The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 6, 1934
Page 4
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i'AQB THEJSLYTHEVILLE COURIER NBWB W« OO-JROK NKWB oO^^S^-^!~ a :: V 'i.; ; v-' • :0.,R, SABOOCK. .iW, HAiNTB. ' Citr.Hemphfe. -.-'.. Published Every Altemoon Except 8uno»y. Entered »s second iijtss mailer M llio post office at Biythevllle, Arkins&s, under act ot CotweM, Oo- r JEL toter *i "IT. Served ov (n« tlnlUd Prui •, SUBSCRIPTION RAT5S By carrier m ino tnty or jEOrtuenii*, 160 put leek or WM per yew In aflv»noe. • By mall wltbin a r»61u< ot M RllM, MM) ftt vo»r, (1.60 for ux mnnUis, EM for tUte mcotlii; By niall In postal tonea two to elx, IcclutlT*, W.50 per year, In nones geren &nc> eltht, 110.00 pel year, payable In advance. Things Seemed Futile 1700 Years Ago! It inijfhl |IL>!I) us ID fate our cw- rcnl iivobtcnis will) inure hope if we could only make use of Uic ingenious lime inucliine (IcKcribed in 11. G. Wells' fatuous novel. This was a nm-liine, as you i-eiiiein- Ijer, l),v .which one could rove about, in lime as an automobile enables one lo rave about in space. Yon could go either 'forward or backward—back lo aneienl Koine or forward lo Ihu millennium, whichever you chose. .If wo could tfel hold of such a machine, and spin back Ihrout'h a few trenerations, wo might discover that our difficulties today are only reprints of difficulties which assailed other men in limes past. A writer in the "Uusiness Conditions Weekly," of New York, recently set out lo collect a few of the doleful out-cries "which former depressions have drawn from discouraged men. » * * As far buck as the lime of St. Augustine, '1700 years ajjo, ho finds a writer complaining thai iigriculUire WHS decaying, purchasing power was dwindling, [axes were soaring, ami commerce was collapsing; the conclusion drawn, of course, was that the world was tfoii'ijf to .the dogs for good. He finds a distinguished French physician in 18^2 voicing similar complaints, lamenting the turmoil and confusion of the times—he had seen a post chaise rattling along at live miles mi hour, and he said that "IJiis madness of speed is wearing out men"—and he felt that his newly-horn son faced a life) which could bring him neither prosperity nor happiness. He finds an American editor in 1857 describing the "universal 'commercial prostration and panic" about him, and remarking that "it is a gloomy moment in history . . . never has the luluro seemed, so incalculable." •» « » In 188G a U. S. official speaks of the depression, doubts that any revival can come up lo lite level of Ihu preceding 50 years, and concludes plaintively that "Ihe day of large profits is probably pusl." It is really worth our while to mull over the dismal Jeremiads from the pasl. To be sure, it doesn't make our presenl problems any less difficult; OUT OUK (AMD COURIER NEWS but it may help us to sec that H troubled time such is the present is never quite i/& di^k and hopelcKs gs the people who are living through it often suppose. ' lliston'Hii.s 50 .years hence will probably liml some of our cMTcnl fears ju»t as quaintly humorous us lliose of former diiys seem to us now. —Bruce Gallon. Medicine's Next Goal 11' you woultl liku to know wlnil maladies eonstituti; Die ffi-caleat elml- lenjjc to mcdicul science today, you miglit consult the statistics just issued l).v the United States Census Hiii'Ciiu. Stiidyinjif aiu) t'la.s.siO'iiif; tlie imscs of (lie 1,342,074 dentils in Hie United States in 19M, tlie Burciui reveals Lhat licnrt disease is the jtfjiici|)al cause of dentil, with cancer next and a|>o|ilcxy tlii'i'd, followed closely by Hriglil's disease and ))lietii))oiiia. it is in the field covered l>y tliese iiilinonts, llien, tliat the greatest jius- siWlities fur medical triumphs are lo lie found. A sweeping