The Orlando Sentinel from Orlando, Florida on December 10, 1975 · 110
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The Orlando Sentinel from Orlando, Florida · 110

Orlando, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1975
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Connery Set For U.S. Move Sean Cannery is talking about moving to America.' The Scottish-born international itar it in the U.S. promoting his United Artists film "The Man Who Would Be KinR." and tells me the trip has had some profound effects on his attitudes. , "Every other time I've been here I've been busy filmmaking and never took the time to enjoy myself. Now that I have, I'm convinced I could settle down here happily and have been giving consideration to Just that." The former 007 star wasn't too busy during earlier ' work trips to acquire considerable knowledge and strong opinions about our country and its ways. He speaks with a patriot's fervor about the Statue of Liberty, considering it "the most emotionally impressive structure I've ever seen." And he can talk at length about Ellis Island, feeling it "a pity that no TV network in this bicentennial year is producing a show focusing on the site where the 20 million immigrants have been received." Currently a resident of Marbella, Spain (though he and bride Micheline Roquebrune spend much of their time on his far-flung film locations) he's come to the conclusion that much about Americans is unique some downright objectionable. "You people have allowed your children to take over which is rather tragic. I know of no other, country where the voice of youth is so predominant." -Actually, he considers the voices of Americans -. of all ages a subject to note. "You people are very loud, you know," he says. "In restaurants, shops, everywhere. I believe you've developed the habit' because of your security about the right of free speech granted by your constitution and protected by law." In his homeland, he says, "it's considered proper Marilyn Beck fciL to become falling-down drunk only as long as you do it quietly." He feels that here in the land he'd like to adopt, "most anything goes." , ' , BEHIND THE SCENES: The recent reconciliution of Charlie Rich and wife, Margaret Ann, appears to be sticking solidly a point they plan to emphasize during their joint taping today on the Dinah Shore TV show. Charlie, looking hale and happy and heading into his third ban-the-bottle month after a 20-year drinking problem heads from L.A. to San Diego to play a make-up gig at the Sports Arena. He had to cancel out of the engagement earlier because of a broken foot .... Angle Dickinson, taping Bob Hope's NBC Christmas special which airs Sunday night, was doing a lot of griping on the set about her own NBC show. Sounds like Angle's ready to bolt "Police Woman" for a change. She says she has plenty to keep her happy at home, "like waxing the floors." Hate