The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1937
Page 2
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•, : • V< ', PAGE -mo. BLYTHBVlLLE, (ARK,) COUfelER 'NEWS •THURSDAY, FEBRUARY <i, 1937 .Mussolihi^Dictates NewTfiTogue for Winter "Sportswear- j Announcements Maybft Premier MussoHnl was Just trying to prove he .was ar. much a he-man as Romulus and Remus, fabled founders of Rome famed for their amazing survival of exposure. Whatever the motive, ho started a new vogue In Italian winter sports, for when ho drifted Ills shirt fbl.ick). hundreds ot others at Termlnlllo, the "Mmminln ol Rome" (ol- Imvorl suit He hrcnsls ttie chll'j winter hrrwp* without a s nbovc as skt-er. below "on the skids" ol D sled. I The Courier news fins been a>i- 1 .noi'lml lo nnnouncc the following candidates-for Blythevllle niu. Niulpnl offices, to' be 'elected ori April 0: For Mayor MAUION WTU.TAMS W. W. IIOLLI PETER Everything F6r YourUntertaln- .meiil unil Comfort Last Time Today Gladys Swarlhoiil and Fred' liliicMurray in "The Champagne LIBERTY CASH GROCERS LOWEST PRICES IN TOWN 3M W. MAIN ST., BLYTHBVlLLE, ARK. Now is the Time to Do Yoiir 1'art in Keeping Down Kpidemics of Sickness by Using PASTEURIZED MILK. No Epidemic Has Ever licen Traced To II. Prices For Friday, Saturday and Monday With .luck Oakie, Veloz & Yolitmlii, Herman Ring arid Vivietinc Osljorrie. RcmariC" that starts in \v;dl.>Umc anil whirl. 1 , jnto f>\vinfi! Also Paramount News anil Novelty Shorts . \ —Admission— ' M.iltnie—10 ifc 20c •.' Night—1G & 30c ' Friday - Pal Night 2 ! Adults Admitted for Trice of Humphrey liugari in" "The Black Qbne; , NkL'Ei , ;Moj— Hot hers 1 VilleiJiifSs fvff EuallyVcle'ifed of flood '-.'erid '.ith ttife reiugees; IBSI. '.^eeK= enu - wil'h t»" "• removal At. *60 Uo^pl'ar 'BillIt and : oft'a.ismajler; tiiimjjef. : ?loj Cqxlcr. ::;They ; had*beeTi",cared';for' here by "pe'opje Vbf (HprncrsylUe.; Jrhcrc' are fiirmWS.of.patlerifccxceetlcd 30 al uome • In '• iv ;6ne:'fime.'"Two.'S&ijoulsyphVslclans, odnferrUiffwl sent, here 'by' : iiie; fied.X/ross, liayfir nils, piojnplly leItiand : bf.:E.^'Gir'Cbpe:ts now iif '«* niVr- ',•-.- cliarge'of'heSlijiVj,vojli:'-lierc. ' : .-fi',Sv-i ^oriit^yUiej; Notts ;'-. • :? ".Mr,! and ii|rsj'SRuSeii, «"•>»•"-' t^Mr.r. ano^sjrsj.'.KUssell, Stewart : apa'/da\ightc'f( i '^y4jl;fi&--Sne, \Mltt |M'na-SMackeifbfrij.'Rn(ljMrs.' M.. Jj Wljkefson,' of ! ; kcnfietti\we're gxiesli .last' ';Thufsday^> 1 for > : fjcw • Mexlcq L : wliere. i,irv - Pounds ijyiii^bc employ ed . ; /vMfsy.'fiojmani/p'ariUli of Gollier-' A^H^^.Tenii., is;.spcndin^ this wwK .\ylth..Mr,?auc\-'Mrs;. : Ay;-' E. ^Hayes ';' afld ,'^IJV- aiici:' Mre'^ klley klilght.'. : i Robert' D'niflV ill. aiid" Miss Maye •. P,arkis;'.:.lpBnl : .-';l«i|l. -'Thursday al L«te^ville"as giicstVof Mr. : aud Mrs. Hamilton To Manage Newport Club Again . NEWPORT, Feb. 4. — liidrpe HanillLon, who led the Newport, Jafdiimls Id a second half ling inly ;to lose to the Caruthersville Allots in the' play-oft of ,llio •>IorUieAcl ArktinSas ixjngue last /ciir, will ngaiii iriniinBe the Cnrds li the. coining campaign, it lias ccn 'announced... 