The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, February 7, 1938
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VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 270. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NKWSPAPKH OP NORTHEAST *I>K-AMQ»C, .«,* ,,~r, r*~* Blythevllle Courier BlyUievllla Herald Famous Tire Manufacturer, 70. h Found Dead In Bed MIAMI BEACH, FJa., Feb. 7. njl>) --Harvey s. Firestone sr.. lire imn- Wacliirer, died at his winter home here luduv. He was 70 years of age. Mreslcni: was found dead in bed! He had bseh hi apparent good health nccurding to members of the household. Announcement of the death was made by Russell Firestone, son of the manufacturer, who was at in? estate at the time of the death The body win be taken to Akron, Ohio lor burial later this week. Tlreslonc, who was born in Columbiana county, Ohio. Dec. so. 18G8. organized the Firestone Tire and liiiblier company, his chief enterprise, in Akron in 1900. Ktniiloyed Many Thousands The firm began with but 17 em- lilayes. rapidly expanding until more Ihan a quarter of a century later, it had more than 20.000 workers, exclusive of natives working on rubber plantations in Africa.' which Firestone developed as the rubber industry grew. Firestone, a leader in the rubber industry during Its rapid expansion, remained constantly on the alert until the time of his death for new uses and new fields for his product. The day he arrived for his annual winter stay at his ocean front estate, Hnrbcl Villa, Firestone en- vKnipri in an interview a day when 25 million farm vehicle from wheelbarrow to combine, would be rolling on pneumatic tires. Blythevllle Daily Mississippi Vnllay leader OP NORTHEAST v AIiKAN8Aa AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Says U, S. Navy Is To "Stand On Own Feet" WASHINGTON, Feb. 7 (U |>,_ Admiral WDJIam n. Leuhy, chief of naval operations, today told the house imvul ull'airs committee tlmi the United states licet expects to •sluiid on it own r«l" in iiullunul t di'lome. He dully denied uuy fur- I'ign co),nniiimem.s or umler.stund- fntis. "The navy Im.s no thought of „),. lalnlng assistance from any other imtlon." U-iihy said. "H lias no thought of giving assistance in the .solution O i y,,. pioblein.s or any other nation. "H lias no foreign ItlMllS," JN,YTIIKV1LLK, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, KIWKUAHY 7, 1938 ;est Wrecking Job 500 Families I,, Ddroil ! Area Forced To K\>;ir : u- : ale Muninoal Court Has Heavy Docket Today Municipal court docket was heavy with cases loday. Five defendants forfeited bonds, or pleaded guilty to charges of public drunkenness I.. O. Mitchell, who entered n lilea of grand larceny, was held to await Ihe action of circuit court. James Goodman. Cade Branson and Pat Patterson, who were charged with receiving stolen property, were released after, their cases were dismissed by (he state. John If. cKenzle. who stood trial on a similar charge, was found not gull- Slieridan Ashley forfeited a bond of $120.95 nil a charge of diivino- a car while under the influence" of intoxicating liquor. Tom Herrinsc- loa was fined $125 on n .similar charge. Charles Burke was fined $10 on a charge of disturbing the peace but his fine was suspended. Emerson Whitmore received Ihe same treatment in a similar case. A fine of $25 was meted Prank Moore when he pleaded guilty to n charge of pelit larceny. Joe Davis -received a fine of $15 for n similar charge. Cof;rn*n Heads Lepanto Business Men's Club I.iKPANTO. Ark.. Feb. S.