The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1956 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1956
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY. 11,1986 BtYTHEVTLLB fARK.) COURIER NEW8 PAGE-FIVE Nationalists Linked With Bombing Of Indian Airliner LONDON W) — The Colonial Office announced today it had evidence Chinese Nationalist bribed a cleaner at th» Hong Kong airport to time-bomb the Indian plane which crashed last year with a party of Chinese Communists bound for the Bandung conference. Obituary Commodity And Stock Markets- N«w York Cotton (12:38 qiolalions) Open High Low~Mfr Mar 3418 3420 3414 3420 A Colonial Office statement said the cleaner, Chow" Tse Ming, stowed away to Formosa five weeks after the crash. It explained that Nationalist officials had refused repeatedly to extradite him for trial on a charge of conspiracy \ to murder. "Despite ' intensive and continuing investigation it has not ,yet proved possible to bring charges against any other persohs' who participated in the crime," the :ement May July Oct. Dec. 3368 3376 3366 3376 3245 3260 3239 3259 3106 3106 3096 3099 3086 3086 3077 3080 New Orleans Cotton Open High Low Close Mar ....... 3419 3421 3415 3421 May ....... 3370 3377 3366 3377 July ....... 3244 3262 3241 3260 Oct ....... 3099 3106 3096 3100 Dec. ....... 3082 3086 3077 3081 'Chicago Wheat Open High Low Close March 2111/2 211% 21iy 8 211% May .. 208Vf, 208% . 207y B 208'/ 2 July .. 199V4 199% -.19854 Wa Chicago Corn Open High Low Close March 130% 131 130'A 130% May .. 134V4 134% 134V, 134'/ 2 July .. 137%. 137%. 137% 13T/2 Chicago Soybeans Open High Low 1:30 Jan. .. 24iy 4 241% 24iy 4 241% March 24554 245!' 2 244'/ 4 244% May .. 248 248Vi July . 24854 248% New York Stocks A T and T .. .............. 1805-8 Amer Tobacco . . ......... 89 3-4 Anaconda Copper ........ 71 1-4 Beth Steel ............... 159 Chrysler ................ ... 83.1 T 4 Gen Electric .............. 551-8 Gen Motors . ............ 43 7-8 Montgomery Ward ....... 61 1-2 - N Y Centra! ....... : ...... 44 1-B Int Harvester . ...„ ....... 36 1-2 Republic Steel .......... *A 3-8 • Radio ................ .... 4! 1-8 Socony Vacuum . ......... 63 1-4 Standard of NJ .......... 1495-8 Texas Corp ............. 121 3-4 Sears ...................... 34 1-2 U S Steel-:- ; ............... 55 3-4 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, HI. Gfl—dJSDA) — Hogs 11,500; fairly active; barrows and gills 180 Ib The Air India plane collected the Red party-at Hong Kong April 11. It crashed in the South China Sea alfer an explosion while approaching Indonesia. Fifteen Persons, including Chinese Red officials and Communist newsmen, were killed. . U.S. Accused The Peiping government accused the Nationalists and the United States of sabotaging the plane, and British authorities in. Hong Kong of ignoring a Red Chinese Warning. The United States denied the charge, and the British said all possible precautions were taken. The Colonial Office said investigators learned Sifter - Chow -fled May 18 on a plane for Formosa that he admitted complicity in the crast. on four separate occasions. The statement added that he had had hundreds of dollars beyond his normal means and also told of being promised a reward of 600,000 Hong Kong dollars (584,500). up fully steady to strong with yesterday's average; instances 10-15 higher; lighter weights steady .to 25 lower;' sows unchanged; bulk mixed U. S. Nos 1; 2 and 3 180-230 Ib 11.25-12.00; about 300 head Nos 1 and 2 largely No. 1 "around 200- f20 Ib 12.25; mixed grade 240-270 Ib 10.25-11.50; 270-320 Ib mostly Nos 2 and 3 grade 9.50-10.50;. 