blow at any of them comparable to'the blows; already struck at diphtheria; typhoid fever, and pernicious anemia, for instance, would be of stupendous importance to the race, ' And wljile . no such triumph is to Ijc expected immediately, it is worth remembering thai sonic of the finest brains in medical science are being devoted to a preparation for it. Down to Business Tiie ambitious production program announced for next year by Homy Kord seems to foreshadow a pretty healthy revival in (hft important automobile imUistry generally. H alsoi looks like the actual beginning of the long-awaited '•jpidt-w.) in 'Uic capital goods industries. I ( 'or this program carries with it heavy expenditures on capital goods. Ford will pay: freight bills of $74,000,000, for instance; he will spend $53,000,000 on steel in tlm open market; hu will put ?100,000,000 into the "production of bodies, and §22,500,000 into the rubber'industry. •[ Now it is pretty certain lhat Kord is not going to go it alone on u program of this kind. If he spends at this rate, other aulo companies will do likewise. The result will be an extremely helpful .stimulation of some of the great, basic industries without- whose recovery we cannot regain n real prosperity. 'flic only time I'll colh<|>sc is when 1 uct my baby, mid then I'll colln|»sc for joy. —Mis. CJlorlii Morgan Vunilerulll. * » * , I feel Hint tlm more we tun t'licouruec tlie i youth of our country to know the youth of : oilier coiinli-lcs, the- more we will be warding off ruluve wiirs. —Mrs. Franklin D. Dooscvcll. * * « Isn't il funny how people back home ran liandlc an expedition from their office? —Capl. Bob Bai licit, who accompanied Admiral I'cary to the North Pole. Bv Williams I SEE YOU Y" GOT A DEER, \ • BUT; ICK WHY TH' LOM6 / ROPE? / DEVS HUNTERS IN DEM HILLS' '•>,. SKS ' SIDE GLANCES By George Clark baiiitMjiHHi .«><,'. B f6Uf - - i- '• "My parents make the sanm mislul* ixpcct me. lo #row info IIiiiiKs. LI mistake every year—alw; i ...^m^ m v nauit miouirvv CVCiV VCUf HlWHV 1 expect me fn j/row inlo those Ihin^s.*' * ' I.THK CURIOUS WORLD *KS: j {^^rr^mjm » •' —•— •• "^-'^B^ i*, rerguson [F^Fyl^nf^Cff S01 - 0 BV FURRJERS UNDER. THAN fffrv .' TWE FLYING. GOR.N/SR.D HAS BEEN XfJOWN TO KNOCK SAILOR* SENSELESS,AS THEY STOOO ON THE PECK. OF A SHIP h S pike ,s a lish of many aliases. less than M different ,„„„„ eiHB Blvcii for It, In Wisconsin, It is mast Ireimently known as pike pickerel, snake, Jack ,u,d great norther,, pike. Tho law there say, ivory pickerel nmler IS inches must be thrown hack and tli- naximum iDiislh of Irue pickerel tlicrc is only 12 inches! NKXT: Of what arc lclc B r.ii,h lcs nn.dc ill Imlla? Ordinary Care of Teeth Guards Against Pyoirliey BY int. Monuis i*i.sinii;iN Editor, .lournal of (lie Aiiirrican Mtrtical Association. :nul of Hyscla. the Health Musathic One of (he commonest conditions resulting In dcslniclion oi (he Icclli is pyorrhea. Yet a simple routine of cleansing and care should enable you to prrvrm .such pus formation,' Irritation, and oosenhiB of the teeth. Mummies found in Eyypi Khuwctl signs of Imving had this (incase Mummies dug up In northern Italy scriplion of ils naliiic. Since 111 1 condiiion usually hegiti.s at Hie margins of Ihr gums, il is inilwrl iinl Hint you keep these margin, clean. The teeth must. l;e bmshed rcsiJ larly and properly. Dentists shonli sec the Iccth for cleansinn pur poses al twice a year, prcf ci-ahly four times a year. H there is a tendency for particles of food lo catch beta-ecu the ' TUESDAY, NOVEMBERV The Clew of the llrXil* HKKK TOOAT lUil-o C1IAHLKS HOHMtj,-, »«. l-driw Mr •!•*<• Bin**. I, "lu.J nr.,0 114 JM WI.IJIIKKH, pubtu!,, <-iii|iioi. niuMsv <;ini'i,v«u,"h; ""' Forgotten^furder •niAYr'!".)'/*, i '"r.