The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 27, 1932
Page 6
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TOUR fH^BLYTOEVlLLE COURIER NEWS Tf eOOTUW KBWS OO, PVBIUHZR8 -^WKBS&S 1 " Mntt, at toe, N«w Yort Chicago, D«4M, KtQMi City, IJ«)» »wy Afternoon Except SuncUy. u Kcocd c)»s» nutter «t the pott efljc* at plyth«YW«, Aitansw, umder act ot OOBCTCM October I. HIT. by the United Frew 8DB8CRIPTION RATES ' By carrier In the city ot Blythevtllc, J5c pet •eek ot ILGO per year in advuw. By mat) within a radiiu of SO miles, $3,00 per year, 1150 for tU monthi, 83c for three months; by mall in poatal term two to six, Inclusive, I6JO per'year, in lonei teven and. eight, J10.00 per year, payable In advance. •Italy $ets a Tax Example The Itiljan government seems to have hit upon a new ecliemc in Hie matter of. levying income taxes — a scheme which, while, open to possible abuses, nevertheless has something lo commend it. I .Mussolini's council of ministers lias approved a'decree providing that tux assessors, in estimating' a taxpayer's ability to-nay, may go beyond his lux .return and .base' their assessments on his sciile of living. • In other wonts', demonstrating that • you have a'moderate' income .would do you no good at all if you lived on a 'palatial estate, operated n string of motor cars am) maintained a great stuff of servants. Your lawyer's cleverness at concealing • your fources of income wpujdn't .help -you.. You'd pay taxes 'prj .the basis ,of what, you spent, as well as what you :eamed. J ' • , • • •'SuchA'.a system : cottld be abused, of- qbilrse. •• But' doesn't it' sound us if it had a.bit of good, commpii sense,in it? 1 !. ;Vrj^i ,-j •-•? '; ,' -:.. 1 . u • -. _' Beware of False Bargains '"'"—',-While-tho atendy. decline of. prices of £• retjiil merchandise has taught the i' :buyihg puhlic to :• look for bargains I', !.thef~rVdavs. a <nunibcr of, merchants ; ;• are : pointing out, ^nite/propcrly, that u ^•v-lot, of r-.yery shckldy..,'niercl)andise is i\' coining; -ihto'-'tlic'-'market^with- nothing '.•:,._ but its extreme clicafmeB.-i,' to.;;recr>m,- j rrvcud it. And it might,.[Mjacjtjeii Unit i buying goods of thai sort can be the [ worst kind of bargain -.the buyer can i make.' . .' ;;. '. ' .", \ Of course', prices of high grade tir- (; jticlcs .are lower now tliair they hiive j, ; been in years. It is, a good time to •^"' btvbiiying—so- long as you make sure ,.."lh»i you 'fire "getting ,1 gemiine bnr- •j gain and are not paying your money fry Mto;-"some unscrupulous profiteer.' Waning Star The action of the New York courts in refusing to permit a special miiyor- alty election this fall seems to make it certain that Joseph McKcc will continue 'to be the city's mayor at leiwt until the end of 1933. More important, it makes it highly improbable that Jimmy Walker will ever return to that Walkeiv resigned. as mayor in order OUT OUR WAY (.0 "seek vindication at the polls." At the moment it looked as if Jie would lie triumphantly re-elected. Hut events moved a trifle loo rapidly for him. The contrast between Ihc kind of government he had given Ihe city and the business-like, efficient kind Dint JMcKt-e proceeded to set up was loo inurkcd for any man to miss. U'iUu'n u week after .his resignation, Walker's star was waning visibly, And now the election is put off a year. Can Walker save bis martyr's for another 12 months and make any impression on the electorate with it? It seems highly improbable. Gold Miners' Luck Two little stories about gold miners KOt Into the : papers i the oilier day, mid if they ni'en't typical of tho gold seeker's life they at least ought to be. One told of