The Miami News from Miami, Florida on January 23, 1961 · 14
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The Miami News from Miami, Florida · 14

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, January 23, 1961
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4B THE MIAMI NEWS, Monday, January 23, 1961 WTHS Q (Educ.) 1410 NE 2nd Ave. WTVJ Q (CBS) 316 North Miami Ave. WCKT Q (NBC) 1401 V. Bay Causeway WPST O ABC) 2075 Blscayne Blvd. FR 1-6870 FR 4-4262 PL 1-6692 FR 1-6501 This Afternoon 5 O What's New O Popeye Playh'se (To 5:45) 0 Movie (To 6:40) "Salute to the Marines" 'I (1943) Wallace Beery, Marilyn Maxwell, Fay Bainter. Rip-roaring Beery adventure in the Philippines.. Superman 5:30 O Florida ID People'i Choice 5:45 O Rescue Eight Jim Davis and Lang Jeffries in ."Trial By Fire." 5:55 O Weather-Felton ; This Evening , 6 Q Shorthand f Fariss Movie Cont'd. I CD News Heatter 5:15 Fl Sports Weather "4:20 C3 Diver Dan 6:30 Q Civil Defense 1 special I Emergency procedures in Dade County Schools; dramatization of emergency action techniques by Miami Norland Senior High students. CI News Renick 0 Mr. Adams and Eve 6:45 fl News Doug Edwards Q Huntley-Brinkley 7 H Espanol Con Amor Q Shotgun Slade Scott Brady in "Secret Gold." Q Mister Ed Carol becomes an active clubwoman and Wilbur seeks advice on how to keep his wife at home. Alan Young. Navy Log "Helium Umbrella." Two German-born brothers, sep- arated since childhood, meet in combat. 7:30 O Written Word "Wood Blocks and Metal Type." Dr. Frank Baxter discusses the invention of printing from movable types. Fl To Tell The Truth F) Americans (To 8:30) I debut Darrji Hickman and Dick Davalos. "Harpers Ferry, 1861," A synthetic attempt to re-create the romance of the Civil War on television, and absolutely guaranteed not to offend partisans of either side. CQ Cheyenne (To 8:30) "Invaders." Outlaw forces , Bronco (Ty Hardin) to help him prepare to hijack a gold shipment by holding the marshal's daughter as a ' hostage. g Q Know .Your Schools Dr. Joe Hall tells about the vocational, youth and adult general education program in Dade County schools. O Pete & Gladys The Porters (Cara Williams and Harry Morgan) masquerade as owners of a noisy theatrical school in hopes of driving the new tenants out of "The House Next Door." 1:30 Q Survival In Sea U. of Miami Dr. John Storr shows films of plant and animal life beneath the sea. O Bringing Up Buddy Buddy (Frank Aletter) is trapped in an elevator for two hours with a glamorous night-club singer. Q Wells Fargo "Town Against a Man." Dale Robertson discovers that a man who was believed to have drowned was actually murdered. 0 Surfside Six (To 9:30) "Yesterday's Hero." Dave Thome helps a girl locate her husband who has become involved in a Latin American revolt. 9 0 Boston Symphony ! (To 11) 1 speciaii Charles Munch conducts Handel's Suite for Orchestra, Walter Piston's Mb HICKMAN, TEKKEAU AND DAVALOS They Debut At 7:30 p.m., Ch. 1 Symphony No. 6 and Brahms" Symphony No. 2 in D Major, Opus 73. Q Danny Thomas "Whoopee." Kathy (Mar-jorie Lord) greets Danny's homecoming with pin curls and a face smeared with camphorated oil. O Klondike "Queen of the Klondike." Panic and violence reign when freak weather closes the passes to the gold country. Ralph Taeger. 9:30 Q Andy Griffith Andy is picked to judge a beauty contest. Q Dante "Devil to Pay." Howard Duff gets involved with a broken-down fighter and his crooked manager. 