* NK « "**• <hr •»«" ,i "ilJTiUS!; IIHlfiull" 1 *" " " lrt **"'* "*«* 'Mil- j.j (aliening Mur«».', **A'£_^,*' k "' ""**• •' tH>l*Mlu. (.rill HoricN kit »i.l»»« Ihp u|itir<iurni of AI ICK LOHTON wow**." cfSFysitum""™ ftnd Inftlrucu dcleellvea IB •karin~ kcr. ••••on lirllt and Bleekrr go lo the im/ivl 1 '"/ I*'""!"' 11 <>» KENNETH IIOH.M:. fripnd or Aiirc'.. •.««.* nr»lC4 fcKuiviTiif Mbrdtn. <<rllf •mivr. luxftrd onnlrirr door ol tkr ri:orn ant Haunt ifcrfMf.. kin «lth a gun. NOW CO ON WITII TJII; STmiv CHAPTBIl XXIX . • • : p\AN HLBBKEH'S voice wai. strained and harsh. "Drop Ihiit Biin," ho tald, "or I'll make a sieve out of you." : ' • 'i Boone hesitated. Uloeker's Rim was covering him. Hoonc's sun was covering llio ci-lininologlst, Griff »vas cool and smiling. "Vou don't want lo do that, you know, Uoone," Griff sail). "Tlia Place Is surrounded. We look thai precaution licforo u-o came up. Tlicrc are two delcclives downstairs. You can't possibly kill us l>oth. .Vou mny stand sonic clianco ot bcaUns Ihe oilier murder "case lint you stand no cliaucc of healing Ihis." Tlie floor of the ctoset burst open. Alice l.ortoti iiiislicd her way iuto llio room, disregarding Griff and l!Ieoker, running straight to Boone. • "Don't tlo It. Kenny!" slio said. 'Tleaso don't do II. Please drop the gun. I got you into lliis. Don'l let mo gel ynn Ir. any 'deeper. I'll lake my medicine." Tlio man's extended arm slowly "Now drop lhc gnu," Griff said in a kindly lone. BOOJIO let the fun slip to tho carpet. "Now," Grift sail), "let's come ilown lo caiili. iioonc, yon took Monica's liody oul lo Uic iilaca wlicro il was found ami planted It. Personally.) don't lliink you killed liim. I tbiuk the girl killed him anil you did II to protect her." "I'm not limiting »ay statements," fJooiiG said. Tiie sirl started lo say something. Griff silenced her with a motion tit liin liaml. "Wluit's Hie use ot lyins?" he said. "You're just going* la make things worse. I.el mo sum up tlie case llio way it slaiulg. Monica is ninnieral. His lioiiy Is found in an abandoned subdivision. It had been taken there In an automobile nnd dumped. Obviously, n woman wouldn't uavo had tlie strength to carry the body to tiio automobile and dump It. \y c know. Bpjnelulng ot Morden'a movements on tlie day lie was killed. Wo have absolute proof tliat ho was in tlia apartment ot Esther Ordway. Wo locale that anartmcnt and find n young woman there, who swears that she is Alice )x>rton, ft roonimata of this mys- lerloua Esther Ordway. SICHE can't mike her story quite • convincing enough noil! ittei she's iilanlcil a few more alibis, so slio gels" you, np6"tie'"lo" go* down lo Siiiiimervill* and write a letter lo Eslher Ordway lo wbtch you sign tlie name of Robert Chcllon aud In whlcli you mention Alice Lorlon. Sue thinks (fie authorities will get that letter ond that It may help estaWla*) her secondary Identity. Tlie weak point ID her whole aiih] Is Die bank account tint in kept under (he name of Eslher Ordway. Sue tries lo clean lhat account oul and get the checks delivered as soon as tbo account IB closed out and balanced. H took a day or two to do that. The fact that a Saturday afternoon »nd a Sunday liner- veiled enabled us to get llio clicks when they were ready for delivery. "That gives us all we need. We can get Ibo bajJk lo IdoiHIfy Esther Ordway us belus this young woman. We can show from her signature that she 'is. We' tan Identify ahe letter from Suinmerville as having been posted by Itobcrt Chctton. The hotel men can identify him. We can aliow that Kenneth Boone was in direct communication with Esflier Ordivay, by tlie check made in his favor and his endorsement on the back of lhat check. "Now suppose you neoplo acl sensibly and loll us tho trulli. Wby dlil you kill-Morden, Eslher?" She made 'a geslure of resignation. Thero were, however, no (ears In