Quad-City Times from Davenport, Iowa on November 2, 1944 · 16
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Quad-City Times from Davenport, Iowa · 16

Davenport, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1944
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1U Thursday evening THE DAVENPORT DEMOCRAT AND LEADER November 2, 1944 Iowan Has Narrow Escape When Truck Plunges Over Mountain Side in Italy KtJRWK Mill. iIPP War ( orrrspondf nt .) - V'h t' Fifth Anr.v in Itlv. .,IPrA Pvt. f.c.) E.'tvrt An-xc'l. Masn Ciiy, miiaculvnisdv rscaped death or serious injury ivhoi a .vep with trailer he was V.rivir.c rkir.ccd off a maintain ia i r;,':i a IM-font cU.'t in rev! He he'd 1. the iiecrir.f; wheel r,ni sulferc.i only a few minor I'luiM S. The jeep w as wret ktnl. A few seconds after the rin-di, .Serj-t, Kcnv.it Pert. tV.rndr-r. had raced to Anfiell's side. Ansclt then was en his feet, smdins. Heavy rains make the dirt trails in the Appomnrs treacherous. An-J;c;l wii traxear.S at modeiate fiwd f'',er ilclnctin rations ti ;34th d: is ton comrades at the ro'd. Kear n hit'.- of the trailer ft the re.,id on a curv e. caUMiii it to ioppe over and rn'd the jeep Vith it. Anpe'.l, the son of Mr. and .Mrs. AViiham Ance!!, Mason City, has ieen with the 34th in Ireland. Fn-i'and, Africa and Italy since February cf 1942. I harjvned to he returning from another division front dout the V.tne the wrecking new armed. It was srr.arire how quickly men and machines l.fted the damaged jeep end trailer hack to t.he road. tUSICRACK AT WORK. ; Out in the f 11 that day I saw j jremy had Wonup in fiht he-l lore the .dvawme iwik. Mud, vas Shoe top deep hut wmi s t, , ' were luKsms .rt-lxH" rll panels jrom a pne on lie roa.isioe ; Jo the smuture. T eir w .stn k. f lianels front r pile on the roariM indicated that while they tniuht i-ot have been hugely enjoying the:r.seles they didn't mind tlie task much. The j'lankini; was dow n o the lieutenant in chaice would cilow trattic to pass at intervids. . A federal's car had to wait its turn, tut all ambulances comint; imm and coin)? to the battle lines jhot thru without delay. In a volley nearby two heavy puns were hurling shells at the Na.-.is. The scream of a projectile j.nd the sound of an explosion are more ominous in murky than in ilear Atmosphere. Farther up, soldiers were cet-linc their mess kits filled with rations from an armv kitchen - V'v .1 v Aunt Jenny's Better Cook Tip! v i - r V ; New easy method gives lighter cake that stays fresh longer Htnt'i irnnl rake yiH mt t aerv ten! :un. Ju-t f.i..-w r-v fi.iVii.g r f.-a-d t'i:it, f'"ki f cryicVu'ro n'e Hf .il.',; 4 ft'nit. Ni-h .J.w-M't t-f y llen.) fiaiep ii'iih i v-ii o'l tiito! Ix-m- i:ig. V i'ry ior j aslry frvaig, tHt, Chocolate Marble Cake - '. ' !.'!! Cik J r p !f- I.' 1 t ur n- - :.t lr. t, , 'i p-p i;? , .ib u-fil ;,!. uxr 4 i ; i STEP 1. Fi.-t f..u-, Hir. Fed n;-i tvt r FiUt 5 ) i. 1 i ; . STEP J. Ail k:;, ,..! vai.::s f,-.j!. L"") i;f k-. .'.uip I,, w ,!.,'.,!.' , t.i.-rcU i;U i' K-4-!i, t.'s. .V r.i!; !. a. ' t-l't :i iLiiititj iu; e:...:e !u. l DAUEflPORT FISH C0MPAI1Y 12i l-t 3rd Strrrt Iial 2-17:5 HATIOtlflL FISH CaMPfllGH Starts October 30th, and Will Kun through Nov. 18 "EAT MOKE FISH MORE OFTEN' Ask for New Wartime Fish Cookery Book FREE! Liv i Lehftri Blue Feint Oysters Clams Fresh Red Sl&rPr . . .S5e lb. , Stked lUlibut 50c lb. rrh I-akf Trtuut STclb. Slued Salmon 55c lb. Imh Wallejrd Fike .. 