The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 6, 1934
Page 7
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TUESDAY;...NOVEMBER'-e; m* BLYTHEV1LLE. (AWL)' OOUBttl CLASSIFIED SECTION -a CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION-; Dally rite |*r N*? e ' or consecu. live Insertions:, (Five iv'ersge words;to a llne)' Tnree times per line per d»y .. 06o Six limes per Une per day .. 05c Month r»te per line 60o Minimum charge 60o • Ads ordered lor thret or .six times aiid stopped before, expiration will be charged lor the number o{ times the ad appeared and adustment of Dill uaoe. AH Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing out- elde of tho,;clty must be accojri- panled 'by cish.' Rat«s may: M easily computed from.atiove table. No responsibility will W taken for more than one Incorrect lo- bertlon of any classified M. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions lake inc. one time rate. WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY CIRCULATING HEATERS WASHING~MACHlNES Gas and Electric PHILLIPS' USED CARS THE BEST USED CARS IN TOWN '30 FORD FORDOK SEDAN $1!)5 '3Z CHEVROLET C 0 U P K. ItumWe Scat ........ ;... 5315 '33 CHEVROLET COACH .. FORD TUDOR SEDAN $445 '33 CHEVROLET COUPE. . Humble— Seat .......... $183 '33 FORD DE LUXE COUl'E. Rumble Seal .......... .5,175 TRUCKS and TRAILERS Mi CHEVROLET TRUCK. 157 Inch Whwlbase, Dual IVhccls .................. $288 '3(J CHEVROLET TRUCK. 157 Inuh \VheeIbasc, Dual Wheels •/.:..: ........... Sl(i5 '29 CHEVROLET T 11 U G K. Closed Cab ., ..... ; . ..... $ 98 K1NGHAN TRA1LEK. Dual '• Wheels. A Bargain .... ?225 NABORS TKAILKK ........ $ WE I'AY CASH FOR GOOD USED CARS CAR LOT Curmr Walnut & 1st Streets" Fhoriu 81S .. , OPEN NIGHTS UNTIL SI'.aM. Business Directory Cotton QtidiJ, duck &. squirrel kuds HARNESS our htoek is complete ' IMPLEMENTS and lepaifs tor ' A VERY, MOLINE VULCAN & BLflUNT Pay us a visit arid be .convinced PAULBYRUM 120 East Main SEE OUR DISPLAY OP Arkansas Pottery Lowest prices—Lovely gilts Parkhurst's I AM ; I'Al'JNU BEST WHCfc'S FOR PLOW UP OPTIONS J. E. HASSON Grand Leader Uldg.—piimiu O Automotive HAVE YOUR BA'ITERY IU-;- CHAKGED BETORK CObU WEATHER J Bcu Clunc BATTERY SERVICE 'At Tom W. Jackson's stiilluii Asli & 2nd Phone' 8—Residence 217-w All Jclnds fialiil -and body work done, cheapest prices. .. . JOHN HEAKN Barnctl Aiio Sales Co. WE SELL CHEAPER OUR STOCK IS COMPLETE MECHANICS' SUPPLIES REPLACEMENT- PARTS, TIRES, .TUBES & ACCESSORIES ; . .Free Service Hubbard Hardware Co. Automotive U«pt. I'Jjcue 476 '' tllstomu ' ° r a5 « lll! > <«l Hw' lime Hie order Is ' We will iilvi< IjlHCpUi for cacli ol yom - nrat two Ions of coXii' pwemisijti (i n >ou mil tell us (he rciison you bonulil it from tills (Urn. —Some Herons wily Yon aiioiild Tmdv Wltli U»— 1-30 years In business. 