140-170 !lb 10.25-11.25 SOWS 450 Ib down S 75-9.25; heavier sows 8.00-50; boars over 250 Ib 5.50-6.50; lighter weights to 7.50. Cattle 3,100, calves 700; scattered sales mostly choice steers 19.00-20.50 about steady; general undertone bearish with not enough sales lower grade to establish trend; scattering commercial and good heifers 15.50-18.00; cows tend ing lower but very few sold; built 50 lower; utility and commercial grade 13.00-15.00; vealers steady; bulk good and choice 23.00-29.00; lower .grade 16.00-23.00; few high choice and prime 30.00-33.00; most good and choice weighty slaughter calves 16.uO-18.00; load good to choice 700-lb stackers 16.75. Lizzie Lovelady Dies After Illness Mrs. Lizzie Lovelady, pioneer tes- ident of the BlytheviUe area, died early today at Chickasawba Hospital following a short Illness. She was 73. Mrs. Lovelady suffered a stroke last night and died at 5 a.m today. Born 'in Bloomfield, Mo., she moved to Blytheville with her parents 67 years ago and has made her home in this vicinity ever since. Funeral services were Incomplete today pending arrival of relatives. Cobb Funeral Borne' is in charge. Surviving are four sons Albert Lovelady of Chicago, Herman and Oliver Lovelady of Torrance, Calif., and Wilburn tovelady of West Memphis; and one daughter Mrs. Lillie Henson of the Clear Lake community. - hooper Returns fo India After Consultations NEW DELHI Vet— U.S. or John Sherman Cooper left by. »lr today for Washington and a reported re-examination with State Kpartment officials of U.S. policy oward India. Cooper left amid strong indicator* America it moving to meet ;ussian -moves in this area and to counter growing Indian-Soviet ties. Cooper planned his trip home many months ago, but informed sources said it .became urgent after the Russian leaders' visit here nd the infuriated Indian reception f Secretary of State Dulles' joint tatement.wlth'the Portuguese, for- ign minister on Portugal's Indian olonles. Cooper during the past two weeKs ias- been having intensive talks with dozens of top Indian officials nd leading Western diplomats. Yesterda yhe had a long private islt with Prime Minister Nehru. Missionaries Returning to US MANILA ye)—in. and Mrs. Homer V. Bradshaw, a US. missionary couple released last month from five years imprisonment. in Red China, left today for the United States on a military transport plane. The Pittsburgh, .Pa., couple is due at Travis Air Force Base near San Francisco late Friday. Both had suffered severe malnutrition •which, imprisoned. Bradshaw gained 12 pounds in his three-ween stay at Clark Air Force Base hospital near here but said he still (s "a little wobbly." Mrs. Bradshaw gained four pounds. ' . Veterans Group Meets Little Rock Barracks will host Veterans of World Wai I tonight at 723 W. Capitol Ave., Little Rock. National Junior Vice Commander Buddy L. Blake will' be principal speaker at the affair which is scheduled to start at seven o'clock. . Veterans' next local meeting will be held Feb. 12. SOUTHLAND (Continued from Page 1) acing commissioners. In rejecting le firm's application, the commis- ion said only that it felt dog rao- ng wasn't in "the best interest of irkansas." The Riverside Greyhound Club iccame Involved in the dispute fter the Racing Commission re- oked on the ground of non-use a 0-year-old franchise held by the rub, which hasn't operated since 9«, now is asking that the revoca- ion be recinded. The request still s pending before the commission. The Good Citizens League sought o enter the court case' to con- inue its fight against dog racing in West Memphis, .either by Southand or anyone else.' Levee District Pays Off CARUTHERSVILLE—Final bonds of an original $2 million issue for the St. Francis Levee District of Missouri have been retired. Amounting to $660,000, they were burned here recently in ceremony District is now free of bonded indebtedness, according to its board president, 0. F. Bloker. It was re-organized in 1911 with the $2 mllion Issue. Hill Named to Board Alex S. Hill Jr., of Blytheville Propane Co., will be installed as a member of the Board of Directors of the Arkansas LP-Gas Association in Little Rock, Jan. 16. Occasion is the lOUi annual meeting of the association Jan. 15 and 16. Like to close your window] this way? Some day you will. Electrically, just by pushing a button—right from i your warm bed if you wish. Your lights will go on automatically M rooms grow dark. You'll cook meals in seconds.'Electric clocks and lamps will work without cords. You'll need more low-price electricity for this wonderful electric Jiving—and it will be ready and waiting for yon. Because the more than 400 independent electric light and power companies don't have to ' wait for an Act of Congress or tax money from the Treasury to build •bead