Quad-City Times from Davenport, Iowa on October 9, 1942 · 16
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Quad-City Times from Davenport, Iowa · 16

Davenport, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1942
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Friday evening THE I)AVENnORT DEMOCRAT AND LEADER OCTOBER 9, 1942 7 T 1 pD'Sfedl Agsms'S Dd 9 Fo o)U GJWUU AERIAL ATTACK TO BE UTILIZED :BY IIAWKEYE 1 1 Final Pre -Conference Game It Scheduled Saturday. Army Is Guest o IOWA Parker Niedt.ela G. Curran Hand tgc) Dickerhoof Staak Burkett Farmer V acantl Stauts Hcemer L.r. L T. L.G. C. RG. R T, Goldman Elliott Tucci Stmson Bet gner Klmeton Garrett Anderson R E. Q B. L.H. R M. F.B. W. Stanch Schumacher Cary John O'DonneM, Off icia is- -Referee, fSt. Amh-csel: umpire. W. W. Hart- Ifit (Smpsen): field Judge. Fred Winter Crtnneli); head linesman, Jack North (Highland Park). Time and place Saturday, i p. m., tewa stadium. Tickets No seats reserved. General admission (1 at flat. Knothole club " pupils, 60c IMon-commiss.oned aery. ice men in uniform, &Qc. Broadcast Station WSU), Iowa City: WHO. Des Moines; WMT. Cedar Rap. ids-Wstrrloo: WHBF, Rock Island, (it.; KROS, Clinton. '! f T Pt Iowa City, la. The I'niv eiity of Io a football Hawkeyes rounded out their week 'of strenuous workouts hpre Thursday afternoon t in preparation for the second scr-t viir team in as many weeks the I'toldiers of Camp Grant. Eddie Anderson expressed doubtful pfsHtuism about the serious ituaiion st the Iowa, pivot poM. Altho Anderson has named Tommy Hand as game captain for the Saturday tussle, he Is far from (satisfied with this third choice center and indicated that he might yet change his mind and Mart either iBob Weber or Henry Rlum at center. Anderson's worries began in tin; : Washington university game when Rob Lauterbnrh. senior, oh me from the field after the first play with an injured knee. He has not re-fovned sufficiently to play Saturday. r ANOTHER INJURY. Anderson's second choice lor renter "as Forrest Masterson. sophomore, who blossomed so quickly that ths doctor casually said after she Nebraska game, "1 think I've found tm a renin Masterson iin out of the Great Lake same "villi The cbim kind of a knee Injury that befell Lauterbach. And so now, a third choice la to be made and altho Hand seems to 1h the logical choice with his two years' experience, but no letter, Anderson is not satisfied. Tommy Farmer Thursday was filling the roll of Grant's Mickey Anderson, the soldiers' aerial per. former who is also a :('9.7 man from the Vnhersity of Southern California, A nice day with the sun's rays trickling down seems to bo the prayer of the low ana who have had i-nough of the 200-pound service liii that they will be facing, THERE IS CURRAN. Io a probably cannot match the pcod of the soldier backs, but it can present Dick Curran as a constant threat in a biokcii field end around the ends not to mention the potential micht of Sopho-liipre Dick lloeiuer, fullback. A heavy part of the battle will played by the passes of Tom Farmer, who lias found logical leech us In Bill Burkctt. Hill Far-1 r. Curran, and Hen Trie key for the first time in his thiee years of Iowa football. Iowa -will go Into the Saluidn game with a toi iuu mU-. opponents of 3 to but tirant hasn't been idle since it ov cued its season Aug. 22. It has out-- on d ltd opponents, ' ill -"iS. Two wins were over Milwaukee l'alks, ;2-0 and 2'-0; Northern Illinois State Teacher?. 