The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1956 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1956
Page 2
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fAGITWO BLYTHIY1LLE (ASK.) WEDNESDAT, JANUARY 11,1986 e Ike Has Good Reason for Keeping Mum if He Isn't Going to Run London Widow At $32,000 Point on Show By JAMES MARLOW Associated Prew News Analyst Associated rreu .•««« i»n»i)»> WASHINGTON (AP)—President Eisenhower would have some good political reasons tor «t»vinff mum a while if he has decided not to run again. . , y H g el^s already indicated he reached some decision because he said his mind is not so fixed that he can't change it. He'd probablv anger a lot of Re- again, attention for his programs puWicuM if he said he won't run almost certainly would get lost jiuuiiv-oiw •* ... . ,,., :j «t~v.* nt irt *V»a huh.hllh <W*» now instead of waiting till mid February when the doctors say announcement. JCM*«M«J _,_,_ ,_ m«I. rJl.T.C th . For days the papers would he They could say: ™* v» full of his decision, the dilemma needs him but he made up his mind of the Republican party, specula- .._,-„ ...„;*:„„ f rt f ih» rinfinrs tion on hkelv candidates, and tnen J CUi uot j n..-" —-whether they think he's able to. They could say: "The party iieeds him but he made up his mind even before waiting for the doctors to tell him what shape he's in." Eisenhower could forestall that kind of complaint by waiting until alter the medical verdict is in. He may do that, if he's not going to run. ,. By the same token he could hardly say he will run until the doctors tell him and the country —whether they think he's physically able to. Maximum Mileage If he has about decided not to try again he could, by waiting a while before saying so, get the maximum mileage out of his program. Righ now he is sending the major parts of his program to Congress in special message. Last week he sent up his State of the Onion message, on Monday his farm program. Tomorrow it will be his education program, on Monday his budget. But if he said now^he won't run Stolen Gun Stops Robbery ARKASAS CITY, Kan. (#)—When they arrested Lawrence H. Schulte, 30, for parole violation yesterday, sheriff's deputies said they found a note in his pocket which read: "Hand over the money you have. Don't look around, just hand it over. I have a gun." Sheriff James Dill said Schulte or«Uy admitted he had planned to use the not in a bank robbery. But he didn't. Dill quoted Schulte, because someone had stolen the gun from his car. sight of in the hub-bub over his , tion on likely candidates, and then perhaps announcements by some of the Republicans who would like to fill 'Eisenhower's shoes. Undivided Support By mid-February, when Eisenhower gets the doctors' word on his physical condition, all the major parts of his program should be in Congress' hands. H he says he won't be a.candi- date, some members of his party in Congress may pull away from him. But it's hard to see many of them doing that. And for > good reason: Eisenhower's program and their support for it will have to be the main talking point of the Republicans in this year's election campaign. Their chief hope of winning in 1956 is Eisenhower, whether or not he runs, and the claims they can make to supporting him and seeing eye to eye with him on most things. _ For at least that long— or as long as the Republicans still have some hope he'll nead their ticket again— he can depend on their almos undivided support. Neurosis Can Be an Asset SALT LAKE CITY (#}— A University of Utah psychiatry' professor advises: Don't take offense if someone calls you a neurotic. A neurosis can be one of your greatest assets, says Dr. C. H. Hardin Branch, provided it isn't so bad that it causes disability. Branch says a uaie neurosis serves to fire ambition and make a person creative and productive. But he says a neurosis is a disease when it becomes severe enough to prevent a person from getting along with others or from carrying out his daily tasks efficiently; Rub Away ^\Colds NEW Morris, YORK (*) — Mr«. Mabel 74-year-old London-bor widow who receive* tupport from the Welfare Department, came through with answers to a complex question about Charles Dickens last night and won 138,000 on a television quiz show. She will get a chance to double her money next wek when she returns to CBS' The $64,000 Question, or she may elect, to stop with $32,000. If she misses the next question she will get a Cadillac. Mrs. Morris was asked to identify where in Dickens' works certain events of his own life were reflected. Without hesitating she gave this information: A family with which Dickens lived while his father was in Mar-, shalsea Prison was the model for the Garlands in "The Old Curiosity Sh Llk« Dicker* hii churacUr itor- tin Chuizlewlt visited Amerlo*. Dicken*' pet raven WM named Drip and appeared In the novel •Barn»by Rudge." Dickens' father's advice about living within one's income wa* later repeated by Mr..Micawber In "David Copperfield." The benevolent brother*, Ned and Charles Cherryble In "Nicholas Nickleby" were modeled after two merchants, William and Daniel Grant, whom Dickens met in Manchester. A schoolteacher for many years, OSCEOLA Northeast Arkansas' Most Popular Theatre! WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY JOANNE DRU • DOROTHY MALONE - ALEX NICOL sc™ , — i • LUKNC nime-«™"««b»wvwa WW.UCE pw«j!?»HENRY BLANKE' Ing output of the United States is DJvoret ftumofW RENO, N«v. UK — The adopted daughter of Jack Benny, Mrs. Joan Benny Baker, 30. is in Reno, reportedly for a divorce from New York stock broker Seth Baker. They were married in i lavish wedding early list year and have it child. Mrs. Morris now live* in ft home for aged and infirm Hebrews. She has s«id she wiU use J7.000, of any winnings to rep*y the city for money it spent on her In the past several years. Creed Forbids A Firebreak NORTH HOLLYWOOD (If)- The reason Otto F. Timmten hasn t placed * firebreak around his mountain property U that hit personal creed forbids him to destroy anything that lives. Cutting a firebreak, he explained to Judge Morton Barker, would involve the destruction of shrubs and other plant life that abound in his area. The Fire Dept. -had charged Wonted tducation? | OMAHA (If} - Sam Pirruccello, £ Crelghton University student tow ;-\ police yesterday someone broke into ' his car and stole: Two textbooks on crime; one note- •• book outlining criminal Inveetlga- •' tiona; a copy of the Nebraak* crlm-" inal statutes. \ Timmsen with maintaining a fin . haiard and falling to clear a 30-; foot firebreak. The Judge took »ne cat* und« submsslon. - . •• ON OUR ENTIRE STOCK EVERYTHING MUST GO NOW! SALE STARTS THURSDAY January 12th Prices have been cut to their very lowest on every piece of merchandise in our store. This includes all undamaged goods. If you think you will be in the market for furniture, lamps, electrical appliances, in short any item we carry, NOW is the tim« to buy. FIRST COME-FIRST SERVE Come Early While the Selection Is Still Complete ALL SALES CASH - ALL SALES Fl NAL ALVIN HARDY Furniture Co. "Complete Home Furnishers" 1131. 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