Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 25, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's . . DROWNED OUT Celebrated Silk, Stiff and Soft. •Spring Styles.^ DEWBNTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. This Week Only We will make to order choice of any Summer Suit in our store for $20.00 cash. We also have a few Bargains left in $15.00 suits. Positively no goods charged. Tucker & Sharpe Co., Tailors. W, D. Bynum and His Follower Are Ignored. SOUND HONEY DOWNED National Delegates Must Vote as One for Hatthews—The Ticket. THE FIRS! NATIONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPITAL $250,OOO. A, J Murdoch, Pros. W. W. Ross, Cash. J. F. Brookmeycr, Asst. Cash. DIBECTOK3: ft 8. Bice. w. H. Brlngliurst, A. J. MorclocK, Dennis Uhl. . Banking In al. Us Departments promptly and carefully done. Safety to Customers and Stocknolueru •ought tor. . Strong Reserve Fund maintained. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY, JUNE 2311 1SOC. ALBUECHT-BTJRGMAN. At St. Luke's Lutheran cLurcli last evening at S o'clock, Mr. August Al'' breclit and Miss Edith Biirgman were united in marriage, the Rev. Tirmeu- sttae pronouncing the words that made them husband and wife. • St. Luke's church was crowded with friends erf the contracting parties, and as tlie organ notes "swelled out iuto sweet straiiis of tlie Mendelssohn. Wedding March, there was a flutter ot expectation. It "was tlie wedding ot 1!io season at St. Luke's and it was a very | preitty ceremonial. Tlie -ushers were Ernest Renn and Adolpli TInnonstlne. They stood nt tlie.doors of tlie church and as the wedding party entered, Urn bridesmaids. Misses Clara Englebrecht and Marie Hoppe of tin's city, and Miss Charlotte Gloun of Van Wert, marched . up one aisle, and the groomsmen, Oscar Behlke and Heni-y. Grupo or Chicago, and Ed.Burgman of this city, were on the other side of the church. Preceded by the ushers tlie bridal party marcbctl to the chancel and took their positions on either side. The bridal couple then entered and as flic last notes of the wedding march died away, met at the chancel rail. The pretty ceremony of tlie Lutheran church was said by the Rev. Mr. Tirmetistlne and Mr, and Mrs. Au- yust Albrocht returned with tlicti friends to tlie home of the bride's parents, 73."! Fit'teentli street, where an elaborate wedding snipper was served. The groom Is a prosperous business man of Chicago and is the senior partner in the firm of Albreelit & Glcnbow, .packers of meats. His bride Is the liandsome daughter of Gustav and Mrs. Bnrgman and Is a lady whoso clrclu of t friends Is limited only to her acquaintance. She wore a white corded silk, .with pearl trim m lings, and carried a bunch of bride's roses, at the altar. The . groom wore Wio conventional black. Miss Glenn wore green silk with dia- mond ornaments; Miss Eii;lebrccbt light l>lm> si He :nwl pearls; Miss Iloppe, pale pink silk with pearls. All carried roses. A farewell reception will be given (he newly married couple this evening at. the home of the bride's pareuls. They will visit, with friends here until Saturday nigiit when they go !o to Ilieir future home in Chicago, They will be at home at No.s. 242-2-14 East North avenue in that city. GORMAN-SULLIVAN. At St. Vincent de T'aul church nt 9 o'clock yesterday morning, Mr. .Tames Gorman and Miss Murgnrot Sullivan were united in marriage, the Very ROT, M. K, Campion pronouncing rhe ceremony. Tho groom is employed at the Island Mew hotel ami is a gentleman of excel lent habits and character. Uis bride is a daughter of .Tereuihib and Mrs. Sullivan and is a lady whose manj good (iiuUit.ia'i have endeared her to a large circle of friends. Mr. and Mrs. Gorman have a suite of rooms over No, '105 Market street, and they dedicated their new homo last evening with the help of a merry parry of friends. GOT IT r.N THE NECK. Otto's Again fleet Defeat at the Hands of Kokomo's. Kokonio, .Tune 24.