The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 6, 1934
Page 3
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER e, 1934 BLYTHEVTLLE, (AW COURIER NEWS Administration Seeks Improvement in Nation's Living Quarters Making the American Home a better place in which to live. Is one o[ the outstanding aims of the-Federal Housing Administration, in fostering (he Better Homes Program. 'ftie Housing Administration,' created by. the last Congress, is making it possfble through Federal guarantee' of private loans to do Just that—In addition Jo furnishing employment for thousands nr workers. . While the physical home may technically be termed "llvtii" imur- tcrs occupied by a family," President, Roosevelt anil Congress are attempting, through [ho Housing Administration, to make the 'borne mean more. Uncle Sam's plan for home owners, simply stated, Is to mute remodeling, upkeep, painting and home improvement possible for anyone and everyone who has a real desire to better the surroundings of his family. The. -Department of Commerce rang nearly three million American doorbells recently mid discovered that more than 62 per cent of the homes' In America need major re- Pairs. Is your home a real liomi a well-protected, well-maintained investment, and a source ot everyday comfort and pride to your family? That's what, [he government is ask- 'ng. If it isn't, all of these things, it's actually no more than "living quarters." Take a good, hard-look at that place yon call home-iaslde and °'it. J.s it convenient and livable* Wouldn't a bit of hew plumbing more modern heating facilities, a lew up-to-date lighting fixtures, a iresh coat of color here and there make all the difference in' both appearance and comfort? Frequently « new round of shelves for the kitchen, an extra cabinet for the bathroom, or a remodeled porch, Pay for themselves ten times over in convenience and livability. jPoor Equipment False Economy, FHA Believes .Tlie use of equipment suited to the .needs of the pureliaser as well asjilgfi in quality K being emphasize^ by: the -federal Housing Ad- T^.'fatiqn ;« a true measure of economy for those planning-'to' take advantage, of .the; Better Housing Program tp'repajr,.alter or improve thejr homes.. . :M3iiy home owners, believing they ore-thrifty,-have a'tendency i o install .-equipment either too small or otherwise'.unsuiteu to their needs Dissatisfaction results, often the equipment is altered or replaced at . a .cost;, far greater than the difference, between adequate and inadequate .Especially is this true with plumbing, of which a great.part; is hidden in walls and floors which have torn up In permit removal. It is folly to spend money for new equipment,- the Federal Housing Administration stresses, unless it is suited in. every way to the .house, whether cottage or mansion -.of which it is to be an integral'' 1 Boys Try 'Extortion' on Man Who Denied Romp CLEVELAND (UP)-Uncle Sam's justice department agents here iu r rowed their foreheads as they went into action . to ' solve the nation's newest extortion plot. Just a boyish prank, they found ] it— conceived by four boys bjUvecn "Hie ages of n and 14, to "get even" with a Shaker .Heights man who when " ley i> la J' ed (0 °t- ""*- The "'an had 11 thc ma " " "ote. scrawled: "We want $2,500 " note called Bathroom Built in Hall How an unused hall end was transformed Into a modern bnthroom is illustrated in the ab'ovc pictures. The upper photo shows the space before the bathroom was installed, ivlille below i s (he same area utter the \vovk was completed. Lighting Equipment Important to Retailers in Fall, Winter lighting equipment Is IK- well- executed treatment, is the one , ta ' ° r ° f lncreasm 8 ""-1 which will please the customer and porlance as the days grow shorter increase trade and darker. Merchants, 'anxious to Increase their sales nils' fall ami winter, may find it, both timely mid profitable, to make a survey of their bu'siness.iiroperties from ine standpoint of moderni-/.ii{g tliclr lighting facilities, when reconditioning under tlic Better Housing Program, ; .