The Miami News from Miami, Florida on March 25, 1966 · 28
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The Miami News from Miami, Florida · 28

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1966
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4B THE MIAMI NEWS, Friday, March 25. 1966 WTHS Q (Community) 1410 .VE. 2nd Avenue FR 1-6870 WTVJ O (CBS) WPTV O (MIC) WCKT O (BC) WLBW (Q (ABC) MEAT (ABC) 316 orlh Miami Avenue 3778241 5 Coeonut Row, Palm Beach TE 3-2471 1 401 rth Bay Causeway PL 1-6692 2133 .VW. lllh Avenue FR 3-4723 4 I Coronut Row, Palm Beach 833-9668 This Afternoon 1:30 Q Movie (To 5:5S) i. i color "Beneath the 12 Mile Reef" (1953) Rob-i7 ert Wagner, Terry Moore, ... Gilbert Roland. Adventure - ' about Greek sponge divers, ' their rivalry in business - and their special code of IT; ' ethics. Q Long John silver Q Mike Douglas Show to) r: (D CD Where The Action Is 5 O Time For School 11 0 Adventure Of Gumby 03 Leave It To Beaver Cheyenne (To 6) "S:30 Q Elementary Spanish O Passport 5 i.. News, Sports , - 5:45 Q3 ABC News ,1S:SS Q Weather - Weaver Q Fishing Final '7f aaBfa-MBBaywawafimmaja i 0 O Secret Squirrel ROLOR Q3 Q3 Porky Pig 1 COLOR . 10:30 O Adventures Of Lassie 0 O Underdog 1 COLOR 1 03 The Beatles I COLOR HO Tom & Jerry "color t Q Top Cat O Jr. College Review 03 (B Casper Cartoons FRANK GOKSHIN AND JUDY GARLAND On "Sammy Davis Jr. Show," 8:30 p.m., Ch. 5, 7 This Evening O Discovery Fl Ralph Renick Report 0 News, Sports, Weather Q News - Farris 1 COLOR f 03 W'lhr., Movie (To 7:30) "From Here To Eternity" (1954) - (Part ID Burt Lancaster, Montgom ery Clift, Deborah Kerr, , , Frank Sinatra, Donna Reed. 03 News 4: IS O Weather, Sports 6:20 Q Sports I COLOR I V-f 4:30 Q College Spanish ,j O News Cronkite 0 O Huntley-Brinkley 1 COLOR . CI ABC News 6:45 Great Moments In Music 7 Q Onion Johnnie CI Zorro 0 Jack Ledden Show - Q Outer Limits (To 8) Ozzie & Harriet 7:15 0 Man From G.H.O.S.T. (To 8:30) '7:30 Q Stretch Your Dollar ': ' Q Wild.Wild West t (To 8:30) '" " Agent West is unexplicably ; ordered off the case when he probes the murder by l . fire of a distinguished arch-i ' - aeologist. - CD Movie To 9:30) color i, ''Grass Is Green- er" (1961) - Cary Grant, " Deborah Kerr, Jean Sim-j mons, Robert Mitchum. Martini-dry comedy about an American millionaire who complicates the wedded bliss of an English couple. Flintstoneg I color I tar- I "8 O Conversations With Eric Hoffer Q One Step Beyond Tammy ' ' color I f :30 Q USA Dance f Hogan's Heroes I color i. Fearful of falsely being linked to an assassination plot against a high German offical, Komman-dant Klink cooperates with Hogan's scheme to steal the evidence. 0 Q Sammy Davis Jr. Show (To 9:30) 1 color t Guests are Judy Garland, Frank Gorshin, the Lettermen and Teri Thornton. Addams Family 9 O Music With Sevltzky CI Gomer Pyle I color l Sgt. Carter bets his cronies that with the proper approach anybody, even Gomer, can get a date with "Miss Camp Hender son." Honey West 9:30 Q Los Angeles Philharmonic (To 10:30) O Smothers Brothers Dick s toss hides out in the Smothers apartment to avoid a process server and is nearly killed by a series of mishaps. 0 0 Mr. Roberts I color j. The crew of the USS Reluctant is finally assigned a real cook only to find he can't cook. 03 Farmer's Daughter 1 color i Katy and Glen re turn to Minnesota and learn that Papa Holstrum is campaigning for election. 10 O Lena (To 11) I special I Lena Home stars in this hour-long special. 0 Q Man From U.N.C.L.E. (To 11) 1 color I. Solo and Illya try to rescue a grand duchess whose tiny country is threatened by Mafia-type thugs. Jimmy Dean (To 11) Guests are Norm Crosby, Jerry Vale and George Jones. Harness Racing from Pompano 10:30 Q Arts Unlimited HO Newsnlght Dick Bate 0 News, Weather, Sports O News, Sports, Weather "color!. 03 News, Sports, Weather News, Weathers, Sports 11:20 Movie (To 1) "The Jolson Story" (1947) Larry Parks, Evelyn Keyes. Film biography of the popular singer. All movies are rated by Good, Excellent. TV key. Poor, Fair, 11:30 O Movie (To 1) "East Of Eden" (1955) James Dean, Julie Harris, Raymond Massey, Jo Van Fleet. James Dean delivers a great performance as the sensitive youth who feels unloved and unwanted by his father. 