The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 27, 1932
Page 7
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_TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 27, 1032 BLYTHEV1LLE, (ABK.) COURIER NEWS Classified Advertising Rat«a Minimum Charge 50c Count 5 Average Words to a Line Month rate per line, per month 60s Six times, per line per day . 05o Three thnu per line per day 065 One time per line 10: All Ads ruu irregularly take (he one time rate. YOU CANT RELY on "For Item Signs" but you can rely on Courier News' Waht-Ads lo rent that liouse or room. FOR SALE FIRST CLASS waterproof covers [or trucks and wagons. Carney Awning companjv' Phone W3. np-kOct 17 FOR SALE AT HAU, PR ICE-Universal valve refacer and Hall Uni• versa! Hone, two sets of rocks. All practically new. J. C. Clmpiii, Ms•v nila, Ark. . 27p-kUO FOR SALE—Household turnUuro. Call 715-W. 27c-k6 FOR SALE Milch Cows and Heifers Some stock pyjs at Barn south ot' Canning Factory. R. M. Beck FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, Arcola licat and garage. 1007 Walnut street, Phone 631. 21c-kW FOR RENT—Furnished front bedroom, adjoining bath. Call 419W. 21c-k28 WANTED WANTED TO RENT-House with Arcola heat, "it", care of Courier News. 25C-K^D WANTED ,TO RENT—Three room unfurnished apartment. Close in. "B" Courier News. 21ck30 HELP WANTED MAN with car wanted to supply customers with famous Watkins Products In Blythevllle. Business established, earnings average $25 weekly, pay starts immediately. Write J. H. Watkins Company, 7066 W. Iowa Avc., Memphis, Tcnn. . 2CP-K27 HELP WANTED—Two live wires lo sell house to house. Old reliable firm. 131 East Dougan. 24p-k28 WANTED-Rcliablc colored boy to help In shop and make deliveries Apply at Fluffy, Doughnut Shop, Ash street between Broadway and Fifth. • . • 20x-kW SITUATIONS WANTED WANTED—Position by young man, college graduate. Several years selling and office experience. ',C" Courier News. 21P-K30 STOKE FIXTURES FOR SALE OR TRADE—Lupton show case, bins, shelving and ttre rack. Phone 202-w. lup-k 10-1U TO THOSE seeking Jobs the Courier News Want-Ads offer a. result producing service at low cost. Phone 306. FAKM LANDS SMALL FARMS FOR SALB-At ?20 to $30 per acre. Well located, cleared and Improved. Laind produces 3-4 to i bale cotton per acre and corn and other crops in .abundance. Phone 197, G. U. Caudill. 26c-k-tf AUTOMOTIVE FOR -SALE—OTVD Chevrolet 'sedan, 1930 moM. In A-l condition, just completely overhauled, neu- pistons nev rings, good tires. $275 all cash. Meyers Bros. 24c-kl FOR SALE-SAVE on Goodyeat Tires and Tubes, auto accessories, new. and rebuilt batteries; Mo-' tortne Oil, He quart. Wolf Arlan, Phone 176. 16ck-0ct. lb FOR SALE—Model "A" I'/. Ton Ford Truck. Perfect condition. Very reasonable. John C. McHaney. Jr., -The Monument Man". 23c-k-TF Sinclair Gas to oil. Greasing; wasri^ - >n e. U. S. .Tires. Day and Night Service. Phone 535. 24p-kOct 24 WANTED TO SELL—J82 credit on Modd "A" Forrl for $50 cash or would trade in on good used Fcrcl car. Mrs. Cross, 216 W. Davis. 26P-K29 For Sale Cheap Graham Paige 1930 Sedan Good running condition, looks good and will give excellent service. Priced low for quick sale. Kyle. Recce At City Hall. 20C-Kti FOR REM FOR REXT-Furnlshed apartment. 106 West Kentucky, Phone (183 1GC-K-TP FURNISHED house, five rooms "Mi. garage, servant house I30f -a. Call 63 or 28fl. Idcktr 19c-klO-ll OPEN AT NIGHT Ford Repairs Wrecker- Service MOTOR CO. t HO-171 W E R T «E MAKES 'EM SEE ontce Over Joe Isaac's Store • SECOND HAND FURNITURE 8e« Us Vini R. J. Dodson See Weisburd And S«e B«a€r EYES TESTED PRICE And Glasses Fitted 1 SPACE FOR LEASE YOU CAN lease a space like this every .day. in the • month, at -low cost. Phone 306. '. JUNK, HIDES, ETC. WANTED—Junk or "all kinds, hlrie- iron, copper, brass, aluminum anc lead. Wolf Arian. Pconc 176. 