The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1956 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1956
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11, 1956 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN New Study of Returned POWs Shows Red Brainwashing Failed By DOUGLAS LABSEN NBA Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON — (NBA) — The Chinese Reds either used bad soap trying to brainwash American prisoners of war — or it was the wrong bundle for their political laundry. Extensive, periodic checks have quietly been made on more than 500 former Korean POWs still in uniform who were reported to have absorbed some part of the Red propaganda line while they were captives. Result* reveal that if the brainwashing did have some temporary effect, it has no* all Uul Details of the study are top secret. But the findings are publicly confirmed by the apparent failure of Bed brainwashing on the 31 American turncoats who refused to return to the VS. Of the 21, four have left .China to return to the U.S. Reliable report* indicate that th« 16 still left tlso want to return. One has died. • • * Careful Inteirofatloiu of the 4,428 POW» turned up reports on 56E of them whose conduct, as a result of brainwashing during captivity, was considered questionable. Of that number no punishment was ordered for 373. Nine have been convicted by courtsmartial. Cases are either pending'against the others or they have already been disciplined. The big question was whether the mental sores of brainwashing would fester Into a more serious trouble, remain chronic or heal. ' Now It Is apparent that they have healed almost completely—at least among the men still In service. No check has ben made of the men discharged. Thi» doe* not mean that case* of POW offenses pending against more than 100 men will not be prosecuted, an Army spokesman claims. And the check-up program will be continued, although on a smaller scale. Former POWS will continue to be questioned by intelligence officers. And other means of determining possible lasting effect* of brain- awshlng will be employed. But th« original fear of the re- CHINESE LAUNDET, BRAINWASHING DEFT.: Some of the 21 American POWa who refused repatriation posed for thli photo while they were Red guests in Peking. Since then, four have come home, and findings show the Communist brainwashing doesn't have a' lasting effect. suite of brainwashings by the Reds is now gone. This fact could be behind the recent move of the Air Force to relax the curriculum of the mis-named "torture school" it runs at Stead Air Force Base in Nevada Purpose of the school is to toughen and prepare Air Force crews for possible capture or crashing in remote areas. Members of classes took part in mock interrogations. Now, however, there will only be demonstrations and no student participation. • • • • Army, and Air Fore* psychiatrists who have been studying the effects of brainwashing now believe that the technique is just a crude, temporary, mental conditioning process. It is an attempt to break down old attitudes in a man with an environment of intense physical and mental discomfort. But as soon as the conditioning environment is removed ,it is now claimed, the proces* stops. With a return to the old environment, the old attitudes return, they've discovered. The smartest use of psychiatry by the Beds, the experts do admit, was the serening of captured Americans. With a clever questionnaire and other device*, the Reds were able Dbtriet N.. I »««t. No. S1-1W gcport of cmuUtloa «f The Farmer! Bank and Trust Company «f Blythevllte, ArkanMl, at the clow of business December 31, 1955, a State banking Institution organized and operating under the banking laws of this 8t»t« and a member of the Federal ROKTVC System. Pub- Tlshed In accordance with a eall mad. by the State Banking Authorities and by the Federal «»ert» Bank of thto District. ASSETS Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balance, \ and cash items in process of collection ; ? 2,029,714.05 United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 3,823,091.00 Obligations of States and political subdivisions 222,121.83 Other bonds, notes, and debentures 70,000.00 Corporate stocks (including »30,000.00 stock of Federal He- serve bank) 30,000.00 Loans and discounts (including $1,861.81 overdrafts) 7,318,355.04 ! Bank premises owned $45,000.00, furniture and fixtures $16,645.00 . .....'. 