The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1944 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 11, 1944
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SAVE ME! I am valuable to the War Effort! BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSk'ATEK OP NOBTHEA8T ARKANSAS AND BOU'I'llKAST MISOOUiU The Boy Scouts will collect your Scrap'Paper Saturday, April 22nd. VOL. XLI—NO. 19 ISlytheville Bally News Blylhevllle Courier Blylhevlllc Herald Mississippi Vullcy Louder JJLYTIIKV1MJO, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, AI'KU, II, 19-i-l 2000 U. S. WARPLANES SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS t GERMANY 24 Believed Dead In Arkansas Storms TODAY'S WAR ANALYSIS— Shadow Of Swastika Fading From Czechoslovakia By JAMES IIAIU'EII Hulled I'ress Staff Writer The first non-German nation to its freedom is becoming the first to regain it. Russian soldiers have moved into Czechoslovakia, which fell under the shadow of Ihe swastika five years ago this sprint'. Longer than any other nation, it has withstood the. Nazi terror. Yet, perhaps more than any other conquered land, it has been a Ci).;}ilini; partner of the United Nations. : Czechoslovak units arc battling iti * Russia and training in Britain. Almost daily, Czech fliers sweep out over Europe. Exiled government leaders are drawing up minute plans for the rehabilitation of their shattered,: land. In 1918, when Czechoslovakia be- camc a,,nation, there wasn't a single airplane plant in the whole, country. Yet, ten years later, it- had 3000 .planes and 10 factories. Reich Marshal Gocruig once proclaimed the Czech air force as among the )KSt in Europe. Czccii Fliers Escape Afler the conctuest, Germany took Odessa's Fall Meant Death For Thousands Last German Capital Ship Bombed charge of that air force. Since Nazi pilots couldn't Ily them Oermany made tempting oilers to Cffich airmen to shuttle those planes back to the Reich. Thereafter, the Czccii air force melted away under the very eyes of the Germans. Every plane landed in either Poland and Illml ul|u(;l tuil _, Russia, complete with bound and 1 Russlnn tam bers and artillery, gagged Gestapo ofncers. loday, MOSCOW, April 11 (U.I 1 . — Thousands of German and Romanian soldiers died trying to escape from Odessa by sea. Russian planes and Russian guns turned tlic attempted evacuation into a rout. Soviet front dispatches describe the last 48 hours of Axis occupation at Odessa as a madhouse. Panicky Nazis and their Romanian allies made desperate attempts to escape in anything that would * 500 Families Lett Homeless As Tornadoes Hit Southwest lly llnllril I' Ik'd Cross reports indiuitlc UmL 20 imrewis have been killed anil over f>00 families arc homeless us a result of violnnl storms in (lie central and Huutliwestcru stiilc.i) '. '. ) All Iliu fnliilitius wuru mused hy n scries of tonuitloCH (liiit sli'iid; in Ai'ltiuiHiis, Oklahoma mid Texas, Twenty-film' portions iiru i-i!|)oi't.i!(l lulled in ArkiiDsiiH nlone mid tlifi death when commnniculions to l»oliilod is i>x|K!uli!(l lo lire A huge cloud of smoke rises from Hie Gcrmnn battleship Tlrollz at Alter 1'Jord, Norway, utlcr bclni; hit nciir Ihe bow in Ihc raid of April :i. (Official Hiillsh I'holo from NKA.) under nstant attack by those Czech fliers still are continuing the war on Germany! CiKch Infantrymen hallled beside the British in Africa 'and beside the . Free French in,Sy'ria and Lebanon. A Czech brigade awaits .the invasion signal'in Britain and some 5000 of.their countrymen march with tiic Red'army. ! But iierhaps Czechoslovakia's Most of the hips belonged to the Romanians. But when it came time lo;flee, the front dispatches report tlic Germans beat their allies 'back with rifle bulls. Ei Dorado Split On School Issue Citizen Wants Board To Retain McClurkin As Superintendent^ Notion Needs Waste Paper, L.G. Hash Says A new appeal lor residents ol this county to BUVC nil waste imi'inr and turn It in for the war effort was mi:tic here today by U Nash, chairman of tb p Mississippi - -greatest fjj;ht. against Germany is waged at home. This resist.