The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 14, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BI-YTHKVII.I.K (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 1953 Sluggers Flex Muscles—16 \ Games Oklahoma Hay Leave Biq Reports Say Sooncrs j May Go Independent; Turned Do\vn by SWC | Ky The Ass.uiiiU-.J Tress j Riunors were flyinu at On:aha i yeslerd.iy ilia I. UH> Uiu\vr--ity (if • Oklahoma \VHS propurinu 'o pull | out of the* lt'-i\ Seven Cunfcrc'TKv | to bocoine «n independent or. M , pnssible. cormocl • wuh (ho Houlh-- The Oin;*h;i Woi'Kl-Honihl rrpuri-i foolers (o oih,M- Hiii ^fv<'n sL'hoi>!s: to tmtke M:VI! football conUiic?-; v.'ill'; hold CVT--H if tiie ^choo! slior.ld wiih- . dr;i\V from ULC conUMCiH f. ! Al Norm;!!). nihlutU' dirrcinr lliid; V/!lkt]»>on docliu rd the [-i^joia is! The World-H[:r:'.lil bkuiird thr: Sooner?.' aluiudo on :i nev,- lii^ Seven rule '.vluch rositiut.-i recruit" iiiont of inbkMcs. Wilkinson answered thai lift 1 di.s- flf,'rccm*-nt ovfr rules ].•; boitif-r overdrawn, adding: "Oklahonm wsini.s lo do \vliru\s riv;hf. \Vt»'n' IUH trying to forcr; unychinK on anybody. !'ni con tide nl Ihe chffercn- c*\^ cf opinioi) \vi)J be worked oul m Four-Baggers Plentiful As Brooks Rip Cards 14-8 Ity JOE llKICin.KK. AT SimrU Writer Warning to ail niiijor league pitchers: Storm siKiuls abend! Take cover! WuU'h out for an i':trly showr! TJKI Rafters are knocking down the fences u^aiii! It's raining homo runs I The hmlers not rni inkling of c-d him on ihf \;iv to ih<> .showers New York Brooklyn Chicago Cincinnati St. Loui.s Philadelphia Boston Pittsburgh u-Mtiuu w L pet on 5 .702 . .. .714 1 .5EJ3 3!i It! IS (i H 10 14 10 11 14 9 13 9 U 2 '21 .583 3J .440 7 ..4U3 7" .391 8 A;MKR ic AN M-:A(;ITK W 1, J'cl Gil 8 .(J92 Mrclinj This >\('fk The cuiitioveisy ttaitil :*s a. prc*-[ ]ude 10 the spring merUny of Big Seven faculty represent ulives u< Norman this woek onU in tonnec,-- lion with the conference lr<u:fc cur- nival. The World-HtTiUU wont on to sny it believed Oklahoma would quil the conference if it run bo assured its football schedule \voutd remain intoet. The 1952 Sooner s c h e (i 11 1 ir inch)ties six panics with conlcrc-nce schools. A Bi£ Seven boyeoti would cripple Oklahoma sports schedules unless the .school cuuld join the Southwest Conference. Turned Down by SWC Meanwhile, at, Foil Worth, Dr. Vonion SchAihardl, the University of Texas faculty represent ii(ive, told the Star-Telegram Oklahoma had beoo sponsored at the recent Soutlwcet Conference meeting nnd had been turned down by the conference members. Dr. Schuhardt claimed tha "Eoon- cvs nre so coy about H that thus* won't admit it nnri (hoy won't make n direct bid, but Ihey have let » Jol of the ritfhi people know they can be had—nnti easih r ," He .said another official of a South west Conference school 1m d revealed Oklahoma telephoned the information that it was available— nnd that it would be willing: to let the conference supervise its athletics until such time as the Soon- «*rs nntiht become lull-f lodged members. ui inkling tlunu-S '.o crjiiu* vi'Mc relay v[\--i isorm aL M)foc?t I n UI \ IK n (i < of iheir olJVi'JUfES v.vre liiirnuiiTeiJ for homr- rnus as the Hi'ooULyn Dotij i won a 11 H lu lhc Hi, I, o n i UinlmnK til) Uo<tr c I) 1I f h r: r He n W-. di- M J. md for lhc [liMl.