The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1931
Page 6
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'AJ.'K t (JOUKIKK Hornsby's Belligerent Cubs Honisbv Places Failli in' Cubs' Ability lo Battle; ; Pitchers Look Good. ! KY DAN THOMAS i NEA Service Wrilrr LOS ANOELES, March 37—"I'm not saying we'll win Ilio- pennant this year—but I'm not saying »e; won't, either." . The words ore the Rajah's, th? : great Ilornsby. who, as (lie iinv- commandev-Sn-chiet of the Chicago Cubs, will be the only play- 1 ing-n;ai:ager in (he bis leagues Ibis year. | The Cubs n-.ay not nail up »n- other pennant b;tt any learn (hill beats them out will have to fifihl. Generally Fpi'aXlni:. Chicago will I have the same crew this season! that won In 1023 and was barely I nosed ouS by Hi* St. Louis Cards; last year. I Ami what Is assuredly of more j importance. Hornsby scons tr> liavej restored harmony, displacing the internal dissension which constituted the Cub's bljgcst handicap of last summer. Reports that Joe McCarthy w;is • to be fired and Ills subsequent tils- [ charge did almost as much last year to beat the Cubs ns the famous- stretch drive of the Cardinals, Joe wiis ixjpulur and the gnng' haled to see him go. The Hajah faces a task of winning the players lo his side, even though he Is a pretty good egg, too. '1 know Ihe Cubs have the fight hnd are capable of copping the championship," the new Cub boss told me when (lie Bruins engaged the Los Angeles club of the Coast League in a recent series. "What the final outcome will be depends largely on what kind of breaks we get, _ because Hie breaks coimi a lot In baseball. We'll be on! I fighting to make our own breaks." Hack Wilson was tile center o! : a. row in tho Cub rante shortly after the team reached Cainlina Island to open' the training period. The 1930 home run king, who.*": X homers were seven ahead of Habe •Ruth's circuit clouts, rojs up in arm's- when 'Hornsbv mentioned shifting him from center lo right field. -Hack interpreted this move as meaning ; that he had lost his speed and couldn't satisfactorily cover the center pasture any long" i- been settled, how- Wjlson still is .And thus SATUTinAv, MARfii g flooks .& Dli ,j, BRUSHING W-£ By La lifer Swing High-Swing Low-Swine To and Fro Clinical Voles of A D-isi'ball Traveler A yrcat deal Js going to depend, during the 'coming American iind National J^eauue tlajj races.l iiiwn youna men who are no: at till.': Mine In what taxing scribes | MI' fend of calling "the pink" of cuidlilon. Heavy burdens of responsibility are to be placed upon : oino :>orc shoulders and legs and :ui|JLiir:-d bodies. Or.e of ilii-sc burdens Is lo b: Iciaiind ujion Tommy Thomas, the Wliite Sox pitcher. After having IKK! trouble with his elbow nil of !:f>; year. Thomas has developed Hiss yrar. In the Han Antonio c::i::p. a sore shoulder. Sometimes a -lire shuu!c!er !•-. seiious; less of- trii not. II Thomas is out of it :»r the firs'. tv,-o months of Hi& faiupaiiiii. Oonle nush may ni well hf.tve his first di\'i5ion gbplrations the ashean. Miilnni- .Marks Timr 1'al M^loue was accursed with c'.'nil'ji- trouble at the camp ot i.!;r Cubs. Normnlly, Malone Is ci;;•/>• to be in there pitching, but this year he lies tolrt Hornsby he preferred to rest until he has to sl-irt. '•iiiile.-s my shoulder gets M!! overnight." Without Malone's cilcctlvcness, the Cubs 1 pennant chances would bo just fair. And Hcriuby? Will the legs hold out for the strenuous campaign the Ra- Jiili hiis outlined for them? Much of the Pirates' prowess de- ixnds upon Paul Waher's recovery from his lee infection. Some more clPi:ends upon. Pic- .Traynor's ,back. Harry Hcilmann has reported serious arthritis, .and this mas- prove a blow to whatever hopes Dan How ley may have had this year. Last'year Heilmann was the main excuse for a fan going to see o ball game In Cincinnati, anyway. Joe Genewlch has been trying to come back. Should he regain his great form of a few seasons, ago, the Giants might win a pennant, figuring the other pitchers at their term of last y.ear. But once aii arm slips, it fs hard" to bring back. Joe ISliaule. the "former Indian flinger, is trying to keep his sore souper In place for the Robins' drive, and if Jce does come back, you -may aild that to your list of miracles. lion's George? ' ''" Eniiishaw?' Some say he's all light, ethers say he Isn't. Not much will be knonh about Big Gcoige until the season gets under, way. It always did take'George a dcoti while .to unlimber, anyway. If there is anything wrong with him, Mack can begin all over again noth'Irlg to show mi" i .. ' has _. :'thai 1 his batting" eye became dlm- . hied during the white! lay-off. "One of the rniiln things a club • reeds Is plenty of reserve strength," Hornsby remarked.