'file former Nashville Volunteer, ihd . big ; .'lengiibr, ciin'ie from his In • McCrory and. after .h local club offt- signed a contract tor 1937;. ('• Ihinicdlnt^ly afterwords Hnmtl- .oh nhnbunccd thai' Iht trnln- ng season .-'would oiien Qtont, the, nlddle of April, lie will visit the raining site of tlio Cardinals' at Springfield, • Mo., where ;he hopes o gel sonic'- adilitibnal material. Contracts \yill: be plnccd In the nnlls to players owned by the Jaldinals. Tliese Iricliido: Virgil tltimillcr, George Relchelt, Mm erisational 18 year old kid from St. Louis snridlots, outfleldcrs; rim Murphy, catcher; and George Jidonhurgj' third basenian. it hns dl lieeii declfied whether Olarc'ncB larris, llrst baseman, will be retained. .., , . .' : .; f-Mr;; ^nd'Mfs. : .i3;''M.' Wells and .' \a|!i|h.tfef,"Miss :Paltie T >t.lcnded to busins'ss fp.Caru'uicrsvtib niid Kcn- ; i^tt; Ttjiesday: V :';,i- ;, : •..'.. :. ,' •:•• . ., J Mi^Ea'yc; Parksi'-.wlib; is employ. :',. ed.!a'UKennett,'^pej)i;tHe 'week end h'ere ; with ner^pafe'iils, ^ir. .' aiid :Mre.\F;;c:>Parks;:'.gl'ic'"returned to "-: ^""^t'.'Mtefiay^lRccbaipanled bj .her./sister,':MiSs.'Virginia, \yho wll sp^nd a few. days:.visltiiig Miss Fay '• ; and ^another''sister,-.'Mre. j H -''•'" • -"'• '"'" - '• >.Mr:;-and ; Mrs".: Miifofd Sander' werit:,t6.,Si,..:tp\iis'Tuesday to visit ?VIr....-Sahdcr>;-:kislcr, :ML W ^farior ^SjH'*' ',W ! e.'Mf' Sanders take ;:. medical^treatiiieuk' ; ;'.'• ' ! -;?*nn.Ray.-6f HayVl ivas here Sun- aay;night:to;.sccfhls-brqlhcr,'-Tom Ray, and;Uie;.latter ; s':.M,lfc, holli-ol whom' are.. .llP^'th"' intliienza. GET U)> NIGHTS DUE TO BLADDER IRRITATION? It's not normal. It's nature's "Danger Signal." Make this 250 lest. Use buchu leaves, juniper oil, and 0 other drugs, made info little green -tnblelti railed Bukets. Flush out. excess acids and impurities. Excess nolds can cause Irritation resulting In getting up nights, scanty flow, frequent desire, burning, backache, nnrt leg pains. Just say Bukcts lo your druggist. In four days If hoi piens- .cd your 25o will be refunded. City Drug Store. : .-•. . '•.'. — Adv.B113 * D ' ' B^i * • itePnce Grocery & Market 111 E. Main - - -.Phone 231 We Deliver - >Vn Give Savings Few Every Day - Hllc Trices With Dick Koran, .Erii O'Brioi'-Moorc, Aim j'i?'ie'ri dan and Robert Uarriit : - j 50,000 munlcrers Uxposcil In ihi Jt.osl tlarin? . CXJIOSR ever : oft'ere on nny screen! > - : Also Cartoon—'Torky. (lie Wresl Icr" iui[l Ccmciiy—"Grauiiia's ituoy.s" )* —Ailiritssion—. : : Miillnec—10 & 2Gc ,'i >flght—10 A 31k. ; TUESDAY, FEIk ii-i. 1 .' $125.00 HANK'NIGHT! Heart Courier.News Want Ads F/t££/to sufferers of STOMACH ULCERS*$. HYPERACIDITY , Willards Messaqo of Relief PRICELESS INFORMATION for ^ Ihost suffcttnj from STOMACH OR DUODENAL UI.CERX, DUE TO HvrF.n- AOlDlTY-roOR Ijir.F.STION. ACID DYSfEPSIA. SOUR STOMACH, C7ASSI- NESS. HEARTBURN. COSSTIPATIOX. DAD BREATH, SLEEPLESSNESS OR HEADAarES, DUE TO EXCESS ACID. plains Ihc matvtloul II'iVMrd Treat- t whlcl; la bringing anWzillK relief, on JS tlayi trial, CIBBY BROS. DRUG CO. OBINSON DRUG CO., Jnc MANILA: EOPLE'S DRUG STORE iSclentlsls :'haYe.\.be>n .unable . I discover. fwh'y. inlgrnidry birds' IV Jon^-rdlstai'ices^at- nlght,,'blit 41- thoughl Uhai:-"i:hcyvao this so the "~s«l in hlinlitig ' . _ril!s^ui»<l,ijci« -/ T.ft-'gP! >S««*fullTl>r'iiiillioM for met to ' OSiw S.Rjt^^S^^ a ^n MI> ibe ' "^^iPJM.