The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 11, 1944
Page 6
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PAGE SIX V" BJ,yTHEVIU,!-} (ARK.) COURIER NKWS TUKSDAY, APRIL 11, 1!)H Building Boom Seen Alter War ..;'CoWrincome Housing . Projects Promised By Private Builders WASHINGTON, April 11. — Evidence received from scores of cities throughout the country shows that imm'edlately after the war, private home builders will start programs providing adequate housing for families of low-Income at costs from 20 to 35 per cent less thnn the same dwelling unlu could be provided by puljlle housing agencies, according to a statement made Saturday b v nolml P. Oerholz, president of the National Associa- tion.of Home Builders. "There is good reason to believe the trejhendous savings of taxpayers' money 16 be realized by turning '' full responsibility for rehous- ing shim families over to private builders is fully recognised ]jy leaders in Congress who arc preparing to legislate this Important field," Gerliolz said. "The next-step is for the builders to demonstrate clearly to their communities that they arc willing, .to devote a large pail of their efforts to this important segment of the resldenllal construction field; : "Experience gained in building low-cost,. low-rent housing during the war construction program lin.5 shown many private builders for the first time that they can well afford to construct and rent these properties, provided they are until in.sufficient quantities to permit the harrow • margin of profit ami operating expense which such ventures involve. "In Washington, conceded by many to have the worst slums in the . Nation, a group of more than 50 of the capital's most prominent home builders appeared before a Senate subcommittee and pledged, their F. H. A, Advises Heating Repairs During Summer WASHINGTON (UP) — In Hue wllh (he national campaign to conserve fuel, the Federal Housing Admlntstration has announce 1 !! a plnn to encourage home owners to undertake fuel saving installations during Uie summer months and Hius prevent a heavy congestion of ttils type of work ncxl foil. Under.the new plan. Ilrst payments 'of ni/V-iiuurcd loans made during the spring nnil summer con te deferred until Nov. 1, II the money is used Instead for any of (lie following types of work: , 1. Conversion of healing equip- ment'to the use of oilier fuels, or. (he repair ami replacement of such] equipment which is worn out. or' damaged. 2. For the installation, of storm doors, storm windows, weather stripping, or other types'of insulation. Tliis type of work can he undertaken the FHA said, without War Production Board authorization, The FffA urged home owners who have available funds to undertake tills work on a cash basis as soon ns possible. However, it added, that assistance would be available t<> those unable to pay for such work in one lump sum, under the "title one" plan. This plan enables lending Institutions to make loans specifically for heating conservation measures In amounts HI; (o 32.500. The loans, which will be exempted from consumer credit restrictions, ivjll be payable' in monthly Installments aver n period as long n.s 3fi months. Rend courier News Wnnt Ads. willingness ami demonslratcd their ability to build In the brief period of.six years enough low-cost, low- rent housing to accommodate every family now living there iti substandard aim slum dwellings. Furniture First Aid Yon can "heal an iifMy scratch that mnvs 'the .surface of dark furniture by painting with iodine. Make It. Invisible by .swabWng the gash—easy does it—with the sharp Point of an oraneestlck, tightly wrapped with cotton. Scratches on light-colored furniture—such as walnut or maple — can be toned down so Mini not even the gimlet-eyfd will detect them, simply nib with meat of a •i'almit, iienm or Hcn/.li mil, Iv cut for easy release of boll) oil and siiiin, which ure what yon want from the nut. Don't Put Off Roof Repairs Owners of homes which have •suffered Interior damage because of leaky roofs should make repairs immediately to avert mote extensive dumiiiie, home maintenance experts advise. Defective roofs are likely to become progressively worse as they arc subjected to Hie blowing rains and heavy .SHOWS of winter. A loosened shingle, jostled by liiKh winds, will in turn loosen and dnni.ign (he shingles mound It, thus aggravating a minor Haw Into a serious one. Small areas of damage, of, can lie repaired more enslly (lian large ones. In winter or summer, the roof IHISI bear Ihe brunt of protecting he home from the elcmcnls. It M'ovldcs the major protection igainsl rain vSlecl, snow, hall and ind. To do Its job well, it must be In good repair. Eomelimes :m Inspection of the •oof will indicate lhat. complete re- ihhigling Is advisable. In such cases, core should be laken lo sec .lint the new root is of fireproof or 'ire-re.slst.inl maleilal. One of Ihe nosl practical of these materials NEW WASHABLE PAINT GOES ON WALLPAPER, PLASTER, ETC.! DriesnJJfliin Add waltr — Ihea ui«. -H»r«'*economy.Tol