Quad-City Times from Davenport, Iowa on June 23, 1880 · 4
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Quad-City Times from Davenport, Iowa · 4

Davenport, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 23, 1880
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" I ' DAILY DEMOCRAT. LOCAL NOTICES. The Morbid Liver. An eminent clergyman says "that a change of stomach and liTer would benefit the morfcid sinner almoet as much as a hange of heart. Yet many attribute an Irritable tender and a morose disposition to the ingenious workings of the devil, while they are simply the symptoms of drspepsta, indigestion, torpid It1"' ca' sanation, or general or nervous debility, and are readily removed by a few doacs of Dr. White's Dandelion Alterative. Dr White's Dandelion is for sale in Davenport by H- A. Kmies, E. S. Ballon! Cbffm. Busch, Maxwell & Richard. Oust. Bchlaeel. and dnifisists everywhere tyu Dlttbab's Celebrated BirrnKft-da Water, of Waukesha, Wis.- The marvel f the age, and acknowledged by the medical world as a speoifio for Diatetes, Bright Disease, and all kindred diseases. C. Dun-ir, Waukesha, Wis. J0dly wktlta trll"" Tbnii of the itafrina rMple. Tie says: 4They hurry; tliey eat quick! thy gulp they blch ; they have stomachache, headache, liver and kidney troubles, and bowel complaint; they fret and scold; they et cross at nothing, and without cause ; Uiey look sallow and hollow-yed;tliey look hungry and can't eat; they spit up food; they have wakeful nights; tey cGa early because the neglect the laws of life." These troubles, and many others, come from Dyspepsia or Indigestion. They can be cured, cave been cured, and always will be cured, by the use of the Dyspepsia Remedy known as D. R. V. O. Price f 100 per bottle, bold by druggists, or address MEfisioi. Ooetchius fc Co., daw Syracuse, N. Y. A I'ew orttae Many. Who have been cured of Rheumatism by the use of "Donovan's Rheumatic Cure," the greaUifct known remedy for this universal and painful disorder: HnT. rl. Weatbrook, Judge Supreme Court, Btate New York. Orlando H. "Van Deusen, of Van Deusen Bros., Druggists. William itenaon, ol Benson, Hart & ilubbajd, Dry Good. Q. U. Jimcepaugb, Conductor W. V. It. It. S. T. Hull Attorney and Justice ol Peace. Thomaa M. Holt, Upholsterer, 2iS Canal St., N. Y. William Cantlo, Walkill Valley R. R. James M. GwIvt, Attorney and Counsellor at Law. .- . .lmuud Merrihew, Grocer, Flour and Ftd Merchant. Levi Hnyder, Vertinary Surgeon Tranklin Fulton, Barber. This article has cared hundreds. From many we have Ortilkatt, which will appear in duo time. It is sold by Druggists. Ajrne roaqnrror HUI t urf There is no djseiwo or affliction more easily curod than the ordinary Fever and Agne ot this country, and yet it is one of the most aroaJed. In fact, in some persona, Fevwr and Arup, Intermitting, Remitting, and klmlrvd Fevtrs, if continued, hnng on other diseases which eventually Drove very riiffiqiH to cure, and sometimes rrnlt in death. The Agne Conqueror, although a vgutablo preparation, containing no jx'lsons, has never feiled to cure any case of Awe within our knowledge, and the ehills do not return during that east. PriCB 50 tents and ft. 00 per lot- tl. To make a permanent cure of a uim-colt rvse t will require a 1.00 Uttle to cleanw ths jjKm and leave the Liver and other organs in a healthy condition so that the chills. will not return. Sold by all droggiste and dea'.-rs everywhere. CVwby's 5 minute Cure is used by all ptple of good judgement for Nervous af factions, and Is endorsed by the medical iwolnssion, outward application. d&w TBG MILK 1NULK are a common sense article and should be wojrn in the shots of every Man, Woman and Child. They are Thin, Warm, Damp-proof, and a gToat promoter of Health, and for those who have Cold Feet or Stand or walk a great deal their Ix'nelits cannot be over estimated. Ask your atioemaker lor them. Ifyoudout Cud them send ns your size and twonttive cents, we will send you two pair by mail. Don't you forget it! D.W.Johnson, d-w8m 323 Arch Street, Philadelphia. Public Notice. Notice is hereby given that in consideration ot tlie neces sities occurring year after year, which compelled the people to expend thousands of dollars in useless trial and in effort to find out and convince themselves of the t'tneasy of advertised Rheumatic medicines, we hereby bring to their notice Dr. Bosanko's Rheumatic Cure which has been tried, tested and proved to lie just what its name implie a enre for Rheumatism. A HenrNtMateh. ransMS dysrpepsia, and poor teeth produce sour stemach because the food is not property masticated, Keep the teeth healthy, and the body at large will be in trim. Use Bosodont regularly, for it is pleasant and healthful. One in the house it stays. Once smeared between pieces of Wood, Spalding's Glu never lets go. It is a fixture. We have, ourselves tried Dobbins' Electric Soap, (made by Cragin Jfc Co. Philadelphia,) and find it the best, purest and most economical soap we have ever seen. Too much cannot be said in its favor. Try it. Try Dr. B. B. UalUday's Blood Purifier for Scrofula, Salt Rheum and Syphilitic diseases. It w pronounced by competent druggists the best blood purifier the world ever produced for all poisonous diseases ot tbs blood. ,' ,...