a California piuspetlor mule Clipped off a trail .and slid down a mountainside. Going down to retrieve it, the prospector stumbled blindly onto a ledge of gold-bearing quart/, yo rich that it will probably make him wealthy for the rest of his life. The other told of a prospector in Ontario, who was crossing a wilderness lake and was forced by a .storm to land on' ii little'island. On tbe. island, which lie wouldn't have visited but Tor lliu slonn, he found a gold vein of surpassing richness. Now lie's going to be wealthy, loo. Maybe it doesn't happen that way often. But stories, illustrating what sheer hick can do for the I pros- pec tor,;:-''.art perfectly; typical of the age^'olrt idea; of the prospector's jifc, if nbt.oif the nduality. ' ' • <'• • ' . Continuation 'of f (he^Fnrin.. Board or Us. prototype winding." a 'farm peasantry, iw- iltlcslly.-coflfrol^- ^ncl subjected , ! lb all (ho wrongs. suflered'-tjr Iho toiler? in 'the Ilclds of eastern Europe; /'f^Pcffrr'-B.' Carey, president, Chlcajja Board of- Trade. -"- : ..'•'*•.-* * No nmyor'^-;lUei)<| a .bed ot roses, —Mayor Anton Qcrmo'k "of '.chlcne'o, ' . . 11 >-\ i Ji i' *':|i * •' i •' " . Gcrrnany 'cafuiof'j.ljc oxpeticd to taitc part in ncgotintlqns 'w}tn:!rtg«rrt lo : "-'mtSsi[rcs- of <llsnrmarncni: until ipli "established '-"thai the.solu, tlon which, may be j found is also to apply to- Germany,< ; y^.Fprei|frt Minister von Nciirnlli of ., .-'Whatever any olio else Uilnks about" the' Maine 'election, it Is making- niy Job easier. — Josopli K..NUU, treasurer of ' the .Hcpubllcan National Connnltlcc. ; »'.*'* I do not mind jjcopic taking a-^shot ut me when I k:iow I n m right. If I am wrong I will pul my house In order. —Mayor Joseph V. McKcc of Now York City. ' » » * However warlike a nation may be, no comv- Iry will nulU its best customer. Common sense prohibits thai. —Dr. tnnw Nitobc, Japanese economist and member of House ot Peers. * * * We're going to stay here inilll ClirLstmas it necessary to^gcl Ihc cost of production for our crop. —Den J. Dlckman, president Nobles County (la.) farm strike unit. dLYTHEVlLLR, (AKK.V COUR1E11 NEWS By Williams SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "When they hud their money it was his fumily who opposed their engajrejhenl, but now it's Her parent's who are against it." CHURCH EXCUSES By George W. Barham. Jim—thiii's my husband — sail vjjthiiiK moil: about .going ti cliurch Sunday so along about Frl <-'ay, I think n was, made up ou: minds that come may v.'i would go, and so informed him. J Icoks like Unit we prepare a thing but (ate ci 1 sjnii 1 foolish act c] lhi> )>ari of one's husband • inn; 'and often (Joes decide what \vi ni.iy do. So. caily Sunday morn- Ing Jim—that's my husband—go up p.retly early and wcm ou 'o get Hie paper. He ivus careless enough to go out, with nothing on' but ills (wo-plecc sleep- Ing suit which Is extremely bright In color. Them he discovered that our neighbor's dog had car- rjccl oiir pqpcf over on the neighbor's lawn. It, being so early he though it all iljjhl to slip ovei a 'id get Hie paper. The do^, thinking he wanted to play oi Kinclhing. grabbed the paper am started round the. neighbor's house The neighbors -across Hie slroel have a very large nncl fascinating- bull dog which seemed to «nnt to join Hie game and came m behind 'Jim, and Jim nol knowing the dog's gmxt intentions «'ent rattier hurriedly 'around .the house g forgetting "about our neighbor's .sleeping porch. We put in about four hours trying to plairi to this neighbor ar.d 'policeman railed In, what ho u-as doing fciu dirt not get anywhere. Then Monday he spent almost all ony with Judge somebody. I don't know how it turned 1 out but bur neighbor decs not speak to' inc. T. A B. Germ's Natural History Studied In Search For Cure BY DlC MOHH1S FISHBKIX | definite changes. H has been (oind tdltcr, Journal oi the American Uml Us. growth ana the progress oJ ' 1 ..rVft \£K75rzrif?.