The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 11, 1944
Page 7
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[TUESDAY, APRIL n, I<M<I CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION llnlmum Charge .......... .. .MO Itlme per line.. ........ JjJ I times per line per day ...... '.'.i2<s I times per line per day ..... o 0 •times per line per day , 7c I times per line per day ' '"BO • |jnnth per line ......... '.'.'.'.'.m V&s ordered for three or B lx times tin stopped be/ore expiration will I charged Ior tho number of times e ad appeared and adjustment or •II made. •AH classified Advertising copy J et L y perions r <«tota& out, the ? Uy - must be a «om- by cash. Rates may be easl- computed from the above table • Advertising ordered fir irregular •sertlons takes the one time rate • No responsibility W JU be taken |r more than one incorrect Inser"" of ariy classified ad. For Sale BLYTIIEVILLB. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 1 Ann Arbor pick-up hay baler Arksoy beans. U.P.L. No. 12 Colton seed. D, R. Garner, 3"j miles northeast of Armorel. 10-pkl7 Certified cnboage plnnti, free from yellows, tomatoes, peppers hot and sweet, All kinds of flower plants and seeds. Heaton's Home of Flowers. Davis Avenue at Frnnk_ lln ' 3-2-ck-tf Cafe doing good business. Good lo^ cation on Main street. 132 East Main. 6 .,,)[.i 2 For Kent Bedroom, connecting bath. PiiviUe entrance. Mot water dully. 124 Uougiui. Ji'-pk-H 1 SCREEN STAR to I'n-v!ou< I'u»l« Two furnished rooms with bath. No children or pets. Write Box 97, ll - v - l]-pk-H lieclrooiii niKt kitchen, [mulshed, Cnll 3994. Lost JJoy Grocery. lO-jA-13 For Sale loimito plants now ready. A. K I Carter, COT N. 5th St. " 11-pkH lOME KITCHEN CAFE. Li.xorn • Arkansas. Ideal location. Plenty of | points. Good business. Make offer. C-pk-20 Vc now have a large selection of I used ears. Also ten '30 and '31 I Model A Fords. All northern curs Ion good tires and in perfect con- I ditlon. Terms to fit your purse |JoWff Brothers, Manila, Ark. 5-pk-12 table model Electric Radios at The ] Rndlo Hospital, 204 w. Ash. ; 27-pk-27 three wave 11-tube Grimow cabl- 1 net radio $75. Phone 2525. 25pk22 >on't overlook our clearance values on i piece bedroom suites with I twin beds. Now 40.50—were f9 50 | Tom Little Hardware Co. 3-lC-ck-tf watering troughs, any size—' •teel Pressure Tanks— •teel Culvert, Any Size— •ood Used Small Steam Boilers— •teel Oil Drums & Garbage Cans- food Used Lawn Mowers- lew Electric Motors, Any Size— BLYTHEVILL MACHINE SHOP 207 S. Second . . 3-15-ck-tt °™;, hog, dairy and poultry feeds. Mill to crush your corn and hay Blythevllle Grain & Elevator Co. -ck-tf am! Console RADIOS^ Klcctrie and battery. : HARDAWAY APPLIANCE I CO. Plume 207;. 