to put her to the test. Priscilla Presley plans to attend Morgan Maxfield's state-of-the-economy lecture at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel Thursday but only out of former friendship. The ex-Mrs. Elvis Presley came close to marrying the wealthy, 34-year-old Senate-hopeful from Kansas City earlier this year, but now considers him her latest ex-love and currently is involved with a Los Angeles attorney ... ' ' Steve McQueen and Freddie Prinze are taking martial arts lessons from karate champ Bob Wall . and feel flattered to be doing so. With the exception of Steve and Freddie, Wall has resigned from teaching evidently figuring his "Who's Who in the Martial Arts" book will make him financially independent . . . CvfisiMI &liiiiiinKi&fr A a,.., m. ui w n imp J I i; j ii :m n m : r 331-3050 bARBRA bIRtlSAND A VAN O NEIL - WHAT'S w UP DOC? II ?00blSMS9( J UNI LITE 4 4S S IS ll SO TUJ I If MrVU lm t ftTT WI.T 1 f.l MII'M Ti 00 BUZ1NQ tmuUlUSU 1- I'rJ sioo nun L ' 25 NINE L1VU .00 cawSajN T3 THS CAT I 1VM Or TUTtJ a: IX) 1NTHI4MC :0 BRANNI Mimiil.lMII fig jl.00 KJil1 00 AIKPONT 197S MY NAMK 13 NOftUU 8:00 THE UWGKST tlKl) 10:0!i CHINATOWN ' r.l'lll'I.M :00 BUCK TOWN :41 THE MACK J:HI:IHIT(1 moo tHirrs :40 MASH 3 J USTIIN MDIIAl IMUtlll INFORMATION 298 4475 mat l M 7 lJ 10 TAALT""5iSNEY S TMatVti ISUMDI ymrr? i 3 so 1 4 I 40 I IS i. f ,i( mil .pa". I ii I ii M ta- ITHi NIOHT CaUlIt -".- " BL4ZIMO STIWMOIStif K ON A CUM DAY YOU CAM til fOtlVI 4 SO 1 IS t4S , G "OOW WHITK TRASH" See how they live.,. ''jJrArall! TWIN 1 SEE JAWS AND GET A FREE PASS ' TO TWIN 2 10 00 SHARK "aUH-HTH" sK.V3 TWIN 1 8 Of) ITBAW DOfil 9 50 IACHAWAH 8 BOO! TUBI 3 3S S 3S T S 3S fl.Tljlljl'MP 1 CT,C V. :' " J HITS' ACTION WW. Art WITH TMI Bimi A S 40 9 IS W W. 4 THI DIIH BaBCUiaOS t uii rr:t- xic4i U'IwSprinRS Lis (OUIIfSr Ulli Show Your Hondo Driver t'cnte cominosooni PLAZA ONE-Gone With The Wind LittZ&iU last ft rra.sviiHTi MywMitj 2 DAYS iojjotjij .MURKY t ' RE0F0BO 4 DUN AWAY " I6t I 131 ITS MOOT TIME 111 . ' V, "34 . t ( i a O J tk I -t t i HOB1RT REOf ORD l-oo 1 I.) Vvl tM FAYE DUNAWAY lxe,,T k i ua" v L.I tvtti"vHiSfM?f!ll JiisijyJiivS llllIiIiITTTiiTiiITTTiiTii ITT 1J X rsi ffi m Orient IV J tsV WlaJ ) leFP' RESTAURANT I COCKTAIL LOUNGE R jjCelebrate New Year's Eve With Ul m ,1 Full Course Special Dmnei Party Favors .fi IJ Live tntenamment Complimentary Cocktail I H 420 Per Couple Make Your Reservations Early ' ! $ INTERSTATEAUMi t 436 PHONE 8304444bl' H H V HONEY WEST W'itelw ft j VJ 1 THE MOO EXOTIC 7 J.,Jii V 2 SHOWS NITELY ' ?IUt I m. i3i 2 ni-Jin ; II r"lamn TTlIn ffr Aii jai aim fronton ; Zk SlreeBS"c'tl Agey ' I C'Tn,J eM Colonial Plan ON 3 ' ttl? TlekalAganey "" LW6 fA ll 111 tun Traval Agency J11A ....cflH I'" II (on A u"6 asiaga BiWlMelrSi edgewater & par BUFFET DINNER & SHOW CHEF FELTON'S ROAST BEEF CARVED TO YOUR PLEASURE ... - DINNER AND SHOW ONE LOW PRICE - Jus., Wtd., Thurt, tun.