43-0. but it was tie-fcated by Wisconsin 7-t) and the Chicago Hears S--6. NOT TOO WELL. Only two of the Hawkeye will lie entering iho game with doubtful injuries from the drat Lakes game. They aie Hill Parker, end, who s'.i'l has a couple of Fore vibe, and lenerve ttnard. Bob Penaluna, who hag a gas li oxer one eye. Saturday" lilt Is the filial match T up t Ann Alitor againvt the I nl- U'lriiy of Michigan Nov. :s. E.JI j years old niiiiriiijif ill El IOWA cleans the state on the second Sl'I'Viro Imiii in u the Hawk have gone in for variety this year, meeting a member ,..u.-.Tic' the Missouri Valley conference ' the opener, Washington U.. CAVP CRNT !c l,,l,(. ...on, fr,,m lh !:.- l!l. - .. I - -..!. j . -. .. ,,,, tium iin- j, it; tackling a hand picked team of third HaMi and winding tip with a tough team of soldiers from Camp Grant after the shorning is over Saturday night, the Hawks can settle down and think about their fortunes in tin Big Ten confeience race, which, of course, is closest to their hearts. With the Illinois flame of Oct. 17, the Hawks will have completed one of the loncjest if not the longest home stays in their history after the tilt with the lllini, the lowans wili start alternating bit the home and the games away, going to Indiana en Oct. 24, back home on Oct. 31 for Purdue, and for Wisconsin on Nov. 7, the tilt with the Badgers being the finale at Iowa City the Hawks will close with Minnesota at Minneapolis on Nov, 14 and with Michigan at Ann Arbor on Nov, 28 ' for the last clash of the season the business management of the Hawks will get a break gas rationing will be slapped on the week of that game, and what that won't do to the box office receipts won't be worth telling. LAST week the Hawks fought standoff battle with Great Lakes for the first half, the Sailors urorltiK on the last play of the second period in the fsoeoiid half, following a very costly fumble, the Hawks wilted under the attack weight on a aoggy gridiron lold the atory the refreshing; note about the game was that the Hawks were not battered physically by the behemoths so they are in good shape to run into another group of giants last week the program was studded with All-American names the Camp Grant outfit scorns reputation) and has gone In for rough, tough battlers who like tho going when the chips are down consequently, there should be plenty of action Saturday, action which will provide a good tdiow for the customers it should be one of the most inlercHting games of the season give Iowa a good day, and the air will be filled with pilars the Hawks diMOvcrod last week that it is much simpler going over the head of a 2.V pounder than it is trying to walk over him, . Two Tri-city coaches will be the winners or losers of psychological bounces Friday night " Jesse Day has been working all week to rally his Davenport high gridders from the defeat at the hands of Rock Island last week " he wants them primed for the Dubuque clash, a game he fears unless his kids can hit the winning edge 5"" over at Rock Island Coach Almquist battled all week to get his team rising from the letdown following their triumph over the Blue Devils he fears his Islanders might take the Kewanee game lightly since Kewanee was whipped by Moline last Friday "1 it will be remembered that Almquist had a bit of unpleasantness at Kewanee last year, and the Boilermakers will be pointing to make him take a duck this season it would be asking too much of the gridders to get them to the peak they hit against Davenport if they would get just two-thirds of it, Almquist would be satisfied s Davenport will enter the sme at the Public Schools stadium the favorite to continue its undefeated march In the Mississippi Valley conference warfare the Daymen might bounce back with quite a flourish. THE, Bees of St. Ambrose arcj opening their liomo schedule lale this year, -waiting until the second Sunday in October before showing their wares since they are undefeated and have disposed of two top-notch foes, Drake university and Loras college, the inaugural at home will be witnessed by a throng St. Is'orbrrt's of West DePcre ha been in Davenport twice tho first time they wero nipped, 7 to 0, in a killer-dilier last year they returned to slap one of the two defeats on Davenport, 7 to 0 so those two scores make things very even in the matter of football relationship between Iho two schools the Wisconsin team i.