—Senator T.iv.lf-n E. Coleman was named president of the Young Men's Bus-' inoss Ohm of Lcpanlo at a meet- in^ held Friday night. • Other officers named were.: Dr. M. Vise, first vice-president; E. G. Tfnzehvood, second vice president- John S. Mosby, publicity director; /HrtiKon Dawson. secretary, and Tlenton Garrctl. treasurer. The club will meet every second nnd fourth Tne«lay in each month, will be non-polttical. and devoted to civifi improvement. Stock Prices NFW YORK, Feb. 7. (UPI — Stocks moved • Irregularly lower to- <lny in dull dealings. Trading was at around the lowest pnce since last August. Soots closed quiet at. 872. off 3. A T & T 133 1-8 Anaconda Copper 29 1-8 Belli Steel 51 3-4 Boeln? Air 27 3-8 Chrysler 51 1-2 Cities Service 13-4 General Electric .' 381-2 General Motors 323-8 Tnternatlonal Harvester .. 60 1-2 Montgomery Ward 311-2 N Y Central 16 Packard 43-4 Phillips Petroleum 35 3-8 Hadlo 6 Schenley Dist 223-4 .Simmons 191-4 Eocony Vac , 15 Standard .Oil N j 481-8 Texas Corp 39 II S Smelt 67 If .S Sleel 50 5-a Chicapo Wheat open high low close Mnv !I4 5-8 95 3-8 S4 5-8 94 5-8 July SO 5-8 91 90 1-2 90 1-2 Chicaftn Corn May Ml 1-8 59 1-8 58 3-4 58 3-4 July' 60 GO 1-8 59 3-4 69 3-4 DETROIT, Feb. 7. ,ijl>)_More mn GOO families were driven from then- homes today lls Hwk eaa n«Kh broke ice jams ,„ rlvcl , s tDioiighoiit southern Michigan and sent lori-cnls raging over lowlands. A temperature jump to 58 degrees Sunday brought Ihundemonns, rain and hail on the heels of two near- record cold waves. Washed out bridges, flooded !ow- ands and homeless families were reported from Holland on the west north to the Thumb district nnd •south to Detroit. A"' huge ice jam blocked the mouth of the Clinton river near Mount, Clemens. Sheriff's deputies ought to evacuate still more fami- les after a night in which hundreds of homes were threatened A deputy said the only .serious damage so far was confined to livestock. Boats were being used to take refugees from their homes To Offer Group Hospital- i>Jdtion On Monlrily Payment Plan . The adoption of a group hospltal- ization plan was announced today by Michael A. Long, superintendent of the Blythevllle Hospital, who has signed (lie first such contracts with P. E. Pox, manager of the Blythe- vllle Laundry, and J. G. Barnes, of the NuWa Laundry-Cleaners' providing for the hospital care of all employes subscribing to the plan in cases of sickness or accidents. The idea of group hospltalization lias proved practical in other sections, but this marks the first trial of such a plan here. 'Hie plan to be used by the local hospital calls for the payment of a small sum for each employe, collected by Ihe employer of any group subscribing to the contract, who forwards it to the hospital at the end of each month. The employes are entitled to hospital care lor any and all kinds of accidents occurring on or off the Job. including X-ray service. All classes of medical and silrglcal cases are admitted to the hospital under terms of the contract except mental cases and highly contagious cases not allowed to enter general hospitals. A. special discount is granted In maternity cases. The plan docs not include the services of physicians or surgeons, Mr. Long pointed out. and patients given hospital care under the plan are expected to exercise absolute freedom ot choice in the selection of physicians or surgeons. One of the chief advantages of the plan is the fact Hint it serve* as a protection to employes who might not be able to enter a hospital for lack of funds and those who might delay too long the seeking of hospital care on account of the cost. Details of the hospitalization service nnd plan may bo obtained from Mr. Long. New Cottnn NEW YORK. Feb. 1. (UP)-COI- lou closed steady. open high low close Mar 851 May 8C2 Jul 869 Oct 880 Dec 886 Jon 889 853 8GS 872 882 887 889 848 858 865 876 1880 88-1 851 861 868 878 882 836n SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT! fl. F. OF L Ifi OUST IHREE DF IIS 1 intensification of Intru-Liiliov Warfim: \\c.\vi\ Cerliiin Smith Is Free Under *5,000 Bond A warrant i;liiirnlni[ i-mbr-»h>- ini nt <>l $lfi, nf [iiiblli- fmnl.H wii-i .served lodny on Aildlwm (•' t mill), lormrr deputy In chin-go ol (hi- <-h<-tili court clerk's olflci 1'iiiv. Smlih piY.inpilv iniuie bond In tin- imimml of - $!