—Special.—Kokomo is wild tills evening. Ah of 'the rooters who .accompanied the team from here Sunday aud saw tlie very pretty defeat t'liey got at'Logiinsport, were or.t iu full force aud they brought a good many with them. In all there must have been eight hundred pah's of eyes on the game, Crosby wa.s in the box for the Logansports aud he pitched a good gome, but the lads from Kokomo town wore a. little too CaiinJliur wiMi his curves and they touched him for eleven nils, three of which were for two bags and one a home run, the latter of which wa« ma-do l)y States when Hie bases were full. Logansport batters fared ill at the hands of "Kid" Eaurot a.nd they could get but. seven hits oft" him, ono a two-bagger. Following is the score: Kokomo 00010201 2-0 H-ll 13-1 Ottos ...10000021 0-1H-T E-4 Crosby and iraurot each had a wild pitch, aud Byers had four passed balls. Tlie Kokomo crowd will never Ijp sat- isficd until another series is played between the two teams. Indiana-pel is, .Tune 24:—Special—Til nrtiifi Stale convention, assi'-ui-bKM this morning at. 10 o'clock in t.he 'Tom- inson !iall. Tim Grillin, the'cuslodJa.n of tho State House, who had cliargc-'of t-he dceoiviijoiis of Hie hall, 1incT hung thirteen pk;ftiros oC Uov. Matthews i bo ui (lie walls, ajid DOT a singik- one of Clovoland, llemlricks or Gray. Tho co-niniiitteo oil organization- 'reported :ili<! na.nuvs of Sena-tor D.'W. V-ooriK-es. Senator David Titi-pio, the lion. .Tames McCabu s.nd G. V. Men- xi.cs I'nr delegates at. large. Hozi....Joliu C. Nelson of Logan.s-poiT, was made ono of -the aliening. T!. C. Boll -was chosen permanent chairman of lite convention. "\VT.en tlho ciwumict.ee on resolutions reported, the chairman- -moved' tlir. previous rjneS'iii/m. The Hc.il. AV, D.' Bytmm rose to a po,iu,t of order, bivt the conve,:) ijoii reft!.-"(*d lo hear him. For an how paiido.mor.-ium reigned and tlic police wore ima-lly ailk'd on the fl'Wv to f|ue-ll disturbances a number of times. Rynmn .imtid u-ear (.lie front, of the pl.-it- form holdijig a paper supposed to be a mkiOif-fiy reiwii!, a*Hd dcnuuided i-ha-l .!n: be recognized, bu-l, the e.liai.r steadfastly refused to see li.ini. ; - Tlie ]il:iitii'onn as adopted ignores Cleveland, -favors tlic free coinage o-f silver at. a ratio- of sixteen to o-ne. com. mends the candidacy of Gov. Matthew.? for the preti-idency a.nd gags the delegates iiy instiiTK-r.inig the delegatl-on -to' vale as :i mitt 1 . John E. Lamb moved Lo suspend ijho rules and hear Mr. Bynum for five minutes ami the convention voted. o.n that question by.call of coii-ii.t'ies, i.lio ml.mc-s't confusion prevailing, Tlie convention, by a vote of 1.000 to 500, suspended i.lie rales and gave Mr. Bymuii live •Di-nuiiles. M:r. Bymiin said that he was a Democrat and wanted 'to be hoard in Hie Democratic eonvmi-Moii; tihat under the ru^us-of C<in- sress, that had been, adopted by Die convent ion, when the previous question was ordered, lifteen minutes were • gh-fii each s-ide for argameh-t; that he'was In order aiid iva.s entitled to the door. .-He shi-fed that lie de.siired lo submit' die in.i-n.oiriity report, coiininie.tidin.g Iresid.etir Olevel-aud and opposing free silver,. -• At (liu imiiiTio-n o-C Clevclaml's name 1 ihe convention applauded vociferously. At tlie on.d oil' the live minutes the.