4(ie lb. Sliced Sable Irrih Catfish lie lb. : IUrtish I lllets 42c lb. Frtb Grren Shrifcip . . ilc lb. ' lUddotk Killrl 48c lb. Frruh Conkrd Sihriuip . Sle lb. j hilinj 1 diet 35c lb. Fresh Eu!lheds 45f lb. ! Polk k Fillets 35c lb. fmoked Salmon 51c lb. Frozen Yellow IVreh . 30c lb. Smoked Sluiseon .... Clc lb. ' Froirn Mhcdr Codfish -Qc lb. Smoked Shrimp 1.00 IU. Undrd Oysters 'It pi. Appetite Herring Anchovits Cut Lunch Salt Herring which had Ihxii set i.p in an old s'-ci, iv.tr.-lir.g ra:n caused many of then to shield their fod wish their helmets, letting their heads' set wet. i I I I VTV OF MID. j My jeep driver and I finally; sc. . 'a d the iiate of a field fuan u! i-so I was informed I i:.;,l.t is- it a c. '.ir..-,n4 post I was sickinu An Ml' said It was ahout 4iM) yards up the side of a hill which! led to another mountain, addmq 1 i should have to walk the distance. I got there with what felt like aj ton of mud on each of my boots ard plenty on each hand Ironij Sails. A lieutenant colonel who ' (iidn'l see me until 1 entered his j tent wanted to know if 1 had 1 dropped in via parachute. j After a talk with luni I pushed on over a crest and down to a in:i .1 whore 1 encountered infan-ti.xniin. They were bound for timber from where they were to make their way to positions around another mountain. Ka?i machine pistols, wmcn lire in- rredibly fast, were poppinsi away. A younj;, obviously combat-bitten captain spoke to me cordially, then kindly sujCKested that was no place for a war correspondent, firmed only with a notebook and pencil. It probably wouldn't have helped any if I had told him I had a small knife and a nail tlip in my pants pocket. llicfmi back to my jeep, I recalled that a reader of my articles . -Jf h w j , t w w ri, m)t aow: . , varirtlW rMvnils. Q ,,. trr (l us W1.H th mnQ m (l(H,,)t ,(Mlk u m us as nuisances. I have vet, however, to ask one a question who didn't come thru w ith a straight forward answer to the best of bis knowledge, if he was permitted to di-vulite the information sought. o . 'HITI I R' FOSI S OFT. Thief River Falls, Minn. (L'P) The sense of humor which led one visitor to tne Pennington county fair to register for a prize as Adolf Hitler backfired. His number was the first drawn and fair officials, unwilling to do business with Hitler, drew three more names till they found winners for three $3 war bond stamps. V Chocolate X Marble t ake Teniptim xiiiure!i of i liinit, tender ckp Rltor1ivrl" lmi liled with clmcoliito. i r- A ! ! ei.-i;-i aii 1 li-nt "'A stroki', Spiy i.n.'kos uf!i a s.iky, hht bnttei ! Pivido butter in !:i!f. Add Jtielle I h.v'.I.'i'rt to oho hn!f if I utter mil I i :;d t'topl flttersftheniatelv h) tribli-HMMiiifiils into it) x 10 x 2 inch Hpty elated pin. Kun (:Onl.i throuuli 1'iuter H'V'n:d tlllici tOT"ii'bi'. l'-lkp III 1'iodi-r- f iv lot (ivm (.;7.)J I ,);a-4i) minute-.. Note I jl.tftud delirious ISprvrakn s-p. l'o nil your ci V. i r tr Kitii tpii f:tvo .-an butter fur table in Chocolate fronting M.l; .1 1:d,!eJoot rr find 2 etltiret ' "i in: I'tir-hiT ;or hi.t mjtvr. r 4 re ;, 1 .' ! v. K '1 ru 1 .' I i "VI ti'l O'S.- 1 1.V i,!t ili. I ,' i it id c i r tii I t ir ! : it iii'.a niv s-Ju f. Add J tea- I- !!! llMUl find !.ip t.l :i i in n t ti i e ti. i i . jlI tint. I tiai i. I au i,"l U !i lead. v. s - INTERNATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION CONFERENCE OPENS Kij-imaii ( bans (rieht), of China, occupies speaker's desk as the International Civil Aviation conference opens with inrmliers of 50 dele Rations grouped about the grand ballroom of the Stevens hotel in Cliiraso, III. WIFE OFFERED LOVE BY PROXY, MATE CHARGES Millionaire Tell Court Spouse Proposed to Take a Mistress. Hackeusaek. N. J. (UP) Hernard R. Armour, millionaire chemist, was in court again Thursday to rid himself of the woman lie loved because she sought to return his love by proxy. Armour, 53, head of the Hoyden Chemical corporation, complained that pretty, vivacious. 