^'rs KI.HI MUMH! Inl tv.'ii onf of the p it l 1 k for thf Ciii'ds nnd Larry Mi'itjins hit one, Hy midnight, if; i homors had bci'/i j rjippod in iin.' fi^ht Duties, tin I KVSI .sinvclc^ d;ty outpui of Ihe younj-j j season. Hirivjtofoie, ihu ninjoi 1 j liitlil pilrhinL- duels v:i'h accent on shmmns ;ui<l loiv-hil ?;^u"' s ! H.INK-IS llrl|) Iinll.ui^ j Hume runs by Kay Boone. LftjTV Doby nnd »»lr MiU-hcll mivf ih« f^lciVfliiiid Indians n 10-ti victory Washington EJoston St. Louis Chicago New York Slan i ml u M»: youcl it-lirf pi'chiiv^ by | Philndelphia Ltui Kr s ;»» ;icKl Kfti'Jj' Wj'itn lo; Detroit pi i < i \ ( his victory. A trio of fmii'-bri^eiK hHpert the SOIJTIIKHN Now Yin It Clianls Oi'feal the Cin- ' Mobile CiiattHtiooK/t Ne\v OrltjiEins IH 14 fl 14 in 12 13 \'i 13 II 12 0 13 5 18 ,KJ6 2 .583 3 .480 5 .480 5ta .418 5' .409 7 .217 II fitmatl R«!s. Ibl'iJ' oJlu-Haj inaikin over I horn n (i li man ojj bust- 7-4. and e Nation;)! Li-a^lie tin- I)LH|[;OMK. Hobby t id :i lioincr with a and foHov, r wilh :i ASSOCIATION Won Lost !><:t '2(\ It .(H! double to nccoinU for Nashville I«'<1 in. Bob KUintt until unit' Hock 13 20 13 n 14 II 0 J ooklyn 1-1 Si. Loin's over tlip Now York Ysi nkoew. Thy wi]j. Cifjvf In nil's foiircJt in » row ovcr tin. 1 world climnplons, mubted ihr Tube lo retiiin their 1 wo-i^atni 1 Atnoriciiii f.e;i^uu lead ovoi 1 Wnsh- Sievt; OroijU'h irtfistrrcd hi.s sro- onil straight t humph over the • Yniiks niitl his third of Hie RPHSOII I wiiliout a detent, He did not "os| cape uii'.rathed, 'howeycr, A two* i run homer by Gil McDoutfnld .slurt- fue runs S illn \l \\ il tj homered for the Memphis Giants, .Minnso <:»t On* Minnie Mino.-o \i'.i.-i th whipped Die Hoslon Itrd Sox. 5-0. r-Jew York 7 Cniclnnati 'Minoso hUisUMl a -Hfi-foot homer | MnL:ulclphLu 6 Chicago 0 ;*jid Hfidod a fv/o-niu Mnslc lo cirivp j HO;>UKI 3 P(itsbur!<h 1 in four i nir-' and muke it easy for 5 Billy Pierce. | Atneric-iin League l-Jddie M:\ltlicw.s hit his .seventh; Cleveland 10 New York ti hfune run to lead the Mu.sUm | Wa,shint;ion 4 Detroit 3 I3rnvL\s lo fi .'M verdict over .51 .50: .511 .46' .311! Mosley Cuts WashingtonTrip Short, Returns to BHS Duties PATTY'S PUTTER — Pally Berg proudly holds her new hammerhead putter which she claims v.-as the deciding fuctoi in winning tho S3000 \Vutnen 1 . Open (Jolf Tournament at Richmond. Calif., with a 54- i'rO.c tot.'i! of '21Q. Kron) Die Jnnk*- of that KOL Sale SLf;t\, t!ic Minneapolis miss must figuie ;i!l she needs is th*' puttei to v/jn (NKA) E'iUsburfih I'irates. Curl Simmons, imlv » month out of Ihe .service?, pitched the Phi la- delphia Phils lo a B-0 victory over Ihe Chicago Cirbs. Siniuions fiinnecl 12 SncUidinu the lust four lo face htm, Uobhv Shatitx pitched nnd bnltcd the 1'hitndelpJua Athletu;.s Lo a 5-1 win over iho St. I.ouis llrowns. '1'hc little Icdtiniuler throw u five'hitter (r)r liis flUli tfitimpli Diul highlighted tu'o scoring' innings with n double nnd triple. Wii.shiriKLaii won its ninth game In its last 10 starts, as Connie Maricro Imrled n five-nil 4-3 victory over the Detroit Tigers. ti (night) . ini^ht) Ihe j J'bil.-idolpliia ft SI. Louis ) (night) — ' " •-- " •"•-* Chicago 5 Hoslon 0 might) Southern Association Birmingham 4, Mobile 3 Nashville G, Memphis 'i Only panics scheduled TODAY'S GAMK3 Niilioniil l.eafjuc St. Loui.s at Brooklyn IMt-tsUurgh at iioston (niglui Cmc-imiat! at New York (nighl) Chicago at Philadclplila (night) Boston nt Chicago Pliilndelphln at St. Louis (night) Washington nt Detroit New York nt Cleveland (night) Stanky Sticks to Earlier Prediction on Cardinals toy JACK 1MNI> BnoOKLYN V?