The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 22, 1948
Page 3
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ricas sot BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NBW8 THE COURIKB OTSW8 OO. M W EA1NKS, PubL&iwr JAitES LL V£RHO£n. Editor • PAW. O HUMAN, AdvtrUJcc Utuafer Bole Nittonal Adverttaint R*prejent*Uve»: • W&ilMt Wiuner Co. New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphl*. PuMistwd iveiy Mternoon Except Sunday •ntereo u second clast matter it the pojt- oOk* »t Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act oi Con- jress. October », 1817. Served by the United Pret* SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrur la the city or Blytnevllle or any suburban town where carrier service U maintained, 20c per »'f»k, or S5c per month By mall within a radius ol 60 miles, »4.00 per rear. $2.00 for six months. $100 fir three monthi; by mail outside 60 mil* «one, 110.00 per rear payable in advance. Meditation 1 will open river* In hljh places, and fountains In the midst of the valleyt: I will make the wltdcrncw a pool of water, and the dry land •( water.— lulah 41:11. It U as easy lor Qod to supply thy greatest us thy ama!)e»t wants, even as it was within HI* power to form a system or »n atom, to create- a buzine sun as to kindle Wit fire-fly's lamp.— Thomat Guthrle. Barbs It's hard to look prosperous without a. good job, and harder to get a good Job unless you look prosperous, r S*oie at Uie new women'* iho« are mor pointed. Too bad for hu*band« who plajr bridge. Wlifn a Janitor fires Die healer properly he keept his tenants In hot water. When he doesn't they keep him. • » • Mwt people who are lortf on spending find theoueltn ihort on money. * * » Don't wait for Hie fishing season to open. Drop a. line right now — to mother and dad. Robinson Case Shows Need For Curb in Investigations Secretary of SUite Marshall's plea for calmness in the face of serious world emergency came at a time when Hamilton Robinson, of Mr. Marshall's department, was being cross-examined by a House subcommittee. Mr. Robinson is head of the Office of Controls, and it is his job to enforce security regulations in the State Department. Rep. Fred Busbey does not think - Mr. Robinson is doing a good job and want* him ousted. At the risk of seeming to belabor some congressional operations unduly, ,we should like to review the background and charges in the case and try once again to undestand the process of gome concessional thinking. Mr. Robinson is a member of the New York Republican Club. Mr. Robinson went to Taft School, Princeton, Oxford, •and Yale Law School. He used to be ' with a Wall Street law firm. He is also the man whs was criticized last summer • for'discharging 10 State Department em- ployes as bad security risks without trial or explanation. But Mr. Busbey's (|tiarrel is not with . such summary justice^ Quite the con- |trary. It appears that the congressman 'considered Mr. Robjnson a bad risk him- 'self. For Mr. Robinson has three second cousins. And one of them visited •Russia 13 years ago, had been investigated by the FBI for pro-Communist activity, and had resigned from the State ! Department before Mr. Robinson went to work there. • That was the charge against the security officer: his second cousin was an alleged left-winger. Mr Busbey didn't say Mr. Robinson was one. Mr. Kobinson said that he had only seen this relative at a few social functions since lie came to Washington. He admitted that the cousin was far to his left, politically, and that their views were in violent disagreement. But that didn't satisfy Jlr. Busbey. For he had Mr. Robinson back a second day for more grilling. The last we saw he hadn't built any case against the State Department officer, whose most grievous sin seems to be his inability to control hi* second cousin's political opinions. Some may find this incident ridicu- wu« enough to be amusing. We think it is M amusing as the old Nazi practice of discriminating against German citizens, and sometimes dispossessing them, because one of their grandparents was -Jewish, The difference seems slight to us. Mr. Busbey is sworn U> uphold the Constitution. Yet he embarrasses a man MKl want* the government to discharge him, not for his actions, not