3—Prompi forvlce. ' 2-Qwillly of coal liaiidled. -l-Coiu-tcous Irrulwent. ; ' C—You set ull you pay for. • '•'. . "QUALITY GROUP'' li Dlslllbulci^ by CAY & BILLINGS Phoiie' 7B Cull 3^-W. •[:•'• . " • ' v-ck-lt SIMOTrTl'ARTMBN'ri Flivnbjicti ui 1 linlurnlfilicd. pliune Hit SOtlll 'UlUliliTtt} APAH'rMKN'l', TO W. ItentUqliy. I'hoiu; (J83, 2'fo h(.f Real Estate "TROK,VALUE" RADIOS Battery & Electric Sols Best Value lor Hie Price Oberst Store Go. -FOR SALE—Rough lumber. Cheap. Blytlievllle Canning Co.,-. 3l)c kS , Factory Authorized FRIGIDAIRB SERVICE Factory Tmintd Mechatucs Day 67—Phone—Night 383 407 Main St. E. B. GEE SALES CO. MULES, HARNESS. WAGONS d: TOOLS for fanning 40 acres. »225. M. C.'Cuuglirau, Wilhltc lann FARMERS! Have your TAX FREE COTTON made Into excellent mattresses. SPECIAL PRICES . UPHOLSTERERS J. W. Jenkins & Son 116 S. Railroad Chitwood & Weidman ELECTRICAL WIRING Sheet Metal Work Metal Flues SPECIAL I'KICES p -' - Between P. O. & Chevrolet Bldg Phone 2[>6 AUTO GLASS ARK-MO LUMBER CO. .PHONE 40 :•.• SEE OUR SA^5PLES - E. E. -Raicliff ' Across from Hubbafd Hdw. Co. Try our 3000 mile SOLES—proof of tlie pudding is tii c eating. When you get a good thing remember where you got' IU PROGRESSIVE SHOE SHOP 103 South 2nd St. . . W. J.KNOX Having inartc all kinds of sliocs for ABNORMAL feet, cai'i. repair shoes to correct ABNORMAL !cei. PERMANENTS Barrett's Beauty Shop Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc SERVICE & QUALITY AMBULANCE , ZS Look al This! 40 Acre Farm, Tin- buy lu the territory wlicrc located. Bluck till loam will, IIIIH recofd of producing bale half collon per uore. One large mom 'dwelling ft ' burn, one small tenant house, »inall orchard, well drained, on good load, li'.i miles cast o( tllgUwuy Gl, ncur McDonald store near Burdctlc, Road will be gravel BOOH. Price $2750.00 Cash hut have pnrly who will inrtke loan on land. W. M. Burns, Agency Phones 243 & 212 • For. Sale One new CIRCULATOR' HBATER at n Bargalji. Sinion Apartment a. 1 •'' '.;';. •_:, 5u kO on Fiat Lake roo<l. I5p kla SEE ME FOR BARGAINS In the following ical estate offerings: Small acreage tracts practically In Blytliovlllc, but outsldo city limits; acres rand near nura road southwest TWynton; 10 acres lanti, all Improved. near concrete highway, mile of Manila. E. 'ierry CHOICE 02ARK FARMS ON GOOD TERMS. J. C. GHAPIN Position Wanted I 'MANILA, ARK. 29 p k5 Will do STENOGRAPHIC irork at, night. Reasonable rates. Call 306! Farms for Sale! Terms Reasonable ETHEL B. THOMPSON, Carutiicrsvllle, Ko. 2 siilciKlId J1OMSS. Can muvo In the nuy JUH 0 |j n Di c contrtet. 