*k£+s~,t'~~^-i~' >1 ftt-r?^* Medical Association,-»n'd •f'fly- [da; the Health, Magazine There 'are' 'cb:np;inlcs In Now York which raising nuncy lor nesily educational and ililliinlliroplc insUtiiltons. 1'::\.-iu pecialisls fust- locate some incli- ^'(lual-wlth suOIctcnt money to i,'ivc art of it away—a task not so ilH- nciilt'ln 1929--but considerable of in clfort iji 1932. Then they make a study o! the ilstory, (he desires, and the hab- ls ot the person • concerned. ; They find out. the 'day of his birth, the lumbers oi persons-in. his family, lie dates of any deaths that imiy ave occurred. Tlrey • look -Into the ypc of car that he drives, his fa- •oritc anniscmcnts. and indeed everything that caif b? known con- crnlng him. . " ;j They'then take ndvaiit^se ot ev- :ry one:of his little weaknr-;si's In lielr. solicitation of futids. H^ Is ikcly to be askod [ on his lirtliday;'. lie U. likoiy 'to be asked Pr a^doiia'tion to'.cpmniemorale the lavorlte relations. He is proytdc'd.-with oc'cftsjoiis iha'. (wil )nt lim.lnto B ! genial' humor and hen Mllclted for lifs cotitrilnitloiis while' in n "giving'' mood. : '' • ' * . L It is somewhat, similar to the typo of study the scientists arc now nakitig of the germ of mborcuio- 1s. They are looking into the natural history of this extraordinary bug. They arc taking tt apart, and studying It chemically. Ihcy arc Hiding out what it will do under various circumstances and in varying environments. They are breeding it into numerous generations nnd ih;y are sludying the effect? on these various generations of tiitlerem tj'lMs of diet and ulr tind similar conditions. They are studying net only the effects of (he gcnn as a whole, bul the effects of ib protein, its fat land Its sugars. Obvbusly tills type of study must yield information of great value in controlling- t!ie growth and development of the germ in relationship to human disease. • • * Tl:c next stci> has be:n to 1c- tcrmlne the way In which the germ gels into Hie body, and then what happens lo it iificr it Ls in the human baily. One? in the lls- suc of l!:c lunj. the germ jiroSnces in tht> want-ad iccllcn at this n.incr. I'roflt ky fact Mr, Business Man. ' '.op- these chanBCS can be pr«veivt,ed/by various • procedures which will pui the lunsr at rest. > . ; :.';. „,. -. . ... - v .. -"i-.s aiuuo. r USMUH-- lor-^a %D-nour lhesc procedures nwo vc'not xmly nice if,' which 'tVniakc- terfns. lii :tUE\l rest of; -p pnmn, m u rl- «..i.. /-. .,^ : ..,. ... . Jl actual" rest, ol: ll;e ciitiio, iudlyid-, uar in- bod -but.specific, r'sl^f.'-the lung brought'abbut'by' the;."weight of sandbags applied to .various portions of the body, ami the" use ot puhnotbornx, wliicn li tho Injpc- tion ot air around ilie lung forcing TUESDAY,' SEPTEMBER THIS CURIOUS WORLD - WEAR LIFE-JMHETS FIUED WfTH AIR. WHENSWWIMWe, THE ANIMAL STAMOS FAR OVT<Tf THE DlfMARS, Of ,) RUSHES TO j THE J V/6ST INCHED ?' EVER/ FALL AND TRIES TO ONE SCRAMBLED 05tR(CH EGG SERVES' Dr. Raymond Dilmars, curator of mammals and ' *lo be. ..stationed at the exact center oi a hurricane » orior that he. may st udy anU record jlBt what takes ,"',' hat area of the storm. He carries n suilcase of weather record instruments .'.when he goes hurricane hunting, but " ITll been able to. 