for his thought*, not for his associations, but . ' because of the accident his rather div ' , ta«t Mood relation to a man whose poll- tics are suspect. Such Behavior inflames the unthinking and digusts the intelligent. It aids the Communist cause and cloaks the real Communist danger. Coupled with similar behavior from the Thomas Committee, it points up the immediate need for Congress to curb these foolish, time- wasting, passion-arousing performances at a time when a grave crisis demands all the intelligence, energy and democratic decorum that the legislators can possibly muster. One Difference Settled Besides its practical advantages, the British government decision to lift the confiscatory 75 per cent tax on American films shows that international difference can be settled by mutually accepting compromise. With this decision, Hollywood producers will regain a source of income which sometimes meant the difference between profit and loss on a picture. Britain will get additional dollars from an expected increase in British film bookings here. And, not least important, Britons will have a favorite form of entertainment restored to their still austere existence. VIEWS OF OTHERS Cotton's Spokesman At the Greater Little Rock. Chamber of Commerce luncheon honoring Harold A. Young of Pulaski county, who has been elected president of the National Cotton Council, the principal address was given by Oscar Johnson, retiring president and founder of the council. The entire cotton Industry—In the fields of the South and West. In the mills of New England and the Southeast—has reflected the work of Oscar Johnson, cotton planter of Scott, Miss. The council which he organized Ln 1934 brought unity to the national Industry. Through it the growers, traders and nmnfacturcrs have been made more aware of the joint problems, and above all have been encouraged to recognlte that their diverse Interests actually converge. Jn forming » representative body, the industry has come to see Itself more clcany with respect to national and International economist. It has gained perspective and strength. Inler-rcglonal misunderstandings have been replaced by a national cotton policy. Speaking as one body, representing millions of Americans who depend In varying degree on the filwr. It can forcefully work, toward.a sound federal government program. Oscar Johnson has performed excellent service for the economic development of the South and Weal. Although a cotton man by profession, he has devoted himself to improving the position of cotton so it car, retell-. its rightful pUce without encroaching on other activities. He relinquishes Ills position at th e head of the council 'to a man who likewise believes in well' balanced farming, with cotton growing only where It Is a suitable crop. Harold A. coung, who has served as vice president of the council since he helped Oscar Johnson found it, has the broad interests and the experience to qualify him to carry forward an enlightened cotton program. —ARKANSAS GAZETTE. Pointed Prayer Many leaders In private life have joined church men in urging Ihe nation to do more praying over its troubles at home, and the turmoil that the world has fallen into. This is good advice. But, as someone has said, the fault In much of our praying is that we ask for miracles, while we fail to do nil that we might do lo make conditions better. It Is. he added, as if we asked, "Oh, Lord, grant lhat twice two be not four." . We might all usefully think of a few words from a prayer by the chaplain of the United States Senate, the Reverend Peter Marshall: "Help us, O Lord, when we wnnt to do the right thing, and knew not what it Is. But help us most when we know perfectly well what we ought to do. and do not want lo do it." To do what \ve know we should do would end a lot of our troubles. —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. SO THEY SAY Looks Like an Exciting Finisn MONDAY, MARCH 22, 1943 Starlings Continue to Pester Washington Despite All Efforts THE DOCTOR SAYS By Hitman w. Nichols UriKerl I'rcss Sfaff Correspondent WASHINGTON, March 22. (UP) —Your Congress has done about everything to control the starling menace here and elsewhere—excert pass a law. And it may do that JT ? ft, gencratlon "S°. a'was tried ,11 means or gin ng he bfrd one of the most Important causes Small boys were hlrr-d famarcn of illness 82id death rhmiurhnut nMn.t.Mtr; i,A\,..' ° .'