a tendency '• lo cause the market to go too high, the .secretary will list this cotton to keep the Former Police Chief Indicted — - -••* ii*.it nnj ui u^- -• •-•*- iiiiv^kiuti ui uonsiimti cember of each year the county I( -V should be raised, we sii'sest <-«'«•»»"»•«"»'• —.committee-shall cause a production basis to be fixed on all new lands brought Into cultivation within the year Just us had previously been flxcd on lands already In cultivation and shall certify same to tlie county agent within the county, the Director of Extension Forces In tile .state, and the Department of Agriculture in .Washington, und from ihen forward said lands shall ,bc rcfsulatcd on this base production. FOURTH. The county committee In each respective county shall then proceed to allot the bale.ige for that county to the Individual farmers within the county upon a percentage above or below their established production basis, us the case may In.-, <!i!jxmi)lng upon Die numler of hairs which has hem allotted lo Ihe county. Whim the. county coinnilllre makes Its allotment to Ihe Individual farmer, It shall set aside for each farmer a mctnl tag which has been approval by Die Insurance Underwriters Association nnd which shall fasten with the ties ns a uuck- Ic on a bale or cotton for each bale of nUnitetl, said lags to be delivered to. tlie farmer Just before the ginning sca.son starts in each respective county provided said farmer shall have complied with the provisions of the Act, and rules pertaining thereto, and this lag must be presented by the Itirmer to the gin when tlie bale of cotlon i.s presented for ginning. During the .summer of each year (he local committees under rules and regulations laid down by the Sccrclnry of Agriculture should measure the acreage planted lo cotton on each farm and determine whether or not based on Ills per production basis the fanner . - ~ -"- n*""~'i, vvt; Mig he President be requested iu enwr Into a treaty iigrcmcnt with one or more cotton producing nations to regulate the production of cotlon «;«hln said nations „„ „.„„,„,.. tlonate basis between said nations Pud we respectfully submit- thai the Act created for. the purpose of carrying out, the treaty could not successfully have constitutional objections raised against- it. Ue'mpte<j only to outline - - fi cn ernj synopsis of the ninL'nf " ^ "'"""Ing-on a pcr- iirjicUvc criticism of \Vnnil|ille fJuls 1'opiil.irlty WAI.WORTII. wis. iilPl-lt I, llcw-d that henceforth Wnlworth ormerly a popular slopovar for tramps, will l» passed ,',„ more [re . <|Uently lhair a.s. of yore. T|, e vi i lage marshal hns installed a vraod- P lc near the "transient hold" and nil guests. must work. • — lias planted in oxrc ; S nf ll]e „,. COLD STORAGE "FARMERS! Get Your Meat Cured the Best Way !/ 2 c LI). First Ten Days ] /k Lb. Next 30 Days THE KING PACKING CO. Ph ° ne ]21 , Highway 61-North .Tack Finley Robinson, Owner King-'Matthews; Sfannger iiiirkot from going lo n place which would be n burden to (be consumers. H should be Hindu unlawful for any public, or private currier to ransixirt In interstate or intrastale •oninierce tiny bale of cotton which Iocs not have one of the above re- erred to tugs attached thereon, I'd it shall lie unlawful for any ouiprcss or licensed warehouse to eccfye iiny cotton lor storage, witli- mt one or the above referred lo There should be a provision levy's a processing tii.v of lint 1 0 cx- ml cents u pound for tlie urposc of furnishing the necessary loney for tlie enforcement and tai- Iston of tills Act and lor cre- j n fund with which 10 buy the urplus above referred to, should ho .same exist. s o a.s lo be able lo w this cotton In the future as a egulatory club. There should also be fixed a sc- erc penalty oh private and public nrrlers, compresses and ivarehous- s, for the handling O r any cotton Ithout the tags above referred to The Secretary of Agriculture shall romulgate such rules and rcgula- OHS us arc necessary for the pur- nse of the proper enforcement O f the provisions of this ,)jnii. If the question of TUKSDAY, Coiincilman Sport Time in 20 Years TIFFIN. O. <UP)_Whm Councilman Charles H. Trimmer -walked Into - council chamber* here : his colleagues felt like '.singing "'nical He the Tic." Trimmer was ivenr- Ing a cravat for the Orst time In ^0 years. "I'm celebrating the return' of