31 -year-old Martha S. Armour offered to find him n mistress to take his mind off his work and her extra-marital activities. She proposed, he said, to weave a wonderful matrimonial tent "in the fashion Of the French" that would house a mistress for It Ii ii and a lover for her, where everyone would be friendly, and broadminded ami homc-loving. Armour was to resume his tes-tirony Thursday after telling Chancery court in the first session of his divorce hearing that he was a long-suffering man. It was In 1937, he said, that his wife told him w hat their Englewood, N. J., mansion needed was a touch of Parisian culture. That, she explained, could be acquired If each of them found a new object for their affection in the manner of the wealthy French she had read about. When he protested, she called him "Mid-Victorian," so Armour decided, he said, not to complain any more about lipstick and tobacco and her reading material. When his wife pressed the subject, he told her that he was too engrossed in his work to seek a new flame, so, In order to keep the home-fires burning, she offered to find one for him, he said. Armour said his wife's suggestions made him suspicious, and he set private detectives to watching her. For months, he said, he took the reports of the detectives to his attorney, who said they were no ground for divorce. Then the detectives brought In new reixirts. The lawyers promised the court they would show why Armour should be given his freedom and named three men in their petition. Mrs. Armour, who lost custody o' her children in October of last NEW l0 MARKET LJ S?9 U. ?nd ST. OVUITY MFAT 217 17th ST. BEEF POT ROAST Iroh lr..uml N.i POINT HU'sil Hambergcr Veal Roasts PORK LIVER 25c b. 25c lb. nc b. :,oiKB::.k. potatoes VEAL NECK BONES r. s. xo. 1 Mcciur 100-lb. Bae 23jc lb. b. 7c S3.49 Sredlfil Hulk Grapefruit 5 (or 25c Sauer Ilraut 10cib IJ.'l'..nU.;!lM HUTT0H Tn LEMONS u GRAPES 39 doz. 171c 15c lb. rd'ivm-,,, POTATOES COFFEE u,.. M "ilk 33c lb, IQ lbs. 35c 3 27c t una s ,to )" in MiiTiti.r,N urn POTATOES $2.99 J,liHr ,, APPLES 3 lbs. 29c OK StiK I H I i; Beam 3 lbs. 25c ! ' i ' i Christmas Toys Are Going To Be Somewhat Better This Year as Santa Got Priority W-uhington. (AP) Toys will be somewhat better this Christmas, for Santa got a priority. Playthings won't be of pre-war quality but on the whole they'll last "much longer" than the gadgets of a year ago. The commerce department said so Thursday. Toys may be more numerous, too, especially in some categories like dolls and wooden toys. Toy sales are expected to be nearly $250,0011.000 av retail. Last season they were believed to be slightly less than that. Exact estimates are difficult. Here's some of the toys news In detail, as reported to mommy and daddy by the commerce department: There will be "perhaps enough dolls to satisfy everybody." Ten or 13 per cent of the doll carriages and toy wagons w ill have steel wheels and undercarriages. Steel was also allocated for a small number of construction sets. Wooden toys will be about 25 per cent more numerous than last year. They will be superior