The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1955 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 4, 1955
Page 12
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PAOBTWBLYI BLYTHEY1LLR (ARK.)' COURIER Excise Tax Law Study Underway WASHINGTON (AP) — Treasury officials were summoned to Capitol Hill today to help prescribe remedies for numerous headaches growing from administration ~ r "federal excise tax laws. —_ •• •» Commodity And Stock Dot Pec Mar May York Cotton (12:34 Quotations) 3100 3212 3100 3120 3205 3118 3053 3115 3053 3045 3096 3045 3195 3183 30Q6 3011 New Orleans Cottwn Oct. 3100 Dec 3130 Mar 3075 May 3061 3188 3198 3118 3098 3100 3128 3015 3061 3188 3182 3105 3014. Ruby Richardson Services Today TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 195« Chicago Wheat 2031/, Dec May 203 H . 203 20HJ 201% 202% 202 \'-, Chicago Corn Dec .... 1315i ma/i May .... 138% 1383, 4 to a multitude of commodities and services from cigarettes to cuba-| B 0wt . n rets, and from tobacco to toilet; Bu ,- i .' l i was lo be preparations. Cemeier Secretary of the Trensun HIM i Mls Richardson phrcy and other government fi t il experts were called to testify b< fore a House Ways and Vt u s subcommittee headed bj Rcu Forand (D-RI). Businessmen and others also will appear during the two weeks ot scheduled hearings on techmc il and administrative, p.r o b I e m Rates are not involved T ii time. Tax experts regard the r\u ' H mum tax system as obsolete, filled uin pi tnf i inconsistencies and inequities. | Thornber The system has never undt -,on 1)ioinb<ii\ C ilitr i a general overhaul, although i nou I alibi in is il i i id Aic'iit. | produces between 9 and 10 billion | Roberts, Carl WyiU.:. Jodie Holir 'dollars of revenue a year. Much | field. Johnny HoJlifieKl, John Boles of it is a patchwork of procedures ilm j Charles' Cn».vs. which ultimately affect almost „ everyone's pocketbook. f Begun during the Civil War, ex-; cise taxes did not come into thej tax picture in any great force y Ii R«r£*c«c^ until the depression of the early! I U IIV3> rvt.CC-jjt'VJ 1930s. They also have been geared j AT CANCKR MEETING — Pic'.'.irod yesterday at Ho N > i w le e Mississippi Coun'.v Cancer Soc- ir in p ii i u are Rr. VV. W. Workman, of the lo i 1 c n,> Us. C. M. Gray; Mrs. Foy Etchie-.. son, of Beta Sigma Phi, and Mrs. W. R. Brookshire, and Mrs. George Anderson, president of the Jaycettes. (Photo by Cullison). 130% Chicago Soybeani Nov Jan . Mar . July . 239|i 243- 1 ; 243 2411, . 245% 249!., . 244:i., 248 243 242 138% 242>.'i 245', 241-!., 241 New York Stocks A T and T Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola : Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum Studebaker Standard of N J Texas Corp Sea rs U S Steel IKE (Continued from Page 1) Bond Is Set On Negro Man 111 pretty much to war years emergency revenue needs. EXPORT (Continued from Page 1) and| ST. LOUIS ^—Contract ne£?o:m- ; i tions affecting more iharj 50.000 > I CIO employes of the Southwestern j j Bell Telephone Co. in six stales j j temporarily are in recess to await! the outcome of u strike vote. • The results of the strike vote; probably won't be known until to-1 morrow or Thursday, Frank P. ; Lonergan. vice president of the. U. S. export law. which previously j CIO Communications Workers Dis-; has prevented selling cotton in the : triet (i, said yesterday. He said no j foreign market at competitive j results will be announced until '• ' ' complete returns are in. ' The last session in the negotia-' tions which began July 20 was held i Friday. A. E. Johnson of the fed- j eral cone ilia lion service .said he j wasn't sure when another .session i CARUTHERSVIU^E — Robert lo Secretary of the Treasury Hu:n- Wiggins, 26, Wardell Negro, has been phrey which, in effect, mak«'> "coiind over to :he next term of Cir- j i CU jt. Court on a burglary charge " all er preliminary hearing in Mag;.s:rate Court. Wiggins was committed to the (.'ouniy jail here as he failed to post bond, which was set at S3.000. Wiggins was taken oi'i a btis by PortaseviUe policemen at Portage- prices,, chances are good for re- 178 7-8 j lease of some of the surplus on 76 will be held. competitive price basis. Secretary of Agriculture now 151 1-2 jj, is tne jmthonty to put the goods 96 1-2 | on sale and permit purchasing mi-, ^^ f tions to btiv on credit, he pointed I « 1-8 f out. ' | ^o 5 " 8 ! Well orR.inized pressure broiiehl i LJ 1 Kl^*-/i 44-0! to bear on the secretary would nCTfc; 5 MOFC 3 rj J] 8 i probably bring some results, he 48 1-2 45 1-8 I said. But there is need for good or- he 55 5-81 £ !in ' za{ ' ori ir> lilf? campaign, q , o pointed out. -,™ "" Ga things was introduced by inr i J stal ° Representative L. H. Autry. 