'bo at the rUl.t S pot at the right limV 3ULQAKJA 4SKS PEACE - ' 1 ' Sept. .overmresi'i.for with -hour it to collapse. Involve also the use oi various . surgical . procedures, which bring, about a complete a'ticl perrm- nent collapse of the diseased .lung, finally the cutting ot tiervea '.e|)ly,,Great. DriUln..palled for tin-' equivocal.'-su'binissiVrj, i .West 'ot ymlmjJ-ihc American' troops .conliii'ml '.tlie_ir savage advance, while Frciich troops, east of- Rhe'iins. experienced • success in gaining five miles :in two- days' fighting:- British' in: tlie-'CnmbrM sector . advanced . on . 'a -H-miie- front.:- •: • ' '••.-: German furces of. occupation. began, to reiire from 'Rumiinli;.'. • British r.n-jlry . in 'Asia - Minor drove Turks northward througn Workmen Strik^ Gold in Main Street * ' •• i. '. : r 1 r * I _!__'_! ~ ' '. - SAL1DA, Coi. (UP) — Workmen v:ho :'were ! exeavalinj ' for '• paying on : the 'main- street' of Snlitla, made a'gold'strike. ••'.-,:.. Herbert Turner, working with the • crew, noted a peculiar streak in the dirt. where the grader hart passed. : 'He- 'secured 1 a pan and a hose, and. panned 1 a distinct showing of gold. Placer miners;' experienced insecuruvg . '.'ray . dfrt":' estimated the, .dirt( would pan. about' 531). to the ton. '.'.' !" . •; - : .; -City',. orTicra^ .' were >. not: iute B.hclher the dirt' was hauled In for _ surfacing, or yvjiether. jt_wa5 thej -Judge Newgent •> withheld 1: onsinal ; (rround. -•• • menr-"pehcling '(food behaVior. Bad Spelling Gives Boy Extortionist Away j . 1NDIANAPOLIS,,(UP) -.One of ! two swell boys inability tp spoil proved his. undoing whe'n brought inte'juvenile court here accused ol Jiavins left a $1,000 oxtorlfou letter at the home of Guy Mon- lanl. ,-,:-..,:.Russell Nen-gent, judge pro tern, talked with the boys, a while and' then askcci.if .they would, like to print several .words.: One of- then dufoKly: volunteered. -,.-,- -^ One o! the words' was-."noity He spelled it "notifie." It 'was spelled "the : sariie way in-the ran- Hiirl* HK.HK TOi: ST\\ HAM,, on ncrht .:.c rnt- li,' lil°'"lil-V.' ' . ":i"r A |"'n!"i,."d\'5 kllllne I^CM i:.-:il tu check kl* Uiuln-rluR ncUvlilcn nt Thtce lllvcm. Unll announce kc In tiiaklne a clitcl,-. Dcln ">« he Mill !)cr«onnllT B ce thai hv ilom nut make <1«t' rheclf. I.rnvlnv Iht offlcr, Slan ^arp.-* a Ctrl /rum kidnnnrr*. - Slic proves In tc I)O.\.\ I1RLO, Anprr's it.illRb- tcr. \\kcn Sinn I?nrn» lirr nnme ,jf Ittlt her be In bTAIS'LEV 1II.ACK OBI> nlltM nwnr. ' ' Ilflll.BV WIXTF.KS. In lo\e •W R. G>. MONTGbASERY Bwcrglu'g sldo Ijnpulslvply.' •"I'qB ran f.n'il'mo^ed'a'chair for Uufliey. Ii»nn. Tlirce Hfvcrs nai'k. Uona KO to nnd |jrtn K Aspcr rfi ivith him t\nd al n MIc rnneh |)]ncc on the inty ]>iiJti-y put* a pi. -m O c inurrlnpe ii» DQnfc. huplnc nht will inkr Ihlil l^lnn of crtilnjc iV-pcr Dclo in re- nirn. fihp acrrca hat hnlijj, Tiark «lirn blnn HaM. on bis wny 1o " "FL'C UivCTA. »tCl>* OU< Of <tc n^-lit nnd kfssc* ker. Ar TUrce HI vert llity meet 5\Vi:U(;iX, Anprr'H thuLvr lm». nn-J kp «nj» ip J» reaily tn ktll Ilnll, thnt Unit «hul a r.iwjjer. Dnna dcciilci to rhle In the hunt (or Mall. Sbp r^Ickm n hnd korse nitd bn* m try t« ride him to keep up her i>riiJe, Dunn irfilrw ihc nwin, STrrr^Jn Irlls lift nlic luust nnt ride \*llh- our n Kiinrd ni Unll 1% a killer ana tM in Inrzt. She kli V H mvny n nd rlitr» tttvinrd I'n»<!