^^ ««>-•^iTiOiJonSm for painted floors, nseFloriiide i-namel. lough, smoolh, c aslio finish-easy ) o keep clean. Uso it [or both interior and exterior floors. One of Httsburgh s lamous"one-djiy" Wints-dri es dusUtra in two hours. 10 practical colors. PER Of. S. 1 ' 00 • A'-Pittsburgh Faint Product HUBBARD Phene 32 VEAL CHOPS or ROAST. Lb. ROUND or SIRLOIN STEAKS. Lb. 12'.c 25c BEEF STEW, I,b lOc HEKF liOASTS, J,b 15c KB GHOtIND BEEF, 15c HOUND STEAKS, t.t) 100 FRAKKFURTKKS, 1,1 17c liOLOONA.-'Lb. ISc COUNTRY SAUSAGE, 1.1). Zik riECK BACON, I.b 200 TOSJATO PASTE, SPAGHETV1, JIACAUONI, or POTTKI) MEAT. Each 3c GUAIUNTEEn J'l.OUK Plain or S5clf Hlsini; Us. .. 43c; 24 Us. .. fijc; 18 Uis Sl.OS Kino Granulalrd SUGAli. .. Z7c; 10 .. 53c Brown. I.b fit: POHK >t BEANS Small Can PORK * DEANS 5c lOc While Hibliou KHOUTEN1NG 1 l,b. .. ISc; t Lbs. .. ,'iSc; S Lbs $1.10 .U LAKl) I Lbs. .. GSc; 8 iJis. .. SI.19; 2f, I,bs. .. S3.7S; r.O .. S7.J5 SIOLASSKS TENN. SOKGHU5I (lal. File: Furc Cane. U Gal 2Sc. POTATCjES Kfrt cr While EaliDR Lb. .. 3!ir 1'ech .. S2c EVA1\ PEACIIKS nr APPLES Lb L'.iic IMtliNES, Lb S l-Sc FRESH, CKISl 1 CKACKERS 1-l.b. Bex 9r; 2-I.b. llox I5c PEANUT IHlTTEIl Pint .. I5c; Quarl . PURE CO1-TKK Fresh Grcuiul, Lb Canova, Lb 'i7c TOILET SOAP Lux, Camay or Palmolivo 4 Bars :!5c Pliclc of III. COUX, CKOWUKK PKAS or EAHLY JUNU -i «)t PK.VS. Can 1/. ; C FRESH COUNTKV EGGS Guaranteed, ntn. 28r COUNTRY nUTTKli. Vrlhi.—Always 10 & 25c—lc Ta KIiow livery N'igiit Mallnrcii Friday, Saturday, Simfla I'Vlday & Sunday nlatinces-' Saturday Mallncu — Contimio SliovdiiR — 1:01) Till il:00 P. Last Time Today PAL NIGHT! •t Adults Admitted for Trice of Romanco wn'Mcn in slccl and ffre . . . and the tears.of a woman in love I Also Novelty and Comedy srAwA-f: c H a n i E s STARRETT Also Cartoon and Serial—"The Fighting Marines" Golden Ripe Dozen lOc DOG FOOD Vitu SEW POTATOES BUNS l ' ackaKc >r SmSflv CC Can v LI). 0 Of 8 fcC RYE BREAD SPINACH HOT ROLLS Loaf Tall Can Package of 15 I'kg. 5 C 5 C 5° COMPOUND Snow White Pound SALT MEAT For Lb. 1CC 13 ML CHUCK ROAST LI). I5 C VEAL CHOPS PIG LIVER 19JL C U). 1*2 BACON SKINS Lb. PIG TAILS n PORK SAUSAGE Silverdale Large 2J Can SQUARE BOX 2: SPAGKETTI \ OT MflCARONi TOMTO>AST£ „,., Can 1C 2 ic 2 CABBAGE Texas Green Lb. 2 1C 2 POTTED MEAT Can 2 1C 2" RUTABAGA TURNIPS APPLES Lb. 2 1C Delicious Fresh and Meaty Pound 2LBBOX 15 Pure Cane JO Lhs. 49 l Process 33' Lift WAFERS Lb. liox 15 l COFFEE Miss Liberty Lb. COFFEE Pride of iMemphis Lb. 20 C 17" u COFFEE Lord Chesterfield Lb. 24 l GRAHAM CRACKERS Lb. Kox Golden Bantam No. 2 Can SALMON Tall Can 10' Special Ha cli Large \/.. Bottle Kach Stokely's |AC SWEET RELISH Libby's Bottle 10 MATCHES .''. Uoxcs Loaf Evaporated Pound ('i Lb. Limit) Standard No. •> Can »CC •A for *V iRIES Red Hour Pitted Iflt No. 2 Can I* Large Can :) for 25 l 3P1!0@TS Argo Large 2'/2 Can 17.' Libby's Can T Cardinal tjuarf 13 l (1 Limit) I for y MEAT LOAF Lb. Can ,C Happy Yale No. 2 Can :i Holls FRESH SNAP BEANS Dr. Philli I)s FRESH E08S J)oz. WASHING I'OWDliK (-1 Limit). ! lioxcs ,C «)C c c I c iC ! Can

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