gallon . ef iMhidi «fd 14 C al!c,i of waltr. Makfli enough pa!nl for average room. No ne*d lo tcrapa off thi may b« applivd ov«r It • No\y cut the time and expense of. redecorating ft room in hollf Do your repainting tha streamlined, modern way-with Pittsburgh Tbchldo. It's entirely different from old-style wall paint*. Quick to dry and easy to appiy, Ttchide makes It possible to do over a room In 3 hours—2 .for painting-1 for drying. A»k u» . "aboutTtchide. An Aicailonal wothlng wJlh toop end wo)»f i brEnoi back thai new looV w I.chldi Walll MADE IM t COLORS AND WH1TR HUB BARD HARDWARE CO. Is asbestos cement. It Is not only Machine Shed Essential To s Light on Repairing Shades 'llic average American farm, according to a recent survey has approximately $2,500 north' of agricultural machinery. Shire much of this equipment cannot now lie re-1 jilncert, it h more Important than I'vcr he protected, farm engineers point out. Exjiosiire to weather Is one of the chief causes of farm equipment depreciation. The most cffec- - - .. , v . „..,, i-lvc iirolcction is to house It In a fireproof hut weatherproof as well, machine shed. Leaving a good piece Asbestos shingles are made of of c'lulpment lo rot and rust out- tv/o durable minerals, asbestos doors is hot only wasteful hut con- flhres and Portland cement. They tributes lo lowered food production, do not deteriorate with age, but' An •excellent machine shed can inslciitl become harder aii ( i lough-i be constructed largely of non-criti- er. No preservative treatment is col materials such AS asbestos ever needed, and there Is no pos- board. If new lumber for framing' -' --' " is not available It is often possible lo oblaln salvaged lumber which will serve Hie purpose. By .N'l.'A Service When a window shade goes to seed ill the lower end, reverse the roller and give Hie fresher, less- frayed lop (i piny. To do this, detach slid; from hem, cut off old hem, and trim shade as far back as l<> ^(.'cewsnry. Now remove roller from top of shade and lack it to opposite end which you've prepared for it, Hem silJilily of rotting or rusting. Read Courier News Want Ads, ,WPB TO ALLOW, MORE IRONS Washington, D. C — Recognizing Hie grim fact lhat the nation's rationed housewives arc faced willi llic necessity ot replacing worn and defective home appliances, Ihe War Production Hoard will sonn release 2,000,000 ckc- .Iric irons lo case tlie demand for new household equipment. With (lie placing of the irons in two million liomcs, family laiimkring will IK tipped and at ili'e same lime ligblcnin/; Ilie burden of uiulcr-slaflcd commercial laundries. Labelled by safely statistics as "Ilie most lijirscrous (ooiii in Ibc house", tlic liitclicn exposes llic liousewifc to cver-iitcsciit liazarcls, willi burns being llic most common atid [lainfui. Willi her elbow inr/liing closer and closer lo tlic liot cleclric iron as she tilillicly launders, llic housewife, shown above, will not only be burned tint a bit \viscr. llol laundering irons slionM be placed surface down on a protective nisi of non-llammablc material. Slrouli! .1 minor burn occur, follow the recommendation of (lie Office of Civilian Defense, and the U. S. Army, ami Navy: cover llic burned area willi slcrile frnc mesli gauze coaled willi pclrolalum, Ijcllcr known sj pclrolcnm jelly. Over tin's place a thick dressing of clean bandage firmly, bnl not lightly, wrapped. Call a physician if the burn is deep or covers' a large aica. LET ME PUT A NEW CEKTAW-TEED KOOF ON VOW ffOUSE TOOf It Will Stop Those Leaks It will ntld so mucli lo Ihe aiipenrancc of your home. "CERTAINTEED ROOFING AND SHINGLES are improved in quality and cost no more (han before (he war. Roll roofing from S1.25 to 82.75 per square Shingles $-1.50, S5.50 and SO.SO per square we can a! >j)ly Certaiuteed Comiiosilion bninglcs over your old roof. We can Ret you an FHA loan covering both material and labor payable in 12 monthly payments—no mortgage. 'Friendly Building Service" Ashestos Sidings Quickly Achieve V//We Popularity Although asbestos cement ; for homes were introduced a com-Uj. parativi!ly short lime ago, they now s milk high unions standard exler- s^ -4j Ihe oilier edge, Insert slick and hang a shade which can pass for a new one. Simple tears in a shade can be .scaled sith gummed lape, applied! ,„,. wall "(hushes, They provide anon boll, front and back. Or you ,|,fmie slilngle designs in a male- can make, decorative patches by j ,,.,( . A hich will not hum or rot. cutting wall paper (lower motifs i These? sidings last for years and mid pasting them over the repaired] never require preservative treat- rents, ami here and there l:i a mc-tit. spaced pattern effect. X "Tnhe a bawling oui Here are some points to remember when .'planning n machine shed: 1. Make it big enough to house all of the machines. 2. Tire protection Is Important. This can be obtained by the u«e of Bibi-slos siding and roofing pro| ducts. 