>— In tlie deep, ullenl sloom nt Ihe St. Louis Cardinal clubhouse, Eddie Stanky Muck grimly (o hi.s pre-seasod prediction. "Ttie Ginnt.s, Dodycrfi, Phils and Cardinals will decide Ihe National Hunt I if rn Association Nigiit Games Memphis at Nashville Little Rock al Chattanooga Birmingham nt Mobile Atlanta (\t New Orleans Missouri I/. Hears Big 7 Baseball Title League penimnL" Not even a M-fl pn.stuiK by the* ,iroii>ott One]net's could shjik** the fiuiiit cunfidcnce of Ihile "Muysy," | coining hack "home" to £bheUs' KieW for Ihe first time us on j enemy manager. j Earlier in the afternoon he held court on the Cardinal bench, Ki'^ci- iiiK" 'lie base bull wrilors ntul columnists who knew him best as a player wilh Ihe Dodgers. Then Inter with the Bruve.s nnd Ghmt.s. "Hy. Branch." he xnkl lo n ItiUv comt'r who was onti-IJrnnoh Rickci' in the dny.s when B.H. nnd Stanky wore together at Brooklyn. Returning to Brooklyn n,s a nian- nRer must huvc aroused strnn^e frons tiurrenfs of scntiiticnt In the Uery hitle sXipper. It was here that his "iutnnjfiijles" wore rccoK- ni7cd. Here that Rickey planted lhc Kuccls thut uvro to rrsxilt In a manage rial curoiT Tor Slanfcy. I'UvlitiiK Hcttor "WJiat do you know now n bo lit. Plowboys Top Mead'sl5-10 In BWL Game COLUMBIA. Mo. Of: -The University of Missouri nrcds nnly one i more viciory to clinch thr His Sei p - } f n CotjferpiiiM* baypbnU iMc. I Tho Missourians, who have won 11 victories in 12 leap.ue Rimic?. play j their linn! yoiirs against second-! vour cl > ll> thrtl you didn't, know in place Kansas nest," Monday rvnd i KU " idn? " u ^'ritor n.skcd. Tuesday. ! "My pHchhif- hns bren bolter." The Big Seven winner will meet'he said. 1 Reniemuer. this wnsj befit. Lotils Univt-mty, the Missouri i ^ ore ^' e ^»^ KJunt?.) "Belter than I Valley Conference rhampion. in a • dared hope. Stnloy and Chambers. •playoff for the district National | Boyrr nm! Prosko. Sc-hmidt am! i ~~ " CoJleiriate Athletic As:ocMtion titlo. i Mi/ell. All of thoui be it IT than Ija man nu»klnp R will. "Maybe fo Missouri boat Nebraska 8-5 Tues-; hopi-d. | tixluy. Mayhe tor two weeks. Mayb day wirh Dick AlK'tn^nn .striking! "Anil I know this clnh will hiL ( for fu'c itionllus. Mu.stnl ID my first o'.it 16. Kansas also wuti. ont^Hi?- | It's yot lo Inl biHior than it ha.s. 1 * | ljasein:m." giiij Kansas. State, 1C-17. WhiU nboul Stan Musi«l? Was he j As fivft mc)ll i h . R wouW Kansas haa an 8-2 loneuc record,; goinp fo H tny on fust base? ICnulinnls through and j "\lusinl i.s my lifsi bnscnioii.'' . .«nid Cagey Edtlie, us cautious a: Sixty One Implement Company's Plow boys came np with 10 runs aftor two were out in thn fourth innirig yesterday afternoon to de- ff!it. Mend's Clothiers I&-IQ at L,it- 11 e Park. TM'O sfraiKhl- out Held errors set the stage for Hie Plowboys' comeback- Thny wore (raiting 7-5 at the limp. But when the smoke had rh'ured, 10 runs had crossed the plate. In the fifth Inning, the Cloth ii>rs scored three runs btil could go no further us Ihe Plow boys woi '{heir first game of (he season. Herb Childs wns the losing pilch j er and MuLlins was the winner. j TliLs afternoon. Sulli van-Nelson | WFV.S sdiecuiled to piny Coach Jimm. Fishers team. tk-njaniin Disraeli, one of the 1 lost famous English state.