-t 1.71 Frl. I10.7S Sat I11.7S Tu Included Don't forget! One Upon A Stag hi available) tor your group or ciud partita. ; You're invited to Central Florida's most comfortable jazz setting, The Village Lounge. To enjoy one of music's most versatile performers, trombonist Urbie Green. i A favorite of jazz connoisseurs everywhere, Urbie Green has performed with such notables as Woody Herman, Frank Sinatra and Louie Armstrong throughout, his distinguished career. Ptftormancts nightly (except Sundays) 8.30 pm-l:30 am Now through December 13 : (No cover or minimum) - p SundyvningjBiiintrlmnmtnt provided by th Her Olson Trio ", Aoyecent k Th vilttg PMturtnt 1-4 ft eirt S35 In Ihe Host Community to Walt Disney World 38 CGDO 4 I 2 00 6 00 no 10 00 V TWIU1F 4 30S00'IS0 I FRAKXENSTEIN I J CJ j DecnnovViiitewarls jjrHTll 7 00 9 , 5. 0 kattadH Alnawaa tmtkmn 2 00 4 467IS1000 TWI LITE 4 1. 4 4b 1 .0 jar ,:r Ti", NOW! I I e J00S001 TWHITF 4 30 son ITS0 CHARLES BRONSCJN lidzrnn a thollzm f- I 20U44Sn0l000 TWIIITf 4IS4 4S'IS0 JOHN WANl KATHARINI HIPIUHN ROOSTER COCBURN (...anal Uu Lauty) 2 00 5 00 7 30 10 00 TWI till 4 30 5 00 t 50 n -rr o 6rntinrl fetar (IfUAnill IWaii 11-E Vdii4lay, Ifc 10, 1975 HON 2 30? In i n i hi ioaoI CLASS 4 SO 9 40 WINtlt I Petar O'Toole Lion in Winter George N 'Segal ilbuch Of ClassJ Living Room Loungtt Miiid Dnnksl (No One Under 18 Admitted) Showing at 8 00-10 00 HELD OVER! "THE CASE OF THE SMILING STIFFS" W i iLjiiiLa pg "FLESH GORDON" I GROOVE TUBE" FLESH AT 1 I V lt:Af1 7 20 IOOO TUBE AT 600 840 Rl ALL CINEMAS tVtRY DAY SI.25 TIL 2:30 1 4 I www 2 15 6 16 8 30 S ACADIMY AWAIDS muc tAWI McOUtiM DUMA WAV a;;;: K-I' UJk J 1 llH"ir y. iMMMaaMalMiMlli 1 'iljl I DKTa Ue 'W" CONDOR ART CARNEY "nnny Limited Engagement ol a Special DOUBLELAFF COMBO AT BOTH CINEMAS -Ml INOOU (OMK MAITItMCC ri5TV4 AND 4 00 and 8 00 KXIKti 2 15 6 00-10 00 Rosnir 7 400 Waloi intra $1 Admission T 1.39 LUNCHEON SPECIAL CAFE CARIBE KAHUR PLAZA INN 151 E.Washington Down Town Orlando SO. ORANGE AVE. 2aV LEIMO TASTYI DELICIOUS! YACS 4 on 1. 2117 W. COLOWAL DRIVE THE BROADWAY MUSICAL c A Vision Enterprises Production DEC. 11121314l9-20 AT 8:30 WINTER PARK HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM ALL TICKETS $3.504.00 AT THE DOOR TICKETS AVAILABLE AT COLONIAL ALTAMONTE & STREEPS ' TICKET AGENCIES Dinner Dancing MTOP OF THE WORLD CONTEMPORARY RESORT BRENDA LEE twice nightly through Dec. 21 Brenda Lee was the teenaged Miss Dynamite of the 60'8 with million sellers like "I'm Sorry" and "All Alone Am I." Today, she is a full-fledged entertainer with a warm, bluesy voice and a sophisticated show. Coming . . . December 22 RONNIE SCHELL and CARRIE MC DOWELL For Information and Reservations Phone (305) 824-1000 i Seatings at 6:30 and 9:45 pm' CONTEMPORARY RESORT HOTEL Sunday Champagne Brunch, 9 am -2:30 pm T PH 831 8822 n VJJi TTD EE a raaaKaHH , T wlT niwinwl'iONS MOVIE AUOIENCE GUIDE A SERVICE OF FILM-MAKERS AN0 THEATRES These rating apply to films released after Nov. 1. 