* Creek ^vfcrre K!»C ln» liftn loM nnt io KO. Hunn *cc» htr father ,im- Innhpd urU Ahot liy a rJUt-r on n Mock hor^^. s« er«in rc-scut-i rior nnd takrit tcr fniTirr In. Tlu-y ntrivc to find ih:u I>uUlcr lini not returned to cnmp. yo\\ co o\ WITH TIIH STOUX CIlAl'TER XU J^OXA walked pottly Into lior father's room nud licnl over him. J!c \vns sleeping soundly, his brrnih- in." vc.ijiilftr nn{l oven, Witli n coo), linn I: and she smoothed liis pillow nnii tlu-n stood looking down at Iilui. Ho wn*) nil she had to (.lie world ot closo ktn. A litllo calcli ca»i2 into her throat as she rcnicm- hcrctl Imw nenr slio hat] come lo losing him. \VH1i soundlcsa steps pl;e returned to her chair ou iHo his vergin can:e out of his office, Iieiivy. crlketl liaots no must-look for hliu!-"-- "I'm to play hero aud..Bo aftet him?" Swcrgiu couliuueil' to. scowl. '.'What am 1 to get for''all" tliis-hero Muff'" Ho let his iutleVcyes-rove v:r Dona's trim ligure. -h'ather ivHl see ('ist yon are «r!' iraid." Doua m:hl not hMji 1: i slirink nude-r Die i-rceping caie^j L. his EttXe. OWERCIN aroso deliberalcly to ° his feet, "i don't calculate to set Bald all-in c.isl;," ho suoko slowly. "I ought to leave, that tenderfoot get shot so as to havo him out of tlio way. Then you could tie to a real man, Sis." He bulged ono big arm and viukcil at her. Dona, flushed in spite of herself. Sho was sutMenly glad lio was going to look-ftir Diulloy but she could not force herself to .1 show of friendliness with Swergin. Ho repelled her too much. . ' "I'll bring Winters In nnd tio him up where lie can't get away trom you," the- man rumbled. "You \7on't have to briug him In, Mr. Swergin, and you won't need to tio him up." it was Dudley's volco coining from tlio shadows at tlio porch rail. Dona slartcd -In tur- lirlsc. "Oh, Dutl, you are terribly late!" she greeted him. Dudley mounted tho porch.steps lightly. lio looked as fresh .as though ho-hart']ust corrio froci his room instead of from a long, hard ride. lie phccil tils ritlo ngainst tho rail ami took Dona's hand. "How's your Dad?" His manner was possessive. "Leave that gat nt tho corrals "hero it belongs." Swcrgiu glowered at Dudley's rifle. "My mistake." Dudley bowed with inock seriousness. Ilo cnnght tho rifle anil handed it to the big t at tho corral. lie acceptc.a.tho ( hue".: comfortably. ."Thl.4 cou:;try, 1)! I ro4o ami '.vcnL so far that il . to • ; |)?.ph.r.. '-,•:' .•• ;?re clid yen ::.' miles Dona \l-ni.KY n hand in Hie general direction of Folly Minn- harshly ccross the porch door. D-tr.n i ... , Brested him with a winning smile. 0 "! ch!! r.- Thanks. Th ; timber IK 53 Kruute.l and ,, u l ^'crK»-, took the rine and scenicJ mouth spread In a wide grin, , . , "\Vani a lIUlo company?" lie rum- 1 ' t , llurlln S ll al before him. With , ., , ...... lima arose and faced him. " dbs! Bkd to have you sit am! t«lk to Swer , n has ,„ h ^^ „ | no but I in worried about Mr. \\lc-! , aemb< , r miCT " lnd j owo h , ni a ters. lie hasn t come in yet. i , ot ., sl)0 cou , d not , lldfl g A]my , cA Swergln scowled and pulled B smile, however, at the neat way Dud c'.utr toward him with a sweep of had scored, his thick arm. "He'll have, to learn "How's Dad?' 1 to trtke caro of himseK if ho stays jraro good spirits.- i:|i Jiciv. Kov's a good time to start." ".'".ill, Mr. S'.vcfgin. he may havo I-?IM attacked iiist as father \\a>. Me may tj—!" Dona stepped to tain. "Up on top of that mountain," lie answered. Dona looked.-at him. Then her clear laugh rippled out In the dusk. Dudley turned upon her and a frown knitted his smooth forehead. "What's wrong with that?" "Oh, it just sounds funny. Yoa go riding all over Folly Mountain whilo this killer, Ball, is hiding ua there ready to shoot all corutra. Didn't you even get a glimpse, of him?" "Not a flash. Sworgin's men were all tho time stepping out from bo- hind rocks anil trees with gnus all set but 1 didn't see a single black liorso or cowboy rider." Dudley grinned as though remembering encounters. "And you didn't see anyone else? Doua persisted. "Not a soul. Tint I hart my rifle ready anil I'd havo used II." His smilo disappeared and ho looked at Dona gravely. "I theory us to how this IJall should bo hunted and I intend to prove I'm right about it." "What is your idea? Tell me," Dona urged. "No, Watson, Uio master mlud, must work out all details and weigh every duo before unraveling the crime." "You'ro very unsatisfactory and very mysterious. Mr. Shsrlock. 