102 K. Kentucky. Cwtitr rlrjt. Bcaiitllui honio wllli hanlwotxt flo»is. 3 Ixxtrijonis. Shudy 1'rce icduced rro^ v 13,500 to, mo Missouri, 'C9tn« room stucco, with 'J fZOO Cisli - JW Monthly Let us show you- (hew pJacce. Ihoinas Laud Co. : Bole' Agenls. : . FOR SALE ; Two baiali all purpose FARMS, clear u( debt—to trade for city residences. Cilve und expect bar- Bulns. J, L. McKAMEY, For Kent ONE, THREE, or FIVE room NICELY FURNISHED APARTMENTS. Corner Holly & Division. Wanted To liny S ol nil .varieties. Will best prltc.s. W.. II. Dyeis, H» 133, Luxora, Ark.' ':;.' a pk- Wood Harciiii-B«rron Coal Co. iil Hk-rnbcrB Clln . Plionc-llU : URY wnnn—||.'i:. •.;iii. v>.....,-:, ... -,'IIT Jiisls ol liluli (jiiiillty' ]>vodncta, low •ash prices. :< prompt Ecivkc nnd •' • Fariiievs Cash Feed & Seed Co. ^.L±i£±Uii'^_i±i:i rty <;o«l Is Blueii but I (rjal •"'. whit*. Fill up now. JOHN BUCHANAN - 1'IIONK H10H OI1A13E KENTUCKY COAL "I slaw;.; ALABAMA |«EU ASH''4s -.QUICK f'lliE Al/ADAMA. ;' „, V/OOU, KINULING, COttff, HAY "H you arc down In tli u nigiilli, think yf Jonuh; lie einne out nlrielit." Three room furnished apartment, 20D West Kentucky. Mrs. SUk. 2-c-k-lO Five room lioase, furnlslicd or un- lurnlshcd. L. E. 'nill, , About December 1st. Jleam Street. 2pkO Parks Bros. Coal Co, FKONB 977 FOR "Hi-Lo Alabama" "Bluck Royul Kentucky" A CLEAN COAL' • LOW PHIOED BEST COAL FOK MONi"KY "Acmo Alabama" "Bliick Royal Kentucky" N. W. Trantbam Coal Co. TWO nicely FURNISHED BED-1 ROOMS, moctorBtely priced. Mrs. E. A. HsJicr, 101 E. Davis. 24.pfc.29 See Us About Your Coal Blytheville Gin Co. PHONE M4 "Radiant Alabama" 'Tromium Kentucky" CALL an WINTER' IB HEREI Mil your lilns iiow «ll)i (he MUS Marne: He'd ^nh ''"- 1 Ji bent, low In ash; i 'inhiy' Circle Illinois (.'«»!, I. liiullly fiun, Wr.vlrril Kv/ilm'ky A • I'' New Klk Area Opened RATON, N. M. lUl'l-Kik will e |)u'l mi Hie. sjiot In New Mex c« this full wjicn mi urfrii nortt if I'otos Is. oirisuctl tor ul« (sum muling. Tlui 1 ; season will be ffon 3et. a5 to. Nov. 15, Inclusive. ; .' Barnacles Prove Real /.. Aid to Mankind;; CIIIJBIIJH, IM lUPJ-'lho lowly Mnntlu Ims i\l Kol conn; -to iht .Uil of iiKuiklnd H 'Hie lecenl bin I'l.uiclsco mi-' ne strike lield the tloamcr Sin si(|>; • In liei- dock until unite « ''.•'j.' .(ha sen cicatiuci >• -V]H ol'llie cruft neei 1 '••',> i!;"'' 1 . 1 '; scraping niid ... 'T.iiy .('vlng nmploynicnl .„ .. "'.•i' '>l men In Hie Sim Shlp-i.-! .-'. "ii i!. •• ili'ij, Jnui been in tlio yafd for Tlio cost of mncivlne tliu b.iin-, u'.'l«>s, the di-ydockliiR nnd loutlne rcpnii's of Ilio w'ssel.s In this yard ' ranges Irom about $50 COO foi mi ' cccnn liner down They me expensive .creiiturcs '(o iihlmiing. In- • leic.sls, but sninll us ttiej iire llioy ' give woik to iiuiijy Jobless. patent foranelcctrkFarz. EAT IS TIIK I'l/ACK vitu <;AN <;trr ANYTHING YOU WANT. , I'Vom licclfpot I,ake Oysters High (Iniile T-ltonc 'Stoaks I'Vic;! Chicken Itoiisls of AH Kinds CoM 1'latc CIIANOK O|' MENU DAILY Cil-iORGi; WR1CIIT,' CHEF ., HARRY S • Style Line Service Station FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RENT OUR 'FLOOR BANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. Wanted