-.Progressive business men have recognized that investment in sclen- tincally' correct lighting equipment fietiuently pays for itself many times over. It is a trade axiom thai merchandise properly- displayed sells more readlly-iarm lighting is a." vital point in proper display. Light experts, qualified 1° give intelligent, scientific ndviee on commercial Illumination should be consulted for suggestions. In preparing the general lighting plans for the store, volume of light is not the only consideration. There can be too much, light as \vell as too little, glare being a common defect. Consideration also should be given to the quality of light It is possible for a brilliantly lighted room, lo nppear cold and repellant, instead of warm and friendly. The condition of Illumination in a retail establishment has its effect on the store psrsonnel as well as the customers. The depressing atmosphere or a dark store, or tile eyostraln of glaring lights may have adverse effect upon the disposition and the selling efficiency 5f Ihe sales force. Installation of ndirect illumination is now practical for most biisine.w properties. Its proper use can heighten the "quality" atmosphere of (he establishment. Modern shoiv-cnse and counter lighting can add greatly to the effectiveness of merchandise displays. Concealed lighting should be substituted for show-case lights which are visible to Ihe customer. ~lio\v windows deserve special nt- "•nlton. und the carefully pluimed To simplify electro wiring nnd make it safer, it Is recommended (and in many coinniiiiiitier, required by; law) that one side of every electrical circuit;,-be> 'p£rn]in.f>t>i)y and effectively grounded. Toledo Repays Hospitality Of It's Spanish Namesake TOLEDO (UP)—Toledo sought to watch in -warmth and enthusiasm the hospitality of its • old world namesake, Toledo, Spain, when Senor Don Luis Mnrtinex de Yru°o counsellor of the Spanish embassy at Washington, visited here. A full program of entertainment was arranged. City officials and civic joined in the hospitality. leaders Several months ago, n delegation from Toledo, hsaded by Vice Mayor Chnrles Hoover, visited Toledo, Spain, (is guests of the Spanish city. Tarantulas .Sluggish GALLUP, N. M. (UP) - Cool weather has made the tarantulas sluggish and several specimens have been caught and brought into Gnl- hip. In addition to ihc tarantulas a shell-backed russcl colored specimen of a spider was exhibited. The specimen could not be identified FIL BEST TIE Soil Preparation atici Cer- lain Planting Can Bo Undertaken Now <l ivlili good loam and lop soil, or. If loam Is not. avntliiblo or Ls loo expensive-, soil tlmt Is sandy may be mixed with slny. or sand .jimy be lidded to etiiy .soil, mid the mixture tlion well immured. A uruss best suited lo Ihe soli should be chosen. For example, bcnlgrass should |» Early Fni) [s Die best llino to pre- .iarc (he outdoor living room or garden for use In the Spring. Plants should be, decided upon, the gnrdcil planned, soil prepared and some of the planting done. in most formal i\m! informal arrangements, the lawn Is the foundation, trees are Hie frame, and shrubs and flowers arc uddcil to round off corners and supply color ami additional beauty. The tnll l>lar.\s should net us n background Tor the lower ones, nnd they may )c set against buildings, along fences mid boundaries and In (rail of any objectionable view as n screen. II Is rarely 'desirable to place plants In old-fnshtoncd beds in the center of the lawn. Annual flowering phnls are often used to nil 'In bare places along ih c shrubbery, nnd brighten the shrubbery with bloom, If plants arc selected 'for n succession of Woof from curly spring until alt, the garden will never lack color exrepi in winter; and If sufficient evergreens tire provided, It will not lack bemily even then. An informal garden calls for cnsual. Irregular lines In walks nnd borders, with different kinds of flowers Grouped together. A forma) garden is laid out geometrically with straight or regularly curved boundaries, walks and borders and different plants separated into rows and groups. If n fixed design is adopted, to remain the same year after year, the soil can easily be. modified to satisfy the needs of plants that rconlre conditions other Hum those characteristic of the soil. Sand, clay or muck, and plant food can be added as required by each individual plant. This requires less yearly