1 shall reward you by leaving." Dona hopped down from tho rail. Dudley was on Ijia feet instantly "Aw. be a sport! Let's sit out here for a while. It's only a llttlo after eight." "I havo lo get somo rest. Dad may need me at any hour and 1 didn't get much sleep last night." Dudley looked Into her eyes affectionately. "J"ou havo had a tough time in the past 24 hours. Well, run "•long to Blutnberland." • * * T\OXA was busy caring for her fa I *-* ther for Uio next thrco days nud Dudley seemed In j waited Impatiently for Swergin and 'his posso to capture Ball. Swcrgin Onna overlooked tho relation Im-ldid a great deal ot thundering at s . ,... '' ' ^ oli Just * . f " an us!n '" (o ''° °" tl10 trlm him. With a growled word ho walked down tho steps. " Dud i c} ,., Doni protested, "Mr. - ' tho third 'Wtern'oon.- • Doni perched on tho top step- looking avvay into the bine of the mountain peaks. -Sho'was eag'er to be aslriila Jio. big roan and out into the hills. !t, seemed to her that even Swergin was afraid to meet Ball and have It out with -him. Aspcr stirred and spoke. "You'd better break away and .akc a ride." h5 suggested as though .10 bad read her thoughts. "A can- (er down the canyon on that fire- eating roan would do you a heap of good." Dona smiled fondly up at her father. "You won't wori-y?" "iN'ot a bit. Just promise to slay away from tho breaks and fr° !U lll ° rasa Crec!; country." ec; counry. i X- W_9 oMlse." Dona arose. \:4f J a kios on his cli«*. "'I'd' | "I pn ran to licr loom to slip i"'<> riJ1 »S clothes. Down at tho corral Malloy was ascr to rido with her but she refused bis offer, sayins that she was just out for a ranter and not in any. danger. Sho rodo at a Jos-trot aeross tho clearing and into H'c (iisilier. Her ' pulses qnickciV'I to Hie beauty ot the day and she forgot for the moment that Folly .Mountain was a. place of tragedy and that she bad vowed, to see vciisc.inro done In llicso woods. She trolled tlio roan until slio came to a ro;eat scrvico trail sign. It rend "iliiud Illvcr Trail." Dana halted n:id sat looking up tho dim pathway. The sisu set her to thinking ot tiio slrange fciu! IK' wren Hie caltlo interests ni;il the timber company. Her reverie was broken by tho crashing rcr.ovt of a high-powered rill?. Dona whirled tho roan about and listeim!. Down the mountainside, came the clatter of a horse's hoofs. The rliler was. without doubt, coming down tbe liiind Hiver trail. Dona fc!t for her carbine, then remembered she hml not brought It. The roan snorleit ami champed to ho off. Doua let him out a litllo and they swung down the slope. ll-.o horseman behind continued to pound along but now he was at her right and still under cover. Dona urged tho roan to a falter pace but could not pull away.' Sho called a r ang e "Hallo" but there was no answer. The unseen rider now was leading tlio roan and "lied in his reference to her father, t Ho threatened and bad- seemed to bo trying to bead r-er . I'll, is.lcrpin, and he's much bettered them but they reported li.Uc hai- :-M-. Now tcil me- where you've Iprogi ess. for " been. Sha perched on tho 'poih i' XVpeV«. sitting In a por.h chaj, i"" " Wt &^c£?!S'

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