-, d&w Taefcortt ot tottGM Is taken by thousands who ntii-eoaimon prudence might live to enjoy ft -green old ace. Why will people neoWtscnVi? THp WTeat Abernothv pronounced a fismi only one degree less Jlangerous than the plague. Yet it is a certainlv conrroila- 1le, as readily extinguished, by the use of iiie uooey oi uorenounu ana Tar, as fixe is by th play of water. Delay not an hour in applying the remedy. It requires but a short time for the lungs to congest; for the tubercles to form: for d.wth to en sue. The great specific ts obtainable of an uruggisis oi ow cents ana $ 1. Ureat saving by buying large size. J- Wllbor, East Lnckport, N. Y., writes: "I hava sold Piko's Toothache Drops for several years with perfect satisfaction. Piks'gTtJothache Drops Cnre in one Min- mwfw IT YOU A Kit Ai-FLICTKO, GO CONSULT ,"rAKTK,1",01-0 Cincinnati ohiu. See Modlc! Card. dAw Worth Ten Time It Price. mT?rS', IK' J'sha' Celebrated MOTU mol iwVUTi.N hM no t"' world. HdTpWhw" itr Cure" ttmpies, Black S'kTr. TT1- SM J"eam, Kin Worm, Ac. PERSONAL. . JSfsssKK arsss,? ana? lr. K. . Hallldaff's Blood Partner MdpraooonmlttbetKWBOf U. Xfhlstera, jer, Tsacbara and others wboee orenpatloo eUtm illrJ1 J"rri.ltinnla n Vt- E- B. UaltliWl stood rartSer. ?t earn constipation, it often . . U ,n"n to Salt Hheum, it act Ttim, Kiree appetite, and J22S!5'4,Ul rvnH- A" medicine has S6wSSLT,BBtertelUd' tb" name maflth! blown to the back of eer bottle, otdThcraphed label cilf Tte4 utTtl,.7 L111 A 10 J00 with cir-rfsTt.' of the beat citizens TDport Hairlaon'a Fharmacr d w TO THE UNFORTUNATF! I YOU ARB THOCBLBD WlTh axv ti, vat dlaeue call BwLm l I?1 PEI bottl of Ot X. a Pharmacy and IXsHHday. BI004 Purifier and a bottle of Hnlllday'8 Wash- IPlfl22??vto " U" Mh 'bottle Hfl V"fW," morn the empty botUeii",8 faveajport at Harrison's Jr'Aaimaey. UOOHLKTM Indiana is a unit so far lor Ilendricks. Maine will vote with New York and New Jersey. Jewett is disappearing from the boom list. Judge Pratt, of Brooklyn, is talked ot by New Yorkers some. Kentucky will probably give Bayard a majority vote of its delegation on the first ballot. Thuwnan men claim ninety votes on the first ballot. The Hendricks men claim ninety-five. Senator Bayard's friends think he will get 160 votes on the first ballot. Can. Hancock has strong and active friends at work to secure his nomination. With the California candidate it is the field against Field. The field i3 sure to win. The danger of Bayard is Indiana. Tle friens of Tilden are still at sea. They may yet find a sate harbor. English, of Connecticut, is talked ot strongly too. He is regarded as available by a large number of delegates.j Outside the states who are blessed with favorite spits, no state delegation knows exactly how it will vote on the first ballot. Nebraska is first, last and all the time, for the candidate New York may present, since Tilden is off. Mjrri3on, of Illinois, has been adopted by his delegation, which was originally for Seymour. They will give him one or two votes after the balloting begins English, ot Connecticut, it is said can carry New York, New Jersey and his own state. Bayard and Morrison is a ticket that some of the southerners want. Bayard's vote on the first ballot it is asserted by the knowing ones, will astonish the other as pirants McDonald, of Indiana, is Wine knocked around and mixed up so that his best friends will hardlv recotrnize him. He is placed in all positions alternated, such as McDonald and Potter, Potter and McDon ald, Hancock and McDonald, McDonald and English, McClelland and McDonald, etc In tho opinion of the best -informed men in Cincinnati, Tilden is far from being out of tho liirht. That is to say, that while Mr. Tilden has voluntarily withdrawn and does not desire his name to be brought into the convention, yet there are hundreds ot men then who are still openly espous ing his claim, and swear in earnest tones that the party can not afford, under any circumstances, to refuse to nominate him AMnonr the alternates will sit thirteen of the strong-minded members of the Female Suffrage Association. These lenighted and ancient dames have lieen visiting all tho delegations to-day, boring them about inserting the female suffrage plank in the platlorm. They were satished finally to get seats. Miss Anthony herself leads the assault. Thirteen is a tearfully unlucky number, and when they sit down together one always dies lielore the year ends Probably the committee was kind to Miss Anthony with the hope ot missing the in fliction next year. New York and Indiana undoubtedly have tho naming of the nominee. Senator McDonald is prophesied on all sides to be thecommjr man. He is in GarneM s atti tude riefore the Chicago convention, and the newspaper prophets here are all be- lievin" in his star. He was a war Demo crat, is sound on the curreucy, is incorruptible, is a bis;, hearty fellow, and a sub scription ought to be taken up to run up a lightning rou from ins spinal column, n it isn't done, he may be struck. Singularly enough, the opposition to McDonald comes