16ck-Oct. 16 LOST LOST—Pointer Dog, solid liver lick Reward for return to Jimmlc Ledbcltcr. . 27C-K-TF LOST—Reward for return of Billfold ' containing Tennessee "embalming license curd. Howurc Davis. . Meyers Bargain Store. ' : ' ' 27P-K3C FOUNU I A WAY to convert old furniture 'clothes, and other unwantec items In your home into"" ready cash. Phone .306 and aslr-'*!re Want- Ad Taker—she'll give you ful details. ' . • '• IH)ULtRY CUSTOM HATCHING —Beginning Sept. 12th. Baby Chicks, Del 3rd. Marilyn Hatchery, BIytheville SC-KTP LIVE STOCK FARMERS liaving livestock to iell or if they desire lo buy they will find it convenient and economical to use Courier News Want- Ads. HOMECRAFT Sec our new attachment for making Slngercraft rugs. We teach you Singer Sewing Machine Co. 10pkl019 YOU CANT RELY On "For Rent Signs" but you can rely on Courier News Want-Ads to rent that house or room. HOTELS •THE GOFF"—It's a good hotel. Cafe in connection. 23c-k Ocl 23 KESTAURANTS Visit Geo. 'Wright's Wall Street Lunch, located in Greyhound Bus station. g-15 ck 10-15 BEST EATS in town. Open (lay nut! nighl. Green Beetle Caie. Mrs. J. W. Wrishl, Prop. 23p-k Oct 23 GARAGES EXPERT MECHANICS anj Wrecker Service. Peoples Garage. Phone G05. 21P-K Ocl. 21 DRUGGISTS l-OR I3RUOS go lo Ihe St. Francis Drn* Co. Now localcd on Ash Street near 5lh. 23C-K Oct 23 REAUTY PARLORS EXPERT BEAUTY Service. Per- mnr.cnls $3.50 up. Powder PufT ncauty Parlor. 21P-K Oct 21 .YOU CANT RELY on "For Rent Signs" but you can rely on Courier News Want-Ads to rent thai house or room. Weds One Hour After Divorce PERU. Incf. (UP)— Within an hour after obtaining a divorce from her first husband, the former Mrs Chester Gwinn obtained a license lo wed Carl Hubert Douglas. Dumbwaiter AWed Escape PORTSMOUTH. N. H. (UP)— Al- cltlc Macous. serving a sentence foi breaking and entering, escaped from tr.e Rockingham county jail thr.i a dumbwaiter In the jail kitchen, BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufcr ro6TOAU.Te.AM C VoR. vjJllH FRoM THE BEU> ..... IN HIS KlCKlNe BooTHE 5 CARRIED A Nofe OF-&IOXSASEHENT «)«> WAS ILL fW UNABLE To GAME on a charge of cashing a »25 check drawn on the closed SUtc Bank ol Hammond, Clark admitted Uw forgery. "I did It," lie said, "to get even with tlic crooknl linkers mid Ho- publlcuu adiiiliilslrnlion that |Hit till* country in llic stiape it now u In. I'tcsldcHt Hoover Is chiefly responsible und i( rm out of here by November Ml sure cast tiiy vote Biilnsl him." Ho paused to brenlli. "All rluhl, two to H years, 1 ' said Judge smith. "One vo!o lew lor KOOSCVflt," Children Hud Rakbow's End KSTES I'ARK, Col, IUP)-^Chil- dren, who cajcrly «rck the i»l ot liuld at the ialnbow'3 end, frequently huvo mi opportunity to lullow tlieir desires In Bates Park. Halii)»«-s, niter the almost dally mountain showers that occur, often vest out end of the bmv on « neighbor's porch, and In cue of tho nearby pastures, 'Hie little village la situated In ' " • , a bowl—surrounded by iy,000 and 1)1,000 ted high, fha arch of * raUitxw 1» almost within reach, and the nearby nlllsWej ulten nre viewed through a shimmering veil of .colors.. Square Duula( 1Hmu4 ' HOT SPRINGS, Ark; (UP)-Th* ban oil square dancln« In Oarlaixj county seemed justified to Acting Municipal Judge, Charles Harmon alter Arthur Morgan, 25, was brought In sitftcrliiK from cuts and oilier wounds Inflicted at a dance where they "swing their partners". When Dr. Carl 5.. Williams, formerly star quarterback .and later coach at- Pennsylvania, originated the lateral or backward pass, he started a football play that hns become famous as a, point scorer. Dr. Williams first used the play in 1902 when Perm, with a very light squad, defeated • a much slrongcr Cornell team; Bob Zupp- ke, Illinois coach, later employed the lateral with his Incomparable Red Grang« :: in iij2», and "sent that star over .