-„,.!,': epitomised,Hi.the.oU'ry of Tludolf Beraii/'now a'national hero. , , , „ With days of torture, the Nazis b"t it si known that very few of tried to pry from him the location of, the invasion army, once estimated underground gasoline reservoirs. Fl- at 100.000 escaped. llussian tanks, and others sabered by ' - cavalrymen "or ^ 'mowed down _by tommy guns. . known libw nVaiiy* Geix mans-'were :"i ^ thc> i nally, he led 10 officers to an airfield near Prague, kicked a ring on the ground and said: . "You have to pull that with all your might." The Nazis pulled, exploding a land mine which killed them all, the Czech lieutenant Included. Shells Carelessly Made The Czechs fight in other ways. On Hitler's birthday, the statue of President Wilson in Prague was banked with (lowers. One Spring, the plantings suddenly blossomed into a pattern spelling "Truth Prevails." Valuable parts of intricate machines turn up .missing. Shells are so carelessly made they damag. the guns that fire them. Now Czech guerrillas are mobilizing to rise up against the Germans when Russia punches deeper into, their land. Already, a small,.corps of Czechs trained in the embas'sy IivMoscow is ready to take over. the. administration of land freed by the Red army. These administrators, as they move forward, will leave underground committees in charge. These will'Teglonal committees which in turn, will choose a temporary national assembly to rule until government can be established. Always, Czechoslovakia will look on the United Slates as the instrument of its freedom. It was a par of Austria-Hungary when the blacksmith's helper - turned-statesman Tpoxas Masaryk, began spreading the gospel of Czech freedom. Undo Austria's sentence of death, this 00 year-old leader fled to America ii - 1D1C to confer with President Wil son. When in May Wilson commit led the United States to the Czecl cause,' the oilier Allies quickly fol lowed. And in 1918, the Republic o Czechoslovakia was born In Inde pendencc Hall in Philadelphia. America gave Czechoslovakia it independence, Germany look -away, and now Russia is returning it. City Officials Will Be Sworn In Tonight Blytheville's six city officials chosen in last Tuesday's elections will be sworn in tonight at the regular City Council meeting at 7:30 o'clock at the City Hall, Mayor E. R. Jackson bald today. Meanwhile another ruixsian arms- ad starter! a two-way offensive o liberate the Crimea. In the opening round of the ong-awaited offensive one column roke through the Perckop Isth- nus into the German hill defenses vhich guard .the central Crimea. . Aaiother unit waded arid ; floati d across a shallow sea 16 the east n flat botlomnd boats. They cap- ,ure<l several beachheads along he norlhcrn Crimea coast. Tins idvance was aimed squarely at a railroad Junction which controls he lines leading to Sevastopol and other east coast ports. week following a series of news- paper'advertisements by Dr. J. S. Rushing, Dentist, call- Ing for- a straw vote' to retain Supt. J. I. McClurkin and announcing a mass meeting at the high school Monday night to discuss the matter. Belatedly the School Board announced thai on March 28 at a board meeting it was voted not to renew Mr. McClurkin's contract, ami asked that the straw vote be withheld. R. T. Ellzey, board president, said Mr. 