>,0i)fj lor his , n|,j)i ill-nun' for u-1,,1. I M iiimid mil. !»• iiNci'iliilncd ilcll- Uli'i -Tlii' "'"''I' "i'"' iilfmxicn whether I in., ),,. 0 . •/. I'l'di-rulhiii i'il r.iilKir',-x-j""' 1 '," 1 " 1 l "" 1 h ''<'» t-l'ivrd on millvu council Utility I'Mtc'lli'd Iriini' '"•'•'"'I 1 :. '>!' OsiTolii, misted mi inln-rsliH) In " " " ' fur So tlint it will not block (he Niagara river channel, workmen a btwl by Niagara's great ice Jam. into small have made footing slippery on Ihe slanting boards of Ihe bride operate Ihe acetylene torches used In cutting (lit- bridge girders must pry loose tin- roadbed planks with crowbars to unl , s l > xm . (ll] , alv llangel . 0|1 , W(n . kmu ,, ^»J.cio,,.v \\,, auirss lo Ihe slecl fraiiu-. POLICEJFFIKR State Commission Meets To Select Successor To Lafollette LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 7 (UP)—A meeting of the state police commission to name an a.sslstnnt superintendent, replacing Robert T. Lafollette, was underway this afternoon. LaPollettc, who was dismissed Saturday night by Superintendent Gray Albright, pt the commission's order, had not filed a protest with the commission; It had ben rumored he would. , _ At the time of his dismissal Lafollette said he would file a protest and ask a public hearin" AH charges imder which he was dismissed. Neither Lafollette or commission members would reveal the cause of his removal. Reliable sources said that Scr- gennt L. R. Briggs, who for the past four months has acted as bodyguard nnd chauffeur for Oov Bailey would be named to the place. No Confederate Pension , Before Fall Expecte'dj LITTLE ROCK, Feb. l.-Bccausc available funds nmsl Iw used to nay principal nnd Interest on outstanding bonds and to OIXTHIC the Confederate Home, there will be no payment of pensions lo Confederate veterans or widows of veterans until September or Oclober, Slate- Auditor j. osonr Humphrey hns announced. The last payment of Confederate pension. 1 : by the state comber. in De- Molor Sales Company, Inc. Will Dis tribute Plymouth, DeSolo Cars The Motor Sales Company Inc of Blythevllle. opened for business Saturday In ihe former coco Cola building, 135 West Ash street The neu- firm has the agency for the Plymouth and DeSoto automobiles. ITubery Seymore. of Kemwtt Mo., Is pre.-ildeiit and genem! ninn- ager of the Blythevllle n™ which is lo ui> an associate dealer mic!»r the E. K. Sttlegel company if (Kennelt. which is the dlslrllulor for (hpse curs In .southeast Mis- Canithci'sville Magistrate Was Hurt In Highway Mishap Near Mere Anbry Ellloll, SO-yoav-old Justice of ihe peace at Ciinitlmravlllo who \va;y Injured in n hlgliwny ricci- near this dry January 23 died at his home at eijjht o'clock Uiis morning. At '.he time o( the cccldent. lie wns no' belleveri to be.' seriously hurt and he was removed home after having been given first aid nt the Blythevillc hospital. Later, it wns discovcied that the. scalp wound was p. concussion of the brain and his condition had been critical since iiat- nrday. when eurcmlc poisoning developed. His car overturned wlicn a tiro b!cw out. At the time of the accident, the car was not traveling very fast and Ihe driver slowed the car down nnd shoulder . when u'HK on !l-e t overturned. No Bilbo Urges Western Senators To Help Defeat Anti-Lynch Bill WASHINGTON. Fol). 7 <U1>)- Senator Theo. a. Bilbo (Dem Miss.) resumed filibustering against the anti-lynchlng bill loday with a plea for western senators to aid in burying Ihe measure. "H wasn't long ago thai the senators from (he western coast were here urging senators from the soulh to help solve their racial problems on Ihe Pacific coast." Bilbo said "I predict Ihal it won't be mnnv years before you'll be hero -iimln wanting help; "I'm surprised that before this the senators from other sections have not come Id the aid of southern senators against this bill" Prospects for a vote on the anti- lynchmg bill continued slight with general predictions that it vould be laid aside later this week. Fire Causes Damage To Pastime Billiard Parlor Fire of unknown origin earned slight damage to the P« ,ne BM liard Parlor. 