for your future need*. That's one reason why you benefit most when you are served by independent electric oompaniet like tus one. •. Ark-Mo Power Co. Toastmaster Meet-ing Set Marvin Razer, Gil Smythe, Rudy Vrska; Toler Buchanan and Leroy Middleton will be speakers when Blytheville Toastmasters Club meets Siursday night at Nohle Hotel. The affair,' with/Dick. Payne, Chairman, Bob McHariey, Toastmaster and Bill •McCaiighey, Table Topics, is scheduled to begin at :15 p.m. COUNCIL (Continued from Page » of Arkansas, presented street maps as a preliminary move to presentation of .ne wsubdivlsion regulations by the Planning Commission. State law requires the prior adoption of a master street plan before the passage of the subdivision regulations. He showed drawings of maps depicting residential, commercial, and industrial areas, community facilities, city properties and utilities, and street plan and use. Council is expected to consider adoption of the maps at the Feb. tatlon ow new subdivision regulations may be offered at that time. Asks Agenda Bruton introduced the resolution calling for formal Council agenda publication. Agenda will be closed at the end of the business day the Friday preceding Tuesday council meetings. Only items of extreme emergency may be brought up and acted upon without prior publication. * » * Other Council actions: Approved expenditure of $12,465.30 over previously-appropriated $17,000 for remodeling of the fire station. The total cost of $29,465.36 was not. anticipated, according to Councilman E. M. (Buddy)' Terry. "But the original resolution was vague," he said. "We told (Mayor E. R.) Jackson to go ahead and we expected it to cost $22,000. Now, there is nothing to do but pay for it." Placed on a waiting list an application of Richard -Sweat for a taxi. It was explained 'that one taxi is allowed for each 1,000 persons and that 19 permits have been issued. 'Referred to committee request for four street lights on- Basin Street. Okayed expenditures of $300 for surveying right-of-way for storm sewer along Lumerate Bayou. Approved secretarial bill of $75 by Planning Commission. Denied an application for a trailer court on North Highway 61 near Highland on grounds correct formal application had not been made to city engineer. Ordered Fred Faught to make "proper application" for a grocery store at 929 S. Clark. Faught opened the store before building permit to remodel house was gran- led, it was revealed. A petition in protest to the store was presented. Council will review the application when made. Approved contract with Ark-Mo Power Co. for electricity to the Executive Here For Meeting Eber M. Spence, vice president and director of agencies for American United Life Insurance Co., of Indianapolis, is in Blytheville today in recognition of the largest year n history for the local agency.. An agency meeting has been scheduled for today and members of the agency arid their'Wives will be guests at a dinner in Hotel Noble tonight. Spence will be speaker at tonight's dinner. J. A. Bryant, agency manager for Blythevilte. said the firm topped all previous records during 1955 both on a local and national scale. DULLES (Continued from Page 1) zine article to be published tomorrow, as to whether a D. S. policy of "deterrence" had prevented the failure of the Indochina conference. 3. Dulles said the United States would have used whatever military wiMpuus were at hand in ae- tion against Red China. 4. Communist. party boss Nikita Khrushchev made a -personal attack on President Eisenhower last month primarily Because, in Dulles' view, the Soviets are extremely sensitive to any denunciations of their control of Eastern European satellite states. 