The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1937
Page 5
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Social Calendar FRIDAY'S EVENTS Golden Rule Sunday School class. First Christian church, having bunco party at home of James Terrs', 7:30 P. M, SATURDAY'S EVENTS Children of Confederacy having luncheon meeting, 12:30 o'clock, with Mildred Mulr and Molly Guard at Guard home. Study. Mrs. George W. Dlllahuilty was leader ot the Delphian program Wednesday, in a meeting at the Hotel Noble, in which "State of Language" was the theme. She was assisted by Mrs. P. B. Joyncr who led ft word quiz. I 1 . T, A. Will Ilave landscaping Lesson "Foundation Planning" will be llic subject to be discussed tonight by Paul Craig in another of (he landscaping classes sponsored by the Junior-Senior high school Parent-Teacher Association. The class, to be held at ; the high school auditorium, will begin at 7:30 o'clock. * • * Club Has Guetts Mrs. O. W. McCutChen, Mrs. Henry Humphrey and Mrs. Elton W.; Kirby were guests of Mrs. - W. H.' Minyard when she had the Walnesday Bridge club. She served a Valentine menu and used heart place cards.. for the luncheon tables. In the card games Mrs. James H. Bell and Mrs. W. J. Wunderlich won high and second high. Bits of News Mostly Personal Mrs. C. F. Tucker Is'Hll at her home at Promised Land. Mrs. Loy Vftlch, wh,o has re- lumed from, Marked .•-.Tree, is 111 at her home oh Wesl Aih St. Mrs. W. E. McCullough left today for several days stay In St. Louis. Mrs, Randolph King today to her home ' 111 returned Jackson, =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON= Jesus the Light of the World Term., after spending several days with her mother, i Mrs. T. J. Crowder who has been 111. but who Is now able to be. up. v •; f Mrs. J. M. Harris,' of Roscland, Is seriously 111 from pneumonia, nl the Blythevlllc" hospital. : O'Neal Craig,: mid-term gradu- ato of tlic city: 1 high school, left yesterday for Baton Rouge, 'La.i where he'. Is to''attend Louisiana State University. '' • ' Mr, and Mrs. A. Knobeloch; International Uniform Sunday School Ltswn for Feb. 7. Text; John 8:12, 31-31, "8:1-11 , '. • • k ' BY WM. E. OILROY, 1). I). Editor of Advance We have seen Jesus typified, as tho bread of life and the living water, of which, If a man drink, ho shall never thirst flgahi. Hero In onf_ Usson we have Jesus symbolized as the light of the world,' so all-llUimlnallng that he who finds and follows the Christ shall not walk In darkness, but shall have the light of life. The representation of Jesus as the Light QlvcT has Its physical counterpart In Ihc story of tho resloratlon of' sight to (he man who was born blind. U Is a moving story, In which we arc thrust suddenly Inlo the mystery of and suffering, niul Ihc Mrs. Robert Smart Will Broadcast Friday Mrs. Robert Smart, formerly of here and now of Richmond, Va., will sing in a radio broadcast over WRVA, Richmond, Friday afternoon, 5:15 o'clock, central time.' Mrs. Smart, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Ferguson, has become well known as a singer in the Virginia city. 'Oucss p ip icm H lU ii }• mm " ' ' .• 'Poorde ir' I m\ linn lit tritsiu lUoiir.iRclic feelsliishextilay." Squeezes'Both Opponents to Make Precarious Slam BY, WM.-E.-McKENNEX; j four of diamonds, and-ace ant becrelarj, American Bridge League | ieuce of clubs. Had South in> todays hand notj - Sotl th now led the'four of did monds ' and • West/ -was forced lo throw a club Now Ihc jack of Attendance Is Better Among Boys Than Girls ^Boys iii junior high school were k more regular In attending school the first semester than were girls. There were 25 boys who did not miss a day while there were only 15 girls who attained this record. They are: 8 B-I—Fred Rutherford, Hugh Nelson ".Thompson, Dick White, Mary Ijynu Jackson, Evelyn Jor• don; ; " ' "••*•' ..' •••<•$" : 8 B-2—Bill Chamblin, Harold Hall, Alvin Lane. Bill Laverty Gennetle Flake, Betty Jean-Hill; 7 A—Wilson Bohanlng, Charles Caldwell, Raymond Crawford, Phillip Bishop, Augustus Crow, Tommie Dean Hatcher, Troy Whltaker; 7 B-l — Doris Adams, Margie Anderson, Elizabeth -Davis, Margaret Whitener, Jack .Chamblin; 7 B-2—Jettyc Clsrc Huffman, Butonne Jaggers, Niay Lovelace, Frank Dulaney, Gene Fields, Hay- wcod Havdy, Max Han-ison, Billy Jontz. Albert. McClurV, Bobby McHaney, Bobby Peterson, Pauline Heath; 1 B-3 — Virginia Stiles, Hays Spradley, Shirley Rodgers, Louise Rice, Millon Paltcreon. mastered thc'.'