- chalmuiji said that Mr. By num.. ha.d beiii heard only through coimbesy,- -filial there was nothing before tlic' limtefc. SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. JOS. Q. GRACE WILL 5ELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER INJILOGANSPORT. LINE COHPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block ClothingJH convention; for r.lic vote rhey have oust •cast in extending to me the live mic- nte.s. I s'ljall not avail myself of Uie tune exetjpt to thank yon for tie courtesy, because I insist that 1 had a greater right wilder .the rules of this convention, find under Clause 1, Rule in, of the Ltouse of Represent)ttvcs of tliu Fifty- Scvcnfli Congress. I proposed in the short, time that I should have occupied, pot more than, live minutes at. tho time I .sough l:.,,t he floor. I proposed !o offer as an ainciid.ineu't.ror ilie platform, the first rcso'lutkin of lihu platform, the fol- , lowing: ; "We.hereby roaflinn that dechiration of principles en-nnciated by the Demo- , Cfallc NatJojisil convention at Chicago iin 1.S92, itiid'ratiticd bylfhe Democratic 1.S02. why siiould we tum our backs upon that resolution now? So far as 1 am ^concerned, l»owcvar, tinc'o.'ii.pronji.siiig ! the dcjiiiiiul, however fierce the clamor, however frenzied the .sentiment. I .shall nevcr tnni my back upon lliat adm.iu- ' LslTMfion I helped to elect."' was but. his 10 gratify, whose very being was Itts 10 love. Therefore be it Resolved: That J5el River lodge No. •117. I. 0. 0. V.. i-xtcmUi !o the bereaved willow ajul family ivur lw«rtfolt SVIQ- WILL BE WELCOHE. Martin Higgins, Mason's Tender Not Referred to by the Journal. pa.rty at, the ensuiug natUTnal t'lere.iiD'er |>y t!ie l.irgest clottonij vote ever given in support of a candidate and a principle: fill at 1 "We hold to the 11*0 of both gold and silver as tlie stardaird money of the country n.iid to tlic coinage o-f both gold and silver without di-scrimiiuatlnig asafoist either metal by charge, of mintage, but the dollar unit of coin-age of boch inehils must: lie of-eqtial intrinsic and exchiingcalile value or be adjusted Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. DR; THE XATIOMAL LEAGTJE. Clevoland won again yesterday. Baltimore did not play and so rhe Spiders crawled'up a-notlier little peg-toward the leaders. Following arc the scores of yesterday's games: At Cleveland—rinsbnrg ',, Clove- land 10. At Boston—Brooklyn 7, Boston S. Ar. Louisville—St. .Louis 4, Louisville n. At Chicago—Cincinnati 4, Chicago 2. Rfllu prevonted rlw ga.uros scheduled at I'hiladelphia anil Kew York. STANDING OF THE CLUBS. MOST PERFECT MADE. • jure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.- Frt< in, Alum or any other adulterant 40 Years tibe Standard Clubs Italti.inore . . Clevela-nd... Cincinnati .. Boston Pittsbnrj . .. Washington . Brooklyn . ... rbiladoOphla Chicago New -York .. St. Louis . ... Loulsvllie ... Won ...34 oo ...34 ...30 ...28 ...20 ...27 ...28 ...29 ...22 ...35 . ...11 7x)st Per Ct. IS IS °2 21 "2-1 i'S 2C 27 28 31 38 • 40 - .0^4 .CM .007 .:"io,S .031 .503 .500 .503 .410 .215 ^Ve a.re .not trj-toig to do business under on assumed name, but selling shoes at' cost.—Stevenson & Kliusi.ck. atid Killed for uoni'liua-tions-for goyernoj 1 '., The u.proii.r begani again, but Mr. Bynum and hiis forces were drowned out. Nominations for governor were called, for and B. F. Sliively o-f South Bend, was nominated, a few, of the sound money men voting for Gee. W. Cooper, For Lic-utcmmt Governor .lolin. C. Lawler of Salwn was chosen. The Ap- peJlale .Tudges were all .renouiiuatcd, incilnding Judge Gco. K., Ross of -Logansport. For Secretary of State' P. M. Ralston of Lclianon was selected. .-.- ' During the liimo Mr. Bynum was on MIC jilatforti) ho made ti.se of socond-s.' Tho Ex-Congressman was graciously appla-iidod as h<? cdlin-bed to ibe-si.'ifro.- He car.ried the book containing, the rules of Congress. He was hea-rd 'attentively. The gold people cheered Mistily when he cited rhe rule of Congress which alio-w.s fifteen minutes'debatq on each .side after the previous -question, had been ordered. "Of courstvthac.'w the rule," said a chonis of'voices—gold voices. The financial 'jilank 'he 'read was cheered. ' '" ' The cheers were mixed *Y i i.th. "n.oes," "noes." HLs menr.iou of the ;-.iiame-.pf- Oleveland was t.he only time Hie name- IjatJ been heard. There were loud and-a few hisses. ' ~ !; ~'-' The free silver people through international agreement or by such safeguards of legislation as shall iiiiiswc the maii,itenanre o-f the parity of ..the twoninetals and the equal power o-r •evwy dollar at all ti.in.es in tlie markets and in Wie payment, of debts. "And wi: ;dein;nid that all paper currency, shall .lie ki-pt ii,t.,pa.r-ani.l redeemable in such coin, '"We Insist unou this policy as espe- cinlly .ut'f;e.