The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 6, 1934
Page 5
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TUESDAY, 6, BLYTHEVtLLE, (AKK.) COURIER NEWS,. FA01 FIV» here's how UNCLE SAM can help you Modernize Your Home: F OK several years past, homes all over America have been steadily going- down hill.Muriy property owners have been unable to pay for normal upkeep and repairs. A far greater number have delayed the larger improvements which mean better housing and better living. • You, yourself, are the best judge of whether your home •should be more desirable with a new coat of paint, a new roof, additional plumbing, lighting fixtures or heating equipment. You know what would improve the appearance, reliability, livoability and efficiency of your home or business property,'. Now is the time to make those "improvements. The National Housing Act was designed to improve your property and increase'its value and usefulness. Through one of the simplest and most reasonable systems of financing ever devised the Act makes it possible for you to make delayed repairs and provide better surroundings for your family. ESTIMATE FROM THIS LIST THEN APPLY FOR YOUR LOAN 14 Answers to your Questions about Modernization Credits WHO MAY APPLY? Any property owner, individual, partnership nr corporation with a regular income from salary, commissions, business, or other assured source. It is not necessary ti> be a depositor in the financial ir»;titution consulted. TO WHOM 1)0 I APPLY? To any Financii! Ji.^litulion approved by llic Federal Housing Administration; or to a contractor or building supply dealer. HOW MUCH MAY I APPLY FOR? From SlOflO to $2,000, depending on your income, for Improvements on any one property, HOW LONG MAY NOTES RUN? For any number of montlts from one l« live years. However, the term of the notes depends entirety on the discretion) of the financial in! tRiilion which may at its option require loans to be repaid over sach lesser periods as justi- . fied by the amount .you- can reasonably, af- • [ • ford t» iviy each month. '-• • •I' '"Vfti'A'f SECURITY 'IS- REUIJIKED? That you have an adequate regular income. and a good credit record'in your commurity. Oilier security may be accepted If deemed neccuviry by the financial institution to facilitate extension or credit; or if required by Ihe Ia« governinsr certain inslitutiors. (i. WHAT ASSURANCE NEED I GIVE? la) That you own the property. Ib) That the annual gross income ot the tinners or the note Is at least five times the annual payments to lie made on the note. jc| That your niorlgage, ir any, is in such standing that the financial institution is justified in approvir^ the loan. ' Id) That you will use the proceeds solely tor property improvement. 7. WHAT SIGNATURES ARE REQUIRED ON THE NOTE? Signature uf Ihe properly owner; and (except in special cases) it (he owner is an individual and is married, also signature or wife, or liutband. No other co-signers or erdorscrs ' arc required, unless ncccsnry to facilitate a loan which could not be made otherwise. 8. WHAT IS THE COST OK THUS CREDIT? The financial institution may not collect as interest and/or discount and/er fee of any- kind, .1 total charge in c\cess of an amnunl equivalent to S5 discount per 5100 original face amount of a one-year note, payable ill mui.llily installments. Charge for longer periods than one-year is on the same basis. !). HOW 1)0 I I'AY THE NOTE? By making regular, equal, .monthly payment; (seasonal payments for farmers) until the note is paid in full. IB. MAY THE OWNER OK ANY KIND OF PROPERTY AIM'LY? Applications will be considered for credit to improve, ore-family, two-family, or oilier rcsi- <lc>ifcjt; apartment buildings, stores, olTicc buildings, factories, warehouses, farm buildings. 11. WHERE 00 I MAKE PAYMENTS? The regular installment payments mill be made in perron at the p?.lee of business of the linancial iritllution; or by mail; or as otherwise arranged. No payment shall be made to any governmental office or organization. 12. MAY I PAY THE NOTE IN -FULL BEFORE MATURITY DATE? ' Yes, at any time. ,\ reasonable rebate will be allowed for prepayment. If charges have been collected irr adronccv : J3. MAY I MAKE MORE THAN ONE PAYMENT AT A TIME? Vcs, as many as you n-fch, but such payments thoiild be in, exact multiples of Ihe agreed paymcnfs—(hat is ir monthly payment is SIO, l.irgcr payments should total S20, S.TO,' etc.— not, for example, odd sums such as JIB ur J23. 