The Miami News from Miami, Florida on April 2, 1962 · 18
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The Miami News from Miami, Florida · 18

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1962
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IU 'i J 1 1 : .MIAMI M'.WS, Monday, April 2, 2 WTHS O (Community) 1410 NE 2nd Ave. WTVJ O (CBS) S16 North Miami Ave. WCKT O NBC) 1401 N. Bay Causeway WLBW O (ABC) I13J NW 11th Ave. Fit 1-6870 FR 4-6288 PL1-6G32 FR3-472J JL 'BEHIND . . iW u 1411 'i- WVCG-FM To Boost Power This Aflcrnooii 4:30 O Math n KilL-ft Of N'k'lil O Movie (To 4) "Target Zero" (1055) Richard Conte, Tcggie Castle. A few American infantrymen and British tank crews in Korea try to pass through enemy territory. Fair war thriller. 4:50 (J3 American NrwKstand 5 fj Whufi New? CJ Movie (To 6) ; "She-Wolf Of London" 1!)46 June Lockhart, Don Forter. A pretty girl fears she is the wild woman murderess responsible for a series of grisly deaths. Grade "B" thriller. O Banjo Billy '5:30 Q Time For School 0 Movie (To 7:05) "Angels Wash Their Faces" (1939) Ann Sheridan, The Dead End Kids. Mildly on-tcrtaining drama has good performances. 4 5:50 O Community Corner This Evening 6 O Shorthand CI Newt fj News, Weather 4:1$ O Sport. Weather fj Sea Hunt 4:30 fj Agrlviews CI News-Ralph Ren id 4:4$ O News Doug, Edwards O Huntley-Brinkley 7 f 1 Basic College Spanish CI Mr. Ed Ed joins a group of beatniks who are part of the Malibu Beach art colony. Q Movie (To 8:30) "The Easy Way" (Formerly "Room For One More") ' U052) Cary Grant, Betsy Drake. Parents of three take ; two underprivileged children into their family. Warm and sentimental, but never excessively so. with a lot of humor as well as ' pathos. 7:05 CD News-Wcatliir-Sports 7 30 Q Mr. Handyman Carlton Moe demonstrates such do-it-yourself projects as building end tables, shelves and cabinets. O To Tell The Truth 0 Cheyenne (To 8:30) Bronco infiltrates an organization determined to assassinate President Grant. 8 O Know Your Schools "Dade County Junior College," with Dr. Joe Hall, Dade County School Superintendent. O Pete And Gladys Gladys' cousin, an expectant mother, arrives at the time of a long-anticipated fishing trip. 8:30 Q Earth And Mankind A survey of the social and V s f it' i I J pursuit, determined to get revenge. Slow-paced but interesting Western drama. 0 Miami Uncovered "Bigotry." Larry King's guest is Arnold Forster, general counsel for the Anti-Defamation League. 11:30 Q Tonight (To 1) 1 colob I Art Linkletter settles down for a two-week run as host of the (old-new?) "Tonight" show in a scries of bookings up to Johnny Carson. Art takes over from Hollywood, with Robert Cummings, Teresa Brewer and Carolyn Jones in support. 1 O Ne En Espanol Tuesday DANNY THOMAS AND BOB HOPE They're On Channel 4 At 9 p.m. economic history of Europe and North America during the past 200 years. O Father Knows Ecst Jim is one of two finalists for the community's "Hall of Merit" award. With Robert Young and Jane Wyatt. Q The Trice Is Right ; COLOR ) 0 The Rifleman A woman accuses Marshal Torrance of being her long-lost scoundrel-husband. 