«s,iry-ifor Ilie protection of the fa'.rmc'i'S a'ml laboring classes, the first.and most defenseless victims of unstable.money and fluctuating cn.r- Yeslxaxlay's issue of The Journal contained 'Hie statement of Mr. Martin HiRjfins. a brick layer and curbstone soil or, reiwuivei.ng his allegiance lo tlie Democracy, and giving his declaration that ho would vote for Major SIcKialey and good times. It. was phiiinly stated (hat Mr. Higgius had only Lived here two years 1 , Uie purpose being to prevent the confusion o-f Hie name- with: that- of Martin Higgins. the mason's tender. The la.'t-'er cnane out last naglil. in tilw Vliaros, wiiiJiout havJmg read Tlie .Toumal's statement carefully, and very emphatically denied tl'tit he had miade the SCDS- .ible and pa trio: ic step his namesake had lake.n. Mr. Mart:iii Higgins. wiio lays brick streets, mud who will vote for MoKi'tvley next: fall. ropea>led lus statement last nigh.f. We w-ill be glad to wsl- (•(I'lii'r t:!ic miredf'eme.d Jlaiti.n Iliggbi? a-t any time. The Republican latch- strlng hangs temptingly out. j)at.l)y in rhis th-e tiiimo of i.heir .ureai bereavement', au<l while we mourn deeply. wjiUi tliwn on accoirnt. oi' ilie p-oat loss, we ea:i only point vliom to the Great Givi>r whom we tnist do<?tb .iJl tbinjs- well. ItesoJved, Tlia.t the charter of this lodiM be- draped in mourning for a period of iJi.inj' days. Resolved. That t'lris preamble and 'nwoluijoji be made a.part of the records of ila's Io<lse ajKl that a copy of tuo. same ppopcrlj- cert.iUed and under seal, of i.1:e lo<l#i> be furnished l!ie family of the deceased. By order of the Tjodgo .Tune 23, 'OC. Yours iu F. L. raid T.. .1. D. ALL1SOX. HUGH IIILLHOUSIT,. F. C. H.-VNCE. Conmiitfee. [Evcnjnff p:i]HMis pje.'isu copy.] Otto A, Hopper Ls phitniiff in a suit for divorce from 'his wife. Jessie M.. Hopper. Attorney Frederick Landis having filed the eomplaJBt yesterday af- tornoon. The partJes live near Onward. for "rttnc" before heliad'sppkea'the.'Cuil flve .minaites. His <Jo$mjj.;,d&eia;rutiou. that nuder no drcumstaucest:-j\raulil,-,hQ turn life back upon the administration of- President Clweland brougltf 'otil'ltt" ;: ' mendous a.pplause from, and from .the JBTOM sfeinda "Gentleincji of the convention. .. . . J I accept, I fed vary grateful 'to tills • '.'That-T resolution- was adopted by Hie la.st.pemocrarie-Nafion.il convention by a most overwhelniiimg.vote. An a.mend- nientr w'a.s offered to that resolution in the, convention to Insert t.1i'e word freo •before, iiu: word 'coinage' of bot.h gold and ..silver. That amcmbnon.t was do- fea-fed by a vote' so overwhelming dial: even a division was mot called I'm-. 1 "I* it-bo cltiinicd. l hat Hie language of 'Miat .resoluliton.wiis ii-ot clearly nudeiy. .stood, that, il was of doubtful eonstmc- llon, tlii- subsonnont-.ict.of fchar convention iii.iiia'inhia'li-ng .0rover Cleveland (appliuise) \vil:li | has wp.ll-iaiown views removed .all:doubt a.s if! (hat'platl'orm. Not oply, iny friVhds, was the record 1 hei'i; ii'jihn rji.'ir pl.ij-form, but more Iliaji rh.-it. l.iidiiina, witli.her l'til-1 knowledge- .of the. position o!' M,r. : Cleveland (be- cansp lib had declared lt_hi a letier before the State convention four yeai-s agoj, Indorsed liiijii.-as.il.Ciuuliidato by an' o.verwljsl.niiing vote."-'- :••:•--•'•' "I, believe tlwiJ:-• some-•• dwringnisbcd gentlomen f > stimat(!tl't'lia\'!)0"per cent, ot the Democracy of fil'd^aniCi'aypred him. If "this wa.