7- c k-7 Wanted to Buy 1 Power lift and 2 sets of cultivators for P-20 Fimnnll. Lee Wilson Co, Armorel. Phone 2088. ncdroom. Phone 2903 after G. One Model A Jolin.bcorc Tractor Cultivator. M. C. Greeuwny, Doll. 7-pk-H Wanted at once! 10,000 pounds large Brain popcorn. Write or wire collect. Phil ZEBILLA, New Daisy Theatre, Memphis, Tcim. l-ck-15 EGOS WANTED tor custom hutching. While eegs are cheap bring them to us mul have them hatched. Baby Chicks on linud now at $10 per hundred. Blaylock Hatchery. Phone 3172. Corn and hay, top prices paid. Blythevllle Grain & Elevator Co. 8-ck-tf Will pay cash for $10,000 worth of good used furniture. Wnde Furniture Co. 1-20-ck-tf Will pay 20c per doz. for wire coat hangers. Hudson Cleaners. ^^^^^^^ ck-tf Wanted To Rent Unfurnished house. Phone 2009 te- fore B p. m. O-pk-13 Stickler foi» Accuracy BOSTON (UP) i— "Dkin't your husband black your eyes last year?" Mrs. Henry P. Waitt of Wayne, Mo., was asked at her husband's guardianship [rial. "Of course not.." came the surprised reply. "Only one of thorn." Elnur Cunningham VULCAHIZlilG Tire & Tube Repair Cotton Belt B.R. & B. Birr. II (Formerly with JKntltr A*. Pti) Itate Certined. Ceresan-trented I Deltauine 12 cottonseed, $500—100 I ll)s. $90.00 Ton. Ralsoy soybeans 1 Certined $3.25 bu. Not Cert. $2 75 bii. Tenn. and Dortch hybrid corn Will trade 2 bu. our treated for 3 bn.', your untreated cottonseed I Umcletle Plantation, Bnrdette. •. . • 10-ck-]0 [jegistered Duroc Fall lioars. Sired by champions out of my (op sows. Priced reasonable. J. C. Buchanan, farm located 21 miles west on Hwy. 18." Phone or 3335. G-ck-C Cotton planting seed. Stoneville 2 | .and DPL 12. At Blytheville Gin 4-ck-lB PLUMBING and Heating Service JESSE PROVINCE 127 E. Vine .. Phone 2710 If JOB want to bnj iaer» li_, Bond» SEIL US THE FURNITURK YOU AUIE NOT TJSINO for cushl Afso liberal trade-in aHew»nr« for ol6 new. : r AWn Hardy Purn. Co. S«l f. Main non* EMI Defoe Furniture Go. 128 E. Main Dial 32Z1 Wanted: Used Furniture, Afae yon can trade yotir old Furni- tare In on new. All Auto Owners 'Spring Check-ilp'j Maintain your car for Hie tlinatiuii willi our thorough "fro- \ (cctive Service" anil avoid damage anil destruction of vital parts! liartl to replace. if CLEAN RADIATOR AND COOLING SYSTEM | if CHANGE ENGINE AND GEAR OILS , if TIGHTEN ALL BOLTS AND BRACES • TUNE CARBURETOR AND DISTRIBUTOR Come in NOW for our SPECIAL SPUING CHECKUP. Minor I repairs and adjustments TODAY will prevent expensive over-1 Is tomorrow. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Tei »5S Acthorlwd Ford Dealer tth A Walnnt DON EDWARDS "The Tnemtltt M»m" BOTAL, flMITH, COHONA, AND REMINOTOH POBTABU 118 ST. 2nd BTBHffT PHON1 US) (Every TranMcUon Hurt B« e«ttsrtctory) D.P.LI 4 Cottonseed 1 3/32 to V/& Inch Staple ALSO ARKSOY SOYBEANS 2913 See Dell, Ark. Phone 635 EARL MAGERS WANTED 1942 and 1943 GOVT. LOAN COTTON Get Our Prices Before You Sell H. N. SWEARENGEN & CO. Swearengen Bldg. Blytheville, Ark. 3 room furnished house on lltslnvny 18 West. T. li. Smith. 8-pk-ia nootns for rent. Mrs. A. J. Bomnr, south of Oil Mill. 8-pk-l2 Bedroom adjoining hath, or will share home. Phone 2480. 