0 Q Tonight (To 1:15) 1 color I. Last of the Hollywood-based shows this trip, and Johnny Carson's guests include Rod Steiger, Bill Cosby, Don Rickles and Rose Marie. News & Movies All Night J O News En Espanol Late Movie (To 2:30) "Saint In Palm Springs" (1941) George Sanders, Wendy Barrie. The Saint is entrusted to deliver three valuable stamps to a girl for her inheritance. 4 Saturday 6:45 Q News En Espanol 6:55 News 7 O Cartoonville (To 8:30) ,1 color . 0 Cartoon Capers Q Cartoons Farm Digest News, Three Stooges (To 8) 7:30 0 Adventure Theater (To 9) O Fun Shop (To 8:30) ("color"! National Bible Telecourse 3 Discoveries In Science News, Movie (To 10) 8:30 Q Superman Q Movie (To 10) "Red Pony" (1948) - Rob ert Mitchum, Myrna Loy, Peter Miles. Ranch boy is gifted with a colt, grows to love him, but the colt es- 11:30 fl Quick Draw McGraw ITOLOR I 0 Fury 1 Youth & Issue Magilla Gorilla I color ; OSky King 0 The Rebel 0 First Look , COLOR t Bugs Bunny 1 color I 12 12:30 Q Linus The Lionhearted ircoToTl 0 Love That Bob O Exploring rCOLOR, Milton The Monster I color i 1 O Movie (To 2:30) "The Giant Gila Monster" (1959) Don Sullivan, Fred Graham, Lisa Simone. Aft er disappearance of teen agers, series of frightening and tragic motor accidents occur. 0 Wrestling O Ripcord Hoppity Hooper rcoToTl capes. Sgt. Preston Of Yukon 0 Q Heckle and Jeckle fToLOR I 0 The Jetsons Uncle Bob 9:15 Jumpin' Jack's Saturday Club 9:30 Q Tennessee Tuxedo 1 COLOR I 0 Atom Ant 10 O Mighty Mouse 1 COLOR RADIO WQAM-56U WFAB-890 WAME-1260 i ABC) WIOD-610 CNBC) wvrl3 l(1B(1 WHAT 1 360 (CBS) WGBS-710 !a -1430 WFCN-790 WMIE-I140 hskP-1450 WIXZ-40(MBS) JVOAH-1220 -wmbM-1490 - Stereo Bandstand (7:05 p.m., WAEZ-FM) The big band sounds of Andre Kostelanetz. , f Baseball (7:55 p.m., WKAT) Orioles vs. Los Angeles Dodgers. Tj'L Alan Courtney (10 p.m., WINZ) Dr. v. Fernando Penabaz will discuss "The Upsurge of Anti-Communism in Latin America." Footlight Favorites (10 p.m., WWPB-FM) ' "Bells are Ringing" with Judy Holliday and members of the original Broadway cast. X LarrJ K,nS (1:10 P-m- WI0D) Guests iiare Jerry Kogan, chief prosecutor of capital crimes; Dr. Ruth Simons and John Crouse of .'Jlultiple Sclerosis; and Vivian Morgan Kent a and Charles Arden of Chandelle Productions. Lee Vogel (11 p.m., WQAM) - "The U. N., Economic Department and Population Explosion" will be discussed. TOMORROW Sebring Sports Car Race (9:30 a.m., WIOD) Live and direct from Sebring, reports on the 12-Hour Endurance Classic will be broadcast. Metropolitan Opera (2 p.m., WKAT-AM and FM) Famed Swedish soprano Birgit Nilsson will sing two principal roles in Wagner's opera, "Tannhauser." Others in the broadcast include Wolfgang Windgassen, Thomas Stewart, John Macurdy and Arturo Sergi. Channel 23 Will Start Here Again The Associated Frni The Storer Broadcasting Co. announced today it will reactivate its Miami UHF television Channel 23, operating a station to be known as WGBS-TV. Storer, owner of a chain of television and radio stations, including Miami's WGBS, has held a permit to use the channel since 1954. It operated a station also known as WGBS-TV untfl 1957 when the growing competition of the area's VHF stations made it unprofitable to keep it on the air. Storer sold its transmitter and 1,000-foot antenna tower in Hal-landale to Public Service Television Inc., which had been granted a permit to use Channel 10. Public Service converted the equipment from UHF to VHF. When Public Service lost its permit several years ago and Channel 10 passed to L. B. Wil son Inc., now operating it as WLBW-TV, Storer bought back the transmitter building and tower. The company indicated its decision to reactivate the channel was inspired by the growing number of TV sets with UHF, as well as VHF, channels now coming off the production lines. The federal government ruled a year ago all new sets must have both receiving facilities. Last Van Dyke Show Filmed By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (AP) This is the way the Dick Van Dyke Show ends: Not with a bang, but a flock of wild tracks. The man y-Emmied series filmed its final show this week. It is quitting not because of bad ratings but because its key personnel want to pursue careers in feature films. There were no speeches, no fanfares for the closing performance. After