prosperity," Trimmer smiled. He admitted he hndirt.put an a IICCK- ttc since 20 years ngo when lie; hud refused to put on one to he jiliol lographed with u group of labor leaders. R. 0. Flcppert, above, police efilef of Kansas City at the time 0 ; tho Union station massacre or Hvo men, has been Indicted''by a. federal grand jury, charged with perjur/ln conuectlon sdlh bis denial tliat ho told subordinates to "lay off" (bo case Two other police officials also w(J ro Indicted by iu e Kraml ),,,. y charging. gang comioctlo'ns and rackotcerlng In high • clroles 'Continued from Page |j one placed In his possession and purporting to be the one used In the fatal beating. Clarence II Wilson. Mississippi county sherin detailed cfTorls to tlnd the slayers' which were finally successful alW several clues had been followed lo futile ends. Chief of Detectives Pitcock ' 13 ycnr.s of service In the apprehension of criminals behind him was the next whiles and probablv the most. Important for the state It was through his testimony thn the confessions of the defendants were Introduced, the statements having been made to him. Following Pitox* to the slant were R. E . Petard, secretary to Chef Pile**, j. F.J aildewell. I'ula.skl county jtiller, HUH! j \y Scrogfiins. uttl f: nm\: police rt»- rai'lmem fingerprint expert. I'elaro denuded the confessions as those ie had taken In shorihaml niiii rnnscrlbed. Olldcwell stal-d thai he defendant.., were In his . custody •n utl.e nock and not moliistcii Scrojjglns. • testifying a s an expert stutcd that fingerprints found on' Martin's car and those of the defendants' were Identical. •Or. P. I,. Husband, the final -witness called for the state, details,! woimrls suffered by young Martin He said the blows on .Martin's head would have been swrinlent to cause death without the knT.\n- or exposure. . Sam Mmifltt and Roy Nelson young attorneys appointed "by ihe court, to (lef,,,,,) Ulc Barnes- Inth- cmed that they would send tl'« defdidants to the stand this iir- tcrnoon. Jury Completed Monday A Jury of 12 men was impaneled about 5 o'clock Monday afternoon after more than four hours' examination of prospective jurors ALLEY 001' iAUEV.OOP, :' rn'G(?OOM AN FOOZV ' J' s WAN . ___ IIBR1J TUB HRIDB! WELL, 'SBOUr TO.1E HE HERE? TH'CtG HAIR-HEAD? HE I'M AfPAID, Y£e Von MAJESTV, WE AKE ) QUITE „, . .„,... A BIT LATE - JlQU GO BIGHT DOW^TM' SORRV, UiSLE AN' STAND RESIDE TH P, YA ,( GfZAND WtzeR.AN' WP'I I C£T ON WITH TH' WEDDING/ AWBI&HT, BOYS, START WEDOWG MARCH! ed States and Canada. Trainin» will be a bricl affair and' „„„„_ pointed when the entire afternoon session Monday was consumed in selection of the 12 men who will •decide the defendants; fate. As it was the defense had exhausted n or its 20 peremptory challenges and the state hair or its 10 when . begm Feb. is. ami end April f The school's faculty includes Dh- and PUUI Dean, I M , warncke finally composed the decide whether the License for Royal $250 LONDON. '(UP)—The license' for the marriage or the Duke or Kent' and Princess Miirinti of Greece November 29, 'will be issued "from the Archbishop of Canterbury's faculty offlce...... . ,:_,>> '••. Jt will be a document hearty "a yard square.''Occupying four 'lia-cs of lettering in red nnd black Ink. The license. costs $250, which is borne hy the Treasury. It must bc signed by the King and tlie 'two Archbishops at' a Privy Council meeting.' Tlie rast royal license Issueif'Vas for the : wedding or Lady May Cambridge,', the. Queen's niece' In October, 1031. - r ' - '' • supreme penalty of death or lesser punishment slmll be imposed on (», le father and son, consisted iil-|IVoVeI .hirers selected are: T. H. Havnes, New Liberty; J. ~ Manila; the final juror was chosen An- proxlmalely 3 Q prospective 'jurors • ?,c'e' were examined, the process slow- Ing down considerably after a special panel had been exhausted and officers went out on Ihe streets to summon others. , e Rogers Hornsby and Earl EmUli. Apjiroximalely Sl.800,000 hns been realized on special stamp issues this ' s s 5'car by the United stales Postof- , — "j i "- *-j. ifuaiifumii. M. Fitzslmmons, Ulythe- - ' 'Panned for Hot Sprints HOT SPRINGS. Ark. (UP)-Um- pircs will go to school here next nut nd; ihi: Clint Davis" Manila; - — • ,.j, i'HUlIJiL, Fields, Leachvillc; Alex i, Man- Ij - Doa E. j. moler. Daker,' Uoan HOW FAMILY LAXATIVE Suits Young and Old rood t in your iyjcem »VM hits j-our me],. ,nd <• drlicious juices pin "My. No prepire youi l.riaual aclion prevents «t mitas F< tl ,.a.n,; m ;J M!IS , t Vtl thoroughly po s i,iv. for Iht /imilv. Doci UTurJl, ger aiscomfor: a for thiUi ib.r of • »..ij in ululougnly po'iuva for inw n. I, f i, Muscatlne, la., sports pro- i <*< '••"%. Doc,.,; p,««,it, "f,™'™a vr , ?, iSJ 1 ^'"?:!."