9 O Operational Amigo A documentary telling of this project which brings the youth of Latin America to the United States to see how we live. O Danny Thomas Bob Hope is all over the place on TV these days and he shoots a little adrenalin into this series tonight. As big celebrities, Bob and Danny Thomas sneak out of town to relax in privacy, and get upset because no one approaches them. Hope is his usual bouncy self as the two of them ham it up waiting to be recognized as the big stars they are. O 87th Freeinct (To 10) A big league baseball star lies to the police to protect his brother. 0 Surf side 6 (To 10) Ken and Dave try to trap a gangland syndicate boss. 9:30 O TV International "Life of Dr. Tom Doolcy" includes a discussion with him filmed shortly before his death. All movies are rated by TV Key. Poor Fair Good Excellent. Q Andy Griffith Most of the show is devoted to plump Aunt Bee. She thinks she ought to get married so Sheriff Andy might be persuaded to do the same. Aunt Bee is a pleasant woman to have around, but the shows she dominates tend to be a little thin. 10 O Name Band Alumni f spiciaiI Gene Roy and his band members of which have performed with Tex Bcneke, Woody Herman, Jimmy Dorsey and Artie Shaw musically demonstrate the development of the dance band. O Hcnncsey llennesey uses reverse psychology on Martha to settle the issue of whether to build a home or buy one. O Thriller (To 11) Nightclub singer's life is en dangered when she falls for the flattery of a "sinister business tycoon." 0 Ben Casey (To 11) Ben encounters fear and superstition among Outside Medical Relief patients. 10:30 O American Perspective Dr. Graham Wilson discuss es controversial author Nor man Mailer, who wrote "The Naked and the Dead" and "The Deer Park." O I've Got A Secret Van Johnson is guest. H O News, Weather, Sports fj News, Sports, Weather 0 News, Weather, Sports 11:25 O Movie (To Approx. 1) "Gun Fury" (1953) Rock Hudson, Donna Reed, Phil Carey. Rock's beautiful fiancee (Miss Reed) is kidnapped by a lustful gun-slingcr. Rock is off in hot 11 In! WQAM 560 MBS YVINZ-910 WMBM-1220 NBC-V'CKR-610 W FAB 990 WAME 12B0 ABC WGBS-710 WVCG-10J0 V.'KAT-13C0-CBS WFUN-790 WMIE-1110 WSKP-1450 WMET-1490 MONDAY An KB NOON Thai, Murdoek do 7) wr.flHi New ! Door WH 'Nl Jim Huwall WIN.; Bill Cttliier MM Hi Crown Prior MVUU fcuburbl MM1K: Cri'hr Jim MWHMt Buturball (to 4) MAMK: Nfwa-Mosalc MkHi Gaslight Prvlw MVW'H: mitTi JUflio Clm do 4) WhTi New - Keatura WAt.l: 8tox-Tim Out -:0J- i WFCNi Rac Result -MS-WVCOj Markets MHM New VKTt Al Martin UhK: tur Rc -J:-Vist: Nfi-ui(k rty Wr KK: titceie Nevln MMHM: Kutterhall MAMLi Nesabioca; -5 e-WINi: Clur Muiher -:-HVCfl: Intermfo WMKi Qusy Nw-S)t. W hH: Raca Rculi HM Kn Retulta -1:55-WlKZs Larry Hirser-Bn. EVENING -:- WTKR: Raiiio .Nwi Journal UM John GiiWrt do WfAB; Latin beat no 3 m KPi (insliirht kevlur H M t Tl ( V iml! tto t ii) W4MK: New Paul Hsrvfy WWPB1 Mnnr Cunifit WW Ui lunifr Omi'rt" WIN,: Jerrv Wlrhner W AtZ: Kcup to Nut (To l -;1-KAT: Hrro Kia -4:15-WMIt! Ilia mi Uaplttt -4 15-WCKR: Jim hinwll Bn. MCO: Pnl 'f Cum.nunUra -:3!-wr'KR: Nfwa h'ti'.t Nvin TtMlt: IotKMro clola Rfaiwia -4 45-URAT! Lowell Thoma VMIK: Kl PnortKO WMHI ewf iJia (to I) -7 06-WQAM: Poo Armatronf no 10' riR: K biiw (to 12) WIN.: Kil'nn Jr. V(,H: N Lampi tt (! O'mniarid Prf WHAT: Nfi WMlti Partio rilspan Jl.aml 7 16 WRATl Fu Hard Hv Enow -?:15-WINi: Jrrv Wirtner Wi.n: Vfrntt Ha'tifT Wit : h'-io Hisi-tti.a WhAT: i.av. P. 4Hia -7:45-V. M!! Aris e WKA1: Ntws i-rs M:k -I 45- MIT: l-o few t-n Cuo? Wt : In Fi Revu Wtifc! h r Latw American WilLZ: Knr Cuci u (,' !l- "WMLT: rwf nt D S- . -r Vft'N: (.:r- 8sry-r4 VhAI: Lo ' 'har.O t -4 M-nr: yii.