1968 THIS SEAL la an) hdicetee the filai was aufemittoe' aael approved . ender the Motlea Picture Cadi ri SoH-HetuTatioa. n tuaieeted tor GENERAL aediences. 1 M aget admitted, parental futdence suggested. gj RESTRICTED 'erseee aeder 1 7 set edteflted. - aetata acceeieeeied ay pattnt er adult gutrditN. . Patieaaader 17 art aTaWtteW. TISH a4 reetrictiea nay he higher ia eertaia area. Check . -theatre er advertising. . . Priatad aa auWic ttrvics hy this aewtp aper. MM CALL 849-6340 FOR X RATED TITLES NEWSHOWS EVERV MONDAY ft f RIDAY ilu IH.H.i l.i.I'l.TITTTTTT, CUT ahw aan RAYM0N Now Thru Dec. 13 HJalc)isneij World 9 m wait sismv naouetiaNe 1 VISIT YOUR BEAUTIFUL NEW SWINGIN' il . ARC l.lll.KIAlL LllUNUtS C uccn ua RAMOS I . ORIANDOS MOST BEAUTIFUL LOUNGE ISOUTH ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL AT OAK RIDGE ROAD DISCO COCKTAIL LOUNGE (1 BLK E. OF 1-4 ON 436) 17-92 SOUTH UHLANUU U. (IN Srunu . nuu buunmiL luuhui.ii ALL DRINKS 48' suruT It AM m w .MWWUM OPEN 7 DAYS SEM0RAN BOULEVARD (dm BLOCK StUlH 01 ALDMAI PINE HILLS W HI WAV 50 CONWAY RD 1 CRYSTAL LAKE DA. AMD SHORES) W. HI WAY 50 NEAR TURNPIKE mrnm WINTER PARK AT THE MALL HIGH 17 12 AT 436 (S(M0MN BOULEVARDt S040 EDGEWATER DRIVE 6550 SOUTH ORANGE AVENUE m CASTLE) 1MB EAST COLONIAL DRIVE 2726 SOUTH ORANGE AVENUE FORMERLY EVEKU01S LOUNGE Fabulous Instrumental & Vocal Duo The Fantastic DuVals Return Dec. 15 NEW WEST COAST FEATURES ADULTS ONLY! OPEN 9 A.M. F I II II .ii(ii nna.n . rrm n I LX- lie ' ' ;" i i-i;-'v,iir a tiia "TL - . D & PNINA NEW SHOW EVERY TUES. APVLT f EWRE fiims Couplet Invited Sneak Prevue Every Sat. 8 P.M. iMMJiraLTG DOWNTOWN ORLANDO 17 E. Pine St. Ph. 849-9217 FWRVILLA ADULT TWIN CINEMA XX X For Showtimei & Titles Call 425-5352 COUPLES WELCOME '2114 Na. Orange Blossom Tr. COITON'S NIST0IIC1ISS map of noiio Kul) lor map. 17Wt22". A ml toUfrton' imn. PeKecl for the nffit. . 'or irbool rhildrra or w a dcorive ton-vrmbon pire. A pfrfnrl (fill. Anilablr al lb Srauael Star Oaaulwd Counur, 631 N. Orange An.; Monday thrmij Fnd. froia 8:00 a a. lo S M p a 62 00 112 25 br auil). For nuil orrien ttoi rberk or M O. (paviblr lo the Stntioel Sur) to FLORIDA MAP. Smiioel Sur. IVpl. P. P. O. Bo 3612. Orbs-do. Fla 32X02 Now Thru Sunday, December 14th At TOP "O" SURF CLINT HOLMES - 'i , "A dynamic entertainer", in the beautiful new Top i"0" Sur. Daytona Beach's first supper club and lounge welcomes one of America's hottest young performers. Holiday Inn has put it all together with ii sensational iooa ana drinks at- com- lonaoie prices, uance to tne great Bac-?3" chanal Band. IT'S WORTH STAYING UP LATE FOR Show times 0 and 1 2:00 Off Mondays Top "0" Surf 2709 N. ATLANTIC AVE. DAYTONA BEACH For Reiarvationi 904-672-3770 A 422-3191

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