-c popular here the Knights like to play 'cm tough they tackle, block and run that way they don't go in for touch football since the Bees are very willing to oblige, it nil shapes up ns a natural at the box office Jimmy Ihu kety's athletes came out of tho grueling battle Willi Loras last week in pretly goml shape if Tony Itotunno is able to step Sunday the Bees should tnicoik an offense which will keep the Knights in hot water. The Bees can boast of the Municipal stadium now it always was a swell baseball field now it's a corker of a football field, too the new concrete and steel bleachers will hold over 3. COO, and they will be the official stands of St. Ambrose of them on the other side of the field will be the bleachers fans the Bees' bench will be located Immediately In front holding 2,000 " and the grandstand, which gives the customers protection in case of bad weather, holds 5,000 to if 10.000 turn out for the struggle, there will be seats for everybody " the stadium is emptied fast, indicating that there are enough doors and gates because the playing field Is located so close to the stands, the fans get a first-hand view of everything happening with good football stadium, a good team and a good foe, all that remains to make the day extra special is good weather. tuiaiiv i on HsjTilK Su A)nhvt)" Camp 1 'f icyncs it i i.n ...,,..., v,.;.t.,.- ve fti.nleniy team. tn the community, the season Friday night against Clinton having conquered Muscatine, Quiury ami St, Joseph's of Bock Island, the Knights r.re favorites by a flight margin over the Klverklngs however, since this annual struggle is keenly fought, Conch Lou Dvoisky is forgetting all about the edge he Is supposed to have and hoping for a victory, regardless of 1 lie size of the of the mnrgin over at Ausustana the Vikings, with one In the won column and one In the Lihi column, take on Monmouth in a Conference battle, with the advance dope favoring the invaders slightly the Norsemen handled Carthage neatly last week, giving rise to (he dope that maybe Coach John Biilev has more than he thinks this year. STREAMLINED. Durham. X, C.-(Ul')-ri csideut i W, Q, Braniham of the National ; Mjnor i,MKv)e Football association "'day ' i-'"d" annual convention would be 1 held in Chicago Dec. 4. . 1 J J nDunnr . . tun ats . . John O'HoiiiicIl (Sport Editor) iion-eontereiice games Saturday. facing rnu - Canm rirant nt Knilfnivl i mi uie r.r-riiim p.ofill. ."Mt'ui tishii behemoths from Great Lakes in tne Ilie te,un Willi the ien-,t muniier go nl'ler that fourth virlory of Getting Around Evanston.-(AP) Southern California's Trojans may have their football troubles (they've lost one and tied one so far), but they're certainly taking all transportation problems In stride. They left Los Angeles last Wednesday, worked out in San Francisco Thursday, played at Seattle, practiced at Fargo, N. D Monday, reached Chicago Tuesday for three more days of drills and will play at Columbus, Ohio, Saturday. BOSS OF CUBS DISAGREES WITH WILL HARRIDGE ri,(,au.. Min t.. - t .U,R. , ,, ,,,. higher, gi'tieinl manager of the Chi-! rago Cubs, has sounded a ilUnenl.i Ing note over several