--.ii Pcrtrai: V 1 I , J... - - r v; ne v, ytra do II) W.Ht-ti Pa' c if (to iC .i Highlights Connoisseur's Concert (8:30 p.m., WKAT-FM) Copland's "Appalachian Spring"; Saint-Sacns' Violin Concerto No. 3 in B-Minor. t Symphony Hall (9 p.m., WWPB-FM) Sibelius' Symphony No. 2 in D-Major, Opus 43; Moussorgsky's "Night on Bald Mountain." TOMORROW Man On The Campus (10 05 a.m., ' WKAT-FM) - "What Visiting College Students Think of the University of Miami"; with Bob Aycrs in Fort Lauderdale. Symphony Hour (1 p.m., WVCG) Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F; Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D. Flair (2 p.m., WAME) - Joe Laiten interviews Oscar nominee Maximilian Schell; Jim Backus asks: "Are you bothered by pests?" WVIIPt Antlilsino MWI'H: 8iri.hnny Hall -:30-W(.HS: Bill Murnty 10.00 HQAM: Courinry (to 11 WHAT: Newa Pihtn Bhow Wt.PS: Ntvvs-G. Heaitar W Mlt: La Voi Juel Piifbla W( U: podium WWI'H; Ooncerto Tim Whl"t Music (to 10 m.) W.AhZi Nea -10.U-WK ATt Dan Chnnrtier WAt.Z; Lat. ad r t'"m- -1:15-MIK: P'm Bkptut M.AMti - King -I JC-WMIE! Hatrcw Christian -1 45 WMiK: Goa Hour -:(- AVKAT: Ne . Liebert W4AH: c;ifl C'ruHiie WM N: Ted Clark (to 131 WMBVtj i;d cnok (to 10 30) WVtPBs ljdvtime Omcert Until JliMie Humiiio tJ 30) nient Eaiapaile HAME: Canada Calling (tu ii -14. M-WdHN: Nw-iiarll' HWI'B: tilarllyht Serenade HMIb: Plertila Clihano Afili-Cttrinunisia WA1LT: Norman Iiaa do 11 S. Iieourtea tn Aflierira Nocturne WMIK: Radio Pneri WhATs Local Nea- CtlHUH ,rr -11 W(.: Newa Latin Mood HIM: Jotin Pf,9;maD -11 4-WMET: Gupufi (lo 1) -1JM-Wl KR! J Midnoiht (to 4 M N: M irh Pr ce tio 41 W.Mlfc: berenata Latin (to a '5 ami 1 :0O- WKAT: Jark Wrirmott ito 4 IS' WM: Bad (10 $ 55) TUESDAY BAiTIMC -I w- W'HM: J'rmr W( KK: Pond? litHirisy Wt.hs: Newa-t'ver! or W t 1 N j Jarh Purtiofto HrAM: House of C'. n WIN; ,, i ,. j V. I (.: H.irns T.i: WMIt.: New Tesunent piDlut ( r...r''h H'4: i . Jia Mtoall At : ,Ve lo TH: V t and t'run h a r i ( h .Nf a V-hP: Ik i e no 101 ! f: ! o f'" 4) MAtZ: N-Ri mJ Some WKArs I' M k ,e.e- : Larrv Ktne HAKZ: Newi-Culle Break -4:1.'-WMlEi Voc ol Chin 30- W'liHS: roc'ia hendrllt Bern M.MIt: Ailen Revival -:4J -HMIEi Rnt.iti or Th Kit"' m -10 do-5AM: B.l H.illy no 1J) A(.H-.: Newa-teeenada V( kli: h'lbhv Lyuna ito 2 1111: Cron Prince WIN.; Lee ito Ji At l li; (.iim en Hail WMtL: Ap";mie Chiutian i-r h W AMC: R e. ki-et CHjb WhAT; e-l;odlrey AHP: ("arouse. W.AI.iS: Piavh i,s (to 12) -10 15-MIK: Ufa Lin .(! Acto Hac t C-A (.Hi: Jeanne Peiismv W IHKl ChrlKiian (.ruksfle MMbM:!err.all (io 1) -10 1-IIL: "Hear r Iral" -II 00-W5(G: Pulel.n Mimic 4Mlfc: K ' mury p.ef. i(".ir H AMri! i4 Kmcht VtkAI: Newi-art Llnhietter -11:15- W SMT.i athr - Kn.Eht HH O: Itwij fi Wmuc -ii 30-(.: Km Krf ten V Mtt: (i d ham.oned Peai.i-e M K AT: tiar, Mnor -tl:l- W K AT: Cr'""V-' ioony -11 '5-WMlt: p-v ti. f-hafier -1J 64 NOIIN-()M: J-.nn Pr-nc (!s 3 Hops: Ne-6'juiwtrc VM KR: New Today t Race WAMKj Pa.l Harvev N P A H : H.wae ul Chin mi ll: (.'oi.cert t( N: Bruce Hartley (to J) WMIK: World Tomorrow W h AT: Ne Peatur AMHVj New Jim Reid U(iKNi Soundtrack (to 1) WAP.: Ncwg.Noon Muods -11:15-WPB: We ther WHAT: Wan en Smith (to 3i WAME: tta-Famsi -1JS0- W(iR: Bob ilartln MMtTi "Kl Prmcipl Leo- pardr' WMIE: Ei Penodico -1:00-A5'IBf: Newa-Mutlne WAMKi Newa-PantHla IHdli gvmphnnv Jlnur WMHV. t,d couk (to 3 30) MPT! "Nadi Me Quier" UAL: Newa-Piaypen (to l Warren Smith (to 31 Mm o Neil WMIP: l)eht Musical MMLTi "lutori D Un Miner Gneiiknt Prevu W AMP: Plmr (to 3 551 V(KR: Bispie Nevina (to 7) WIN: Jim Harper H V( li: Co-cert W MHMi Pdituriai Cook W MIL: Kl Noticiero Americano WMETl Kea-(iumie -1 15-WMIK: Vary Morandevr I 30 KCBS: Si.encer Dane 1A.MIL: pamh Muatc -J:40-HTCXi Pa'iy iHiubl Result.