.prin'cip'ali ;of tjic squeeze, he j would'have, be en forc- d to concede down one' on his lomewhat optimistic'-'contract, of U hearts But South was a strong player and knev* all the fine points pon which ;experts depend when was led, and East, too, squeezed. No play couldr proveiit South from winning; all'.the ^remaining tricks. ' , : • ,• Today's Contract Problem South has bid three no trurnpi after having ^opened \yilh a bid of 6ne spade North has-^bld hearts' 'and'sup- rorlecl spades West can count four apparently sure tricks, and has t\vo or more possible tricks , in addition Should lie 'double- SoUth's'Iast bid' / _JBhnd) *AQ 36 on Junior High School Honor Roll VA762 »K95 *AJ84 1 SoluUor W E S Dealer * 108632 + 963 (Blind) ^1 & S \ul i in next issue 4 who have been occupying Mrs. S. Brlscoe's residence at 1310. Heanv si.;, will' leave tomorrow for 1 Florida, where they plan to spend :he rest of the winter, . ":'.''! Mrs.'o. shonyp, *ho Is-slaying with Mr. .Shanyo while he Is" 111 at the Memphis'. Baptist hospital, is.''here :tdr a few days-with J. J. -Johnson.'_'Mr. Shoilyo, who was stricken suddenly ill,' Is ; now greatly - improved: : -.- ' 'E. E. Jones,..whojUnder^enl. a second -.'operatfoi^ icyertl'.diys ago at the Memphis Baptist "hospital, Is now much better. .'-.-.• '.Out of town*people".here yesterday for the funeral of J J. Johnson ; were:. M r,, "a n'd," Mrs. p. .P. White of Bcrlrana, Mov, Mr. and Mrs. ,R. L. Shelby :of .Charleston, Mo..'Mrs. William Stecle and son of Cairo, III , Mrs G. M Farrln and J Edgar White of Sikeston, Mo.,-Mr. and Mrs; Olenn'cox and Mrs W. A. Johnson of Reno, Ark , J. B Stuigess and Mr Beardeu ol Memphis Mr and Mrs Cox re- mained'until today and Mrs. Farrin, a sister, will stay for a longer visit with Mrs,' Johnson i, deeper mystery of the reason why men so Insistently associate suffering with sin. The disciples were troubled by this mnn's blindness, mid llicy asked the strange qtiesllon, "Who sinned, this man or his parents, that he should be boiu blind?' It wnt> Indeed a strungc question, but Jesus answered U very plainly. Neither the man 'nor his parents had sinned, He was blind so that, the works ol (lod should be made manifest on him. Frankly, we do not know Just what that means, t'crhaiw Jesiis was saying In effect thai ., we not understand all the ways Cat Sails for i2 Years SYDNEY, N, S. W.-(UP)—Tiger Tim, mascot of the liner Espor- ance Bay, is one of the most traveled cats In the world.,It has,been owned by G S Galty, second steward of ..the-liner, for'-more than 12 years, and only once in that time Has he'set foot on land. do of Qod, but that blindness, as our sight, Is all a part of Ihc outworking of the laws that govci'i human life. As a matter of fact, we do know today that many people arc doom :d to blindness by the sin o error of their parents. It Is sad physical fact of .'human llf associated with diseases that mod teal science Is slov:ly seeking I eradicate. But to associate siif forlng with sin Is to miss th nature of catisc anil effect. All of sin somewhere Involve •uiffcring. but all suffering , is no due to sin. Were this sin, salnl vho have suffered for the sli of others would be the grcatcs sinners in the world. Declaring his purpose to gl\ light, Jesus gave sight to tl blind man, who went to wash I Read Courier'News Want Ads. Chest Colds 4 . . . Yield quicker to the 10 pool of SIlORin, and camo way with his sight restored. The upshol ot Iho story h oven lore Interesting, and In