13, To reduce wind ro.5lsl(inc°e, build your shed long and lo\v. • 4. Multiple sliding doors will permit . tlic admittance or removal of one machine without having lo move the othev.s around. S. Plan the construction so that additions can be made without Inconvenience or sacrifice of appearance. A machine shed constructed with asbestos products as weatherproof as well as fireproof. It will provide a lifetime of service with little or iio maintenance costs. Our famous sperry bomb, called the sight that takes the guesswork out of bombing, is credited with helping to knock down 511 German fighters in one month. Building Hopes Prongs Will Keep Pigeons Away CLEVELAND i UP) — Customers of the National City Dank In downtown Cleveland are entering the building today without fear of running up mi unnecessary dry clciin- Ing bill. Owners o! the building have erected sharp, four - Inch - high prongs on ihe ledges which formerly served as roosting perches and "observation iwsLs" for pigeons with no sense of modesty. "We can't shoot' them and we can't poison them," explained llie owners. "So we're just going lo make it plenty uncomfortable for them to be near us." Beat Miami Housing With Houses On Water M'lAMI, Fla. (VP)—Several hundred persons, who were unable to home.s or apartments in MJ- N 0 T 1 C E letters of Administration upon the csUUc of W. A. Pickafd, Sr,.'deceased, were granted to tho undersigned on the 1st clay of April, 19i4, by Die Probate Court for t!ic Cliick- asnwba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas'. ami this year due to overcrowded All persons having claims against conditions, arc living happily wlierc said estate arc required to exhibit , the sun beats down Ihe hardest — on the water. Along the Miami river them, properly authenticated for allowance, lo the undersigned, as _ —- >. and Ihe' administratrix of said estate, before jBlscnyne Bay'walcrfront many a i the eml ot one y-cnr from the date laundry can be seen flying In the of the granting of the letters upon breeze each Monday, for these ! said estate, and if such claims are apartment-seekers finally solved not presented, they will be forever [their problems. "Iliey arc living on harivd. , lie use boats of one sort or another Uat«! this 31st day of March, 1944. —anything lhat floats-just to have i i winter home in Miami. Comic Strippers Come to Reel Life Hight out of the newspaper comic strip page come the two adventurers pictured above. They're roolin', tootin 1 , shoou'n' rAed Ryder and his Indian boy pnrd, Little Beaver, as impersonated by Bill Elliolt and Bobby Blake', in Republic's new western series. Old American HEAVYTAB Asphalt Stri/) Shingles Note the double thickness of ihc ci- poscd portion of the nbovc cntarncd ahinRle—tHU prelects the "heart" of tKc shingle nnd gives it cxlrn tonjj life. \Vhcn figuring on n new roof, this new Miper-scrvicc llcavylali Asphalt Si rip Shingle offers the la&t word in cxlra value nt reasonable cosl —- You get Kxirn life — E.\tta weather protection and Kxtra beauly at JYo Extra Cost, Call u< «p or come in our office and let «» explain pll the nd- VAntngca of the New Old American Urnvytab Shingle and giv« you citimatci on work you may have in mind, Delta Lumber Hlylhevillc's Only Home Owned Lumber Yard 201 N. Second Phone '197 WANNING OKI)t!R In (he Chancery Court, Chlekasau'- ba District. Mississippi County, Arkansas. James A. Walker, Plaintiff, vs. No. 8582 Vcra E. Walker, Defendant. The defendant Vcra IS. Walker, is hereby warned lo appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff James A. Walker. Dated this 37 day of March, 1944. HARVEY MOnms. Clerk By Doris Mulr, D. C. Percy A. Wright, Ally, for Pltf. Claude P. Cooper, Ally, ad Litcm. You Want . . . We Have Them, fiive Us The Order. Among Ihe Army's anti-aircraft Bun directors is one which not only directs the angle of /ire, but also sets fuses so that ihe shells will explode iii the palli of an enemy plane. UJCMU.E PICKARD Adniinlrtrntiijr of estate of W. A. Pickard, sr., Deceased. . 4-n-ifi-25-5 ; 2-a 2 drops open nose, ensc breathing, give cold air. Cnutmii: Ust' only us dU'ecletl. Always get I'cnelru Noae J>ro[tt; AT FIRST SIGN OF A USE 666 TAELrJS. SALVE. r!OS£ DUCK — For a better stand! — — For quicker germination! —For healthier plants! —For more $ per a HAVE YOUI Russell Barbara's w Phone 2142 For Complete Details! We have a limited supply ot first year from pedigreed Slonevllle 2-B, 4-B and DPL H codon stbrt. All graded, delinted and treated. In 108 Ih. lass. Will trade [or your sceil. Pff33SWEi£?3!ffiS LnGuarclia Field, N. Y.—Sinclair's unique oil-jeep drains and fills giant American Airlines' Flagship with Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil. American Airlines, Inc., biggest U. S. Airline, relics on Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil exclusively to save wear on its costly airplane engines. Now that your car needs all possible protection, give ,it the same protection given these planes. Buy Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil from your Sinclair Dealer. MOTOR Afeit <-< Biytkcvillc, ArV..

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