° m ? r . cn> Now we know enough to eliminate' tuberculosis completely. This should The birds seemed to like it ami Condons Wife's Views on Russia Among Those Cited to Support Charges Against Scientist After-Dinner Conversation the danger oVspre'adTs grStly^de- ; « f %1 "f """if c <"»»itt« on creased. Even in advanced sUges i ™ SUh> e '?" "i 1 " 1 .-" .^olutlonavy modern methods of treatment are highly effective. BCG Vaccination A recent development in the campaign agniiisl, tuberculosis is the re- Health, etc., with idea recently, starling birth control". Shocking, but practical. Dr. Adams' plan was to place pans of grain. floating in oil, around nesting grounds at the breeding season. vlval of a method of vaccination! Mama starling, he reasoned, with a substance called BCG. BCG, I w °utd catch oil in her feathers standing for "Bacillus of Calmetle • wn ilc bobing for a kernel of corn and Guerin," Is obtained from a ~ aild even at these grain prices it type of tubercle bacillus or germ would be worth the trouble. Th?n originally taken from the milk of sll «'d go home to sit on her egg?, tuberculous cows in 1906. dripping goo on same. The oil, the This vaccination was first used ! doctor thought, would get into the many years ago. Because of an un- ' pOrcs ° r tne e &? s ancl tne e 8gs fortunate accident due to careless ] wouWn ' t hatch. They tried It, and in handling It in Germany nearly so fnr as can be detcimined there are just as many starlings as ever. I what he knew about Tito, Jugo-i , Joe Rush remembers he led off|s)avia and the Russians. the discussion, summarizing views of the scientists who had worked on the atomic bomb. He cited the The Silent Dr. Condon Rush and Seaborg kept out of all - ' this sian By Peltr Erf-ion INKA Washington Correspondent) WASHINGTON— (NBA)—There were from 15 to 20 guests present at Mrs. J. Terry Duce's dinner party at which Mrs. Bmlle Condon Is said lo have uttered some violently ,._ pro-Russian sentiments. Mrs. Con-I for international control's.' "seaberg ! a""wh'isper"asked Mr. Duce why he, don Is the w|f e of Dr. Edward U.i followed with more of the same. didn't ask some questions and he Condon, director of the National t Sam Shaffer says he raised the whispered back that h'e didn't want 20 years ago, its use was practically stopped. Recently, however, the U. U. public Health Service and other organizations have revived Interest in BCG. By all these means which are now available, wt should be able to elim- altogether. As there are any victims of the disease anywhere in the world, there k some risk. The sooner the campaign can be made nate tuberculosis long, however, as effective everywhere, therefore, the It will be for all. More, maybe. ,The birds arc still messing things up and making more noise than all of the Washington taxicab horns put together. Well, sir, I'm here to report that maybe we have got thing licked. Which ought to be goad news for everybody, since the starling robs tile farmers of millions of dollars worth of grain a year. But I said Note: Dr. Jordan Is unable to answer Individual questions from — „..^ .,.„....„ „•_....-. »n, ^...^n uni, i ma tvuoamu iii Kumuui. DBnalOr i ,1 *_r «_ _. i_ fact that there was no defense Hatch'and Dr. Condon didn't say '^" S '^^TTh, ~?% S '^ *'!' tinner* *i.n .,,*„. ...i...,,,..* II,,. —-.j ii_, _.. . __ _ J answer one cii Iflt most freaiient- against the new weapon, the need anything all evening Mr T Duce ' Bureau of Standards, whose "association with foreign agents" is now question of how there could be in- any part of the performance be- being Investigated by the House sians ternatlonal controls when the Rus- were atcing the way they Un-Amerlcan Activities Commit-1 were. Mrs. Condon, -who is little, tee. Dr. Condon has denied the dark and vivacious, had brought charges and demanded public hear- her knitting along. She was seated Ing to clear his record. in the center of the group her The guests included: Sen. Carl A.! needles flying. She came to the cause he didn't like the way the talk was going. Only one of the guests remembers that there was any discussion of sharing the secret of the atomic I bomb with the Russians. Senator Hatch. Congressman Mundt, Rush, answer one of the most ly asked questions In his column. » • • QUESTION: Does a constant of pressure in the breast weakness and ner- causc tiredn vousncss? ANSWER: It Is hard to tell'what this means, but unusual sensations do cause nervousness and fatigue. Hatch (0. N. Mex.,, Congressman Mian's deflnseTmaking a Ilron ~ r TnT^'d "? ^ Karl Mundt (R., S. Dak.). Con- argument for efforts to co-operate | fnl t "nrone went that far Rrnh gresswoman Edith Noursc Rogers with them. ^' f" 5 ,°"l..