proposed f lianges in bft hail schi duies to be considered nt the annual meeting of the two major league. In Decenilier. Gallagher dl-ugicnl with Will linn idee, pieslilrnt of the American league, who Indicated several ; changes) weie tn older. I These Include a contemplated ! switch from four mail tiips a sea- (on for i-uch dull !.. t !... .... ! i poaitlbtlity of a shorter aeasrtn, with poniiilitlity or a shorter m amm. with i ltd iiiBteail of the tnstiHiiiiiy ir,! ,.,, 1 v-. V. J its. i - TOM HAND CENTER PROBLEM AT IOWA Dr. Eddie Anderson has lost sleep these nights try-log to figure out the center job on the Hawkeye eleven. Masterson and Lauterbach have knee injuries. Tommy Hand Is the game captain but may not start. And against that heavy Camp Grant line, the center post will be mighty important. YOUNG BUSINESS MEN'S. Won Lost 5 6 7 8 13 15 A. Tofanelll Grocer Shamrock Tavern Hob Nob Inn Tri-City Bottling Wks. J. I. Case Co. Zollers Brewing Co. u 12 11 10 5 3 HIGH SCORES, Hiah team series Zoller's, 2,519. High team game Zoller's, 920. High individual series Paul Snyder, 600. High Individual gxmt Paul Synder, 234. PETERSEN. HARNED VON MAUR. LADIES. Won Lost Mainliners 11 4 Downstairs Stort 10 5 Office 8 7 Hi Schoolers 1 14 HIGH SCORES. High team series Mainliners, 1,840. High team game Mainliners, 654. High individual series Shirley Thias, 498. High individual game Shirley Thias, 170. WOMEN'S FRATERNAL LEAGUE, Won Lost A, A. U. W. "B" A. A. U. W. 'A" Beta Sigma Phi "B" Phi Gamma Psi B. P. W. Beta Sigma Phi "A" 12 8 7 7 6 S 3 7 . 8 8 9 10 HIGH SCORES. High team series Beta Sigma Phi "B," 1,818. High team game A. A. U. W, "A," 663. High Individual series Hilda Waack, 491. High Individual game Hilda Waack, 172. MILLERS LEAGUE. Won Lost 11 4 10 5 8 4 6 6 7 8 6 9 5 10 4 11 Victoria Elevator Davenport Elevator ' Milwaukee R. R. Early Bird Hatcheries Rock Island Lines Robin Hood Flour Continental Grain Ralston Purina Co, HIGH SCORES. High team series Davenport Ele-j vator, 2.308. j High team game Robin Hood Flour, s 81 1. , , High individual series William Bieg, 551. High Individual game At Suess, 200, UNUSUAL ITEMS. While the two Elevator Co. teams are battling for first place, Ralston Purina Co., second In total pins, holding last piace in Tine snape. INDUSTRIAL LEAGUE. Won 13 12 12 10 9 Lost 5 e 6 8 9 10 11 12 13 13 Hanneman's Tavern Toledo Scales Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Tri-City Bottling Works Zoller's Brewing Co, Iowa Floors Eaqie Market Uchtorff Co. Double Y Dairy Pohiman's towa Laundry HIGH SCORES, High team series Tri-City Bottling Works, 2850. High team game Tri-City Bottling Works. 971. High individual series L R o y Schrel, 718. High individual game L R o y Scheel, 259, UNUSUAL ITEMS. LeRoy Scheel, 718: Lindholm, 627; Jenkins, 601, LeRoy Scheel has high individual series for this year; also has high single game of 259. DAVENPORT DOWNTOWN LEAGUE. Won Lost Boy Hansen Signs 12 3 The Spa 12 3 Grampp Motor Sales Co. 11 4 Bruchman t Super Sve. 11 4 Dme Cream Oonuli 10 5 Bowlmor 9 6 Hoist-Kakeit Rug Cleaners 9 Albrecht's Ins. Agency 7 Earp McDonald Oil Co. 10 Sw.tt'n Ire Cream Co. 2 11 Five Point Merchants 1 14 While Market 1 14 HIGH SCORES. Hiqh tram series Boy Hansen S'ina. 7S2t Mm team game The Srs, 7. 1 High individual series F. Dunker, : 57 High individual name V. Robinson, 2?0. KOWRS LEAGUE. wn ov 10 8 S trut 3 8 10 10 10 11 Crown Baron Kohis Snrirtghreok Kohrs Brownies i weief Crnvyn Mams t. mi Fnr Mich SCORES. ! ?2"'9h Um 'i"-Khr Brown.es. I Miah team aame Kohrs Brownies. n Hiph individual series Louis Chasten, -'t Hmh individual game Edward Rip-ley 200. TRI-CITY NEWSPAPER tCAGUE. Wnn Lent D.patch Slugs 1' 4 i Duts 11 10 8 7 ! Dem'h.rat Bii'es !. , r)'rMl i h f.'