0 Adventures in Paradise (To 10:30) A chimp named Jeri plays the title role in "Mr. Flotsam," about a chimp who escaped from a satellite capsule. 10 O Hennesey Robert Culp guests as a young surgeon in "The Specialist." Jackie Cooper is more interested in his golf than his medicine. Q Manhunt Victor Jory and Patrick McVey. 10:30 Q June Allyson June Allyson portrays an American secretary who encounters love and danger in a foreign country, in "Affair in Athens." Q -Berle Bowling Bob Strampe vs. George Howard. Q3 Peter Gnnn "Blind Item." Wealthy man is killed shortly after an item appears in a gossip column accusing his wife of having a romantic interest in another man. 11 O News, Weather Q News, Sports, Weather 0 News, Weather, Comment, Sports 11:15 FJ Movie (To Approx. 1 "Devil and the Deep" (1932) Tallulah Bankhead, Charles Laughton, Cary Grant, Gary Cooper. Dated but worth-while. Laughton 's first film and he's perfect as Tallulah's jealous husband. 11:30 O Jack Paar (To 1) l color i Jack is back in town after the inauguration (!) to chat with his studio audience, George Jessel, Peggy Cass and Wally Cox. All movies are rated by TV Key: Poor. Fair. Good. Excellent Singer Joan Fairfax attends to the solos of the evenings. 0 Falcon Kiss Me Not." Mike Waring (Charles McGraw) goes after a girl who has taken her mother's insurance check and run away with a dangerous killer. 1 FJ News En Espanol TUESDAY 5:55 Q Bill Bischoff Q O Continental Classroom 1 color Chemistry. Algebra. 6:45 FJ News En Espanol 7 O Cartoons Q Today (To f 7:30 0 Morning Chapel 7:45 0 News 7:55 FJ Weather Del Frank 8 Fl News-Hottelel 0 Movie (To 9:30) "Vigil In the Night" (1940) Carole Lombard, Brian Aherne, Anne Shirley. Young nurse in an English hospital makes a fatal mis take, for which her sister takes the blame. 8:15 FJ Capt. Kangaroo (To 9) 9 FJ Jack La Lanne Gymnastics. O Movie (To 10:30) "Libeled Lady" (1936) Jean Harlow, William Powell, Myrna Loy, Spencer Tracy. Screen comedy about a paper trying to convert libel to truth. ii 9:30 Fl Movie (To 11) "Let's Live a Little" (1948) Hedy Lamarr, Robert Cum-mings. Harassed ad man falls for a lady psychiatrist, and vice versa. 0 Good Morning 10 CD Women Challenge 10:30 Q Play Your Hunch 1 color i Merv Griffin. 10:55 0 News 11 CI I Love Lucy Q Price Is Right I' color Bill Cullen. 0 Morning Court 11:30 FJ Clear Horizon Q Concentration Hugh Downs, host. 0 Love That Bob 12 Q News Del Frank O Truth, Consequences 0 Camouflage 12:15 FJ Secret Storm 12:30 FJ Search For Tomorrow Q Could Be You 1 color i Bill Leyden. 0 Beat The Clock 12:45 FJ Guiding Light 1 FJ Honeymooneri Jackie Gleason and Art Carney in "Ralph Kramden, Inc." Q News Movie (To 2:30) "S a n Francisco" (1935) Part one of two parts. Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, Jeanette MacDonald. Entertaining, well played drama of love and adventure. 0 About Faces Ben Alexander, host 1:30 Q World Turns 0 Susie Ann Sotht-rn 2 CI Full Circle-Drama 0 Day In Court Drama 2:30 FJ House Party Q Lorctta Young 0 Road To Reality Group psychotherapy. 3 Q Compass Rose FJ Millionaire Marvin Miller. Q Young Dr. Malone 0 Queen For Day 3:15 0 Sing Hi, Sing Lo 3:30 0 Odyssey FJ Verdict Is Yours Bill Stout. Q From These Roots 0 Who Do You Trust? 4 0 Homemaking FJ Tightrope Nick (Mike Connors) holds up three jewelry shops to gain entrance into a mob, in "The Chinese Pendant." 0 Danny Thomas 0 Bandstand (To 5) Dick Clark. 