* "We'll have an edge on sonic 'of the clubs in that respect this year. Our reserves are almost as strong P.S the regulars." • Certainly the Cubs shouldn't have anv pitching troubles this season. Practices have brought out seven right-handers and thvee southpaws who arc ready to step into n chamnionship fame anv day now. Fred Blake. Guy Bush. Pat Matone. JC5s Petty. Bob Osborner and Charley Root, all regulars last season, are back again this year. Augmenting that' array of pitching tlesn. arc Les Sweetland. whom the Cubs got from Philadelphia; Ed Braccht, who wes one of the mainstays of the local Coast Leaquc team last year: Frank May. Cincinnati Heds southpaw; and Bob Smith, n right- hander obtained frcm the Braves. , . Gabby Harlnftt and Zack Taylor '.again will'divide most of the back<:-stop work. And we don't mind f.saying that it's 'hard for a team : to-'Bo-wrong when Gabby is in there. He not only Is one of the league's test catchers, but hi flujs ^ -the old apple and he knows now vto inspire his mates. Bill Camptell,- whom the Cubs got from Memphis, nnd Bob Grace, who was fanned out to Reading. Pa., last year, are being carried as reserve catchers. • - The Infieid regulars probably will consist of Grimm at first. Horns- by'at^second. English at short and Bell at third. There also has been a lot of talk about Bill Jtirse;, an- ictcristlcs man -is said to have kept I *'"'"' *' ni , tnt>se bad nnkle s <"" A! iovc ring and lost his heavywelshtiy,"™ 0 "' get the be " Cr Of hlm thls Fortunately for Jim Lomios. he still retains some of Ihe charade from (he monkey days, else he mlslil have sailed out of the nbovc _ .._. ,..„„.„ ivrestling championship. Above is a scene in the recent Londos-He-rb Freeman title bout 'and''shows:'''will Joe Sewell go well for the Fnnrlm; eiL-lnrrliio n>* +Kn .•-..-n-^ ,.-i, i.« _ . i i... ^ . . _» .- . . . .... "*- -^-«*-" B U ^t-'i iu* tin. Londos swingins 0:1 the roprs where lie wiis tossed by one of Freeman's ferocious flying tackles Londos won the match after 43 minutes of grimacing, grunting, growling nnd grappling-. Business Man Ball Pis aver other youngster from Reading. um YOU KNOW THAT— Lester Bell has been-fighting to bring back that old arm.:, his hitting for the Cubs at Catalina 1ms" been great, and his fielding fine, but his throwing Isn't so good...Over at- San Francisco, on a i rainy day. Hornsby and Pat rjalone played n bit of indoor baby cow pasture pool...Pat lost his temper :it the eighth hole and socked the ball out into Market stre=t...Jack Qulnti says He hasn't smoked for 15 years..-, but he tickles his palate with n mito of scrap now and then... he walked into camp at Clear- v;aler and told Robbie he was r:ady to -pitch., .nnd the funny part of that was that he was ...Jack says he keeps his oycs the plate when he pitches. Jiid that's why he has such swell control. AT MEMORY OF . Tvs. GYM OF A&ZOMA ..... rr is SW-MOtJ, FOR PllHHR MAHAFFEV OF WITH m LEFT MIKE M IKE 1 ; THE/ BQWUUKE/ *\Kf "CfidfpD i" ^ ** " ^ K C\ K Di ti }C>4 IK. MWCK. dO « 75 99 ([g ,3 8 [sg ( gg Jjg 2 |( 8 Wp'»Uk£f 7" 75T E "~E r ~5TKnS~E~E"~~5><X' UA60E &AME -AKROkS,OHiO--|93l his 37lli hecllc year of dashing nround? These rambling observations upon mortality are merely meant to indicate that much depends upon certain players In the pennant campaigns. How will they stand up under the drive? Four Year Junior High Tournament Is on at Armory dette defeated Armore; In Hie first round. Manila (rimmed Shady Grove, •-Reiser beat Yarbro and Whitten beat Dell. In the first round of play In the ' cjrls' division Daugherty " lost to | Kclser, Dell beat Hurdette. Armorel MARYSV1LLS, Cal., (UP)_ The i cfcep-sea diving business has been! hit by the recent depression, and shipwrecks are getting fewer. 