8-pk-l2 •l-pk-7 Office hi Ingram Building. Inquire at the ParJrluirst Co. ll-30-ck-tf Bedrooms tor rent with kitchen privileges nnd maid service. Phone 2133. ID-ck-tf lA ~^-^-~ v ^^--~^^-^~ •*— ~**j***ww*s*s+ Help Wanle* Woman to do wishing for one IHT- .son only. Mr.s. B. L. must, Hotel Noble. ll-pk-14 Bookkeeper. Must write a good hand ami be Kooil with liijiires. Ociiernl office work. Apply to Jesse Webb Phone 2040 or 197. 10-3U Senmslrcssps and checkers. Apply Hudson Tailor Shop. 28-ck-tf Jxperlenccd cooks and waitresses. Apply Hotel Noble. Lost Dobcrmnn Pinscher Femnle. Phone D55, Ask for "Fred." 11-pkH . HORIZOXTAt* | I ,G Pictured ! actress 1 1 12 Sleep i13 Reveres ! 15 Storehouse j 10 That one 17 Animal f 18 Moccasin ' 19 Feminine name SOLIpJit knock S3 Put on 2.5 Pauses 27 Follow after :tOWilliiti : 31 Symbol for tantalum 32 Risk 35 Musteline mammal 38 Limbs • dOPolser <U Bulgarian coin 43 Measure •1C Short sleep 4'JGiiT? name (vr.r.) 52 Part of "be" 53 Fixed look 55 Osdiie bird 57 Glistens 50 Provoke 5!) Encounters VKRTICA1, 1 Gvccls letter 2 Kxcoss of a wlemlni' over ;i lunar month (pi.) 3 Spinning toy 4 African fly (van) 5 Uibllcnl pronoun G Qblnln 7 Rupees (nbbr,) 11 Allrmllc (ntrbr.) Ollonoy nieket 10 Add fruits 2D Auricle 47 ynr noil M Australian 33 Dwp gorge 18 Foolliko pnrl birds 3-1 Symbol fur 50 Wns seated 12ConlG<t fabric iridlum 51 Aficiit (flbbi'.) M Spiiorn (:iljbr.) 30 She of shot 03 - )ma 2INp.ii' 37 Occupant jilnyoct in 22 Hymn 391'liercforo many nntslwl 23 Satan <10 Area measure comedies 24 Upon •! 1 Permit 54 Cravnt 25 Tear 42 Ardor GO Cloth measure 2C Compass point -H Female horse S7 Symbol for zeindlnn '15 Type measure sainnvmm Services HETTER DRY CLKANtNO bccatiSL 1 it's dnnc by cxpcvl workmen w i t li modern cTiuipmcnl. -18 II0 U it SKKVJCIi ON MOST OAil- aiRNTS. Dye work and a iterations. Call 2012 for soi-viif. HUDSON Cl.KAN- ER-HATTKR-CLO'l'lIlEH. 10-ck-iO MONEY TO LOAN' Loans of nil kintis, laiBC or small. • long or short term. Attractive rate of Interest. See— CLAUDE P. COOPER . 124 N. Second St. . . O-ck-10 Motors rebuilt, armatures re-wound. We buy and sell rc-l)iillt snolors. Electric Ranges, Refrigerators & Fans. Call us when you wnnt to buy. or sell. Rowen Electric C'o. 210 B. Mnlri. Phone 3321. IS-ck-i-m'o Let us sharpen and repair your lawn mower now and avoid the rush. Blythevllle Machine Shop. 15-ck-tl Pojitica) Announcements Tt.e Courier News lias been authorized to announce the following candidacies,- subject to the Democratic primary in August: STATE .REPRESENTATIVE ALENE WORD (for re-election, Dist. No. 2) W. J. WUNDERLIGH (for re-election, Dist. No. 1) J. LEE BEAR DEN (for re-election, Dist. No. 3) UTCIEN E. COLEMAN (Dist. No. 4) SHEIUFF ANh COIAECTOm HALE JACKSON (for re-election) W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON COUNTY TREASURER R. B. (SKEET) STOUT E. R. (RABBIT) JACKSON MISS DELLA PURTLE COUNTY JUDGE ROLAND GREEN , (for re-election) ilRCUlT COURT CLERK HARVEY MORRIS (For re-election) COVN'tr CLKKK T. W. POTTER (for re-elecHon) COUNTV ASSESSOR BOB GREENE 1 OSCAR ALEXANDER C. The following wllj be candidates for oflice In the municipal election to be held April 4: CITY CLERK SIDNEY C. CRAIG FRANK