. him Demecrat Leads 2 13 r ) y 1 " : t i: J A V FORREST MASTERSON NOTRE DAME 11 READY TO FACE STANFORDTEAM March Schwartz Returns to Alma Mater for Grid Clash. Inter sectional NOTRE DAME STANFORD Dove Rymkus McBride Coleman L. E. Norberg L. T. L. G. C. R.G. R. T. R. E. Q. B. L. H. R. H. F. B. (CWT) Starm C Taylor Vucininch LaPrade Banducci Hall Hammett Zappettini Shelter Fawcett Place Notre Wright Neff Murphy (C) Bertelli Livingstone C. Miller Mello Time 2:30 Dame stadium. Probable attendance 30,000. Radio broadcasts 2:30 (CWT) WLW, Cincinnati (700), WJJD Chicago (1160), WOWO Fort Wayne (1190), WSBT (South Bend (960), Coaches Frank W. Leahy, Notre Dame; Marchmont Schwartz, Stanford. Referees John Getchell (St. Thomas). Umpire John Wilson (Ohio State). Linesman Roy Knipschild (Chicago). Field judge Dr. R. W, Huegel (Marquette). Notre Dame. Battered but willing, Notre Dame will make its third attempt at victory here Saturday afternoon at 2:30 (Oct. 10). The Fighting Irish, using T-formation for their first season, will face a big Stanford eleven which did more than any other collegiate squad to arouse interest in tho man-in-mo-tion balanced line and backfield style of attack. So successful was Clark D. Shaughnessy with the "T" that in his first year as Indian mentor, 1940, hia team went to tho Rose Bowl and captured the national championship with a victory over Nebraska. Gone are Frankie Albert, Norm Standlee, Hugh Galler-neau, and Pete Kmetovic, who made that offense roll and would prob ably have sparked any style of at tack. And Stanford, like Notre Dame, is off to a disappointing atart under Coach Marchle Schwartz, former Notre Dame all-American halfhack, who has replaced Shaughnessy. A victory over Notre Dame will "make" the Stanford season, ac cording to press releases from Palo Alto. Both teams have Indicated great potential power, and it may become actual in Friday's battle, Stanford's great line, which is built around Kd Stamm, Bruno Banducci. and Chuck Taylor, Rose Bowl veterans, held Santa Clara to less than 50 yards by rushing last week altho the latter collected a It to 6 victory on forward passes. The Indians had previously lost to Washington State, present coast conference leader. Santa Clara is rated the best team on the coast, altho not a member of the conference, Notre Dame, tied 7-7 by Wisconsin, lost a 13 to 6 decision to Georgia Tl ll laf$t Saturday. The season's cecum may buow mat me l,ngl-jneers are the great team they ap- prated to be last week, yet every-lone on the Notre Dame squad feels that the Irish should have won. The ."amp was true at Wisconsin, where ! fumbles and Interceptions killed i several scoring drives. ! HIGH SCORES. High tesm series Dispatch Slugs, J44J, High team game Oispatch Slugs 849 i High individual series Brennan, ! 592 Individual gams Brennan, 221. TRI-CITY CLASSIC LEAGUE. Won Lost 3 10 10 12 Consumers' Sales Topspot Alleys Sportsmen's Grills Granada Cafe Coiman Florists Heetsr's Lunch McKay Plumbers Burgemeister Beer Moline Elks Zoller's Brew. Co. Illinois Optical Penai-Coi 12 10 10 HIGH SCORES, High team series Sportsmen's Cmie. 30?8. High team game Burgemeister Beer. 1018. High individual series Carl Cruys, 718 ! High Individual game Carl Cruys. UNUSUAL ITEMS. Vivian., Q1; Gmkem, 07; Wem-I rt' ... h, tij. Vaisnano, 620; Be "da, 627; I Bartiey, 632, f f ". i V i v -v . . ft 4 -4 : I- I i iff , t ' s - .