'Thus explained William Seed veteran of many adventures In the depths of the Pacific ocean,, wto accepted "fresh water" work with a bridge •Four year junior high schools of lost to Yarbro. Manila beat Whit- Mississippi county are holding a ton and Shady Grove and Perry 3 INCREASES I basketball" tournament at the Arm-1 were playing at 3 o'clock, here today.' •"' j company;'in the Eea'theY river. Yankees without those tonsils? He says himself (hat he will, and that it was illness caused by infected tonsils that slowed him -up- at Cleveland" last year. With Joe in form, the Yankees have a decided asset. Then there's Fiestas: after his appendicitis operation, he developed intestinal influenza, and there's no telling when'lie will be back in shape. Without Pipgras, the Yankees Oooic bad. . Bang Goes.Kiiec Hodapp threw his knee out recently, giving- Roger Peckln- paugh something to worry about Without those line drives of Johnny's and his snappy'work around Ihe base, how would the Indians I fare? Speaking of trick knees, the Senators'have them at two corners of the diamond, Jlrst and third. Joe Judge says his knee, is all right .this spring, and Ossle Bluege reports likewise. Walter Johnson I hopes those l:necs stay that way. , Otherwise, It would bc'bad for the Senators, it will be bad for them Read "Courier Ntefrr Wan'f' Ads." Ten girls teams and eight boys teams tournament. are- participating in the Captain Cook, first to plant the British flag in Australia, had not , gone there to find new lands, but In boys' division play had ad- ; had been commissioned by the vanced to the semi-final round. British Royal Astronomical Soci- this afternoon. The Burdette and:ety to observe the transit of Venus Manila teams are slated to-meeti across .the sun's face from a south- in -one • semi -final 'gamer 'this after-;ern aspect. - --...... noon". Mid -Whittoh and 'Keiser in - -i-.-.i tM- lower- bracket 'semi-final. Bur- 1 Courier News Want Ads Pay. "You can't blame a guy for trying, can you?" salcl Eddie Morran. left, j _ when he greeted Roger Peckinpaugh. Cleveland manager, at the New' cr rjiyth"vllle hi tl-e Orleans training camp aflcr an unsuccessful attempt to bluff the In-I March 25th. 1931. i anyway, unless Marberry gets into I shap? more quickly than he .did ,, .. : Iast >' c * r - The- Senators alw are More than one-half the world's hopins that Sam West's arm Is bet- rubber nnd from one-half to two- i Icr this year | thirds of its tin come from Briton j And oh. yes-those legs of the _ n !^ a j ^Babe's! How will they stand up la Charter No. 11651 . • Reserve DUtrlct No. 8 RKPORT OF CONDITION OF THK FIRST NATIONAL BANK at the closo of-business on Markers Some of thrl experts think that he wlU make English hustle in a bis way in order to keep his berth. Jurges lies' been showing up mighty well in practice games. Beck ant! Blair also will be held in reserve! infield duty. ' The outfield won't sec any change over iast season. Wilson again will be In center, flank-rt by Cuyler in right field and Step- hcnson and Johnny Mocre alier- n=tinsr in left field. Thc« four. plus Hartnett, will furnish most oT the hitting strength. dians' management into giving htm more money for the 1931 baseball ; campaign. Morgan's demand, after 36 home runs last year, was con- j siderably higher than the Cleveland offer but the yoiinj first baseman j 2 finally concluded that he could spare a few mouths from the box I 4. Loans and Overdrafts RESOURCES discounts 5169,231.80 inanufaclnrlng business in consideration of a baseball salary. real estate, to-wit: Lot three. Block our. nouuau Addition to Blvihrvillp, Mississippi County. Arkansas. COM JITS SIGNER'S SALE Notice is -hereby given that the undersigned commissioner, in compliance^ with the terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery Couri for the ' Chlckasawba District o! ! Trustee Nn. 4814. were Plaintiffs. ! and L. M. Ross, ct r.l were Dofen-1 : Aunts, will sell at public auction • to the highest and b?sl bidder.'; ptfier bonds, stocks, and securities owned 0. Banking house. $70,000. Furniture and fixtures, 815000 7. Real estate owned other than banking house 8. Reserve with Federal -Reserve Bank -...,..