The Miami News from Miami, Florida on May 6, 1969 · 55
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The Miami News from Miami, Florida · 55

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1969
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' :: if ' . ' .. .... L: . . 1 WTMJ WTVJ W?TV WC!X WCKT o (ess) - O (NBC) O (IfiD) O (NBC) i wiaw kj (ABC) vmr c& Wfcc WAM flD (INO) "lON.I. 3dAveue 371-6370 '3o North Miami Avenue " 377-fi2T 5 Cocoanut Rcw, Palm Beech 83J-3471 U1I Kriclcoll Avenue . 377-0&11 1401 North Bay Causeway " 751-6o 300 Biscayne Blvd.. . 377-8131 44 C3ecitut (tow. Palm Beach 833-9668 4V5 M.W. 19?th $re 62S-1301 Today CARMICHAEL 4:00 O llnkletter Showfc O Movii Q Whit. Baronc Q Batmanc CD MovIb ID Dark Shadowsc B Bozo's Blc Topc 4:30 O Piiswordg O Nw$c Q Miki Douglaic CD Merv Grilling 51 My Llttl. Margie 4:55 O Perry Mason A woman is murdered in bizarre fashion and "eyewitness" testimony seems to doom Mason's client 5:00 O Tims For School Q Oilligan's Island GD Huck, Yogi and Friendsc 51 Captain Zerojc 5:30 O Misterogers Neighborhood O Twilight Zona 0 News--Taylorc SD Leave It To Beaver 61 Ann Sothern 5:40 0 Datelinec 5:55 Q Weaver-Weatherc This Evening 6:00 Q Friendly Giant OOCDCD5I Newsc O I Love Lucyc Q3 Addams Family 6:15 O Stocks-Davis 6:30 O Elementary Spanish Q UNCLE CD Truth or Conse-quencesfcj QD Flintstonesc 51 Across The Seven Seasfc Sundown in Shangri-La. 7:00 0 Buckley The Ripon Society the Liberal Republican dilemma. O Red SkeltoncJ Clem Kadiddlehopper takes a tour of historic Boston landmarks and then stars in a Boston Pops concert. 0 Len Minkc O Huntley-Brinkleyg Honeymooners CD Flintstones QQ McHale'sNavy 51 Country Partyc 7:30 0Q Junior Miss Pageantc O I Spy (D CD ModSquadfc A Vietnam veteran, sought by police on homicide charges, runs to his boyhood friend Line Hayes for protection. PayCardsjc 51 Adventures In Paradise 8:00 0 Regional Report O Movie QD Hazel 8:30 GO Julia After Julia agrees to babysit, an Army buddy of her late husband phones for a date. Q What's My Line CD Takes A Thief Mundy sets out to steal documents from a llllllllinill IT'S HARD To miHK OF MOM's cpoKIMG WITHOUT roMAPrl TROUBLE- 9:00 6:15 6:40 6:45 6i55 7:00 7:15 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:25 10:30 11:00 11:30 blackmailer which will expose a missing Nazi war criminal. CD I Spy 63 Movie 51 Tombstone Territory 0 NET Festival A study of young American violin virtuoso James Oliver Bus- '2:30 well IV. QQ First Tuesday Reies Lopez Tijerina, militant leader of Spanish-Americans In New Mexico, is profiled, as is the Stone Age way of life of the Papuans in 1 I if ' qui' 12:00 12:55 9:30 10:00 10:30 liOO 11)15 11:30 1:00 New Guinea. Q Movie 51 Maverick CDCD NYPD Ward and Corso are assigned to protect a southern "redneck" from a black militant group of students out to revenge the bombing of a Negro church in the South. 0 Man to Man David: young man. CDCD Lennon Sisters Jimmy Durante, Bobby Goldsboro and Hines, Hines and Dad are guests. 51 Five Fingers O NewsSpeolal The First Hundred Days of Richard M. Nixon. 0D Talk! Back QQQCDCD5I News, Weather, Sports O News En Espanol 51 Movie O Movie GO Tonight CDCD Joey Bishop O News En Espanol CD Movie 1:00 1 130 2:00 2: 1 5 2:30 3:00 3:30 Wednesday 5:20 Q U. of Florida Today's Movies 4 p.m. CD "Romeo and Juliet" Part 2. Laurence Harvey, Susan Shen-tall, Flora Robson, Norman Wooland, Mervyn Jones. A beautifully filmed version of the story of Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers. Shot on location in Italy. In color. (1954) xxx 8 p.m. O "The Prize" Paul Newman, Edward G. Robinson, Elke Sommers, Diane Baker, Leo G. Carroll American writer who is Nobel prize winner gets mixed up in plot to kidnap refugee scientist who is also winner. In color. (1963) xx 8:30 p.m. 60 "Court Martial of Billy Mitchell" Gary Cooper, Ralph Bellamy, Rod Steiger. True story of a man who was years ahead of his time in his war theories and was in disgrace because of it. (1955) xxx'j , 9 p.m. O "The Long Hot Summer" Joanne Woodward, Paul Newman, Orson Welles, Lee Remick, Anthony Franciosa, Angela Lansbury. Young man arrives in small Southern town dominated by one man and changes the lives of his unmarried daughter and weakling son. In color. (1958) xxx1 11)15 p.m. 51 "I Like Your