her eyes. She slood slim, straight and-white-faced. "I didn't kill him," she said, "Imt Kenny thinks I killed him." "Aw, Eslher," ho multered reproachfully. "Don't interrupt, Kenny," she said. "You keep out of this.". She Inrned lo face tlm crimlnologist with dry-eyed defiance. "You can bclloro 11 or not," she said. "I found Mordcn In my apartment and found him dead. I don't know how he got there. I should have teie- nliotiert tlie police, hut I lost my head nnd telephoned for Kenny instead, lie said there was no reason why I should get mixed up In a scandal; Him we could leave him Lucre until dark and then dump the tody some place." 'HAT," said the criiiiinoloeist, "is all right EO far as it goes. lUlocsn'l go far enough." "What do you mean?" "1 mean." he satd, "that yoiir reason for not telling tlib police isn't credible. Even Kenneth Boone who is Infatuated.n-ith you. didn't be- llevo It. You can't expect us to believe It and you can't cippct tlie Holies to believe il." She was silent, white-lipped. "Co on," Griff said, "tell us the Iruth." Slio. shook' her head: ; in : 'mule, white-faced ,negation. VYou can question me 'all "yiu*' n-a'nI- t'o.'Vafife' said, "but you won't inaka, me change my story. That's tho only reason that I did what I did- J didn't want the newspaper nolo- riety." Uriti's eyes were staring Gleadily ami appralsiiigly at her lips aa she talked. "Old you," h» L.,. CU , Kr Mor<l«n »a« trlicD you B»W "No." sliis said. " "Did 'yo'iT haVo'iiriy" Me"a?"— • "No." "Vou searched his pocket?;" , "No." .. ; : Griff's smile Was cold and'cynics) "I'm not estlrely certain just whi> you think you'r* protecting, M| FS . OM»ay," be .aid, "bui I wini i' D assure you lhat your attempted pro. tecllon Is slfnply -going to mak, things harder for both of you. Wtij don't you tell the truth?" "I »m telling you the Irulh." . "You haven't," he said, "told ms the trulh at any timo since I'm' come In contact with you. You lle.| to me most dramatically and almost convincingly. ...» "Only about nol being Kelher Ordway," she said. "About Esther's disappearance, with all ot tho weird 8 iory aboul tier hairing taken ber pictures, lha photograph «lbum, and tho wo> she was dressed when she left. About bow she happened to pick you up •when you were down and oul, rnd all of that stuff." gHK remained silent. "Lay off of her," Kenneth Doono inullerej thickly. "You cau'i pin a murder rap on her." "Shut up.' 1 ' Griff snipped. Thero was an Interval o! silence. The eyes ot all thr« oicn were focused upon the girl's face, a'faca which was as white as the back of an invalid's hand. The orange make-up on her cheeks flared into crimson brilliance against the contrast of the dead-white skin. "1 thiut," said Griff slowly, "that you'ro trying to protect Mr. Frank U. Cathay, aren't you?" Her lips quivered. She tried to say something, but the words did not come. Boone glowered at her with sudden suspicion distorting his tea- lures. : . "Say," he »ald, "am 1 a sucker in this Ihlng? What Ihe hell U Frank B. Cathay to you?" The girl made no answer. It was tlie crlmlnologisl who answered the qiioslion, speaking in low tones. hJ3 eyes boring stenrtrly- ,|uio the girl's "I think," he 'said soflly, "that lie's her father," Sho looked at him, her eyes (lar'f with pain. Slowly her head drooped forward. Bhe pressert her; hands against her eyes. Her shoulders shook with sobs. Boone put a comforting hand on her sboulder. Sho shook off Hie hand eavajejy. "Don't touch me, you beast!'! sha, screamed. ; | EJoone's jaw sagged. He touched her again, only his fingertips;contacting her shoulder. Slia KATea shrill scream nndltben burst into high-pitched, hysteVlekl laughlcr. ...... ' , ;- - - (Jriff picked up the telephone receiver, "I'olice Headquarlers," ha said. (To lie Continued) i . Hrirr •ccnrei »OBIC intorraAltoa • lum Ihr «,f.lcHno. vIAIone ID IBC next lx«lallflicBi. New Oil Drill May Revolutionize Industry JJEAUMONT. Tex. (U!