from the Indiana delegation, who are forcing him back. He is running away from the nomination, but this seems to le the year for that. Mr. McDonald is spoken of in a friendly way by all delegates, and, it agreed upon, will be a harmonious choice. A KKFl BL.ICAX KAHOAL. Cb9. II. Voorhia. the rw Jersey Ite-putliea.u -oojfresMuiaa iu Arrest. N. V. Special. There was a sensation in Hackensack, New Jersey to-tlay when it became known that Congressman Charles II.Y"oorhis, the representative of the Fifth district of New Jersey had been arrested on an indictment procured last April, charging him with embezzling $5,000 from his fellow townsman, Jacob P. Westervelt, who had intrusted that sum to him lor the purchase ot bonds of the Hackensack water company. The indictment was made public at the time it was obtained, and many persons in Hackensack supiosed that Mr. Yoorhia would never return to home, but as soon as his congressional privileges ceased to exempt him from arrest would take flight to Europe. To the surprise of most ot his neighbors Mr. Voorhis returned to his home on Thursday afternoon, and was received at the depot by his friends and family. When the sheriff served the notice on him the congressman walked over to the sheriff's office and gave bail. ilis liabilities are ?J00,000 in consequence of his own failure. BAB V UFHIIOLlIT The I'assfnser Who Boarded a Union I'aelHr Train on the Fly. An Event on the Mnmmlt of the Korkiea How the Travelers Christened Him. Omaha Republican. When the Union Pacific train from thn west which arrived in Omaha last evening, was nearinsr beDaration station. Wvomino-. on the summit of the Rockies, Wednesday night, Pullman conductor Tibbals fouud a new and unexpected passenger on his hands. The late comer was quite as much surprised to find himself on board as the conductor was to see a party not down on his diagram, although as tho former had forgotten his name it did not matter bo much. The passengers supplied this deficiency by christening him "Humboldt" alter the title of the car, and being thus provided with a front name, his happy mother allowed the happy baby to be set down as Humboldt W hite. Fortunately Oov. Nance and his father were on board returning from California, and the latter who is an accomplished physician, was quite equal to the emergency. He save the mother and baby his professional services, and brought tliem through nicely. The Governor left the train "at Kearney, to go to his home, but his father, who was journeying to Ottumwa, Iowa, accompanied the pair. Mrs. White's home is at Osnaloosn. Tnwa and she was returninu from the mining country where her husband is. The new accession to the population, it is hardly necessary to remark, happpencd to open his eyes in the Kockies and not in Iowa, because he wanted to be a June rose instead of a July sunflower. Remarkable Cases. Among the very many remarkable cures ir . , 1 ... ... euecteu oy earners Bale Kidney and Liver Cnre, may be mentioned that ot Charles S. Prentice, of Toledn. Oh was by its use restored to health i n A fear weeks, after he had tried the treatment of some of the most eminent physicians of f ranee, x.ngi&nu ana America without benefit. His trouble was Bnght's Disease. Another is the cure of Peter Showerman, at the age of seventy years, after greatly suffering for forty years from kidney and liver difficulties. Tesiimonials of these and others, can be seen. d&w Hemcmber this: There are many diseases that takon at the start may bo easily checked; let them run, and they often prgveiatal. For such diseases, cenerally rising from stomach difficuteies, no medicine is so valuable in tlio Life Pills. Moflat's Phopnir mote trootl health. Trt th.m I' by Druggists everywhere. "Hanrho-Oalnlnn.'' Prepared by Billings, Clapp & Co., Chem- iota, .oustun, mass., is superior to, and a perfect substitute tor the Sulphate Quinine, because it is a concentration of all the alkaloids of Peruvian Bark. The dose is the same; it produces no disagreeable effect; it is cheao. and alwava tsriar.i ; quality; and inanv nhvsiciana thei-of- prefer it. Sold by Druggists, or mailed on receipt of price, l. 50 per ounce. Read advertise VUIUUUI headed Privatjs and Confidential. i i .J I ThoKatlonal Demoerktle Convention. Our telegraph report of the firit day's proceedings was cut ofi in the midst of the opening speech of Judge ; Hoadley, temporary chairman, w nch will bo found in full on our inside to-day. The iollow-ina; are the subsequent proceedings of the Convention up to hout of adjournment last evening. - . The temporary organization as an nounced heretofore, was approved. Mr. Butler, ot rtew lork, ottered a reso lution that the rules of the National Democratic Convention be the rules of this body until otherwise ordered. Adopted, j Mr. Martin, of Delaware, offered a reso lution that the roll of States bo called" tor the appointment of members of Committees on Permanent Organization, Credentials and Resolutions. - The roll was then called. When New York was called John Kelly, who sat just back ot the railing, which was behind the New ork delegation, rose and attempted to get a hearing, but i the Chairman said