4:30 0 Reading Edge Of Night Q Bozo's Buddies ftf tonight r. V This Comedy Is Funny WQAM-560 NBC-WCKR-610 WGBS-710 WFUN 790 WIVJ-MO WVCG-1070 WMIE-1140 WMBM-1220 MONDAY APTKUN(HN MurdocK (to 7) (KH: Looney (to 6t WfiBf: Stage Door (to 7) WFl n. Dark (To ty Wl7- Powers (to 7) UMBll: Butttrball (To 5:45) WVfG: Suburbia WMIE: Cracker Jim W A.MB: Hohl (to el K(T: Glover (to : WMET: Cartwrlght (to 6 S:1S WKR: Race Requite MINZ: Race Rfsuite 5:30 WVCIi: Markets W.METl Sportsline -J:45-Wf'KR: Race Results H1.N2: Race Results EVENING -4:00-WTKB: 5 Star Edition Vfl N: G. Stevens (To 9) WWPB: Dinner Concert WVCOl Twilight Concert WSKP: Gaslight Revue WMET: Oija Consejoe :30-HrKR: Shaw (to 12 VVM1E: News, Music -:4t WK AT: Thomas. Sports WMLT: News-Diav (to 7 fifl WQAW: Armslrorc (to 10 HOBS: Candlelight (to 0J WIN'Z: Morrow (to 111 H V' (i : command Perf. VVKAT: News, in Person 7:30-WKAT: Edw. p. Morgan HMIE: Hora Latino -:M-W'WPB: Hi Fi Revus WVt'G: Mimical Heritage, WTtAT: World Tonight HWKTt Gonzales (to 11) iliffhliffhts Symphony Hall (9 p.m., WWPB) Saint-Saens' symphony No. 3 in C minor, Op. 78, Ravel's Mother Goose Suite and Wagner's Lohengrin. WAME 1260 ABC WKAT 1360 CBS WSKP 1459 WMET 1490 -:1S WKAT: Julian (to 121 -1:30-WHPB: Musical portraits -:00-WKI -J: B. tisane (To 12) VM(K: Anttllano VIH1B: Sympriony Rail . 10:00 QAM: Courtney (to 1) VUB: Starlight (to 12) WWI'B: Concerto Time WVCG: Podium -10:30 WWPB: Starlight Serenade ll:O0-WMKT: Latin Music WIZ: Late Date (to t) ( : iNociurne News. Musio 12 00 J. Midnite (to 6) J. Cilbert (To 6) Romance (to 5 W a rren (to e ) -1:00 AM ) WQAM : Marlines (to t WMET: Guy Curtis WKP: Music WKAT: Wy;RS; WFl'N: W'MBM: WIVfB: 10) WMIE: (KR: VH : HUBS: WKATt TUESDAY I1AVT1ME -1:00- Purrinetnn tin ink Overture (lo J Tiifliav IT. m Ul: News-Brooks (to 10) ..i,r.; jnapusts WMBM: Spirituals (To ) WAME: Al Sahiey (to 10) WKAT: World News WQAM : BliiK: WHN: -Ills- King (to -:30- WMIE: Hebrew-ChrlsUan :00 Serenart tin lot P. Connors (To 12 Ed Cook (To 10:30) Da-ytime Concert WMIE: Voice of China -9:30-WM1E: Rev. Allen -:4S-W'MIE: Evan, Murphy -10:00-WQAM: Bob Gordon (to 1) WCKH: Patrick (to i rsews-Tay'or "..'ir.: breakfast : Concert Hall vi n ik: Ch. of God WRIT: News, Godfrey WSKP: Carousel W.MfcT: J. Johnston (to 2) 10:30 Evg. Thompson Butterball (To 12:30) Music World Tomorrow Crosby, Olooney Knight (to 2) -11:30- CitV Hall WKAT: Harper (to 1:30) 1 1 :es WVCG: News WGBS: Sound Track (to 1) Itn 1 1 Club WMIE! W'MBM: WVCG: WMIE: WKAT: WAME: WVCG : 12:00 NOO.V WKTN: F. Ward (To 3) WVCG: Concert (to 4) WMET: News. Markus WKAT: News. Weather WMIE: S. Merino (to 1:30) -12:15-WCKR: Todiy at Races -12:30 W'MBM: Spirituals (To 1301 1 :00 WQAM: Howell (to 41 W(iS: Matinee ito 5) WINZ: Bell (to 4) 1-M W'MBM: Ed Cook (To 3 30) -1:00- W'CKR: Looney (to e) WKAT: News. Weather WSKP: Gaslight Prevue WAME: Horn (to ) WMET: Bill Cartwright -2:30-W MIE: Reward Listen WKAT: Glovor (to :4i) -3:00-WFrN: IX Dark (To ) WMIE: Dale Wasson -3:30 W'MBM; Butterball (To 5:45i WMIE: Happy Harold -4:W-WQAM: Murdock (to 7) Wl.: Powers Co 7) Hilll; Suburbia 45 Wf'KR: Feature Kars WI.NZ: Race Results I'M STATIONS WCKR: 97 3 meg. 5 30 a.m. to Midnight WKAT: 93.1 nies. i to 10:30 D.m. WGBS: 93.4 meg. J I a.m. WMET: 93.9 meg. the clock WWPB: im 4 mm W VCG: 105.1 meg. 4:30 a to midnight WMBM, WFUN Switchcroo On Radio In Miami Miami gained and lost a radio station over the weekend. WMBM is now WFUN. WFEC is now WMBM. The old WMBM at 730 on the dial converted from Negro to general programming and adopted the call letters WFUN. It is now a