^nieti, | ho from obs-C'.irity to tlie poi-t i f prime minister, was an au- of distinction. He was creaicd l of Flea r on Afield for hij threat ontribution in biiilding up a lar^c mfiirc. Chicks Lose Again to Vols Biscan Is Handed Third Setback 6-2 By The Associated Tress Something about Ihose luckless Memphis Chickasaws Inspires even (Me weakest of opposing batters. Nashville second Uiisemnn Hob Boring, bnttiiifr a miserable ,135, erupted for two doubles and n pair of singles— n pcrtect evening — to lend Hie Vols to a C-2 victory hand the Chicks Iheir fourth straight setback and ihelr 21th 31 K^mes. Frank. Biscan, the old lefthander who copped 1G decisions al Mem phis last year, was the victim o: the Boi'ding-led assault and ab soiiK'd his third loss. He hn.s wor only one. Biff Al Wortliinston flip pt;:l u live-hittvr for the Vols foi his second success ugninst one de feai. In the Southern Association's on ly other contest, the Huminghan Barons edged league-leading Mo bile, 4-3. and posted their fourtl sir-night triumph. The other fou clubs were idle. 'Chicks' Coach Jack Home After 2-Week Absence Boston nnd Bootip, Cleveland. 4. STOLEN BASES — AvJIa. Cleveand nnd Rixxuto, New York, S. PITCHING — Henry, Boston. -1-0, .000; Gvotnek., Cleveland and Marero, Washington, 3-0, 1.000. Porkers' Frosh Trackmen Win FAYETTEVILLE. Ark. l^l —Uni versity of Arkansas Freshmen sal vnyeri a dual track meet with th Oklahoma A. fc M. Aggies. GG-56 yesterday, as the Vij^hy droppe ^ lopsided 27-49, decision. A total of 10 records—six In th i varMty division and four in the Sppculntion regarding Coach Rusell Mosley'.s status at BlytheviJle [igh School appeared at an end odtiv. Coach Mosley Is back on the ms campus. Two weeks ago, Coach Mobley was 'canted a request for a six weeks cave of flbsence to go lo Washing- oti to take special government rninlng. However he returned to Blythe •il!e last Thursday and resumed his Uities as athletic director nt the nigh school Monday. When a.sked if he wax back to it ay, Mosley's only comment was, 'I think so." Just what kind of special train- EUR Coach Mosley was taking in Washington wns not revealed b> Superintendent of Schools W. 13 Nicholson or the school hoard. Mr Nicholson said (hat the covcrnnieai d reciuested secrecy regarding the 1 matter. Coach Mosley left for Washington amid reports of his resignation. However, the school board insisted he had not tendered his resignation rmd |ji5 lather, S, (Pop* Mosley, told the Courier News that his son bad already signed his 1952 contract. Cards, Reds Swap Players Westlake and Kaxak For Stallcup, Sisler £ CINCINNATI W)—The Cincinnati Reds and the St. I,ouis Cardinati I frosh competition—\vere established. Two Freshmen fought a close battle most of the warm, windless afternoon, wilh Arkansas gaining the winning edge when the Aggios defaulted In the two relay events, Aggie Miler Fredrtk Eckhoff finished 40 yards in front of scconcj- phice Rick Heber of Arkansas in what had been expected, to be close battle. Vlrpil Stallcup Willjr WestUke may have solved a couple of their most pressing problems with a four-player swap. Gahe Paul, Cincinnati general manager, announced last night the Heds were sending outfielder Dick Sisler and shortstop Virgil Stallcup to the Cards in a straight nx- change for outfielder Wally Westlake and infielder Eddie Kazat. Travelers Buy Paul Mauldin LITTLE ROCK (/P) -Paul Mauldin, veteran Southern Association outrietder, has been purchased by the Little Rock Travelers from Coolrario Springs Qf^ thi Clau A Western League. Good