61,645.00 Other assets 28,810.80 to determine the men most vuUier-«. able to temporary effects of brain- cre comp i exltles of such a Job washing. All of the information which the services learned about this subject will be incorporated into a new training program to indoctrinate troops in President Eisenhower's POW Code of Conduct which he issued last summer. CollegePrexys Are Said Best Ulcer Candidates ST. LOUIS UK —' ''College presidents are the best candidates for ulcers and heart attacks in the United States today." This was the -comment Monday of Theodore A. Distler, executive director of the Association of American Colleges, at a press conference while talking about'a shortage of college, presidents. •. • He said about 70 presidents give up their' Jobs each year and re- Ipacements are hard to find. In- was cited as the major reason for the high number of resignations. The filbert nut Is the fruit of the hazel tree. Are All Cold Remedies Alike? No! For example, 666 i* the wide- activity medicine, which combine* 4 of the mc»t effective, widely-pre- •cribed drugi known, to relieve all cold mi«erie. »°oner. 666 i» more potent and live, positive, dramatic, rapid relief from miwriee of all *ina» of cold.. .That's why 668 » unsur- 1 ia effectiveneM. Try'it. Na other coW remedy eon match 666 liquid or 666 Cold Tablets- 666 STARR GAZING By BETTXE NELLE 8TARB CMrier New§ SUff Correspondent Michigan territory was formed on this date in 1805. General Education Board was incorporated on Jan. 12, 1S03. John D. Rockefeller supplied the funds (more than ISO million). ! Stephen Foster died on Jan. 13, 1864. Wanna know how the expression came about, "Not worth a Continental?" (Don't confuse with "not worth a damn!" Back on Jan. 14, 1179 Continental bills were issued for $35, $45 and $55. As these had only slim credit behind them, loyalists started the saying, "Not worth a Continental." Did you know ttiat Vermont existed 14 years as an independent republic before being admitted to the union? It was first called "New Connecticut." Civil Service Act was passed on Jan. 16, 1883. Please don't slam the door in the faces oi' those who come a'knock- ing for a donation to the polio drive. ; I've been asked to make this request, but it's hard for me to believe any one would be that unconcerned. Give. A pedestrian is a car owner with a wife and two teen-age children. It's been said there's no use preaching to anyone unless you chance to catch them 111, and low sick at that. Many a live wire dead except for their connections. Even if you build the most glamorous, high rating show on the air, it ain't no good until you figure out someway to sell soap on It. It's a question whether hash is better when you know what's In it or when you don't. Everyone has some useful purpose In life, 'if only to serve as a horrible example. A monologue h a conversation between somebody trying to sell something and , somebody trying to buy. Watch who does the most talking. There is something about a closet that makes a skeleton awfully shakey. One writer once said the church after all is not a club of saints, but a hospital for sinners. Not exactly, as said, but almost. I knew it would happen, I just know it would. The detergent follir have gone the soap folks one better. They're making soap from sugar and adding fat to make it produce an edible detergent. I'll take vanilla. The two daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Allan Segraves were much interested in the mutton coats the "Dillard Twins," Mary and Mar American Legion Arena Jan. 12th 7:30 p.m. FREE—Admission—FREE This film is sponsored by The Blytheville Union Mission A FINE-MOVIE ...PROVES* •nr —LIU Mooorin 'A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE EVENT! — Ckrh. ScI. Monitor ****! A REMMKAUE FrtMl" -a;. A LOUIS *. tOCMMONt pndvctta Jimmy Stroud of Memphis, Superintendent of Memphis Union Mission, will be here In conjunction with picture. tha. received for Christmas. Not knowing yet about mink coats and such, but having heard them mentioned frequently among young mothers, one of the girls was telling the other all about Mary and Martha's "mink" coats. The oldets of the two girls, told her young sister. "Lucy, they aren't minks, they're nwtton." 