a sense (most moro miraculous than the ilraclc. Wore those who snw ils man restored to sight Joyful cause a human being had been olpcd? Not all of tliem. U linppciicil tliut It was on the stbknlli day Ihiit Jesus hnd pcr- ormcd this miracle, In the iliui of Jesus, tree from all '.y- rlcllons of artificiality, tradition, nd supcisllllon Ihcro was iioth- ig more worthy or right thtm in doing of good works on (lie auballi ilny. But the enemies of Jesus did ot sec It In that light. Those or whom religion was inltrprel- I In terms of narrow and nill- clnl distinctions that had little o do with true morality or rcalness sought to confuse tlio who Inui been blind, assur- ig him (hat It \vn.s a sinner who nd performed llio miracle of Ishl-glvlng, But the blind man was not lo bo confused. He declared quite emphatically that the man who hint opened; lib eyes was a prophet. Bigotry and prejudice nre not easily discouraged. The one nilcs of Jesus then tried to sug gcst that the man hod not really been blind at all and subjected the man's parents lo questionings and threats. Dul the man himself could not bo Intimidated or silenced. His blindness had been his own, his new vision was his own. And lie declared with ringing words, "One Ihlnj I know, lhat whereas I was Wind, now I see," That, is llic voice, of experience ihnt is the surest testimony to what Jesus can do lo lift them from darkness Inlo light. $12,500 Job do»s MELBOURNE ..(UF>—The Aus liallan Meat Board la looking for a nrnn lo nil a $12,600 a year Job tmd can't find olie.' Tho post Is London representative ol the board. Nearly 300 applied for It but nil have been rejected because Ihcy wcro not tiuullfkd. ROCHESTER, N, Y, (UP) - A \\ buttered'bronze hand-bell, ut*d 8»'- ; i| yetre ago to summon UnlYtrsily olM Rochester students to clutea, iat "Si icon found and placed among hl»-' ~ I (crlc relics at the school Tn«' T «| class-bell served until electric buzi >l ^ers were Introduced at the turn T* I of the century. " - KLECTKIO * ACRTUSNE WELDING AT BEST PRIOM PROMPT SERVICE BarksdaleMfg.Co, PHONB,1» Beware The Cough From a common cold That Hangs On No rn»tt<r how bun? medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial Irritation, you can Bet, relief now with Creomulclon. Crcomulslon not only contains tho soothing elements common to many remedies; such Pino Compound . . of Whtlo Tar. fluid extract of Licorice Root, fluid extract of Wild Cherry and Menthol, but also hus fluid extract of Ipecac for Its powerful phlegm loosening effect, fluid extract of Cascara for Ils mild laxative effect and, most Important of al], Beechwood Creo- eote Is perfectly blended with all of thcso to reach the source of tho trouble from the Inside. Oreomul- «lon can bo taken frequently and continuously by adults and children with remarkable results. Thousands of doctors use Creo- mulslon In their own families aa well as in their practice knowing now Crcomulslon aids nature tc footlic the Inflamrd membranes one heal the Irritated tissues u the germ-laden phlegm Is loosened, and expelled. Druggists also know the effectiveness of Beechwood Creosote and they rank Crcomulslon top for coughs because you get a real dose of Creosote In Oreomul- Elon, emulsified to that It Is palatable, digestible and potent for going to the Tory scat of the trouble, Grcomulslon Is guurantttd wild- factory In the treatment of coughs, chest colds and bronchial irritations and especially those stubborn ones that start with a common cold and hang on for dreadful days and nights thereafter. Even U other remedies have, failed, your druggist Is authorized to guaranWo Oreomul- Glon and to refund every cent of your money If you are not satisfied with, results from the very, first bottle. Dont worry through another sleepless night—phone or go get a bottle of Creomulslon right now., (Adv.) Specials All D»y Friday, Saturday ft 19° 2' 4° 10 C 8° CARMEL-NUT LAYER. Each Iced Cake DONUTS AC (Assorted). Doz, CREAM PUFFS Each OATMEAL