>)—A new -•ollapsible drill bit. an invention •alculalcd to rcvolutioiiir.c the Wiling intliislry, was lo t>« iiianu- 'acturctl hen: ,soon. The bit. invented by I.. I'. Kin- .iciir and C. W. Kimicar, l;oth praclicnl drillers, and two of the )ioncer drlllci-s ol lhc vast South American oil fields, would be ii'ictl rotary drilling. The tool was lhc result of eight years' work. Tlio outstanding feature of the new tool, according to HID itiven- ;oi5,lis in Hie ability of drillers lo maintain relation of the drill nipe and circulation of drilling fluid while changing lhc hit. Any desired pressure may he held on lilc walls of tho well during (his o;icr- ntion, the men said. This opcrnlion is accomplished jby a pislon-likc action in the pipe. j which is controlled bv a valve al I the lop of (lie hole. Airplane Tour Reveals Many Fossil Beds WINSLOW. Ariz. tUPi'-Acrlul surveys for the purpose uf discovering potential fossil beds in this district will be matte in ih c ,, car inliire. will) Wiusloii- as the of operations, it has been announc- ed by Dr. Barnimi Brown, of the American Museum of Natural History, New-York. . . Or. Brown, with his pilot, p. A. Mclntyrc.. of ' Tulsa. were recent, visitors here on the last lc".of:a 9,000 mile flying trip over" Moil- ' tnna. Wyoming. Utah. New Mexico • Colorado and Arizona. He is exacted to return to Ncii ,York later this season from ' Wyoming and Monlanu. where it, is : said he has discovered nearly u carload of fossils. - ' Ijlah llnnlcrs Killed 101) l) C tr OGDEN. utai,. (U!>(—More lhaii 100 deer were killed the first iluy of the hunting season, at- cordms to a count of successful; hunters by a local newspaper. ' OUR BOARDING HOUSE liad loosened them. The disease pcrsl.sU> aiiionir a fereat many of ns. and yd u review of, the causes can show you hoiv easy it l s to prevent It'. • First, ihcrc may be » niiw infection around lhc gums Then rteiiosils of tartar around lhc teeth and under lhc edges of the iiums may cause trouble. Third. wcilRhip of food between-Die teeth «-| re ,r llicy do not touch properly and Minllai- factors, may l )c rcMj'wisiblo tor pyorrhea. Whenever flalncrt or -irriuicd. it | s C a s y for: the germs to ettat-k Ihcm and weak Iliem doivn. Pjonhca slowly destroys the lisii, e bv «-| ( j t |i lh!1 iwls ol the teeth »re allached lo the. tone. Ultle puckels ol pus lei m between the gums and (he loijtf. 'llicic arc callrd pvorrhcj (HKkClS. The way to prevcnl pynrrlicu sliotild ue obt-lous from (fit d,> proper methods of ir.otlCn hygiene to keep these particles of food from collecting. Many persons with pyorrhea require special information as lo their diets, so dial (bey may hucc the food substances associated with tomiil gums and sound teeth. Once pyorrhea is well established. It i.s hopeless lor Hie aver- use person to' nltcmul. lo control the condition by mouth washes and looih ' paslcs of various kinds. Unless lhc IHIS ixickcls nrc cmpllcd and lhc lecili glvrn His right kind of denial care, the condition is likely to gel worse nud It In loss ol Ih-j leu in. '"fall Com" Tide iiisdauscicd II1LMAR. Ual. (UP) - Iowa's claim as th; leading stale lor "tall) corn.'' was In Jeopardy tu;lay as W. II. Scdcrqnlsl exhibited five ID-foot stalks weighing 70 iwunds, The corn was planted in June as ? tsc- ond CM™.. MAVENT SEtN UM-/A-LET ME StE, NOW — I, MUST GET A, ) TM~ NAME FOR* t/\Y U^E S SP/XV\N ,\tT, BUT MORSE Tt-IM BESPEAKS { WHILE I WAS, CLASS AM*D DV3N\TY, / PUTTING UP QUINCE U KE "M^^i O^ WAR", \ vStLL, \ THOUGW1 AND "CAVAUCM>E HM- P,OiV\AN "ROYAL 'CROWN • —^ V IN Yv'iTH TH' S1MC6 ALWAVS \N STRETCH CAV.L HlrA YAWN"/

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