he could only recognize delegates. ! Mr. Kelley then took his scat, and iMr. Ilaskins, also of the Tammany delegation, rose and made a short speech which, owinsr the erreat contusion and excitement Willi u preYBiieu 111 mc tritjuiij, wnm be heard at the stand. ri ne cuair vigorously hammered the desk and directed the sergeat-at-arms to preserve ortier. J jur. Ilaskins, after finishing his speech, which was made in a loud voice and vehement manner, sat down amid cheers from' his tnends, and manifestations of disap proval from all parts ol the house. The roll call was hnisned without a further incident. Mr. Watterson Mr. Chairman, I hold in my hand an application from delegates of the Territories, asking for recognition and seats in this convention, which I de sire to have referred to the Committee on Permanent organization, with the request of the convention that it be favorably con sidered. The Chairman It is so referred, unless there is objection. Mr. Peltzer, of Missouri "No," no, "no." I protest. The Chairman What? protest against a reference? i Mr. Pultzer Not against reference' but against the balance of the motion. Mr. Watterson I move that it bq re ferred without expression of " the coijven tion, since there is no objection. ' The Chairman So referred, unless there be objection. Mr. Jacobs, of New York I move ! that this convention do now adjourn. The motion was withdrawn temporarily and the Chair announced the meeting of Com mittees. The Chairman The motion to 'adjourn is withdrawn. The delegate trom Connecticut, Mr. David A. Wells, has the floor The following resolution is offered by David A. Wells, of Connecticut : Resolved, That the committee of one delcnle from each State be eulected by the delegation thereof, be appointed to report resolutions iu rela tion to the platform of the Democratic party, and be referred to said committee without debate. The Chair As much of this as provides for the committee has already been acted upon and is out of order. Mr. Wells I will strike that part out The Chair The delegate from Con necticut oilers the following resolution: Resolved. That all resolution iu relation to the platform ot the Democratic party be referred to the committee on resolutions w ithout debate. The Chair It is moved and seconded that the resolution offered by the delegate trom Connecticut be adooted. Mr .Tnnnha I now renew inv motion to adjourn. The motion to adjourn till 10 A. M. tomorrow was carried, and the convention was declared adjourned until ten o'clock Wednesday morning. msrosixti of kkllgy. He Kefuses to Support the Nominee of the convention. Cincinnati Telesram. The Committee on Permanent Organiza tion held a meeting this afternoon, and decided to report in favor of ex-Governor J. W. Stevenson, of Kentucky, tor permanent Chairman of the convention, and to recommend the retention ot the temporary organization so far as the remaining officers are concerned. Further action of the committoe was as follows : The committee further report that they have duly consid ered the memorial in relation to represen tation of the District of Columbia and Of the Territories, and have heard arguments of memorialists and respectfully recom mend the following resolution : Resolved, That two delegates from the District of Columbia and two delegates from each of the Territories be admitted to the convention and have the right to participate in debate and have every otner rigm ana privilege enjoyea dv aeiegalcs from me states, excepting oniy ine rigut to vote. The State delegations were informally requested to-day to return at the same time. They announced their members for Vice Presidents. The Secretaries of convention asked an expression regarding the two-thirds rule. The result of this intormal expression of opinion was that all States, except three, the names of which the Secretary withholds, declared in lavor of retaining the two-tnirds rule. The Committee on Resolutions held its formal meeting at five this afternoon, and after a brief discussion, in which the main points to be covered by the platform were considered, took a recess until eight o'clock this evening. ' i lie committee on credentials met im: mediately after adjournment and organized by the election of John B. Young, of Geor gia, chairman, and A. Nolter, of Oregon, secretary. John Kelly and his men met with the committee, but were requested to withdraw. A delegate from Arkansas, objected to Smith Weed, of New York, sitting as a member of the credentials committee, inasmuch as his own seat was contested, the chairman ruled the objection out ot order, as there was no notice of con test. ; At 12:15 the committee on credentials by a vote of 32 to 4, Arkansas, Colorado, New Jersey and Delaware voting no, voted in favor of allowing the sitting delegates from New York to retain their seats.; . l ne committee on credentials reassem bled at 7 :30 to consider the New York contest. Judge George Comstosk, Amasa J. Parker, James Mick, of Albany, George Miller and John Kelly occupied the hour and a half alloted to the Tammany contest ants, the anti-lammany case was pre sen ted by Governor Walker, George M. Beecher, Lester B. Falkner, Rufus