'McClurkin had been notified immediately of Ihe action No reason was given.for failure lo Clifton Deal Dies Fighting Nazis In Italy Second l,lcut. Cltflon Deal, nephew ot Mrs. Sam Owens, has been killed In action In Hilly, Mrs. Owens was informed by wlro al nuan loday, IJuiilcnnnt Deal, bombardier, had been iivevscus mure Hum five months, I In was LH. Well known here where he had vlslk'[| the Owens family, I.leulcn- anl Deal was Hie son of Mis. Bessie Deal of Maiden, .Mo. lli< ul- tnuloil tin; University of Tcmuvsee School of Pharmacy and wnn «rml- A Heel Cross worker roporls that 11 persons arc believed dead In Duncan, Ark. Thirteen others previously had been reported dead In oilier Arkansas communities. ' Heavy rains drenched a wide belt extending from Iowa and Illinois, southward, '1'he Ohio vullny ls>cx- pccted to i;el tho rain .storms next. 1'Mood conditions are predicted alon^ Hie Illinois mid Missouri rivers. Rainfall up to •! Indies fell In Motions of Missouri, Illinois mil Indiana. Violent electrical storms accompanied the rains In fiome :icc- llons, Hmurjjcnc-y rend workers wci'O motning. military for pnpcrboai'd coritiilncht 111 "* tropwyeo i and'pfipcr prodncU'fol-s^lpmcill'SiK'-J'^i'vWl^W!:- supplies to the battlefvonls arc ferrnpjH., Workers Under 26 In Certain Industries • May Be Deferred r WASHINGTON. April 1] (U.I 1 .) —The liovcnunonl hits clarified .somc'.wiiat the drnft, situation for men under 2C. ; Draft veKlstt'ant.s under .2lf who ! iirq employed hi certain Imluslrlus be, .oliyty.^-^oa"' rlo- uiilod In UH2 from the. fit, Sc'liuolnf Pharmacy. In addition to his mother lie I lonvo.s two brothers, both of whom ' are also in tho norvlce, Pfc. cuite Deal, who is i|llcn(llni; rudlu .school at Scott Field, 111., and Kcnit, Variml Deal, \ylio Is with Iliu medical detaehinent .stationed at Camp O'allan, Snn DlcJ!0. Late Bulletins LONDON, April II (1)1')' — Knsslnn troups • liavi; capliirnl Dm (imtiaii. strniighohl of' Kerch,, mi (lie -eastern urn) «f Ihc Crimean,peninsula. I'rcrhlcr' .Insef Stalin amuiunccil (ho v!c- loi-y In a Hiicond' order otylho Day -Initay. v ' sent lo Oklahoma where more than 100 lumllli-'S aru homelesH from Hoods. In the luouiilulns of. western Col- oi'ado, rescno wpiads are tryliu; to clear the snow-cloy^cd lilghway.s lhvoui;li Derlhoud Pass for :i'i marooned molorlsUs. - The slruntlcd persons look refUfjo In a lodi(i) durliiK n violent snowstorm, Tho occupanU of four automobiles which were, burled by a mw slldu have been rescued. One onum whose automobile was bnr- nmlci' sevon feet of snow, dut! cr way out by (uimelliu; through IK snowbank. , ' (Six ' United Sin ten ski -troopers cached tlic lod^u with medicine and iippllcs and took buck with them n Injured woman by strapping her Gen. Eisenhower Sees Marauders Begin Missions Medium Bombers Hit Invoiion Defenses Along French Coast ; /LONDON April 11 (UP)-A glint American all Heel today lilt,GciV' mnny wllh one of Hie heaviest rafflij In iho mounting prc-Invasion *RJr offensive , , * Up-.(a 2000 heavy- bombers^nnd fighters hammered Aircraft plants at Bonbilrg 85 miles' southwest of Berlin and Oschcrslcbeu 25 miles to Iho northwest <, , The gieat attack followed fay.olily, a tow hours tho heaviest air"assault > of tho wai an aBsatllt in "wht^i British night raiders bcatlered a record 4000 short lores of explosives over Trench n iid Belgian railway Jimclloni Tsigels Lett Smoking American headquarters describes today's raiding fleet as ' very slronij" The skies over Oermany were cleai, enabling ihe filers to p.ln-polut plants supplying the Nad air force and smaili repair work oil previously, blasted factories. "When' they' turned homeward towering" pillars, of smoke were Ihrusltng iipp, ward from Iholr shattered targets; Crewmen of' the first Liberators lo return say resistance was feeblt Nazi flRhlers sv,aimed Into the all, but lliey seemed more concerned r lL|)pli rawliig co'tislanllyr'ThiTsliorlagcl. Sclcclivc Kervico. Rlrcctor Ilcr- not only Ihrcalcns a rcuulnr