{or his second touchdown against the sclHJol that ori»- iiialed the play. But the lateral was a costly play if it was.broken up in those days, [is was proven when Yale attempted it in that memorable game against Princeton in 1319. Princeton had tied Harvard the' week before. The team was doing a great comeback after teing defeated earlier at the hands ot Cornell and West Virginia. Yale, too, had been defeated, but if a. team in the Big Three managed to beat its othsr two rivals, itj season is a success no matter how many other games it lost. The Yale-Princeton game was 57 minutes old and the score stood tied at 6-6. Yale had the ball on its own 30-yard line. Tlw Prhicclon goal was too far to attempt a crop kick or flew goal. Yale' was desperate and resorted to a lateral. Kemplon, a Yale tack, started an end run. A Tiger man was about to make the tackle when Kcmpton tossed'the ball laterally lo Neville. But the Princston line was chnrg- LMCVAL >Ai* •m>-cn> ccp .!_ •*.-j.d Cashes Fake Chwki^- Lwes Right to Vote CROWN POINT, . Ind. (UP) — uvard Clark, G3. Hammond, whb ailmlUed he ensiled wortJil&ss chects "just lo i;c;l even wilh the crooked bankers and President Hoover' 1 lost his opportunity to cnsi a vole against the president ir\ ^ovcmhcr. Imtcnd lie will IK .servliis a two to 14 year sentence inlorced by Judge Martin J. smith,' of. Crlm- | iiial court, before whom Clark I voiced his disapproval ol the present administration. Appearing before Judge Smith g /fcvt-OB01C&T11W iVM* ^ .QIQ. Ing fast and hurried the piny. Before Neville reached t!'.c designated spot, HID ball slruuk the ground and came to a stop for a niomeiu. Parrlsctte. Princeton Inckle, and Schccrcr, Tiger Mlback, had crashed through tile line. P.irri- sett<; dove ni Kcmpton, putting him out ol play, ancl Scheeier picked up Ihe bobbling tall find rnn iinino- leslcd for the winning touchdown. Under present rules [Us score would not have been allowed, ns the ball would have teen dead at the point where it touched the ground. "s find just whit (hey want >n the classified s-cction O t Ihc Cr.itricr Iiavc a for rent ,, f phone 3M. GREETINGS, MY TAiKV QUEEN/I ^BNW ^EfaA.t> TB^fe 3O ~ a THE HOOPL6 CHECK HAS BOUNCED BACK I WAS WORRIED WHILE YOU WERE AWAY WORRIfeD T^IAT EACH TJAY A "FAST NOTE M\<bWT CX3M6 FOR MONEY, OR TOR ME ID SO YOUR BAIL &UPP<?&E TMAT YOU KNOW TODAY IS OUR. THIRTIETH , WHAT DO VOU TANCV I ARRANGED MV TOR, -BUT TO BE HOME TOR. THE CELEBRATION OUR . WHY, CERTAINLY/ Crano <XM I LET mrt GO. I. ' CQUt-PN'T ?ROV/e ' HIM. I COULDN'T 5HOOT WM XiST ON OLP FOX OUTSMAiR-TfcP M6. l.-ift61N6 6LUG AM 1 ' TrtM MUSS OT FEDS W\trt Ttttm FVSTS. WW, \TS ft WONDER THEY VOfKSNT K>UEP. ear, E&SV, tf HE WNS CAHOOTS U!\TV\ 'EM, eve; ^N' WHO TIED rtlNA UP' v^ 9^.^^£S, MO'. I'P BET MY IN WITH THOSE 61RDS. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ' KU MA'S SPEED THAW HAVE... LOOK HIM COME- HES AFTER "THE ALL S!6\>( VIM AT VNE'i-L. JUST AMD SEE HOVH HE'S ABOUT THS STUMT OF HIS.... LOOK! HE'S CUTTIW' £ OFF Mis MOTOR HE HAS A MIS UE> THEM HIS : '"' EMsfwe - A5AW, 1 TILTED. DO*t4t«AftDS HASED BY A STRAWSE PLANE, RILE/ AMD ARE INTENDED VICTIMS OF AM AIR. HOLD-UP..,. RILEY 6WES HER THE GAS .'.'

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