Peck-ham, John Fellows and J. Thomas Spriggs, Tammany, only asking equal representation in the convention with the sitting delegates, claiming this would promote harmony and save New York to the partr. i ne sitting ueiegates argued tnat tuo ad mission of Tammany would lose j more votes than Tammany could bring in. At eleven o'clock the committee went into executive session, but before doing so. Kelly was asked whether he would pledge nimsclt to support the nominee oi the con vention if Ins delegotion was admitted. He replied that speaking for himself alone he would support any candidate except Tilden. Judge Comstock replied to the same question, that he would sup port the nominee of the convention. Patrick Camon, another Tammany contestant, made a similar pledge. ..; j The New York delegation held a meeting here this evening and took a ballot as to Presidential preferences, which resulted as follows: Payne, 38, Tilden 11, English 11, Bayard C, Hancock 3, Randall :.' A motion wis made to declare this ballot formal, but it was voted down, and a motion was adopted that the New York delegation present the vote as a unit m accrd-! ance with the instructions of the State convention. - The other States backing this movement are Connecticut, New Jersey, Kansas, Nebraska, Michigan, Minnesota and West Virginia. This they count will givetheux the following votes : Connecticut, 12,f Kansas 10, Nebraska JirJ$evi -Jersey 18,1 New York 10, Ohio 44, Michigan 22, Minnesota 10, West Virginia 10 total 202. ' These 202 votes are expected i to bring enough from the South to secure Payne's nomination. It is undeniable that Bayard's strength has fallen oft to-night , The views of prominent Southern: men are voiced by Senator Harris,of Tennessee, That Senator is an admirer and warm supporter of Bayard, but he now doubts. the propriety ot his nomination, lest capital should be made against the pemopratic party in the North, and .hence i drift away trom Bayard and towards a man selected by New York. This Payne work 13 provoking a counter movement towards Mc-: Donald, of Indiana. It is urged that the Democratic party cannot afford to risk anything oh tho October election in Ohio, and their energies should bo directed towards Indiana, which, under the decision of the Supreme Court, remains an October State, and tliat it the East will not come to Hendricks', there cannot be the same objection to McDonald. But there are some who express the opinion that the Payne movements is only to test the real sentiment of the convention. As regards Tilden's letter of withdrawal and that at the proper time the name of Tilden will be again presented, there is a feeling that this must prove successluLand that in this there is the strategy ef an able general. Circulars are being liberally dis tributed to-night m the interest ol Mr Tilden, setting forth that Tammany Hall threatens to assassinate Governor Tilden and calling on the Democratic party to stand by its victorious leader, and to defy l amuiaii y Duiiouuu. x uc viiuiar 'quotes from editorials of the New Dork Sun and Tilden's letter, in which allusions are made to his services in breaking up the canal rings, etc. , Seven representatives of the Women's Suffrage Association were at the door of the committee room, and sent in to the chairman, Henry Watterson, a document of some bulk lor consideration ot the committee, presumably setting torth their desire tor recognition in the convention and in tlie platform as a factor in American politics. The Ohio delegation is holding an important meeting to-night, with doors and windows closed, lest the sharp ears of reporters catch a suspicion of what the loud discussion is about. 10:30 P. M. The meeting of the Ohio delegation has resulted in a very decided action, and once more Senator Thurrnan has their solid support, and the talk of a second choice for Ohio is stopoed. ' The points of the meeting are as follaws : . On motion of Hon. W. W. Armstrong Mr. McSweeney, of Wrooster, was chosen 1o present the name ot Thurman to tho con vention; then General Durbin Ward of fered the following resolution : Resolved, That the secretary of the delegation be directed to procure a blank book in which a full Resolved, That the said record contain the rexo- latioos, instructions ana requests passed py the Statu Convention on May Oth, last. Resolved. That the Secretary shall Drocure mil enter in said record the resolutions and msti uctioiw of each county or congressional district of the titm. as the ease may be, passed by the same, and giving instructions or suggestions as to the Btate convention as to the selections of delegates, or in the Na tional convention as tome seiecuoa or caudiduus ror President and Vice President. Resolved, That said record shall be ot.en to i SDection of auv member ot this delegation, and iht clerks shall furnish a certified copy of said record to auy member ol this delegation on his paying tue clerk lor the cost of copying the same. The resolutions were advocated by Messrs. Neil, Hill, Hoadley, Thompson, Page and Kinney. Mr. Armstrong spoke rather in explanation than in support of the resolutions, but declared lumselt to he for