The Courier News from ,  on July 20, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from , · Page 11

Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1950
Page 11
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IMUMUAY, HTLT Barbecue With Rice Is Budget-Saver Dish B« they cub tcouts or debutantes, »*mberi of your family will ex- eUirn "th. best jr«t" when you present Into b«rb*cu» hash with fluffy whit* rice I And you who prepared It will •««• whol«-he»rtedly remembering Jj|»t litlle attention it required •M* cookinf and what a budget fiver It is . . . with Its left-over meat (or cubed less expensive cut). And so It It with til of these excellent recommendations . . . dellc- luo* flavor, easy preparation and economy . . . that we proudly pre- »ent Instructions for cooking RICE AND BARBECUED HASH. 1 cups diced left - over veal or beef 1 tablespoons butler 1 tablespoon flour \'t cup chili sauce. $< cup water 1 teaspoon cider vinegar 2 teaspoons brown sugar 2 cups cooked rice Preparing The Flufty White Rice Put 1 cup of white rice, 1 tca- »poon salt and 2 cups cold water fn a two-quart saucepan. Cover with a tight-fitting lid. Set over a hot flame until It bolls vigorously. Then reduce the heat as low as possible and simmer for 14 minutes more. During this time the rice will absorb the water and come out dellciously tender. Remove the lid to permit the rice to steam dry. Uft rice with a fork to test its consistency. Never stir rice while cooking—and the grains will be separate and tender. Makes approximately 3 cup fluffy white rice. Keep left-over cooked rice In a 'covered bowl In refrigerator—you'll find it handy next time you're in a hurry to fix a quick meal. NOT: This produces very firm rice grains. K you prefer more tender grains, use Y-3 cup additional water for each cup of rice and increase your slow cooking period 4 or 5 minutes. Mellioil Brown meat in butter. Sprinkle with flour. Combine remaining ingredients, except rice, then pour over meat. Simmer slowly >•. hour. Serve in a nest or tluffy cooked rice. The most attractive looking salad can be most disappointing if you don't use the right salad dressing. Just as there Is a right and wrong wine for red and white meats, fish and poultry, therf Is a right and wrong salad dressing for various salads or salads accompanying certain main dishes. Salad dressing made at home can usually be changed to suit your purpose for each type of salad. It's wise to have a basic French salad dressing on hand which you can temper with any number of wonderful spices and herbs, as the occasion calls for it. There are many ways of making a basic French dressing but one of Hie easiest ways is to use two parts oil and one part cider vine- Bar, salt nnd pepper to taste. A favorite uiethod of making a DEVIL'S FOOD ICE CKKAM CAKI^-This cake is easily prepared from packaged devil's food cake mix anrt bulk ice cream. Cake from Prepared Mix Combines With Ice Cream Let's have an ice cream festival | to use. Prepare cake mix according L nome during July. Make some- to the directions on the package. Bake in a buttered lonf pan (9x5) for 40 to 45 minutes. Allow cake to cool thoroughly. Cut into three layers. Spread ice cream between the layers reserving enough ice cream to make four scoops for the top of the cake. Place layers in freezing compartment' of refrigerator along with the remaining ice cream. When ice cream and cake have become firm, remove from refrigerator; place on serving tray and top with scoops of ice cream in a row down the. center of cake. Serve immediately with Coffee Cream Sauce. Coffee Cream Sauce (STnkfs about -v, cup saurc) One cup light brown sugar. 1 tablespoon instant, powdered cot- fee, y, teaspoon salt. 1 teaspoon BUTHBVrLLE, (AUK.) COWRIE* Cider Vinegar Adds Piquancy To Homemade Salad Dressing 'Enjoy Yourself Pqys OH LOS ANQELES (AP)—Want to .Ive to be 101?»Tlien "don't ever gst iiiary or lose your temper." The advice comes from Princess Tatzumbfc ii Pea, of the Flute Indian tribe. The princess, who Is 101, was among 125 persons over 50 who turned up at a lecture )inre on the subject "now to stay young and enjoy the years ahead." "Every ttme you eel mad you poison your system and shorten your life," she said, tier creed: "think right, live right, help those who need help." cornstarch. 2 tablespoons butter. '/. c«p light cream, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. Mix sugar, coffee, salt and cornstarch together. Add butter and cream nnd stir over low heat nnlil boiling. Boil for about one minute. Remove from heat and stir In vanilla. Serve cold over devil's food ice cream cake. ll's food Ice cream cake with coffee cream sauce. It's easy, this cake: You can buy Jhe ice cream, now, at your favorite Sl-per market as well as at your neighborhood store. AUo all tlie fixings, such »s the packaged devil's food cake mix. " * L So let's plan our Ice cream festival. Ask all the children, too. Ice cream, an important member of the dairy foods family, contains protein, calcium and riboflavin. DeTlI'j Food Ic* Cream C»k« (Serves*-S| On« Quart vanilla Ice cream (bulk); 1 package devil's food cake mix. Place Ice cream In freezing compartment of refrigerator until ready JULY SPECIAL! Recover Your DINING ROOM CHAIRS We Will Furnish LABOR And Your