*! n L t - h l' f t r . R "! h rat Ogi (R., Mass.). Scientists present Included Glenn P. Seaborg, ol California, co-discovere of plutonium, and Joseph H. Rush, secretary- treasurer qf the Feden Atomic Scientists. James R. Newman, counsel fi _. Sen. Brien McMahon's Atomic En- j responsible for his wife's remarks crgy Committee, was there. Niv-iin after-dinner conversation, at a men was one of the principal draft- I gathering called for the express pur- ers of the present atomic energy'l pose of discussing a controversial law. Condon was the committee's | subject, chief of staff and scientific adviser. it's a fine point, as Congress- says that giving the bomb to the I No one can recall anything spe- Russians was never any part of I cific that Mrs. Condon said but the Federation's program. 15' Fears Ago In Blytheville — came awayj Rush felt that the evening had „_.. . a fal i ure Because the talk had . so much about Russia. As the secretary- ' vv(th the j mpre5s { on that Mrs . Con . t fami •atlon of i d(m vras pretty pro . Russian . What- .been „_ .... „„ „,_. „., ul<= | ever she said, the question raised > party was ' breaking up, however, or: is whether a husband can be held Congressman Mundt told Rush how Samuel Shaffer of Newsweek, several more writers and a few other guests were there. Nobody remembers who they were. Vaguely one guest remembers "a very young scientist who looked like a tall Sinatra, but wasn't. None remembers the exact date. It was sometime early in 1916. Anyway, cocktails were served, they had a delicious roast beef dinner, and then went Into the drawing' room for coffee arid high balls. Impressed he was by the young scientist's remarks and asked him to talk before the 70 Club, made up of Republican freshmen in the 16th Congress. Rush later spoke to the Speaking of Jig Saw Puzzles, Harvey Morris has one that makes him the envy of all his friends. More than a year ago Harvey received a gift from his sister, a nurse in i naval hospital in China. In this box there were a thousand pieces of plywood, but neither Harvey or members of his family were interested in putting »11 those little pieces together. When the recent man Mundt admits. A husband can ' lost ground" "76 Club and "made up for some | craze started the puzzle was opened up and has finally been worked out be held responsible for debts con- j Congressman Mundt Is ranking I a 't er days of labor. When complet- tractcd by his wife, unless he mates! Republican member of the House I cd it covers the top of a card table a public disclaimer. But one spouse cannot be forced to testify against Un-American Acitivties Committee. He presides over the full commit- the other. Mrs. Condon, in now' tee in the absence of Chairman J. declining to try to remember whatlParnell Thomas (R., N. J.), who is making a venitian scer.e. she said that evening, has the right not to talk about it. , recuperating from illness. MunULI i says he did not make a report to Congressman Mundt remembers • the committee on the Duce dinner that at the time he "wondered who ! But he says some of the commit- thnt friend of Uncle Joe's was.". tee Investigators might have heard Mundt says he "popped off" on I him discussing it. diamond tricks. West overtook the opening lead If the trick works, we can then thank a man named Hays I,. Berger. He has invented a mechanics* owl a former stuffed owl. When h^ saw a stuffed one wouldn't work he took the stuffing out and inserted electrical insidas. He places this critter on top of a building and plugs it in. The owl begins his motor-propelled act. His head turns and his glass eyes blink a. warning. First time out, one of the bravest