Thurman. The resolutions were op posed by Baker and Farley, who were the only members voting against the resolu tions. Upon their adoption the friends of Thurman iron all parts ot Ohio called meeting. . T1IK CKMt'N 1K.1. A Howl From Home of the Cities, cause of Hi" ltnnsline Worii. Ke The census fiend is in trouble all over the country as there is scarcely a city of any importance anywhere in the land tliat is not lull ol wrath at tlie havoc Mr. Walk er's deputies are making with the ixpu lar estimates of population. While the Chicago Tribune deelares that it will be content if the figures of that city reach 430,000, Its intemjrjr, . '""S ,c iuctantiy announces that "there is a suspi cion that the enumeration has been any thing but thorough." Cincinnati has been plunged in inconsolable grief be cause the supervisor of that district has confessed that he cannot get his figures above 300,000, while Louisville, which has resolved not to be satisfied with anything short of 200,000, is in a fit of consternation over the admission by its supervisor that his figures will tall short ot 120,000. And there is Evansville that finds itself with a promise ot no more than 29,000 to its credit in the census ledger, whereas its people bclieye that the closest figuring cannot cut its population under 30,000 or 40,000, the city having made a census ten years ago that showed a population of 26,0S3. Peoria, too, which had 22,840 in 1870, is boiling oyer with indignation be cause the census-takers want it to go on the record now with only 27,500, when every mau, woman, and child in the place believes that the figures should be from 35,000 to 40,000. The Peonans are so satished that the figures do lie in their case that the council has ordered a new enumeration at the city's expense, the enumerators contracting that one dollar shall be deducted from their pay for every name omitted. Brooklyn seems to be the only city in the country that is satisfied with the outcome, the figures showing about 577,000 for that city, which will easily ensure its holding the rank it now has of the third city in population. 8TKKET SiOTtCK. Stbeet Commissioner's Ofeice, City op Davexport. ( Each able bodied male inhabitant of the City of Davenpcrt, oyer twenty-one years of age and under fifty years of age, is hereby notified that he is required, within twenty days from this date, to report himself to the Street Commissioner or send a substitute to labor ou the streets and alleys of said city for the space of two days, at such place or places as the Street Com missioner may designate; or in default thereof to pay to the Marshal of said city at his office, the sum of one dollar and fifty cents for each day's labor which he shall fail to perform, in conformity with the or dinance of said city in such case made and provided. Dated this 19th day of June, 1880. : ' K B. Eseke, Street Commissioner. "Honey From Poison. 1 The Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana, sitting in banc at New . Orleans on the 31st of May, in a decision main taining to the utmost the vested rights of the Louisiana State Lottery Company, thus out forcibly alludes to the institution assailed: "The Louisiana State Lottery cannot repudiate its charter nor exonerate itself from the payment of a license, the amount of which goes to a charitable institution (the far-iamed Charity Hospital at New Orleans) essentially necessary for the relief of suffering humanity, and without adequate means of self-sustenance. It was, no doubt, wise in the State to regaate reprehensible, but,k"perhaps, irrepressible inclinations for that sort of speculator, so is to draw front those who follow them, as it were, honey from poison, for the betterment of the destitute classes of society." 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The Lightning Tlayini Around the Great State of I linois, Who lias Sereral Favorite Sons of Whom she is Proud, j New York Looking Towards Her For Aid and Comfort, While Ohio and Indiana Are Mill Boom ins: Their 1'residen tialPets. j The Committee on Credentials Make Their Report, i JSoth of the Massachusetts Dele gations Addmitted to Seats, And, United, to Cast the Vote of the State. That Part of the Report Exclud ing Tammany With Great ing. Received Cheer- ! A Minority Report Favoring the Admission of Tammany, Givimj Them 20 and tlie Keen lars 50 Votes in Convention W as Rejected on a Call of States hy 457 to 20. Mew York Not Voting Question. on the The Several States Presenting Their Candidates ident. For Pres- l,OI)HIU TOIVAKIW ILLlOIH. Arrival of hen. Palmer in Cincinnati on Invitation of the Sew York lelr gallon. Cincinnati, June 23. The arrival of Hon. John M. Palmer, of Illinois, this morning, has given a new direction to presidential gossip. Gen. Palmer came on a telegraphic invitation ot the New York delegates, dispatched yesterday afternoon It was decided to have him convenient for consultation. Tlie interpretation put on this action is that New York is unable to effect a combination on Payne or ti...