-. -J oc-()4M: Murilo(k (to ?) VI r AH: Crown Prtn.-e 1( KK: Pipe: Nevin 1IHV: Jun Howell Ithlli 'B - resttir WMIE: ' I V(u;er A Muier" -J 05-WPIS: Rate Result -i ts-WKATi Al Martint -J 30-W(;R: J e !.ma W.MBMl buttertiall (to 4) "to 4 I5 WMIE: Por ruin Char'H. A La -4 00-Wi;b: Kev. taatine AM) 1M: AlHldlH H" M WMIE; Cuban Refuge Center WMf T: Radio C;ucR (to 4) WV i: t'.i i A1AMP: New? Mosaic WALZ: Time "'.l tlo 5) -4:05-WrrX; Kate HecuSt -4:14-WMtE: H.i-v Harold -Hl-wri'NT: Peitiie Face MkAT: Jea'u-e Kara -4 - WMIE: CraiKer Jim TM ST A I KIN W.4.LZ: 4 f roe. 54 lira. lere. I a.m. lo 1 ft,m. Wl KR: rrwi. 7 J0 m. to 1 1 : p.m. W R AT: 43 1 me. 13 nn t 11 niulMlilit. WdHS: 43 4 me. 5 a.m. I 1 f n WMCT: ! Aroand tc el.k H((i: m 1 4:30 m. tn 11 m. W VI I B: i f a m t mtdnstnt Denotes fctfreTH Q (3 Continental Classroom 1 coior ) Modem Math "Average and Variance in a Sample." Repeat. 6:30 O College Of The Air 0 Continental Classroom 1 coiq i American Government "Due Frocess and Equal Protection Procedural Due Process." 7 O Ne En Espanol O Today (To 9) 7:15 O Popeye Playhouse (To 8) 7:30 News-Paul Frank 7:35 Spanish News 7:40 (J) But Not Forgotten 8 CI Captain Kangaroo CD Give L's This Day 8: IS Q Focus 8:30 0 News-Paul Frank 8:45 0 Playhouse 15 9 O Jack La Lanne O Movie (To 10) "Edward, My Son" (1949) -(Part 2) Spencer Tracy, Deborah Kerr. Vivid performances are the most notable virtues in this story of a man who loved his son "too much." 0 Banjo Billy (To 10) 9:30 (J Divorce Court (To 10:30) 10 O Say When 0 Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal 10:30 O Movie (To 12) "Father Is A Bachelor" (1950) - William Holden, Colleen Gray. Lightweight comedy about a roustabout bachelor and his involvement with five orphans, a lovable old medicine show-, man and a judge's daughter. ',! 0 Flay Your Hunch 1 COLOR ) 0 From Hollywood 10:55 0 News 1 1 HI Price Is Right 1 color I 0 Ernie Ford 11:30 fj Concentration 0 Yours For A Song 12 CI News-Noah Tyler fl Your First Impression 1 COLOR I 0 Camouflage 12:15 n Secret Storm 12:30 O Search For Tomorrow Q Truth Or Consequences 0 News-Sports-Weather 12:45 O Guiding Light 12:50 0 Gardcning-IIomcmaking 1 O Love Of Life O News Special 0 Day In Court 1:30 CI World Turns fj I Married Joan 0 Window Shopping 2 CI Password f Jan Murray 0 Jane Wyman 2:30 CI House Party-LiniMetler O Loretta Young 0 Seven Keys 3 O Community Feature CI The Millionaire fl Yiuing Dr. Mahme 0 (Jueen For Day 3:30 fl The Arts CI The Verdirt Is Yours O Our Five Daughters 0 Who Do You Trust 3:55 CI News-Collingwood 4 fl Homemaking CI Popeye Playhouse , O Bozo's Buddies 0 Bandstand (To 4:50) 4:25 Q Kukhi And OIlie By KRISTIN E DUNN Miami .Srw TV Editor WVCG-FM should cov-cr Florida like the dew (aa they eay in Georgia) when it boosts its power from the current 18,500 watts to a phenomenal 160,000 watts. The FCC approved the big increase in power in spite of an official "freeze" on power boosts over 20,000 watts as a special