for all cars, but... Commercial League Seeks Sixth Entry ihc through and past the World Series, Stanley might bav« hcen exnKjrcrntingr. lie probi\bly meant—for the rest of the season. Major League Leaders By The Associated Presn BATTING — Robinson, Brooklyn "iBJ; Lowrey, St, Louia, .361; Coop , Boston, .360. RUNS — Adams, Cincinnati, 20 Lock man. New York., 17. RUNS BAITED IN — Saner licago, 27; Kluszewski, Cincinnal ; Thompson. New York, 19. HITS --- Klnszcwaki, Cincinnal .HI Li, Philadelphia and Mcrsqi Htsbtir^h, yi. DOUBLES — Musial. St. I.ouis Mnrson, Pittsburgh, Schocr dienst nnd D. Rice, St. t.o\iis, 7 TRTPIjES — Adock, Cincinnati nnd Thomson. New York, 4. HOME RUNS — Malhews, Boston and Pafko, Brooklyn, T. STOLEN BASES — Jethroe, Boston nnd Reese, Brooklyn, 4. PITCHING — Maglie, New York, 5-0. 1.000; Loc.s nnd Hoe, Brooklyn, Henrti. Jnnsen nnd Wilhehn, New York, 3-0, 1.000. American I.esguc, BATTING — Hizzuto, New York, .303; Mitchell, Cleveland, .351; Boone. Cleveland, .341. RUNS — DIMnggio, Boston, 20; Rosen, Cleveland, 19; Piersall, Boston. 18. RUNS BAITED TN — Rosen. Cleveland. 20; Boone, Cleveland, ID; Dropo, Uoston and Vernon Washington, 16. HITS — Simpson, Cleveland and RL7.7.uto, New York. 37. UOUBLES ~ I.epcio. Boston. 8; Picrsnll, Boston, Robinson, Chtca- go. Pi iddv nncl Kcll, Detroit, 7 TRIPLES — Simpson. Cleveland and Delsincr. St. Louis, 4. UOMK RUNS — Rosen, Cleveland, R'. VVcrt/., Detroit, S; IJropo. h f ,») Every mellow drop... cars will run best all year'round on Extra Gasoline OUUMOBILE HYDRAULIC STEERING Carter to Defend Crown Tonicsht '^^^/^tww*' STILl ONIY I^^Vfffl 3 IIU I'int $4.86 l s (!t- lliough not -.\lwnys apparent lo the driver, various gasolines actually do dilTer in performance. Industry-accepted road nnd laboratory tests prove that Ksso Extra £ives a ycar-'round combination of qualifies unmatched by any other gasoline for 9 out of 10 cars in use today. The I'.xtra you always jlel at the "Happy Motoring" Sign is the big rcasotTwhy more motorists buy Ksso Rxtra in the area served by Esso Dealers than any other premium gasoline. * K.sso K.vtni Gnsolinc is jinocl for /\IJ- cars, hiil in 9 out of 10 it will give lietter all-arnniul performance all year 'round Itian any other gasoline. (>nl\- n car oilli Hn engine that's (inorly iuJjustcd, hndly woro, or one with uuusniil compression characteristics may he unnble to use fully the many curji qnnlitics of this great gasoline. Sec yotir ocarby lisso Denier today! FLIASI DRIVi CARCFUILT THI tiff YOU SAVI MAT It 1 OU» OWN Contplt.1t' commnml . , . |>hifl llic cfTorlK'?5 drivinc you've ever kmmn! That's «h.ll (".M llstlrniilic f\rrr'm«' in llie new- "Iii>.krl" Ulil-tnohilc inc.iii« to \on.' To p^rk, l<i Inrn. to take a shurp curve — .«l«-rii>£ is/»'< willi CM II vilrmilic! .^tc >i>ur iliMlcr ami try it li»by! ESSO STANDARD OIL COMPANY • SIE YOU* NIAttST OL05MO»I I I DI A I IR - wiiiit llttic b'.'Ulnf '.')»••.c li..-- bcni on thn Jfj-roiiiui ti;> oin.l';-, Mo.t uf tlie Rli-fislll :HI; nni'iUs h;uc i-pntcrcd '>" t!',o f"- --ibili'y o! « VTIfXk'lUt — a Caller *A Ul by fl ) ^MU«t Mki'LMI SOkHOH fthli»[Y 4 VMS 0.0 MlOckOllt. I " '"31 IM lUki OrtlllllkS 10.. IUKU3I1, II. HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. 309 E. MAIN STREET LEONAkD'S ESSO SERVICE r }'• : ' ' Main & Division Op«n Day & Night Ph. 9961 JOHNSON'S ESSO STATION Ark-Mo. State Line Phone 9929

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