five years of work together, the cast spent the last minutes doing wild tracks, pieces of dialogue to be dubbed on film later. "It's better this wav." con fided a production aide. "If we made any dramatic gestures, there would he all that crying." Mary Tyler Moore and Rose Marie seemed close to tears. "It's the men I'm worried about," said the aide. "I hate to see grown men cry." There was truth in his com ment. At the Tahitian-type party fW'O DICK VAN DYKE following the last show, key members of the troupe, male and female alike, began to choke up at the thoughts of not doing another show. Sheldon Leonard, partner with Danny Thomas in the company that makes the show, was telling Van Dyke: "You've really changed from a performer to an actor since you've been on this show." The modest Van Dyke replied: "Yes, I think I've learned what to do in these five years. May be in another five years I could learn how to do it' It seemed more prudent to ask about future plans, rather than dwell on the sentiment of the occasion. I can't bear to see men cry, either. Carl Reiner, creator of the show, reported: "I'm starting right away at Columbia, writ- -ing, directing and producing "Enter Laughing.' " He should be familiar with the material; it's from a book he wrote about his boyhood. Van Dyke commented: "I'm going to sleep for a month. Then I go to Columbia to start work on 'Divorce, American Style. " Richard Deacon: "I hope to land another series. I've done running parts in 14 so far, and I like the work. I did the Sid Caesar pilot, which apparently didn't sell I've got a couple of pictures I may do, and I'll probably line up another series." Larry Mathews: "I hope to get a picture. I want to keep working." Larry is 10. T.V. TOO PREDICTABLE The Plot Thins Out Rose Marie: "I'm going to Australia to play some dates, then I come back. in June and make a pilot about a meter maid, one of those lady policemen, who check parking meters." . Y ;-: ; Marj-Tyler Moore: "I'm talking to Universal about my first picture under contract there, it may be "Thoroughly Modern Millie" with Julie Andrews. Also, my husband (NBC execu-tive Grant Tinker) has been transferred to New York as program head, so I'll be moving. I really hate to leave." She gazed around at the people she had been working with for five years, and her chin started to quiver. It seemed like a good time to leave. By CYNTHIA LOWRY NEW YORK (AP) Jim West was dangling by hand cuffs over a boiling pit of acid and his pal Artemus Gordon was taking on a veritable army of villains in an effort to save him. A dinner guest, watching 'The Wild, Wild West" while embroidering a needlepoint chairseat, peered over her gran ny glasses and inquired calmly, "What time is it?" "Twenty after eight by my watch," your reporter replied. "Well," she said, "they'll be working pretty fast now to get him out of this mess before the last commercial." This was the casual comment of an average TV viewer the kind included in all Neilsen rating samples. And her reaction gives an indication of the sophistication of viewers who have been exposed, night after night, to entertainment written by formula and the clock. Just as everybody knows there will be either one big shootout or one big fist fight to climax every Western, almost everybody can predict the action and even the lines around a dozen or so stock situations which, by some unwritten law of TV, crop up in every action series. "Honey West," on ABC. will be coming up soon with an episode about a suicide-bent man on the ledge of a build ing. My friend with the needle point knows that plot very well. Honey, the fearless lady pri vate eye with the high-style clothes, will ultimately climb out on the ledge. We will be treated to frequent dizzy-mak ing shots of the street and traffic far below. Honey's foot will slip. Ultimately the distraught character will climb in whimpering or be hauled to safety. Of course there are many .i-. MIAMI BRIDGE by William Seamon no either side vulnerable; South ""deals. NORTH ST . 