con- |' S » C V tM| W n»Hmriml slate cll- llmiancc of these shipments, but . rotors to iccommend^ deferments seriously affect.s practically all es- '"" " " " """' ......... "' sential civilian uses of 'paper. The situation will become' worse unless the nation can Increase the salvage of waste paper from' the' present production of 533,000 tons monthly to approximately 067,000 Ions. To accomplish this we must become 'conscious of this emergency. We re-elect McClurkin, who has served' nm t the active of nine,years •Dr. Rushing has continued his series of daily appeals lor the straw vote and for the mass meeting. every person in Mississippi Conr.- Elsewhere along the southern front, other 600-mile Russian irmics forced two rivers in northern Romania, nnd drove to a point i3 miles inside the border. Incidentally, Premier Staling is reported by the radio Moscow to liave predicted that Czechoslovakia soon will be liberated. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS (WPUt—Livestock: Hogs: » 14,000, all salable. Top 13.90: 200«/ 270 pounds 13.75-13.85; 140-160 Ibs 11.65-12.75; sows 13. Cattle: 3,000, all salable; calves 1,300 nil salable; slaughter steers 10.25-16.50; slaughter heifers 9.7516; stockcr and feeder steers 0.7514; canncrs and cutters 7-8.75; cows 0,25-11.50. Former Prisoner Of Japs To Talk . Professor From China To Tell Experiences In Hong Kong Camp The first repatriate from a Japanese prison camp to appear in Bly- thevllle, Wcnzell Brown, former professor of English in the Chinese University of Ling Nan, will address n luncheon meeting April n In the Blue Room of Holel Noble. Coming here under tlic auspices of he War Finance Committee of the J. S. Treasury Department. Mr. irown's local appearance is open to he public, Jimmy Stevenson, chair- nan of the arrangement committee of Ihc Junior Chamber of Commerce, local sponsors of Ihc event announced today. Since Mr. Brown's return to this xnuilry last Fall aboard the Grips- lolm after spending seven months in Stanley Prison Camp in Hong Kong, he has made a tour of the nation, speaking to thousands o workers In defense plants and interested citizens lolling them of the 1 suffering he endured and the suffering still being endured by the 2700 persons still held in the odious confinements of the Hong Kong prison camp. Mr. Brown, a native of Maine, attended school in England, and has been around the world by various routes. He taught school in Puerto Rico and Malta In addition to Ling Nan, and was In Bermuda when the war broke out. Ro/os Reported Fatally Shot Trying Escape MEXICO CITY, April 11 (U.P.) — An unconfirmed report says Ihc vould-bc assassin of President Avlla Camachosof Mexico has dictl a! gunshot wounds. Tlie assailant, ileut. Antonio Lama Rojas, was Chicago Wheat open high low close May . 173?; 113% 113S 113% July . 171-li 171ft 111'/* niW shot last escape. night while trying lo Tlie report of his death appears a rumor In the government icwspaper El Nacfona]. There is no confirmation. Rojas was shot lit the back as ic tried to flee the military bar- •acks where he was confined after his assassination attempt. "Rojas tried lo gel away." said Barracks Commander Antonio I/ozano Ruiz, "and there was nothing for the guards to do but shoot. One shot entered Hojas' back and came out through hfc stomach." Tlic fugitive dived into a group of women in the barracks yard- evidently hoping lo force the guards to hold Ihelr fire. Seven shots were fired at hime before a sharpshooter brought him down. President Camacho's nuick thinking saved him from Roja's bullets yesterday. Tlic first bullet pierced tile President's coal. But Comacho Army Inductee Slashed; Three Persons Are Fined Alton Kifer. about 25, received a severe cut over his eye In a dislurb- ancc about 11:30 o'clock last nftilil al