- -- , . i BOB LAUTERBACH Seahawksin Final Drill For Michigan Four Players Will Enjoy "Old Home Week" At Ann Arbor. Iowa City. Lieut. Col. Bernle Bierman gave his Seahawks Thursday their final glimpse of the Michigan plays that they might run up against Saturday in their final practice here before leaving for Ann Arbor "sometime" Friday. While George Svendsen, center, practiced kick-offs, his teammates were running thru signal drills and light dummy scrimmage. The Michigan plays, running and passing were performed against a tentative first team. Bierman will be without the serv ices of his two former first string cadets, Bill Kolens, tackle, and Johnny Biola, former little All- American guard from Lake Forest, as they left the Iowa base here early in the week for their primary flight training elsewhere. . Other players on the doubtful list because of injuries suffered in the Minnesota game last Saturday were Bob Swisher, halfback and Jim Langhurst, halfback. Fred Gage, guard, returned to practice for the first time this week Thursday. He had been sick. The coming tilt between the Wolverines and the Seahawks might be tabbed "Old Home Week" for four of the sailors. Forrest Eva-shevski, blocking teammate of Tommy Harmon and captain of the 1940 team, will probably be at quarterback over Iowa's Al Couppee; Ilarlin (Whltey) Fraumann, end, and Bob Flora, tackle, of the 1941 Michigan team, and Forrest Jordan, guard, who played on the '39 team that handed Nile Kinnick and his Iowa mates their only set-back. LACK OF SPIRIT HAMPERS DRILLS AT. ST. AMBROSE By JOHN KAMERICK. One thing still bothers Jim Dock ery as he prepares to send the blue clad Bees of St. Ambrose to the lists Sunday against the Green Knights of St. Norbert's. One of the most important ele ments In a team's success is miss Ing in his 1942 St. Ambrose grid Iron machine. The element is spirit which has been absent in the Locust street camp since the Drake game. It was quite natural to expect a let-down against Loras since 1he Bees had been keyed up for a tough early season game. A second knock was the loss of Rotunno. which hampered Ambrose immeasurably However, by this tim. the relaxa tion period should be passing and indications are that the Ambroslans still need a little fire to be the top flight aggregation they gave prom ie of being. NEED SPARK. If Tony Rotunno should return to action against Norbert, it might be the spark to lift tho Bees out of tho slough and would increase their offensive power by quito some little bit. I'nless the Bees tak-- a stitch or Iwo, they will loose ihcir role of favorite over the Knights and take the field nn underdog. Rotunno' chances of seeing action wiere still only so-so after Thursday night's scrimmage. The Chicagoan has not scrimmaged now since before the Drake game and his only action was 12 minutes of pin vine against 1-oras. LOOKS BETTER. He was again on the sidelines Thursday as tlm rest of the squad tuegcil away in tho last scrimmage before the big game Sunday. The injured knee has Improved somewhat but still prevents him from get ing under way In an adequate manner. Scrimmas" sessions Thursday weio encom aging and provided some little hope that the Bees r menially on the march asaln. A. I .C. Stenos of Davenport Take 3rd Game of International Court Series at Mexico City, 28 to 16 Mexico City. (AP) The A. I. C. Stenos of Davenport, la world champions of women's basketball, Thursday night won the first game of their Mexican tour by a score of 28 to 16 over the Pinas. The Stenos held a halftime lead of 16 to 8. The game was the final engagement of the tour. After losing two games in a row to the Mexican champions, the Politas, the Iowa team was matched against the Pinas and dominated the play from the start. HEAVY ACTION ON ALL FRONTS IN QUAD-CITIES All Schools Engage in Grid Warfare Over Week-End. Rock Island high school griddersJ seek