COOKIES. Doz. . Custard CREAM ROLL. Each ... Specials for Bulereg Hour - 5 to 6-P. M. Friday-Sat urday-Sunday DONUTS ' Doz PINEAPPLE WAFERS. Doz. ., Carmel Cinnamon ROLLS. Doz. ..:. PARKERHOUSE ROLLS, Doz PLAIN ROLLS Doz We Specialize In Special Orders''-•-; Phone .ltd BLVTHEVILLE BAKING CO. 3° 10 C 8° 5° rdlnarv methods will not produce he: trick or .tricks needed';to ful- i the contract. When he saw the ( durmnj ullis only hope apparently was la I the spades wouhl brtak evcn- He won the first trick with the ; ieen. Then 'cashed ; the" ace of pndes. Now a trump-was-led to dummy, AQJ 7.432 The junior high school has 36 students who made the honor roll during tho first, semester, it has been announced. To attain this honor they must bo above the: average in their studies. These students arc: 8B-1—Mary Lynn Jackson, J. W. McNeil, Hunter Sims, Dick White, Belly Jo Dodson. Sarah Lou Me Ciitcheii, Mary Helen Moore; 8B-2—Bill Murdough, Gcraldinu Ellis. Vera Elizabeth Goodrich, Esther Dunaway; 7 A—Augustus Crow. Charles Caldwell, Bobbie Dean Douglas, Marie Hopper, LaFetra Maye, Tom Reedcr; 7 B-l — Mary Babcock. Ann Crook, Lura Davis, Jack Chamblin. David Boonc; 7 B-2—George Hubbard. Billy Jontz, Albert 'McClure. Bill Morse Wanda Fisher, Pauline Heath, •Ictlye Clare •Huffman, 1 Bulonne Jaggcrs, May Lovelace, Sallic Saliba, Doris Muir. '• *K1096 + Q1043 Huffman News Mr. and Mrs. Joe ; Blcdsoc and family of Marie, . Ark., are gucsti of Iheir daughter, Mrs. J. E. Ev Mrs. Mary Merrill ' and 'ters, Virginia and Elizabeth, mid Mrs. Henry Chandler aiid chll drch nhd Mrs. Aubrey Merrill arid son, Kenneth, left last week fo Faulkner, Miss., for a visit 'Will relatives during the high water.' .Mrs. Annie -Stokes and daugh ler, Essie Mae,, left Saturday fo Dycrsburg to visit Mr,s. Johnnl Wright. . -. .' C. L. Crabb of Brasley.-Mo., was here Saturday. Mrs. Pearl r Hensoil , was the guest of Mrs. Fannie ' Copclnud Saturday night. • . • 9852 + KJ87. + A2: Rubber— N «. S \ ul South Ucst Nor<h Easl *A »AQ J1033 3¥ 4 # Pass Pdt^ Pass I * 3 A - 4 ¥-• . Pass Pas<: Opening Jtad—¥-5. ! ,nd the qiicen-ol spades returned. South discarded' a diamond. West look the trick wilh the sing and led a diamond South .von with the-king', East: playing iho Jack South's next pl.ay. ; was l four rounds :of trump. .West was" forced to discard down u>,tlioitcn and tilnc Of spades and the king and jack of clubs Dmnmy i held the jack and seven of spades the Of diamonds and thc.nrnc of clubs East held-the queen andssix'o] diamonds, and' Ihc queen ianctj ten of clubs. Declareriligldithoitca'anc CARDUI Starting Today | Herbert Marshall says: "... a light smoke is a joy ^ ' .. 'O! j • • to the throat" Women's and Misses' DRESSES You get the saving* — we get the space for o u r n e w S pi ing s toe k! "Be/ore I came over to this country an English cigarette appealed to me because it'ivas /irmly packed. In America I tried various popular' brands looking for the same virtue. Lucky Strike fed all the rest, And, ivhat's more —150011 discovered {hat Luckies were a light smoke and; a ..'positive joy to the throat." HERBERT MARSHALL FAMOUS 11KO RADIO PICTURES' STAR Drastic Kedubtions! ..' .:l.i)0. :•".'•".•' DRESSES Values .lo -53:98!: Come ;carly! ^Many : oiiq-or-a- klnd , styles. '.-.'- . i ',- Quick Clearance! . Of Ilettcr DRESSES (Juick'. Clearance! .73 "at .tills: low' price! Values .to.;.$L.*8J•..: Special Offer! ' ti«4 bj WOM«K tut cnr men I ud A i>aslc ot finely ground soybeans can be used as a substitute for eggs in making salad dressing of tho mayonnaise type, • MINERVA YARNS "Aristocrat.of.' 1 -KnitUns 'Yams" . ;FREE INSTRUCTIONS ' WEDNESDAYS /&,. FRIDAYS MRS. A. C.HALEY Pride Subdivision While < they lastl Tlicy sold as liigh as':'. $5.901 Novelty Shoes Jl^OPr. 25 v pair';.lo go -at . this price.' -Valued, to- $3.08; Come Arid .Sec : These'Marvelous Values! ^They.Are Sensational! Grand; Siivings For Every :\Voman in This Tbwii! 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