11. WHAT IF'I AM LATE IN MAKING MY PAYMENT'.'- : The makir must not permit his payments' ta fall In arrears. Should a payment b« more than 15 e'lyj late, the Rranclal Institution's expense," caused thereby, should ,be reimbursed in, part at the rate of not more than five cents per dollar for each payment In arre.irs, Persistent delinquency will mike ft necessary for the firu»clal Institution to take • proper steps to effect coltatlon IB full. ; Here } are some of the things you can do! FLOOUS Install walcr-proof flooring in vcsliliuk-, hall, kitchen, pantry. [Use linoleum, rubber, asphalt, or combination tile.) Instill hulhroimi floor, base, tiaiascoaliiig mid nails using lite or glazed wall covering Replace broken or louse flour hc.inlf. Lay new wnoil floors am- old flooring. Repair floors. Kliminate creaking. Mosaic or ceramic tile in bathroom. Sheath and install flooring in attic. WALLS >lcji»ir leakage. Uc-slucio rnirkol or fallen portions of ;,lucco walls. Itci»ir or replicc loose boiirds or open Joints in siding. Itcpaint hlhtered, cracked »r peeled surface!,. C'ovcr «-all surfaces. Cover siding or stucco willi shingles or new Eiding. Check framing timbers. Repair or rcplue cornice, wood trim, frames. If masonry walls, caulk aroui.-l duur and window frames. Flash over frame c.qia. Install insulation between slmls. Install lirr- Elopping at juncture of allic and sluddin:;. Inspect rollers nrrf replace rolled members. KITCHEN Check ventilators. Install ventilating f;in. Cover drain hoards and sink lop with rubber, linoleum er other material. KcmiKlcl kitchen, Irntall new sink, kitchen range with hood, work table space. Install panlry sink fur wishing dishes. BuiM kildicn cupboards, breakfast nook, ironing hoard and drop (able, panlry shelves, new place for electric rcfrij- cralor, ice delivery receptacle, cupboards .-uirt storage space, cascmcrl windows over sink, broom, mop and cleaner closet. Huubisli chute. HEATING I'ainl mdiators In match walls. Huild in bathroom healer. Concealed radiators. Add air humidifiers. Build new modern fireplaces. Build window seals over radiators. Kep.iir fireplace, bucking with llre-rcsisling malcrials. Insulale wood from c!i!jnr*ys. Install ash dump in flrepticc. Provide Ibcrmostatic controls.. Check and improve heating system, Installing dacls, registers, incre:ising radialioll. Chcvk piping, replace worn valves, traps. Install modern hr.iling system. Rcplaix or repair furnace or boiler. Install pipe coverings. Renew crate bars and liri-. brick. BATHROOMS Install towel rods. .M:<k<: halriimmis sanlliuy wllli large sheets, placed dlicclly over wnlls mill ceilings, lavatories ullh |i| e finish. I'aill- lion for Hililitlonal balhrotmi. Install soap dispensers and tillicr inuileni conveniences. PLUMBING Install separate, shower skill, Ufa cnni|Kirl- mcnt or rriidy-miiili-. Iteubcc "111 loilcl M-als, Itutall rusl-nnmr pipes. Attntli indirect hiMt to slcam boiler for 1ml walcr. Check nipinj;, drain, cocks. Rml nut sewers <iind ilraiiu. Lay r-lpu Hues tii s-lrilrn. milhnusW Ucplucc nhf.olclc bathronms. liilchcn, hllinilry (ixlurcs. InElall tile drairiiigc around founcklioiis Iq prevent tec»agc. Install ileoilor.ini cc|Ulpmciil in hathroums. STAIRS llcplacc brolirn, Inosc or missing Iwllnslri.s. Add new wood (rails In stairway. Adil n\» " rail..- Irklall.s.lairnuy lu- ullit.,. ;l'rovidu/s;)ftly '„ Irtails on slcjis. Kcnindcl sliilrs :nnl -firu" escapes. Airiingi; exits of siiiUililc typts. WINDOWS-DOCKS 'Change In casement windows. ri.v ivlmliiw cups. I'lit i|rt Mnall-iKinc IHH. licpliirc. broken or cracked glass ,ic-]iutty panw. HV.iihcrelrtp all windows, doiirs. Inidlll new windows and diirincrii. Iltiilcl bay-winrlow ill living or diiiiriir mom. Install hardware on donrs anil windows. Huild rust-proof screens and repair old imcs, roll-type screens for out-oncnin; cas.emci^s. Install np-to-iNiti: front door. Itrpair and relit sticking doors anil windows. Cut inimmunifaling doors belwceu riloms. Install llorm sash. Itf place wmul panels wild gi.i«s panels. I'roviitc wii ilnw ventilators, (ransoms, vciililating devices in doois. Caulk around door ;iml irimluu- oircii- illgs. CAHAGE Kc[iair i;ar:i|;c doors, :IIM! auuly new hardware. Tracisfm-m .slndit cur swage Intu Iwu-iw, I.inn Riirasi! wllli walll>u.'m1. llullil new gui 1 "se In keeping with JIOIIM. Itullil Bums'; work bench, lool and implement cabinet. PORCHES l.ny MIc fhinrs. Inslnli iiuckagc receiver mill nnill hox. Install Ulunilnalcd riimljrr. I'.nlld