to keep their undefeated and unscored upon record intact Friday night when they meet Kewanee in a Northwest conference engagement at the Crimson stadium. The other three members of the Quad-city conference also -will see action Friday night with Moline and East Moline entertaining Gales-burg and Monmouth, respectively, in other Northwest loop engagements. Davenport's Blue Devils will at tempt to bounce back on the victory path in their homecoming game with Dubuque. Monmouth college invades Rock Island Saturday afternoon to play Augustana and St. Ambrose college opens its home season Sunday afternoon with St. Norbert's fur nishing the opposition. (Denotes Friday games.) LOCAL. Dubuque at Davenport. Galesburg at Moline. Monmouth at East Moline. Kewanee at Rock Island. Monmouth at Augustana. St. Norbert at St. Ambrose (Sunday). St. Joseph's at St. Columbkille (Du buque), (Sunday). BIG TEN. Minnesota at Illinois. Camp Grant at Iowa. ,, Iowa Cadets at Michigan. Indiana at Nebraska. Purdue at Northwestern. Southern California at Ohio State, Missouri at Wisconsin. MIDWEST. Stanford at Notre Dame. Marquette at Iowa State. Tulsa at Creighton. St. Louis U, at Drake. Centre at Cincinnati. Dubuque at Iowa Wesleyan. Miami (0) at Kent State. Grinnell at Knox. Wayne at Michigan State. Iowa Teachers at Morningside. Butler at Ohio U. Bradley Tech at North Dakota. Indiana State at Valparaiso. (SBJJSSSSl! C3epiSn-'-if h"'" It's not easy to make a whiskey that's good and iowprictJ too. So it's mart to pick one with reputation. And Crab Orchard is that kind of whiikey. It has satisfied millions for yean. So if jou re looking for a real bargain, remember STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY National Dialler, Product, Corp, N.v. IN FORM. Chicago. (AP) Dolores Colbeck is giving Chicago women bowlers some fancy marks to shoot at and the season is only a few weeks old. Even some of the city's classic and major leagues probably could find room for her, if mixed teams were allowed. In league play she has topped 200 in six games, including one score of 220. Coe at Ripon. Wichita at Washington U.. (St. Louis). Western Michigan at Toledo. EAST. Bucknelt at Temple. North Carolina at Fordham, Cornell at Army. Western Maryland at Boston U. Amherst at Bowdoin. Brsun at Columbia. Colgate at Darmouth. Kansas State at Duquesne. Manhattan at Georgetown, William & Mary at Harvard. Fort Minmouth at Lafayette. Penn State at Lehigh. Rutgers at Maryland. ' Maine at New Hampshire. Great Lakes at Pittsburgh. Navy at Princeton. Bates at Tufts. , Western Reserve at Syracuse. Massachusetts State at Vermont. Penn at Yale. SOUTH. George Washington at The. Citadel. Boston college at Clemson. Texas A. & M. at Duke. Auburn at Florida. Wake Forest at Furman. Chattanooga at Georgia Tech. Vanderbilt at Kentucky. Mississippi State at L. S. U. Tampa at Miami (Fla). Georgia at Mississippi. Rice at Tulane. Dayton at Tennessee. V. M. I. at Virginia, South Carolina at West Virginia. SOUTHWEST. Hardin Simmins at S, M. f. Baylor at Arkansas. Oklahoma at Texas. Kansas at T. C, U. WEST. Colorado State at Denver. Santa Clara at California. New Mexico A. & H. at New Mexico, Washington at Oregon. Fresno State at San Diego Stats. Oregon State at U. C, L. A. Brigham Young at Utah. Colorado at Utah State. Oklahoma A. & M. at Texas Tech. Montana at Washington State. Greeley State at Wyoming. THE SHIRT THAT SMILES Evana Laundered .vans uaunueicu sx - SHIRTS 12c with Family Bundles EJ EVANS Brady 8t. Stand STRAIGHT HUURB0N WHISKEY o j,M., v MtOOF i o i dob I C id uild S STRAIGHT z) 1 n J mu TODAY'S J BEST 1 I BCURC0N V BUY i V

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