4-9 6 rrr- V Q J 4 " -A Q 10 7 5 . -A 7 4 . ' WEST EAST ---QJ1073 M42 .,-Al0 8 -9 7 5 2 ' 4-4 3 4-K 8 2 - -J 8 6 -Q 9 2 SOUTH -ak5 :lr -K 6 5 c -J 9 4 -K 10 5 3 The bidding speaks for itself the play does not. It is not uncommon for a declarer to lose sight of a very important factor counting tricks. South was not the exception here. West led the queen of spades and South ducked the trick, allowing the queen to win for West., West continued with a second spade and declarer won the ace. The jack of diamonds was led and declarer finessed. East won the king and returned his remaining spade as South won his king. -The bidding: 1 P ilNT P P P Opening lead: t spades. At this point, declarer took a count of his tricks he had two spade tricks, four diamond tricks, two club tricks. That meant a heart trick had to be established. So, declarer played Queen of a small heart from his hand. West grabbed the ace and took N E 1 P INT P the two spade tricks to beat declarer on a cold hand. Now that you have witnessed South's play, do you see what went wrong here? Declarer should have knocked out the ace of hearts before attacking diamonds. In that manner, he could not have been beaten. Suppose that West refused to win the first heart trick. In that case, declarer could now go after the diamond suit and have enough tricks to make the game in no-trump. There is no question but that South would have had an easy time if the diamond finesse had worked. BUT, that play would have worked later on, too. It was essential to knock out the certain trick that the defenders had that had to be the ace of hearts. Now then, South, have you learned a lesson? I TONIGHT 7:30 P.M. CH-10 IN COLOR CARY GRANT DEBORAH KERR ROBERT MITCHUM AN AMERICAN MILLIONAIRE ON TOUR INVADES THE PRIVATE PART OF AN EARL'S MANSION AND FALLS IN LOVE WITH THE LADY OF THE HOUSE. WLBW-TV lUtlMallH J variations of the mad-bomber plot with the hero frantically working to disarm the deadly device within seconds of explosion time even "The FBI" got to that one last month. There is also the serviceable "hostage" plot with the unshaven bad guys one is usually wounded holding an innocent family at gun point as minions of the law surround the house with tear gas and bullhorns. With this obvious shortage of basic situations that can be written into rigid time slots, television's continuing attraction obviously must come from other quarters good writing with some novel twists in the plot, better-than-average acting and interesting production. If you are a big Dean Martin fan, Thursday night presents something of a problem. The TONIGHT! SEE THE "TONIGHT" SHOW featuring HOMKO LAWN MOWIRS DISTRIBUTED BY IRWIN GRAIN CO. PH. 271-4500 For Dealer Nearest You early evening shows are almost all aimed at the kids "The Ministers," "Gilligan's Island," "Daniel Boone" and "Gidget," to mention four thoroughly forgettable series. If you decide to read until Martin's 10 p.m. airtime, chances are that when the time comes you won't want to put down the book. It is too early to close up a bridge game. Judging from the Nielsen ratings, most adult viewers just settle down, resigned to wait. KIDS! Saturday 8:30 AM on VLBW - CH. 10 McDonald's presents BANJO BILLY with "Tales of the LONE RANGER" McDonald's NUMBER ONE IN THE NATION Miami Neivs Classified Ads Get Results TONIGHT 6:00 P.M. CH-10 "FM HERE TO ETERNITY" PART 1 1 FRANK SINATRA BURT LANCASTER WLBW-TV m LiL. What's New With W-2? l?r?W. 0000 . r " & Ut STRTEMEKTggS Copy A-For Oi.tricf Director I j an Him - tot utt o mtmitu. IIVWW Your 1965 W-2 form is new this year. So are many deductions and allowances in the income tax law. That's why you need the comprehensive new book "Cut Your Own Taxes." This 64-page manual gives you complete information about filing your 1965 income. Many of the changes in the law passed by Congress in 1964 were not applic able until the beginning of 1965. All these changes, all your legal deductions and allowances, plus completed forms and charts, are included in the new tax book. Written by veteran newspaperman and tax expert Ray De Crane, "Cut Your Own Taxes" is a must for the head of your household. ONLY so g Mailed prepaid (tax included) or at the Counter in the lobbv of The Miami News PLEASE USE THE COUPON BELOW IF ORDERING BY MAIL THE MIAMI NEWS, P.O. Box 535 Biscayne Annex, Miami, Florida Please send me copies of "CUT YOUR OWN TAXES" at 50c per copy. Enclosed is my check or money order for $ NAME ADDRESS . CITY STATE ZIP CODE 1

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