in designs, finish, and workmanship. About 25 new manufacturers of wooden trains hac entered the toy field within the last several months. Mode! planes are mushrooming. Some will be built of balsa wood, which is being allocated in increasing quantities for the purpose. Some aluminum planes will be on sale. Superfortresses have already gone into production. Toy jeeps will be in the stores, FINDS WEDDING RING IN CALIFORNIA PEACH Moorhead, Minn. (UP) Mrs. J. D. Peterson, eating a California peach, found that it contained a premium a plain gold wedding ring embedded in the skin of the fruit. Mrs. Peterson surmised that the ring slipped from the hand of a packer, and suggested that the owner write her, giving proof of her identity. The ring bore the initials P. G. P, year when her husband complained in Chancery court of her ideas on sex education, said that none of her husband's charges were true. NO TOINTS lb. 211c h;ki uiu:s . usctine Sweet Potatoes 5 lbs. 25c JOWIHW I'lUlllHS APPLES, buhel .. .$3.39 ' ORANGES, Irg. dor. 25c To) v. r I - f 1 - "V i in several different models. But don't expect a miracle. No silk dresses on dolls. The Quality Leader mVr? nr'A L-t ii. II ., ,iLJ emu TP il I In Packagti and Tea IS1 It's Ikrf! Sintpk z A-B-C Here's How You Do It: 1. One tablespoonful of JUNO kt pan-add water and wash. 2. Rinse with HOT water. 3. Drain. FtiuttS More economical More sankary- Saves half your dishwashing time. Mak Cloth Whiter ... Sav Soap! Dititlrts dirt, greast nd grime imstamlly idiiJilla--, - ay 1029 MOUND TENDER 10EXG FRESH DRESSED MAKE YOUR RED POINTS LAST TILL DEC. 3 BY BUYING OUR CAREFULLY SELECTED rj POUrJE BEEF ROUND or SWISS STEAKS . CHUCK ROASTS SIRLOKi STEAKS Sujar Cund Slab Bacon. pork Sausap, Ib 35c half or whole. Ib. ..29c Polish Sausage, lb. ...39s Fr"h Ground B"f tb 27c FRESH DRESSED FOR BAKING OR ROASTING CHICKENS Ib. 37V2c TEXAS MARSH SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT .... T. S. No. 1 DARK RED McCLIRE DflTATnce im Lb. Onions. 6-lb. nesh bag 35c Jonathan Apples. 3 lbs. 29c Florida Oranges, doz. .35c iW Bt5kAt R'tht Beginning to Think of Your Thanksgiving Dinner? Well, Here Are Your Prospects By JAMES MARLOW. Washington. (AP) You're beginning to think now. aren't you, of whipping up that Thanksgiving dinner? Here are your prospects, outlined by the boss of the nation's pantry, the War Food Administration: Turkey There won't be any over-supply in spite of an expected record production. The military services want a lot more turkey than last year. Near the turkey-raising areas there'll probably be enough to meet demand. Elsewhere, there may not be enough. Onions, beets, rutabagas, carrots Don't expect trouble here. There's a Rood supply. Beans You'd better look for the canned kind. The supply is pretty good. There'll be few fresh beans. Cranberries The crop, short, is only about half of last year's. Mostly you'll have to use fresh cranberries. The canned berries have gone largely into the war services. Potatoes A little short for November. Sweet Potatoes These are short in the middle states, worse in the west, better in the east. Peas You'll be able to get practically no fresh peas. Cabbages Not so good. They won't be plentiful. Turkeys again Last year we produced 466 million pounds of turkey, dressed weight. This year the production will be about 500 million pounds. 3 Lj"a-J Bags at Your Grocei's imm ST 2-3134 (No Toints) . lb. 2OV2C . lb. 2IV2C . Ib. 28V2C Sine A 3 80 for C3 KfJ Sack VWiWJ Solid Lettuce. 