- rth man. and as the East does not take kindly to Indiana, Illinois may fur nisri the head ot the ticket and Connecti cut second place Palmer and English. Whether this is correct the sequence will show, but much will depend on the success of negotiations in progress. Meanwhile, Morrison will have the vote of Illinois on the early ballots. CINCINNATI. DKllOt'KATIC A ATIOXAIi COSTORST-TIO.V Second Day's Prooeedine. Cincinnati, June 33. Delegates were tardy as usual, so when 10 o'clock arrived, the hour to which the convention adjourned, very few were in their seats. Visitors were more prompt, and before 10 o'clock the galleries were packed with An Kxpectant Multitude. Tlie weather is close and hot and not a breath of air is stirring, so that th rapid movement of fans gives a lively appearance. The press representatives who have work to do hope for an early sine d ie ad journment, through the influence ox the sultry day. A brass band has supplanted the great organ, apparently being more appropriate for Fourth of July political enthusiasm. Wade Hampton and other favorites of yesterday were cheered as they entered. At 10 :40, the chairman Called the Convention to order, and introduced a Presbyterian clergyman, temporarily preaching in the city, who offered prayer. At the meeting of the committee on resolutions this morning, time was granted the sub-committee to further digest and prepare the platform, and the chairman, Hon. Henry Watterson was instructed to report to the Committee that the resolutions were not yet ready and to ask for further time on behalf ot the committee, and to ask leave to report at any time. The sentiment of the committee was that the convention should proceed to Ballot for Candidate for President. Q and that the committee have its report ready some time during the day. The opinion was expressed also that the conven tion would be able to adjourn to-day. Members stated that the length of ti me required to prepare a report was not an indication of inharmony among the members of the committee or of sub-committee. The reading of minutes were dispensed with. Mr. Holsenburg Burke, of Indiana, offered the following resolution Resolved, That the surviving soldiers of the war w ith Mexico, widows and oruhan children of sol uiers deceased, are entitled to the grateinl rueos- u it Ion of the people of the United Stale, and C'ou- gregg oupnt to cause ineir names to oe piacea on tlie pension roll on the same footing with soldiers- of the war of 1812. -ul The chairman stated that this resolution would, under an order already adopted", go to the committee on resolutions. Tlie chair then asked if the committee on credentials were ready to report. Pending an answer, much amusement was caused by the reading of a telegram of Reynolds Basin, of New York, indicating that confreres were ready to greet the Demo cratic committee, i The committee on credentials not be ing present, Air. Martin, oi ueiawaie, chaii man of the committee on Permanent Organization, then made a report in accordance with the action agreed on laat night and sent in press report. , Mr. Martin, ot f Delaware, moved the previous question on the adoption of the report, but subsequently withdrew his motion. It was moved that further ction on this report be postponed until the committee on credentials had reported. Agreed to. Mr, Young, ol Georgia, chairman ot tlie committee on credentials submitted' his report in Z.-,--. -, --Z,Z ' Z I tlie 3iassaoliusettn Case. It unanimously recommended . admifision of both contestants, and tlmt the two delega tions united east tlie vote of the Shite. The sitting members from Pennsylvania were reported , as elected; to their . seats. There was great cheering when the clause was read declaring that the committee had with singular unanimity decided in favor of the sitting members and - Z j j ' A gal ant tlte Admission of Tammany. Mr. Carroll, of Kansas asked leave to present a minority report and was allowed ; to do so; and to read report uimscti. The Minority Report, : lz signed by four members, declares that the i Democracy ot the state ot JNew loric is, divided into two regularly organised factions, both of which have held State conventions. - The history of the coalition between these factions in 1876 is recited, and opinion is expressed that similar action tins year would result in the election ot the Democratic President. - Then the minority conclude with a resolution that tho Faulkner convention delegates have fifty- votes in this convention, and the bhaWes- peare hall Democracy have twenty votes, j New Wagons aiwy on hand, and will 'exchange The reading of the reports was greeted I second-hand one at fair rate. Particular at-:i, v. ZZa imJ r r ' I tention paid to diseased feet, Interfering, ; Forging with cheers and hisses. s . ae-cuin,c. , jml9dw3iu Mr. Young, who made the majority re port, demanded tle previous question, and a vote by states is being asked for. The clerk called tlie roll. .i i s I I Pending the call, a question arose as to the limit of debate, and the chair announced that the five minute rule of 1870 would be enforced. ? When New York was reached in the call, that State asked to be excused from voting. Request granted amid cheers. It was apparent that tlie pre vious question would be sustained. Tho vote