5. He has no reason to believe Britain will propose that the United States join in a joint Middle Bast aid program. If Britain has such a plan, Dulles said, the United States will be glad to consider it. NOTICE OF PROPOSED BUDGET OF EXPENDITURES TOGETHER WITH TAX LEVY FOR FISCAL YEAR BEGINNING JULY 1, 1957, TO AND ICLUDNG JUNE 30, 1958 The Board of Directors of Dell School District No. 23 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, in compliance with the requirements of Act 403 of 1951 and of Amendment No. 40 to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, has prepared, approved, and hereby makes public the proposed budget of expenditures' to- COLD WAVE (Continued Irom Page 1) • in the Miami and Lake Okeeohobee areas, but in Broward County about 100 carloads of vegetables headed for market during the past two days. This was explained by the spotty weather that took a heavy toll in Dade and :Palm Beach counties but caused little damage in between treatment plant area on basis of $49.88 minimum per. month. Referred to purchasing committee proposal to repair or buy two new police patrol cars. Also referred to the committee a proposal by city engineer to buy new tractor. Teachers: Wanna Go Overseas? Intervews will be conducted this month at Mallory Air Force Station, Memphis, for teacher applicants interested in overseas assignments with the Air Force Repend- ent Schools Program. Purpose is to provide educational opportunities for dependents of mil- ita'ry and civilian personnel stationed overseas. Elementary and high school teachers will be interviewed. Positions are located in Europe, the Far East, Greenland, Iceland, Alaska, Philippine Intend* and I Saudi Arabia. ' Tour of duty is for one ye»r ana salaries range from $375 to S530 per month plus transportation, living quarters and cost of living differential in certain areas. Male applicants must be between ages of 23 and 50 and female between 23 and 40. Sam Brown, overseas recruiting representative, will hold interviewi at Mallory during January from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. gether with the tax race, as lonows: General Control » 2,400.00 Instruction 73,700.00 Operation of School Buildings . 1-1,950.00 Maintenance of School Plant & Equipment .. 3,720.00 Auxiliary Agencies (including transportation) 8,850.00 Fixed Charges 2,450.00 Capital Outlay 2,650.00 Debt Servcie 5,961.00 To provide for the foregoing proposed budget of expenditures, the Board of Directors proposes a tax levy of 39 mills, divided as follows: 30 mills are for the operation of the schools; and 9 mills will be a continuing building fund tax for a proposed bond issue of $47,500, which will run approximately. 10 years, to be issued for the purpose of refunding valid outstanding bonded indebtedness, and said building fund tax will constitute a continuing annual levy until the principal and interest of the proposed bonds are paid in full, with the provision that the surplus revenues from the building fund millage can be used for .other school purposes. GIVEN this 10th day of January, 1966. BOARD OP DIRECTORS, , DELL SCHOOL DISTRICT . NO 23 OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS By M. R. Griffin, President And R. B. Crawford, Secretary MOX THEATRE On W. Main St; In Blytheville Phone 3-4621 Weekdays Show Starts 7:00 p.m Sat. & Sun. 1:00 p.m. The Finest in Cinemascope Presented in High-Fidelity Optical Sound! CLOSED FOR REMODELING -Watch for Opening Date! Speaks softly and packs a powerful wallop! Whether idling at curbside or cruising, this new Chevrolet talks in a well-mannered whisper, You scarcely ever hear more than a soft undertone of power from its deep- chested V8. (One reason is the hydraulic- hushed valve lifters now in att Chevrolet engines—V8 of 6.)' Soft-spoken, yes—but this handsome traveler packs a wallop that ranges up to 205 h.p.t It's charged with sheer action! Action that can save you precious seconds for safer passing on the highway! Action that lets you take steep hills in stride! THE BEL AIR 3POR7 COUPE—one of !9 high-priced-looking Cherrolels, all with Body by Fisher. Action that helps you zoom out of trouble spots almost as quickly as they develop! And action isn't all. Chevy holds the road like part of the pavement! You feel added assurance in the way it clings to curves. Of course, Chevrolet brings you the security of safety door latches in all models. Instrument panel padding and seat belts, with or without shoulder harness, are offered at extra cost. Come in and drive a new Chevrolet. We've got one ready and waiting for you. SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 W«tt Walnut PhoM 3-4578

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