attention and allows perennials' nnd shrubs to be planted and also' p°r- mlts n much greater variety . of plants. If It Is desired lo give (he Entire surface a general treatment, iu»ood procedure is to add bl,, c grass sod from heavy clay loam rotted for a year and m lxe<! with an cqiml quantity of rolled manure, If at moid and sand. Where rich top soil Is available, n good treatment Is lo dig out the natural soil a ,,a nil in'wltV, the rich -soil .well mixed with rotted miinurc. Soil thai, is well prepared' will absorb and hold water for the' plaiils However, in nddftion to tiie:sup p !y ; mg or water, it is necessary to provide a way f or the surplus 'to -dratn oil, A layer of stone under the top preparation and .connected ."with a drainpipe will ser^e the purpose Artificial watering once a n-cei'-is usually Sl ,mcient. "However, cond lions vary so greatly ;„ different ]o- tan? n .hV 0iU I""" W ' th ' di ' r "« nt S »i ° nly ''"perience can teach the proper amount-'of watering. A permanent, sprinkler system connected, with underground pip«" and giving a fine, rair, like spray K h h, f °H- b01 " Iawn Knrt ££•£ ne hardiest of the annuals and perennials, and the shrubbery mav ^ planted in the fail fo^ ear. y spring display, the Add an Extra Room With Garage Below Many families' who slnrl modern- ising their homes will ( \,, ( | their J|™ ereal need Is extra spnce. Some "'i space irniy be olitnlncd by <g Hie basement, while extra rooms oiin also be added lo Ihe house wild e/'onomy. Wliere one or two additional rooms are desnVO, th, 7 on,, i,,, bll( | t In combination with n gtirage on Ihe ground lloor, u | s common practice Before grass Is sown, the surface must be graded nnd ]evele<l for Proper drainage. U should h? cov where add present. |.\j r most a , «ow to build the |mt ' . *• 6.\jii£i: ii.i p;uu of tlic house, chiefly on account of the convenience. It Ls always desirable when an addition [ S rmulc lo » building that the whole structure should have n harmonious appearance. Build Buy Wdulow Aiklllloimi room and light may be supplied by building n buy window. inis not only means more cont- «wi and space but also Improves t"e look.s of homes of certain .styles. I'olilc-k (Jlmrch Kcpalred _01d Pohlck, ihc clmrch where Cienrgc Washington once worshipped, was recently reshlngled About the time of the civil War this r s hud fallen Unto disrepair b»t lias been since cared for bv a historical society Uli'ml Exterior Trcatmrnt When remodeling a home, owner should lie cnrelnl tlmt exterior blends with the surrounding landscape and thai the roof harmonize* with the rest of Ihe house, surface coverings in colors and '—•- • - - - • Doors Play Prominent Part in Home Decorative Scheme <;»l»rs Impart Chwr Cliarm, clicer und rcsltulness provided by while and | vory ' mailer of course. Seldom, ho*'-' p.irt played In the decorsllvc scheme of tlml common necessity —doors. . The elfectlvi 1 doo/ Ls nt once bountiful, suitable nnd durable. lUi own design nnd pro|K>rtlohs deter- mln« Its benuty. Us suitability Is measured, by Its conformation In anil design lo the style of the .isc. Durability Is (lie rMiiit of skillful use of the correct ninlerlals lo render it woollier and *ear-rv- slslmil. ilraiuso of Kdinitardlstillafi, doors posM-ssliig [hose qunlltto; inaj' now bo had In all nt rcwon- able cost. The popular slx-pnnrl door'Is often termed colonial, but since Hi's tyiic of door Is really older Dmii the country. It ills |,,lo the scheme of almost any house. The two-pah- cl.door Imparts n nne simplicity to «ny room, and Is favoffd by iuniiy nrc'tiltccls. A striking effucl Is obtained through the use of the three- IMiiel door, which is of Ittillon Inspiration. .Paneled wnlls nnd wainscoting call for the eight-paneled iloor, which may be of English or Itolian derivation. Delightful decorative possibilities nrc por.scs.wil by 'Ihe Is ig the shutters arc both aiiccllve nd practical for «;i nil-while house. Attractive derivations of Colonial, Kiiglisli, Spanish, Itnllnn nnd oilier loors may be had for houses of the various li-adlllons, The modem coro- Mimllon of glnss ami wood inaki>s a iiiiidsomc door, and has (he a d»un- a&e of allowing light to enter the louse. by '( door of a single panel, which s adaptable lo any type of house. The slob door Is usually flntaheil In hardwood veneer, sometimes 'with inlaid borders of holly or ebonlzcd wood. Tills door displays better than nny other the natural beauty „..