2 hds. . .17c Calif. Carrots, -2 bun. 17c Pascal Cilery, stalk . . .ICc to Limit OuaatltJt . - r " j But last year the military services took 35 million pounds. This y ear, being larger than last year, they're taking 60 million pounds. So that servicemen and women can have turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas, the War Food Administration well in advance of those dates lays down this kind of rule: Until military demand is met, the big producers must sell their turkeys to the military services s:nce they have to ship them ahead i f the holidays to the world's distant "points. But whereas last year the military demands were filled by Oct. ?5, this year the military is still taking turkeys and there is no sign of when they will have had enough. And this means something to civilians: The processing of turkeys, moving from the farms to the SAVE YOUR GAS AND TIRES SHOP AT YOUR NEAREST n HOME-OWNED STORE CONDUCTED BY YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBOR (ltlltHHItllllllMMitUIIIIIIIMHHIIIIIIIIIItl(llIMiMllllllll r.lILK ZllZV KELLOGG'S PEP 1Qe SPRY 1 10c and Kitchen Klcnzcr for ? a 1 ; n mm (AntifeptU Action) feS. CLEANSTWICE A$TA$7 3 cans 17c SAHI FLUSH 19c PURE QUILL COFFEE ft 31c GOLD f.lEDAL FLOUR 5&33e r.IARSHLlALLOlV CREf.lE jar 15c CRESCENT MACRONETS SPAGHETTI 2 pkgs. 15c SUN BRAND MACARONI SPAGHETTI 3 pkgs. 14c HILLS COFFEE APRICOTS ,.r8e PEACHES un. c. nnnr lklam mill, jn UUliU YELLOW or WHITE No. 2 can 10 nAOfl Fancy Whole Kernel or Cream 4 fe lUiiii Style Yellow or White ... 10 PEASdtL 15e.d13c MIM1fllHfltlltlMIMIIItllMltMttllMII(IMIIIMttlllllllHlliMIMHMItll LICENSED ASDFKSOVS GROCEKY & M.VRKET Dial :-l.'00 !,' Washinston St. BtTTKNUORF I.KOCHtV CO. Dial 2-4371 Brttendorf, Iowa BRANDT S MARKET Dial 3-SM6J 901 E. Rusholme St. Bt'RCH GROCERY Dial J-J1TJ :ii sylvan Ave. L. C. CARLSON Dial 3-75SJ W2 W. Locust St O. A. CLOSE Dial 3-55tl l)Z E. 13th St. DOVTR COIRT MARKET Dial J-SSt-'S 51J E. Dover Court EHl.ERS BROTHERS Pi.il 3-3i 1U1 E. Hih St. rtSELE S CROCFRY Dial S-9i:s 2Z9 E. th St. niOLEVS GROCERY Dial 1301 Brady St. HOFFM N BROS. Dial S-8T64 lul Llnnood Ave. O. C. JPFR Dial J-1673 2:;9 RockinRham wholesalers to the retailers, takes time. So. because the military Is still taking turkeys, there is not much time left for the usual processing procedure. That means fewer turkeys reach your neighborhood store. The processing is also being slowed up by labor shortages. The War Food Administration hopes the turkey supply will be better at Christmas time. These are the big turkey producing states: Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas. Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming. o The man who doesn't mind his own business usually is one who hasn't any mind. 3 s 26' 3 1 65c 1 LARGE AUTOMATIC SOAP ! ffi i 1-1 fc V -e FLAKES a m -m svu SOAP 2-te 29e Blackhawk Brewing Co.'s TOPPING DEER j.,F0sSIT S2.7S lb 33 29 29 TO SELL BEER K A IS EN'S GROCERY Dial 3-9746 laoj Harrison A. W. KETEt.AAR Dial 3-462 UZ0 Gainei it. CHAS. KROFGER Dial 3-84 2636 Brady St. ILOYD McMANN Dial 2-7334 27 3 9 RocklnEham OWEN'S MARKET Dial 3-3774 2juS W. First St. C. H. PETERS Dial 3-8383 16.10 Washington It. M. REHDER Dial 2-2S5 6jj w. (tth St. R. SCHLEGEI, Dial 2-71S3 lu21 W. tth St. W. SCHROEDER Dial 3-13T4 902 w. 2nd St. CEO. SOTUM ANN Dial 2-J3oS 214J W. 3rd St, i I Dial 3-S5S3 F. STARK 3501 Rockinsham 1 3. T. SVNDFRnRt CH I Dial 3-M07 Uo W. First St. pp)) 3LFc

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