Nerve" Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Loretta Young, Boris Karloff. A happy-go-lucky American saves a Central American diplomat from ruin and kidnaps his daughter from some kidnapers. (1931) xx 11:30 p.m. O "Woman Obsessed" Susan Hayward, Stephen Boyd. A widowed mother with a young son struggles against the hardships of primitive ranch life. In color. (1959) xx WEDNESDAY'S MOVIES 1 a.m. CD T-Men" Dennis O'Keefe, June Lockhart, Wallace Ford, Charles McGraw, Alfred Ryder. True story of a treasury department crackdown on a counterfeiting ring with two agents joining the gang. One of the best of its kind. (1947) xxx', 9:30 a.m. CD "She's Working Her Way Through College" Virginia Mayo, Gene Nelson, Steve Cochran. A beautiful burlesque queen decides to get a college education. In color. (1952) xxVi 2 p.m. O "Blue Murder At St. Trinian's Terry-Thomas, Alastair Sim. A jewel thief hides out at a girl's school and after being exposed to the students thinks the police might be better. (1958) xx'i - . r -. - . O Sunrise Semester O Sunshine Almanao CD This 'N That Q News en Espanol CD News Q Community Report CD News en Espanol O Popeye Playhouse OO Today (to 9) CD Rick Shaw CD Sunshine Almanao CD Three Stooges CD Dennis the Menace O Capt. Kangaroo CD Jungle George CD Banjo Billy CD Mike Douglas O Merv Griffin 0 Hazel Q Donald O'Connor CD Millionaire 0 Real McCoys CD Movie 0 It Takes Two CD Jack LaLanne 0 NowS"D!ckorson Q Community Report Q Galloping Gourmet Kare Poaka No. 1. 0Q Concentration CD My Favorite Martian O Andy of Mayberry 0O Personality CD Hennessey O Diek Van Dyke 0 Hollywood Squares CD Dream House CD Divorce Court Q News at Noon 0O Jeopardy CDCD Bewitohed QD Rincon Criollo 0 Search for Tomorrow 0 Eye Guess O News-Whitcomb CDCD Funny You Should Ask EE) Wells Fargo 0 News-Newman 0 Love of Life 0 Galloping Gourmet O Match Game CD News-Harnish CD Dream House 23 Bachelor Father Q As the World Turns 0 Hidden Faces Q Girl Talk CDCD Let's Make A Deal 03 Da Mujera Mjuer O Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing OO Days of Our Lives O Movie; News CDCD Newlywed Game S3 Movie 51 Gut of the Inkwell O Guiding Light 0O The Doctors CDCD Dating Game Telenovelas 51 Romper Room O Secret Storm 0Q Another World CDCD General Hospital 51 Country Party O Edge of Night 00 You Don't Say CDCD One Life to Live Cartoons 51 Talk About Town THERE OUGHT A BE A LAW Town Recruits Five Firewomen y Tin Anociittd Prt NEW SALEM, Mass. The town's volunteer fire department has a new look five women members have been recruited. Fire Chief Norman Cogswell signed on the women for a good reason. The men volunteers have jobs, and during the daytime it often takes them a long time to get to the station for a fire truck and then go to the blaze. All five "firemen" live near the station. The women had their first workout Sunday, responding to an alarm for a grass fire. The fire truck was on the way within minutes of the alarm, driven by one of the women, and arrived at the fire just as the first men volunteers appeared. MAcCxOOM , MAESTRO OF THE WIPER LIME. DEMAUP5 PERFECTION W PAlMTlKjG THOSE SHAPES JUST EXACTLY RIGHT- Them the manhole bovs do some of THEIR UNDERGROUND TlNWERlNG - AND LOOK. HOW THEY SET "WE COMER BACW Tues., May g, 1969 THE MIAMI NEWS : 5-B CHILDREN'S LETTERS TO GOD YA am!, j. g? HOLP IT. BOV6.'MOVE ABOUT A(f f& l',XVu,Z.'ZlZr. I rpsppSltf l INCH TO THE LEFT! I WANT TMrt fjECaxUJJJ Tt , LUX? rt rr i? i r,t r pszr r i ni - i. W llPlllgl jyt- JL- 5 WrLx.4''i 4 ---i l Kin f Im.. H69. ASDY CAPP Latin TV tilBINGOl Uom'ofl U , I o6WCl T r Uoo Vo oo I (vEf? TEA, PET ?J Ic (STEW.PET) I bfo1" Program j Zl 5 -IS Is Dropped j MF (mI i JST t BEETLE BAILEY but - S jfHNj. LUCKV T? yn f I GUESS A' IP HE O 7rfy I B.C. Wkl f7 POCO . I Lfi.?