WANTED: Men roomers and boarders; twin beds. Call 824-J. 809 Holly. C-ck-tf. WANTEp—Bids for 4 inch or 6 Inch well, about 600 feet. CHAPMAN & DEWEY LUMBER CO..... ; Marked iree, 'Ark. BUYING IN CAR LOAD LOTS MAKES CHEAPER PRICES FOB ., THE CUSTOMERS. J. F. LIVINGSTON SHEDS, ^FEEDS, GROCERIES WHOLESALE <b ' RET AIL ' Help Wanted Young Ladles ia-26 to travel will! crew or gii-is special circulation and , advertising campaign, salary, transportation. Apply BOX' "PV the Courier; Weirs, give telephone. 5pk9 TRUCK ; PANEL BODIES TRAILERS; • OF ALL KINDS 'BUILT TO ORDER BARKSDALE&PAGE' 2(10 N. Second MODERNIZE YOUR. . COUNTRY -HOME WITH A DEMING WATER SYSTEM. $40 UP Best Oysters •*' River Cat Ks Chicken Dinners Every Day JimmieT O'Brieri 105 5. Second Filling Stations Southern Service Station , • Steele, Mo. ; Produtls .ANTI-KKOCK GASOUNE '. .TAX PAID Hpur Bervlce SalesuieuAVauted i ?, , l ° scl1 Benulnc Brilliant and Nelson creek Coal. Apply Ash and,Rallroid, phone. 139 2c k8 f ^1SAW;F1LING V of an kinds Will] automatic filing machine BARKSDALE & PAGE 200 N. Second BE ECONOMICAL BUY IT IUQHT SMART GAL! MV ttt-bT "VBtUEOE \? W VWT MNCOVMOTOt WHOA! KANI)EI,ABHA! N, , PODNER^ HERE. WE ARE, KANDELABRA 4 SW1MSS.WH.DI.V SIDE TO SJDB, AT, AW/ MOMENT IT »ttf 60 HUKTWM6 9PF THEI?OAa I EflSV IS ALWAVS ALERT. ALWAYS COURAGEOUS. LEftPS FROM-THE BOUMOINGCAftr TO THE RUNAWAY* BACK, GRASS THE REINS/ AWD THE WILD-EYED STEED TO A STOP KE A THUNDERING AVAUAMCriE, THE RJNAWAV HORSE iJeOES TEARIMtJ. DOWN tHE PERILOUS MOUNTfllvj ROAD, ^ ~ ' ., ____________ ^ YOU GUKSS Ey, 'sQUjSKl'ppEpf WAVE VA ; FORGOTTEKJ THOSE TWO SCICKS I LET VA TAKE A HACFA VEflR L_aJMV DO .VA SUPPOSe I DUCKED IN 'THAT DOORWAV? 'I SHOULD ( HAVEN'T^ SCRAPES &M5BGR SltaP A COMPLETE UNE . OP FANCY STAPLE GROCERIES, FRESH MEATS, VEGETABLES, PRO- UUCE, FLOUR, MEAL; ; jrrc.,-AT THE ' . RITE PRICE GROCERY lii old P. o. Bldg. - BlythevlJte . FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Phone 234 — We Ueltver COPPER WEATHER STRIP Saves fuel at small cost Avkino Lumber Co, _ D:MJT Excuse'COME J'WAKTT'TO ME JHAVE < P: YOU'VE ACTED WE F:'-'-X3 &> SIRANSELY j °*- — " -X^,* 2vx5=^= i:pc»rr..'wAflrV'fei>pi.e F>oiHT»*s .V3U OUT A3 TOe 6lpL W« COBS ' ' tj HETTY! V/HY, THAT'S SILLY, FRECKLES! ALL YS>J HAVE-TO' REMEMBtR "WE OHE wrm ME ' OHIO STATK had one of the greatest ^^ pacing pair. in the BIK Ten when Hoge Wnrkiijitn was flipping them to Pete Stincticcmb. AViaousiD' found tliat out in tlie RHINO against the Buckeyes in 1!RS. • The Badgers 'had run up a 7-0 margin after II th mules of play. Ohio Slate countered with t (ally in the !as( quarter, hut failed to kick llic point after. Workman. then filled the ain »nd finally tunnscted witli une, he iiJloSlyker'samisoiilheJO-yardliE ' ie inz tK , inlrtnB i flipped oi« to Pefe, and the recalve

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