Choice of Beautiful Hard Finished WINE or GREEN SATIN STRIPE 4 Choirs Q75 Bottoms Only 7 6 Chairs A 125 Bottoms Only \ 4 ONE-DAY SERVICE We Call For and Deliver The House of Charm (Deal's) I'hnnc 6190 So. Iliwuy 61 salad dressing for « tossed green salad, the most common of all salads, is to get out the salad bowl, peel and quarter » garlic clove, set It in the bow], and cover with about a quarter teaspoon salt to draw out the garlic oil. Allow It to stand tor about ten to fifteen minutes. When you're ready to fix the salad remove the garlic slivers and add the oil and cidar vinegar . . . using the basic measurements . . . two parts oil, one part vinegar. Mix briskly with a spoon. Taste the mixture on a bit of salad areen. If It needs more salt, add It, plus a little black pepper (freshly ground If you have IO. Now add the chilled vegetables and mix gently with » fork and s|ioon so that the vegetables are well coaled. Serve Immediately to avoid wilting. pans ,, , ,. J J »'»ivt »its mm sur only until floil them In Hie market or pick your appears. Fill greased imimn own Biuebmie., suggest an array two-third;full and bakeIn n"rV" of delightful dishes. Top your fav- heated moderalely Hot oven (400 orlte ready-lo-eat cereal with some P.) about 30 minutes Because farmworkers shifted to the oilfields, Venezuela had to Import nearly all its food In World War n. Blueberry Time Suggests Array Of Delightful Midsummer Dishes KrJ"?. „.""&"' ±f .^ a f d !° '"*. ""*«'« *«h We ber- bluclierry cluys whether you (Ind of these bright [jerries niul serve with cream. Or make a batch of Blueberry nran Muffins for lunch or siipiicr. Blueberry pic is an nil- time favorite with Blueberry Upside Down Cake as a close rumier- >i|>. Make the most of the short season when Oils fruit Is nvallnble to enjoy It to the fullest degree. HluelH-rry Bran Muffins 2 tablespoons shortening *i eu|i sugar i CBS I cup rcady-to-eat bran •'i cup milk I cup sifted Hour 2 i: i teaspoons baking powder 'i teaspoon salt 'i cup fresh blueberries Blend shortening mid sugar thoroughly; add efig ntid well. Sttr in bran and milk; lei soak until roost of moisture Is taken up. Sifl flour with baking powder and salt; Good Meat Choose from this wide variety of Mayrose Pork Loaf with Barbecue Sauce Mayrose Draunscliwciger Mayrose Baked Meat Loaf with Stuffed Olives and Pimentos Mayrose New England Specially Mayrose Baked Meat Loaf with Pickles and Pimentos 'Mayrose Lunch Loaf Mayrose Headcheese, Cooked Ham Minced Specialty, Tlniringer, SiiJami, Bologna and many nlhcri Get Mayrose READY-SERVE MEATS ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT PACKING CO. ST. IOUIS, MO. **52SK ^ *^ package of ftosrs ftoism BRAN "fer only 5^ when (jw buy a large-size package of , POST TQASTJES regular price! Tret*- nemember— Ceneals arc Guaranteed fresh! - ries and stir only until flour dis- Blueberry ViKil« f I>o*n C»k« 2 cups blueberries 3 lablc-Rpoones lemon Jule* !i cup sURnr 1 tablespoon eorn.March I tablespoon butler or margarine * * * 1 cup sifted flour J'j teaspoons baking powder V; teaspoon salt 2 eggs, separated I cup wanned corn syrup 1 teaspoon vatill.i flavoring ! tablespoon melted milter "i cup icady-Io-ent brnii Wash lienle.s and turn Into buttered cake pan; sprinkle lv Hh lemon juice. Combine SHRar anrt corn- slni-ch and sift over top of berries Uot with butter. Sift flour with IwMnR powder and salt. Bent, CRK yolks well: add warmed corn syrup »nd continue ben ing. Add flavoring and melted butter; mix well. Add flour mixture and bran, Beat egg whites stiff and fold Into batter. p ol , r over blueberries and bake In a nre- "f'f moderate oven (350 P) 60-50 minutes. Turn upside down . on plate while wa rm. 6ei ' vl "8 s Korean General Promoted TOKYO, July 20. W-Brlg Gen. •John H. Church, first field commander of American troop* In th« Korean v er, has been approved for promotion lo the rank ot temporary inch maj ° r 8cnera! b y President Truman, General MacArthur announced today, WHY WAIT? Remodel Now — No Money Down Now you can fix up your home—or even build a Biiraife— on a low interest KUA loan with easy BUILiOS SUPPLY CO. INC _ S f^ h H '9hway 61 ph one 2434 of its great events! LibbyorDelMnle PINEAMU JUICE 20c HALVID PEACHES 25c Ou>n Spray CHANBERBY SAUCE 2 33c I'ride of III. CORN 13c Rnmr Jte TREET47c CmwIUrf «v.r mon*y uy. ing pricei during ihn Mnwlkxitl urnwd food «vertl. White or Golden Del Monle FRUIT COCKTAIL Del Moni« CORN Much-Mure TOMATOES TOMATO JUICE Royal (,'ucst Ked BEANS ('referred Sweet. CORN No. u „.., No. 2 No 2 * "• * All Flavors JELLO Tall Cans Size 2V, Can 350 2 r »r 250 3 I'm 380 2 . or 290 2 Kor 210 100 Can PET MILK 3 f or350 Junket FREEZING MIX 100 IGA PORK & BEANS No t 100 Campbell's TOMATO SOUP 110 IGA RED SILVALASKA Salmon /3 C WHITK STAR Tuna Fish 25c Branded /oi Quality-Tfimmcd lor Value!U-^ Fresh Dressed Riye , Kelly Crocker I'arly CAKE MIX 350 I'illsbiiry I'ic CRUST MIX 2 ,„ 350 Del Monfe Crushed .55c CAT FISH - , Ib. 54c Armour Star HAM, whole or !,lb59c - • No 211 P'APPLE JUICE 150 PITS & VEGETABLES . . Ooz, Plenty Free Parking Space 132 She LEMONS Kresh l>arge CORN El r,6 ,„, 250 330 POTATOES 11450 Yellow ONIONS 2 . 150 MAYS IGA SUPER MARKET W, Highway 18 "it Pays to Shop With Mays 1

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