popular music station that puts its call letters but (thank goodness) not its music through a vibrator. It offers contests but not quite as many interruptions as some other "top 40" operations here. WFUN will be on the air 24 hours a day. Meanwhile, WFEC, at 1220 on the dial, now has WMBM for call letters. Three popular, former WMBM personalities have joined the new WMBM Butterball. Fred Hometown Hanna and Rev. Ira McCall. WTEC, I mean WMBM, will continue to go off the air at sundown. By KRISTINE DUNN Miami News TV Editor Mr. Ed, a talking horse, and his friend Alan Young, are a recent addition to Channel 7 at 7 p.m. Mondays. If your memory goes back to the 12-inch screen, you must remember Alan Young. In 1950 he was voted best television actor of the year. He collected whopping ratings. Everyone who owned one of the new radios with pictures watched him. And then (that's show biz) television's so-voted best actor disappeared. He left the show. He turned down new offers, and then- he didn't get any new offers. Young's partner in his new syndicated venture is a horse who not only talks but eavesdrops on the party line, watches TV except for westerns (he doesn't like to see all those men sitting on his friends) and who, says Young "breathes on the back of my neck and causes a very delightful feeling. I'm trying to teach my wife how to do it." Corny? Ha! I la! Of course, the hor?e talks .o no one except Young, and this causes complications. All this sounds pretty corny, and that's just the word I was thinking last week at my initiation as a viewer to Mr. Ed. "Another situation comedy. Hghmmph. Trite plot. No substance. Bad line." I mentally reviewed it this way until realizing that I was shrieking with laughter in spite of myself. Except for brief moments with Bob Newhart or Mort Sahl on TV, my funnybone hasn't been exercised like that since I Love Lucy days before repeats. I J f I? 1 4s .1 figure shouldn't get their hopes up, however. To sell a script to TV, first you submit an idea. If the producer likes It, he'll pay you for it. Then, you submit an early draft of a script. If he likes it, you get paid for that. Then, you submit the final script. But in order to get a producer to look at the idea in the first place, you about have to have an agent. And to get an agent to look at the idea you need to know someone or at least know someone who knows someone, or else pay a stranger a fat fee. It's a tough business to break into. ALAN YOUNG Ch. 7 At 7 p.m. A couple reasons for this are George Burns and money. This isn't even a network show, yet the budget for scripts is the highest in TV for a half hour $6,000. The average is between $2,500 and $3,500. And one of the writing staff is George Burns, retained on a supervisory and consulting basis. Tough Business Free-lancers eyeing these Advertisement ITCHING Torture Stopper like Magic Hera's blessed relief from tortures of ritinal itch, rectal itch, chafing, rash and eczema with an smazins; new scientific formula Oiled LANACANE. Thii fasc-actinc, stain, lest medicated creme kills harmful bacteria white it soothes raw, irritated and inflamed skin tissue. Stops scratching so speeds healingc. Don't suffer another minute. Oct LANACANE today at aU druf stores. Advertisement - Stop Heart Gas 3 Times Faster Certified laboratory tests srava BELL-ANS tab-Itts noutralizoatifltesas much stomacS aeldlty In one miRuta as many laadias dieostivstaSlots. Sat BELL-ANS today tar trie fastest knows relief. 35 at drusattts. 