207 West J early this afternoon. Spots closed quiet at 861. on" 3. Livestock EAST ST. LOUfS, III. TVb 7 (UP)—Hcgs: receipts, UOOO Top. 9.00 Heavy weights, 8.60-9.00 Light weights, 7.00-810 Bulk sows, G.90-7.25 Cattle: receipts, 3500 Steers, 6.40-7.25 Slaughter steers, 5.75-875 Mixed yearlings, heifers. 0.00-700 Slaughter heifers, 5 50-7 75 Beef cows. 4.75-5.50 Cutters and I QW cutters, 3.50-4.15 Firemen were called to tin- Charles Bright house 719 we? Ash street, thl., morning when a spark from the flrcnlL IM « clmii :r afire, the dam Bgc was slish , one else was hijuial and the'ma- chine was not dumped. Funeral arrangements arc In- complelc pending word from relatives. Two sisters, Mrs. c.' I,. Wash., Woodard of Wnlla ' IVnllii and Mrs. Earl cillllnder, lon, Ore., left for Carutliei'svllle Saturday, by imin. nnd an attempt [s being iniiik- lo communicate wilh then] before milking _,. t «, v _. in.n; Him ,1^ will be joined by Mrs. Soymore wuliln a short lime. The home of. Ihe new firm is i slst«r.s Mrs- fnmrs"f pi.'.' tdng unproved and redecorated. 1 Mrs. Marine Cratvford "'alia Walla -- ...... -- v ..... daughter. Mrs. Halph Berryman also of CaruthcrsvlIlL'. two Appendicitis Fatal To Deering, Mo., Fanner l-evi Chlsrn, 30. farmer of near Deering, M 0 .. died at hk home Inte Saturday afternoon following a brief illness. He was stricken with appendicitis a few days prior to his death. Funeral services were held at North Snwba cemetery this afternoon wilh the Rev. J. i_, Ntwsoin pastor of the Gosneli Uainisi church, officiating. Mr. CWsm. who was rcnrcd in this city, is survived by his wife sons. Ed- Mrs. Emma Chisin. two . ward ana' Acie Kenneth, a daughter. Martha Ellen, of Deerlnp his , Mr. and Mrs. Ed Chlsm ot ..... brothers nnd other m nnd , both of TH ,, l n ' Kl " iTOllier. Joe tlllotl. also of that city native of Cleveland. Tcnn Elliolt moved to Pnragould A Nfi. .with his parents, the late Mr. and ,„ • 'H'Sldc-nl William tli' " " III 111! <TS union. The 1 tlrusllc roniMll ui Umti'd Mini' Woik- lll'lll^K Mid LvliviTii tin- <;, l. o,, •l.ilin I,. U-wls, nnd l liv . "I In- council irviiki'd tin- di U'l-.s or UK- United Mine Worker's union -which ],.«•!* lirnd.s- nnd lo which (ii-fcn hud belonged— the l-"i'iliMill.;n of Phil. cilns.s Workers mid the Inti'i-inillonal Union of 'Mini', Mill mid Smelter workers. declared In nnnniuuTiiii-nt llci'cd hope of fi'dciallon and t bt'tivi'cn Ilio he 0 l o 'it ' any Ilim- In (he noar fnliire 'wiis eone. Tin- Ihi-er- expelled unions have "n cstbnnled membership of 080- COO. The U, M. w. has beon the keyslone of din C. I. O. since !Ls lonnallon. The oilier two union.-; n «• smaller but have been active In the c. I. o. drive. Action of the council had IOIIK been fttrccnsl. However, It had not been expected thai expulsion would be (ll m ;li'd nl Hie two reliittvrly "«>|m- C. i. o. unions, instead enrlh'r indications had been Ihat Hie Amalgamated Clothing Workers union, headed by Sidney Hlll- mnn, lieutenant of Lewis would be coupled with (tie U M W In ouster net Ion. The council action was expected (o intensify (he. bitter labor war- f ac- tta- voc " (ll ° two Orcen's niu)oiincn>;enl that he wns resl|!iilne his Mine Workers membership w as u corollary of the executive council decision to oust •n i"r ni ,? fV ° l " lhc fcilcrallon. The U. M. \V. hns been consldcr- mu pltinii to try areen on charges of, .encouragement qf. dual unionism. The fate of those plans, resignation, membership In view of Green's wns uncertain. Green has held _._. card in the miners' union for years. •18 Decision "Go Ahead" Signal For New Mississippi industries •IAOKSON, Miss.. Piilj •) rtjp> -Mlaslsslpprs 193G Ind'istrlul art sponsored by C, m . Hugh L. White « nn ottcmpt to "balance agricul wiro.. wi./i Indtislry." (ocinv was hold const Ituil.