- arc obtainable' lo match nny selling or type ol architecture. Depression Failed Jo Halt Cupid BOSTON <UP)_ln Boston, love nnds a way, despite the depression. Worn .inn. i to Oct. 31. Dili; y«ir. iliere was o'.W? man-laves— 1,032 more than In the( corrr- s|Miidii)|; period lust ypar ' "f the grain. French doors, often termed the •window of the Interior," give nrl- the r v p c y wllflo »t darkening (he room. thel?.' 1 '?!' ar « ldc al between'the hall and wing rooms, or Die living nd sun porch or terrace.' 'Outside doors nre also «u«..».< charming styles. l ( hc"popu" Thp nrf ?en*-^-• 'nrt r-^ -*- ••' snnnipiioii is - the': s'lnnlle'si 1(' ;; has been in 10 years.v; '. . • fi. Sai'ely Por your nwh prntec- ' linn and against "tliu . ' other fellow,",. he completely ami adequately insured. That is safe driving. First National Insurance Agency Notary Pulilic CARDUI FOR VWOMEN The reciplen chars. "Scratchfd" Ry SajJic SCOTT CITY. Kan. (UP)-How «d Wells 3 toddled out of'a , 00 ] shed recently and cheerfully informed his father n snake had "scratched" htm. Investigation re- .vealed the boy had been bitten bv a rattlesnake. He Is recoverin° FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. DEFT. BARGAINS In Used Moore's Air Tight Heaters UBBARD HARDWARE CO. Phone 32 COLEMAN Water Heaters 'Instant Li $ 25 Most dependable and quickest action water heater made. Built to give long service Ask for a demonstration at HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Phone 32 , . io popu- lor Colonial lyi>c, mostly • finished In white, Is occasionally veh«r«l Fnr REAI, Ptotec.tion Phone Ifll • CLARK-WILSON AGJBNCY General Insurance 'XVe Pay All Losses Will) a Smile" James B. Clark - Bskc.r Wilson Read Courier W&nt Ads. -- - •-* --v ubiH-t Aiu-i n , light rays are radiated anrt wwtMng iind restful influcnfc jwrted. These two nnkhes also,"" render a simple- dignity Indicative •• ol good lu-ile. and harmonize im- ' usually well with drains and fur-,!'" nlture ot any color, Ma<iy home owners taking Better Housing advantage of liic ' : Program arc expected ja rcflnlsh tfie woodwork in ir houses. Our navy has been estimated to,., Jmvc a vfiliic of 12,500,000,000- $1300,600,000 or this Is in shore prop--'! "ty aiid Die remainder In ships " ATWATER-KENT RADIOS Yon enn buy nn Alwnlcr-Kcnl Kadio wilh conli- ilencfi—wttfi itssiirnncc'tlint in its pi-ice class cucli set ic|iicanni:< Iho value o;i the tnarkol, is liiiilt of the hljfhftst. f|iuilily materials, assembled with UK; utmost cnre iintl precision nml .sold, by a cnniiiany that sUwlK H<iunro.\y hnhind every set. Tliu now models now shown are the finest battery' "in! uleetric opcrnled sets Atwnlor-Kcnt ever Imilt. We have a permanent service man who can properly repair your radio. Exclusive Atwat«r-Kent Dealers 1'hnne 2:t.'t Glencne Hotel Hldp. Cllfforrt Cavitt, M|?r. trie Peoli of Phrough the acquisition-of the water plant in this city, we have assumed the very important obligation of supplying water to you. %w i Naturally, we dqsire to serve you in'.t-he ! }^es't. rn^h- -,. ner humanly poss'ible — economically, ''efficiently 1 '' ' courteously and with complete satisfaction on vour part. . We are impressed with our obligation tojydii and to iUytheville, Good sei-vice at the lowest possible rates • is due you and at the same time, you are .entitled to • our utmost consideration and courtesy,in the transaction of all of your business with us. :! ; : We consider it a privilege to serve you. We desire to merit your good-will as well as your patronage. We want to take our place in the economic and civic lite of this city, as a desirable element deeply interested-Hi helping-the growth and development of the community of which we are a part. . . • • . We frankly want your friendship and good-will and we shall try to deserve it. We will work with you and tor you. We will welcome your suggestions aiid constructive criticisms. Blytheville Water Co. Phme8 ° US S. Broad way Courteous, Personal Attention To Every Customer

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