8peaklng of Income tax, which is about that time of year, it has sure taken a lot of American dollars, but just think how It has developed the brain. Will Rogers said, "The income tax has made more liars out of the American people than gold has." Well I I really got some 'phone calls about the article I wrote last week on "How'to know when you are getting old,'" or "hold that line" — waistline that is. . One call said and I quote: Isn't there some way to make It sound more glamorous than to mention the waistlines getting shorter and th legs bowing? The answer is NO, N-0, NO. There ain't nothing glamorous about double chins, short windiness and all the other things that befalls a' fellow when he gets past 40, so I'll say this to "Worried," if I knew how to glamorize it, I'd work on myself, because you know, charity begins at home. Cheer up, "Worried," a woman is only as old as she looks — at 7 a.m. It's a wise father, or mother, who knows as much as their own child. If you see. a fellow with his nost stuck up in the air, maybe he't trying to balance the family tree on it. They're mighty hard Imbalance, Youn at no cost... whm you bvy • pair of shoes at our store I And what a pencil... good looking... long lasting ... writes more than 3 mile* of words. Come in for yours lodayl TOTAL ASSETS ....$13,483,737.72 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations * 8.197,589.51 Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 2,203,855.07 Deposits df United States Government (including postal .savings) 296,007.99 Deposits of States and political subdivisions 1,223,294.48 Deposits of banks • 158,348,68 Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, etc.) 193,444.31 TOTAL DEPOSITS $12,272,540.04 Other liabilities 33.016.61 TOTAL LIABILITIES • $12,305,55^.71 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital* Surplus * Undivided profits ; 148,181.01; Reserves (and retirement account for preferred capital) .$ 200.000.00 800,000.00 30,000.00 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 1,178,181.01 j TOTAL LIABILITIES and CAPITAL ACCOUNTS.. ....$13,483,737.72 •This bank's capital consists of: ... Common stock with total par value of $200,000.00. MEMORANDA Assets oledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes ,-•» 386.000,00 Loans as shown above are after deduction of reserves of 35,970.93 Loans to farmers directly guaranteed and redeemable on demanded by the Commodity Credit Corporation, and certificates of interest representing ownership thereof 3,556,386.99 Notes of Federal National Mortgage Association 70,000.00 Total amount of loans, certificates of interest, and obligations, or portions thereof, which are fully backed or in- i sured by agencies of the United States Government (other than "United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed") $ 3,626,386.99 I, R. A. Porter, Vice-Presldent of the above-named bank,, hereby certify that the above statement Is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. R. A. PORTER, VIce-President : Correct—Attest: B. A. LYNCH F. E. WARREN J. L. CHERRY, Directors. State of Arkansas, County of Mississippi ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this Sth day of January,' 1956. (SEAL) . . . JUANITA, RIQGS, Notary Public. My commission expires January 21, 1956. . ' , HAMBURGERS For your protection, our Hamburger Patties are prepared «nd delivered frozen by a nationally known government inspected meat packing plant. A warm well-Masoned bun enhance* the whole- come delrdouaneM of this pure hamburger. KREAMKASTLE Walnut ft Division Phone ft-ftoftl DRIVE-IN 406 W. Main Phone 3-4591 Your Old Refrigerator Is Worth Up to 570.00 at Wards A REAL FREEZER Built-in with separate temperature, 0 s or colder. Stores 64 Ibs. of food. DROP-tEAF SHELVES Two 14 aluminum shelves fold down to give plenty of tall bottle spaca. ROLL-OUT SHELVES Nomoregropinga round! fv«rym/ng—even at bock of ihtlf, ii in «aw reach. 5 DOOR-SHELVES 2 bottle shelves. 2 egg racks hold 22 «ggs. Plus snack shelf, butter keeper. Keep 32 quarts of Trulls and vegetables fresh In moiit'cold. $10 Down on Terms 24 Months to Pay No Payments Due Until March • 10.2 CUBIC FEET Reg. Price 349.95 Allowance 70.00 You Pay Only 279 95 • AUTOMATIC DEFROST NO SERVICE WORRIES! WARDS SERVICE IS NATIONWIDEI $10 DOWN NO PAYMENTS UNTIL MARCH! 24 MONTHS TO PAY Here Is the Refrigerator with its own built-in Freezer Stores 64 Ibs. of frozen food at zero or subzero temperatures. Aluminum liner for quick freezing. Gate- type door for positive seal. Completely Automatic Defrosting No buttons to push, no pnns to empty. Special cooling plate keeps main storage area nioist-cold—foods stay fresh longer. SEE OTHER MODELS WITH LIBERAL TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE

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