-., 9. Casii and due from banks 0. Outside checks and other cash items !4. Othtr assets ."...-... 151.29 14J228.33 85.000.00 19,500.00 15.094.25 96,087 64 eia'aa 609.97 Said sale will be hr.d to satisfy for cash, on a credit of 3 months! j decree In. tho sum of S2.126.01. with 10 per cent interest from July 1 1!530. The purchaser at said at the front door of the Court House, between the hours prcscrib- led by law. In (he. City of Blythe-' 15. Capital stock paid in sale will I vino. Arkansas, on Ihe lS:h day of ii«. Surplus Total - • • t 5400,876.50 LIABILITIES be required to execute bond with'April. 1031. the following real' es-: n! approved security, to secure the. payment of tho purche«? money, j ftrd a lien will b? retained uaoni said property as additional sccur-', Ity for the payment of such p;ir-' chase money. ! Witness my hand and the seal: of said Court, on this, the 20th > day of March. 1531. 3 tin tatc. to-wlt: Lot three. Block eleven. Hish- Innd Place Second Addition to Blvtlirville, Mississippi County. Arkansas. $100.000.00 20,000.00 Undivided profits—net 1,53955 j 19. Reserves for interest, taxes, and other expenses accrued : and unpaid 479.23 '21. Due to banks. Including certified and cashiers' checks outstanding 22. Demand deposits ........... 23. Time deposits nnd rediscounts 5,483.82 173,489.10 99,885.80 None Mississippi County. Arkansas, the 23rd day of February, 1931, wherein" American Building & Loan Association! and W. L. Dclony. as trustee No. 4815, were Plaintiffs, and L. K. Ross, et al were Defendants, \vlll sell at public t i to (the highest and best "", on a credit of three, rendered by ^he"c'haVerry n\onlhs, p the front door.of the. for the Chickawrba nwricl juse, between the hours Mississippi County ArVanpas 1 -by law, In the City of the 2Jrd of February 1931' P.. L. GA1NE3. Comm' In Chancery Mar 21-38 Apr '4 COMMISSIONER'S SALE lice is hcrebv elvn that the -'—- J commissioner, in com- !. 1930. " I The purchaser at said sale will i _ . . Clal $400,816.50 be- required to execute boral with 1 STATE OF ARKANSAS. approved security, to secure the! payment of the purchase money. 1 , and a lien will be ' COUNTY OF MISSISSIPPI, ss: I. John W. Snyder. Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly «ar that the above statement If true to the bett of my knowledge JOHN W SNYDER. Cashier. ?! lbscrlb ' rt nn(l swom to »<"<>« me Ill's 28th day of March, 1931. My commission expires January 1, 1933. DEIiNICE CRAFTON JONES, Kotary Public. In the earlier days of this country,, spending the i'amily budget used to be a hazardous business. It was only by harsh experience that; a householder learned •, to-steer clear of bad-bargains'and come into port with his money's worth.-,-. ...... ' There were- shags' and shoals-, aplenty. Inferior- goods:, and 'unscrupulous merchandising methods made the'channel dangerous.!"Let the buyer beware" was an accepted slogan of trade. _ Fortunately for millions of consumers, this condition has .wholly changed in more recent years. The channel has been Charted. Today advertised, trademarked goods of known value are for sale in every city and hamlet. The buyer knows lie can trust such products. He reads the advertisements in his paper, chooses the commodities he needs, and makes his purchases with the knowledge that he will get full value for his.outlay. i . ' " The advertising, columns of this newspaper point the way to' satisfaction. If you make a habit to read them daily you vvill sa'ye money, and save time. Advertising is your guide to safe buying . rc- ville;. Artansas, on the 18th : in American Duildiiur and l"iV - 01 ABrtl, »3l, th* follnwina.A.-rt.-.n-n, *nri w t, n"r n ,,i- , ! -- mv 1, rt H ,„ , , my Iwnd nnd the seal ot " ,«, ' h ' S ' lhe Mlh *"' ' ^ O A1NPq 3 tmiCOBBECT-ATTECT: » ?> \ ^ \ T ' J ' Mnhan ' mmissioner in Chancery. Joe Isaacs. Mtt aI 'S» Apt 4' A. o, Little, nirp.-lors,

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