-ral In a hvc-to- one .sujji-eine court [Incision ''"? 1 , n ' IJ'C i.'IWIty of ihe net «nn n " l " 1: ' lhc vn'Wnllo'i of ,000 of Industrial bonds nti;.'i- orlzed under tli c m.nsure and Is*il«l by the clly of \Vlnonn. '' Ine . . tt ' hc " hc »'a S i"'cll»"llcs arc i'.l'ovlilcs that nn o, lie young. He was reared there, I Wire land by purchase or oilin- tthcie h, resided imll! 30 years) «"lsc and to ronslnicl bulldlnBr, for "°" "' ..... '- when lu> moved to Cnriilhera- ville. He wn.s in lhc grocery bnsl- ness for -,i number of vcai's tieforc \iv bora n muyistratp. State's Tax Delinquency Is Lowest Since 1930 Mississippi county's average delinquency in payment of I93 fi n( | valorem property (axes In 1937 wns slightly more than the average for the state, which ivns the lowest _. since 1930, a report released by ul State Auditor j. Oscnr Humphrey i nt. Little Rock has revealed, in Ti "> average for the state was i listed at 8.3 per cent delinquent j while Mississippi county's average J delinquency was 9.2 per cent according to Humphrey's rcpcrt. Logan county was the best Uix- Blylhcville. Ihrce one sister. Cobb Funeral Home v charge of arrangements. Six Killed Sunday In n •! f • i • t \ "' su " ™m"y was me best Uix- Kall troSSlng Accident jf^™? comity In the slntc with a ION; than $100, caused derailment of the Texan, fast, all-steel train of the Missouri Pacific Lines, at CiinniiiRliam Spur, three miles south of Transkwood, In Saline county, yesterday morning, killing ---- • |5ix persons and causing properly Mf.,.. /•»„/„ „ Idamape estimated m excc.w of New Orleans Cotton\* 30m _ ^uiic/fl m|r . delinquency of only 1.3 per cent LITTLE ROCK, Ark Fcb 7-A- °" mvc<t by Ashley with 1.6 per 1929 model automobile, valued all *" NEW ORLEANS. Fcb 7 (UP) _ Cotton futures closed two to ,«in,s lower today on a Mar, May Jul. . Oct. Dec. Jan. 865 Sit 881 893 898 -900 high 8G6 875 882 893 898 900.. low 860 871 878 890 895 897 close 873 879 890 895 897 of . victims were ne- sroes tmt the other two weir John Thomas Biannan, 67, veteran en- Rlnecr. and Peter Grunz, 64. St. Ixiuis Railway Express messenger. The fast train struck Hie auto which had become mlrcd on the |crowing. "Homer Wilson, the driver of the car, and Prank Wilson, 27. ntamloiicd the car when the (rain approached and were not luirt. They were using the car without pei mission of the owner. lo new Industrie*- The ruling today was cxrw.i'-d w lie lak-cn as a "go ahead" signal for several out of slute industries planning to locate In Mississippi. Including a $2.000 00ft nilAw tire plant at Natchez Former Local Resident Dies At Helena Today Mike Ekensair, who lived in this section for 32 years before lie moved to Helena last Mny, died at Ills home there at 5:30 o'clock this moriilng. He had been III for a week frrfm a heart ailment. A native of Waterloo, 111., Mr Ekcnsealr came to Mississippi Mississippi county ranked fourth In the loUil of (axes charged with lhe Holt S127.900.25 of which $1175775 was' """ delinquent. Tells Roosevelt of Tax Levy Opposition WASHINGTON. Feb 7 (UP) — Rep. Claude A. Fuller (Dem., Ariel today discussed taxes with president Roosevelt and expressed his d sapproval of the proposal to make closely held corporations pay a higher levy. The proposal now before the ways and means committee he said would compel closely held corporations to pay approximately 20 per cent more than otlisr corporations. county from that place. Hc farmed nt Tomato for many year.s- bo- fore lie mover! lo Blythevllle where he resided unlll he and his wife accompanied llieli two sons John ami Clyde, (o Helena. Hc was 72 years of age, Funeral services will be held rvt ""It Funeral Home Tuesday fen o'clock, with the Rev. |J. If. Holt, pastor of the Garden Point Methodist church, olTiclal- id lit in on In- i-'rlday. (Ji-nlu i-l:iiv«i-il ivllh eiiilrtvi-lriiKml S3ll,7gu.2.! In |)ul.liii liiiHin. II. Nn ilulf Inn ( r - I '111.