Chitwood's Night Club, which resulted In four arrests on charges of disturbing the peace. Pleading guilty lo the charges In Municipal Court this morning, Sid Pankcy, Thclmcr Fankey, and Barton Cathey were fined $25 each, and disturbing Ihe peace charges against Kifer were dismissed. The men became involved In a fight In the night club on the eve of Klfer's departure for Induction Into the Army. He was taken to a doctor for emergency treatment and then released. The three other men made bond last night after llicy were arrested by Deputy Sheriff Jess Homer and City Patrolman Otis Nicholson. for. those In M vital Industrial categories. In general, these categories specified nclivllles In vital war material producltot], Iran.spov- tallon, conimunictilions, sclentU^ fields and Hie production of synthetic ', rubber, gasoline and coal. llcr.shcy authorized blanket deferment for personnel of the Merchant Marine and Ihc • Army Transportation All olher men under 2li employee in Industry arc subjccl to Immediate drnft. The order does not affect the 000.000 deferred farm workers, who !irc under 2I>. ' In connection with war malerlu production, Ihc War Production Board has aulhori/.ed another lop priority. Heavy artillery now Is a par with Invasion landing crnft as the most urgent items In the entire production program. The . nc- lion may reflect a new evaluation 01 artillery effectiveness as a result of battle experience In Italy. Congressional criticism of Australia's plans to reduce her army has subsided today r:fter investigation by Colonel Lewis anclcrs, Army liaison officer to tho Senate Military Affairs Committee. Sanders revealed that only 20,000 lo 30,000 limited service rncn will be released, and will go into esscnllal work under Au.slralia's national service act. WASHINGTON, ,\|irll .11 (Ul'l —• Tlie Navy aniitiuni^H that (J. H. Form Imvc occupied fniiii additional atolls ami ati E.sland In Ihc Norllusistcrn Mar- sluill Islands. ' i SOMKWIIKItK IN ENGLAND, April 11 (III 1 )—General Elscn- hmvcr Indicate!! Inday Iho practical destruction of tlic Luft- waffe I* essential to tho success nf Ihc coining Invasion. Veiling an American laser, Kistnliowcr liplil fighter pilot* lhat he would demand mi; all-nut effort fiDm them ilurlmj the coming Invasion campaign. New York Stocks I A T fc T 157 II- j Anicr Tobacco 02 1- I Anaconda Copper • 26 3- 1 Belli Steol 58 3- Chryslcr 83 3- Coca Cola 115 1- Gen Electric 357- Gen Motors SEI Montgomery Ward 4S 3- N Y Central 10 Int Harvester 10 3 North Am Aviation 83 Republic Steel 103 Uulio D 1 Socony Vacuum 123-8 Stiidcbakcr 151-8 Standard of N J 63 1-2 Texas Corp 47 1-2 'ackard 41-8 U S Steel 51 1-2 Berry man One Of 39 Officers To Attend FBI Police Academy Police Chief William Bcrrynian Ims been selected ;.s one of 39 peace officers throughout the United States and Alaska lo attend the next session of the FDI National Police Academy In Washington. beginning April 17, Announcement that Chief licrry- tnan will nllcncl Ihe school was made H. J. Untreiner, . .special agent in charge of Ihc Federal Bureau of Investigation at grabbed the officer before he could Little Rock, who said that arrangc- flre again. Comacho then held incuts have been made lor the Rojas in his grasp until guards seized him Chicago Rye open high low close May . 13114 131% 130','j 13014 131% July . 13014 130% 129 128 ISO'/t New York Cotton Mar. May July Oct. Dec, open high low close 1982 2104 2065 2015 2000 1987 1576 2112 2103 2077 2065 2023 2013 2005 1994 1980 1978 2111 2073 2015 1995 2102 20C2 2013 1095 N. O. Cotton < open Mar. . 198C May. . 2117 July . 2083. 