stood: Ayes 360; nays 3U3. Gen. Young then said that under the rules one hour would be given for debate forty minutes being allowed contestants and twenty minutes to the committee. The chair announced that New 1 ork contestants requested to be represented by by John Kelly. (Received 1 with cheers and hisses). The request being granted, Mr. Kelly was invited to the stand, and he not leing present the chair suggested that the contestants select any other gentleman to present their case. Geo. W. Miller, of Albany beins introduced, addressed tlie convention in behalf ot Tammany and ex pressed the hope that the peace ot the convention would not be interrupted a moment by this occurrence. Tammany had come here with the same hopes, ob jects and high aims as the rest of the del egates; they had come with an olive branch in hopes ot rescuing the Democratic : party trom defeat. They had not expected hearing as the 'report was again ' them, and therefore Kelly was not hero (hisses and applause). He was a man who had no superior in this or any other convention in patriotic devotion to the Democratic cause. (Hisses and cheers sev eral times renewed). He then proceeded to state the cause of his delegation ; he dc clared that Tammany was practically the Democratic power ot JNew tork city and had over 40,000 votes outside the city in the state. He referred Thomas A. Bayard's championship ol to of Tammany' cause in the previous contest and was greeted with some applause which was repeated and continued for nearly minute, when he declared emphatically that Tammany expected and proposed to work for the ticket here nominated, but there was great difference between a fully armed equipued and recognized army in the field, and a regiment stripped of its armor, and although the latter would slink from the battle and be no factor in the engagement, he appealed to the convention to adhere to precedent, to have. fair play and honesty in this matter. It had come to be considered . that the regular ' delegates were those ; who were elected by the machine. There were two electoral tickets in the field,, and if this Tammany delegation were kicked out what would be the result. Kulletiii. The vote on adoption of the minority report was 20 against 457. New York not voting. Majority report adopted. The call of the roll of States was ordered for presentation of candidates. When California was reached Mr. Mc-El rath took the platform ; and presented the name of Judge Field, lie said the Democrats now had an opportunity to select a man who would ensure viclory to the party. Judge Fields name elicited a good d.'al of applause. Colorado seconds the nomination of Judge Field. When Delaware was called there was great and prolonged cheering, a& George Gray, of Delaware, took the platform for the purpose of presenting the name "of Senator Bayard. When Illinois was reached, Mr. Marshall presented the name of Mr. Morrison, of Illinois. When Indiana was called, it elicited the greatest applause, and was continued lor sometime, notwithstanding the repeated efforts of the chairman to restore order. Senator Voorhees is now presenting the name of Hendricks. At the mention of his name the crowd again began cheering. When the State ot New York was readied, the chairman asked to have the State passed. When Ohio was reached John McSwney took the platform and presented tlie name of Thurman. Cheers. When Pennsylvania was reached Mr. Doughty took the platform to present the name of Gen. Hancock, of New York. There was great cheering when his name was mentioned. Mr. Doughty said if Gen. Hancock was nominated he would certainly be elected, and he would certainly take his seat. (More cheering.) Whenjyou visit or leave New York City save baggage expressage and carriage hire, and stop at the Grand Union Hotel, nearly opposite the Grand Central Depot. 350 elegant rooms reduced to $1 and upwards per day. Elevator. Restaurant supplied with the best. Horse cars, stages and elevated railroad to all depots. Persons afflicted with Catarrh, Colds, Headache, Sore Throat, (and nay Fever in he season of it) will do well to uso Weath-erley's Michigan Catarrh Remedy. 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The Moat Pertert llel-InIi of the Ibj-. An AbHOlnle Itomrrty Tor lj MpeiiKla, Invalualil-p toall (tioutl t'OOka. A !'utrltliit Combination for hlM r-n. Ill vnlunhla rort4oap-a llnHtu-M. Cold .llratn and l.iitrf'4. oc-ldly "''"'(i.5'.'-,! t ItlXFOUD iiYa: d Snare Co. BOSTDIIUMAtl. IIEWAKK F IS1ITATIONN F U RN IT URE CARPETS. ETC GOULD'S CARPETS AND FURNITURE Yon will tkid pi Ie oft hem t Bi-loot from ; liii;mlii, 2 ttud 3 ply ill all -riiilm, Iimiii-N, Tuporttry ltniHt(-lH with btr.ler to match, M a 1 1 i it u h ol nil kinds for tliaiiiherH, utlirea, ami verlihuhtA: Mati, Hairs, -tJ-jrlAtn ifimdi. isiiedf, FivturBH, Comic h, LKmhri-qnlue, 'in tniu l'olc-8 and Hiimi, Stair Kodx, i nnl, TautielH, Furniture l.'overui-fK, nil kimlH ol MalH uud ltULTf, with Floor Uil rlotlia in all widltia, nd Linoleum the bent floor cover-Ui ntHile. 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'4 TO m 9T t;J 4 I 1

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