members of the starlin; family tried friend owl out, That was the wide-eyed one's time to do a little wing-flapping, which It did. The experiment, was performed on the treasury building where for years the starlings have made a home. Mr. Berger loaned his owl to the money people lor three nights running. There hasn't been a itar- Hng around the place since. Th« inventor says that although the birds are smart when it comes to laying and hatching eggs, they Bra awful dumb in the memory department.. They'll come .back. But so will Mr. B's head-bobbing, wing-flapping owl. This owl does everything but hoot. And if the starlings get too sassy, Mr. Berger had figured out a wav< to give his bird a hooter. Mechani- ' caily. Political Announcements The Courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidates, subject to the IN HOLLYWOOD BV ERSKINE JOHNSON' NEA Staff Com.»6iioi!(fcnt •••*••••••••»••••••• By Irskine Johnson ,bara Bel Geddcs are munificent NEA Staff Correspondent j in "Mima." Along with "The Naked I HCLLYWOOD <NEA) — For the t City." these pictures will have some of the cunent Oscar candidates blushing. McKENNEY ON BRIDGE first t'.me in her film career. M:\ri:* Montez is enthused about one of her own pictures. "Usually," she told me, "1 went to my previews ant! then went home and cried for an hour. t was never sctisfied with myself." But it's different now with "Atlantis," which introduces Maria and .... „ her husband. Jenn Pierre Aumonr,, ' holding out for a big raise in sai- as a i.ew romantic team. jary. A f e«; 'Anti-Revoke 1 Roy Rogers and Republic are sttU Deck HciS 4 ColOl'8 or the king of spades with the ace, general city election, April B: and and Gushing refused to ruff, dis- the Democratic Primary. July 20th carding a club. West came back a ritj August 3rd- with the lack of spades, and Cush- Ing discarded the nine of clubs. Now a small club was led by West, Gushing finessed the queen, and then he saw that what he had thought was the ace of hearts was actually the- ace of diamonds. He pulled four rounds of trumps and the balance of his tricks were good. If he had ruffed the first spade, he might have found it more difficult to make even five hearts. talking contract on what they call n "friendly basis." But Roy has his six-shooter under the table and i3 Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin, all three, have been the direct products of the concentration of economic power.—Sen. Joseph c. o'Mahoney (D) of Wyoming. • • » » We old-timers can slip In a note or leave it ouU-we can get away with murder.—Arthur Ruberuleln, pianist. • « • Why <Jo Soviet spokesmen U!k ta Incessantly of war? Soviet dictators, like all dictators, want to keep their power and Increase It. To do IhU they must make 11 appear that Soviet peace Is endangered—John Foster Dulles, Republican adviser on foreign iffalrt. » » • The whole chance for world peace and the future of the United Nations rests with success of the Palestine partition plan—Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt. • • • I »m not leaving the Democratic P»rty; It left me.—Sen. Olen H. Taylor ID) o( Idaho, Joining WalUc* ticket. Maria is showing the film to all her friends and announcing: "A^ last, Maria Montez can call herself an actress." Preview audiences, 1 hear, arc agreeing with her. $64 question: Was that Jimmy Stewart and Jane Wyinan in a dark corner of an out-of-the way San Fernando Valley restaurant? • » • You can't K\> that dept.: A rn- rlin quiz master, handing out bubble Rum to the kiddies. Inoccntly crarkcd the other night Iliat It was technicolor bubble sum. Next day attorneys for Technicolor caller! on Ihc radio network ant) threatened suit next time anyone referred to anything except tech- nicolor as technicolor. The network is now burning— In techni- color. * • • Kecnan Wynn is compiling a book of modern Jo'<cs for publication. Wonder If he has any about Van Johnson . . . There's more tlia.i ' meets the eye to Jean Hcrsholt's quiet announcement thai he wl'.l not be a third-time candidate for the Academy presidency. The politics connected with the job were wearing him down. Faith Renewed After seeing a couple of recent new pictures, I've renewed my faith in Hollywood's ability to make gooi pictures. UI's "Another Part of the Forest' 'and RKO's "I Remember Mama" sre great movies— the former tor adults and the latter for all members of Ihe family down to six-year-old Junior. Tredrlc March. Florence Eldridge, Dan Duryen, Ann Blyth and Ecl- Gloria Jean. Just 21. has completed two pictures within a month. Surrender IJear" and By William E. McKfnney America's Card Axthority Wrillen for NBA Service j A very interesting new deck of [ cards ivas placed on my desk a few An eight-cylinder auto operated 10.000 miles will open and close the Ignition poi'itts 120.COD.OOD times. ; During 1946, 21,800 persons lost j their lives through accidential I falls. . FOR ALDERMAN (First Ward) Jesse M. White Harry Taylor L. C. (Bud) posey Jr. (Second Ward) J. L. (Jodie) Nabers FOR CITY CLERK Larry Kneas W. I. (Bill) Malin COUNTY TREASURER Frank ,Whitworth COUNTY COURT CLERK Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shippen STATE REPRESENTATIVE Leslie N. "Dukie" Speck . uu ..,..„,-. ..... ..., u w ce-,, he-art of the Blues." . . Joan I «"?r Playing Card Company, each Crawford Is so excited about her : m . m a mtfclcnl color - l lla vc seen school teacher role in -MLS.S ™" y n " cw Ide ?, s , ".' ™ rds in the - Scientist O'Brien" that she's going to the ftudio atinojt every day lo sit in on the story conferences. On the Ball Brian Donlcvy is the financb.l i angel behinn a new bawling alley at 1 Palm Springs, Calif. He's been behind an eljlvt ball for so long it ; must be nice to be behind a bowiin.; \ ball for a change. . . . Prediction: I Bob Preston's career Is due for a big lift because of his minister role ' in "The Big City." Asfde to the ftafe of Missouri: Martha Ross, the granddaughter of your late Judge Michael Ross, Is In Hollywood for a film career. She arrived complete with A French poodle, underslunjr, car and a mink and landed a role In Ihe Bob Curnmings film, "Let's Live a Little." . . . i Political note: Warner Brothers • have booked "The Unfaithful" Into | Argentina. . . . Back to normal [ note: The guides to movie star i homes are increasing so fast Ihcrc i may be more guides than homes. | During the war. mcst of them were working at the .Douglas or Lockheed airplane plants. past 20 years. All ol them went by the vayside except the narrow (|C-:K we use for bridge. However, e \i with i he narrow deck players fra- *KQ95 * 107 ¥ AQ8 « KQJ 4 J 10 8 5 .1 Tournament—N'-S vul. South West North East 1+ S* 4V 4* Pass Pass 5 4 Pass 5 V Pass Puss Pass Opening—4 K 22 mund great Dunne, Oscar Homolka and Bar- O'Brien contribute some acting lo "PoveM." Ircni Loughlintle the name given lo a newly discovered mineral, ft has an asbestos-like appearance and occurs in low-grade oil shale that contains crystals of shorlite. queiUly mis-sort. The new Porcolar deck shoulti eliminate many rc- vckcs. For example, see what happened In today's hand. There ws a crowd \ of kibitzers around Jack Gushing, a : fine pla.ier from New England, when I he bid Ihe North c.iids. They ex- ] peeled him lo go lo six clubs Jr J six diamonds. | But Gushing was not seeing hu j hand correctly. The ace of dla- j monds was with Ihc heart suit, and he stopped at five hearts became I he was afraid they wouia be off two | HORIZONTAL. 1 Pictured U S. government scientist. Dr. William 8 He works for the of Standards 14 Interstices 15 Constructs 18 Grit 17 Domesticate 19 Narrow way 20 Compass point 21 Sends 23 Owing 24 Eye (Scot.) 25 Exist 28 Tellurium (symbol) 28 Near (ab.) 29 Fear .31 Speed contests 33 Be mistaken 34 Age 35 Swelling .17 Change 40 Atop 41 Plura! suffix 42 Mine 43 Virginia (*b., 44 Underworld fod 46 Endures 51 Wrongdoing 52 Followers 54 Lily genus 55 FUvor 56 Middle 58 Open gallery 60 Natural fats 61 Realms VERTICAL, 1 Assembled 2 Expunger 3 Inheritable faclor 4 Deity 5 Hebrew deity 6 Price 22 FJows 7 Suture -. _, .. . S Vegetable 2> Flatboat 9 Abraham's 27 Soon home 30 Lamprey 10 Corded fabric 32 Feline 11 Habitat plant 35 Waist form 36 Joins 12 Harmoniie 38 Show 13 Escorts 39 Cooksloves It Note of scale 45 Remitted 21 Reparation 47 Sailors 48 Man's nickname 49 Memorandum' 50 Consider 51 European river 53Saintc (ab.) I 55 Three (prefix) 57Compara!ive suffix 59 Republic (ab.)

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