2093 high low erase 1990 1378 1979 1981 2125 2117 2125 211 2088 2079 local officers lo accept the invitation of J. Edgar Hoover, FBI director, to take the special training. Leave of absence has been granted Chief Berryman by Mayor E. H. Jackson and members of Ihe City Council. Chief Berryman will be the only Arkansas olficcr to attend this session of the school. The course of training will continue for 14 weeks and Chief Berryman will report to the Department of Justice Building located between Ninth and Tenth Streets on Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, D. C. The FBI National Police Academy w.v founded July 29, 1935, in order to provide a program of training for local nnd state law cnforcemciv Oct. Dec. 2020 2026 '2018 201D 2017 officials. Tlie program of coopm 2004 2008 1099 2000 2000 lion Is extended not only In Iho iclfl of investigation, but also In :onncctlon with finder-print Iden- ificalion, the collection and com- jilalion of criminal reports, am : n the study and examination ol intent articles of evidence In the ?BI Technical Lalwratory. Th impose of the FBI Nalional Police Academy is lo train select officers in order Hint they may return to :hcir ve.ssicclIvc police organiKati iml impart the training rcceivn la Washington, D. C., to the mem bers of their local departments. I was pointed out by Mr. Untrcinc: that the Blythevlllc community would benefit as a result ot MY with -mfct^ from tljc Ame- (nox Belittles rican escort llian wltli turning aside the raldlne column Gr/rman ground Bunncis howler, hurled n hcivy cnrlaln of nnlt-alrcfaft fire at' the light bombci formations roaring live miles abovc'ihe Reich. Elsenhower Walchcx As Ibc pic-lnvnslon offensive, mounted, General Eisenhower visited the Brillsli-based alislrlkinff arm Hint will blast a path for his second front soldiers. In his first vlall lo tho medium bomber base;. of llic Oth Ah Forcq the Inv.islOn chief watched MBiaudors speed Into the dawn ' to • hammer: 'at French ccnst.1l dcfunscs glitch the Gcr- Fled Revolt? advanced Berryman training which Mr. will receive from the FBI- staff of experts in scientific. law enforcement procedure and Internal security matters such as and sabotage. Specialized training In subjects such c.s the handling of bombs, explosives, and Other police functions under emergency conditions will lie stressed. The schooling Includes a full and complete course of traffic enforcement and control, which is one of Ihc major problems of the police in the United suites at the present time. Since the Academy was founded, there have been clglit graduate.? of the FBI National Police Academy In the State of Arkansas. Ho Doesn't Believe Drive Near Imphal Is 'Terribly Serious' Il v VMIlcd rrcsii Hccrelnry.'of the Navy Knox says 10 docs not regard Hie Japanese Irlvc ncnr. imphal In Easier:! In-Ita as "terribly serious." . Knox loitl a news conference to- lay that only'a small Jap force Is Involved In operations at Imphal. Ifu said "Ihc Ilrlllsh ought to be. ilik: to beat It, and no doubl will." The Navy secretary milled that Ihe Japanese naval force apparently hud been withdrawn from the former naval base at Singapore. ICnox said the enemy fleet was known to be there some lime ago. As for the Pacific, l^tiox said nothing startling has developed there In the past few days, except the speedy air hammering of Jap Islands In areas now controlled hy the United slates. An Allied communique from New Delhi today Indicates lhat fighting at Imphal |s fierce, despite Knox's announcement, that Ihe forces Involved arc small. British skirmishers struck nt cn- ny flying columns converging or 10 town from three directions. And is believed that the main Japa- esc force Is moving north through ic hill country around Imphal for concerted attack on British de- To the north, at Kohlmn, Brit- ih Imperial forces are reported olrllng grimly to their supply cen. cr under Increasingly heavy Japa cse attacks. Tokyo already has claimed tin all of Kohlmn. But Lord Mount alien says