- "ea6- u, W iogpm . N8nwis wSSfez fARPHHKiN hMw iiv 'iBi! I-'n I 'I WwVtmriv By HERB KELLY Miami Ntwt Rdlo-TV Editor A group of Spanish businessmen who had dreams of devoting 40 hours of Channel 23's UHF time to programs with a Latin flavor, have called it quits. They were losing too much money on the project. Their idea looked good on paper . They organized Tele-cuba and paid WAJA $4,000 a week for the time which they tried to resell at their own price. This is known as "brokerage" and is permitted by the Federal Communications Commission if the station retains control of the program and advertising content, William Stiles, Channel 23s general manager, said. The programming began In late March and was abandoned after this past Saturday's shows. Stiles agreed to Telecuba's request to cancel the contract. Sponsorship had fallen far below expectations. The station has been carrying announcements on the hour that the Spanish program format is being reorganized. WAJA will produce it and sell sponsorship time. Temporarily the new schedule will have Spanish programming from noon to 2 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, from 3 p.m. until midnight on Saturdays and none on Sundays. A Black Book Of Numbers Thi Niw York Tlmot Niwt Strvleo THE BOOK OF NUMBERS. By Robert Deane Pharr. 374 pages. Doubleday. $5.95. Robert Deane Pharr, a black man in his 50s, has been up and down, and here and there. Along the way he has learned more than his share about Negro life in America, and he has put a lot of what he knows into his first novel, "The Book of Numbers." Pharr will not be credited with having advanced the frontiers of fiction by any degree, but he has written an unusually good book a gnarled old oak of a book, rich and grainy in texture, sprawling and complex in configuration, a curiously friendly book to get lost in. He has made more than a few technical errors, but they are overwhelmed simply by his absolute belief in his characters and his total love for them. A chronicle for the tragedy and triumph of being a black man in America, "The Book of Numbers" is set in "The Colored Neighborhood," "The Ward," of an unidentified old town, "gently Southern and beautiful, a town of the cavalier, not the cracker." The time is the late 1930s and the characters are the inhabitants of the ward, a cross-section of sporting-life operators, drinking-pad idlers, political Uncle Toms, good-time girls and kids working and carousing their way through the local black colleges. Into the ward come two Itinerant waiters looking to make a score. One is a proud ambitious young stud named David Greene. The other is his friend and mentor, Blue-boy Harris, an ageless effervescent "tiny bull of a man," "the color of black coffee." Operating as a well-synchronized team, Dave and Blueboy organize a numbers bank to run the game of chance that sustains black dreams of sudden wealth throughout America. Dave enlists a cadre of "pickups" who sell slips of paper for small change and occasional dollar bills to people throughout the ward. The purchasers can select three digits (inspired by dreams, events, intuitions, license-plate numbers, addresses) and write them on their slips. The winning number is determined by the results of the first, third and seventh horse-race at a nearby track. The people of "The Book of Numbers" thrive on the game. Time is marked by the day's winning number. The bank prospers and Dave accumulates a fortune. Soon he "has unwittingly created a synthetic economy in the ward, and elsewhere in the city, that is predicated on numbers." But the question, the crux of the drama is: How much pride and Independence? At what point will the white world intervene and cut down Dave, his partner, his employes and women, and the whole community that looks up to him and depends on him. Inevitably, the anonymous white world does intervene, and there is death and broken spirits and madness. But in the end the black people only know that "most things do not last always, and that only the thing of black granite like the numbers, and like the niggers are forever." GOING VISITING - GOING ON VACATION GOING HOME - OR JUST STAYING HERE IT'S BETTER TO VISIT TERMINAL NEWSTANDS for th widest Mlactien of trw finer paperbacks, hardback not usually easily available. LOCATIONS OPPOSITE EASTERN 8ATI0NAL DELTA COUNTERS OPEN 24 K0URS DAILY I SUN. Stnini Iroittr Muni 1ml Ftr tvor JT Inn I LOCALLY OWNED OPERATED IT U Potty, Pros, Jtwtll Potrr, V. Pres. Join Pttrjr, Sec Treat. SlR-EMA-i NEWSTANDS At Miami International Airport 1969 woe X Fords Chtvralitt V . nymouiM 150 UNF J., MILEAGE RENTAL CARS 379-S172 9 BrnHft-i cooooooe maem. mm i I I.I III. I lllll.. X3g 10PMXV 250 BOOTHS ADMISSION $1 .50 ADULTS Children under 10 Free PM, Saturday Noon -11 PM, Sunday 1 FREE PARKING Continuous NEWS until 9:00 a.m. M 14,

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