consideration because of WVCG's role as the base of the Florida Defense Network on which the Weather Bureau relies in case line communications are knocked out during a hurricane. WVCG Station Manager George Thrope said he will proceed as rapidly as possible to effect the power increase, with late summer as a target date. TV Jryik I recently saw an old movie on TV which was called "Heaven With a Barbed Wire Fence" and wonder If Glenn Ford played the lead in this movie. It looked a little like him but he was so skinny, I couldn't really be sure. T. J., Miami. That was Glenn's first movie role and the year was 1940, so he may have changed a bit in 22 years. Currently. WAEZ-FM operat-ing at 81,000 watts is the strongest in the area. ! WMBM, WMET In Switchcroo Radio stations WMET and WMBM will switch places on the dial tomorrow, and WMBM will become a 24-hour-a-day operation while WMET will restrict its programming to daytime only. This means that starting tomorrow, listeners will find WMET at 1220 on the dial and WMBM at 1490 on the dial. Programming will remain much what it is today. WMET specializes in Latin American news and music, with Spanish-language programs. WMBM caters to the Negro population in the Miami area. TELEVISION HAS BEEN widely quoting an Elmo Roper poll recently but it consistently fails to mention this finding. Asked where they got most of their news, 57 per cent of the sample said newspapers and 52 per cent said TV. Roper explained that the figures total more than 100 per cent because of those who insisted they got "most" of their news from more than one source. CDS HAS IN'GRID BERG-man signed to star in "lledda Gabler" in a dramatic special for next season . . , Tallulah Bankhead makes one of her rare TV appearances in a Steel Hour drama May 2 J on Channel 4 IN'GRID ... Sid Caesar Drama ias nine half-hour comedy specials on paper for next season with the late Ernie Kovacs former sponsor backing him . . . Bonnie Freed-man, daughter of Jack Freed-man of 1671 Washington St., Miami Beach, and a student at Florida State, was a participant in the College Bowl program Sunday, a CBS network show w hich .Channel 4 does not carry in Miami . . . WAME expects to get the FCC go-ahead for a 24-hour-a-day operation very shortly, perhaps by mid-April. WHEN MIAMI NEWS Staffer Hank Berns commented on WGBS about the $2.70 the Jack Kennedy x parade owes the State Road i Department for crossing the toll expressway from the airport to Miami i Beach, a listen- . L ( er sent Mr. BERNS Berns a check I,clPel for the amount with this note: "Flcase take this check and pay the bill for our President." Berns is heard daily at 9:30 a.m. on WGBS. 3 The Fines. 1 Hour Dry Cleaning! FREEDMAN'S 1718 79th ST. CAUSEWAY JUST EAST OF THE BONFIRE - PLENTY OF PARKING - nu -whin- r.ii SMJ4 CHORUS GIRLS SHOW GIRLS FOR NEW LATHI SHOW OH MIAMI BEACH CALL JERRY CRANT AGENCY INC. UN 5-0539 Invites you to dine at the Coffee House Club Breakfasts,, from .oa Hpartu Rn;inp;t;mpn's Lunch i Sandwich Specialties from s.85 Dinner, savory meat and tempting seafood entrees from tf.50 For fna food at moderate prices it's the ""jrcszsR Coffee House " BISCAY NE BLVD. AT FIFTH STREET i From 6M.m. to 10 p.m. 4 1 f j fry . UNIQUE! MAGNIFIQUE! ,1'V l'fl-,4" M;. ... . MY" it'- . urn v, " ,,,1 1 -v 'k Barlon Bros. Norman Brooks Michel Rosenberg k Esther Sutherland -k Eddie Schaffcr i Music: Ray Abrams Orch. Raicrrotlon VELEI JE 2-2541 LUCERI1E HOTEL Clllffll l. it 41 SU Ml SHOWTIME: 9:15 P.M. SATURDAY and 11:45 P.M. a Ik 1 i . " ' i 1L i-1 i - J : - 4 ' , i lti 4laM4ai !' 