?..!!.""-'''^'- '• •" fo. held his Hasetaall nivihm.nt 1 "••••"-• ""•* uiiKer, ""»» mis neiti ins Baseball Hlse V A o«n VaiU ' DOgWOOrt « °°' "t™ ^ P ™ 1 two S "'' in 8 s ' No 'effort w°s N m a df' L ' " ' ""* 4 °° b ° y5 [r0m the Unit - prcscntation of evidence yesterday afternoon. The jurors were placed in custody of Arch LIndscy, deputy sheriff, and given lodgiric to start' ~ or die I'ick , Fern- ." -I'hout up.,i I0 .Tomicli U'l^y ,J Jan^a.oua. Tod.y pr , •clieJu!,. .„„ s!ay , ht!l Dtlici ;; n, u UronjiiTt. l> e <n i y ic _ over night. In a local hotel. • The lai^e cro«-d which' packed the courtroom through the middle of the day begnii to thin' as tlie day passed. Many apparently had expected Ihe selection ol a jury to Now Located at Southeast Corner Walnut and Seoiiml ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU V I10N EDWARDS. I'roprletnr »ll make_s of rebuilt Typewriters. Jildlne Mi.cldne.sanilCalrulntor.i Repairing—Parts— Hiblions Phcini 71 ROXY ICX'l'UA ADDKD A'H'R ACTION! Monihiv and Tuesday, Nov. 5 and (i Kesidus the re^ulur niclm- lii'UKrura. Sec— LOCAL CHILDREN ON 'I'HKSCHERN Snapshots taken from a! over town including tlv schools. All mothers win' have had their children's pic hire taken at the ROXY tlv past; two weeks don't mis: seeing them on the SCREEN To .tlie Daughters of : Confederacy: Unveiling of the mnmnn<4 l at the City Hall. Tuesday - Weds. Mat. 2:30, iO-25c Nile CMS— 10-35c She wnj *nd danced by' night—and wept'by day! I ' A (OX Piclure w ,,n SPENCER TUCV REHI fiALLIM HEltN MOI6AN SHtflKO MIMAW ItiLII riNTOM ARTHUK iriM '»T C. FLIrTU tTlflK mc«lt Pt«vt«H 6 r Winfidd SIlMh \ Dw»c».<J by H.niy King iGMd Oft o (\0icl6y __ locqcM Otval / Paramount News Comedy— "Rambling Around Radio Row" MOBILIZE FOR WINTER! Tues.-Wed.-Thurs; Matinee. 2:30—10c - 25c.. Thejlove storyltlial makes your hajppiest dreams come.true! MOBILOU • MOBILGAS • MOBILGREASE "*ss '•/Hirj; the beauty of ^awakening '.(lawn-steak [ittgsoftlyii forevermore in one of the most glorious x love stories \ ever told! J^lvJTT for .'quicker starting .. % easier shifting... smoother performance ftttf,na\\n Station nnd Dealer, offtr the,e tertirn to protect your cnr *-K/\fSKC.ASE . , . Dr.iiii fliuli ami refill CHASSIS^'.Vailtil'H,,.,;,,.^^ witli special MiHiil-roaar* DIFFERENTIAL... Dra.-n.fl,,,,,^,^!! TRANSMISSION. wah winter MoLiLC will tliifl caiilj- - GASOLINE... AuBre!l ..... clungmg now in winltr Moliilgu. Drain, fl,»h. n , lrf fill ukricaot no tlui gear, rlingb , . . . n, tl i, an<! c j Mn , 3tK , tar thormi.My; , n ,| ,„ an ,;.f r « zt . or ,l M i m i ., required. ^ ATT E R Y , . . check b.tltry tod refill with *M>Ufd waifri r»no T e corrow'on «nd >re>M tfrminiU. WHNTEK is on its way! Over'* nigbt tbe temperaltire might liappeneil before. It can happen again! It doesn't'lake snow and ice to ruin an automobile. Kvcn moderately mean scored cylinders, linriicil licar- o -— i ........ iugs ... a major repair hill! drop twenty or thirty def-rees-It lias . , r ,. i • • - - - A Magnolia Winter.Proof Joh means freedom from winter driving worries. Ciieck llie seven important Iiointsat thclefi. i\,,ii cc liowcom- ., . ------•--_-•—-—, plelcly yourrarisprotected lliron«li co dweadier calls for special winter tl.c entire range of vinlcr leinncn,. Inhncanls. When starting is diffi- lures , , . f rom a | )r j e f 00 | t ] cull . . . wlicn gear, arc hard .<> down to snWcro' wcallicr. iMol.iU ,6lnft. . took our/ A few miaute» i.e. „„»• Lrf ore win, cr w l,i,, a around ol harriygtartmg adds montlis of tlie rorner . . . WliN'TJJK-l'HOOK wear to your motor. It can even YOl'l! CAR! Remember .. . You can MOBILIZE only MAGNOLIA "Stay with Magnolia one/ you slay ahead! STATIONS AND DEALERS LORETTA YOUNG^ 'Glcnda F»rrell • Anhiir Jlohil *> Wilier Connolly j NUtiorif^mbiiu^DicVic Moor^ _ BORZAGBf' 1 Production >f, ' Movietone News Comedy

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