nr cnlarte sun parlor. Itcinuvi: jwrcli fur incidcrii t-ntr.ince. |!ull,| n cw s i e ,, s . | n . Mall latli«! k work. Knrlou porch with frames »nd «rccn. I'riivldi: hivnil mil on steps. I'ro- vlilii swings. Allcr nraf Iliirs. CHIMNEYS Lengthen chimney to Improve draft. Tuck- I'uinl tiiMonry anil repair caps. Slrciiitheii" clilmney with tlu-rods. Cnulk or Bash auoul clilinney. floan or extern! Rues. GROUNDS ELECTRIC WALLS-CEILINGS Cover uld walls ami ceiling viilh walllniarel. Cover |i;in(rics ami rcfrigfralnr space, l.iuniliy ancl lavatory <\ith tile finish. I'accrl living ami dining roiim in wood, install muctcrn iiorirt trim, baseboards and woodwork. Panel snnll room for den or play , 0 nm. Install p.-irli- tions for allic .rooms. Finish wills and phslcr on walls and ceilings. Repair trilii. Kcplace mantels. Paint nr linisli Irlctiur wucd (rim :iml cabinet work. IViint nr paper |il:ii(cr and Knllhnnrd walls, c'eilings, wood iind metal work. Provide insulation In >vivn Ilti'l and to keep your home cool In summer. Install nitjikrn llglitinj system. Imiall ™n- vcnicnt outlets throughout l)w Instull twitches for wiling llxturcs. Install Ijcll or Intwcr tystcm. Itepalr ami rc-ulre light iiiui uowcr Insl.illallons. CLOSLTS-CUPI30ARDS Install c(iiri:r cnpliiiiird In dining room. Iluil;! olollics closet under -i>Ulrw;iy, lirooin, mop and cleaner eloscl; telephone ealilnel; additional clotct.s. uddltlimal shelves. Provide cabinet work-kllchen cnpliiKirds. Install electric llglils In cluscls. Insl.nll fruit uril jelly closets In pantry. ROOFiiNC-SHEl'/J 1 METAL-ETC. Cut_ ctfl' orerhangiiiR cavc,s .-mil cell C-IOSK to sldcwallt. Continue: tonf lines to cover porches. Hcplsce roof with decorative one. Itcpulr broken, loose or missing shingles. Kn- largc chimney. Kcplace rilsled or defcctlM-. Ihisliing. Replace skylight sish and frames, niHking them walcrtighl. Repair scuttles, trapdoors and oilier roof openings. Build splnsh lilcwks at end of down snouts. Itcp;iir niliri;s, sutlers, porches. He-roof with new materials. Insulate roof. • PAINTING I'nlnl i-xlcrinr wmirt t,itling, Irlm cornkr, col- niiins, windcms, dtrars; stain sliln;lr.s. Pniul .ill exposed sheet metal work except conjirr, nine or alumimim. Wliitcwnsh nr paint brick, cement ur stuccti. Install slllcticks for walcrlmt garden iir lawn, milling automobile. Install wa | cr pressure reducing valve. Pulnl outside -fences and lultlco work. I'alcii Inside of garage. Paint handles «Moiws. Arrange laundry drying yard mid screen II. Kill or drain" stagnant spots In Kroumls. Huild trellises, rose, arbors, seals, Huwcr boxes. Repair fences and Install sates. Install iccw decorative fence. BulM children's l>lay house. Adi); repair or widen drives, walks. Build shell fur garden (onls and equipment. Rod out clogged water lines and drains. MISCELLANEOUS I'ut on sliullcrs nil m(y llr i>ui,d. old "Hills; and shutters. Replace railings around lialconics. build new railings. A breakfast nook or alcove. Kxlra room in attic, recre.i- lloi', riioin in basement or attic. Build filed iKJokcasts in living room or dciii STRUCTURAL Caulking niasoniy joints makes brick, slonu and stucco houses <Just-llghl and holds heal Add new wing, itcncw or repnir column bases. Aihl new columrH. Slrcngtben or replace weak supiiorts. Ceil under llrst Hoor joists rbio slrcngthcrins, bridging tetwccn basement J'llEl. Inspect anil subslltuie permanent fouii- tollons for piers, posts, sills, floor joists hhcath ceilings with flrc-rclardinjr n»(eri*l. • Ucjvilr or renew floors. Install metal lath and plaster ceilings, raid, crac ks or breaks, repair weakened columns, beams and trussts, rcpnir, tigiilcn or replace loose connections', rcp'.ice or reinforce over-loaded members. Remove rust ami paint exposed steel or iron nicuibcra. HOME FURNISHINGS Ion can burrow miincy for ww linoleum floors Jiid olhcr permanent, non-movable home fur- nislilnss. for the Belter Housing prognm of (lie' Federal Housing Ailmiiiislration has cleared Uic p-ilh for ail of us to repair run down lioincs aril nuke tooil homes betle'r. Vou've liccn reading a lot abnnt tltc plan in (he pa- Iiera—now put it to work. ~' E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. i . • ' i '•-,.,-Arkmo Lumber Co. East Arkansas Builders Suppiy Co. Hubbard Hardware Co. Mississippi County Buildin " The Plumber Wafpole Electric Shop Hubbard Furniture Co. Chas. S. Lemons Furniture Co. Loan Association

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