8ond soatal ta BELL-ANS. OranaoDura, N.V.far liberal free eajnsie. efcmirte. YOU CAN AFFORD DANCE USS0NS-AT DALE I TO FIND OUT HOW QUICKLY, USILT AMD INEXPENSIVELY YOU CAN BECOME AN EXPERT DANCER. Siaiatieeef Isfredsclsrf Oifer Far 4 liaaited Tisw Oaly (KVUt Mi nNCI COIlIf... $750 ONlrf tsAkirr 4 STUDIOS fx 500 N.E. 79th St. PLora 4-5404 (Opposite Biscovne Plozo) 174 t. FLAGLER ST. FRanklin 9-3407 (Olympic; Building) CRACKER JIM PRESENTS IN PERSON TV PICTURE GETTING DIM? 95 STOP SQUINTING! ANY 21 INCH PICTURE TUBE 19 1 Yr. Csar. FREE INSTALLATION! TELE-TRONICS TV 404 N.VV. 5th St. FR 3-8691 OPEN f TO 9, DADE COUNTY AUDITORIUM THURSDAY, JAN. 26 7 and 9 P.M. FEATURING FARON YOUNG ana1 Nit Country Deputies Bin! JUNE CARTER, COMEDIENNE JAN HOWARD JOHNNY SEAY DARRELL McCALL GEORGE JONES TICKETS AVAILABLE EARL'S SUPER MARKET 79th St. and 22nd Ave. MANLEY'S JEWELRY 1702 N.W. 36th St. LUCILLE DEPEW, HORIST 17th Ave. and 34th St. DADE COUNTY AUDITORIUM TRADE WINDS DRY CLEANERS Homestead Famous lob Hose leys Recerdins Ova net RICHIE BROS. BERj VAUGHN fj FRAHKIE SCOTT The Undeniowrished Csawdiaa The TERRIFICO! ta.ll E TERRI FrnkF.ikisIsiu COs Recording Sinfias Stan-Jest Greet P0W-VY0W ROOM sf ta StaSORT MOTEL K.DANCINS NITELY Wl 1-1 1 OPEN FOR LUNCHEON 11:10 te 2:30 Mon. through frt. Dinner: S to 10:30 Daily DON JULIO MEXICAN-SPANISH CUISINE 136 N.E. 20th St., FR 4-3862 39 DIFFERENT KINDS! 9099 BISCAYSE BLYB. OPEN 6 A.M. 'TIL 3 A.M. V-aw )AI W ml HOTEL VERGLADES ROOF Biscayne Blvd., between 2nd and 3rd Sts. COCKTAILS DINNER For Reservations, call KAY iYIUNLT tti 9-5461 - firi n r,T'i r'.J TRADE WINDS DRY CLEANERS I V X T I i Homestead I XV J t?& ;U,tS!K?!i:fo JACKIE HELLER ( FOR GOOD DRY CLEANING (I fM1-00 Chi'Jre''50 III x kay carole I II 1 r 1 ) J i. i ; L new home: 22nd oft Coiiin it 8-7201 je 8-4789 5 Good Fast Service S rSf j try FREEEJMAN'S 'x. (1 HOUR CLEANERS) LAUNDRY Q ffsW : ' '.Jw , ' il fl, . . "QI)T ( NO FXTRA CHARGE FOR 1 HOUR SERVICE ( (C&M?':' '. ' K-5&Wlfifft Zfofft U W rt"- V .' W). I , TWO (2) PLANT LOCATIONS J! . '$IM$M If 1718 - 79th ST. CAUSEWAY Treosure Island K f(mz'J " ;V5i. ;tVTit'JrtA ' VSX 2922 CORAL WAY MIAMI $ ... ' WJ iTO . JWmXi K LOADS OF PARKING SPACE fl (i J--. - 1)!tSt gHRROGRAMEAg (fStf Sii G T A 1T5 TjT" m Go'a Opening Tomorrow Mjl Jj f WfSL Steve Parker's original GABLE WWIWM j TRIBUTE FILII1FESTIVAL I M a A I JESS LIWUAmwj WfSY rSf "m-1 VMaI . 1 warring uuwi lumwunn toiwrAWT a jiwmi omta naoata KiNBpff a Kjflji 1 I 1 ' 1 HIE TANUICHI HARil TOMINAGA fl ffW DIMCUD AND CHOMOCKAPHH by PAUL C0DK1N jg RAV0-.'1? t'F ' I V ?3j ""MmAiami. jt llUt l'Uai - . I nightclub show in the I v: ' 41! United States..." I I 0$S&f& - :"r" l4t- A I -UFE MAGAZINE X v -x "...fasf-moving, unusual!" Fif,1 TOMORROW "MIDDAY MOVIE" 1:10 PM ' Louis Sobol, N.Y. Joumal-Americon ' Immediately following Wayne Fariss News X'S -""y-P'endored variety show!" I V J PARTI "SAN FRANCISCO" n' ' mJt RuoI Askew, Dallos Morning New, V" j zf JEANETTE MacDONALD . SPENCER TRACY Cliv fl "teful, tuneful, booutiful!" ' PH Tf a., .rj.a NCJV V Robert W. Dana, N.Y. World-Telegram & Sun f M raJ A fllll WPPI nf 7?Vl:l Shb&rfTl 4 f Early Family Show Sat. only-6:30 pm jj UMI! 1UH W6eK 0T iSMIm i lnner Show .t 9 . supper Show 12 Midnight " the finest of Cahle P&??tl! 7x1 AS? 1 Mur,c bm Wgn on CHANNEL 7 j tTSTl HSm, OPfM' t L !Ff & , PRESENTS PAUL GRAY JACKIE HELLER KAY CAROLE Shows at 10 p.m. 12:30 a.m. and ? ArounrJ

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