106 31 E ' H ' Cl ' ook ' President of t»e club, gg l_g i presided at the meeting. Japan a member of the General Agreement on Tariff and Trade Signed -Memorandum Ac the same time he signed u routine iiemorandum .authorizi:;-' John B. Hollister, director of the International Cooperation Administration, to send to six congressional committees a report no additional decisions have b'-on made since June 30 on continuum foreign aid to various nations. The President also approved an extension of time, from Oct. 1 to Oct. 21, for a presidential emergency board to report on a labor dispute between the Pennsylvania caraRC at Portageville. Railroad and 35,000 nonopemtin;: employes. Dr. White, who marie his own examination of the President a few days ago and is receivmc twice daily reports, said he felt "relieved" after talkinj (Continued from Page 1) States, which backed France .... Algerian stand, was one of 10 nations abstaining on the New j Worst of Farm Readjustment Over -- Morse ANN ABOR, Mich., (#—True D. Morse, under .secretary of agriculture, says the worst of the postwar adjustment for agriculture is over. "We've about got production and consumption in balance." Morse told Washieuaw County farm leaders at a Khvanis Club luncheon yesterday. "Surpluses accumulated in the parity .support programs will begin to work down, starting in 1956. t and lift market pressures," liej said. j Morse said "it is um'oriuntile I the farmers have not shared fully | in the prosperity of the nation, | but he forecast a better year Ini 195B. Stored butter has been reduced from 4G6 million pounds to 19 million, he said. Nonfat dry milk has dropped from 600 million pounds to 19 million and the billion pounds of soybean oii has about vanished. said the parity index for 1955 had been held relatively stable at 84 to 87 per cent. Fluctuations over a 2 ! , 2 -year period had been held within a 9 per cent range, he said. Returning confidence was established, he said, by the fact that acreage values are back again at their November, 1952 peak. WOW-EE! — Britain's Prinw Minister Sir Anthony Etien is open-mouthed with excitement as British jots perform aerial acrobatics at tho Farnsborouebi Air Show in England. Guinea vote. . . 1 11 ^ bly'sacon would "make rapprochement (agreement) between the Netherlands and Indonesia more difficult." A member of the Indonesian delegation voiced gratitude for the I Goodyear Announces Sites for New Plants \ille Sept. 27 foHowiiuTt-he tracing action and expressed hope the dis of his car. which he left on a War- pme W ould reach a -peaceful' deli stretH. solution." ' The Negro is accused of stealing [ AKRON. 0. — Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co, will open new plants in Akron. O.; Houston, To:.:, Jackson, Mich.; Niagara Falls, N. Y.; and Litchficld Park, \riz. Construction of the plants is part, HOXIE Convicted and some tools from a Chevrolet :ood health." HONG KONG '.tf—Reports reaching here from Canton say the Red Chinese have .convicted 13 persons of spying for Nationalist China and sentenced nine of them to die. The j of the company's SI 00 million ex- j pansion program, some of which has been completed. The overall plan also involves modernization and expansion of other plants, the company announced. Eisenhower was Dr. White said. The President is a oheerfuij other four got life sentences, patient, from all accounts. He felt well The Malay Sea. with 3.144.056 ; square miles, i world's seas. is the largest of the (Continued from Page 1) that Vance, a board member and part-owner of the firm, "has been selling io himself" in school purchases. 3. That the court enjoin the board "from further illegal purchases and sales." 4. That the board "be ^enjoined from paying any more district funds to employes hired in violation of law. namely Mrs. Leslie Howcll. Mrs. L. L. Cochran and Mrs. Guy Floyd," wives of school board members. They also are listed as defendants. Other .defendants include B. B. Vance & Sons, and the school board members -— Supt. K. E. Vance, Leo Robert, Howell, Cochran. Howard Vance and Floyd. I.i.sted as plaintiffs were Herbert Brewer. Hoxie farmer and a leader of the campaign for return to segregation: Jewel Bernatt, Floyd Cole, .John Jones, Grayson Lamb and Alf McMullcn. Supt. Vance and board attorney Bi!l Penix said last night they had not seen a copy of the court action. Both declined immediate comment. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. HI— (USDAt—Hogs 8,500; active; higher; bulk mixed U. S. , 2 and 3 200-260 Ib 16.00-25; around 200215 Ib Hi.S5; 170-190 Ib 15.50-10.00; 150-11(1 Ib 14.50-15.15; 120-140 lu 13.00 4.25; sows 400 111 down 4.50 15.75; heavier sows 13.50-14.50: boars over ISO Ib 8.50-10-50; lighter weights to 11.50. Catlle 5.500; calves 1,200; hmh choice and yearling steers steady at 22.15-23.35; high choice and "prime mixed steers and hcifer.s 23.50; utility and commercial cows 10.50-13.00; canners and cutter.s 8.50-10.50; bulls utility and commercials 11.00-13.00, heavy fat bulls 11.00; good and choice veal- ers 19.00-23.00; high choice and price 24.00-26.00; cull to good 10.00-18.00; good and choice slaughter calves 16.00-20.00. SERIES 'Continued from Page l> out Ziminer to Hodges, Bcrra moving to third. Cerv popped to Reese in short left center. No runs, one hit, one left. FIFTH DODtiKKS — Zimmer struck out. Porlres popper out to McDougald on third base line. Gil- Ham grounded out Martin to Skowron. No runs, no hits, none left. YANKKKS—Howard Hied deep to Gilliatn near left field wall. Byrne called out on strikes. Third strikeout for Pod res. Ri/,zu to grounded out Hoak to Hodges. No runs, no hits, none loft. On Conservation QUEMADO, N. M, ''.-?! — State , Sen. I. N. Curtis came up with an j essay which he .said won a contest on soil conservation for an Indian: "White man crazy. Cut down trees. Make big teepee. Plow hill. Water wash. Wind blow soil. Grass gone. Door gone. Windows gone. Whole place gone. Buck gone. Papoose gone. Squaw too. No pigs. No plow. No hay. No Pony. "Indian no plow corn. Keep grass. Buffalo cat grass. Indian eat buffalo. Hide make teepee. Make moccasin. Indian no make terrace. No build clam, All time cat. No hunt job. No hitch hike. No ask relief. No shoot pig. Great Spirit make grass. Indian no waste i anything. Indian no work. White ! man loco." j ..... ,'nough yesterday to spend 3C pn ^'~ i m Unites playing a picture quiz sicians at the hospital yesterday.! came wllh lh e' help of a nurse. So far, Hagerty told reporters.; - Eise nhower's letter to Nixor the doctors have not. been able to! sa j c j- ascribe the President's tiredness' Sunday night to any particular "I hope you will continue to have I meetings o any cause. He cheered his attendants yesterday by awaking "rested and. Council and of the Cabinet ove refreshed. . which you wil] preside in accordance with the procedure which you ,iave followed at my request : 'he past during my absence from J Washington." Signed "As ever. Dwirht D. : Eisenhower," tihad the effect of approving publicly Nixon's chair , . . ; manship of such meetings. This activities he will be able to under-; cnljld be sign in cam . Friends are convinced Eisenhower will retire at the end of hi: present term, and politicians are looking to N-xon ;o be a top contender for the GOP presidential Dr. White, speaking from Ba ton., said the electrocardiogram, .showed the normal revolution. Dr. White plans to fly here ;i the end of the week for another personal examination. A deer-i.m will bo made then on when EKm- hower may be moved, and on what, take next wpok Itiimp Clear X-rays show that the Presirifiifs lungs "are clear" and thin the heart, shadow is the .same as (he normal record of last year when To Aid Research ANN ARBOR, Mich. !.T1—A group of inmate . hay fever victims at Southern Michigan Prison have volunteered to aid a University c;i Michigan research team in a fivt'- ycar rampamn auampt hay fever. Thi'y will partiripatp in ' clinical tests. the newest color... rsewwt sfyfe in jeans... A Here's slick-lookin' new charcoal denim, VAT-DYED TO HOLD ITS COLOR. Add some lop western slyling, neat white stitchin', nickel rivets and snaps, and you've got Hank Mann's good-lookin' new TEX'N'JEAN CHARKIES. With these famous Mann Ranch features, loo: ELECTRONICALLY-SEALED DOUBLE KNEES LUCKY HORSESHOE POCKETS® ZIPPER WATCH POCKET SANFORIZED MADS AND OUASANIHD IV HANK MANN /or Me* amtf fort MARTIN'S Men's Store y MANHATTAN' opptiet o world of"itylt ond u.ll to jmooth, luitfoui Reevai Eg/plion pimo n cotton. And the reiull it ttnoilnait you'll i and everyone elic will admire! from neciiion die-cut eollan to their dtef> won'l-puM-out irtirt Inilt, thtM $Y MANHATTAN pimo cotton ihirli ars toilorid like a man's fin* shirt. But abov* o! 1 . th*y'r* lovely, and colorful, and mad* (9 molct your ltf« twoutrfoHy rkhl Avnlhhlc in fanrics. Solltls A Whites — Reg. or French Cuffs. Everything for Men and Boys MARTIN'S Men's Store HALSELL & WHITE FABULOUS FRIGIDAIRE FESTIVAL 64 Hour Round-the-Clock Big Trade-in Marathon We'll Be Open Day & Nite and Trading High AROUND THE CLOCK HO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED Two Carloads Must be Sold! OPEN ALL NITE & DAY TUES. & WED. 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