1 -jnTTi if il i luf ' f" 1 h 1 Ittl il' "i '' - V" M t -ft 1 1 ' - - i Til V-" 1 1 i l. it, wt li nil a V'r 'H 1JIHHJ1 it ' Jl die. Handsomest Seafood Restaurant anywhere in the world!!! LUfJCtlEON from CSC StRVED f-hOM 11:45 A.M. DITJNCn from 2.Z3 Open Evary Night fh hmoul Tony Smeet's PHONSl parking sptc M X Restauunt 065-0600 ptimisai 1330 N.Bay Causeway (79 SL Causeway) Miami Beach ' I I M 1 1 i -T(1 1 f?'-iil IKGLES-ESP&KOL TV GIUS kTW? "I know we don't nred another TV but why pass up the 5,600 trading stamps I got with il?" Advert iHiwri "Ring of Protection" Around PDQPE.GO and AC!E The best y to stop the spread of pitiples is to treat them before tnd iiiff they open up. So t the first ien of t pimple . . . Ql'ICK! Apply CAMfno-pKENiQt'E! This soothing, tntiscpuc liquid forms t "ting of protection" iround pimples to help prevent their spread nd re-infenion. B( . .st Camfho-Phi nique doesn't irsin the skin, it can be applied ttfit undet nuke-up. So don't gsve bk'T pimplrs t cliance to spread ...prevent It :!h Cam'ho-Phemqi'e'I "nng of protection". Let your face heal fis'er, natLraHy. A;jvs ketp ton'e of CAinio-Phemqve on hand ready for instant use. Cet CAMHiO-Fh'EMQVI todayl OVER 76,000 SOLD INSTRUCTIONS 1. Coupons appear every day in the "A" kcUud ot The Miami ISew. Any wven LU.NSttU'l I V L-LY MMIlLKtU coupons can be used. You can dart saving wild any number to frl vour 7 coupons. 2. Every Sunday The New mill publish an "fcia Coupon in ddi'ion to the reputur numbered coupon. Ihil "ttlia" Coupon may be tulistiluled ior my one of the seven consecutive numbered coupons ... in case you have miasfd or mi'lm'ed one. ONLY ONE LX I KA" CUITO.N I'LR ORLlbR. 3. Records may be ordered one at a time in any laniiuape. Allow two weeks for delivery ot earn record. Type (or print clearly! name and address to insure prompt, accurate delivtry. 4. Orders should be mailed or bronght to the lobby of Ihe News building. $1 and 7 consecutive coupons must aceumpsny order lo be acceptable. I'avinenls can be made by cab, cbeik or money order. Coupon have no eah value other than exchange value on records. 5. f.arh course comprises 4 records, li) levins per record (except Rnian, where the Irnioris per record number 8-11-11-10 respectively!. Records cannot be exchanged or returned. LEARN-A-LANGU AGE RECORD OFFER TEMPORARILY DISCONTINUED AFTER MAY 31 Get Your Orders In Early! START SAVING YOUR COUPONS TODAY LEARN-A-LANGUAGE RECORDS ARE EXCLUSIVE IN THE MIAMI NEWS IN FLORIDA READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY """iSii Here are 7 consecutively numbered roupons. Enclosed find $1. send me the following record and conversation manual. Circle ONE number after lanjiuase of your choice) FRENCH 1 2 3 4 SPANISH 1 2 3 4 KEEREV 12 3 4 GERMAN 1 2 3 4 RUSSIAN 1 2 3 4 ITALIAN 12 3 4 INGLES-ESPANOL 12 3 4 SAVE THIS ORDER BLANK! MAIL OR ERING IN WHEN COMPLETED ATTACH ONE COUPON HERE ATTACH ONE COUPON HERE ATTACH ONE COUPON. HERE ATTACH ONE COUPON HERE ATTACH ONE LEARN-A- LANSUAGS COUPON HERE ATTACH ONE COUPON HERE - ATTACH ONI COUPON HERE NAME ... ADDRESS APT. NO. ... CITY STATE. PHONE (Please tvpe or print clearly)

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