« Dejuocracy^four years ago, If •ujider"th'l.sjl),'Uiue£, |ri>cribcd with this princliiitV'i'u tlje'lifiifcis^of....'!' man that was neven- kno\v«. ..jp- ; .c/apititlato for i. to cease to wa.^6".warfarenntl3".v'I'ei»r,v was won, we won the greatest,. po.lJtl,caJ,.bottle.Jn. RESOLUTIONS. Logausport, Tnd., .Time 23, '00. To the Oflicers and Members of Eel .River Lodge No. 117, I. O. 0. F.: Brethren: Ag:iiin we have be^u called upo-n to wi'lno.$s rhe unce.rlainty of life Mtid t.he absolute ccruiiijij- of death. Again we hav<: presented to us the fact .•(.lui't: wli.fc tiie yi>nng nj.iy die, rhe old must, ami that after we pass t.he •Jiree- score-and-ten yea-m our )i-fc is but a lease: and wliile we deeply mourn, the death oif Broiiher B. S. Clevenger, we sinr-ei'ely believe out' loss is but his gain, a.nd we can romein-ber him now only as his deeds do tive after Iilm: as Brother Clevengor. the honest, upriglu- citizen. DM? fervent Ch-rJst-ian, M:c render loving husband anil fal:her, the ever true and Ifrvoted Odd FeJIow, who never shrank fpiu duty. As long as health and iireng'th pe.njiiLlied he was ever found in his seat in OUT councils and from his storch'onse of know-lodge of t.he gon<| filings of We was ever re.-idy to iiiip.-iri such inslnicr.iun as was calculated lo bring us all nearer to that period "when one law shall bi;nd all nations, kindreds and tongue^ of flic ea.rt'h. and tii.-it law skhll be the la.w of univorsaa brotherhood." In tlie death of Brother Cleven•ser we keenly feel the loss of one wlio was fcme and tried. on.e who lind l>een iu the baJa.ncc'a.nd found not and if we as a lodge feel so There will be a sj.w>ei;iJ meeting of the- Tlumauc society at the office of J. C. Hadley (his :ifionioon at -J:30 o'clock. Thc otlleers- ajxl memberts of the board' a.re especially urged to l.ie prompt. Fo'Uiul—In au nJk'y in the business- part of Ihi-cjfy lasl Monday. .1 full bolt of dry floods. Owner run have same- by provhis property and paying for tills notice. Call, at this ollice. Fern OiiTOiincle: Mr. a.nd Mi-s, \V. C. rouffJ) we.nit to ]xwnc--]x>n t.his morn- 1:1^... .Mrs. Minerva. Blair, who has lx*e:i vjsMinjr relat:ivos a; Lossinsport seveiiiil \\wks «une liomo tliis Kokomo Tribu.ne: G. \V. and Mrs. Clevenser. of L-ojr.mspon!, a.re visiting frieiKls in 1:h;i8 ciily....K. F. Tx>nth.iLn, of the rxipnDisport I'ha,ros. was iu Hie ci.ty between trtuns Ixxlay, ou his way lo Mic nraxxra Ix Swfe wvnvni.rjon. NO REST NO SLEEP DAY OR NIGHT deeply tliis pront loss, how kofenly be the pjii).p= tlmt slioot Uirou^lj tho ^oniK of Uicse wlio have stocd side by sMe xvjfh ]iifln for these mnny yoaiw, whose 'veiy Ufo was lids, whose every want was his curt?, whoso every dpslw M"y y.cmn, find pcrfeclly raw. up.-.ind nw.iy drcf« nnd nnd I l;ud to rom tiu* ;i rc^* int. 1 ]i b--i*i nh.Vi- relief, nn vi««J tn oi-cly £ovc;rcd with Ec- lint'om tlic sliin VIM .li wiih l>olii hunJc held -"«'. My hunbnud Vind to i;it n l»«Uy. I U'ii,'iJ the e no :n:y. J \vnn j ifcX and did my I f u> OCTICPUA, a::'l iu jir.f n..i;,iiltN nfur the first appficfJttVTt / tr-nti prrftct't! 'fl.vy, nud xltpt fSHtntflt/ ail thai n<yiil.. . Before J commenced u*lnp tha CffTirrntA KKWrrntras J e.nld cct no ci"",- nii;ht of(3iiy. 1 could not b^-.r-to gel wnnt), Hwoultl put me In u rtjw of Kchit)#. I hln p ny» kcttp the ^.'i-'TicucA Ui wEltu:?* In my hounc uow» nnd rccomnifini thi-in to « vefybody, it i cnu«c ot iholr wowjorfii! olfccl. Yourn"f;ni\tf-nl]y, ^KPT Curie TitKiTtarvr r<tn ToRTi-Flvfi, mro TlL'MdK.S-— \Vi(r«i(»fcthi»*-i«i*Vriri;iiA S e npl>hcit(urii« (if CpTm'li* (nhitnicniX lhi» c fun. flU'l nii'rt (lows ol CUFICUJLA Ksiotr of humor curou. the v">rM. Tnw, Cl'Tlcrnv; - . -. . IKM. Co*! 1 . Solr Propt., Da*ton, "How to Cure TurturlDC Skin

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