- |',,il ,.f i.,|l|DJ- Sinllh. II ui-ciuUli'd, i3ialn liuniilliiilly L-y M-ln.'.-l.iHd, I Morris is wi-vlnis a« t-la-uit i.'iuk-r u irmiKjmiy iippoliilmenl niaik- l-'rlduv I y CIlMtll J-.idKc I. Ki'.'l;, V'lic.i H-ill pnibitb'.v followed bv »n U!);iolnlm,-ni, in Oov. C'url E, UiiUj-y. Ui-iiurdhwi >f \Hieihej- Cr.ili; Is (Ii« offlw cli-rk to lie hrr tiinirrnl i-lccti'd n|, th,. Novcm- clrclUm on January 1 1933. Thn Hicce.ssful cnndldnie foi (hi 1 Democratic, nomlnnllon nt llu ' ixirly'.s primary In August will of But Requires Remittitur ol $15,000 On $40,000 Juclgnicnl LI'lTLE ROCK, .Feb. 7. urp— By a,one vote marRlii Hie Arkansas s"incmc. ; court today upheld >a' Crawford county circuit coittU, indRincnt for Injuries sustained iW O. M. Doimer Jr. when a freight elevator In the Seaman store at Port Smith fell on him. - The high tribunal affirmed the decision on condition that modlfl- .catlon It cited be ndhqrcd to The Crawford court gave y'pumr BomiDr a WOO. .judgment nnd the high tribunal holding thnt the (M;iia s cs were excessive said the decision would be affirmed If ihe "n|iellec will enter a reinlUttur within 15 clavs rechiclng (he Judgment to $30,000 otherwise It will be reversed and remanded.' Boimer wns nn employe of the Seaman store and was beneath the freight elevator when It fell allegedly due to negligence on Ihe part of the employers In not In' spcclliig (lie apparatus. Reiterating an opinion of the past Ihe high tribunal affirmed the decision of the oonwny circuit court convicting Mark Shelby on charges of operallng n poolroom within three miles of n school of church. i[ PILOTS [E ftCTI Bomb Japanese Airport At Nanking; New Equipment Is On Way SlfANGlfAr, Feb. 7. (UP)_Cht- unofficial sources reported today thnt Cliinese airplanes In n raid on Nnnklng destroyed 12 Japanese airplanes at the airport. This reixwt followed assertions that an undetermined number of foreign airplanes had reached HID Chinese army. Tt was reported that COO German and American motor trucks Imd passed through Canton last week on their way to the army nnd that a number of American trucks were on the way. It was snid also that Chinese authorities were trying to Insure prompt delivery of 3.400 British and American trucks, which apparently were approaching clilna by steamship. Deputies To Assist With Federal Income Return Deputy collectors of internal revenue from the Little Rock office will visit towns and cities in Mississippi county late in February nnd early In Mnrch for the purpose of assisting taxpayers in prepara- tfon of their federal income tax returns lor 1937. Homer M. Ad- , . . mg. Burial will be made at San- ! kins, collector of internal revenue dy Ridge cemetery. Hold Funeral Services For James S. Covey MEMPHIS, Kb. 7.—Funeral services were held this morning for James s. Covey. World War veteran of Leachvllle, Ark,, who died Friday at the Veterans hospital here, following a long Illness, He was 52 years of age.' Interment was made at National cemetery. .;, for Arkansas, has announced. The Itinerary of the deputies for Mississippi county follows: Blythevllle, March 3-8; Osceola. February 28. March 1; Luxora, March 2; Wilson, February 25-26; Leachvllle, March 4. In adjoining Poinsctt county a- deputy collector will visit Lepanto February 24 and Marked .Tree February 23. Ten women in the United States Monthly Settlements Also ill Be ' Required, Officials Advised A now system of bookkeeping, k Iw used Iti die future by all officers of Mississippi county, will make the county free of Indebtedness within a year nnd will'make county warrants worth 95 cents" 01 dollar within 00 days from now, .J. Bryan Sims, head of the county audit, division of the state comptroller's ofllce. suld this aft •noon, Olllcers of (ho county, in a meet Inn litre