WHITWORTH (for re-election) ALDERMAN, WAIID 3 RVPERT CRAFTON (for re-clectlmi) ALDERMAN, WARD 1 s. c. OWEN'S (For Re-election) JOE ALEXANDER PRESCRIPTIONS Fresheat Stock Guaranteed Besi Prte«i Kirby Drag Stores BOBMALONE Plaiter, Stncca, Cenenl W.rfe 882 Sare 50% On TRUSSES • Steel and Elastic STEWART'S Drug Store Main & Lake Phone 2822 Macoupin Seed Soybeans (JenhiiinUon Avcrnifc R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. South Genuine Oliver PARTS & EQUIPMENT Combines • Disc Ilnmwu - IJay Rnkcs - Wftlklnir Plows - 1'liinlers - etc. AIITO '' AKTS & QARAOK Uxpcrt Atifo Repair Work 617 w - Ash . Phone 2552 Compfetc Line of Field Seeds. "SPEAR BRAND" Poultry, Hog, and Dairy Feed. SOYBEAN MEAL Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main St. Phone 856 or 857 THE ONLY COLD WELDING EQUIPMENT /N BLYTHEWLLE/ Cold welding is recommended by government engineers as the most satisfactory means of repairing cracked heads and blocks—many heads and blocks cannot bo welded by acetylene or electric process. Bring your trucks, tractors or other welding jobs to us! Delta Implements, Inc. BIACllINiSTS - WEI.Ofiltfl MECHANICS, NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites nmy ho rulnli, K j. mir ,,n>i,erly. Cut] me for clit!clf-ii]) without cost or oblitfritlitn.' «<vrs, i\itc;n AND noACii CO'NTUOI, GUAUANTBH1) WOKIC Try our "Own Made" ICE CREAM Ole Hickory Inn Acroa from HJfh fJPxT " TTHEM RCWM. Jocn.71 wm •:• /O K DAJV!G T GWE 1> OU ^'KEEP LJ ' =' t T&07W YOU FOU M= WHEN I UENT m.r- V VMn^M XVUfiT 'I r\^> \f\rA^-tAk. FMEKLES AND HIS FRIENDS of Iinpiiilance .v MRUHIT.L BT.OSSER WHAT I'LL DO I'LL'' SOME eiroo ib Tit?.: CROSSI I'lX'SODOW.'J TO- MORK)W ONE tXSSWr VOLUWTEER TO (XJMWE BLOOD? MV GOSH—- PEOPLE Wiiat! Again? Uy FREli HARRIAN U.v LESLIE TURNER W?$$f&£it;&li&>. TUCKEBAMO \ NSTftUCTICMS.I BELIEVE CAPTAIW. PLEASAHf rRiP OVER THE HUMP, STANK POISED FOR ANOfHER PI,iaHT...OH6 THAT THOSE ASOAflP WltU NKVtK fMtlT TO SHOVE OFF t~\ OVER THE ROCKPIte.' LET'S GET \K;fe>B ^RtimwwsMrrrLE J^^mm^'^^^/^f. KDGAR MARTIN . ,VJ\WVt -KViO 600W ^ Y CfXVi \_\VR. OV LOV f/CH CHEVROLET COMPANY Phone 578 Choose That Car for Sprlhjj Now, While Selections Are Still Complete! IM7'W,i)SMbl»LK 2 'lonr. K.-i- illo, llmlcr, 1 jiriir(!c.illy iitw Hrrs. $595 IMS Ctli;VI!OI,i:T 2 fair',' NIci New 1'iiliit Jot). SMI • Covers, neuter anil i.vvrelleiil hililjer. ' $795 1113!) KOIK1K 2 ilonr. Green. W.Si tires-. Lots of extra*. A real ciciiii rar, $795 lfl3S FLYMOimi 4 iloor .wdnn. Kxlrii Blind ruliliSr. 1914 licttdc pliileJi. A ro.i) buy. $695 AUTO GLASS Installed! Don't Risk Unsafe Windows Diih'l lake a ciiaiicc' on loose fillitifr, pool quality glass iii jour cur nindons. us install, ill moderate cost, (lie new shatterproof safely (flass in.all the windows in yonf car. We work speedily, and you'll find it » worthwhile investment. Drive in today. TEXACO Gas & Oils in our MODERN SERVICE STATION LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY OPEN DAY and NITF

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