Iho British defender till hold the city. , Today's 'Allied communlnun nisi ncllcnted that Japanese force lave driven nearer the Assam icngal railway, 25 miles from Ko lima. It is revealed loday that Amcr! :ans liavc taken a hand to safe ;uard lhat vital railroad whlc iuppllcs Northern Burma. The War Department says American soldiers took over the major share of the operation on March Tlie line eventually will carry the lioiyei studied reconnaissance pictures Hie Marauders had taken of rcccnl rnlds, He even got .In tho cockpit of a piano talking about fighting power wljh the pilot. Captain Leonard Burgess, of Ven- lurn, Cnllf. With E|scnhower during*the'visit were Lieutenant, Qpncinl Carl Spimtz, commander of the U -S Air Forces over-Europe, and Ma* Jor General Lewis Brcreton. .Supply Ports- Hit Air action also has ; picked up Gen. Maximiliano llernando Martinez, above, president of Ihe Central American republic of El Salvador, Is reported lo have lied to Guatemala, following an uprising in El Salvador the capital cily. S&lvcdorean ambassador Caslro, in Washing- Ion, said a "small subversive movement" slnrlcd, but was entirely under control, In Southern Europe >ya\eb of British bombers lilt German-held Ilal- iii wesl^coast supply ports today he .attacks came'In the wake of eavy American dayllght : raids yes- rdny on the network of rail Hues ceding Into Rome ''. 'frdrii -' Florence lid tlie Adriatic 'Coast. Ground' .action "on" the Italian ronts. generally. Is', slow.. However, rifth Anny soldiers have thrown tack small-scale ^German attacks Hi the Anzio beachhead and in ho mountains above Casslho. 'Across the, Adriatic, Jugoslav larttsan 1 ! are reported to have hroun back German'attacks, "on a unction on the highway from Zagreb to S a ra Je vo.' Eastw a rd In the Vlcdllerranean, lhe:Cermans say a British commando.'<force" -landed the Dodecanese Island 'of Rhodes and was ''annihilated to the last man," This hasn't been confirmed. main weight of war supplies to the Ledo road. Tnklng over the railroad posed plenty of difficulties for the Americans. For one thing, It Li divided Into three gauges, ranging from the world's largest, five and a half feet, to the world's smallest—two feet. Powerful American locomotives, known as MacArthurs, now operate on the railroad, stepping up the maximum speed from 25 to 40 miles an hour. Colonel John Applcton of Washington, D. C. commands the Army Transportation Corps railroaders. Apple ton used to be general manager ot the New York Zone of the Pennsylvania 1 Railroad. Golf clubs In the United Slates cover approximately half ft milUor. James Butler, Young Marine, War Casualty The war came closer to Mlksisslppi Counlians this week .with the announcement of another youth who has given his life for hts country. Pfc. James I. Butler of-the Marine Corps was kfiled In action, his mother, Mrs.' Lottie V. Cash 'of Route One, Blythcvlllc, was notified In a wire received Friday from Lieut. Gen. A: A. Vandegrlft, commandant of the U. S. Marine Corps. DcUitls surrounding the death of the 18-year-old youlh were not revealed. Private Butler volunteered for service June 26, and had been overseas since November. Born near Barfield, he attended. Armorel school from which he would have been graduated'Ihls June.; "'" ,""; He has a brother In the service, Pfc. Jim Ed Butler, who Is sla- tloacd In England wilh the Air Corps. '.' " .".' He also leaves another brother. J. T. Butler of Armorel; a sister, Marie Butler ot Blytheville;.two half- sisters, Evia" Lee Kennedy and Shirley Kennedy, and .three half-brothers, Charles Kennedy, Perry Kennedy, and Elmer Cash, all at home. Weather AKKANSAS—Generally -fair and cooler this afternoon and tonight; partly cloudy and somewhat warmer Wednesday, • • "

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