Ibis morning, were told there Is to tie no more handling of nny county . warrants, except by the collector, and that all Din- cm tire prohibited from using an tuncls collected through emolu uienis, or fees, All outstanding county general nnd road warrants are being call- t'd In to establish and sel-:up" dUDllcnte win-rant system whereb all duplicate, warrants will be flled wilh t»io comity treasurer and paid in accordance with Issue. "There. Is no reason f <w 'lie current dcbt-of the "county, Mr. Slnia said, In emphatically stating that Ihe iwiTfirtis, now worth from 7< lo 80 cents on thu dollar, will b worth 05 cents by. May 16. Til county hns a general debt of 541, 000 nnd road debts of 528,000 to Jnnmiry 1, 1038. Under the*ncw system there-ar two Important, changes. One o those Is the filing of reports a different times and the other is that all money collected must be turned In monthly. Monthly • re polls will be made to the county treasurer nnd county auditor arid quarterly reports will bo made to the. county Judge. Under the oic system only monthly reports wer made to the county treasurer nhu auditor and these were not 'as complete as will be in the future flic county auditor will,: in; turn make a detailed audit monthly. "Money collected Is a trust fund 'iwl must be turned in intact' Mr. Sims emphasized in outlining thu ,new system,'- __ "Sfirsims safU thnt till , wl)!ch was-worked' out by him nnu ills associates during the ."past 17 years, is now used by a grca number of the 75 counties ln;Ark ansas. He deplored the system used in the past and said the changi •fits ulisolutcly necessary. The 193G audit, made by his department, Is finished but hns no yet been made public, except" for ihe ofllce ot circuit court clerk The 1037 audit Is not, finished, except for the office of the circu! court clerk, which was made pub lie nt tlio county court hearing Wednesday, and Mr. Sims said to day it would bo Impossible to set the date of its completion. "All r can say Is that some of our mei will be here working on It unti it Ls finished but it may take «. .out' lime." The t system used by Mississippi 1 county is blamed for the long time necessary for audits. Accident Victims Are In Critical Condition Both Landrum" Myers, 30-year- o!<i farmer of near Blylheville. and Frank Pleeman, school bus drivel of Manila, who were injured In highway accidents during Friday night, are in a critical condition Ihis afternoon. They became worse yesterday nnc today had showed no improvement They are at the Blythevillo hospital. Myers sustained two fractures of liis left leg nnd was badly bruisec >nd shocked when he was struck :>y a car driven by Mrs. Rasa. Lcwlston, of Detroit, Mich., as he was walking along the highway -ear the country club. iFleeman was injured Internally and two of his ribs were broken when a car in which he wns rldinsf overturned near Leaclnillc. A warrant was sworn out for John Ball. 15, of .Hornersvllle, Mo., driver of the car which struck the Plcemna automobile, charging him with driv- 'ng '-while under the Influence of Iqtior and reckless driving . Slood Transfusion Is Given R. N. Hill Sunday R. M. Hill, who Is critically 11! at is home, was removed to the Bly- heville hospital for a blood trnns- nslon Sunday in a Holt ambulance. Mr. Hill was returned home after the transfusion and Is slightly improved today. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, somewhat warmer tonight and Tuesday. Memphis and vicinity—Fair to- ilght, lowest temperature 44 to 48- Tuesday fair, slowly rising temperature. The maximum temperature hero h,™ . T „ u U '! IU;a Steto ^terday wu 69, minimum «, part- have aeronautics branch licenses iy cloudvvwlth .01 of »n m.iV „,„. which authorize .them lo repack and repair parachutes. ly cloudy,, with .01 of an Inch : fall, according to Samuel p, > official, weather observer,

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